True Detective (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - True Detective - full transcript

Wayne struggles to hold on to his memories, and his grip on reality, as the truth behind the Purcell case is finally revealed.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
A good man's dead
'cause we pushed him,

knowin' we didn't like him for it,

seeing how he was takin' it.
We did that.

I'm thinking about Tom.
Thinking about that note.

You see him type anything?

So, you don't know nothin'?

You just makin' your money,
and milkin' they pain.

Looks like this man with one eye
gave Julie a doll in 1980.

Do you know who these people are?

Two ghosts?

In 2012, two former
Louisiana State Police stopped

a serial killer associated with some kind

of pedophile ring.

I think what happened
to the Purcell children

was connected.
With the cousin's help.

I think their parents sold them off.

Hoyt. He got something for kids.

Now it's all gone! Done!
Whatever he knew, gone!

I need to know everything.

You gotta just trust me.

Detective Wayne Hays.

Edward Hoyt.

"What will become of you and me...

besides the photo and the memory?

This is the school in which we learn.

That time is the fire in which we burn.

What is the self amidst this blaze?

What am I now that I was then,

which I shall suffer and act again?

The children shouting
are bright as they run.

This is the school in which they learn.

What am I now that I was then?

May memory restore again and again...

the smallest color of the smallest day.

Time is the school in which we learn.

Time is the fire in which we burn."

Tourin' backroads?

I've seen 'em all.

Wanted privacy.

My hope being that we could
resolve this situation,

just the two of us.

What situation is that?

Don't do that.

You got in the car.
You know what this is about.


You were army, correct?


Saw combat?

Many times.


I was 7th Infantry.



We took all the casualties
so the Marines could turn tail.

Thirty below zero.

Lost about 5,000 men.

I wouldn't imagine a man like you

meets a man like me
to trade war stories.

We're both soldiers.

You understand triage.

My man Harris James.

I want to know
what happened to him.

Somethin' happen to him?

Spoke a couple days ago
up at your offices.

Don't start off by lyin' to me, Mr. Hays.

The last time I saw him,
all we did was talk.

What'd you talk about?

Julie Purcell.

That's the girl went missin',
been in the news again recent.

What'd he say about her?

Can't talk details since it's ongoin'.

But you think Harris had
something to do with this girl?

Yes, sir, I believe he did.

Him and some others.

And you got no idea
where he might be?

Might be he took off...
We got him worried.

Cameras all around corporate.

Access roads to the plant, everywhere.

Video of Harris's car
pullin' out of the gate.

Followed a minute later by your cruiser.

Just had to follow up with some questions.

Man's a hell of a talker.

I give you chance after chance
to speak plainly to me,

and you keep throwin' shit in my face.

You know, sir...

I've always respected
you and your family.


That's what it's...

We only had the one.

Then Ellen got sick.

Now our child's gone too.

Somethin' you want
to get off your chest, sir?

Nobody's gonna hear it but us.

Mr. Hoyt.

You wanna tell me about Julie Purcell?

I don't know about Julie Purcell.

I'm in the fuckin' dark.

And, well...

I guess Harris didn't
talk enough after all.

We know about the kids' uncle.

The phone calls from the mother, Lucy.

Harris goin' to Vegas,
same time she OD'ed.

What I know?

Harris's work beeper,
newest thing.

Has a little computer chip

keyed to our corporate system.

Includes a GPS signal.

And I have exact coordinates

where Harris last was before it went dead.

Now, you bein' the law,

and me an interested party,

should the two of us
go out to those woods,

see if we can't find Harris James?

And can you tell me, Mr. Hays...

are we gonna need fuckin' shovels?

You wanna swap confessions?

Just what is it you think I did?

That's why you bring me here.

So you could see
how much I know.

Word is your investigation ended.

So we're done now.

They can do what they want
with the investigation.

That's not gonna stop me from lookin'.

You heard that hotline call.

Sounds like she doesn't
want to be found.

Maybe, Mr. Hays, best thing you
could do for that young woman

is leave her in peace.

Hard walkin' away knowin'
people mean to do her harm.


if the police ain't lookin' for her,

and you're not,

can't imagine anybody else'd be.

In fact,
I can practically guarantee it.


could be you're givin'
these people you mention

reason to find her.


You don't drop it...

there's others can't either.

What happened?

Just tell me what happened!

I don't know what happened.

Do I look like a man
with fuckin' answers?!

Maybe one day I'll come see you.

Try havin' this talk again.

That you hopin' to get your balls back?

Or truly wantin' me
to regard you as a threat?

Think about what that'd
mean to your family...

You bein' a murderer and all.

Think about what
it'd mean for that girl.

Mr. Hays, do you want me
to feel threatened?


I'll let you find your own way back.

No way Harris woulda run off.

He loved his family.

He was a wonderful father.

I'm sorry 'bout that.

Wonderin' if maybe

you could speak toward an old
associate of your husband's.

Was a black man with one eye.

You ever see your husband
with someone like that?

Know who it might be?

- Why are you asking?
- We're trying to find a person

in connection with somethin' else.

Description come up a few times,

we can't get a name.

You sure you never
saw a man like that?

A man like that
came by the house.

Few weeks after
Harris disappeared.

I don't like to think about it.

I was upset at the time.

He had, uh,
one white eye and a scar.

He said he knew Harris.

He upset me.

Did he want somethin'?

He asked did I know
if Harris had found the girl.

I thought maybe...
Maybe he meant Harris

hadn't been faithful to me. I...

- I ran him off.
- Tell you his name?

He introduced himself
as Junius somethin'.

He upset me.
I made him leave.


You wanna bet that's Mr. June?

Makin' his name Junius Watts, maybe?

Worth a try.

I checked with a gal
from state records

about the Hoyt place.

Been held in trust by the estate.

Nobody's livin' there.


The old maid... the other day?

She talked about some area
they couldn't go.

I wanna look at it.


I guess you're lead detective
now, Lieutenant.

Goddamn right I am.

You couldn't help
yourself, could you?


"Purcell Investigation

Brought to False Conclusion.

Sources Say Case Far from Solved."

And what sources, Detective Hays,

could this headline be alluding to?

I-I didn't know...

We're lookin' at suin'
your little girlfriend.

I haven't read the papers.

"An anonymous source
in the investigation

insists that there are
a number of clues

and suspicious facts
of the Purcell case

that are being ignored
in favor of a hasty conviction

of the West Finger shooter."

Your man here,
he's suggested you got taken advantage.

Like you're too pussy-struck to
have known what she was doin'.

We think you owe the
department your own op-ed.

You're gonna write a statement

explaining that fragments of hearsay

were used without your consent,

facts were misrepresented,

that the woman who wrote this

did so without your cooperation.

I'm not much of a writer.

Well, we'll write it for you.

All you gotta do is sign.

- Purple! Think about it...
- Say "thank you," Wayne.

Just make it right, man.

You got carried away.
Walk it back now.

If I don't?

D Company needs a new
Public Information officer.


You'll never work another
Major Crimes investigation.

you could just quit.

You are one lucky mother.

You know how hard I had to work,

get them to give you
another shot?

- Appreciate it.
- Yeah.

Hey, uh, listen to me.

You don't ever do any kind
of shit like this to me again.

I can't figure
what you were thinking.


What the hell are you doing?

You heard 'em. I'm done.


I get them to give you a pass,
and y-you're quittin'?

- Oh, I'm not quittin'.
- You can't.

This is pride, Wayne,
and it's fuckin' you up.

Take a breath, count to ten,

and sign their goddamn paper.

- No.
- Public Information?

You hate the public.
You're a detective.

You don't do shit like this.
Anything anybody mighta said about you...

- What'd they say about me?
- That you're a professional.

I mean...
they used to say that.

Got away from me, man.
I was pissed off.

Didn't really think it through.

It's not like me, you're right.

OK. All right, there we go.

Just sign their statement,
and let's you and me move on.

Except then...
I'd be burnin' her.

Callin' her a liar.

She didn't really do nothin' wrong.

She didn't lie,

and I'm not sayin' she did.

So what?
This is your job.

Our job.

You're my partner.

That's it?
You're just gonna go be a typist?

Probably a lot less bullshit.

Couple years,
maybe it all blows over.

I can outlast 'em.

What about us?

What you talkin' 'bout?

Grab a beer, go to a game.

Not like we're not gonna
see each other, man.

Suppose somebody catches us?

We're old and confused.

This is where they kept her.

This is where she ran away from.

Twenty-five years.

And we just...

All this...

All this goddamn time.

What the hell have I...

What the hell were you doin'?

Thought it was the right thing.

I had a family.

Now, that must be nice.

I find you burnin' your clothes
in the middle of the night.

This morning you disappear
after a phone call.

If you've got somebody else,

I can take it, just say so.

No. No, no, no,
no, no, no, no.

It's the case.

It was only ever the case.

And it's over now.

What part of the case

made you burn your suit
at 3:00 in the morning?

The bad part.

Can I get you a... a drink?

I'd prefer a straight answer.

I know what you'd prefer.

But supposin' that answer
would be dangerous to you?

I'll take a hard truth
over a nice lie any day.

We never really established this,

'cause when we met...

I told you too much.

And then for a long time,
I wasn't really a cop.

But there are aspects of my job...

things I've seen,
things I know...

It's not for sharin'.

And this...

wouldn't do anything
but cause harm.

Maybe it's not for you to decide

what's harmful or not for me.

Except I already did.

It's something
we should decide together.

No, we shouldn't.

And that is my whole point.

I might have a problem with that,

because this morning you said
you'd tell me everything.

That was a mistake.

And I just realized now...

that I want your approval,

and sometimes I do the wrong
thing because it's what you want.

I'd like to stop that goin' forward.

Are we going forward?

How do we with this
big secret between us?

Maybe that's what
we're really talkin' about.

There's always been this
big secret between us.

And it's that you and me...

who we are together,
this marriage, our children...

it's all...

tied up in a...

dead boy and a missin' girl.

I'll take that drink now.

Bud and a shot of Jack.

- You got a problem, little man?
- No. No.

No, sir.
No problem here.

Then put your fuckin' eyes
somewhere else.

What it is...

I'm just a fan of romance.

May I ask you a question?

She look like that before
you rode her cross country?

What the fuck did you say,
you little midget?

See, I always wondered,

all this butt-faced
human pieces of garbage

out there walkin' the earth...

Who's makin' 'em?

I mean, what kind of
Frankenstein monsters

are out there copulatin'
to create all these

hunks-of-shit people in the world?

Then I come in this bar,

here's you two,
givin' me the answer

I've been lookin' for
my whole fuckin' life.

Unhh! Unh.

You done buckin', cowboy?

Thank God it was you hit me

instead of that woolly
mammoth you're fuckin'.

Last night, listening just now...

I've wondered: Maybe we
don't really know each other.

Because you're right,

what you said about us
and the Purcell kids.

We never really talked
about it in that way.

What it meant for us.

But it's ten years later.

You write a story,

you get past the start...

it's important to know
how you want it to end.

You were pregnant yesterday.

And now Henry's nine and...

I blink, he'll be out the house.

If we get there,
I don't wanna wonder how it all happened.

I don't think
one date night a month

is gonna get us
where we need to be.

I'm writing this sequel,
you're on Major Crimes...

They tanked the case again.

Same as '80.

I oughta quit.

I've thought you should quit for ten years.

- Why?
- "Why?"

Why wouldn't I want you to quit?

I don't think you realize this, Wayne,

you could have been good
at just about anything.

But what you think you are,
it made you stuck.

I never went to college.

Or California.

I listened to my Ma.

I was in the army, and then PD.

Maybe I...

got too good at doin'
what I was told.

I always think about why
you said you joined the army.

Didn't have money for school,
or no job...

No, you told me...

you said you figured
that if you died...

that your mom would be rich, because
the government would give her $10,000,

and that's why you ended up joining.


I think we both...

we want somethin',
we get real single-minded.

This new thing...
that's not why you write.

It's all the work I've done,
I don't want to see it wasted...

But it's not you.

You wanna write your real book, write it.

It'll be great.

I probably won't read it,
but it'll be beautiful.

And I think that...

I think maybe I should quit.

You should too.

I walk away, you walk away.


let's put this thing down.

It's not ours.

And like you said,
we're past the beginning.

You could really quit?

We'll both, together.

You go and write the books
you want to write, and...

I'm gonna...

I don't know what I'm gonna do.

But the smartest person I know

told me I'd be good at almost anything.

Get outta here.


Come here, buddy.


Old gal I knew
still works at the DMV

helped us out with an address.

Junius Watts.

Might be less crazy than I thought.

Don't get carried away.


I been waitin' on you all.

Since the night you saw my car.

Probably shouldn't'a drove off, but...

you had that baseball bat.

Y'all here to kill me?

Walk back in the house.

This is you.

Usually if PD or state want a statement,

they'll just drop it by.

If we get an information request,

then we'll just connect it to you.

You all set, hon?

Yes, ma'am. Thank you.

I worked with Mr. Hoyt
on his first chicken farm.

Been there since he started.

Lost the eye in a line accident,
one of the hooks.

That ain't the part of your
history we're interested in.

I was sayin'.

After he expands,

he moves me to his place,

I started managin'
his household for him.

Him and Miss Ellen,
they had Isabel.

Miss Ellen got sick.

I helped him
raise his daughter.

She was a delight.

She go to university
and meets a young man,

and they have
a little baby girl. Mary.

They was happy.
Mr. Hoyt, he happy.

Then there was the...
The accident.

Her husband and her daughter
skidded off a mountain

on their way to meet her
at Bull Shoals.

She gets very, very sad.

Worse than sad.

Won't talk,
won't leave the house.

Has to take medicine.

This little girl I helped raise

was so sad she can't talk.

Mr. Hoyt, he can't stand
seein' her this way.

So he starts travelin' again.

Then one night...
she snuck off from me.

Took her car
and smashed it all up.

This patrolman, Harris James,

he help us keep it quiet.

Then for the first time
in almost three years,

somethin' stirs her.

Employee picnic, '79.

She sees this family
there with this little girl,

- Mary!
- And she runs out and tries to grab her.

Hmph. Miss Isabel,

she keep talkin' about
that girl she saw.

Sayin' she's just like Mary.

Says she wanna see her again.

So I take the mother Lucy aside,

back when she worked on the line,

and I talked to her about
maybe lettin' Miss Isabel

play with her daughter a bit.

She was good with that?

Well, she say OK,
but she want money.

And she wanted the little
girl's brother along,

keep an eye on her.

And that was OK.

Well, for a little while
we meet 'em,

a little spot in the woods,

and we just played.

And Miss Isabel,
she get back to bein' her old self.

Except what?

Well, we had an idea.

Miss Isabel want to adopt the girl.

She have a better life,
we thought, and...

well, the father,
we'd just have to figure somethin' out.

But... eh...

Miss Isabel, she...

She confused.

She'd stopped takin' her medicine,
I-I didn't know.

She'd been callin' the girl
"Mary" since we arrive.

I heard it. I oughta knowed
somethin' was too wrong.

Well, we's playin' hide-and-seek,

- and Will was off lookin' for us.
- Will!


I guess Miss Isabel had other plans.

We have to go home.

No. Mary...

I told the girl her brother OK.

He just bump his head, that's all,

and he'd wake up soon.

But she said we can't leave him there.

And she can't calm down.

So I brought him up to the cave.

It was just...
Just a bad accident.

Mr. Hoyt, he don't know none of
this, 'cause he on safari.

So I call the man Harris James,

he help us out before.

When that Woodard man
went crazy,

Harris brought that boy's
backpack up to his place,

and the girl's shirt.

What about the mother...


Harris talked to her.

Explained things, the accident.

Offered her a lot of money.

Showed her the best thing
was for her to take it

and let Miss Isabel have Julie,

just like we talked about.

Only, it just happened this way...

The little one, Julie.

Time we get home,
she calm with everything,

no trouble.

She happy to be there.

We seen the girl is happy.
She is.

- How's the castle?
- And for a time it was workin'.

- Couple years.
- Good.

The little one,
she thinks she's Isabel's daughter,

'cause Isabel's been
tellin' her stories.

I'm just tryin' to take care
of 'em best I can.

I swear,
the little one was happy.

I thought she was happy.

I didn't realize till later
what'd been goin' on.

She'd been
feedin' that little girl

lithium since she was ten.

That was why the girl
didn't have no problems

once we left Devil's Den.

Musta started then.

That's why she wasn't sure
about her own history.

She'd been drugged
half her life,

told some fucked-up fairy tale
by this woman.

And Miss Isabel was gettin'
sicker and sicker.

The girl is gettin'
more and more confused.

Then she growed up.
She wants to leave.

She asks questions...
Memories, her brother.

I want to help her.

You helped her run away.


I make sure that the door is unlocked

and Miss Isabel was in her bath.

And I gave her a map how to get
to a place I had nearby.

But she never showed.

And I was lookin' for her ever since.

Tryin' to save what I could.

That's real heroic of ya...

you cyclops motherfucker.

What happened to Isabel?

After the girl run off...

she had another break.

She put on her weddin' dress...

she took all her pills...

she go to sleep

and never wakes up.

Did ya ever find her?


I'd been passin' Julie's
picture around for ten years.

This runaway girl tells me
about this shelter

nuns in Fort Smith run.

The girl says she saw Julie
workin' there at the convent,

and they say her name is Mary,

which I knew it must be her.

Mary July.

"Like summertime," she said.

She didn't have any ID.

She stayed for
three and a half years.

First getting help,
then helping others.

She'd been in bad shape
when she arrived.

She had what's known
as disassociation issues.

I believe she found a home here.

But her time outside,

things she'd done...

She had HIV, it turned out.

We took care
of her in the infirmary

when she got sick.

A few months, she was gone.

I was too late.

Something she'd
done out there on her own

got her real sick.

And I told her...
I told her that I would meet her.

I drew her a map.

But she wasn't there.

It's always too late...

whatever we do.

That's why I's sittin'
outside your house.

I was just tryin' to get up the nerve.

Tryin' to tell you
what happened.

So... you can kill me or take me in.

I want it.

I don't wanna live with this no more.

Take me in.

We don't have the authority.

You don't wanna live with it...

fuckin' don't.


Y'all come back here!

Y'all punish me!

I need y'all to punish me!

Y'all punish me!

Your name was Julie Purcell.

I'm sorry I didn't do
a better job for ya.

I'm real, real sorry for that, miss.

Failure was mine.

You deserved better than this.

Better than me.


- Sorry, mister.
- There you are.

All right, that's enough
runnin' around, Lucy.

Why don't you go ahead
and jump in the truck.


I'm sorry 'bout that.
She likes to run around.

No problem.

You been takin' care
of the place long?

Oh, yeah. My dad started
the business,

and he used to do
the convent for free.

And I kept doin' the same.

That's nice of you.

Y'all have a good day.

Thank you, sir.

You too.

All right, Lucy,
let's get your seat belt on.

That's enough.

I'll get the rest tomorrow.


I oughta throw it out now.

But it's all hers.

Maybe we'll write
a book about it.

Have to keep startin' over.

We got an ending, I guess.

But I don't, uh...


Do you feel like any kinda closure?

I don't.

Me neither.

Talkin' to your boy.

I's been wantin' to get closer to town,

and we were thinkin', uh...

How'd you feel, me crashin' here
with you a few nights a week?

I guess so.

I keep a neat house, though.
I'm just sayin'.

I'll keep the dogs out back.


Your little girl's comin' here tomorrow.

Oh, that's right.
I remember.

Henry mentioned
you're all havin' dinner.

Invited me over.

Good. You should come.


You be all right tonight, buddy?

I'm good, brother.
I'm good.



Hey. Tell me what we're doing.

You're not talkin' to me,

don't return my calls.

We're playing games now?

I don't play.

Is this about what I wrote?

You read it.
You... encouraged me.

What's going on with you?
What happened?

Wait right here a minute.

That's all your stuff.

That's how you say "I don't think
we should see each other anymore"?

What the hell is wrong with you?

You don't like how I am,
get out of my house.

All right, give it to me then.

I want a...
clear picture

of who I've been spending time with.

Clear picture is,
I don't wanna see you anymore.

And I'm not the asshole here.

You're the asshole.


- How?
- You used me.

Fuckin' around with me so you could
hear what the police are doin'.

Like you're better than me.

When I landed back in the States,

some high yellow bitch like you
called me a baby killer.

I'm sorry that happened...

Shit, you're whiter than my partner.

Former partner.

What's the matter with you?
What happened?

I'm fucked's what happened!

Twelve years on the job,
and I'm a fuckin' secretary now.

So you got in trouble.
What did they...

Is that why you're doing this?

I'm tryin' to pull my head out my
ass, regards to you. You...

I don't know.
Maybe you didn't mean it all the way,

maybe it just happened,
but you was workin' me.

Always askin' questions,
always talkin' about the case.

That's not what I did.
You know that's not what I did.

No, I don't!

But I just about decided...

that you don't know what you're
really up to most of the time, do you?

Bein' a good-lookin' woman
like you are, I mean.

People don't really expect you
to take responsibility.

You're just like a pretty bird,

flyin' around,
shittin' on people's heads.

I don't need one of them.

I was doin' real good without
no head-shittin' birds in here.

You're a mean drunk.

But it's good to see
how weak you really are.

You've got a badge and a gun,

couple of other things

that you learned from watching movies.

But there's nothing here.

They wanted me to burn you down.

Sign a statement sayin' you were lyin'.

That you took pieces
of what you heard

and made up
all that shit you wrote.

You should.

I don't want you in trouble.

I don't want anything
from you, ever.

Go ahead, sign their statement.

I'm gonna be fine.

I don't need the rest.

I don't want this shit in my house!

the children who knew her,

a ten-year-old named Mike Ardoin

seemed to take Julie's
disappearance hardest.

I knew Mike to be a shy,
artistic boy,

and he often played with Julie,

or at least sought out
her company.

His father ran a small
lawn servicing business,

and when he spoke about Julie,

the boy's lip trembled
and his eyes flooded.

My attempts at comfort
were completely insufficient,

but I tried to let him
talk about his feelings.

He started crying.

He said he always thought
he'd marry Julie

when he grew up."

"Tell me a story.

Make it a story of
great distances, and starlight."

No. Please.


What if the ending isn't
really the ending at all?

What if Julie did find
a life at that convent?

Friendship, love.

And what if that little boy
who loved her so much,

that little boy whose daddy,
and later himself,

took care of the yard at that convent?

What if he recognized her?

"'If you knew time as well as I
do, ' said the Hatter,

you wouldn't talk about wasting it.'"

What if he knew her...

even if she didn't know herself?

And what if those nuns
who cared about her,

those women who knew
she'd had a hard life...

they knew bad people were looking for her?

What if they wanted to protect her?

Protect her how?

The only way they could...

By telling a story.


And then...


Sorry, Mister.

The little girl...

That was her.

Oh... my God.

What if there's another story?

What if something went unbroken?

All this life, all this loss,

what if it was really one long story

that just kept going and going

until it healed itself?

Wouldn't that be a story worth telling?

Wouldn't that be a story worth hearing?


I need a address
for Northwest Arkansas.

Uh, Mike, uh, Ardoin.

Um, that's, um...




Ardoin Landscaping.

Just a moment.

Pop, what's up?
I was about to come get you.

I, uh...

Henry... uh...

think I'm lost.

What do you mean?

You on foot?


I'm in my car.

I don't know where I am.
I don't recognize it.

Dad, Becca came in,

you were comin' here for dinner.

And I'm tellin' ya,
I don't know where I am!

Hey, hey, hey,
it's gonna be all right, Pop.

We'll come and get you.
Just take a beat.

Is there someone around
you can ask where you are?

You see anybody around?


I'm sorry to bother you, miss.

I, uh...

I have this, uh...

I'm sorry, uh, I'm lost.

Can you just tell me
where I'm at?

Oh, of course.
You're in Greenland.

This is Allegra Lane.


Allegra Lane, in-in Greenland.

House at, uh... 1-2-0-8.

What are you doin' out there?

I don't know. I...

I was... I don't know.

All right, it's OK.
Stay at your car, Dad.

We're comin' to get you, all right?

Keep your phone handy.


Thank you, son.


my son's comin' to get me.

I, uh...

have this condition.

I forget things, and...

Thank you.
Thanks for your help.

Glad I was out here to help.

Uh, would you like
some water or anything

while you wait for your son?

if it truly wouldn't be any trouble,

I'd be grateful for some water.

Throat's dry.

Lucy, will you get this man
some water, please?

Yes, ma'am.


Beautiful day, isn't it?


Sure is.

Oh. Thank you, miss.

You're welcome.

Well, uh...

I-I'll let you get back to it.

Thank you much.

You're welcome, sir.


- I'm sorry.
- Mm-hmm.

It's OK.


Hey, Dad!


It's different than I remember.

I'm surprised,
it feels different.

Maybe you could stay longer.


Did I lose you?

No. No, Dad.

How could you?

I don't know.

Seems like I'm losin'
the hour and the day.

Oh, I sure missed you.

I miss you too, Dad.

I miss you right now.

I haven't... I haven't really...

I don't...

Had this in my pocket.

I... don't know, uh...


It's nothin'.

Go play with
your grandkids, Pop.

Throw Papa the ball.

Wait. OK...

Oh, he did!

It's what you
call a slow break.


Uh-oh. Uh-oh.

You doin' all right?

Yeah, yeah, man, how are you?

Still upright, baby.

Real glad to see you.

Glad to see you too, pal.

Mr. West,

this is my wife, Heather.

- Hello.
- Welcome.

Oh. Thank you, ma'am.

Come on, hurry up!

Come on!

Thank you.

This what you settled
on doin' with yourself?

I don't recall you mentionin'
time in the armed forces.

I don't let people talk to me
the way you did.

A few women, no men at all.

- OK.
- I want you to understand that.

You don't strike me as tolerant
of that sort of behavior.


That was the point, wasn't it?

But I'm trying to remember that a
few weeks ago your friend was shot

and you almost died.

You want a do-over?

I guess I want to know
if you meant it.

If you meant what you said.

I want to know
if you want us to stop.

That's all.

I don't know.

Wayne, what do you want?

You want to yell at me again?
You want me to tell at you?


I'm sorry for
what I said to you.

I-I haven't been myself.

You want me to leave?

You want me to stay?

I don't know.

You're gonna have to decide.

I, uh...

I'm not myself.

I don't know.
I don't like this.

But I want...

I think I wanna marry you.

I didn't think
that'd happen for me.

I didn't let myself...

I didn't expect this.


And how would you
make that happen?

Guess, uh...

Guess I should sober up,
for a start.

For a start, yeah.

I mean it.

Then let's get you home.

You can think about
how you're gonna propose.

I can think about
if I'm gonna accept.

I'll do it.

Get on my knees,
with a ring and everything.

I ain't messin' with you.
I don't play.

No, I know you don't.