Top of the Lake (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Top of the Lake - full transcript

In New Zealand's rugged and mountainous South Island, an unripe 12-year-old pregnant girl is found up to her chest in the lake's glacial waters. She is already five months pregnant, moreover, she keeps the father's name to herself.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Hey, mate...
Pull over. Stop.
Hey, what's going on?
The water will kill you!
Are you crazy?
Come here. Jesus, girl!
What are you doing?
My God!
- Out! Wait outside! - Miss, I've got a headache!
Actually, can you go and get Mrs Morabito, please? It's urgent.
Have you told your mum?
Hey, Mark.
They're trucking a bunch of boxes up to Paradise.
- What boxes? - Containers.
Onto the property?
Yeah, heaps of the things.
Does Dad know?
Here you go, good boy.
Hey, Dad? There's a whole heap of trucks going up to Paradise.
So? Well, I've never seen that many before.
You know, containers, Trucks, the whole thing.
Open this for me, would you?
You're not worried?
How many containers?
Twelve, fifteen?
Yeah, over here, sweetheart!
Thanks a lot.
Hey, um, GJ?
Why did you choose Paradise?
Paradise. Uh...
I chose this place for its name.
I wanted to see it for myself.
I thought it would be just the two of us.
However, now we are six women,
with a container each and a mattress.
Um, GJ won't allow anything more because she says we will play house.
Mum's doing well.
She might even be happy, finally.
It's hard being back.
This place is so small, we can hear each other breathing.
I know.
Whatever she needs.
Turangi's OK. He's good.
Dying here.
I've been for a run.
- PHONE RINGS - I'll get it.
Yep, hang on a sec.
It's the police. Southern Lakes Police.
What do they want?
Yes, this is Detective Robin Griffin.
Yes, it's me.
OK. She's 12 years old?
I'd like to get a confirmation.
Do you have a... An ultrasound facility?
Good. You'll have to get the mother's permission.
Yes, just a second.
- Can you spare me for the afternoon? - How did they get this number? No.
- Mum... - You just got here! - It's a child.
Child Services called. They've contacted one of their officers
specially trained in dealing with sexual assault
Who just happens to be in town at the moment.
- Hey. - Oh, yeah? Doing what?
- Uh, visiting a sick mum. - Oh, yeah, what's his name?
- It's a her. - Oh, fuck.
- Detective Robin Griffin. - Oh, well, this is going to be painful.
You OK?
Bob Platt.
He sold Paradise.
I can feel it.
Oh, how could he, Dad? He's got a deal with us.
HE GROANS G'day. >
Can I help you? I'm Anita. Hi.
- Yeah, Mark and Luke. - Hello. - Yeah, just wondering what's going on
with containers on this piece of property.
Uh, on my piece of property?
We are setting up.
It's private property.
Well, this is my land.
I bought it.
From who?
From Bob Platt Real Estate.
Bob Platt.
How about I get him on the line?
- Yeah, do that. - Yeah.
- Let's go and do that. - Come on.
- So? - Platt sold it, Dad.
- Leave it. - Can you help me with this? I need to get it unravelled...
- Who the hell are you? - Um... I'm Anita. I'm from Syracuse.
Could you help me with...
No. No, I'm not going to help you with anything. Who's in charge here?
- Um, GJ. ..GJ? Hey, GJ? - She in charge?
Yeah. Yeah.
Is... Is... Is she a she?
- Yeah! - Oh, yeah. - No, no. What you're doing here is illegal.
I have an agreement with the owner. Goes back ten years.
- Ten years. - Yeah. Do you have a permit for what you're doing? No.
No, no. DA? A grey-water waste plan? No, no, no.
All you're doing is turning this place into a rubbish dump.
And why is that raccoon walking away from me?
- Well, that is GJ. - What is this? - It's tea.
Uh, GJ is in a... A different mental state.
- What are you saying? - Well... Well, She's, um...
Well, she's different from everybody else.
Some people say she's enlightened,
- but that's quite old-fashioned, really. - Yeah.
What the hell are you all doing here?
Um, well,
my story is, um, quite bad.
Is that right?
Yeah. OK. Well, I had this chimpanzee called Brad.
Um, we were very close.
We, um... We slept together and we bathed together sometimes,
but in the last couple of months, Brad became, um,
- very difficult to handle. - Yeah, like, he bit her.
- Yeah. - Show them. Show them. - I'll show you. Look. He bit me right here.
I was advised to put him on hormone treatment,
and then, eventually, I had him castrated, but it was too late.
He was too possessive.
I was very stupid.
I, uh... I should have had him put down
And finally he attacked my best friend.
Such a foolish thing to think that Brad could ever be a friend.
Brad had to be killed.
And I am pretty much
A mess.
That's tragic, but was he a boyfriend or your pet?
No, he was a friend.
Yeah, he was a friend.
So this is some kind of halfway recovery camp, is that right?
Well, yeah, it's... It's nothing official,
but there are a lot of women here in a lot of pain.
- Pain, yeah. - They come from abused marriages.
- Broken hearts, sex addicts. - Sex addicts.
Most of them have come here hoping that GJ can, um, help them.
Help them get well.
Yeah, me, I, um... I came here because I had, uh,
quite a tragic thing happen with my children and it was...
Just, no. No, no, no, no.
Once was enough, OK?
Now you're just starting to bore the tits off me.
- Excuse me? - Have your tea.
- Thank you. - What?
Oh, my God.
OK, well, why don't you just fuck off, you alpha ass!
Low self-esteem.
Turns me on.
Did you see the tits on the naked one?
Just shut the fuck up.
Did you see the naked one there?
Shut up. Go over to that little fuck Bob Platt's.
He's gone fishing today.
Where is she?
- Get them out of there. - Hey? - Get them out.
Get them out.
Al! She's here.
She wants you out. >
Right, then. Lee, Joy, out of here.
- Ah, man, what's... - Pete, you too.
Who authorised the session?
It doesn't matter. She hasn't said anything.
She's tight as a clam.
- She has a name. - Detective Sergeant Al Parker.
Yeah, she's got a name. It's on the form behind you.
I've had a bit of experience with this young girl.
I want this window covered with sheets of A3,
and I want her on my own for as long as it takes.
No interruptions under any circumstances.
I want a clear "yes" from everyone.
ALL: Yes.
Where's the paper?
- Hugh? - All right.
We're on our own now, Tui.
You don't have to say anything, OK?
I'm going to sit down.
I've got some chocolates,
if you want one.
You know you're not in any trouble.
You're a kid.
And I'm just trying to help.
I don't need help.
Well, it's true. You've managed things very well so far.
But how do you think you'll be going three months from now?
Tui, what do you think's happening to you?
Why do you think your tummy's getting bigger?
You know, don't you?
You know what's happening.
Something's in there.
That's what we think, too.
But we have to be sure.
And to be certain, we need to do some tests.
Do you want to do some tests for me?
Good girl.
Shall we get your mum to come, too?
..who is the man that did this to you?
You don't have to say his name.
What if you just write it?
Don't look till I've gone.
Shall we go see about those tests?
That's the head there.
We'll grab a few measurements of that.
It's disgusting.
It's OK. You're doing really well, all right?
Really well, OK?
Hey, Bob.
- Hey, boys, how are you? - Are you busy?
Oh, no, just got a few things on. An inspection or two this afternoon.
- Get your gear. - Why... Why's that?
Cock and Jed just caught 15 salmon this morning.
- Jeez, 15, eh? Yeah? - Yeah. - Do you want to go out?
Lukey, a bit of respect.
No, he's all right.
- You're pulling me leg, aren't you? - Nah. Yeah.
Hey, in fact could be more than 15,
cos 15 was when I spoke to them this morning
and they're still on the lake.
- Yeah. - Is Matt coming?
Nah, nah, shit, no. He thinks we're working.
- Yeah. - Right-o.
Bloody quiet.
- No bites? - None at all.
That's weird.
Hey, you sold any properties lately, Bob?
No, it's dead quiet. Jesus.
What's happening up there at Paradise?
- Hmm? - Who are those old lezzos, eh? Who knows them?
Oh, they're an odd bunch, aren't they, eh?
Oh, yeah, see? You do know them, eh?
Oh, you know, I just... Not much.
Who's that fucking little weirdo who's running the show?
Hey, is it a man or a woman or something else?
- No seriously, Bob, what is it? - She's a woman.
She's just let herself go a bit. You guys!
Who's this?
- Better pull your line in, Bob. - Pull your line in. - Yeah.
- What's up? What's up, Matt? - Luke, get the anchor.
- You help him. - Want a beer, Matt?
What do I open it with, my teeth?
This one.
I'm going to ask you some questions, Bob.
And I want the correct answer, straightaway.
Cos if I don't think it's correct, I'm going to kill you.
Right here.
All right.
First question.
Did you sell Paradise to someone called Bunny?
- That the correct answer? - Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah. - So what's happening up there?
Both parties have what's called an option agreement.
- A what? - It's an... - An option? - It means they exchange...
No, I told you, I told you. He fucking sold it.
My mother is buried in Paradise.
They haven't exchanged yet.
You're a piece of fucking shit.
Look me in the face. Look me in the face.
You're a fucking shit, OK? You're not one of us. You're not...
I'm not gonna touch you. I'm not gonna touch you.
- I've told you, it's only an option... - I'm not gonna touch you.
Going swimming, Bobby?
Give us a hand. Get me up. You know what this water will do.
Oh, jeez! Matt! It's freezing in here!
- Oh, mate, get me out! - Oi, Bob.
- I'm sorry! It was... It was my mistake! - There you go, mate.
Thank you!
Get it, Bob!
Oh, Jesus, get me out of here!
- Sorry, Bob. - Please, pull me in! - What's that, Bob? - Matt!
I can cancel it! I can cancel the contract!
It's your land, Matt. Matt, please!
Help me up! Please, help me up!
No, no mate. You're going for a swim.
- Off you go. - I'm sorry, Matt!
No, Matt!
- Get me out! - This is what happens when you sell Paradise!
One, two, three!
Grab it, Bobby!
- Hey, Dad! Dad! - Dad!
Cut it!
Dad, stop it.
What is it?
Get him out.
Get him out!
Is he all right?
No, he's not all right.
Do mouth-to-mouth!
- Eh? - Do mouth-to-mouth!
- Nah. - Do mouth-to-mouth! - I'm not fucking...
Get off me!
You do it.
Bob! Bob!
She did this voluntarily?
- Can I have a look? - Mmm-hmm.
Uh, take a seat, if you like.
The operator said it's probably four-and-a-half to five months.
- God. - I know.
You know, Tui wants to go home to her dad's.
- I'm not so sure that's a good idea. - Oh, that's OK. I know the family.
Um, I'll drive her home.
What's her home life like?
I mean, do you really think that's wise?
I'm concerned there's just men there,
and Matt and his sons have an unholy reputation.
She can't get any more pregnant.
She could be attacked for being pregnant.
Look, thanks very much for your help.
Um, we all learned a little more sensitivity today.
I think that's a very good thing. Thanks for being on the team.
You know, this is statutory rape.
We have to find out who did this.
We've got to think about DNA testing,
questioning as many neighbours and contacts...
Hmm, and you don't think I know that?
Um, how's Jude recovering?
Um, it's... It's tough.
The... The cancer's come back, but she's being very positive.
Oh, no, I meant Turangi and her.
- I don't know what you mean. - There was a domestic there a couple of weeks ago.
There was a bit of alcohol involved and there was a door punched in.
- I didn't know. - I'm so sorry. I didn't know that you weren't aware of it.
Well, at least I've got some.
Detective Sergeant,
if it's all right with you, I'd like to keep working with Tui.
I feel like I've built some real trust today
and I'd like to keep going.
- How long you visiting for? - Two or three weeks.
All right. OK. Look, can you, uh, drop round to her mother's
and tell her what's happening?
Guess what? We've got an espresso machine up at Laketop now.
Yeah, we just got the call a moment ago.
Yeah, no, so we're going to need to get someone up there.
- Yeah? - Sending a boat up to Pigeon Island now.
- Someone's gone overboard. - Oh, probably pissed. He'll be dead.
Come on, Pete. Car's leaving now.
- How many boats you taking? - Just the one.
- They still can't find the body. - You'll need two.
Yeah, Lee, can you organise another boat, please?
We're going to send two boats.
- Stay where you are, all right? - Are you going now? - Yeah, mate.
Just got to drop Tui and I'll be there.
I will see you very soon.
How about the day after tomorrow? Three o'clock?
Shall I drive or do you want to?
Oh, wait, you drove last time. Come on, let's go, kiddo.
What's wrong? She been shoplifting again?
Ah, no, no, Matt.
Can we talk?
Look, um...
Tui was found up to her chest in the lake.
The headmistress called us in.
The kid wouldn't say anything.
But, um, it turns out she's pregnant.
Oh, Jesus Christ. No. No, no, she's not pregnant.
I'll have her in that clinic tomorrow.
Look, it's a little bit more complicated than that.
She's about five months into it.
What? Oh, for fuck's sake! Right, OK.
Then I'll take her to Sydney,
cos there's no way there's gonna be a fucking baby.
- No way. - Well, Children's Services are already onto it.
And, um... And there's a female detective.
Remember Ivan's daughter, Robin, from Sydney?
Right, here's what you do.
You go on your radio, you phone the detective,
you tell her she's had a miscarriage, right?
Or... Or she's marrying the kid from down the road.
- What, at twelve years of age? - Use your imagination. One day.
Look, she's going to be interviewed, OK? That's a fact.
You're in shock, that's all.
I'm not in shock.
Christ, I know kids.
I had my first orgasm when I was seven, my first fuck when I was 11.
So, she's a slut,
like her dad was a slut.
But she's too young to have a baby.
I wouldn't do that to one of my bitches.
Oh, I need a joint. I've had a prick of a day.
Yeah, well, I didn't hear that.
That little one Mark's?
I'll see you later.
Hey, bubs.
What were you doing in the lake?
Who were you trying to kill? Yourself or the baby, you idiot?
You didn't talk. That was good.
You know this piece of shit
won't kill anything bigger than a bunny rabbit.
You really want to shoot someone,
point right here.
Or here. Or here.
Go to bed.
Hello? >
I know. Bob Platt? >
Yeah. Yeah, well I heard it was just some dumb accident. >
He'd been drinking. Yeah. >
Oh, silly man. >
That's what happens. >
Yeah, well, I'll come and pick the boys up. >
Just a minute.
You are the mother of Tui Mitcham?
Mrs Mitcham, I was with Tui at the ultrasound test this afternoon.
It confirms she's four-and-a-half to five months pregnant.
Not possible.
- Does Tui have a boyfriend? - No friend, no boyfriend.
Might she have fooled around or experimented?
- What's he saying? - She doesn't need to talk to you.
You don't remember me?
I'm Johnno Mitcham. I'm Tui's half-brother.
I know who you are.
- Where is Tui? - Detective Sergeant Parker has escorted Tui home.
Why didn't he bring her here to her mother?
- I can't help you with that. - Oh... - You could have objected.
She said to tell you she's sorry. She's shocked. She needs to be sick.
She's saying Tui's a child.
A tomboy. She's not old enough to be a mother.
She knows who did it.
- SCREAMING IN MANDARIN - What else is she saying?
She's saying all sorts of stuff.
That men are sick. That they have sex with children
and some other stuff that you don't want to know.
- Do you want to talk? - Yeah.
I was thinking of spending a day or two up at Dad's old crib.
- At Laketop. - Yes.
Clearing it out and breathing some wilderness air.
I have to, anyway, because I have to interview the Mitcham girl again.
- I won't see you. - Yes, you will.
It's an hour up the lake.
It'll just be a couple of days.
- Where will you interview the girl? - At her dad's place.
Matt Mitcham's?!
I don't think you should go.
You're a long way from any help.
I am the help.
Oh, sweetheart.
This visit's important. And we... We've got stuff to talk about.
But you're going to be OK, Mum.
Maybe not.
Oh, why do I feel manipulated?
I don't know. Any normal person would feel sad.
You criticise Turangi, but you know that every night
he oils and massages my whole body.
Well, that's beautiful...
You being sarcastic, Robin?
Because you shouldn't be. It is beautiful.
I know what you're thinking.
That I'm ignoring his temper.
His violence, Mum.
- That's what I'm thinking about. - Lots of people throw things and break things.
You ignore his good qualities. You're in denial of them.
Everyone has vulnerabilities.
You have, too.
You can be very hard.
And what I don't like is that you think it's strength.
It's not.
Anyone want coffee?
You doing OK there?
There's such an argument going on in my head.
He's a bastard,
I'm good.
He's not good.
He made me a slave.
- Slave, wow. - He's a narcissist.
- A psychotic narcissist. - Psychotic narcissist.
I got up and found a packet of Kettle Originals.
I ate the whole lot.
Then I rooted about, found some liquorice allsorts.
That's at 4.00 AM.
You ever tried masturbating?
It's very relaxing, and it's not fattening.
I like penis.
Me too.
I really... I really like the ones that,
- you know, are...are bigger than the average... - I'm sick.
I should get out and plant trees or something.
Hey, there's a girl out there with a horse, in the field.
Hey, you ever wash your little dog?
I wash mine. I've got some shampoo. You want me to wash it?
- No. - Where'd you come from? What are you doing here?
This is our land. My dad owns this.
Hey, I'm going up for lunch. You want to come?
- Who's this one? - Don't!
He's mean, but he's just a protector.
- GJ? - Yes, what? - This is Tui.
She's run away.
You want to sit down?
Are you hungry?
Get her some soup.
GJ, last night I imagined
that my husband's girlfriend was in a terrible accident,
where she survived,
but was horribly disfigured...
And I thought...
Maybe I could come home and look after her.
You know, for him?
- Doormat! - Shush!
I just need to know if there's a chance.
What chance? What's she saying?
A chance that he'll come back.
She wants Jock back.
No chance!
He's had it with you!
He's got someone younger!
Is she younger, this bitch?
- Yeah, sure. - 24 years.
- Much younger. - Much younger.
What about love?
Perhaps I'm just meant to love Jock.
I believe in the profit motive.
What people call love...
..if it's not reciprocated,
it turns into either apathy or hatred.
Become completely disillusioned,
then the truth begins to express itself.
What about loneliness?
- Yeah. - Where's an ashtray? That's your best card, loneliness.
- What for, GJ? - To disillusionment.
Get that and get it good.
What happened to you?
A calamity.
It's as if I was hit by lightning.
Every cell in my body changed.
How come you're still alive?
I don't think I am. I'm a zombie.
What happened to you?
What is it?
- It's an ultrasound picture of a foetus. - Let's look.
I think it's a boy.
Um, maybe. I mean, that could be the thumb, right?
Whose is it?
It's hers, of course. That's why she's here.
What is it?
I can't handle my dad.
You've got a time bomb in there.
It's gonna go off.
Are you ready, kid?
I can't take gifts.
You want a coffee?
Got to run.
You run?
Come on.
Oh. What's that? Is that recent?
It's a long-engagement engagement ring.
I heard you were in Kerobokan.
No, I was in Bang Kwang, Thailand for eight years.
What for? Heroin?
No, the charge was possession of marijuana.
You're evading.
- Well, you survived. - Not really.
No, I didn't. I'm not the same person. I was a fucking prick.
I had a terrible temper. That's all gone.
Listen, uh...
There's something I need to say to you.
You know that night, I wasn't part of any plan.
I had no idea what those guys were...
It's the past. It's history. Leave it there.
Yeah, well, Morto died in a car accident.
- I don't want to know. - No. You do. Sarge has come back.
- He's working a few shifts at the pub... - I don't give a shit what Sarge is doing.
I'm going on.
Don't touch him!
All right. Just bring him into shore.
We're going to have to stay here.
Have you got a mobile?
It's up with my shirt.
This is Detective Robin Griffin with the Southern Lakes Police.
I have a body, male, middle-aged.
5'10". Brown hair.
- It's Bob Platt. - It's Bob Platt.
You know there's a Maori legend about this lake,
that says there's a demon's heart at the bottom of it.
It beats, it makes the lake rise and fall every five minutes.
- Does it rise and fall? - Yeah. Yeah, it does.
It was this, um, a warrior
that rescued a maiden from a giant demon called Tipua.
And he set fire to the demon's body while it slept
and burnt everything but his heart.
And the fat melting from the body formed a trough.
And the snow from the mountains ran down to fill it
to form this lake.
My dad died in this lake.
Yeah. I remember. Sorry.
- MATT ON ANSWERPHONE: - 'Uh, this is the Mitcham's house.
'Nobody's here. Call again.'
- You didn't hear him fall in? - No. - We were cruising along.
- I was just going... - HE MIMICS ENGINE
- He didn't call out, he just fell off? - I didn't hear anything.
MEN TALK INDISTINCTLY Hey, Bobby, what's going on?
Coke and Kettles, please. Salt.
I didn't know Bob Platt, you see,
but many people wanted to see him drown. Not me.
Not me. Not me, no. Not me.
Did I, uh, did I just say "me"?
You drink on duty?
Hey... Give these to someone else, will you, mate?
The prefect's here.
Excuse me. Are you Luke Mitcham?
Is Tui at home?
I've been trying to ring your dad, but no-one's picked up.
Is he at home?
Oh, I don't know.
I have an appointment to see Tui this afternoon.
If he lets you in.
If he's home.
Yeah, if he's home.
- Yeah? - Detective Robin Griffin. Southern Lakes Police.
- So? - I'm wanting to chat with Tui, if I may?
You could if she was here.
Is she at school?
I doubt she's at school. No.
Do you mind if I come in and look around?
Yeah, I do.
Do you mind?
You're Jude and Ivan's daughter, aren't you?
And you're a detective?
OK. Let's see who you look like. BUZZER SOUNDS
Hey, girl.
- You like dogs? - Yes.
Would you like an orphaned one?
No, thanks.
I'm in a dilemma.
This is Bob Platt's dog. I was hoping she would settle in.
She's already bit my dog and she's riled up the others.
Why have you got Platt's dog?
He drowned. Didn't you hear?
She was hungry so I took her in.
No dog should go hungry.
It's not right.
You're going to shoot her?
If you don't want her.
Wasn't there anyone else who could have taken her?
- How about Platt's wife? - Platt didn't have a wife.
Truth is he was a dumb prick. Nobody liked him.
Nobody liked his dog either, except me.
Hey, Coco.
Hey, come here, girl. Come here.
One of my rescues.
Said she was too aggressive.
Bit some kids.
So I taught her some manners and give her to Tui.
So she's Tui's dog now.
But Tui's not here?
Cos I see her dog,
and her bike.
No. No, she's not here and if she is,
doesn't want to talk to you.
But you'd tell me.
You're the one doing the talking.
Let me out.
It's good what you're doing, you know?
Helping out my daughter. She's in a tough spot.
Just understand one thing.
No-one loves her more than me.
Whoa, boy. Whoa.
Do you know whose horse this is?
Yes, it belongs to a girl called Tui Mitcham.
- She's fallen off? - Well, we don't know yet.
Well, that's what I'm worried about. I can't figure it out.
She stayed with us up at the camp last night,
but she left early this morning to go back home again.
When was the last time you saw her?
- Well, when she left this morning. - She went up to feed her Chihuahua this morning.
That was hours ago.
We've got all the women looking out for her.
WOMAN: Hey, did someone check the ditches?
WOMAN: Oh, well, what about up the road?
Not good.
Tui Angel Mitcham. 12 years of age. Five months pregnant.
- How long's she been missing for? - 36 hours.
- That's not a good sign already. - More than likely she's already dead.
Anyone wants to come forward, it's your last chance.
The most beautiful person I ever saw in my life.
What the fuck's going on? You said you'd resist this.
It was impossible.
You will go down hard. The search will bring you low... the ground, on your two knees.
No-one likes it.
Face in the dirt.
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