Top of the Lake (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Top of the Lake - full transcript

In the wake of New Zealand's devastating events, troubled Detective Robin returns to Sydney for a fresh start, however, the wounds of the past are deep and angry, moreover, a suitcase with a rather appalling content summons dark memories.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Joy, hop it. Sleep.






OK, I'm Detective Senior Constable
Griffin, and today,

I am revising standard procedure
on taking control of a situation

and cuffing a suspect.

It's very important that every step
of the process is followed.


Your best option, and first
preference, is to ask the suspect

to lie face down on the ground, arms
stretched out, palms facing the sky.



Could I have a volunteer?




You, Walker.

- Sorry.
- Take a seat, please.

We are going to be engaging
in a role play,

where you will offer some
resistance to arrest.

Do you understand?

Do you understand?

You need to say it, Walker.

Yes, ma'am.

I'm arresting you under suspicion
for disturbing the peace.

Please lie face down on the ground.

Why? I didn't do anything. Eh?

I mean, what did I do? Just tell me.

Lie face down on the ground,
arms stretched out, please.

Hey, leave me alone, OK?
I didn't do anything.

- Do it now!
- Nuh.

Now that I've given him
the request three times,

I am going to use force
to restrain him.

Hey, whoa, what are you going
to do, huh? Shoot me?

Why did you ask me that?

- Why did you ask me that?!
- Sorry, I was just doing the...

Why the fuck did you ask me that?!

- Sorry, I was just doing the...
- Answer me, you shit!

Regroup. Fallout.

Regroup. Fallout.

I have to tell you,
it's an honour to meet you.

I heard about the pregnant
12-year-old in New Zealand,

and the paedophile ring.

A few of us ladies raised a glass
to you shooting the Super.

Was he the architect of the ring?

The facilitator.

And did he get time?

Turned state witness.
He got immunity.

No, it's inefficient paperwork.
You can't fight this thing.

I'll get you a key, and, erm,



- Hi.
- G'day.

That is an actual woman, by the way.


Hey, Griffin.

So, are you good? Are you all right?

Yes. Pleased to be back.

- I'm sorry, I possibly went too hard.
- Mm.

You know, I had three colleagues

Detective Inspectors.

Like a wall, they all stood up,
and walked out.

Walker was undermining me.

He was alluding to my case.

Did you, er, get counselling
in New Zealand?

You should have.

I would have insisted.

He was challenging me!

I had to check him.

Those cadets are our people,
do you understand?

You're supposed to stand by them,
and encourage them.

In that room today,
you were an arsehole.


how about we get together tonight,
and you can tell me why?


Excuse me.


Paddy did it.

It's very neat.

Always in shades of blue.

How is he?

He's huge.

Taller than me.

Still doesn't talk.

Just groans.

- Five years, is it?
- Since the Queenstown bust, correct.


You were out in the wilderness
a long time.

Steve said you fell off the earth.
What was it?

My mother was dying.

And I got serious about someone.


I heard you were getting married.


So, are you going to
tell me what happened?


I'm celibate now.

Well, that's a waste.

Frankly, Adrian, I just...
I want to work.

I'm good at it.

I try to be good at it.

You know? I've got my qualities,

I don't give up.

Right, well, we have a problem
we need to talk about.

- What problem?
- Al Parker's case against you.

- The civil case.
- It's not going ahead?

He's shifting the argument.

Seems to be saying that the shooting
was personally motivated.

Are you sure he was involved?

Oh, fuck.

OK, no.

I did not see him
sexually assault a child.

But there is overwhelming
circumstantial evidence,

and there's his sexual assault
on me.

- What, he tried to rape you?
- He drugged me.

I woke up in his bed.

- Did he...?
- Fuck me?

I don't know.
I don't think so.

I'd like to think not.

There was another time he...

He was coked up,
and he forced himself on me.

- How far did that go?
- He...

He forced my head to his...

- What, like a kiss?
- It's not a fucking kiss!

And that's when you shot him?

Excuse me.


How would you take off
a biohazard suit?

You know, so you don't get Ebola
when you take off the other glove.

Like, wouldn't you have to have
someone suited up to

take off your glove,
and then they would have to have

someone for their glove,
which has to be disposed of?

Just stay away from Ebola and do
your homework, you know, that's...

Yeah, but how do you know that
you can stay away from Ebola?

You just don't go there.


This crazy bitch just
slapped me in the face.

She's crazy.


A two o'clock man.

Is it a new client?

No. Puss. He's male.

The girls are cleaning, OK?

I don't want them cleaning my place.

Take your mail.

No, no.

No, no, go.

No, no, no English class, not today.

Professor Puss.


Puss, Cinnamon is gone in the night.

She not say goodbye to any of us.

We asked mama-san at lunch,
"Where's Cinnamon?"

She say she sent her to the shop.

- She not there.
- Mm

I called the shop to say,
"You OK, sister?" But she not come.

No-one come.

I tell Mama-san, "She not arrive".

She say, "Oh, OK". She don't know.

Maybe she go Canberra.
Maybe she go home.

She cried too much,
she need to take break.

She is unhappy.
It's best she goes home.

Puss, she not go home.

Her passport, in my bag.

She tell me to put in the bag. No.

So, she forgot her passport.

Sounds like she's
still in the colony.

Let's just hope
she has stopped crying.

Please teach us more English.


No-one ever gives away power.

Power has to be taken.

ALL: No-one ever gives away power.

Word for client, Puss.

- Word for... Oh, I don't know. "Wow."
- Wow? - Wow?

Yeah, "wow". Wow! Wow!

Very useful, you know.

- Any time?
- Yes, any time, you say it. "Wow! Your cock is big!"

- Wow!
- Your cock is big!

How you want to say...?

Oh, bareback, blowjob.


Blowjob, yeah, with an L.

- Blowjob.
- Bareback.

- Blowjob.
- Bareback blowjob.

Job... Job.

- Now you go.
- Now you go.

- Yeah, now you go! - You go now!
- Yes, come on, go now!

No, I want you to go.

Now you go.

Yes, now you go.

- See you.
- Now you go.

You go.

- Now you go.
- Now you go. - Now you go.

My dad and my mum want to meet you.

They want to know who I spend
so much time with. Come for dinner?

Pap wants to cook for us.

It's how dad shows love.

I can tell them, "No".

They will never understand a
gutter guy like me.

- They will love you.
- No, baby, it will be class warfare.

"What school did you go to?"
Get fucked, you know.

"What did your parents do?"
I don't know. What parents?

"What do you do?"
Me? Oh, I teach dirty English.

Well, they will be impressed
to know that you tutored

at a university.

Why do you say "tutor"?
You know very well that I was a

junior professor at the Leipzig
University History Department.

OK, well, unlike you, my parents
don't ask awkward questions,

and they have manners,
and they will love you.

You don't think I can hold
a knife and a fork, huh?

See, my mother, she set the table at
the castle in Neuschwanstein

until Herzog Von Burmstadt through
her across the floor

and raped her very badly.

And here I am, lo and behold,
the bastard son.


Will you come?

- How about Mimi?
- Mimi, mate, cannot recommend.

I mean, all right, let's be fair,
great body, B+, B++,

but bad attitude.

So, anyway, I ask her
for a kiss, and...

Hey, what's that douche doing?

- I don't know, getting a coffee?
- No, not a coffee.

So, you asked her for a kiss?

Yeah, and after no tonguing,
she decides to go down and give me

this one-dimensional oral.

I was sitting there like,

"Love, is that supposed to be making
me hard?"


- Where was this?
- Burke Street, 517.

Where do you park when you go there?

Are they looking at a coin?

I don't know.

Parking's free, but you have
to be in the left spaces,

because the right has a meter.

- Did you get booked?
- Yeah, 90 bucks.

Mate, your voice is so high-pitched.
Has anyone told you that before?

- No!
- Seriously sounds like your testes haven't dropped.

What you want to do is try
to speak deeper.

MORE HIGH PITCHED: There is nothing
wrong with my voice!

Guys, look, it's the ridgeback.


- Ritchie.
- Very nice.

Nice studio shot.

- Do we give her a recommend?
- Meh, qualified.

Why is that?

I was in there the other day,
I get in there,

there's a dirty nappy on the bed,
a baby crying in the room next door,

and then she rolls over expecting me
to take her bra off or something,

and then she just
falls off the bed, drunk.

- Shocking.
- I would've left straightaway, like, out the door.


So then she gets on top of me,
though, reverse cowgirl,

and she's got this massive section
of plaster on her arse, like this...

- There you go.
- Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Burger.

I was like, "What's this?
Where did they come from?"

And she tells me the dog bit her!

What, and you just kept going?

Say what you want about it,
you cannot beat her for enthusiasm.

- I mean, she... she just loves to have sex.
- Mate, she is soulless.

- No, she's a nice person.
- No, no, no, no. She's fucked up. Oh!

- Brett's decided to join us!
- Hey, what were you talking about?

Er... Japanese coin.

- Is that your coin?
- Yeah.

She used to collect yen,
so we were just talking about it.

- I went across to Silk 41 a couple of nights ago.
- Who d'you see?

New girl called Teena,
cos your Cinammon wasn't there.

On a steep learning curve
but good natural rack.

- Who is?
- Teena.

- Cinammon wasn't there?
- Uh-uh.

- What's so good about her?
- Yeah.

Ah, she gives a great GFE,
according to Brett.

What's with this girlfriend
experience, you guys? GFE?

You don't want to pay for that!

What, you paying for someone to make
you tidy up, clean the dishes,

do your hair... that's bullshit!

Go home... get it for free!


Oh. Hi.

Would you like
your second coffee now?

Um, yes, please,
I'd love another coffee.

Anything else?

- Nah.
- Can I have a Sprite, please?

Yep. That all?

- Great.
- Thank you.

- She'd have a boyfriend. - Yeah.
- Some dickhead. - Yeah.


Foetus face!

What is it about your Cinammon,
mate? Come on... tell us!

Uh... I'm not completely
sucked in like you guys think.

- I know what she's doing, but I like it.
- What? What's she do?

Er, she... kisses me.

She brushes my hair,
puts it in a different part,

she slaps my hand when I try
to do stuff she doesn't like.


Sometimes she makes me
get her dumplings.

- That's cute.
- And you're paying for this? - Yes.

You know with that transaction,

it also allows you
to park your dick in her?

- Yes, I do.
- It's part of the deal. - I know.

- Right, so when did you see her last?
- Friday.

I went in there on Sunday
and she definitely wasn't around.

What did you expect?

I had to give her a little tasting
after what you said!

Can you piss off?

Hey, we've given you
so many good contacts, man...

You've squandered them so much.
Annie... you wasted her!

- You didn't see Cinammon?
- She's not there... she's gone.

No... she wouldn't go anywhere
without telling me first.

- Oh, I think you'd be surprised.
- What, your girlfriend? - Yes.

"Dear Brett,
I've decided to see the world."

Your paid sex worker wouldn't go
anywhere without telling you?

"Ah, I want to go on holiday,
but I can't find Brett!"



- Hi, Dan.
- Hey.

- Are you guys finished here?
- Yeah, mate. All yours.

- Mind if I come in, mate?
- Come in.

- I've got your rent.
- Er, no, no, it's OK.

No, take it!


You know...

I'm not the same as I used to be.
You know that, right?

You know, since going to NA,
getting fit, eating properly...

- I'm not the same.
- Some of you's the same.

I'm really different, actually.

You know, I'm clean, for one.


You know, every time
I go to the fridge,

there's a bloody six-pack of beer
staring back at me.

- Oh, right.
- Look...

- Sorry.
- You have...

The thing is...

I've got to be honest...

I think... it's a little late
to get to know each other, you know?

We went our separate ways,

and... I don't want to do
any of the fake family stuff.

No. Me, neither, but...

Look, I'm struggling a bit
at the moment.

I've only been back two weeks.

- Can't sleep. I'm anxious. Did I say I've been struggling?
- Yeah.

But I've started work, OK?

And I really think
that's going to stabilise me.

The thing is, sis,
this is Dan's room. You know?

He moved onto the couch
when we knew you were coming.

Only thought you'd be
staying for a few nights.


- Oh, OK.
- It's Dan's room.

- That's the situation.
- I understand.

I'll find some place else.
I'll start at the weekend.

Thanks, sis.

I'm sorry, by the way.
About the wedding, I mean.

Is it true
you walked out on the day?

Liam, I'm sorry...
I'm really tired.

"Dear Robin Griffin, birth mum..."

My name is Mary and I'm writing now
to thank you for having me.

You gave me the gift of life.

For this, I am very grateful.

I enjoy school
and having fun with my friend.

"Thank you for having me."

Hello, Father.

A taxi?

- Puss paid.
- Who?

Alexander, my professor friend.

And good news... he's going
to come for dinner.

He said yes.

- I told him that you're a good cook, and I think you are...
- You made it!

- not baked beans, OK?
- It's good to see you, darling.

Your hair looks nice.
Did you give it a wash?

- Did you guys leave me anything to eat?
- Well, um... Come here. What?

- No... don't touch.
- What?!

- Come on!
- OK?

Why can't I hug you?

Because I said no. Didn't I just
say that? I said don't touch!

- Oh, come on, I'm your mother, it's natural!
- No.

It's not natural,
cos you are a lezzo and

- a woman of shallow discrimination who may want to fuck me, too.
- Oh!

This is what I'm talking about.

- Don't worry... I like Isadore.
- Oh, well, that's good.

- Ow! That hurt!
- It's touch sensitive.

I know that.

Listen, we'd like you to come
and spend some time with us.

I'd love that. I mean, what would
we talk about? How sad Dad is?

- I'm not sad, Mary.
- He's not sad!

- You don't think it's an insult?
- No.

Really? Mum preferring a woman?

Are you really going to eat
a marshmallow with a dried tomato?

- When can Alexander come to dinner?
- Um...

I have to ask, but what about Friday
for you two?

Uh, yeah, well... Friday's...

- Dad, what about you?
- Yeah, good.


Well, can you not bring Isadore, cos
you know how she likes to debate.

Discuss would be the word.

Well, I don't like discussions.

Well, that is a problem
with this family, isn't it?

- You think that discussing is sexy.
- What are you talking about?!

You get all erect
and red in the face,

gives you a stage on which
to be control...

Now you're just flinging
labels at me, so stop it.

You can't control me...
You don't live here any more.

I'm not trying to control you!
I'm here three days a week!

Why don't you sit down with us
and eat?

You really want this to continue?

Now, come on... let's work out
a menu for the dinner.

Pavlova, Mum?

Sure. I'd love to.

OK. Good.

Well, does he like seafood?

I could do a paella.
Have you seen my new paella dish?

Dad, I really don't care, I mean,
I just really want you to like him.

I think he's quite anxious
about being older than me.

Hm... Don't get all heavy.
Handle yourself.

You have to remember that people
have free choice...

- Even your fricking daughter, OK?
- How much older is he?

It's not the old guys
that you need to worry about,

it's the young boys who are raised
on porn who only want anal.


Hm, it's true!

A lot of girls are still virgins
cos they've only been fucked up the arse.

All right.

- OK, so let's...
- That's a real thing.

Let's find out about Friday.

Well, a lot of things are real.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Has to be a one-bedroom.

Could be a studio, but
I definitely don't want to share.

It's going to be a bit
difficult at the moment.

- Doesn't matter too much about the condition.
- Hang on a sec.

I've got your key.

You know Constable Hilmarson?

There's a vacant one-bedder
in North Bondi.

Tate probably left it a bit of
a mess but it's in a good location.

Hm-mm. What number?

Oh, um...

You... You OK?

There you go.



Thank you.

Mum, are there more actual candles?

- How about these? Hm?
- Mm, good, yep. Good.

Are they friends?
What's the relationship?

Well, she stays there, so...

They could be friends.

A tutor...
He was a history professor, right?


Hm. OK, family.

- Not iceberg. Mum! It's floppy.
- Come on, I haven't finished it yet!

I'm using it like a bowl,
like Chinese San Choy Bao.

Hey, Dad, can I have 50 dollars?
Now-ish? I said I'd pick him up.

- He can't get a taxi by himself?
- Well, I want to be with him.

He hasn't been here before.

Thanks, Da.

What kind of guy is this?
He can't get a taxi?

So, your doctoral thesis
had a long, long title,

East Germany Post 1945 And Its
Integration Into The Communist Bloc?

Hm. No, it was, er...
It was short.

I fell out with my supervisors
at the Leipzig University...

They didn't like it.

Oh! Why?

Well, I think they couldn't
really handle the scope.

- The scope?
- Hm-mm.

What was it? I'm fascinated.

- The testimony of man.
- Ah!

What was your research tactic?

There was none.

You live it.

But those guys,
they are Communist caged budgies...

- They don't know life!
- Hm.

I even had a part B, you know,
the destiny of man...

Is to love a woman?

No. Well, if you're lucky,
yes, but no.

- That was not my part B.
- What was it? Spill the beans.

The destiny of man
is to enslave women.

- I was a feminist.
- I still am.

- Julia went to the UK to study under Germaine Greer.
- Hm-mm.

Well, when I got there, Germaine
had already left. She was, um...

She was writing, but her influence
was definitely there.

I was very, very lucky.

I'd love it if you wanted
to see some of it, Mary.

- I mean, I'd be wi...
- No. I hate feminism, Mum. It's boring.

- See what we've raised?
- I like wearing make-up.

- Everyone at school does.
- What about equal pay, Mary?

What equal pay?

I don't work. I think
it's for older people. 35 and plus.

Germaine, she just wanted
to shake her titties at the world,

and by middle age, these very
same titties are getting droopy

and nobody really wants
to see them any more.

Well, the same could be
said about men and their penises.

Ah. You see,
this is how academia works.

Sexual anatomy debating one another.

It's just a big wank, isn't it?

Well, I taught revolutionary
politics at high school

for 15 years
until they dropped the subject,

but you, you, Alexander,
you've... well, you've lived it.

Let's hear about it. I'm fascinated.

Are you shaking your titties?

Oh, I object to that.

No, come on!

No, I do! I do! That's sexist.

For revolution, my dear,
you need a strong stomach.

- The rule of the 100,000...
- What 100,000?!

Corpses, madam.

100,000 corpses.
Nothing happens at less cost.

But don't misunderstand me.
As I said, I am a feminist.

Your plate, baby?

Thank you.

- Don't flirt with him. He's my friend.
- Flirt?! I'm not flirting!

- No, you are.
- I'm crying.

No, you are facing up to him.

You are asking pointless questions,

going on about how you went
to university... I mean...

I'm just trying to survive.

Oh, as am I trying to survive
your endless need for attention.

This is about me and my boyfriend.

So he is your boyfriend?

Oh, God! How old is he?

Yes, he is older, but unlike you
and Dad, we love each other!


So, how did you meet?

- Oh, gosh, we've known each other since we were kids.
- Oh, that's cool.

Yeah, our parents had beach houses
next to each other.

- You know how it is.
- Well, no, I don't know how it is.

My mother, she was a cleaner,
you know? No money.

No seaside holidays for me.

Oh, OK.

- Did Mary tell you that we're not still together?
- I can feel it.

Your wife has the big balls
of a new romance.

This is a little awkward...


I, er, came to ask the father
for the daughter's hand in marriage.


- Yes.
- She's 17!

She's still got another year
after this of school!

Yeah, if she continues.

So what's happening? Shall we get
dessert or are we taking a break?

Alexander is asking for
our permission to marry Mary.


You can't think why?

- Anyone can see she's too young!
- But then you don't see me.

You don't know our love.

We are happy, and I want to be
polite, but in one month's time,

she can legally marry,
so we will be married.



Mary. Mary!

Don't talk... just dance.

It's a mistake. Don't marry.

Puss, let's go.
We're going to my bedroom.



I think it would be better
if she was in the hospital.

I'm not answering that.

Izzie thinks she's ill.

She said she could have bipolar,

We know nothing
about her birth mother.

- She could have been mentally ill.
- Izzy, she's hardly met Mary.

Izzy's seen her! Remember when
she was helping me to move out,

you remember that performance?

She was angry, I was angry...
You were leaving both of us!

What should I do with this?
Should I chuck it? I don't want it.

- Give it to me.
- You want it?


Hi, honey.

It's rough.

- You go. You'd better get a taxi.
- I haven't drunk anything!

Izzy, I'll see you in five.


I know you blame me.

I just wish you would say it.

It's in the fricking air.
It's bloody unhealthy!

- I-I don't blame you. We've got a situation...
- Yes!

- ..and I-I just want to deal with it.
- Yeah, we sure do.

What's happened to our baby, hm?
What's happened to her?

I honestly think she would kill me
if I got in her way. She'd kill me.

She's a kid. She's confused.
That is normal. We just need to...

- It's not normal.
- Can you stop?

I'm not going to stop!
Don't tell me to stop!

- Sh!!
- Oh! I've lost my daughter!

- I've lost her to a disgusting...
- Julia, for God's sake, shut up!


I'm not going to shut up,
because it's true.

He's an utter fraud and a lowlife.

Destiny of man!

Oh, my God!

Come on, it's pathetic!

I don't even believe
he was a professor.

He was a junior professor.

I'd be surprised if he had a degree.

I am not letting this marriage
happen. Did you hear me?

Not letting it happen.




Julia had to go home.

Do you want dessert?

What's her problem?

You want them in here, or...

- Yeah. Puss is sleeping. Thanks, Dad.
- OK.

Do you like him?


It's good to meet him.

He is amazing.

I don't really feel like
you've seen him yet. I mean...

You should hear him
talk about Dostoyevsky.

I mean, other people talk
about reading, but he actually has.

He can quote whole passages
off by heart.

- Do you like him, Dad?
- The point is, baby, do you?

Do I like him?


Yeah, I love him!






Hey, can you let me in?


Do you need help?

Is everything all right?


Oh, I live opposite.


- I would have appreciated knowing that.
- Well, a few cops live here.

It's an affordable housing block.


- I don't want you telling people I scream in my sleep.
- Of course.

You want a cup of tea?

Come in. This is Captain Miranda.


We are travelling at light speed
times three. ETA 2300 hours!



It's good.

Yeah, my gay friends think I look
like a transvestite rocket man!

It helps me to relax.

Are we the same age?

Um, I don't know. How old are you?


- Can you hear the tick tick tick?
- Hm, can't hear a thing.

- Must be something wrong with my ears.
- Yeah, you don't care.

- Have you got a guy in New Zealand?
- Why? What did you hear?

Nothing, just that you're a loner
and you don't date. Good for you.

He's asked for a face-to-face.

They've agreed on mediation,

which is what he wants.

Apparently, he doesn't
want to see you suspended.

He's after closure.

This is a win.


'Stand by, all cars. We have
a report from Bondi Beach.

There's a suitcase washed up.

There's black human hair
coming from the inside.'

I can go.

Help me and agree to a meeting?

- Take Hilmarson.
- No... she'll slow me down.

Hey, she needs a mentor.

- Adrian, I'm not a teacher. Give me someone else.
- Take Miranda, OK?

She'd take a bullet for you. OK?

- Sarge, Sandy and I are good for this.
- Have you got ears?

- You didn't just hear that?
- You, you're with me.

Have you seen a body before?


Hope you haven't had your breakfast.

Oh, God... her eye's open!

Hello, darling.

Want to tell me what you saw?