Twin Peaks (2017): Season 1, Episode 10 - Twin Peaks - full transcript

The Mitchum brothers find out more about Dougie Jones. In Twin Peaks, Richard Horne's committing horrible acts, and Hawk gets more clues from the Log Lady.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Go away, Richard!

Hey, hey, I just
want to talk to you.

I already told the police

it was you who ran over
the little boy.

- You already told the police?
- Yes!

Stay away, Richard!

Tell anybody else?


But I don't know
why you're not arrested,

so I also wrote a letter.

What do you mean, a letter?

I wrote a letter to the sheriff,

Sheriff Truman, and mailed it,

telling him everything I know,

and I told him
if anything happens to me,

it was you who did it,
so... there!

Sent that letter today?

That's right.

Come here!

Come here!
Come here!

Come here!

Shut up!

- Chad.
- What's up?

Listen, that little bitch Miriam

sent a letter
to the sheriff today.

You got to intercept
that motherfucker.

Oh, that ain't gonna be
real easy, Richard.

What a pussy you are!

Don't let that fucking letter
get to the sheriff,

you chickenshit,
or I'll fuck you up bad.

You're asking a lot there, pal.

I'll try.

You do more than try, fuck face.

I'm taking off.


I will throw all of this shit
out the window.

Quit fucking speaking to me,

and what I do
or don't fucking do

doesn't concern you.

It's a fucking nightmare.

I don't tell you shit

like why the fuck
you don't ask for a raise.

How much money do you make,

You barely make minimum wage!

We can't even afford
this shit hole.

I don't tell you to clean
this fucking place up!

- Don't you fucking move.
- Ah!

Don't you fucking...

Listen to me.
Listen to me.

Don't you give me
that fucking innocent look.

I know exactly what you did.

Exactly what you did.

You fuck...
Ah, shit...



- I've hurt you!
- Candie!

What happened?
What happened?

I'm so sorry!
I'm sorry!

Rodney, let me see that.

- It's all right!
- Let me see this.


What the fuck did you do,

- Get off. Get off!
- Keep off of me!

Candie! What the...

- Jesus Christ.
- Easy. Easy.

It's all right.
It's all right.

It's gonna be all right.

Ah, it's bleeding a little bit.

Is it all right?
Is it bleeding?

I got blood.
Is it bleeding?

Get away, Candie!
Candie! Candie!

Candie! Candie, let...

Dougie, have a seat.

All right.

I'll, uh, examine you
standing up.

Anyway, as I told you, Dr. Ben,
it started last week

when Dougie disappeared
for three days.

He missed Sonny Jim's
birthday party,

which we'd been planning
for six months,

and then he shows up
straight from the casino.

You know about
his gambling problems

and then the drinking,

and the drinking feeds
the gambling

and vice versa,
and the whole thing

is just a downward spiral.

Dougie, have you
been exercising?


You have lost a good amount
of weight, also.

- Also.
- Go on.

Well, he's just...
I don't know...

acting peculiar.


Uh, no, no, no.
Dougie, I got to listen here.


No, Dougie. Dougie.



Dougie, your heart and lungs
sound fantastic,

so let's check
your blood pressure.

How much weight has he lost?

I-I-I think he's lost
a lot of weight.

In a good way.

Oh, yes.

Dougie, last time I saw you,
you were quite overweight.

- Weight?
- Yes.

Overweight and, uh,
headed for trouble.

One ten over 70.




Candie, I'm fine.

I-I'm okay.

- Paul, where do we go next?
- Roll the dice, Sheena.

- Local news!
- Well, in local news,

major excitement
at a downtown hotel today...

Brad. Brad!

- Huh?
- They got Ike.

"The Spike" Stadtler.

No shit.

That asshole.

Ike finally stepped on his dick.

Brad, remind me to call off
that hit on Ike.

Save us a whack o' dough.

Stadtler is a suspect

in a number
of gangland-related murders,

including an attempt
just yesterday

on the life
of this local businessman,

Mr. Douglas Jones.

Victim? Oh, no.

That guy didn't act
like any victim.

Douglas Jones,
he moved like a cobra.

All I saw was a blur.

Then we came down,
and I was holding on to Dougie.

We were having
a regular conversation

about his money
and insurance and-and...

No, Dougie, don't do that.

And we were just walking along,

minding our own business,
and I held on to him,

and then, out of nowhere,

someone came right at us,

pointing a gun at my husband,

and we were just...

He wa... he started...
The gun went off,

and it scared me, and my Dougie,

he gave him a good old
karate chop in the throat,

and I punched him
a couple times.

I said, "Don't you touch...
Just get off him!"

Get off him!"
And then we... he ran off!

I don't know where he went,
and it was... it was just...

Freeze it there.

You just took care of business,
right, Doug...

That's our Mr. Jackpots,

I think you're right, Bradley.

Turns out,

our Mr. Jones

is actually...

Mr. Jones.

What a fuckin' world.


can you ever...

love me...

after what-what I...
What I did?


Do you find me attractive?


Do you?

I find you attractive.


Oh, yes.

Oh. Yes, Dougie.



Dougie! Dougie!

Dougie. Dougie.






Oh, Dougie.


I love you.

Love you.


And the fucks are at it again!

Fuck you who betray the people
you were elected to help!

We're sheep to these monsters,
and they don't give a shit!

We grow our wool,

and just when
we're getting warm,

they come along
with their electric clippers

and shear our wool off,

and we're just naked,
screaming little fucks!

No wool for us!

Freezing and hungry!

In the night.
In the dark.

And they don't give a shit!

Then when we get sick,

the pharmaceutical companies
make billions!

They own the fucking hospitals.

Filled to the brim.

They own the morgues!

They own the embalming fluids!

They own the mortuaries,
the graveyards!

These fucks!

Is it the government's business
who we marry?

What the fuck do we care
what the government thinks

about who we marry?

Are we gonna invite them
to the wedding?

Fuck no!

Oh, they wouldn't come anyway.

They're-they're too busy

Fucking us at the grocery store!

At the bank!

At the gas pump!

They're feeding our children
chemical shit

coated in sugar!

Why don't these monsters

bite into those tasty treats

'Cause they'll die
in the streets!

Just like us!

And then they'll bloat

like a big red fucking balloon.


Stop distracting yourself

with all this
diverting bullshit,

and pay attention.

Save the children!

Every parent wants
to save their child.

Buy yourself a shovel,

dig yourself out of the shit,

and get educated!

Oh, he's so beautiful.

Sonny Jim,

go get in the car.

I can't stop thinking
about last night.

You're so wonderful.

- Wonderful.
- Mm.

I just had to tell you that.

Okay. Let's get you to work.

You can't fool me!

I've been here before!

What are you doing
up here, Chad?

I'm... thinking

what a beautiful day
it is, Lucy.

I'll bet you're a girl
who appreciates a beautiful day.

- Well...
- I bet you and Andy

wake up each morning and say,

"Oh, what a beautiful day
it is."

That depends on what time it is.

I mean, sometimes
there's not even enough time

to think of anything.

One time, Andy was even thinking

that the clock had stopped,

and then we realized
that we didn't even know

what time it was.

It seemed like forever.

- When...
- Oh.

I'm going out, Lucy.

I-I see the mailman.
I'm gonna collect the mail.

But he'll bring it in.

Well, I'm gonna save him
the trouble

and go out and enjoy
this beautiful day.

Ah, thank you so much.

Beautiful day.

This calls for another doughnut.

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Uh, Mrs. Horne?

Your grandson, Richard,
is on his way in.

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Don't even think of getting out
of your car, Richard.

- Came to see you, Grandma.
- Stay away!

- Or I'll call the sheriff!
- Come on, Grandma.

No! Stop it!

I just want a couple of dollars.


Just want a couple of dollars.

No. Go ask your grandfather.

He won't give you any more,
will he?

Hello, Johnny.

I got money, but I want more.

You always wanted me
to leave town, right?

So help me out,
and I'll be out of here.

Don't come any closer, Richard.
I mean it.

- Money, Grandma!
- No!

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Oh, Johnny!

Hello, Johnny.

I... I will squeeze the shit
out of you, bitch!

How are you today?

You cocksucking bitch!

And I'll cornhole
that piece of shit!

Now give me some fucking money!

In-in my purse!

Not your purse, bitch!

The safe.
The combination.

The combination!

- What did you do?
- What?

- Four...
- What? Fucking speak up.

I cannot understand
a fucking thing you're saying.

Nine... zero... four...

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?


Stay there!

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Oh, Johnny.

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Oh, I'm so sorry.

- Look at you.
- How are you today?

Oh, we can't make him mad.

How are you today?

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Oh, my God.

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?


Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?


Yeah, I will take your purse.


Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Why you have to make something
so simple so fucking difficult?


Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Oh, Johnny.
Oh, Johnny.

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

Hello, Johnny.
How are you today?

It's true.

It's all over the news.

They got Ike.


Thank you, Roger.

Anthony, come here.

Don't sit down, Anthony.

Anthony, I asked you here

because you're
a creative individual,

and you're gonna need
every ounce of that creativity

to do what I'm about
to tell you.

What's that, Mr. Todd?

Do you recall my business rivals
and bitter enemies

the Mitchum brothers?

You're gonna visit
the brothers now.

You're gonna pin the blame
for the insurance claim

that we conspired
to deny for them,

a loss of 30 million
that hit 'em hard,

on the back of Douglas Jones.

You're gonna convince them
that Mr. Jones

has it out for the brothers,
a personal vendetta,

and then we're gonna sit back,
and we're gonna watch

as the Mitchum brothers

take care
of our Mr. Jones problem.

- But what if...
- Don't speak, Anthony.

If you fail to deliver on this,

then you'll have to kill
Mr. Jones yourself.


and the lady from the morgue.

- Sweet.
- Sweet.

Yes. Yes, I...

Come on.

What's he want?

- Who?
- That insurance fuck.

It's after midnight.

The bastard.

I could throw a car farther

than I'd trust that rat fuck.

Anthony Sinclair here
to see you.

Stay put.

We'll come get him.


Candie, go get him.


Yes, sir.

Candie, go get him.

You want me to bring him here?


What did he just say?

You want me to get him
and bring him here?

What the fuck?

Did we ask her to tell him
her life story?

For four fuckin' hours?


Send Candie in here,
with him, now.



They're ready.

She's on her way.

- I know.
- We fire her,

- she's got no place to go.
- I know. I...

Here he is.

What the fuck
were you guys talking about?

She was talking.

- Candie?
- Hmm?

What were you talking about
to him

out there on the floor?




that we're in the version layer,

that it's gonna be hot
and smoggy tomorrow,

and I told him
that we are so lucky

to have air-conditioning
cooling our casino.

Okay. Mr. Insurance Man,
what do you want?

Mr. Mitchum.

Mr. Mitchum.

I'm here to tell you something

that you will want
to know about.

- Yeah?
- What's that?

Your new hotel, which burned

badly down to the ground
a few months back,

was ruled arson

by an official investigation.

Now, I may have sold you
your policy, sirs,

but I didn't handle the claim.

It was done by Douglas Jones,

who works at our firm.

- Douglas Jones.
- I thought you should know

from me, unofficially,

on my own...

that this Mr. Jones
did everything in his power

to prevent you gentlemen

from getting
the insurance relief

from the loss you suffered

that I believe
to this day you deserved.

Douglas Jones

seems to have
a personal vendetta

against you.

And he still insists

that that claim
will never be paid out,

and he'll do everything
in his power

to make sure
that it never happens.

- Yeah?
- Is that it?

Yes, sir.

You have an enemy
in Douglas Jones.

That's what I came to tell you.

Candie, show him out.


You have an enemy...
in Douglas Jones.

Now I know...
how Brando felt.

Calling him tomorrow,

this Douglas Jones...

to set up a meeting.

Right you are, Rodney.

- Right you are.
- He took us...

for 30 million...

447 thousand...



You fuck us once, shame on us.

You fuck us twice,

shame on you.

You're dead.




Come on in.

Diane received this text
on her phone

at 11:13 this morning.

"Around the dinner table,
the conversation is lively."

Now, that came in
after Cooper escaped.

It pinged off a cell tower
in Philly, so at first,

I thought it was
one of her boyfriends...

Seems she has a stable
of male suitors...

But Tammy traced this one back
from there

to a server in Mexico.


Did she respond?

She sent the following
heavily encrypted message:

"They have Hastings.

He's going to take them
to the site."

Doesn't sound like
boyfriend talk.

I felt it when she hugged me,

but this confirms it.

What should we do?

Keep her close.


- Tammy.
- Gordon.

Come on in.

You remember
the penthouse murders

in New York City?


This was just found
on one of the earliest cards.


This is something.

This is really something.

What did he do?

He came in and attacked us

and stole all my money!

Oh, damn it.

Is Johnny okay?

No concerns for me, as usual.

What do you mean, Johnny?
It was me he attacked.

Sylvia, of course

I'm concerned about you too.

How much money did he take?

Everything I had in the safe,

thousands of dollars,

and you're going
to make this up to me.

No, I am not sending you
any more money, Sylvia!

Yes, you are!

- Sylvia!
- Yes, you are.

I'm calling my lawyer right now.


Do you want to have dinner
with me?


Electricity is humming.

You hear it
in the mountains and rivers.

You see it dance

among the seas and stars

and glowing around the moon,

but in these days,

the glow is dying.

What will be in the darkness
that remains?

The Truman brothers
are both true men.

They are your brothers.

And the others,

the good ones
who have been with you.

Now the circle
is almost complete.

Watch and listen

to the dream of time

and space.

It all comes out now,
flowing like a river.

That which is and is not.


Laura is the one.

You know the one.