True Detective (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - True Detective - full transcript

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What happened out there?


Do you know
if somethin' happened?

Does she look familiar?

- (SOBBING) This is my baby girl?
- What do you think?

ELISA MONTGOMERY: Were you aware
that one of the officers

who processed the Woodard scene
went missing

during the second investigation?

There's no fucking way
that backpack

was in that crawlspace
when that mortar went off.

Tells some story of how
she's a princess

from the pink rooms.
Said she, uh, lost a brother.

looking for me.

Tell him to leave me alone.
The man acting like my father!

AMELIA REARDON: Children should laugh.

There wasn't a lot of laughter
around here.

WAYNE HAYS: I know Lucy wrote it

when that director showed me
some pictures.

Dan O'Brien's body was found
in a drained quarry.

How you gonna talk to these people?

We done what we done.

I remember what we done,
I remember not to say.

You walked away.

Not this time.

( Music playing )

♪ I got a letter this mornin' ♪

♪ How do you reckon it read? ♪

♪ Said, "Hurry, hurry,
the man you love is dead" ♪

♪ I got a letter this mornin' ♪

♪ How do you reckon it read? ♪

♪ It was sayin' "Hurry, hurry ♪

♪ The man you love is dead" ♪

♪ Well, I grabbed up my suitcase ♪

♪ And I took off down the road ♪

♪ When I got there he was
layin' on the coolin' board ♪

♪ Grabbed up my suitcase ♪

♪ And I took off down the road ♪

♪ Mmm, when I got there
he was layin' ♪

♪ Layin' on the coolin' board ♪

♪ Mmm, mmm ♪

Helluva day when a gunfight's the second
most excitin' thing that happens to you.

I was trying to hold out.

Make you wait a bit.

You seem like the type
that kinda thing matters.

You don't have to do that.


Check and see
if I'm judgin' you.

I'm not.

I was so glad you weren't hurt.

Came close.

First time I fired
my weapon on the job.

You fired your weapon
before, in the war?

I wanna hear about your stuff.

How you got here, your past.


I never give it thought.

One thing I learned, the war?

Life happens now.

Then later's now, y'know?

It's never behind you.

And I'm not avoidin'
the question, just...

really don't spend time
rememberin' stuff.

That's like a superpower to me.

I can't even understand that.
How do you do it?

Hmm. Just lucky, I guess.

( Sighs )

( lighter clicks )

Girl on Tape: ( crying ) Tell him
to leave me alone.

- I-I know what he did.
- Hotline Officer: Who?

Girl: The man on TV
acting like my father!

Officer: Can you tell me
where you're calling from?

Girl: Where's my brother? Will?

I don't know
what he did with him.

( Tape off )

That certainly sounds
like an indictment.

And according to the file, he
didn't have an alibi the night of.

You two never kicked that
very hard, did you?

You ignored that?

( Blevins sighs )

We need to go at him, hard.

Freddy Burns saw the boy alone
out in them woods

when we still had Tom
workin' on his car.

Morelli: Me and Ted can take a shot,

y'all want to observe.


We'll do it.

I don't know what that call was,

but no way
we could be that wrong.

( Sighs ) Wanna give it to Morelli?


Them others'll eat him alive.

( Keys jingling )

( unlocking door )

What's it mean?

- That was her, wasn't it?
- Sit down, Tom.

I don't wanna sit down right now.

It's not a request.

What're you lookin' like that for?

- Something you want to tell us, Mr. Purcell?
- What?

However long it's been,
this is the time.

While you're talkin'
to a couple of friends.

'Cause they bring in the other guys,

it's gonna get bad.

Tell us your side.

We can help.
Make a case for ya.

My side?

Everybody knows my side.


You think... me?

Back in '80,
the night of the incident.

Couple of neighbors saw you workin'
in the garage, early evenin'.

Don't have anybody saw you after 6:30.

Saw me?


Lieutenant West.

You go somewhere back then?

You leave the house
and forgot to tell us?


No. I went back inside,
I had a couple beers,

and listened to the Cardinals
game, same as I told you.

Julie's room.

There's a little hole in her wall

came out back of Will's closet.

- A what?
- Like a peephole.

For spyin'.

Ever look in on her?

Maybe while she was gettin' dressed?

Some question, wasn't there,

whether she was yours?

Lucy passed it around
a lot, what we hear.

Listen, she... she...

I held...

I fed her, got up in the night.

She's mine.
That child is mine.

How could you,
after everything you know,

you think I could do
something like that?!

Do... you?!

- Did you give her to somebody, Tom?
- What?

- Was she tryin' to get away from you?
- What?

Somebody helpin' her
out of a situation with you?

- What?! Why?!
- Did Will know, did he catch you?

Why! Why! Goddamn, why would I?!

You know they weren't playin'
with that neighbor kid.

Who were they meetin'
at Devil's Den?

I don't know. I don't know
anything you're talkin' 'bout!

( Sighs )
No, no, no, no...

Roland: Tell us about it.

We wanna help you.

But we can't if you don't talk to us.

( Roars )

( Tom howling )

Wayne: I don't know.

Usually I do.

But I don't know.

I can't believe we missed this.

I mean, could he have
colluded with Woodard?

Come to that, could he have planted
the items in Woodard's house?

There's no evidence
right now for an arrest.

Hold him for the 24. Start diggin' for
anything that points in his direction.

I'm gonna give you
a warrant for his place.

We need to check out where
that call came from, too.

Get busy.
We missed it once...

we're not losin' him now.

Eliza: The phone call was
viewed as a major turn, correct?

Law enforcement seemed to
consider it as an indictment,

particularly in light of...
what happened.

What happened?


After questioning,
Tom Purcell was held in jail.

What did investigators do
after that phone call?

That was her, wasn't it?


Call came from a truck stop
outside Russellville.

We pulled a partial off of a pay phone.


You didn't want to tell the
bosses about the backpack?

You were pretty convinced
it was planted.

It was planted.

I didn't wanna give 'em that
to use on him yet.



Had to change.
Gotta go back out.


Missin' my old clip-ons.


You're not in elementary
school anymore.

Where you goin'?

I have things to do.

New book.

What new book?


It's about the current

I thought you wanted
to work on a novel next.

The publisher wants this bad.

They think it's too good
an opportunity.

I get troubled callin' what
happened an "opportunity."

That's their word.

We can't expect the world
to conform

to Wayne Hays's moral semantics.


Well, it's an opportunity
for you, isn't it?

Back to Major Crimes.

Keeping your own hours.

We get clear on this,
I'll be home more.

Will you?

Seems like this suits you better.

Running free.

Just tryin' to do my job right.

( Keys jingle )
So that's my imagination...

seeing you like
you can't breathe in here?

Yeah, it's your imagination.

Telling yourself stories
about me, my motives.

I could tell stories...
Why you're all of a sudden

workin' on a book
you already wrote.

What you lookin' for out there,
you're not findin' here.

( Grunts )

Old Wayne: We dug into Tom...

the father, yeah.

His place.
Talked to his bosses.

Supervisor: I remember
talkin' to y'all back then.

Yeah, he quit before
the school bus factory closed.

Tell you the truth...

he was on his way out

even before what happened.

Why's that?

Caught him drinkin' on the job.
More than once.

Machines are dangerous
around that shit.

Always askin' for a loan.
And, y'know...

didn't quite get along
with the rest of the guys.

How do you mean?

I didn't want to say anything
back then, but...

a few of the boys had around
saw him goin' into a queer club.

They got on him a lot, after.

So he's not
the saint-of-all-sufferin'.

Everybody's got weaknesses.

Don't mean he did that
to his kids.

Lookin' less and less to me
like they were his kids.

Devil's Den was
a homo cruisin' spot.

The kids weren't supposed
to be out there.

- If Tom was...
- Fuck off.

We know they were meetin'
somebody else out there.

Tom wouldn't do that.

- This.
- Hey.

If he wouldn't,
then we'll clear him.

But we gotta get this right.

You saw at the station.

Kindt and Blevins
are hot for it.

If it's not him...

we clear him.

But we don't stop.

Take it all the way this time.

I remember 1980.

You're supposed to be at home.

Detective Hays,

Your shooting cleared.
No surprise.

What's the latest on Roland?

Gets to keep the leg.

Won't be the same, but it's a lot
better than Diller and Bowen got.

They found the boy's backpack.
Girl's shirt.

Both at Woodard's place.

Kindt: Yeah, it was him.


No, somethin's wrong here.

If it was him,
that ain't all of it.

Other people involved.
Kids were meetin' somebody.

- Kindt: Jesus Christ, you were there.
- Twiggs: Wayne.

You see what's happenin'
out here?

Press is makin' the county
a Hee-Haw sideshow.

May have gotten
some help with that.

OK, Detective,
stick to the evidence.

And it only goes one way.

Even makes sense
for the kidnap note.

Cut-out words, misspelling.

It was Woodard.

Then where's the girl?

He had a couple of oil drums
he made into an incinerator.

Evidence suggests
he burned the body.

- Are we sure?
- She's dead.

Let's not draw out
the family's pain any longer.

Our official position is,
Woodard murdered both children.

That's it.
Take some time.

- Probably a medal in this.
- Warren.

I don't wanna take time. I don't give
a shit about medals. I'm telling you...

Enough. He killed 10 people, Wayne.
You were there.

- It's done.
- ( Wayne grunts )

This community needs to heal,
Detective. We're the first step.

And state law allows conviction in
absentia under special circumstances.

Our offices are gonna need
all evidence,

investigative records...

Twelve people.


You puttin' the kids on him,
that means he killed 12 people...

not 10.

Just so you keep
your stories straight.

The cousin, Dan O'Brien.

His remains were found in a drained
quarry in southern Missouri.

Do you think this
could connect to Tom?

I don't know.

Couldn't say.

Well, what happened with Tom,

Lucy, now her cousin Dan...

We also had to talk to all the cops

worked the Woodard scene
back in '80.

I believe that's what
we did next, or around then.

Because the thought was that Tom
may have planted the evidence there?

Well, we had to look
at the possibility.


maybe they worked together,
him and Woodard.

You know...

it's terrible what
this work makes you ponder.

Don't you think?

Mighta seen him.
Hard to say.

Had a lot of looky-loos
around the place.

And you're the one
found the backpack?

Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I found it.

Then Harris said
looked like that boy's.

- That's Harris James?
- Yep.

Says he left the force.

Oh yeah, long time ago.

You know what he's doin' now?

"Chief Security Officer."

How do I get
somethin' like that?

Well, I moonlighted security
at the plant

for about five years
when I was a patrolman.

When the spot opened up here,

I was in the right place.

I don't know why a lieutenant'd
want to switch careers.

That matter, I don't know I ever
heard a lieutenant working the field.

It's a special situation.

If I get your salary, I'll
switch to any career they say.

What, you look at my paycheck?

Pretty depressing from my end.

( Chuckles )

Roland: You took the job May '81?

That's right.

We're backtrackin'.
The Purcell case.

Got it down you were the one
spotted the bag.

James: No, I didn't find it.

I was the first to think I
recognized it... off the APB.

Well, we've been wonderin' why it
took two days to find that backpack.

Took God six days
to make the world.

I can believe
it took a bunch of GEDs

two days to find a backpack.


The kids' father.

You ever see him out there

when you were
processin' the scene?

Yeah, as a matter of fact
I saw him

in the field across the street.

Roland: What was he doin'?

Just starin'.

Stood there lookin' at the
house, or what was left of it.

Long time.

You know, the kids' mother
used to work up here.

Back in '79.

Well, unless she worked 10 to 6
in the morning, I never saw her.

That was y'all, right?

The shootout?

That's my fuckin' limp.

Why'd you leave Highway Patrol?

Why'd I give up hemorrhoids
and 15K a year? I don't know.

That question
keeps me up nights.

( Wayne grunts )

What's the job involve?

Money like that.

Hog thieves?

People tryin' to steal
the secret chicken recipe?

( All laugh )

"Securing without compromise

the integrity of corporate assets

while guarding against hazards
to daily operations."

But I'll admit,
now and then I miss

whilin' away my days
cruisin' around, eatin' donuts.

I don't eat donuts.

I can tell.

You got a good body, Detective.

Roland: Appreciate your time.

We'll get outta your hair.

( Door opens )

Roland: I thought it took God
seven days to make the world.

He rested on the seventh.

I always thought he shoulda
put the extra day in,

instead of half-assin' it.

Eliza: Harris James?

He was one of the officers
who processed the Woodard scene.

He disappeared...
During the 1990 investigation.


You know what happened to him?

No. But the mother, the father.

The cousin's body being found now.

All the dead at Woodard's.

This former cop worked the scene.

I wonder if one day

they'll drain a quarry with him in it.

I wouldn't know, Miss.

But what you just did
is called speculation.

That leads to projection,
we call it.

Twists what you see,
obfuscates truth.

Have you sat back at any point

over the last two decades
and thought about

the sheer number of fatalities
surrounding this case?

( Sighs )


I'm afraid I...
I need to stop for today.

I'm sorry, can you give us five more
minutes? I didn't mean to press.

You're fine.
I'm just done.

All I meant...

Doesn't the simple body count
point toward something bigger...

- Stop. He's done.
- I'm getting to the point.

Then you should have
gotten to it sooner. OK?

Amelia: Thanks so
much for your help.

Do you work with
a lot of young girls?

We get a fair amount.

Runaways, girls trying
to get away from bad homes.

We just lose so many.

I can't say I recognize her.

But that's not the best picture, is it?

The idea is maybe it's
this little girl, grown up.

Here we are.

Yeah, we were in the same group.

That was, um,

four or five months ago,
I think?

Why did she leave?

Things had gotten kind of shaky.


One of the guys had gotten
some of the girls to trick.

Just got... ugly.

I dropped out
a couple weeks after Mary.

She called herself "Mary"?


Or, um, Mary-Julie.

And sometimes Mary July,
like Julie, but July.

Like summertime, she said.

She had different names.

( Distant clatter )

Amelia: She ever talk about herself?

Talk about home?
Where she came from?

She mentioned something about
"living in the pink rooms"?

Or... Or, uh... uh,
"a queen in a pink castle."

You know what I think?

I think she didn't know
who she was.

I think she just pretended.

You oughta write a book.

Write about what happens
to kids out here.

What happens to girls.

Dispatch: D-12, you around?

D-12. We're here.

Got a call on the hotline.

Guy says he wants to talk
to Lieutenant West.

Says he knows him.

What guy? Who?

Gave us a number to call.

Go ahead.

( Entrance bell dings )

( chatter )

( Dan giggles )

Y'all still together?

Right on.

You're a hard man to find.

Where you been?

Time being what it is,
I imagine you boys

would rather I stick to what's relevant.

Which is that justice might finally
be done for Lucy and her kids.

Gonna need you to make
your fuckin' point, Dan.

My point is Tom goin' on TV,

Julie bein' alive.

Now, there are questions
that you cannot answer

without what information I know.

You know somethin'
you're not sayin',

we can put you away right now.

Or we can take you somewhere, kick the
hell out of you till we're convinced

that you're as full of shit
as you look to me.

( Slurps )

- I want $7,000.
- I want a boat.

It's clear from the news that y'all don't
know any more now than you did then.

But when you can
deliver to me that amount,

you're gonna know
a whole lot more.

I imagine a whole lot of your
confusion's just gonna clear right up.

You're workin' on gettin' you're
head bounced off that fuckin' curb.

( Sniffles )

I been gettin' the shit
beat outta me

since I was two years old.

Way before Lucy
came to live with us.

- Live with you?
- Yeah.

She moved in, she was four.
After her mama passed.

Her and I, we sorta shared a lot
of milestones, growin' up. Hmm?

First time we talked,

it was clear that
you can't speak without lyin'.

Why should we believe you now?

( laughing )

Hey, you ignore me if you want.

But if you guys try musclin' me,

this ain't gonna work out
for anyone, hmm?

Look, I got you out here because
you lookin' for Julie again,

that means that right now, there
are people tryin' to make sure

that none of your questions
can ever be answered.

What people?

People who do not renegotiate.

People it was in their interest,
make Lucy look like she OD'd.

What, you sayin'
she was murdered?

Lucy, she had this problem...

Self-defeatin'. Hmm?

She didn't know
when to stop pushin'.

She'd push till she got
what she want,

and then she'd keep on pushin'
till she got what she didn't want.

( Chuckles ) Y'all ever
know anybody like that?

Let's throw him in the hole
for a week,

see what he remembers then.

You think she has a week, hmm?

I'll just remember that I'm a
sick person who got called away,

carried up in his imagination,
tellin' stories to the police.

And while y'all are threatenin'
me and beatin' me and whatnot,

what you're really doin' is makin'
sure that the truth of what happened

vanishes from the face
of the fuckin' planet.

What happened to her
have anything to do with Tom?

Man, y'all are really
far off, aren't you?

You think that I'd be scared
of stickin' my head above ground

'cause of that little cocksucker?

The people you're sayin'
hurt Lucy...

That involve the kids?

What... What am I...
Yes, goddamnit. Yes.

It's... It's all about the kids.

And my way is the only way
this works for us.

Now, you procure my funds, we meet back
here, say, tomorrow, maybe the next day,

you're gonna see the solution
to your problems.

It's gonna take more'n a couple
days to put that money together.

You ain't got much longer'n that.

Like I keep sayin',

you ain' the only ones
lookin' for Julie.

( Door opens, bell dings )

You can't be so fucked in
the head where you're thinkin'

we're gonna let you
walk outta here.

( Chuckling )

Hey, maybe I misspoke, hmm?

I mean, look at me.
This basket case junkie,

can't tell night from day,
takin' up your valuable time.

I mean, probably I'm just a
crazy man you should ignore.

Oh, I speak crazy.
I'm fuckin' fluent.

Tick-tock. Clock's tickin' for
our girl out there, Detectives.

And them others
that are lookin' for her,

they got a serious
head start on you all.

Look, I'll call you...
Day after tomorrow.

Unless you all would rather we keep
havin' this fuckin' staring contest.

Maybe I'm a Nervous Nellie,

but I catch any cops
followin' me,

this shit's off.

Thanks for breakfast.

( Door opens, closes )

Roland: Believe this?

Think he's tellin' the truth?

I think we need to get the
phone records from Lucy's hotel.

Two years back.

Think we need to figure out exactly
where Tom was when she died.

He didn't like Tom for it.

Well, I also think
we oughta see about

requisitioning that seven thou.

Keep eyes on this trash.

Go on.
You're gettin' out.

I wanna see Lieutenant West.

That's not my problem.

Segar: That was the lieutenant.

They just had lunch
with our dirtbag.

- How's that?
- The uncle or whatever. Dan O'Brien?

Met him some diner.

Says he has the whole story,
wants a payout.

Fuck that. Give me an hour
in a room with him.

Segar: And they want us
to get phone records.

Diamond Cactus Motel
in Paradise, Nevada.

Two years back.
Lucy's phone records.

Yeah, that's good use
of our time, huh?

Where's O'Brien now?

Segar: They gave us a plate to run,

but sounds like
he's still in the wind.

Eliza: You're acting like a child.

Henry: I'm not acting like a child.

You don't give a shit
about anybody but yourself!

OK, forget it!
This was a mistake.

Henry: Hey.

You're smokin' now?

Seemed like time
to stop deprivin' myself.

You gonna keep goin' on with her...

after she's done filmin'?

What do you mean?

Have a hard time
seein' you in New York City.

How'd you know?

I'm still your daddy, boy.

Additionally, I was once
a fair-to-middin' detective.

I feel bad.

I mean, she's a...

she's a good woman, ya know?

She know about it?

I gotta tell her, huh?

Are you leavin' her?


You're endin' the other thing.

There's something be said
for truth just hurtin' her.

Causin' pain
'cause you feel guilty.

Is that fair?

You feelin' better,
she feelin' worse?

I never did anything
like this before, Pop,

I want you to know that.

I didn't plan it.
Y'know, she just...

She was just...
she was exciting.

They're excitin', all right.

And me and Heather,
it's not like it used to be.

Nothin' stays like it used to be.

I been lookin' at myself a lot.

And, um, I'm askin' this
question for me, so I know.


Did you find, um...

that I, uh...

Did I teach you to withhold?

I don't understand the question.

I didn't intend that.

I didn't realize
it was happening.

I got those addresses
you wanted...

the names.

What are you plannin'?

Before you ever knew me, I...

I wasn't scared much.

I wasn't a fearful man.

I did things some people
even called brave.

Y'all made a coward of me.

I been terrified since
the day you were born.

Maybe you know what I mean.

Can't shrink from it.
Can't be stingy, son.

People you love...

Can't hold it back, see?

Can't hold back anything.

I gotta make a phone call, Pop.

Kindt: Due to the shocking and
horrific events three days ago,

our offices have reached
a conclusion

in the case of
Will and Julie Purcell.

New evidence suggests that Brett
Woodard murdered both children.

Now, we will pursue
a conviction in absentia,

due to the terrible nature
of his crimes,

and it is our hope

that the community
will begin to heal

from these events
which have shaken us all.

Reporter 1: Have they found
the girl's remains?

We have evidence, but I don't wish to
say more under the present circumstances.

Reporter 2: Was Woodard
under investigation?

He was very much a person of interest.
We were lookin' at him.

Reporter 2: Were you close to an
arrest, is that why he snapped?

Kindt: I believe it's very likely

that the pressure,
maybe the guilt,

drove him to explode before
he could be brought to trial.

But make no mistake...
That was an act of suicide

where he wanted to take
as many with him as he could.

Reporter 3: Brett Woodard was
interrogated early on, correct?

Why wasn't he held during
the time of questioning?

Kindt: A lack of evidence.

We are bound by our common law,

which preserve the rights
of all men, even those

as malignant and as vicious
as Mr. Woodard.

Mrs. Purcell. Do you have
a statement at this time?

Leave me the fuck alone
is my statement.

- Do you feel justice has been done?
- Justice?!

The fuck are you talking about?
What's that even mean, huh?

- Here? Now?
- Mrs. Purcell...

Just leave her alone.
This is harassment.

It's my job. I'm just
trying to get the story right.

If I don't, someone
else'll get it wrong.

That is no excuse.

The fuck do you want, teacher?

I just want to apologize
for how we left things...

Don't apologize to me.
Ever. For anything.

You two bitches,
you two talk to each other.

Make up a story on your own.

( Sniffling )

( starts car )

( tires screech )

( guns engine )

Be ironic, that shitbird clears Tom.

It's somethin', isn't it?

How quick this town died.

Didn't die.
Got murdered.

We oughta look at who else

mighta planted the backpack and shirt.

Coulda been anybody.

But I wouldn't clear Tom
just yet. The man had secrets.

Get back to the office, wanna
look up that church program.

More co-workers.

Wait. Where we goin'?

I'm takin' you home.
Whatcha think?

I'm not goin' home.
I'm workin'.

It'll still be there in the mornin'.

Come on, man.

We got the scent.

Let's get back, strategize,

maybe talk to somebody in Vice
about the queer underground.

Just stop, all right?

You don't wanna go home,
don't go home.

But don't make it the job.

Maybe we just work it different.

Oh, yeah, we work it different.

- I just said.
- And I agreed.

That's why I'm where I'm at,
and you...


Me what?

You're you.

- Pull over.
- What?

Stop the fuckin' car.

What are you, a prom queen?

I hurt your feelin's,

you're just gonna storm off?

You fuckin' kiddin' me?!
This kindergarten shit?

- Where you think you're goin'?
- I don't care so much about my timecard.

I'm workin'.

People see your black ass
skulkin' around,

you're gonna get yourself shot!

( Sighs )

( Starts car )

( sniffles )

( bottles clink )

Tom Purses.

Fuck you doin' here?

Smart mouth.

For a smart guy,
you're awful sloppy.

Same place you used
to come to slam meth

when you weren't
leechin' off of us.

Don't really feel like
catchin' up just now, Tommy.

Hey, you know, there's
a rest stop up the road.

Saw a glory hole
in the back stall,

- you need somethin' to do.
- ( cocks pistol )

( both grunting )

Heard you're wantin' a payout. Let's pretend
each of these bullets is a thousand bucks.

Hold on now, Tom.

You ain't got
no problem with me.

I know we ain't been buddies, but
you got no call for this here.

You know something,
you son of a bitch!

What is it?!
What are you sellin' the cops?!

Just point that gun
down now, Tom.

Please. You're makin' me
real nervous here.

( Panting )

You been drinkin', man?
I thought you quit that.

- What do you know?
- Nothin'! Just nothin'!

- Bullshit!
- OK, hold on, hold on.

Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I'll tell ya. I'll tell ya.

( Panting )
Hold on.

( Both grunting )

Get up, motherfucker.

( Panting )


( Groaning )

I'm gonna shoot your dick off.

And then your knees,
and then maybe your ears...

What the fuck are you
talkin' about, man?

Julie! When you stayin'
in Will's room,

you were spyin' on her.

Made a peephole in Will's closet

so you could watch her
get dressed.

I never... I would never...

I don't know what
you're talkin' about.

I'll figure out where to put the
last bullet when I get there.

Goddamnit, listen to me.
Listen to me!

( Panting )

I don't know nothin'
about no peephole.

All right? I'd never
do nothin' like that.

- Julie? She was...
- Where is she?!

- I don't know!
- Where's my daughter?!

- I don't know!
- You lyin' motherfucker!

You ever ask yourself where
Lucy got the money to run off?

Or what she was livin' off for all
them eight years before she died?

- Hmm?
- Say what you're sayin', goddamnit!

I'm sayin'... I'm sayin'
I know who was payin' her.

Listen, man,
I know who was payin' her

and who would have a problem
if she asked for more.

That's all I was gonna
give the cops, man!

That's all I was gonna
give the cops. A name. Shit.

Just a man's name.

All right, you dumbshit.

Give me a reason
not to murder you.

( Hinges creak )

Old Wayne: They were passin' notes.

Little notes were the kids.

The hole in the wall.
That's what it was for.

That's right.
That's correct.

Yeah, that director woman.

She mentioned Harris James.

( Sighs )

Are you sure you know
what you're doin' with her?

Well, if I don't...

What'd O'Brien tell us?

"I'm just a sick man."

( wry chuckle )

I got a list of the...
names, addresses.

A former domestic,

Hoyt's house.

Harris James' widow.

What you think we're gonna do?

Take a leak.

( Door closes )

( toilet flushes )

( door opens )


Hey, man.

How ya doin'?

Good, man.

How you doin'?

Uh, all right.

All right.

You been spendin' a lot of time
in here, I guess.

I don't think I sleep much.


Do me a favor.

Go to the window.

See if there's a dark sedan
idlin' down the street.


Naw, man.

Nothin' out there.

All right.

You been seein' a car?

( Grunts )

How ya been, Roland?

Been doin' some readin'.

Oh, yeah.

I never read it all the way.

She never minded.

Good-lookin' woman.

That she was.


It's 2015, isn't it?

That's right, pal.

Amelia: "A lost child is a void

that echoes backwards
and forwards in time.

It encompasses not just
the rooms you were in with them

and are no longer,

or even those rooms
you will never enter together.

The negation is deeper.

It is the knowledge that in every room
you enter for the rest of your life,

they should be there,
and are not.

And your memories of them
become totems to that absence.

A lost child...

is a story
that's never allowed to end."

( all applauding )

Man: Mrs. Hays will
answer a few questions,

and afterward she'll be
signing copies right here.

Thank you.

Ah, are there any questions?

Man: They sayin'...

the girl alive now?

There were fingerprints
found recently, yes.

I'm writing about
the new investigation now.

You got any idea where she is?

Do they?

Uh, no. Nobody does.

- Are you...
- And what about your book?

You got any theory here?

You got some idea
'bout where she's at?

Well, this...

I wrote it when
she was believed dead.

So you don't know nothin'.

You just...

you just makin' your money...

and milkin' they pain.

Sir, the author
has never claimed...

Shame on you, woman!

( Book slams onto table )

( door closes )


( Tom grunts )

( hinges creak )

( hinges creak )

The hell?


( Eerie soundscape playing )

( electrical crackling )