Twin Peaks (2017): Season 1, Episode 17 - Twin Peaks - full transcript

Cooper arrives in Twin Peaks.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You okay, Gordon?

I couldn't do it, Albert.

I couldn't do it.

You've gone soft
in your old age.


I said, "You've gone soft
in your old age."

Not where it counts, buddy.

Here's to the Bureau.

- To the Bureau.
- To the Bureau.

Now listen to me.

For 25 years,

I've kept something
from you, Albert.

Before he disappeared,

Major Briggs
shared with me and Cooper

his discovery of an entity,

an extreme negative force

called in olden times

Over time,
it's become "Judy."

Major Briggs, Cooper,
and I put together a plan

that could lead us to Judy.

And then something happened
to Major Briggs,

and something happened
to Cooper.

Phillip Jeffries,

who doesn't really
exist anymore,

at least not
in the normal sense,

told me a long time ago

he was onto this entity,

and he disappeared.

Now, the last thing
Cooper told me was...

"If I disappear like the others,

do everything you can
to find me.

I'm trying to kill
two birds with one stone."

And now this thing
of two Coopers.

And recently,

a paid informant

named Ray Monroe

sent a cryptic message

indicating that
the Cooper we met at prison

is looking for coordinates,

coordinates from
a certain Major Briggs.

This plan, Albert,

I couldn't tell you about,

and I'm sorry.

I understand.

I know you understand, Albert,

yet I'm still sorry.

And I don't know at all if
this plan is unfolding properly

'cause we should have
heard by now

from our dear Dale Cooper.

This is Cole.

Agent Headley here, sir.

We found him.

We found Douglas Jones.

we don't know where he is.

Has my watch stopped, or is that
one of the Marx Brothers?

What the hell does
that mean, Headley?

The bed is empty.

My team is sending
everything to you as we speak.

Director Cole, we got it all...

The whole story.

Is that Gordon Cole
on the phone?

Yes, it is.

- Why?
- I have a message for him.

A message from Dougie.

What's that?

What's that?

Uh, there's a man here...
He says he has a message

for you from Douglas Jones.

Well, give it to me.

Am I talking to
Mr. Gordon Cole?

Yes, you are.

Well, Dougie
wanted me to read you this...

"I am headed

for Sheriff Truman's.

It is 2:53 in Las Vegas,

and that adds up to a ten,

the number
of completion."

That's all he wrote.

And what is your name, sir?

Bushnell Mullins.

Lucky 7 Insurance.

I'm his boss.

Thank you, Mr. Mullins.

Thank you very much.

And that makes two of us.

Dougie is Cooper?

How the hell is this?

They blew up Dougie Jones' car.

Then a notorious hit man

tried to shoot him
outside his place of business.

He's been spotted in the company

of two
organized-crime figures.

He electrocuted himself
by sticking a fork...

in a wall socket.

That's strange, even for Cooper.

A Blue Rose case,
most definitely.

He was hospitalized in a coma
until earlier this afternoon.

Pack it up!
I know where he's going.


You fucker.


Fuck you.

Fuck you.

What the hell is that?

No clue, mate.

"No clue, mate."


Yes, sir.

Is your name Ben?


Got a guy here...

No identification,
won't give his name,

says he's your brother.

Says his binoculars
killed somebody.

That's my brother, Jerry Horne.

Is he charged with anything?


I'll make arrangements
to get him home.

What's your name again?

Sergeant Williams,
Jackson Hole Police.

And you can send clothes.

When we picked him up,
he was completely naked.

Have a good day, sir.

What is this?

Agent Cooper,

is that you?

Agent Cooper,

it is you.

We were just talking about you.

Hello, Andy.

What's going on?

I think she's trying
to say something.

Everyone's gonna be
so happy to see you.

And I would like to
see them, too.

Come on in.

I was just taking
this picnic basket in.

We'll make
a fresh pot of coffee.


Lucy, look who's here.

- Agent Cooper!
- Hello, Lucy.

We were just talking about you.

So I understand.

Sheriff Truman, this is
Special Agent Dale Cooper.

We haven't seen him
since before Wally was born.

Sheriff Truman?


Sheriff Frank Truman,
Harry's brother.

- Sheriff.
- Nice to meet you.

Come into the office
and sit down.


Have a seat, Agent Cooper.

Would you like a cup of coffee?

No, thanks.

I'm all right.

Okay. I'm going to go
tell Hawk you're here.



In the flesh.

Very important.
Very important.

Hawk, are you down here?


If it isn't the great,

good cop, Deputy Andy...

"Great, good cop, Deputy Andy."

come to save the day.

"Come to save the day."

You are such a pussy, Andy!

"You're a pussy, Andy."

See how you like this,

right between...

Twin Peaks Sheriff's Station.
This is Lucy speaking.


What brings you back
to Twin Peaks,

Agent Cooper?

Unfinished business.

Sheriff Truman?

Yes, Lucy?

There's a phone call
for you on line two,

the blinking light.

Take a message, please, Lucy.

It's a very important
phone call, Sheriff.

All right, Lucy.

Sorry, Agent Cooper.

This is Truman.

Harry, it's Coop.

Federal Bureau of Investigation,
Special Agent Dale Cooper.

This is Frank Truman,
Harry's brother.

Where are you?

We're just entering
Twin Peaks city limits.

Is the coffee on?

What was that?


I've got to get
you all upstairs.

I think this one's dead,
Agent Cooper.

Don't touch him!
Stay away from that body.


I understand
cellular phones now.

What the hell?

Agent Cooper said
don't touch that body.

But that is Agent Cooper.


it's not.

Andy, where is he?

In here.


Are you Freddie?

That's right.

And this is me destiny.


Freddie, get up!

Catch you...

with my death bag.

Did I do it?

You did it, Freddie.

One for the grandkids.

Frank, do you have the room key
to the Great Northern Hotel,



How do you know about...

Major Briggs told me

Sheriff Truman would have it.

What's going on around here?

Took the fucking words
right out of my mouth.

Major Garland Briggs.

Bobby, your father
was well aware

of what's going on here today.

What is going on?

Many years ago,
information your father gathered

brought him together
with Director Gordon Cole,

who is here right on time.



And that's what's brought us
to where we are today.

Now, there are some things
that will change.

The past dictates the future.

Come on.

It's a good thing
we made so many sandwiches.


give my regards to Harry.

Sure will.



the one and only.

Do you remember everything?


We live inside a dream.

I hope I see all of you again...

every one of you.



Now, listen,
I'm going through this door.

Don't try to follow me,
either of you.

Be thinking of you, Coop.

See you at the curtain call.

Through the darkness
of future past,

the magician longs to see.

One chants out

between two worlds...


walk with me."


Please, be specific.

The date...

February 23, 1989.

I'll find it for you.

It's slippery in here.

It's good to
see you again, Cooper.

Say hello
to Gordon if you see him.

He'll remember
the unofficial version.


is where you'll find Judy.

There may be someone...

Did you ask me this?

There it is.

You can go in now.




What is wrong with you?

There's no place left to go,

is there, James?

Say whatever you want.

I know you love me.

And I love you.

I do love you, James.

Let's get lost together.



He might try to kill you.

What's wrong?


If he finds out...

Laura, what's the matter?

Bobby killed a guy.

What are you talking about?

Bobby didn't kill anybody.

Do you want to see?

See what?


Open your eyes, James.

You don't even know me.

There are things about me...

Even Donna doesn't know me.

Your Laura disappeared.

It's just me now.


What about this, James?

I think you want
to take me home now.



Come on!


Just don't!


I love you, James!

Who are you?

Do I know you?


I've seen you in a dream.

In a dream.

Where are we going?

We're going home.

Going fishing.