Twin Peaks (2017): Season 1, Episode 11 - Twin Peaks - full transcript

The setup involving the Mitchum brothers and Dougie reaches its climax while even stranger things start to happen to both the FBI team and the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Oh, almost.

Go get it.

Throw it in.


It's okay. I got it.

There's someone there.

Go tell Mom.




Damn it!
I don't have a fucking car!


Hey, Becky.

Mom, I need your car.
It's Steven!

Honey, what's wrong?

It's Steven!
Please, I need your car!

Please, hurry!

Okay? Hurry!

I'm coming right over.

I'm sorry, Norma. I have to go.


Becky! Becky, what's going on?

- I hate him.
- Becky!

- I hate him.
- What happened?

- I hate him.
- Becky.



Open! Becky, don't!

Becky, stop!


Becky! Becky, no!

Becky, stop!


What the hell?

Are you okay, sweetheart?

Can you give me a ride
to the Double R, Carl?


What the hell happened?

Becky and Steven
are fighting again.

Oh, God.

Can't we go any faster, Carl?

I want to get us there
in one piece, Shelly.

Oh, Carl.

I know there's been
trouble in that trailer.

We've all heard it.

And I feel for you
and your girl, okay, Shelly?

Thank you.


Norma, Becky took off.
I don't know where she went.

What should I do?

Why didn't you just call Bobby?



Maggie? Maggie!

This is Carl.

Uh, 10-17, copy that.

Hello, Carl.

Maggie, I got Shelly Briggs

here in the truck with me.

Could you patch us through
to Deputy Briggs?

Hold on, please.
I'll put you through.


Thanks, Norma,
I'll call you back.


This is Briggs.

Deputy Briggs.

Bobby, it's Shelly.

Becky took off with the car.

Whose car?

My car.

I don't know where she went.

Bobby, she's got a gun.

Oh, God.


Steven, I know you're in there!

Fucking coward!


Damn you, Steven!

They've left.

They left. They just left.

There's nobody in there!

There's nobody in there!

Fuck you, Steven!

Sheriff's Department.

What's your location,
please, ma'am?

Sixteen-oh-one Timberlake Drive?

Someone's on the way.

Sheriff's Department.
What's your location?

Someone's on the way.

Sheriff's Department.
What's your location?

Someone's on the way.

Sheriff's Department.

What's your location, please?

Someone's on the way.

Six twenty-five, 10-17.

Copy that.

This is the place?

- Tammy?
- Yep?

You go work with Hastings.

Find out exactly where he went.

This is as far as I go.



Is this where you saw
Major Briggs?

It is.

How did you get inside?

The hole in the fence
over there.

How far in there did you go?

About 15 or 20 feet.

What happened after that?

I don't remember what happened.


I see it.


This is the place.

He went in through
the fence here

about 15 or 20 feet.

He can't remember
what happened after that.

Think there's one
in there, Albert?

We'll soon find out.

You cover us, Tammy.

Got it.

Well, I guess we found out.

We sure did, Albert.


Ruth Davenport, I presume.

Looks like coordinates
are written on her arm.

You got a picture of it?



Oh, my God!


Oh, my God!

Listen, I need
all available backup

at 2240 Sycamore,

2240 Sycamore.

There's no backup for this.

What the hell happened, Macklay?

He's dead.

What do you want to do, Becky?

I hate him. I want out.

You want a divorce?

I don't know. I love him.

You're gonna have
to pay for the door

and the damage to the apartment.

I'm not paying
for her apartment.

- Becky.
- I'm not going to do it.

I don't have any money, anyway!


if I didn't work
for the sheriff,

you'd be in jail right now.

I'll loan you the money.

Ugh, no.

I can't take any more
money from you, Mom.

And he spent everything
you ever gave me, anyway.

I'll loan you the money.

But you gotta pay me back.

And you gotta make this right.

And we have to get you
out of that trailer

and away from him.

He's just going through
a bad time right now.


the only reason
I haven't busted him

is, I was hoping
he would come around

for you.

I don't think
that's gonna happen.

But it-it's gonna happen.
I know it will.

He's good inside.

He goes out every day
looking for work.

At least I thought he did.

Carl said things aren't right
in that trailer.

Has he ever hit you?


n-no, no.

He's not...

like that.

Come on.

I hope you're right.

From now on,
if he ever touches you

or breaks the law in any way,

I'm gonna bring him down.



we know that you're
a grown, married woman.

But we're your parents.

And we love you.


we just...
We don't want to lose you.

Oh, w-when you
flew off the windshield,

are you okay? I'm sorry, Mom.

- I'm okay.
- I didn't mean to do that.

- I really didn't.
- I'm okay. I'm okay.

And I'm sorry.

You're staying
with me tonight, okay?

See you later?

Same place?

Everybody down! Get down!

Toad, turn off the lights.

What is this?

Oh, my God, Russ!

Russ, what the hell?

Russ! Oh, my God!

Ralph... he's got a gun, Russ!

Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Russ!

Did you put a gun in this car?

Damn you!
What were you thinking?

It was in the front seat
in a box.

I didn't know it was a gun!

He could have killed himself!

He could have killed all of us!

It was by my feet, Russ.

I moved it to get it
out of the way.

Do you think I would have put it

in the backseat of the car
with Ralph

if I knew it was a gun?

Are you a fucking moron?

What is wrong with you?

- Ma'am.
- Yes?

I'm with the Twin Peaks
Sheriff's Department,

Deputy Briggs.

Please hand me that gun.



Now, I'm gonna need

from both of you, please.

I was at Big Ed's Gas Farm.

And you know what?

I heard shots.

That kid found a gun, evidently,

in the back of this van

and shot through the window
into the Double R.

These are his parents, I think.

I need IDs on both of them.

Ma'am, please!

I'm gonna try and stop this
woman from honking her horn

and get this traffic moving.

I got it, Bobby.

Please, ma'am. Ma'am, please.

Please, ma'am...

What are you doing?

We're trying to get home!

We're already late.

We're late for dinner.
It's way past 6:30.

Why is this happening?

I saw that gun
go shooting out the window.

Her uncle is joining us.

She hasn't seen him

in a very long while.

We're late!

We've got miles to go!

Please, we have to get home!

She's sick!

Aah! Aah!

Oh, God!

Aah! Aah! Aah!

Oh! Oh.

Oh! Oh!

Aah! Aah!

Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah!

Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah!

Aah! Aah!

Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah!

Aah! Aah!

By my reckoning,
this is where we're headed.

But there's no road.
The road's gone.

The information
that Major Briggs gave

got me thinking.

You'll understand a lot more

when I explain my map.

This map is very old,

but it is always current.

It's-it's a living thing.

This is where
Major Briggs' station was.

This is Blue Pine Mountain

and a-a very revered
sacred site.

I think that the information
that the major gave us

is gonna take us here.

Looks like a campfire.
What is this?

It's not a campfire.
It's-it's a-a fire symbol.

What's that mean?

It's a...

a type of fire.

More like...

like modern-day electricity.


depends upon the intention,

the intention behind the fire.

The major also gave us a date,

day after tomorrow.

If you read these stars,

you find that same date,

and it refers you to here.

What is this?

It's corn. It's fertility.

But it's-it's black,

diseased or unnatural.


If you put these
two symbols together,

you get this.

Black fire.


We saw this on that
little slip of paper

we took out
of Major Briggs' tube.

What is this?


you don't ever want
to know about that.



I don't know why I'm
even thinking about furniture.

Andy and I hardly ever get home.

What's up, Lucy?

Margaret Lanterman
for you on line two, Hawk.

That's the one that's
blinking when I hang up.

Hello, Margaret.


Can you hear me?

Yes, Margaret.

Hawk, can you hear me?

Yes, Margaret.

You found something, didn't you?

It's just like you said.

I'm sorry, I-I should
have let you know.

What did you find, Hawk?

Margaret, I can't tell you that.

My log is afraid of fire.

There's fire
where you are going.


there's fire
where you are going.

Okay, Margaret.

Good night, Hawk.

Good night.

And thank you, Margaret.

What is it, Jesse?

Sheriff Truman,

are you interested
in seeing my new car?

- It's a two-thousand...
- Jesse.

I'm in a meeting.

Can I look at
your new car tomorrow?


Thank you, Sh-Sheriff Truman.

Cat on a hot tin roof.

It's never done that before.

We're supposed
to get some coffee,

but I don't think
that's a good idea.


I would like some coffee.

Maybe some warm milk.

For the cat.

On the roof?


The picture you took of Ruth.

I would like to see it, Albert.

Can I smoke in here?


Ask Macklay when he gets back.

But smoking's bad for you.

I know.

"Fuck you, Albert."

That's right.

Fuck you, Albert.

What place do those
coordinates represent?

Well, the last few digits
are smudged,

but the numbers indicate
a small town in the north...


The policeman's dream.

Thank you, Detective Macklay.

You're welcome.

Hey, can I smoke in here?

No, there's no smoking allowed.

Detective Macklay,

you know how good a cigarette
would taste with this coffee?

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Thank you.


no suspects
were found in the area.

It's a positive ID
on Ruth Davenport.

I don't suppose you found
Major Briggs' head anywhere.

We looked.

There's no trace.

Nobody heard anything. No shots.

A bullet didn't
do that to Hastings.

Yeah, they're still
cleaning the vehicle.

We saw somebody, Albert and I,

out back, out back where
we found Ruth Davenport's body.

What'd he look like?

He looked like
a homeless man, uh...

old clothes, beard, wool cap.

I think I saw somebody like that

getting out of the police car.

Uh, I-I could be mistaken.

Well, I was in the car.

I-I didn't see anybody.

I didn't see anyone either.

Well, I-I said I wasn't sure.

Now I remember.

I saw them...

in a room.

I saw the bearded men,

the same type Albert and I saw.

Dirty, bearded men in a room.

Dougie, come
into my office, please.

Mr. Mullins, Phil Bisby here.

I got your coffee
and we'll be right in.


All right, Mr. Mullins,
here's your coffee, sir.

- Thank you, Phil.
- You're welcome.

Sit down, Dougie.

Just close the door behind you

when you go, Phil.

Yes, sir.


now that I've had time
to think about this,

it's clear that
your investigative work

has exposed a ring
of organized crime

and possible police corruption

flowing through this office.

The recent two
attempts on your life,

the blowing up your car,
the man trying to shoot you,

absolutely confirm this.

Also, thanks to you,
we now know that

the Mitchum brothers' case
was not arson

but a legitimate claim
for an accidental fire,

which indicates to me
that the Mitchum brothers,

although alleged gangsters,

are not part of this conspiracy,

which suggests that
the shots are being called

by somebody else.

Somebody else.

I think you're right, Dougie.

And this is interesting.

The Mitchums just called me,

wanting to have
a personal sit-down with you.

Now, normally,

I wouldn't put one of my agents

into the ring
with guys like this,

but since you uncovered

and righted the wrong
on their behalf,

they are gonna be ecstatic

when you deliver to them

this 30-million-dollar check.

I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking,
"A 30-million-dollar payout

for a firm our size, that has
to be catastrophic," right?

Catastrophic, right.

But Battling Bud

always punched
above his weight class.

I took out a secondary policy

to cover our play on this one,

which, because it was
truly was an accident,

will cover our potential loss
and then some.

Bushnell double down.

Bushnell double down.

Nobody keeps Battling Bud
on the ropes for long.

They want to see you at 5:30.

They're sending a car.

He's just coming out
of the bathroom now.

All right...


I had a dream.

Did ya?

Had it all fuckin' night.

I dreamt about killing
that Douglas Jones fuck.

I just hate him so bad.

I can't wait to kill this guy.

Can you last three more hours?


I can't eat this.

Dougie, it's 5:30.
Where are you going?

You've got the check, don't you?

Yeah, you're all set.

Where you taking him?


Oh, you're gonna like that.

I'm in your corner, champ.

Knock 'em dead.


Red door.


What is with you, Bradley?

Be happy.

We're about to rid
ourselves of an asshole

who has majorly, majorly
fucked us over.

Well, he nailed
Ike the Spike for us.

He didn't do that for us.

Plus, he lost our 30 million,
and then

he takes our casino
for 472 grand.

Yeah, yeah, you're right.
I know. You're right.

You're damn right I'm right.

I know.


My dream.

Ah, the dream again.

In the dream...

In the dream,

your Candie cut
was completely healed.


The cut Candie gave you.

How can that be?

- Come here.
- No, no, stop.

- Bradley, stop it.
- Come here. Hold still.

- What are you doing?
- Easy.

Stop it. It's gonna...

I'll be damned.



There's more.

But I can't remember.

See ya later, Al.

No, wait, wait.

Hold on a minute.


- What?
- Come here.

Come around here.

You see that box
that he's holding there?


That was in my dream.

- Ah, fuck.
- No.

Listen to me. Listen to me.

There's something in that box.

And if that something
is what I saw in my dream,

we can't kill him.

What the fuck are you talking...

No, I'm not kidding, Rodney.

If he's got
this one certain thing

that's in that box,

it means we can't kill him.


It means he's not
our enemy, Rodney.

How the fuck can you know that?

I-I'm just telling you
what was in the dream.

But it's gotta be
this one certain thing.


Rodney, it's
a million-in-one shot,

but if it's in there, you got...

You gotta promise me.

Listen to me.

We gotta be together on this.


We won't kill him.

Okay, enough. What is it?

All right.

Okay. What the fuck?

In the box there,

is that a cherry pie?

Cherry pie.

Cherry pie!

Frisk him just in case.

Doesn't even have a wallet.

It's addressed to us.

Open it.

Oh, my God!


I love this guy!


Dougie Jones.

- What a pleasure to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

You mean to say
your kid doesn't have one?

No gym set?

No gym set.


Even our fucking
orphanage had a gym set.

Every kid should have a gym set.

There you go, brother.


A toast.



Here's to you, Dougie.



Mr. Jackpots!


This is the man
I told you about.

I wanted to see you again.

I've thought of you every day,

what you did for me.

You changed my life.

This is my dear son, Denver.

He's back in my life again.

I have a little dog.

I have a house.

I have my life back again.

How can I ever thank you?

I hope you realize
what a special person

you having dining with you.

He saved my life.

Sure saved us a lot too.

Thank you.

Thank you, Mr. Jackpots.

I'm so thankful I got

a chance to say thank you again.

Thank you again.

- Ah.
- Ah.

Here it is.

- Ah.
- Ah.


And here are the girls.



Candie, look at me.

Where have you been?


There was so much traffic
on the Strip.

It was incredible.

There were cars everywhere.


This pie is so damn good.

Damn good.

A toast.


Here's to the pie
that saved your life, Dougie.

And our money.




Another piece of pie
for our friend.