Top of the Lake (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Top of the Lake - full transcript

Robin follows a hunch after the grave and unanticipated mismatched DNA results, additionally, she struggles to make up for lost time while an inescapable encounter with a sour remnant from New Zealand will lead to incendiary consequences.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
It's also good for making focaccia.

I mean, it can toast any thickness.

What about a mini pizza oven?
It's a really unusual gift.

Is she a party animal?


Just a sec. Hello?

Yes, Stally. Really?

Hey, we thought you'd want to hear
this. He's talking about China Girl.

Says he's going to make
a confession.

I can't help it.
I need a lot of sex, you know.

It's like you can't tickle yourself,
can you?

You need someone else to do it
or it doesn't work,

someone outside your own
nervous system.

Is this going somewhere,
Toni? Yeah, sorry.

OK, so I'm with this girl,
she's gorgeous,

and she's inspecting my dick -
she's twirling it around,

she's flicking it back and forth,

and so I slip my hand up her leg,
and, er, I get to her panties,

and, er, I slip a finger into her
vagina and give a little schwizz.

What's a schwizz?
Oh, it's like, um, you go in like...

That's disgusting, mate.

So, anyway, next thing I know,
the mamasan

and her gorilla come bursting in,
and they're like,

"Get out my shop,
you bloody fucking this!"

and, "You bloody fucking that!"

I didn't want any trouble,
so I just got up and left. Mm-hm.

So what happened then?

Um, I waited outside in my car,
and then the girl came out.

I went over to her and apologised.

And, um, she said
she needed to go down to Bondi,

so I...I offered her a lift.

OK, you didn't force or coerce
her into the car?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no.

At this stage,
it was all very friendly.

So we go down to Bondi and pull
in the car park and...and, um,

I...I hopped in the back seat
with her.

She was already in the back seat?
Yeah. What, just waiting for you?

Yeah, yeah.

It's all going well,
and she's lifting up her arse

and letting me slip off her panties.
That's always a good sign, isn't it?

Now, I didn't have a condom on,
so maybe that was the issue,

I don't know, but I promised
not to come. Anyway, I'm inside her.

Next thing I know, I feel this sharp
prick on the back of my neck.

I'm like, fingernails, you know?
I thought, she's digging them in!

And I realise she's...
she's actually stabbing me

with a knife in the back there.

You can
probably still see a bit of a nick.

So I grabbed her face and I held her
away from me at arm's length.

You know, it's a small space in the
back of a Corolla, so it was stuffy.

Now, I don't know, maybe...
Where were you holding her? Um...

Oh, here and... The throat? Yeah.

With two hands? Yeah. Yeah, exactly.

And next thing,
she starts going very quiet.

So I let her just lie
back on the...on the seat,

thinking that she's going to come
out of it, you know? And, er...

And she doesn't.

She just...she just, er,
gets whiter and, er...

..starts going blue around the lips.
So why didn't you call the police?

Oh, mate, I couldn't, I couldn't.
I was so sad and upset. I just...

It was like the worst
night of my life. So I, um...

I tucked her up in this beautiful
picnic blanket and, at about 3am,

I carried her out into the water,
and I waded out past

the first breakers there,
and then I just let her...

..just let her drift off into
the outflowing tide.

Yep, you just...

You just let her go, wrapped
in a blanket that you happened

to have in the back of your car?

Yeah, she deserved it.

No suitcase. Yeah.
Yeah, you're right.

The confession's all bullshit.

Can we chat in my office?

I wanted to see you.
What's there to say? He's a liar.

There are other things.

Is this your office? That's what we
call it. Come on, fix you a drink.

What do you want - cocktail?

Probably wondering what my deal is.

I'm kind of between relationships
at the moment.

Doing it pretty tough, to be honest.

Yep, I know what that's like.
So what can I do for you?

I mean, you could be asking yourself
what could I do for you? Like what?

Seven or eight of the best
nights of your life,

complete discretion, total respect.

Look, I'm attracted to you,
all right? I'm not an idiot.

I understand that we're not
relationship material, you and me.

We are... We're different. But it's
that difference that'd make it fun.

I'm not in it for fun, Stally.
Maybe I could change that.

Look, you don't have to answer me
now. You can have a think about it.

You know, take your time.

Thanks for the offer. So you'll
think about it? Probably not.




Can we have a detective

to attend the front counter, please?

A detective to attend the front
counter, please.

Hey. You OK? Yeah.
Didn't sleep. What's up?

The DNA tests on China Girl
are back. The foetus is not hers.

Yeah, it's interesting, isn't it?
How do you know? Miranda told me.

She said you're checking to see

if there's a match with the mother
and father on our database. When?

When did she? Last night.

I was over there yesterday evening.

I heard some loud talking. Thought
it was Liam. Who's Liam? My brother.

They just met
and they seem to get on.

Adrian, what
if China Girl's death is

the result of a breakdown
in the surrogacy arrangement? Like?

Like she demanded more money or
blackmailed the parents

and there was a struggle.

Are you listening? Yeah.

Who's Liam? Er, how do you know him?
He's her brother. I don't know him.

She thought I was
Liam at your place last night.

Hey, I think we should...

I think we should start with
Sydney's IVF clinics.

We could identify the parents with
a record of multiple attempts

at pregnancy, people
who are desperate to try anything.

Hey, Adrian, what is happening?
What is going on?

Why am I in an apartment
opposite Hilmarson?

She's reporting to you, is she?
Let's take a walk.

OK, we've got to let you
in on something. We're on together.


What? On together? OK.
We're an item. Right. OK.

Well, I'm glad that's settled.
And congratulations.

Yeah, well, it's all about the baby.
It's a second chance. I'm in love.

Completely taken me by surprise.
It's actually very exhausting.


Hang on. Don't let me forget.

I've lined up my lawyer
to talk to you

if this whole Al Parker business
gets out of control.

I don't want to speak to him. No.

It's not a choice.

Is she OK? Oh!

30 minutes. Thanks. Bye. I've got an
appointment at Assisted Fertility.

White bread? Why do you want to go
to Assisted Fertility?

It's an IVF clinic I saw on the
internet with a surrogacy pathway.

We should go. You think China Girl's
a legal surrogate? No, too young.

You have to have had
a child of your own and be over 25.

I'm betting the baby's parents would
have made multiple IVF attempts

before they tried surrogacy.

They'd be known to the
clinic as desperate.

Do people ask you who the dad is?
Actually, no.

And how did you and Adrian get
together? Get close? Yeah.

Well, I knew he was married, so
I didn't think about him like that.

I just thought he was an excellent
boss, a decent man,

kind of straight.

Do you really want to know? Yeah.

I imagined he'd be really
critical of me as a woman -

the "too much" tag. Mm.

And then we were driving back
from a seminar on DV from Gosford.

It started raining
so heavily we were crawling along,

and then the hailstones started
and we had to pull over.

The funny thing was,
we couldn't get out of the car.

The electrics had jammed the locks,
and we rang for help but they

said it'd be at least two hours -
there was a lot of flooding.

And when I heard that, two hours,
I started to really panic.

I felt something serious was
going to happen.

And there was a bottle of red
I'd slipped under the seat after

a party, and I really needed to calm
myself, so I opened it.

He wanted a swig, too.

We drank it together straight from
the bottle and, even before we'd

finished, we were kissing each
other, completely out of control.

And the next day,
after the pash in the car,

I went into the office,
and I expected him to be really cool

and withdrawn
and act as if nothing had happened.

But he came straight up to me
and he said,

"I want to sleep with you tonight,
if that's what you want,

"because that is definitely
what I want."

There was no subterfuge,
no power play.

And that night, we went to a hotel
and the sex was awkward.

There was a lot of fumbling,
but it was beautiful.

We were awake all night,
making love, trying to make it work.

Hello, I'm Dr Vincent.
Do you want to follow me? Yes.

I'll stay
and chat with the receptionist. OK.

So, a murdered surrogate?

That's disturbing, but I fail to see
how our clinic can help you.

We're looking for couples who have
tried and failed at IVF.

People who are neurotically
fixated on having a child.

That sounds like everybody in here.

Ian has a dark sense of humour,
but that's not at all the case.

We offer couples hope,

and the satisfaction of knowing

that their best fertility
opportunities have been explored.

Now, they might still fail,
but to be involved in a murder,

I can't imagine how that
would come about.


I'll leave you in Ian's
capable hands.

Sorry, I have a procedure
I have to take care of.

When I consult with people, I tell
them the truth.

How old are you?

Oh. I don't want to have a baby.
All right.

At 40, you might change your mind.

Your chances will be one in 20.

Pick a number.


So you have a second cycle.

This is the ultimate casino.

The drive to reproduce is manic,
it can become a vortex.

I had one patient who was desperate
to risk her life

just to carry a baby.

Did she succeed?


Yeah, she did.

And she died six months
later, fulfilled.

Actually, this is my last week here.
I'm not a gambler.


Do you know any couple desperate
enough to try illegal...?


Yeah. Yeah, of course I do.
Many, many couples.

But illegal surrogacy in Sydney
would be dangerous.


You changed to three.

The law favours the surrogate.

If she changes her mind,
she keeps it.

OK. Well, just... Why don't you pick
up the phone and try calling?

Because, I wish, but there are
privacy laws,

and I can't, at the moment,
do anything. OK.

Thank you very much for all
of your help today.

It's very much appreciated.
I just, erm....

Excuse me.

She looked stressed.
What did you get? Not much.

Something about privacy laws.

Well, who wasn't picking up
the phone?

What? I heard you say that.

Oh, I think I said,

"Why don't you pick up the phone
and..." Erm...

Be good if you remembered.
Do you have a notebook?

Yeah. Well, use it.

To write stuff down.

Pyke has a scheme to trap him,
yet he won't tell me what it is.

No. I don't want you to blurt
it out.

He wants you to ask him what his
star sign is. No, not his star sign.

And then he wants me to ask which
university he went to

in Belgium without mentioning...
Leipzig, not Belgium.

He's from East Germany. So, he went
to university in Leipzig?

OK, hang on.

Hang on, can we just get this
scheme worked out, please?

OK. What do I have to ask him?
It's ridiculous.

And I think it's dangerous.
It's not ridiculous.

I've spent hours working with
a lawyer in Germany.

Now, we only need his birthday,

and if we can get that in
a pleasant, non-confronting way...

Then what? If it checks out,
I'm going to expose him.

In front of Mary?
She'll just blame me.

If he's lying, she needs to know it.

Oh, here he is.

Isadore, just answer my questions
about your birthday

as if we're playing a game, OK?


Now he doesn't like chandeliers.

What is he...?
Here he comes. Shithead.


Alexander. Good evening.

This is Isadore,
a friend of Julia's.


I was just regarding the chandelier.

Originally crafted by artisan
glass blowers of Venice,

from the little island of Murano.

But this one is made in Pakistan
with child labour.

Elegance, but at what cost?


You gather to confront me,
the gang of three?

Oh, I hope it doesn't seem that way.

After all, we want this evening
to embrace you into the family.


Nothing pierces an illegitimate
boy's heart like the word family.

It's heat, right here. It...

Hello. We were, um...

We were just finishing
Isadore's numerology.

You know, it's a compatibility game?

Isadore, your birth year? '61.

'61. OK, so added together,
day and month, is 24.

Three eights, very nice.

You're even tempered and positive.

Oh, what else?

An enthusiast, which is a good
balance with Julia.

What? I'm positive. Mm-hm.

OK, um... Ah, what's your
birthday, Alexander?

We'll do yours and Mary's.

Oh, where I come from, you don't
tell anybody your year. Mummy?

You want to have a peek?


I don't.

Come on, tell him your birth year.

No, it's bullshit. Take a peek.

Tell him when you were born so
we can work out your compatibility.

Perhaps you want to know that
I can support your daughter.

Well, I can tell you.
I am a landlord...

No, I'm not interested.

There can't be an engagement.

And there can't be a wedding.

What's this? You try to get
rid of me with a cheque?

Just open it.

Open it. Go on.

This is how I am welcomed
into the family, huh?

The lying bigamist.

You lied to Mary.
And that's what hurts us.

It disgusts me.

I don't have words strong enough.
You are a bad, bad person.


There was a cripple at
the university canteen in Leipzig

by the name of Lydia.

And the honey-skinned girls,
they called her Lame Lydz.

I was 22, and I was good looking.

One day when the taunting was bad,
I was getting down on my knees,

and in front of everybody,
out of pity,

and out of sarcasm,
I proposed to her.

And my friends said,
"Hey, that's not cool, man."

But then, one week later,

when the thing was
practically forgotten,

the poor creature came up to me,

said she had discussed it with
her father, and she was accepting.

My head buzzed so intensely,
I couldn't speak.

For the first time, I was doing
something completely senseless

that, if I went through with it,
I would be lost.

For me, that was irresistible.

There you have my shitty
little story.

My God. I'm going to be sick.

Oh, what was her name?

Was it Lydia?

Has he gone?

Oh, fuck, Pyke. What was it? Was it
Lydia? Was that what he said?

Yes, it was. It's not that bad.

Mary's going to think that it
is nothing. He's a bigamist, Julia.

I did not approve of this scheme.

I... What do you think?
Is he telling the truth?

Well, I think the story's best
read as an allegory.

Oh, right. So, you mean, um...

Well, he's using it like a fairy
tale which to explain himself. Yes.

Like a psychopath. No, like anybody.
OK, what's his message?

Well, it's a rescued ruin thing.

Right. Rescued...
It's Mary. It's Mary.

I'm sorry. Forgot them.

Oh, I love your dress.

It's beautiful, your dress,
isn't it?

Hello, Mary.

Is he in the loo?

Actually, darling, he's gone.

Why, what happened? Is he all right?

Um, shall we order first?


Did you fight?

He's already married.
Alexander is already married.

He told us a terrible story about
a rescue, and ruin,

and he's going to do that to you,
baby, and he is dangerous. OK.

And evil. OK, I did some...

I did some rudimentary
background research,

and discovered that he has
previously been married.

Still married. He's still married.

Well, so are you.

All of you are married.

Alexander's actions and motives

are a mystery to the likes
of yourselves

because he lives his life at risk,

and he is kind to the actual poor,

who you, Julia, and you,
Pyke, have never met.

I feel blessed every day that he
sees something to love in me.


So shove your conventions
and your respectability

up your cunt, Julia,
where nothing ever has lived.

Where everything dies.
That is too much. Stop! Stop.

Let her say it, let her say it.
It's not as if I haven't thought it.

Wept about it. Look at me.

Look at me.

I know you don't love me,
but he does.

He does love me, and I love him.

We're lovers.

And if he rejects me know,
I don't think I could live!

I thought he was very original.
Thank you, Isadore.

Honey, he's actually a criminal.
Shut up. Shut up.

Keep out of my life
and never speak to me again.

It's too much,
I can't take it. It's...

Yeah? Yeah.

She's not answering? No.

Well, don't keep trying her.
Just let her calm down.

Pyke, are you listening?

Who are you calling now?

I'm not calling,
I'm looking for a number. Whose?

Robin. Maybe she can help.

Well, how can she help?

She's a wasteland, you'll get
nothing from her.

Well, Mary liked her.

They met? You didn't tell me that.

So, they've met up?

When did they meet? Julia...
When did they meet?

..she's searching for an essential
self. There's a lure here.

The true birth mother.
It's mythic and irresistible.

She's yearning for that missing
piece, but it's illusory.

OK. Did you hear? Yeah. Can we focus
on the next 24 hours?

Let's just get through that.

Yeah. Yeah, I'm just outside.
Come down.

Ah, just come down.

Ah, there you are.

I was just out on a bit of a run,
and I thought I'd

drop in to see if you've done any
more thinking about the offer.

Er...I've been a bit busy.

Cos I'm... I've been thinking a lot
about you, actually,

and, um...

You know, what's your deal,
what's your story?

I reckon you've been burnt.
Badly burnt.

Yes, I've been...burnt.


What if I was to put it to you
a different way

and say, you pick
the number of nights?

You know, just choose a number.
Any number.

Stally, I...

I don't know that we're
really suited.

No. No, we're not.

How's the case going, then?
Bet it's been hard to move.

I sent you an e-mail.
I didn't read it.

You tell me. Um... It's tough.

We don't have an ID.

We've got something.

She's a surrogate.

Fuck. That's a, er...

That's a weird one. Mmm.

China Girl's a surrogate. Sorry,
this call is important.

Hi, Pyke.


Hello? Come in.

Puss, open the door, please.
We want to help you.

Alexander? It's just me, baby.

Will you let me in?

I'm worried.


He don't care, you know, if he's
dead or alive. Did he eat anything?


Hello? Hey.

What you doing?

Nothing much. I'm just hanging
out at my boyfriend's place.

Hey, do you want to meet up for
a hot chocolate,

a tea or a milkshake?

Did my parents ask you to call me?

They did, yes.

So, do you want to meet up?

You can eat it while it's hot.

Go on. I would if I wasn't driving.

No, I'd prefer to wait.

You're very polite.

No, I'm not.

You don't like onion? No.

Really? Me too. They're gross. Yeah.

Thank you for feeding me.


Are these yours? Yeah. Some of them.
My mum's, too.

Oh, I love this. This is wonderful.


I should go.

Are you done?

Alexander doesn't really check
his phone.

He's from the pre-digital age,

when you make arrangements before
you leave

and you have conversations

My parents are really freaked
out about his age.

Did they tell you about that?

They think that he's just some kind
of dirty old man, and he is not.

He is so much more interested in
empowering women than he is in sex.

He's helped a lot of women who don't
have anything.

That's good.


How does he do that?

He's helped them with money...

..and helping them understand

how to make money for themselves.

I should go, in case he needs me.


Is he OK?

He said to stay away.


It seems like you care a lot.

He's very kind to me.

He's my soulmate.

That's very special.

He loves me as I am. He accepts me.

And that's quite hard because I can
get really anxious.

Julia would give me back
if she could.

Her little toy baby's grown into
a fucking freak.

She wants me to take tranquilisers
because she fucking does,

but Puss thinks I'm going to
grow out of it.

Does it bother you that
Alexander's married?

It bothers me that you listen to
Pyke and Julia's fucking paranoia.

What are you, their spy?
Didn't you listen?

He's not a fucking society monkey.

I thought we were actually going
to have an honest relationship.


It's OK, it's OK, it's OK. Yell.

Yell, I used to yell.


Is everything all right?

Liam, this is my daughter, Mary...

And my colleague, Miranda.

Mary, this is your uncle.

Well, Mary, it's so nice to
meet you...

after so fricking long. Hello.
It's really lovely to meet you too.

Are you OK?

We're thinking of going for a wander
down the beach.

It's a bit late.

I'd like to go.


I'm not doing that with you.

OK, so what do you want to be, Mary?
Oh, I want to be a wife.

Um, but also maybe
a dental hygienist,

cos they're always in demand.



Ohh! You are under arrest.
Oh, yeah, what for?

Negligent treatment of a juvenile's
possessions. Bullshit.

You...are under...arrest.

Oh, my God!

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Hey, Miranda. Hey!

Are you OK?

Is she all right?




Hey, little baby. Hey, little one.

It's OK. It's OK.




Yeah, OK, we've got
a lady on the roadway.

I'm just going to get back to you
with a sitrep. Excuse me, madam.

Sorry, sorry. Hey, you can't
walk here.

My baby's missing, please help me.
Yeah, OK. You can't walk here.

It hasn't been fed... It hasn't been
fed for two days. I'm very worried.

All right, where's your child?
No, no, it's a baby.

OK, where's your baby?

I can't... I can't remember where
I've left it.

I'm very worried! I can't remember!

Tea? Yeah, thanks.

Robin, this is Paul Chen.

He's going to be our chief
police counsellor.

For...? For the victims'
resolution meeting...

with ex-superintendent Parker.

He's got a bit of
a delicate question,

in preparation for Thursday. What?

Did I have an intimate relationship
with my superintendent?

Well, actually, that's about right.

Hello, Robin.

I'm sorry about that. He's really
insistent on this point.

So, before I answer back in
proceedings, I just need to know...

No, I didn't. I told Adrian.

So, it's complete horseshit that you
stayed over

in the Lakeview master bedroom
one night?

There was no intimacy.

He put Rohypnol in my wine.

I have no memory of the night.

Just waking up.

That's a worry.

If you were unconscious,
he can invent anything.

I really don't want him
to describe the sex.

It was really funny!

She's complaining about the baby,
so we go and check.

Her husband says,
"There is no baby."

It's all right. Thanks, Robin.

We'll see you on Thursday.

Thanks, Robin.

Thank you.

What are they talking about? Oh,
the woman walking on the overpass.

Apparently she was really
lucky not to get hit.

And the baby? She lost it?

Did they find it? There was no baby.

She wasn't pregnant.

She somehow walked out of a psych
ward believing that she'd lost one.

What psych ward?

Hey, hun. Can you stop for a moment?

Hello, Felicity.

I'm Robin Griffin,
Eastern Coast Police, following up.

Do you want to sit down?

I just want to know if you're OK.
Yes, I'm OK. Good.

I heard your baby was missing.

Do we need to find the baby?

Oh, I've already told them,
there's no baby.

She and I are married,
so I think I'd know.


Can you confirm what your
husband's saying?


It's gone.

Was there a miscarriage?
No, no miscarriage. Maybe, Mike.

There may have been. No, you didn't
have a miscarriage.

Felicity, can you listen? You didn't
have a miscarriage.



It's lost, and the baby's gone.

She won't return my phone calls
and she won't return my texts.

You don't know if she can read
English or Thai, Mike.

Can she read Thai? Can she read
at all?

Don't worry, hun.

There's a thousand reasons someone
might go off the grid. Like what?


Mike, do you want to tell me
what's happening?

Who can't read English?

We have a guest mother.

I think I have the parents.

China Girl's foetus, the parents.

Oh, OK.

DNA. One swab and we'll know.

Mike's criminal record.

OK. Two AVOs five years ago,

one related jail sentence.

Attempting to attack his wife with
a ski pole.

Another arrest for cocaine
possession last year.

I'm going in.

What's this for?

I want a DNA sample,
it's a mouth swab.

There's a kit
here for your wife too.

No, I don't think so.

I may not have great news for you.

An Asian female, 19-weeks pregnant
has been found dead.

19 weeks?

Hm. What was her name?
Your guest mother?

Mee Noi.

And when did you last see
your surrogate?

Erm, at the ultrasound
about five weeks ago.

Commercial surrogacy is
illegal in Australia.

It carries a two-year sentence.
And we have a right to have a baby.

This is completely legal,
it's an altruistic arrangement.

Something went wrong, didn't it?

The girl was murdered.

Look, I've got to get back to Flick.

I need a sample from Felicity too,
don't make me ask her for it.

How long have you
known your surrogate?

I'm not answering any more

it's a human right to have a baby.

Can Felicity look after a baby?


Can you leave?


She'll be OK,
if she could just have a baby.

It will make her sane.

I tell you what,
this is not good news.

She's sold her apartment,
I've sold my car.

We've tried IVF more than 12 times.

She really doesn't need this.


Do the swab, Mike.

What the hell are you doing?

He's a potential suspect.
You're lacking evidence.

If his DNA, if his wife's DNA
matches the foetus,

then he's a murder suspect.

Mike, where did Felicity have
her eggs harvested?

I'm not answering.


Was it an IVF clinic? It's
an operation done under anaesthetic.

Where did you do it?

Do you want to call a lawyer?

Can't afford lawyers.

How much did the surrogate cost?

It wasn't about the money,
she just wanted to help us,

she was a friend. Really?

Even though you don't know
her surname?

Such a good friend,
but you don't know if she can read?

Do you know how many
miscarriages we've had?

Who set it up? Come on, Mike,
who was the surrogate agent?

I'm not after you. Eight.
Eight miscarriages.

Each a little life.

Jesus Christ, this is just going to
have her spiralling.

You know, there is no other way.
You think we can adopt?

No, fuck, no. The law's wrong.

Did you meet with Mee Noi? Alone?

Did you get angry?
Cos she was drinking...

..smoking? Hurting...your baby?


That man is grieving.

Yes? Well, show some respect.

A wife murderer also grieves.

Oh, come on, at bottom,
all he wants is a baby, that's it.

You don't have children,
maybe you'll never want them.

I have a daughter. OK?

I have a daughter, who I think
about every day of my life.

Every day.


OK... I...

I never knew.

OK, mate, you can get off the road
now, it's a bit dangerous.

Get off the road, come on.
Give the bag to Mummy.

You OK, honey? Yeah.

Just wait. Careful, honey.

Here, love, here, darling.

Thanks, love.

You all right, mate?
You got your dinosaurs?

Darling, give him his dinosaurs.

That's it.


Hey. Good luck, today.

You are a good boy,
do you want your surprise now? Yes!

OK. Darling? Yes, honey?
Can you get the nuts out?

There you go.
There you go - one for you

and one for you. Aren't you lucky.
Daddy had to ask

the air hostess for those.

OK, give Daddy a kiss. Oh.
That's it, thank you, Daddy.

Thank you, Dad. Bye-bye.
See you later. OK.

OK, bye-bye, mate.

Don't eat them all at once.


You OK? Mm-hm.

All right,
I'll just see what's happening, eh?

I'll just get you to
hold off for five minutes,

Robin's outside having a smoke,
she shouldn't be long.

Thanks, love.

Are you OK?


I might just pop out to the
restroom for a minute. OK.


I'm glad I caught you.

I don't want to talk now.

Ah, no, no, this has got nothing
to do with what's

going to happen in there,
that's all official,

they'll work it out.

No, what I've got to say is, um...

..well, it's personal.

It's good to see you, Robin.

I'm sorry, Detective Sergeant...

So, what are you up to now,
who are you chasing these days?

You know, the feelings
I had for you were genuine.

They were pure.

I love you.

I don't want to hear this.

Well, I can't help it.
I don't want to feel it but I do.


Don't...touch me.


What a creature...

You're disgusting.




Oh, God, I want you, oh, yeah...




Shit. Anthony, check out camera six.

Oh, where's that alarm?

Code 1, officer in trouble,
room 406...


Whoa! Oh!


Come on, yeah, I want you, Robin...

Come on!



Open the door!


You're going to die, I'm going
to fucking kill you!

I'm going to kill you!

OK, enough.

She's a fucking murderer!

Yeah! Yeah!

MUSIC: Don't Let Me
Be Misunderstood

# Baby, do you understand me now?

# If sometimes you see that I'm mad

# Don't you know no-one alive can
always be an angel?

# When everything goes wrong
you see some bad

# But I'm just a soul
whose intentions are good

# Oh, Lord, please don't let me
be misunderstood

# You know, sometimes, baby,
I'm so carefree

# With a joy that's hard to hide

# And then, sometimes, again,
it seems that all I have is worry

# And then you're

# Bound to see my other side

# But I'm just a soul

# Whose intentions are good

# Oh, Lord, please don't let me

# Be misunderstood

# Don't let me be misunderstood

# I try so hard

# So please don't let me... #

Subtitles by Ericsson