Top of the Lake (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Top of the Lake - full transcript

Robin who is becoming obsessed with missing Tui's case is forced to unearth her painful past, while in the background, there is an outburst of violence in Paradise and an incident of suppressed aggression that will bear unforeseen results.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
May I take your coat?

I'll keep it on, thanks.

Oh, you won't be cold,
I just lit the fire.

I'll take it off later.

-I'm not really
dressed for this.
-There you are.


I don't have
any salad dressing.
Can you whip one up?


Do you have garlic?

Yeah, got a lot of garlic.

Shall I tell you what
I came up with last night?

Yeah, sure.

I'll just get these
out of the way.

-I'll fill your glass.

I think I know what
tui was trying to tell me.

Look, I think she meant
literally "no, one".

As in three or four.

Not one, I think she was

Multiple raped.

When you think of tui,
what do you see?

A very lonely,
frightened little girl.


What do you see?

Well, yeah, I see that, but

I'm looking at that
lonely little girl.

You know, sometimes,
maybe once in your career
a case comes along that

Fits so tightly that you
can't let go.

You know? That's when things
start to go crazy.

You dream about it,
you can't stop
thinking about it and

Everything around
starts to be a sign.

Why do you say that?

Well, because I
think that, um,

Tui's case is triggering
history in your life.

I didn't run away from home.

We got those lads, you know.

Fifteen years ago we brought
those little hard-ons in.

It was right after you left
for sydney with your mother.

Now, a few of us,

All the guys,
matt mitcham included,
we, um,

Brought them in
and worked them around,
we stripped them and

Gave them a hiding
on their skinny little arses.

You know, mitcham
figured out that sarge
was the dirty little start-up

So he made him lick
the other guys' arseholes.

So does

Everyone know?

Does officer joy know?


The whole police station?

It wasn't your fault,
you know. What happened
should never have happened.

We only did
what we did because

Your father wasn't around
to teach those dirty
little shits a lesson.


Are you okay?

Hey, I know this
can't be easy for you.

So everyone knows
I've been raped.

And those...
Those arses are just...

They're just walking about.

No, they were
bloody well punished.


And I had a baby.

Oh, jesus, I didn't know that.

How old were you?

Just 16.

Mum was catholic.

Didn't have a choice.

My girl wrote to me

A few months ago.

She wrote on pink notepaper

With two doves in one corner.

She really wanted to know
a few things about her

Biological parents.

You know, like,
were we into sport or


Like her.

What the fuck could I say?

'cause if I was her...

If I was her and I found out

That my father

Was one of four rapists and

My mother,

Their 15-year-old victim.

I would want to kill myself.

I would want to blow
my fucking brains out.

And that she doesn't know,

Never has to know.

That's it.

That's all I have to give her.

Every birthday,

Every christmas...

Her fucking right
to innocence.

Fuck the truth, al.

Fuck the truth.

Was johnno involved?



No, he was... He was my date.

He was my date.

I need some more wine.

And you?

Most of those guys
have left now.

They're not around any more.

Not sarge.

Oh, so you recognised him, eh?

I wondered if you would.

Oh, yeah.

Now that he's driving an old
rust bucket, you should pull
him over and book him.


And after that can I kill him?

-This is fucking stupid.
-Hey, hey. Hey.

My sense is that
you're just working
this too hard.

I think she just didn't
want to say.


She's afraid to say.

Hey, hey!

I'm going home.

This is stupid.
You don't get it.

-Are you okay?
-I'm fine.

You're not gonna drive home.
Where's your keys?

I'm all right. I'm all right.

-Okay, you're not gonna drive.
Come on, up you get.


Hello, there.
You feeling okay?


Come in.

You might want
to shut the door.

What's up?

I woke up in your shirt
in your bed.

How did I get there?

Well, you had blacked out,
you threw up on your clothes,
so I washed them.

Well, why didn't you put me
on the couch?

It's completely inappropriate.


What's the alcohol content
of that red?

-I never pass out.
-Oh, this is masterful.
Stop drinking, it works.

Zanic's credit card statement.

Look at March.

There's five dental billings
in auckland.

He wasn't here
when tui got pregnant.

He was getting his teeth done.

Why haven't you asked
who wrote the slogans
on his hut?

Yeah, okay, miss marple,
I know this, all right?

We're on to it.
It's happening.

So where did you sleep?

On the freaking couch.

Robin, you passed out.
It was my obligation
to look after you.

Then why don't I feel like
saying thank you?

Oh, my guess?

You embarrassed yourself.

Excuse me! Excuse me.

Can I speak to you?

-I'm looking for a jamie,
tui's friend.
-Who are you?

Detective robin griffin,
southern lakes police.

He doesn't have any friends.
He doesn't talk to anyone.

He texts.

30, 35 texts.

I've got to go to work.

-Okay. Where?



-What are you doing here?

This is tui's room.

She could come back any time.

Nobody comes in here. Nobody.

Get out. Get out.

Matt, I'm... I'm so sorry.

You must be...
You must be feeling terrible.

Why would I feel terrible?
I've not done anything.

You don't mention tui
and I won't mention
your boyfriend, brad.

Brad wasn't my boyfriend.
He was a pet, but he...

That's enough, enough.
I've heard enough of this.

-Pack your things and go.
-No, no.

No, matt. We can sort this
in the morning.

You don't put
the cups back properly!

The handles face out!

Excuse me.

I'll get it.

Hurry up, you stupid bitch.


-stupid bitch!

See what you made
me fucking do.

-What are you looking at?
-Where's anita?

Bunny! Bunny!

Hello! Where's anita?

How long do you think
you're going to last here, eh?

You fucking...

You are talking
through your arsehole!

-You won't last in this land.
-Shit's coming out
of your mouth.

What? What did you say?

Yeah, you.
I'm talking to you, arsehole.

-Talk about arseholes...
-Shit, just shit,
you have shit for brains.

-Excuse me.
-Where do you put
your piss and your shit?

You put it in my fucking land!

-That's where you
fucking put it.
-Oh, bullshit!

-Your fucking
menstrual waste.
-Excuse me!

Your fucking...
Your scum is going
right in there.

Menstrual waste?
We don't even get
our fucking periods!

Of course you don't.
You know why?
You're unfuckable.

-What's he say?
-You're unfuckable.

-You're a dry,
useless, fucking bitch!

-You, you, unfuckable.

-Oh, please!

Utterly unfuckable!

-I'm calling the police.
-Oh, and you are so fuckable,
you shitforbrains.

Oh, my god! Anita!
Come back!

-Wait, fucker!
Do not... Get out of the car!
-I'll go!

Anita, has he hurt you?

-Is she all right?
-No, she's not all right.

Fucker! Just fuck you!

-Is she all right?
-Get her in here.

I know I'm not supposed
to say it, but I want to meet
my granddaughter.

She's got a family.

This is what's killing me.

You may not want to see her
but I do and I'm gonna look
for her.




I got lost.

Left the path,
I couldn't find it again.

We were just about to
call the police.

I have to get home.

This is uncomfortable.

I'm sorry about earlier.

My emotion surprised me.

It's the medications.

Do you really have to go?

Why didn't you call
if you got lost?

-I couldn't, I...
When I tried, my phone died.
-See you.

I'm sorry, mum.


Have you seen
zanic's place?

-Guess what?

-Not there?
-Not there.

-Ah, she'll be dead, but.

I'm not saying she's alive
or anything.

They just didn't find her.

Well, you didn't find any
bodies at eel creek, did you?

Not playing tonight?


-Do you know what
the perfect murder weapon is?

Get fucked, that's what I do.

Go on, you tell her then,

-An icicle stalagmite.

'cause after you
stab them,

It melts.

It self-destructs.

You're a good
man, eh?

You're buddy's mate.
You're buddy's mate.

I've got some words
for you, eh?

There you go.

Fuck off.

I know you
from somewhere, don't I?

You're not a sydney girl? Hmm?

Too classy for you
to be a sydney girl.

I reckon it's like a
picnic races or something.

You don't remember me, do you?

Probably the royal
easter show, I'm thinking.


Did we fuck or something?

We fucking did, didn't we?

-you remember me
now, arsehole?

You remember me now, arsehole?
Do you remember me now?

Do you remember me now,
you motherfucker?

-Get the fuck out of here.
-Fuck you,
piece of fucking shit!

-fuck you!

Piece of fucking shit!

fucking remember me now?

Do you fucking remember me?

You piece of shit!

What the fuck
is happening to me?

what the fuck
is happening?

-Hi, are you...
Are you all right?

Um, careful, he's in a mood.

You want to see me?

How's life in the teepee?
Looks a bit rough.

Al, I'm sorry. I lost it.

It won't happen again.

No, 'cause you're stood down.

And who'll take over
tui's case?

She's dead.

You put your finger out of
the window lately?

No one can survive
out there in this cold.

Go and get some sleep.

And, uh, think about
getting back to australia.

An aggressive cop,
and I'm talking
grievous bodily harm,

It's just not on.

Where are you?

Are you dead or alive?


I've blown it.

Al sacked me.

And I'm single.

-You're single?

I'm not a detective
and I'm not engaged.

I'm so angry for her.

Just lie low, and you'll
see a lot about how
this place operates.

While there's nothing going on
we can get to know each other.

No impediments.

It's pretty threatening.

What is it?


Which kid?

I've been keeping
an eye on these kids' canoes.

Checking how often
they go out.

This means he's been out.

The boy with the hoodie?


Watch your footprints.

Hey, you're in this.

Look, school camp.

Oh, yeah, look at that.

Hey, it's your little brother.

His arm's all bandaged up.

What's that?

Shit, that's us.

You want milk?

Can you talk to my boy? Jamie.

What about?

He's not normal, he doesn't...
He doesn't talk.

He collects bones.

He told me there're
206 in the human body.

I'll leave you to it.

Your mum says
you won't speak to anyone.

Should she worry?

Sometimes when people
are silent it's because

They're afraid
of what they might say.

People can make mistakes,
you know.

They can lose their temper
and do things they regret.

Is this yours?

It's wet.

Have you been out on a kayak?

How'd it get wet?

You know, when very
young girls get pregnant,
it's often innocent.

They've been with a boy
and it's...

They do things,
things happen...

It's an accident,
it's not a crime.

Was tui your girlfriend?

You two ever fool around?

You are friends.
Jamie, I know that.

I found your messages
on her phone.

I called your number.

You know, jamie...

You ought to know
the police won't give up
on a case like this.

They're not allowed
to give up.


What do you like about bones?

Oh, you're a barista.
That's cool.


Do you really believe
in all that shit?


You know that kid
who doesn't speak to adults?

He doesn't speak to anyone.

I hear he's speaking to you.

We were speaking with him.

Hey, have you done
the barista course?

Have you done it?

I'm doing it.

Hug me.

They slave us.

They don't actually,
they just make them work.

-hey, simone's son,
he collects bones.

There's hundreds of them.
And guess what?

He's got a pale blue hoodie.
And it was really wet.


I just don't remember
this being taken.

Do you?

It's not a good time.

Mum made that dress.

your mum.

I remember her face falling
when she opened
the door to me.

No, it was when
she heard your name,

And she realised you
were matt's son.

She hates him.

She thought you would be
just as bad.

I remember that kiss.

I do remember that.

Where'd you go off to?

Just didn't want you to know
I smoked weed.

You didn't come back.

I had a lot.

I was pretty stoned.

You up for this?

Not really.

I was so hurt.

So I decided to walk home.

Didn't you see me?

I came right after you.
I was waving.
I thought you saw.

Hey, robin!

I don't
remember you waving.

Then that truck pulled up
out of nowhere.

I didn't notice how many men
were in the truck.

And I didn't see
how drunk they were.

I tried to talk
my way into the cab.

They threw me in
the dog cage on the back.

You came, too?

There's something
I need to tell you.

Is it bad?

What is it?

I think it's bad.

You're scaring me.

Don't tell me.

Don't tell me!

-Hi! Me.
-You're late.

I brought you dinner.

That's nice.

Hi. This guy's
been ringing for you
for a couple of days now.

Says it's important
that he talks to you.

He's at the lakeside motel
and he's come up specially
to see you.

-Who is he?
-He wouldn't say.

Does he know
I'm not a cop any more?

Why did I have to hear that
from other people?

Who told you?

Al rang to see
how you were going.

I had no idea you were sacked.

What's happening to you?

I don't understand
the behaviour.

You're not violent.

You're lucky
al stepped in for you.

He could've stepped
in 15 years ago.

Then what? A court case?

Why not?

It happens all the time.

And you know what,
I don't give a shit

If sarge is walking around
with a grubby bandage on.

I hope he's awake
and in fucking pain! Always!

Me, too. Always.

Don't go back to laketop.

There's too much history
for you there.

It's destructive.

Robin griffin. You are?

Ian fellows,
pathologist in macau.

You got identification?

Well, good point.

Uh, a good point.


Oh, I hear you're on loan
from the new south
wales crime squad.

Who told you that?

Your old boss.

What's your opinion
of the police here?

I don't work for them
any more.

That's a side step.

No, actually,
it's a step down.

Detective parker
stood me down.


Well, I can tell you
from my experience,
they're fucking pathetic.

That's like a lost
and found office,

With al parker as head clerk.

I suggested three cases

Go forward
to coronial inquiry.

He hasn't moved on
one of them.

Bob platt, drowned
in a boating incident.

They call "accident".

Wolfgang zanic, suicide
with lacerations and bruises

I can't make any sense of.

And April stephens, 13,

Hit by a car on laketop road.

Traces of cocaine
in her vagina.

-When was she hit?
-Oh, uh...

Late last year, let me see.

Uh, yeah, November 15.


Where'd she get that?
It's not a kid's drug.

That's right,
far too expensive.

Was there any evidence
of sexual intercourse?

Slight vaginal abrasions,

And no sperm.

Probably used a condom.

What are you thinking?

Ah, queenstown is
a millionaire's playground.

What they want, they get.

Top grade cocaine, prostitutes

And I'm adding underage sex.

When I have someone
on my slab,

They all just become, uh,
decaying matter, evidence.

But when a kid's involved,
it's different.

I had a daughter
who overdosed.

So for me, it's emotional.

Did April have a habit?

I don't think so, no.
Her arms were clean.

Apparently, she walked
out in front of the car
as if she wanted to be hit.

Hug me.