Twin Peaks (2017): Season 1, Episode 3 - Twin Peaks - full transcript

Cooper calls for help. Agents Gordon Cole, Albert Rosenfield and Tammy Preston investigate the glass box murders.

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♪ atmospheric music ♪
♪ Julee Cruise's "Falling" playing ♪
♪ atmospheric music ♪
Where is this?
Where are we?
♪ foreboding atmospheric music ♪
♪ ominous atmospheric music ♪
♪ tense atmospheric music ♪
♪ atmospheric music builds ♪
♪ atmospheric music ♪
♪ ominous atmospheric music ♪
♪ ominous music intensifies ♪
♪ intense ominous music resumes ♪
♪ tense ominous music ♪
♪ ominous atmospheric music ♪
Dougie, what is wrong with your arm?
I don't know.
I think it fell asleep.
It's sort of tingly.
I'm kind of tingly, too.
I'm gonna go wash up, okay?
♪ atmospheric music ♪
Oh! Oh.
♪ ominous atmospheric music ♪
♪ ominous atmospheric music ♪
What the fuck was that?
♪ ominous atmospheric music ♪
♪ electric guitar strums ♪
♪ atmospheric music ♪
I feel...funny.
What's happening to me?
It has?
♪ soft ominous music ♪
That's weird.
♪ soft atmospheric music ♪
♪ ominous atmospheric music ♪
What was that noise, Dougie?
Where are you?
Oh, my God.
Dougie, what the hell?
Where'd you get that suit...
and haircut?
Have you been wearing a rug all this time, Dougie?
Oh, my God, are you sick, Dougie?
Come on, we got to get out of this house.
Come on, Dougie!
Dougie, did you forget something?
Your shoes?
I'll get them.
Could you quit fucking around?
And put on your shoes. Here.
Put on your damn shoes!
Come on, let's go.
All right...
You do have your keys, right?
You mean Jade has to give you two rides?
Yeah, she just drove by in a Wrangler.
Looked like maybe two people, but...
his car's still here.
I'm all set near the entrance.
If he's in the car, I'll get him here.
Once you find your wallet
or your cell phone,
a pay phone or some money,
you can call AAA, Dougie.
They will help you.
Jade give two rides.
Oh, my God.
he's not in the car.
Yeah, he must still be inside.
I'll load up his car.
All right.
I'll see you at Mikey's.
What the hell, Billy?
Oh, God, something awful's in there.
We need an ambulance.
And tell them to bring gas masks.
There is something bad in this vehicle.
Come here.
You'll be all right.
We laid everything out, Hawk,
and we can't find anything that's missing.
If it's not here, then...
how do you know it's missing?
But if it is here...
then it isn't missing?
is here.
Let's sit down.
let me sit down.
Let's start from the beginning.
- And-- - Don't say a thing.
I need to think out loud.
Something is missing, and I need to find it.
And the way I'm gonna find it
has something to do with my heritage.
You're an Indian.
Yes, Lucy.
And apparently...
that's the way I'm gonna find what's missing.
- Aah! - What is it?
- Aah! - Are you okay, punky?
I know what's missing!
What's missing?
The bunny!
The bunny.
I ate that bunny!
That's missing.
That's missing.
Do chocolate bunnies
have anything to do with your heritage?
It's not about the bunny.
You ate the evidence, Lucy?
I know!
I never did it again.
And I only ate one.
And I never did it again.
But I had a problem at that time with--
And I don't like to say this in front of Andy.
But I had a bubble...
of gas.
And I had read...
...that sometimes chocolate,
which I love,
can be used as a remedy,
maybe by indigenous people.
Is that true, Hawk?
Do you use chocolate as a remedy for gas?
Do you want another bunny, punky?
I can get you more bunnies.
It's not about the bunny.
Is it about the bunny?
It's not about the bunny.
All right.
Go inside, Dougie.
Someone will help you in there.
- In there. - Right.
And I think you should try to forget you ever met me.
Shouldn't be too hard for you.
Now, here's $5.
Call for help.
Call for help.
And I think you should maybe call a doctor or something
because I think you might've had a little stroke or something.
You can go out now.
♪ soft atmospheric music ♪
Dougie, go.
Come on, let's get you out of here.
Come on. Let's go, Dougie.
Right, right.
Call for help.
In the back, Jack.
You're gonna need some change.
Some change.
Some change.
Well, how do you want it? You gonna play a game?
What game are you gonna play?
Call for help.
♪ electric guitar strums ♪
♪ atmospheric music ♪
Ah, you broke that one.
You broke it real good.
Broke it.
Sure did, pal.
♪ electric guitar strums ♪
Mega, mega jackpot.
Congratulations, sir.
You are a mega winner.
You've just won two mega jackpots
for a total of $28,400.
It's much more than these quarters.
Call for help.
Oh, well, that's what I'm here for.
Let me get you a bigger bucket.
♪ electric guitar strums ♪
♪ electric guitar strums ♪
The nutcake left.
Joe, you watch this one.
Oh! Oh!
He's been officially accused now
of brutally murdering his wife.
He claims he's innocent and knows who did it,
but can't say because it would breach national security.
he got word to Chris here that these items,
which he placed in his garden in Georgetown,
are the clues to the identity of the killer.
The congressman's dilemma.
All right, you all can go get to work on this.
And, Tammy, you stay
and show me and Albert what you found in New York.
Thank you all.
You're welcome.
NYPD doesn't have a clue what was going on here.
They don't even know who owns the place.
Apparently there were guards on duty 24-7,
but they can't find any of them--
Only the victims-- Sam Colby, Tracey Barberato--
have been ID'd.
They confiscated hundreds of digital files
showing various angles of this glass box.
Once in a while, they show some blurred shape pass through,
but only a few frames.
Then on the night of the murders,
on camera, this appears.
What the hell?
The other cameras saw nothing.
And as soon as this thing moved,
it disappeared.
The bodies were violently mutilated,
but no prints, no DNA, no fibers.
Completely clean.
Director Cole?
On your phone, it's Cooper.
On your phone, it's Cooper.
♪ atmospheric music ♪
♪ clunky jazz music ♪
♪ soft atmospheric music ♪
This is Cole.
Yes, I'll hold.
- Is it him? - What?
Is it him?
Yes, I hear you.
Are you sure it's him?
What do you mean "trouble"?
All right, we'll be out there first thing tomorrow morning.
Set up an interview for nine o'clock sharp.
Albert, we're headed
for the Black Hills of South Dakota.
The Black Hills?
As happy as this news makes us, Albert,
we can't put this on the radio.
I've been dying to see Mount Rushmore.
It's good you want to hurry.
We fly at dawn,
and, Tammy, you're coming with us.
The absurd mystery of the strange forces of existence.
How about a truckload full of Valium?
♪ I'm going down ♪
♪ To the sea ♪
♪ M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P ♪
♪ I watch the sun ♪
♪ Yellow and brown ♪
♪ Sinking suns ♪
♪ In every town ♪
♪ My angel sings ♪
♪ Down to me ♪
♪ She's somewhere on the shore ♪
♪ Waiting for me ♪
♪ With her wet hair ♪
♪ And sandy gown ♪
♪ Singing songs ♪
♪ Waves of sound ♪
♪ There's a dive I know ♪
♪ On River Street ♪
♪ Go on in ♪
♪ And take my seat ♪
♪ There's a lot of friends ♪
♪ I'll never meet ♪
♪ Gonna take a dive ♪
♪ Off River Street ♪
♪ You look different ♪
♪ From way down here ♪
♪ Like a circus mirror ♪
♪ I see flashes ♪
♪ Of you on the surface ♪