Top of the Lake (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Top of the Lake - full transcript

The gruesome sight of a decomposed Asian Jane Doe sends shivers down the spine, furthermore, a long-awaited meeting and an utterly unforeseen finding will give at last a new meaning in life as well as a vigorous thrust in the case.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -




I'm getting married.

To me?

Do you want to get married?

To you? Mm-hm.

Um, I don't know.

Marriage seems to just
fuck things up.

People are not so honest.

Well, I'm telling you, aren't I?

That's honest.

Yes, but who are you marrying?

A girl. A girl...

..who I've known...

..since I was a boy.



No, no.

Just relax, we'll get it.

I will.

It's probably the beer.
Will you tell them where we are?



Do I look like Hansel
in these socks?

Can you walk any faster?

No, not really, the bag is heavy.
Then leave it. Leave it?

Yeah, just dump it. I have to be
somewhere. What about the plastic?

Fuck it, I'll get it later, run.

Can you run? I'll try.






Who's all this?
I'm his drug and alcohol counsellor.

This is his lawyer
and his sister, and...

Five minutes, you know the drill.
Yeah. Five. Yeah, I heard you.

Start the ceremony.

Shall we wait for your
fiance to dress?


Just begin.

We are here today to witness
and celebrate the marriage

and love vows of
Jonathan Brian Mitcham

and Robin Elizabeth Griffin.

Cut to the vows.

Four minutes!

Robin and Johnno have decided
to avow themselves to each other...

Who's she? What?

..and that is a good thing for

The girl in your cell.

..for the community
and for the universe.


I don't know.

Robin, it's just
a bit of leaf, nothing.

No street value.

It's legal in America.

Robin... And man and woman
of the feminine and the masculine...


Wait, who's this?

What? Oh, you... Who's this whore?

..slack prick! Jonathan,
you're a show pony! What the fuck?!

Slut face! You, Miss Piggy,
in your fucking pigtails!

We'll be waiting for you, miss!

Soft-cock Mitcham!



Eat something.

I have to go.

I have to work, I have to...

It's OK.

We hate our boyfriends, too.

He could be out on Monday.
I'd say sooner.

There's no way they'll hold him,
not for leaf.

It's a good thing
you didn't have his kid.

Three. Yeah.

Nature telling you something?

I have to go.

Johnno's not even family.
He's not family?

Not even our family. No DNA.
His fucking mother cheated on Matt.

Yeah, poor fucking Matt. Johnno's
mum was disloyal, he's disloyal.

It's bad blood.

He's disloyal, it's his blood!

We shall leave her!

BOTH: No blood, no loyalty!

Keep going. OK, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, what do you reckon?




Do you think they're going to let us
run this case?

If the victim is low visibility.

What have you got, badge?

It's not pretty, mate.


Fucking hell.

Asian female.

Any missing persons triggered?

No, no-one reporting missing.

OK, I've got some calls to make.

You ladies want to run this case?


You go with the government
contractor and the body?

To the morgue, yes.

Oi! Fetch my jacket, would you?

No, she can't.

What? What's YOUR problem?

Respectfully, it's not her job.

Do I get the jacket?
Yes, please, I'm getting cold.

You single?

Make it look like we're
discussing the case.

You're new here. Are you single?
That's irrelevant.

Yeah, but are you single?

It's personal.

Yeah, I'm trying to be personal.

Oh, yeah. Thatta girl.

Come on.

Look, if this blows up...
Yeah, I know. You'll take it back.

There you go, sweetheart.
Thanks, girlfriend.

See, that's how easy it is.

Be in touch.

'Now, what are you doing back here?'

I thought we'd got rid of you.
When was it? Four, five years ago?


Put that gown on, keep the whiff
out of your clothes.

You know, if I'd have had
a bigger penis,

I would've tried to marry you.

Thank you, Ray.

I don't want to get married.

I was trying to solicit sympathy.
I just want you to look at me.

Thank you.

Oh, you're sad.

I was sad...

till I turned 50.

What happened at 50?

Changed partners.

He's a guy.

You didn't flinch.

Not bad.

I don't think I'm gay.
I'm just a lover. Come on.

Let's check out China Girl.

That's temporary
until you come up with an ID.

Should you be taking photographs?


China Girl.


You sure she's Asian? Well,
it's really just the hair texture.

The body's been in the water
a long time, and by the looks

of the facial damage,
she's been dropped in from a height.

There's really too much swelling
and discolouration to be sure.

Is that on? Yes.

We have - female.

Asian hair-type -
length, 57cm approximately.

Age, by skin texture
and teeth, early 20s.

Oh, we have a visitor.

Hi. Adrian Butler,
my superintendent,

sent me to watch for experience.

I'm Police Constable
Miranda Hilmarson.

I hope that's OK. That's fine.

Have you signed in? We like that
sort of thing around here.

That face is in very bad shape.

Will you make a police
identikit using this face?

I don't think that's possible.

Now, possible cause of death...

See the bruising, there?

Could be a gasper.

Erotic asphyxiation? Mm.

It's not very common in women.


Scalpel, Bernard.

Adrian didn't say you were coming.


He wants me to shadow you.


I can go. It's OK. Just... He really
should have told me, that's all.

I'll let him know that.

No, I'll tell him.
Oh, got something here.

She was pregnant.


It's a boy.

He's very well-preserved.

That'll be all the salt water.

Um... 17, 20 weeks' gestation.


Make it a double murder. Should do.

How long will it take to get
DNA on the baby? Two, three days.

I'll push it.

What will you do with it after?

Technically, it's still a foetus,
so I will sew him back in,

nice and neat, where he belongs.

Yeah. Barbecue Tuesday.

Fancy a steak?

Across the road. Just the two of us.

Ray, I'm working on a case.
It's at a vital stage.

15 minutes.

Another time, I promise.
Well, I tried. Remember that.

Tried what?

Honestly, angel,
you are enlivened by dead matter.

OK, Ray.

I've got a case.

And I care what happened. I care.

I don't take the corpse home
with me.

Who are your loved ones, Robbie?

What is going on?

Am I bleeding from the nose,
or blood coming out of my ears?

What's the matter? You need
someone in this business. Too tough.

Where's your loved one?

Lying. Promising. Fucking up.

I'm all alone, OK?

Believe it or not, I'm happy.

Hey, Robbie.

What happened at the morgue?

He started the autopsy, and we...
No, no, no. I mean with Hilmarson.


I gather differently.

I think I'm probably
better off working on my own.

No, you're not.

What's wrong with her?

She's got ideas about me,
like she's a fan or something.

Well, give her a week,

you'll cure her of that.

Bev, could you get
Constable Hilmarson in here? Yep.

You know no-one else will team
up with you two.

You're the leftovers,
so, you know, just get on with it.


Detective Senior Constable Griffin.

Don't let her go anywhere
without you.

Pretty basic stuff.

There's been a complication.

She was pregnant.

The pathologist delivered the baby
when I was there.

17 weeks, he thought.


Excuse me. Sorry.

Everything's going to Forensics.


Can you check on your buddy, yeah?

It's driving me
out of my fucking mind.

I can't sleep at night.

I'm going to have to call you back.

Yeah. OK. Thank you. Bye.

Everything OK?

Yeah, I'm feeling a bit fragile.

You know, it's hor... It's hormones.

What kind of hormones?

Baby hormones.

I'm pregnant.

18 weeks. The same as the victim's,
and it caught me off-guard.

Yeah. OK.

You'll want to give that up.


Oh, yeah. Yes.

the homicide detectives are here.

OK. I'll be right up.


So, there's a bit of a theory that
Carson and I have been discussing.

Uh-huh? We think that women want
their man to be a calm point,

so they can spin out emotionally
and go chaotic. That's right.

And when they circle back in,
they want to see their man cry.

Can you turn the screen on? Mm-hm.

Ironically, we think that's when
the men actually go underground,

and they get cunning.

You know - porn, affairs,

Interesting theory.
Is that what happened to you?

No, I haven't cried in seven years.




So, Robin, you lead off
and tell us where we are.


We're calling this a murder case,

because circumstances indicate
that's a high probability.

There's also the death
of the foetus. That's not murder.

I mean, it should be, but
then, uh, the baby has to be born,

"a person in being".

We have a serious problem
with identification.

The face is very damaged,

even beyond computer
reconstruction imaging.

And nobody's registered a missing
Asian female in the last ten days.

We went beyond that to 30 days -
still nothing.

So, not likely to be
an Asian Australian, then.

What about the DNA?

DNA and fingerprints have been taken
and run against our files.

No match.

Immigration came up with nothing,
which means that either

she's Australian or she's
come in under a false passport.

We check the suitcase?
What for? A travel tag?

They can be that stupid.

My guess - Asian student working in
the sex industry. It's a loophole.

They finance their studies
by working in brothels,

ministering to creeps.

Hey, steady on...!

2%, maybe. That's 2,000, boss.

I mean, you go to these colleges,
there's no-one there.

They never intended to go to school.

Yes, it's a high likelihood.

But what we have here
is a crime of passion.

She's from a poor family
in Thailand, doesn't know anyone,

can't speak the language.

Hoping to make some money to send
back to her family.

She probably arrived on a brothel
subsidy with a big debt.

She's had unprotected sex
and got herself pregnant.

Some kind of crazy relationship
with a customer or a pimp.

Course, the facts give us
a lot less than that.

Yeah. Nothing.

No. No, no. Not nothing.

We have the foetus.

A paternal link can be established.

It's never been done,
but technically,

if we're holding the father's
DNA on our system, we've got a lead.




What can I get you?

Can I just get a glass of water with
some lemon in it, please?

I'll grab a cappuccino, thanks. Can
I just get a water without lemon?

Yeah, just waters for everyone,
thanks. OK. All right. Cheers.

She keeps coming up to you. It has
to be a sign. It's like a neon sign.

She's over here because she's
a waitress.

She gets paid to come visit us.

Right? If you really want to hit
on her,

what you've got to do
is you go over to her.

Oh... How would that look?

Want to see? Yeah.

Is he...actually going to do this?

The Continuing Adventures Of
The Fuck Wizard.

She's smiling.

"Get away from me" smiling,
or is it "smiling" smiling?

I think it's smiling like,
I think...

Here it comes.

And the conqueror returns...
Pickles, boys.

..with a small tub of gherkins.

What happened?

She likes Vietnamese food.

So, you didn't ask her out?

No, I gave her
a bit of masculine bravado,

and she's kind of still
thinking about it.

So, you just bought some pickles?

No, what I did was transcended
the Friend Zone, mate.

No coins, just talk about
adult stuff. "Hey, you look cute.

"What's up?"
"Oh, this guy's giving me attention.

"I can feel the pheromones burning.
Real hot stuff."

The problem is, Nathan, that
you actually can't

ask a real girl out, can you? What?

Your problem is you're
a little bore-girl.

You bore chicks to death, right?

Probably like that chick
found dead at Bondi.

One of your bore victims, mate.

Which one? Death by boredom.
What are you talking about?

Don't you watch the news? Come on,
get it up. It's been everywhere.

That's probably your GFE, mate.

Have a look.

She's in, like, a bag or something.

Yeah. It's pretty sad, actually.

Have you guys been booking her?

We tried to, but.. You gave her
such a great rating.

Long legs, big breasts, dark skin...
"Good noises. She was going for it.

"The best bit was spooning with
her afterwards."


Prozzos die if you don't fuck them,
mate. They're like plants.

You've got to water them with cock.


Mate, we've just started.
Come on, mate.

We've got business to talk about.
We're not finished. Chill out.

I just need to check on something.
Are you serious?

He's actually going. Don't worry.



She usually sees me
for a one-hour GFE.


"Girlfriend experience".

Where you buy this one?

Gardeners Road Chinese.

No good. Bad food.
Cinnamon likes them, so...

She had before?
Yeah, she likes them.

OK. I get her.

Just wait. Thank you.


Can I see you, please?

Are you feeling better?



Room four.

I take this.

No food in sex room.

You enjoy.


Wash your mister.

Is Cinnamon...?

Shower first, yeah?




Wow. Yeah. OK, good.

You big boy, huh?

Is Cinnamon here? Is she busy?

You like?



Um... Uh...

Oh, you funny boy, huh?

No. I'm not trying to be.

You want spank? You can spank.
I don't mind.

No, really. I'm just...

Sorry. Funny boy.


Uh, look. This isn't really
working for me. Why? What wrong?



You like? Hmm? Come.

You like?

Something wrong? Yeah.
That's not Cinnamon.

You told me that was Cinnamon.
New Cinnamon. Old Cinnamon away.

There was an Asian girl
found on the beach.

No. Gone to Canberra.

You love Cinnamon.

But she is prostitute.
You know that.

She blew me without a condom.

Yeah, and then after, she say,
"I don't normally do that." Yeah?


She can't go with you to Gold Coast.

She has to work,
have to fuck with customer.

She has to pay back a lot of money.
To who? How much does she owe?


That's 300 guys.




Sit down.


Now, which one you want?

You want lady boy?

Uncut. You try? Very popular.

I have a big cock.

No, thanks.

Hello? How can I help you?
Do you like to holiday?

Cinnamon and I - we're going to go
on a holiday.

She gone.

She got upset.

You know she don't understand Puss.


Puss. He teach us we are victim.

Oppressed. We have to be strong.

Who is this guy?

Puss, he...he very, very good

Sometime, he too angry.

He hurt us,
but he very good teacher.

It is because they want to
remind me of...

This one, Puss!

Puss, you hungry?

No, thank you. Who's this?

He in love with Cinnamon.

No, sit down.

In love with Cinnamon? Yeah.

You a student?


Philosophy? IT?

Pretty much.

Got a big schlong, yeah?



Hi, Mary.

This woman is part
of a sex workers' collective,

and she's pretty anti-cop.

She was defensive on the phone,
but we need her help,

so don't scare her.

Scare her? Yeah.

What do you mean?
Just let me do the talking.

Oh, no. No, it's not my talking,
is it?

It's this.

Just try listening.

Yes? Hello. Eastern Coast police.

Linda, please.

Yeah, if you'd just like to
wait over there,

and I'll send a
message through now. Thank you.




Is she friendly?
She's friendly, yeah.

Hello! Hello!

'So what makes you think
she's a sex worker?'

It makes me sad that you'd jump
to that conclusion.

It's safer to work in a brothel
than to walk home at night,

there's always other ladies around,
someone to help,

and now that we're legal,
we can call the police.

We are checking other avenues,

but at the moment, we want to know
of any Asian women who are missing.

We don't have an ID yet.

Even if you did, she'd most likely
be working under a false passport.

Criminal networks coach girls
with good English to pass

their interviews
and get the student visas.

But the photos would be different?

I know one girl who did
26 interviews.

We all look the same to you.

Do we look the same to you?


I've got to take this. Sorry.

Robin Griffin.


Yes, I left it.

I hope that was OK.

Of course.

I can come tomorrow, any time.


Thanks. Bye.


May I ask...
Do you have a photo of her?


She came in this.

Where's the girl?

You don't want to see it.

Show me.

I'll do what I can. I speak Korean
and understand Thai quite well.


I would really like to...

I'd really like to know how many
girls you have working here

full-time, part-time...






Uh, yeah. Oh, sorry. Sorry, I'm
just in the middle of something...

I make it six missing or unknown.

Yeah, one girl, Charlie,
and not her real name,

from Cheapest Escorts,
didn't come in to work this week.

Left a text message,
and then her phone went down.

We'll follow her up.

Yeah, there's another five presumed
moved or returned home,

but this one from...yeah,
Silk 41, is one of them.

Shop name - Cinnamon, who they
believe has gone to Canberra.

She's not responding to phone calls,

and one of the girls has
her passport for safekeeping.

This is the photo page.

Probably a fake photo. A fake name.


Prada. Look,
there's the label, there.

Could be fake.

Fake-real, like from Hong Kong.

No, they're real.

How many guys would that be?

Well, for her? One.

Have you ever
thought about being an escort?


Have you?

I've had offers. I think it's my
height, you know? I'm a curiosity.

I've thought about it, because
the money's so good, but the work...


A bit bleak.


What have we got?
We're on to something.

Well, good. What is it?

Call girls wear Prada.

You having coffee? Yeah.


Take a seat.

Panda's gone.


Oh, yeah. I gave that to,
uh, Patrick.

I have to go.
I need a couple of hours. OK.

Hey, Adrian....

Do you go to brothels?

Yeah. I mean...

Well, I used to.

Is this her?

She's too young, isn't she?

You're putting on your jacket? Why?

Pyke, don't flirt.

Remember. Yes. Please. Yes.


Hi, I'm Pyke, Mary's father.

Please, come in.

Excuse my office.

I think I explained.
Mary's not here.

She hasn't read your note yet.

Julia and I thought it best
if we met first.

You're really looking at me.

Are we similar?

Um, pardon me, Robin. This is
Mary's mother, Julia.

Hello. Hello.

We'd like you to know that we both
really... Pyke, um...

Are you going to have a coffee?
Because I'd like one.

Yes, thank you.
Flat white. Are you...? No.

He has one in the morning.
That's it.

Very disciplined.

I'm going to have one.

That's right. I'm having one.

Good. OK. Tell Bettina, then. Yep.

I'd like to say thank you,
for my daughter.

But at the moment,
she is a nightmare.

I'd hoped that it would stop, but...

I think it's actually getting worse.
A nightmare?

She's a teenager. Isn't that
the definition...

Don't dissemble, Pyke. You know.
You know it is worse than that.

Did anything happen? Um...

Well, a while back,

when she was 12, she got very
excited about contacting you.

She asked us if we'd mind, and...
Particularly me.

We wondered that it might not turn
out how she'd hoped,

that the letter might not find you,

but she insisted that
she wanted to try.

She didn't care what happened.

Did you receive the letter?

Of course you did.
How else would you have our address?

Yes, I did.

And you didn't think it
necessary to reply?

It was necessary.

But I couldn't.

You couldn't?


Julia, she is the mother, as well.
Is she?

This is... This is a bad idea.

You withheld from her.

Mothers don't do that.

They reassure their children.
That's what they do.

I... I can't... I need to go.


As time passed and she didn't get
an answer, she thought,

"Oh, well,
it must be the wrong address."

But she couldn't let it rest.

She started to think somehow
she'd written something off-putting.

Or something... Something
indelicate. Indelicate, yeah.

That was the word - "indelicate".

She agonised over that letter
every single day,

wondering about every little detail.

Why didn't she get a reply?
Why? Why?

And then her personality changed.

She started to speak with this
sort of American accent,

like she was a newsreader,
fakely pleasant.

It was bizarre, painfully bizarre.

but that's not happening any more.

No, it's changed now.

It's different again, and now she's
rude, and she's sometimes violent.

Julia, it's not always that bad.

It's not. Anyway, there's someone
waiting for me in the car.

My girlfriend.

I can exaggerate sometimes, but...

..your baby has been loved by me
very much, and now she hates me.

There are other reasons
for Mary's behaviour.

We're getting a divorce.


Julia fell in love with
the French teacher at her school.

Was he married too?

He is actually a she, and, yeah,
yeah, she was married too.

Mary is angry on my behalf.

She attacked Julia over it,
the whole...lesbian aspect.

At five years old,
and I think she was about eight...

And this...
This was her first pony, Sovereign.

The saddle went underneath
his stomach. She broke her arm.

We wanted you to know the situation.

Last week, we met her boyfriend.
He's 42. She's 17.

How old was she when you brought her
home for the first time?

She was two days old.

Two days?

That was the last time I saw her.

I was 16.

I don't... I don't think I can help.

I'm not her mother.

I just...
I gave birth to her. That's all.

Personally, I think
she needs to meet you.


Hi. Hi. See you later.
Yeah, I'd love that.

Thought I'd cook dinner for you.

Thanks. It's nice of you.

Listen, I hope you don't mind.
I asked your friend to dinner.

Oh. She's not a friend, but OK.

We work together.

So, Miranda, I take it you're
in the law enforcement trade, too?

Yeah. Oh, have you got an ashtray?

I am giving these up.

Yeah, use this.

So, um, what do you do when you're
not cooking green chicken curry?

I do energy work. I do massage.
I do Chinese massage.

I, basically, open people up,
you know,

to new levels within themselves.

OK. I like the odd massage,
but, you know...

For most people, I'm too much.

If you want to give it a try,
it'll only take a few minutes.

It's just about being shown
the door, really. Here, try this.

It's good? Mm-hm. Yeah.

Once that's done, you can
step through any time you like.

What about dinner?

Can you watch the chook, Rob?


Just turn it down a touch.

OK, let's show me the door.


Slowly, slowly, approach the door,
and open it.

It's not coming open. It's locked
and bolted. Hey, that's OK.

So, reach into your pocket.
My pocket... But I'm a leopard.


Now, reach into your leopard-skin... find a key.

Now, take that key...

It's opening.

Now move through...

into this other world.





This is Robin.


Yes, I can tell by your voice.

Yes, whenever you like.


Oh, hey. Take it easy. Relax.


You are going to remember this
moment for the rest of your life,


So concentrate. You're beautiful.

I believe we share a gene pool.


It's true. We do.

You can call me Baby. Not Mary.
I don't like Mary.

I want to say I'm sorry that
I didn't reply... No, I...

I mean, it was an adolescent
fantasy. I was 12.

I mean, I thought you were going to
ride over the hilltop

and take me away to live a wild life
amongst the gipsies.

I know what I want, so
if you want to look at the menu...

Yes, I already looked.

You would have had to fight
Julia for me, you know?

The child thief. The interloper.

Blood is thicker than water, though.

What do you want? I'll have
a strawberry milkshake, thank you.

Uh, iced tea, please.

Um, I might not stay very long. OK.

So, you're a policewoman?
That's hilarious.

Well, I'm not really laughing.

I'm just wondering if I'm doing
anything illegal. Oh...

Yes, I'm a detective.

So, what do you wear? How do you
know what to wear?

Is there a dress code?

Uh, slacks, suit... This.

What are slacks?

Smart casual trousers. These.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, I know about slacks.

I'm still sorry.

I'm sorry I didn't write back.
It's OK. You found me.

I think you followed me in your car.

No, it's OK. I like it.

So, I'm too much, right?

Too intense, too needy.

Too direct.

It's OK. I can take it.

I think you're amazing.



Because you're alive.

So alive.

So beautiful.

I'm not beautiful. I have facial
and body irregularities.

My nose on the right side is less
good than the left,

and my thighs rub together at
the top,

and my breasts are small and flat.

You probably
thought about aborting me.

That's OK. I mean,
you didn't, so, yay.

So, do you know what you want to do?

With my life?

I want to be a wife.

I'm getting married.
Did they tell you that?

Dad really likes him,
and, yes, Julia is outraged,

but, you know, she's a new lesbian,
and sort of political,

so it's bonding for her and Isidore
to be outraged together,

especially about "finishing your
education", but honestly,

school is so feeble.

Do you love him?


Yes, I adore him.

He, too, wants me educated,
but differently.

He's tender and he's caring,

and he lives an actual life
in a real world, and he has ideals.

You know, something that my parents
strenuously avoid.

I'm going to go, though,
because I'm feeling edgy,

and I just wanted to say
thank you for having me,

and, you know,
thank you for not aborting me.

So, I might call you again? OK.
Call me any time. OK.

OK. Um... Thanks.

I'll stay because it's wasteful,
and... Take it with you.

I know why you didn't contact me.

Do you?

You know I do.

It's OK.

I mean, it's not OK for you,

but it is OK for me.

I'll wear his jeans better
than he did.

I'll even kill him for you
if you like.

Born to revenge.

My daddy was a rapist,
then I shot him and he was dead.

I like you.

I smoke, so... I'm sorry. I just...

That's OK. I smoke, too.

Really? Yeah.

Do you want to have a cigarette
together? Yeah. All right. Cool.

Yes, I was raped...

..and you should know
that it wasn't one perpetrator.


There were three.

Mum and dads...

Shall we do a photo?

Yeah, OK.

Yeah. Yeah?

Baby, if you need to see me again...

If you're ever in trouble,
just call me.

Call me, OK?

Hey, you know,
you wouldn't believe it,

but I have Asian friends who have
never been to the beach,

and I was going to take them
and teach them to swim,

so if you can swim...

I can swim.


Oh, Rob, you didn't need to come in.

Just wanted to speak to you
about a strange result.

Come on in.

This is Andy, who I live with.



Yes, we had a little
bit of a problem with the sample.

Couldn't get a true result.

How do you mean? Well, the foetus's
DNA wasn't matching China Girl's.

Really? Really.

I suspected contamination,
so I took another sample,

sent it off to two labs.

Same results.

I mean, I don't know.
You were there.

We both saw this little guy
growing in her womb.

Never seen anything like it.


I met my daughter
today for the first time.


She's 17.


My darling, you never told me.

She's completely precious.

Look at that.

She didn't grow up with me.

Ah, well...

There's your wound, Robbie.

I don't know.

I don't feel anything.

No, no. Well, you wouldn't.

Not now.

But you wait, and you will FEEL it!




China Girl's a surrogate.

That's why there's no match.

She's a surrogate. Course.

She's a surrogate!

Good Lord. Didn't even think of it.

Shit. Modern times, eh?

Come and have a glass, eh, Robbie?

I'm working, Ray.