Top of the Lake (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Top of the Lake - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Can you positively identify the body?

Perhaps our baby will be born
and we'll never see her.

We'll never care for her.

We're going to find your baby.

Your mummy, has she
been asking questions?

I want you to leave Mary alone.

Like you did for 18 years?

I am her mother. Not "too".

No, we don't have guns in here,

so you... put the gun down.





Who is it?

- [ON PHONE]: Please, let us out.
- Hello, Mary.

[ON PHONE]: You'd better
not query this fare...

What does she want?



Don't open the doors
until we get some money.

Sir, please unlock...

- Hello?
- No, it's not unlocked

and it won't be unlocked
until you pay the fare.

- He has a gun.
- A gun?

Who are you calling? Hang up the phone.

- Just let us out. [SHE SCREAMS]
- Give me that!




- Shit.
- What is it?

Did she hang up?

Oh, I can't think.

- I'm drunk.

- Shit.
- She's turned it off.


- Hilmarson?
- [ON PHONE]: You awake?


There's been a shooting at Silk 41.

They say Brett Iles, OK?

Robin, he took Mary hostage.

- Oh, shit.
- Where is she?

We don't know. She and
the shooter left in a taxi.

- She called a moment ago.
- Really?

It's just coming through.

- The taxi's at Bondi Beach.
- Bondi?

- I'll come and get you now.
- I'm not at home.

Where are you? Do you need a lift?

- No, I'll leave now.
- Are you OK?

- OK, shit. Here.

- I can drive.
- No.

- I can drive!
- No, you're drunk.


Where is it?


Thank you.

Yes, are you there?

Yeah, ah, no-one saw what happened.

There are three police units,
maybe four, and an ambulance.

The shooter's gone.

Who was hurt?

Who is in the ambulance?

Miranda, hello?


- Is it flat?
- Fuck.

Oh, come on. Fuck, fuck.

Who's hurt?

They're not releasing
information. I can't get in.

- Hey, hey, out, out.
- Don't touch me!



- Oh!

It's not Mary. It's not Mary.




That guy Pyke?

Yes. The father.

He's gone to tell Mary's mother.

Her mother?

Yeah, I don't know her name.

I'm her mother.

She called me.

I know.

I gave birth to her.

Where is he?

He's gone.

He wanted to tell her before she
heard about it on the news.

I'm drunk!




I told you.


Come on, ladies, you're
making this very difficult.

Let's just get a simple
and clear explanation

as to what happened, all right?

The boy. He come. He...

He want Puss. He have a gun.

He... He tried to shoot.

Puss go and Mary here and... And then...

He crazy!

- Maybe one hour, he... He crazy!
- We didn't ask you...

We didn't ask you what time.

We asked you who saw
the gunman shooting.

He's so crazy!

We all saw the girl, they working.
Normal, normal day here.

- I see on the monitor. I come in...
- Has Adrian left?

No, he's out the back
with the security cam.

- You're confusing me, ladies.
- Yeah, slow it down a little.

Just simple.

I can't figure it out. There's
like 30 minutes missing.

They've deleted the footage and
it's from all of the cameras.

Did you turn it off?

The camera. Did you turn it off?

No. Not me. I call the police.

That call came in 30 minutes
after the shooting.

We've got it covered here, do
you see that? That's the time.


Babe, let me charge your phone.

I'll play back the
shooting for you, Robin.

There's Mary.

OK, this.

This guy.

- Where is he?
- Oh, it's Bootie.

Yeah, where? Where is he?

Maybe in hospital.

Hey, he's not in a hospital, OK?
So you moved him.

Did you move him? Put
him in a bed somewhere?

- No. Not here.
- Great.

Well, then, we've got a problem.
We don't have a victim.

Hey, boss, it looks like
somebody's woken up.

It's Mahlee!

Ah, she can't sleep.

Oh, my darling.

Where is it?

Joy, where's the room?

Joy, where is it? Joy,
what is the address?

In Sydney somewhere.

- Puss knows street number.
- Where did Puss go?

He just left. He was the real target.

He take two best cat
and gone, very quick.

We've got the footage of Alexander.
Do you want to see that?


- OK, we got a time on that?
- Yeah, just up there.

So that places it five minutes
after the gunman left with Mary.

God, she must be so scared.

Look at her. She looks so calm.

Can I play that back again?
The end, please.




Jesus Christ, what's he doing here?

OK, Moynaugh, let's
expand the crime scene

- right back from where we've come, OK?
- That's a lot of tape.

Yeah, it is. Let's get
some photos happening.

Oi, that creepy little shit.
What was his name?

- Brett. Iles.
- We got a home address?

Yes. Ah, Hilmarson tried his mobile.

He's gone off-grid.


Real fuckin' mess, this is.


Sorry, ma'am. We need to
preserve this for evidence.

- Sorry, ma'am. Sorry.

- Bernard.
- Evening, Ray.


New customer?

Yeah, brothel shooting.

OK, let's put him straight into OP 1.



I came in with the contractor.

I didn't think you'd still be here.

Well, I was awake. I was
Skyping, so I came in.

What have you got?


Gun wound.

You all right?


Think I'm still drunk.

Actually, Ray, can...
Can you just hold me?

Hey, Bernard, just fuck off
for a minute, will you, mate?


All right, all right, all right.
Love troubles?

Well, you've been having sex.

Are you asking or do you know?


- You can't smell it!

No, really?

It's embarrassing.

Is it? No, no, no, it's lovely.

- It is.
- Mm.

So it must be something else.

It'll be your daughter, eh?

Your beautiful girl.

She got to you, eh? Told you she would.

Oh, she's lovely, Ray.

I'm just crazy about her.

I'm her biggest fan.

Is she all right?

Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!


Now listen, bottom line...

She's not here, so she's alive.

As you are my queen, I am your servant.

I tell you, she is not going to die.


OK. I just need to look on the...

- the bright side.
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, you do.

Ray, can I sleep here?

Just for an hour?

I'll sleep on the floor, OK?



- Shit, you gave me a fright.
- Has Mary rung?

No, nobody has.

She's asleep. Can you tell me what's up?

We don't do the hysteria
parenting thing here.

I need to speak to Julia.

If you don't want me in
the bedroom, wake her up.

- Hey, Julia?
- Mm?

- Hey, Jules.
- What is it? What happened?

Pyke, are you OK?


It's Mary?

What? What?

Apparently she's been taken hostage
by some young guy with a gun.

Oh, God! So she's alive.

- Is she alive?
- I don't know. I don't know.

- Oh, no. Oh, Pyke.
- They're missing.

Hold on, let me check. Let
me check if she called me.

Let me...

No, nothing. Um...

All right, someone needs to
be at home in case she calls.

Ah, she, um, she tried to ring Robin.

She rang her? OK.

OK, that's smart. That's good.

- She's, um, she's a detective.
- Yeah.

TELEVISION: Overnight, a shooting
at a brothel in the eastern suburbs

has left one man dead and
another in a critical condition.

The young gunman, who it's believed
has taken a sex worker hostage,

later shot a taxi driver
at a Bondi Beach car park.

Police are warning people
not to approach him...

Is that Mary? They're
calling Mary a sex worker?

What the...?

- ... joins us now. Matt?
- Yes, hi, Georgie...

I'll call the school.
You can't work today.

Ah, yes.

... putting together the details
of a night gone horribly wrong.

I'm your driver.

Adrian got Puss's number from Dang.

It's switched off... it's
an old Nokia, no GPS.


You're sober. You look sober.


I feel like shit.

Three buses will take us down to Bondi.

There, we'll off-load at Campbell
Parade, taking up positions

and keeping as low a
profile as possible.

At the moment, this is an
observational exercise only.

He's around, guys. We have knowledge
now that he has gun experience.

Apparently he was placed in
the New South Wales under-21s

pistol shooting event.

Uh, does that mean he's
carrying a pistol?

He may be. What we do know is he's
used a sawn-off automatic shotgun,

most probably a Remington 870
Express Magnum cut down,

so look out for that.

He's also holding an
18-year-old female hostage.

- Do we have a name?
- Mary Edwards.

Has he made contact?

No. If he feels like me, he's
sleeping, which is the point.

Now, the uniforms will sweep
back from the beach towards

- Old South Head Road.
- So the beach is open?

Yes, Geoff, as you can see.

Oh, nice time-lapse, Sophie.

So, we've checked the north and
southern rocks by helicopter

and sight swept the beach
last night. So far, nothing.

It's going to be 35 degrees, so
there's going to be a crowd.

We don't want to panic anyone,
so here's the fun part.

20 of you are going
uncovered, in beachwear,

watching all the access ramps.

- Thommo, take us through the teams.
- OK, Chief.

OK, guys, deployment teams are...

- What are we looking at?
- ... Sizzla, you're with Badger...

- This. Here.
- Mm-hmm.

Can you zoom in there?

- See this box? On the right.
- Yep.

- OK.
- ... Got that?

Yeah, we had it cleared, not cleaned.

Is that a shoe?

OK, Amanda's in the TOU bus,

which is just down by
the lifeguard tower.

OK, people, if you're not
one of the 20 on the list,

you're moving over to your right,
pairing up. Please, be smart.


Have a look at this.

Sophie's hacked into the live stream.

Give me a sec.

Oh, good girl, eating cereal.

OK, I've got control of the camera.

We still don't know where
that fucking room is.

Dang said she's never
been, but Puss knows.

Guys... I think they can
see the camera moving.

Mahlee, it's Miranda.



Where are you? What's your address?

I've got a...

I've got a gift for you.


I'm sorry, we've got to go.

We'll find her. We've got to go.

Has anybody heard from her?

No? Nobody's heard from her? No?

I'm sorry.

Can I give it a try?

I'm, um, Julia, Mary's mother.

This is difficult.

Um, I love Mary very much,

but right now, I'm... I'm certain that

you know her better than I do.

I know loyalty is very important
to Mary, as I'm sure it is to you.

If you have secrets,

you depend on each other
to keep them, yes?


So I'm going to begin by
sharing a secret with you.

Something very frightening
has happened to Mary.

She is being held hostage by a gunman.

Is that the shooter at
Bondi Beach? On the news?

It is.

Have you heard anything from her?

Have you received a text? Any of you?


Do you know a favourite
place she might be?

A friend,

that we might not know about?
Anything? Anything at all.

OK, girls, back to class.


I'm sorry.

- Come on.
- Thank you.

Let's go.

OK, let's go from the F, OK?
So we'll go after four.

One, two, three, four.


Up to the G.

Mrs. Edwards! Mrs. Edwards!

Cafe Stasi.

We used to go there after
school. It's really weird.

That's where she met Puss.

Maybe he even works there, I don't know.

We could never figure it out. But
Mary would play chess with him.

Thank you. Thank you.

- Uh, Cafe...
- Stasi. It's on Liverpool Street.


We will find her.


I had sex with her dad.

We got drunk and...

Am I crazy?


No, you're pulling it together.


Where's Wally?

Rob. Hey.

Liam, hi.

Hey, I've been looking
for you all morning.

- Why haven't you answered my calls?
- Sorry, I've been busy.

It's Mary they're talking
about, isn't it?

Yeah, it is.

- Any news?
- No, nothing yet.

Uh, Detective Sergeant?
Boss is asking for you.

OK, call you later.

- Got to go.
- See ya.

Contact me, yeah?

Like, you have to.

No, I want you to hold that
position. Now, we've searched

from the beach all the way back
to Old South Head Road and

we've checked the garages
and the laneways there

- and the result was negative.
- OK, copy that.

I think he's here. On the beach.

It's the perfect hiding place.

All he needs is a T-shirt,
a pair of shorts.

- Sophie, get me the box.
- The time-lapse footage, yeah?

- Yes. I want to locate it.
- Oh, yeah, the box again.

OK, listen up, all units. I'm
moving the alert rating to high.

Get in as close as you can
and get me a printout.

OK, will do.

Right, well, I'm either
pissed or I need glasses.

What is that, a beer carton? Craft beer?

I'm going out.

Not in uniform you're not.


He says he's here to see Griffin.

He's all right. Let him in.

Hey, Rob. Brought you these.

Uh, anyone else?

- No, mate.
- Actually I need a change of clothes.

- Um, I'll need your shirt and, um...
- Righto.

Yeah, and I'm going to need your shorts.

No worries.

Chill out, mate.

I'm not getting my dick out.

- Thank you.
- Uh...

I'll call you, as soon
as I hear anything.

Yeah, yeah. Uh... appreciate that.

It should be down there.

Stally to Griffin.

- It's Griffin.
- Yeah, g'day Robin.

Hey, if you do find that
case of beer of yours,

make sure you bring us up a six pack.

They're yours, Stally.

Thank you.

Base, sending you a pic. Person
of interest near the flagged area.

Got eyes on me?

The suspect's flat out on his
back, wearing boxer shorts.

T-shirt covering his face.

Do I have permission to approach?

No, no, no, you'll need assistance.

Griffin, Hilmarson, are
you in that sector?

Got eyes on him. One minute.

Yeah, that's the image there, sir.

Can you zoom in a little on that?

Permission to approach?

- Do you have assistance?
- Check.

All right, go ahead.

- We're police, stay down.
- Hey, what's going on?

Negative. No match.

Continuing to sweep south.

Heading north, Sizzla. You got anything?

No, nothing here.

Robin. Robin.


we've located what could be the box.

I'm going out there.

Hold your hands up. I can't see you.

Yeah, yeah, I've got you. All
right, clear it, but take it easy.

Griffin, we've got backup coming.

Hello, Eastern Coast Police.

I need you to clear the
area, please, immediately.

Immediately, thanks so much.

Clear the area, please.
Thank you very much.

Clear the area, please.

Thank you.

Please clear the area
immediately, thank you very much.

Eastern Coast Police.

We need you to clear
the area, thank you.

Morning, Eastern Coast Police.

Where's backup?

- Wait for the backup.
- En route, Sarge.

Eastern Coast Police. Clear
the area immediately, thank you.

Why, what's going on?

Please clear the area
immediately. Thank you.

Going to need you to pack
your things up now. Now.

No, no. We just got here.

Please clear the area.
Thank you so much.

- Robin?
- Oh.

- Hey... Robin!
- Hey. What's going on here?

Draw your weapon.

Constable, draw your weapon!



Drop it! Drop your weapon now!

Is she OK?

Where is she?

Tell me. Where's Mary?

Brett, where is she? Where is she?



Oh, my God. You're all right.

Oh! Are you all right? I...

- Is the gunman here?
- No. I'm alone.

I can't stay.


- I don't trust you to tell you.
- Please don't go. Just... Just...

I mean, this is your home. I'll go.

You don't want me here, I'll go. I...

- What are you doing?
- Ah, just calling your dad.

Don't, Mum. Don't. Put it down.

I have to, please. I have
to call the police, Mary.

Put it down.

Can we sit down and you
tell me what happened?

No, if I told you what
happened, you wouldn't listen.

You'd get hysterical.

I want to learn. I'll learn.

I can learn. I mean, I want to know

how to speak to you. I'm...

That's blood. It's blood,
isn't it? Are you cut?

No, it's the taxi driver's blood.

Oh, what?

- What, what?
- Nothing.

- What?
- Nothing, I just...

- What?!
- What you've been through and I...

No, I'm going to change.
I'm going to change and

- wash before I go out...
- OK, OK.

I don't care what you do. Please,
please, just don't leave.

No! I already told you.

I already told you that I can't stay.

It's true, you did. Yeah,
it's true, it's true.


Can I hug you?

Can I hug you, please?


TV: Two people are dead and two
left critically injured as a day

of tragedy unfolded across the
city and onto Bondi Beach.

In a dramatic end to a police
pursuit, a gunman shot

a female police officer before being
subdued and taken into custody.

A schoolgirl hostage is safe
and unharmed. In other news...

Adrian, what?

Not good.

Not really good.


So Mary turned up?

Yeah. It's great. I just...
I wish she'd call.

Do you want to see her?



Hey, beautiful.

I'm telling everyone.

I want our families to know
that we love each other,

and I'll take whatever comes.


Will you cover for me?

Phone Mahlee and offer
her whatever she wants.

This baby means everything.
Call me and I'll come.

I've just got to get
her through tonight.

Yes, of course.


Shit, shit, shit.

Please. Please live.



Julia, you there?

Her passport's gone.


Yes, Mary's. I should have stopped her.

Why didn't I stop her leaving?

Because you trusted her.

Look, she needs your confidence
to step outside the family home

and into her independent life.

- Where's my phone?
- It's the beginning of every hero myth.

- Find me my phone!
- Leaving home, the village.

Of course she faces
obstacles, we all do.


She just let her leave?

Where is she now? With Puss?

- So this is where they met?
- Yeah.

No sign of him?

No, but she's OK. That's the main thing.

How's your partner?


She was shot in the abdomen.

It's a good sign.


- Oh, shit, I've gotta go.
- What?

Mary's passport's missing.

Julia's at home. She's frantic.


Has Mary got money?

Um, no.

I... I don't... Maybe he does.

I'll call you, OK?

Do you have to go?

I think so. I'm sorry.

Where's Mary?

Where the fuck is she going?!

I'll take that, thank you.

Go to your mum.

Look, Mary is 18 years old and in love.

She does whatever she likes.

So do I.

Argh! Argh!

You pimped my daughter!

Argh! Argh!

Oh, you crazy bitch!

You almost got her shot!

That idiot, he was trying
to shoot me. I was the target.

He thought I killed his prostitute.


No, what did he ever do
for her? Fuck her, that's all.

I am the one that tried
to help Cinnamon.

Day after day I try to talk sense

into her and then one day I gave up.

I told her, work it out for herself.

Stop wasting my time.

Live, die, do what you like.

Silly bitch go hung herself.

And put herself in a suitcase?

Yes, well, no, they did that.

It's clumsy but now look what happened.

I'm arresting you.

I tried to help the girl.
Don't you hear me?

Where's the apartment
with the surrogates?

The one with the security screen.

I want Mahlee.

I want Mahlee with the panda.

Yes, well, no, they are all together.

Are you their boss?

Boss? Come on, no, I'm not their boss.

I try to help them. Here,
you go. Go take a look.

Has it not ever occurred to you?


That you are a surrogate, too.

Wait. Come on. Come on.

Come on, wait.


Here, East Wind Apartments.
It's in Darlinghurst.

You're wrong... about Mary.

She's not in love.

She's scared of you.

I think she hates you.


What the fuck?

The surrogates called their
parent couples to meet 'em here.

Looking for the manager cos
apparently he's got the keys.

I need you guys to hang back, please.


They're not here, Mike.
They're not here.

PA SYSTEM: Last boarding call
for Temple Airways flight 416,

- rows 50 to 85...
- Puss! Puss!

... travellers may board at any time.

No, not the fucking panda.

Thank you.

Thank you.

No, no. Not for you.

Worrying me like that all day, huh?

What is it, you hate me
now. Is that correct?

What's the matter? Are you scared of me?

I could have been shot.

Come on. No, I was the target.

You haven't been hurt,
huh? Not a single hair.

You shut the lift on me.

Oh, come on.

It closed, OK? The door closed.

Come on, you spoiled bitch.

- Get on the plane!
- What about the babies?

- What?
- Who's going to love them?

They are... the people who
pay for them, you know?

The people who made them. They will...

- Hey! Oww!

Mary, relax!


Get in the plane!

Good evening. Please sit
down, be comfortable.

I will be your host.

My name is not important, and
neither, of course, is yours.

Every second, 4.3 babies arrive

through a vagina onto this planet.

Soon, your babies will be arriving,

but not through your vaginas.

For too long, the West
has exploited the poor

and improvised women of Asia.

Girls as young as 12 years old

are sold as virgins to gratify
the appetite of the wealthy.

- I'm going to the airport.
- But what sort of life is that, huh?

Fucked to feed? Come on.

And now you all want to
grow your vile DNAs,

your precious little babies inside

the slave wombs of enslaved women,

too poor to choose. But...

... just one of these little
bundles of happiness

will bring enough money

to support a whole
village in the Third World

for years and years to come.

Now the shoe is on the other foot.

The tide has turned.

Your babies have flown away,

and now it's your turn to cry.

Is he saying they've left?

Mate, stop this. This is theft.

- These are our babies.
- Dan, what's the legal situation

- with a surrogate gone AWOL?
- It's our DNA.

You're the police, call the
airport and detain them.

This is kidnapping. They're our babies.


No, actually, legally, the
babies belong to them.

How? How is that possible?!

Their bodies, their wombs.

What's inside them belongs to them.

It's the law.


I can't...


Robin Griffin.

Hey, it's me. Good news.

I have Mary.

- Really?
- Yeah.

We're just driving back
from the airport now.

Why don't you drop on by?

- May I?
- Yeah.

- [WHISPERS]: Is that OK?
- She's very tired, Pyke.

Yeah, yeah, we'll be there in
ten minutes. Just come on by.


OK, thanks, bye.

So, you did come. She's asleep.

- She actually just nodded off.
- Hey.

Come in.

- You want a drink or something?
- No, thanks.

You sure? Water? Tea?

I want to see Mary,

- but if I'm disturbing her...
- No, no. No. Come on.

Come on, have a look in.

Yeah, I'll take you through.

Get her some water, Pyke.

She gave me the biggest
hug at the airport.

She said, um...

"You're my mum...

"and I really need you."

I think it's unlocked
something in me, you know?

In us.

Now I'm crying again.

Um... You, um...

You really stepped up during our
troubles, and I want to thank you.

Thank you.

Really, thank you.

You, ah...

You helped us get some balance
back again into our family.

Um, I've...

I've asked Pyke to give me two months.

We've been through hell this last year,

and I think we owe it to ourselves.

Oh, no, thanks. I have an appointment.

There is one thing.

I wanted to borrow the
birthday DVD of little Mary.

- Yeah.
- OK.

Ah, that's our only copy, isn't it?

You know what, I'll pick it
up as soon as she's finished.

When are you watching it?




♪ Father says she has to have a name ♪

♪ Not the same as her mum's ♪

♪ But a name just the same ♪

♪ A little ray of sunshine ♪

♪ Has come into the world ♪

♪ A little ray of sunshine ♪

♪ In the shape of a girl... ♪


♪ We'll show her the dress ♪

♪ That she'll wear with
the gol flowing hair ♪

♪ That nature provided ♪

♪ A little ray of sunshine ♪

♪ Has come into the world ♪

♪ A little ray of sunshine ♪

♪ In the shape of a girl. ♪