Top of the Lake (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Top of the Lake - full transcript

Robin is squashed under the burden of Matt's disclosures, nevertheless, she will gather up her remaining strength for a valiant ultimate effort to locate Tui, utterly unprepared however for the inconceivable truth that lies before her.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(dog barking)



-This isn't going to be easy.
-Take your time.

-Is it on?


Best just get on
with it then, huh?


Your father's not dead.

No, that's not possible.

I've seen
the death certificate

And the pathologist's report.

I requested it ten years ago.

Well, I'm here to tell you
he's very much alive.

Some old video footage
from the early '80s.

(children laughing)

Just after your
parents arrived,

Before you were born.

Recognise anyone?

Is that mum?

She was a good-looking woman.

Movie star material.
Take your breath away.

It was
frustrating for her up here.

Nowhere to strut
her stuff, doll up.

The women at laketop didn't
understand her, really.

Some didn't wear bras
or shave their legs.

Your mum thought she could
teach them something,

But they didn't want to learn.

There's your dad.

No, that's not dad.

He was a foot taller than mum.

There was a lot of partying
in those days.

The road to town was bad,
sometimes impassable.

There was a bit
of mucking around.

Whether you like it or not,
this is where it
all began for you.

With my seed.

It was all secret.

There was a few
tears from her,

And then, lo and behold,
all these years later,
here you are.

All grown up.

Kind of puts a different light
on things, doesn't it?

No, it doesn't.

I loved my
father and he drowned.

You're my seed, girl.

My blood.

I knew it.

What the fuck did he say?

What happened?

You're my brother.

My half-brother.

No, he's lying.
This is one of
his fuckin' set-ups.

He showed me video footage
of him and my mother.

He said they had an affair.

Hello, brother.

You're freezing.
I'm gonna go get you a towel.


Do you think it's
harder than being gay?

I'm telling you,
he's fuckin' lying.

You don't know what he's like.

He's a pathological fuck.
He's a fuckin' liar.

Just do a dna test.

Come to bed with me.


(drawer shutting)

(door opens and closes)

I heard you
were on the way up.

Come on in.

Officer pete tell you?

Uh, yeah.

Do you want to sit down?

Are you okay?

How long have you known?

Oh, not long.

That was the, uh, that was the
purpose of the boat trip.

I wanted you to hear it as
soon as possible

And it had to be from matt.

-Have you
requested a dna test?

well, I'd definitely check.
-I want to go after him hard.

And it's gotta be soon, al.

Simone has said she'll
testify against him.

I'm guessing that's
his drug operation.

She'll bring others.
Narelle, sara, possibly.

Certainly that has
to be enough to get
a search warrant for a raid,

-But this time...
-Hang on a second,

I'll just get
officer joy to listen to this.


Well, we're going to have to
get somebody to take
over the investigation.


Can you get officer joy
to come in, please?

-Zena: Mm-hmm.

-Why do you need him?
-Well, he's going to help.


Robin, you're matt's daughter.
Your investigation is impeded

By the fact that
you're related.

I've already had his
lawyer on the phone to me.

Ah, joy, come in.
You can take over from
detective griffin, please?

I want to do it, al.

Joy: Al,
I'm on holiday tomorrow, sir.

I'm going to wales.
Ginny's parents have their

Golden wedding celebration.

Okay, um, well we can get
somebody to cover for you.

How long you away for?

-Three weeks.
-Uh, pete,

Can you come
over here, please?

You can take
over from, um, joy.

-This isn't going to work, al.

Just give joy
the contact addresses
for simone and her friends,

Then pete can follow up.

Al, I've got that
franklin situation.

I'm just working
it over right now.

Al: Yeah,
well you can do that after...

Just leave the information on
my desk.
I'll get some legwork on it.

well, we can prioritise it.

Or I'll get elliott to do it
or something.


Hi, how are you?

(engine starting)

Anita: Hello?
Melissa: Who is it?

Anita: Can't see who's in it.

Oh, my god, it's a girl.

Turn the car off.

Okay. What's her name?


-Phewee! She's been drinking.

-I'll go get her.
-Get anne-marie, darling.

Both: Anne-marie!

-Careful, careful.

We'll get her out.

(indistinct conversation)

Not something you'd expect on
a Saturday morning.

(indistinct conversations)

She's awake! Oi! She's awake.

-She's awake.
-All right, all right.

Her clothes aren't ready.
I'm soaking them.


-Will you come?

How are you?

Yeah, pretty fucked, huh?.


Take a couple.

You been fighting?

I want to talk to gj.

Okay. Sure, okay.

What's gold up to today?

This one...

Anita: I don't meditate.

(indistinct conversations)


(robin clears throat)

What are the chinese doing?

I don't know how
to keep living.

-Who is she?
She's the, um, detective.

Oh, I remember the detective.

So, you're on your knees?

Good. Now die to yourself.

To your idea of yourself.
you think you are, you're not.

What's left? Find out.

I've just realised
that who I thought I was,

Who my father
and mother were...


Stop thinking.

(whispering) stop thinking.


What are these
crazy bitches doing?

Prue: They're meditating.
Gj: Oh.

Have you people
paid your trailer rent?

All: Yeah.

Gj: No freeloading.

Fifty bucks a week.
You've gotta work.

No one will pay you for
closing your eyes.

Gj, I need to help tui.

You people all
want to help someone.

That one. That one
wants to help africa.

Help yourself first.
Like the aeroplane.

Put on your own mask first.

How do I help myself?

Why should I tell you
when you don't listen?

-I'm listening.

All you hear are your own
crazy thoughts,

Like a river of shit,
on and on.

See your thoughts
for what they are.

Stop your helping.
Stop your planning.

Give up! There's no way out.

Not for others, not for you.

We are living out here
at the end of the road,

The end of the earth in
a place called paradise.

How it going? Perfect?


You are madder than ever.

You are tired?

So lie down right here.

Be like a cat. Heal yourself.

There is no match
for the tremendous
intelligence of the body.



When is the next
flight to reykjavik?

Melissa: Um, iceland.
Any route
preference or carrier?

No. Just get away from
these crazy bitches.

Get fucked!

(helicopter whirring)

Man: (over radio) I have a
guy here on a bike
heading into chinaman.

Matt: Don't bother with him.

Man: We're
looking for smoke, yeah?

Tui is way too clever to show
any smoke so don't waste
time looking for any.

Just keep an eye on the huts.

If you see her, move on
like it's routine.

Come again. Understood?

Man: Copy that.
Matt: Okay.

(dog barks)


Mark: Luke, grab that one.

Dad. Dad.

-What's this?
-It's for the baby.

we were gonna clean it up.
-Whose baby?

-Tui can't have a baby.

What are you on, man?

She's twelve. There's no baby.
She's a kid.

Kids don't have babies.
They don't have
fuckin' babies.

I did not push simone's
boy over that cliff.

I wasn't even there.

-And if she
saying that I was...
-Dad, she didn't say you did.

Where is she, then?
Where's simone?

-Fuck knows.
-She blames me.
I know she blames me.

And where's delia?

Where's sara?
Where are they, huh?

Well, let me tell you this. If
they're not working,
and they're not working,

Then they pay rent.

Unless they're working,
you don't stay at laketop.

You either show respect,
or you get the fuck out! Yeah?

Luke: Yeah. Yeah.
Matt: Yeah? Yeah!

-You okay, dad?

My head hurts.

My head really hurts.


Luke, can you get
me something, please?

-Well what sort
of headache is it?
-Oh, it's just banging, man.

It's just banging.


I need to stay awake.

Okay, methamphetamines aren't
going to help, dad.

When I get a location on tui,
soon as I get a location
on tui, I'm off.

I'm out of here.
I'm going to get our girl,

That's what I'm going to do.


Just take one of these.

-What is this?
-It's a sedative.

It'll help with your head
and you can get some rest.

You don't
fuckin' listen to me!
I need to stay alert!

-I need to stay focused!
but you've got a headache.

You know
the thing with you two?

The thing with you two is
you never extended yourselves.

You never put yourself out
in your lives.

You've never loved anyone.

You're empty.

You're nothing.

(muttering) mum knows.
Mum knows best.

Here we go.
Whoops, steady, careful.
Careful, steady.

Good boy, good boy.
Gotta get there.

Gotta get there in time.
Hurry up, putty! Hurry up!

Okay, okay, mum.
Putty is moving.

(girl groaning)

Putty: Hey!

Water's come out of me.

-It's all right.
I'm back. I'm here.
-(tui cries out)

I'm right here.
Putty's right here.
It's all right.

-You're gonna be fine.
-Help me!

Putty knows.
Here, have some milk.

It's good. It's good.

Nice, nice, mmm.


(helicopter whirring)


Come on, then!

Bomb me! Bomb me, then!

Bomb me! Bomb me, then!

Man: (over radio)
uh, I have a new sighting.

Strange-looking guy. Could be
the same guy on the bike.

Did he have a trailer?

He's shaking his fist at me.

Matt: It's putty. Where is he?

Man: Maybe 4.2 ks
up the river from chinaman.

See anything else?

There may be a fire going
down there. Smoke.

Okay, move on.
Don't wind him up.

Okay, roger that.

Hey, where're you going, dad?

I'm going to chinaman's.
Putty's got her.

Come on, dad.
You're strung out, eh?

Come on, come on,
you're going to hurt someone.

I need to go.
Need to go find her.

Just come and
sit down for a sec.

Give you
something to chill out.

Lukie, get him
something to chill out.

-Just sit down, dad.
-Luke: Hey, dad!

Think you're gonna
fuckin' stop me? Huh?


(dogs barking)

Dad, I'm sorry, eh?


You think you can
fuckin' hurt me?

-Mark: Bring it on!
-Think you can
fuckin' hurt me?

Fuckin' bring it on!

You fuckin' piece
of fucking shit!

Fucking hate you!
You fucked me up!

-You fucking...

Lukie! Luke, get off him!
Fuckin' get off him!

(luke screaming)

Fuck off.

Who you calling?

Hey, johnno.




Ah! Putty knows how to help.

Yeah, see, it all in here.
The baby's head and baby...

The canal, and...

(tui moaning)

(putty moans)

Putty here to help. Yeah.

His mum was a...
A midwife for 30 years.

So I was a shepherd. Oh, no.
That's it.
That's it, good girl.

I'm here to help, tui.

Tui? Tui?

(baby crying)

Oh, my god.


Staying alive.

Johnno: Where's robin?
Bunny: Hi.

-Where is she?
she's really tired, darling.

Johnno: Where's robin?

Well, she's in
that one right there.
Over to the left.

Luke's called.
Matt's gone in after her.
So could you come?

Johnno: It's cold.
Must have been here a while.

-Is matt armed?

Putty: Doesn't speak.
Doesn't speak.
Doesn't say anything.

Putty can't see anything.
Staying asleep.

See? Staying asleep.

Oh, no. No, no, no.

Oh, no. No, no, no.

(baby cries)

No, no. No, okay?

-Okay? Come on now.
-(baby crying)

Matt: Just shut up! Shut up!

Stop your crying!
What do you want, huh?

Look at me. Look at me.

Look at me.

What do you want from me?
tell me what do you want?

Dad! Step away!




Robin: Tui, no! Tui, no!



Tui? I'm unarmed.


Remember me?

You're all right now, tui.

It's okay. You're all right.

It's okay.

You're all right. It's okay.

It's okay. Okay?

It's okay. It's all right.

(johnno moans)

# drag me down to the water

# hold me down until I'm full

# until I struggle no longer

# until I've
drowned in my sinful will

# bound my hands to the stake

# set fire to
the ground below... #

Watch him.

Zena called.
I thought you were asleep.

Have the results come in?

-From both the labs.
-And is there a match?


Al wants to tell you himself.
He coming out now.


I know.

What's up?

(faint music
heard from headphones)

Al: How many do
you want to order?

How many are we allowed?
Al: I think three.

Tegan: Three?

(indistinct conversations)

Kayla: Oh, hey, tui.

Tui: Hi.
Kayla: Oh, my gosh!

Oh, so cute!

So tiny.

That's yours?


Is there,
um, somewhere we can talk?

Ah, here's matt.

Don't know what
you've got planned
for him, but here he is.

How's tui going?

Through the day, you wouldn't
know anything was wrong.

But, at night, she...

She has terrible nightmares.

uh, crosschecked the results
with two labs because, ah...

Quite frankly,
I'm surprised
and I'm sickened.

Here we are.

I'm still shaking my head
because I can't
really believe it.

the father of tui's baby.

For all his faults,
I thought he had more decency.

(baby crying)

Shut up.

What about the baby?
Is the baby okay?

as far as I can see, yeah.

Chromosomes are all normal.

Al, how are we going to put
her in court?

She so confused. She doesn't
even seem to
know she shot matt.

She talks as if
he's still alive.

She won't see a court,
I can promise you that.

Matt was pointing a gun
at her baby, right?


Seems like your mother had
her own midwinter madness.

Matt's not your father, mate.

(baby continues crying)

He won't shut up!

He crying over nothing.

Right-o, baristas. Grad night.

-Come on.
-Kayla: Are you coming?

You decided on the pizzas yet?

Can tui come too?
We all want to hang out.

Uh, yeah, it's fine by me.

Um, maybe ask robin though.

Is it all right if tui comes?

I want to go.

You sure?

Kayla: She can
share my sleeping bag.
It quite big. It opens out.

Let her go.

You'll call me if
you change your mind?

Get your mobile. Phone.

I'll come and get you, okay?

Al: Okay.
So, what's the decision?

(indistinct conversations)

Tui: Wait.

Bye, noah.

Have fun!

(honks horn)

Tui: Bye.

What is it?

She needs to be a kid again.

Just needs to be able
to hang out with her friends.

Perfectly normal.
And we need to be normal.

Or try to be normal.

Or pretend to be normal.

Come on,
let's get out of here.

You gonna talk to me here?
You gonna pay me
some attention?

She has her phone.

She'd call if she needed us.

I'll call her, okay?

You're apart from tui again.

It feels traumatic.
It's not surprising.

Here you go.

Tui: (recorded voice) hey,
this is tui. I can't speak
to you right now.

Can you text me?

-No answer?
-I'll send a message.

Excuse me,
have you got tegan's number?


-Thank you.
-(baby crying)

(phone dialling)

April stephens was a graduate.

The girl who was run over.

I didn't know that.

Johnno: Could you get
the formula, please?


Where are you going?

It's okay. (shushes)

(phone dialling)

Tui: (recorded voice) hey,
this is tui. I can't speak
to you right now.

Can you text me?



(banging on the door)

Al: Oh, angel. Oh, I thought
you'd never fucking come.

-Kiss? Eh?
-Hey, hey.

Oh, okay.
No kiss. I'm a bad boy!

Bad boy.
What do you want me to do?

Hit the ground,
put my hands in the air?

Just stop it, al.

I'm sorry.
This is my night off.

-I'm a bit loaded, that's all.
-Where are they?

-Hey? Who?
-The kids.

Thought my dvds
were shit so they've
gone into town to see a movie.

They said they
were going to call.
Didn't they call?

They've probably turned
their phones off.


-Just give it a try.
-Who you ringing?

(phone ringing)

Looks like she left it.
I'll just go and get it.

What took you so long? You
know, the waiting has been
fucking killing me.

Al, I want the kids.
Where are they?

I told you, they're not here.

I think you're lying.

Oh, fuck, that...

-Move aside.
-Ooh, that's sexy, isn't it?

-Step aside, al.
-Big gun for a little girl.

Al, I'll shoot you.
I'm warning you.

(laughs) go on.

Wanna shoot me, yeah?
Wanna shoot me, do ya?

There. Put it there.
Fuck, that feels good.

that feels good, doesn't it?

What are you here for?

Yeah? What are you
really here for, anyway?

(gun fires)


(al moaning)


(mobile phone rings)

We need an ambulance.
There's been a shooting.

50 lake drive.
This is
detective robin griffin.

Tui, are you all right?

You okay?

-Why didn't you
answer your phone?
-I was sleeping.

Where are the others?

Where's tegan?
Did they go to a movie?

Tui, it's very
important you tell me.

Maybe. I don't know.

You stay here, okay?

-Stay here!

(door opening)

Man: Yeah.

The flowers or the stripes?
I don't mind, you choose.

(classical music playing)

Robin: Turn around!
Put your hands
behind your head.

Do it now!

(sirens approaching)


Shhh. It's okay.


No goodbyes, thanks.

Where are you going?
I don't want you to go.

You've got a real teacher now.
Make sure you pay
attention to him.

(noah crying)