The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 1, Episode 20 - The Young Riders - full transcript

Jimmy reunites with a friend and rival from his youth, Brad, both of whom trained under a Machiavellian mentor named Enright. When Enright's daughter goes missing, Jimmy helps Brad try to find her. But why did Clara really run away, and what does Enright have to do with corrupt land prospecting?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
And now, ladies,
Mr. Teaspoon hunter

will begin judgin'
the pie bake-off.

Move along now, Tommy.

Cherry pie.

I have a great fondness
for cherry pie.

It reminds me of my first wife.

Peach pie.

Light and delicate,

like my 2nd wife.

She was from Georgia.

Apple pie.

Delicious to the core

like my 3rd wife.

BlackBerry pie.

Dark and mysterious

like my 4th wife.

She was a foreigner.

Prune pie.

Like my 5th and oldest wife.

Well, who won, teaspoon?

I loved 'em all.

You recognize this,
Mr. Bass?

It's the Bible.

The holy Bible.

And you took an oath
on this Bible

to tell the truth, didn't you?

You heard me.

And the truth is
you don't have
any real evidence

against Mr. Enright,
do you?

In fact,
you can't prove anything.

Enright wanted my land.

And he offered to buy it,
didn't he, Mr. Bass?

For a fraction of
what it's worth.

And when I refused,
he sent his thugs over
to run me off.

Objection, your honor.

And scattered my stock.

He stole my land
because of that railroad
that's coming.

That's enough out of you.

Your honor, I insist
that the jury disregard
that slanderous attack.

Marcus d. Enright is
a respected businessman
and a loving father

who once served
as a judge himself.

It's an outrage
for an ill man
to be treated like this.

The jury is so ordered.



My brothers are waiting
with the horses
down by the creek.

Have you got the ledger?

It's right here.

If the jury saw this,
they'd believe me.

They'd convict
your daddy for sure.

You know I can't do that.

My father's sick.
Jail'll kill him.

No matter.

We'll start a new life
where he'll never find us.

And if he does,

we've got this for protection.

Charlie bass ran off
with my daughter.

Find them.

Take your best men
and run 'em down.

I want Clara and
that ledger back safe.

What about bass?

You know what to do with him.

Strangest creature
I ever did see.

Half-man, half-bear.

Must've been 10 foot tall.

Feet the size of wagon wheels.

The Indians
call it "sasquatch."

Buck, kid, I'm waitin' on you.

Right there, Emma.

How'd we get roped into this?

Roped into what?

Emma's rearranging
the bunkhouse.

She's gonna have us
toting everything in there.

Listen to you two,

whinin' about movin'
a few chairs around.

I'll be needin' you, too,
Mr. Spoon.


All right.

Look out. Look out.
Look out.

Look out, Jimmy.
Come on.

Get out of there.


I've got horses
to tend to and i...

Happy birthday, teaspoon!

You, two.

Well, uh, uh...

I truly appreciate
the sentiment, but, uh,

it ain't my birthday.


Matter of fact,
I don't know when it is.

We know that,

but everybody's got to have one

and me and the boys figured

today was as good a day as any.

So happy birthday.

Now let's eat!

Well, as soon as
he's made a wish

and blown out the candles.

Uh, it's gonna take
more wind than I got.

Jimmy, you give me
a hand if I need it.

That sounds like a job
for Cody. Come on.

Uh, I wish, uh, that, uh...


Speech! Speech!

Many years ago.
As a young man...

Why don't you sit down
and get started
on the presents

and I'll cut this cake.

Well, I'll be.

From Amanda O'Connell.

You know, it's strange,

but I am always
gonna think of her
as your daughter.

Well, look at this.

That is the first dollar ever
made at the silver spoon.

The classiest saloon
in abilene, Kansas.

Remember that money I give her?

Well, that's what
she bought with it.
And she made me partner.

You should pay her
a visit, teaspoon.

Maybe I will.


I have a message
for Mr. Hickok.

Well, come on in, Matthew.
You're just in time
for some cake.


Wonder what it is.

Where is he?

He said he'd wait for you
at the saloon.

All right. Tell him
I'll be there directly.


Who is it, Jimmy?

Uh, somebody I used to know.

Sorry, teaspoon.

Jimmy, you want any company?

No, I don't... I don't think so.

This is personal.

I'm gonna kick your butt,
boy! Yeah! Yeah!

Give me that hat.

Give me that hat, boy!

Don't get so riled, Brad.

Give me the hat.
Come on, man.

Just wanna try
your pretty new hat is all.

How's it look, Brad?
How's it look?

I'm gonna kick your butt, boy.

Give me that!

Hey, you two,

the judge wants to see you
in the office.

Right now.

I'll take care of you later.

Oh, yeah?

They're a matched pair.
Take your pick.

Thanks, judge.

Yeah, thanks.

They're Navy colts.

Finest guns made.

They're absolutely identical.

The only difference
is the men holding them.

We'll see about that
soon enough.

Oh, damn it, boy!
I didn't give you that
to do saloon tricks.

Sorry, judge.

A fancy gun never saved
a man with a slow hand.

You'll have to
practice every day.

Concentrate on what I teach you.

When I'm done, you two...

You two

will be the best there is.

One of us will, anyway.

Now go on.
Go on, try 'em out.

Yeah? Ok.


Did you hear what that...

You surprise me, Jimmy.

Figured with that
temper of yours,
you'd be dead by now.

You figured wrong.

Guess that Colt's
been good to you.

2 whiskeys.

Make mine a sarsaparilla.

Still drinkin'
with the ladies, huh?

To old times.


Remember that time we
snuck into judge's house,

took that bottle
of the good stuff?

Oh, we were sicker than dogs.

I can still hear him hollering:

"That'll teach you two rowdies

to waste my good
imported liquor."

So how'd you find me?

You know the judge.

Got his eye on everything.

You're still workin' for him?

I'm his foreman now.

Depends on me
to run the whole spread.

Looks like you're doin' ok
for yourself.

So what do you want?


Is this you askin' or the judge?

Clara's been kidnapped.

It's about a man who gets
shipwrecked on an island

in the middle of the ocean.

He thinks it's deserted,

but there are cannibals
and pirates.

Sounds exciting.

Oh. It's full of adventure.
Robinson crusoe.

Looks like a real
nice book, Clara, but,

i'm... I'm not too sure...

There's no shame in that.

So why'd you give it to me?

Because I'm gonna teach you.

We'll read
a little of this every day,

and before you know it,
you'll be reading by yourself.

No, he won't.

You're not gonna
waste his time with books.

It's not a waste.

It is for him.

I'd like to learn
how to read, sir.

Readin's fine for most folks,

'cause that's the only way
they can learn.

But not for you, son.
Believe me.

You're the kind of man
who learns best from doin',
not readin'.

Why, these books

got nothin' to teach you.

All you'll ever need to know

is waitin' for you out there.

These are dangerous times
we live in.

This country needs
men of action.

Strong men who can tame the land

and bend it to their will.

That's your future, son.

Good luck, Jimmy.

Watch yourself.

The trail we followed
passed right by here.

I figured since Jimmy
knew the territory,

he could help us
find Clara faster.

God knows
what they're doin' to her.

Appreciate the time off,

Clara and me was close.

There ain't a face there
I'd trust my back to.

Take care of yourself, son.

See you in a couple of days.

Good shootin', Jimmy.

Ain't doin' so bad yourself.

Last round.

All right.


Any time.

Face it, Jimmy,
you ain't never gonna
beat me.

You fools!

I didn't train you to play

stupid games like boys.

Give me those guns.

Give them to me.

We was just practicin', judge.

You don't practice
on play targets.

You don't shoot for fun.

You shoot to kill every time.
That's why you're here.

We hit what we was aimin' at.

It's not your aim
that I'm talking about.

It's your attitude.

You handle a gun
better than anybody
I've ever seen, hickok.

But you don't take it seriously.

That ain't true, judge.



All right, then I've got
another game for you.

This takes real men
to play, not boys.

We'll see which you are.

Wait here,

the both of you.


Kind of a good luck charm.

Maybe I ought to lend it to you.

What for?

It looks like you could
use a little luck.

I've seen better rags
on a dead man.

I ain't complainin'.

How much you make
runnin' the mail?


Enough for what?

A bottle of rotgut
and some tough steak?

Not enough for
that saddle over there.

Or these boots I'm wearin'.

I guess enough
ain't much to you, huh?

Well, fancy things got a way
of clutterin' a man's life,

gettin' in the way
of what's important.

I ain't got no use for 'em.

That's 'cause you ain't got any.

Now, you'd feel different
if you's workin' for the judge

and makin' some real money.

Fancy things is the way
you tell the winners
from the losers.

You sound like
the judge himself talkin'.

Admit it, Jimmy,

you made a mistake leavin'.

I think you should be
thankin' me.

The way the judge was actin',
if I hadn't,

one of us would've been dead.

You both got full loads.

You'll march off 10 paces
on my count.

When I say 10, draw and fire.

You ain't serious.

Dead serious.

You played your game,
now you'll play mine.


Do it!
Show me what you're made of.

I didn't train you
to shoot cans off fences.

If you can't fire
on another man,
you're no good to me.

Yeah, but we're friends.

Nobody holding a gun on you
is a friend.

Come on, Jimmy.

Maybe it's not your friend
you're worried about.

Maybe you're just scared.

Scared of facing something
that shoots back.
Is that it, boy?

All right. I'll do it.

Aim wide.


1, 2, 3,

4, 5, 6,


8, 9, 10.

It ain't loaded!

Damn it, hickok.

You didn't fire.
I told you to shoot him.

You gave us empty guns.

Of course they're empty.

What the hell
kind of game you playin'?

It ain't no game at all, boy.
That's what I've been
trying to teach you.

When you draw a gun,
it's deadly business.

Don't matter
who you're facing.
You better shoot to kill.

Because if you don't,
you ain't worth nothin'

to nobody.

He sure had me fooled.

Was you shootin' at me?

Hell, no, Jimmy.
I would've missed you
by a mile.

I'd sure like to believe that.

You crazy?

If I killed you,
who would I beat in poker?

I got a bad feelin'
about the judge.

Someday he's gonna
load these things.

I won't be here when he does.

Don't be foolish, Jimmy.

He loves us like sons.

He wouldn't do anything
to hurt us.

They're headed
toward split peak.

How far ahead are they?

Maybe half a day.

But I know a trail.
We can cut 'em off.



Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Ride good!

Ride safe, ike!

Well, looks like
you cleaned out
tompkins' store.

Yeah, well,
he cleaned out my purse.

That's come in the mail
for Jimmy.

Feels like a book.

What would he want with that?

Somethin' wrong?

It's from that missin' girl,
Clara enright.

Clara's right
in the middle of 'em.

Better wait until dark.
Ill' sneak her out then.


What are you doin'?

I'm taking 'em now.

You can't do it
while she's there.
They'll kill her.

No, they won't.

Hold it!

You did your job.
Now stay out of the way.

Get out of here!

I won't leave you.

We'll follow you.


It's me, Jimmy. Clara, stop!


Let go!
Get your hands off of me!

It's all right.
You're safe now.

You bastard! I trusted you!

How could you do this to me?

That's good work, Jimmy.

You said she was kidnapped.

Where's Charlie?

Charlie ain't around no more.

Oh, god. You murderer!

Clara, Clara, no. No.

What the hell's goin' on, Brad?

Put the gun down, Clara.

I said put that gun down.

Just give me that ledger
and we can all go home.

I'm not goin' back!
I won't! I hate him!

Come on, Clara.

Stop! I'm warnin' you.

You ain't gonna shoot me.

You're right.

A man like that
deserves to die fightin'.

He wants me,
he knows where to find me.

All right, all right.

What did you find, teaspoon?

Well, the editor
ain't heard nothin'

about Clara enright's

but he did print
a story about her father.
Take a look at that.

"Enright trial begins
in fort laramie."

What's he on trial for?

Been accused of cheatin'
folks out of their land

so as to profit from
the transcontinental

There ain't no
transcontinental railroad.

That's right, but there will be.

The only question is
what route it'll take.

Land'll be worth more
where that railroad goes.

If enright knows the route,
he could make a fortune.

Think this has somethin'
to do with Clara's kidnappin'?

If it does,

Jimmy may have bitten off
more than a mouthful.

If he ain't back by tomorrow,
we'll go get him.

This court is recessed
until 1:00.

Thank you, judge.

How we doing?

Believe me, Marcus,
you have nothin'
to worry about.

All right. Come on,
I'll buy you lunch.

Glad to see you back.

How's Clara?

What's wrong?

Afraid I got some bad news,


Mr. Spoon! Jimmy's hurt!



"I know this is
a terrible burden, Jimmy,

"but you're the only one
I can trust.

"We will be safe from my father.

"Charlie and I
love each other very much

"and there is no future
for us here.

"Our only hope is to
start new in California

"with Charlie's brothers.

"Our lives and happiness
depend on you.

With warm affection, Clara."

So I led Taggart right to 'em.

Clara'd still be alive
if it weren't for me.

You didn't know, Jimmy.

But I should've known.

Don't be so hard
on yourself, son.

The only mistake you made
was tryin' to do
what you thought was right.

There ain't no shame in that.

Clara shouldn't have
done what she did.

Killin' yourself
doesn't solve anythin'.

Just causes more grievin'.

If you wanna see justice done,

get that ledger
to fort laramie before
enright's trial is over.

He's right, Jimmy.

This book lists everyone
he's been bribin'.

There's enough
information in here
to get him convicted sure.

Give me that book!

You ain't goin' nowhere
till you get some sleep.

Teaspoon, but I gotta go...

Sunrise will come quick enough.

Figured it was
a nice day for a ride.

Well, I hope you boys
can keep up.

You ready to go back, judge?

She was all I had.

Everything I did, all of this,

I know.

I told her,
but she didn't believe me.

You know, there was a time when,

when she always believed me,
everything I said.

I'm so sorry.

I tried to save her.

Bass just went crazy
and shot her.

"If I couldn't have her,
nobody could."

Let's go.

I think hickok has the ledger.

Clara's note said
it would be someplace safe.

He's the only one
around there
she would trust.

Want me to go after it?

If I know hickok,
he'll be bringing it
soon enough.

Make sure he doesn't get here
before the trial ends.

Don't you worry
about that, judge.
I'll take care of hickok.

Remember Taggart said
nobody gets through!

Good luck, fellas.


Take cover!

They got the trail covered
from that bluff.

They got us pinned down.

We got to get around 'em.

Well, we just can't sit here.

What do you wanna do?

Maybe I can follow
this ravine around,

get behind 'em.

Ok, we'll both go.
Keep 'em busy.

Be careful.

Let's do it.

Looks like there's
no way around 'em
without gettin' picked off.

Drop 'em!

Get your hands up.

You two go ahead.

Ike and me'll see to them.
We'll catch up with you.

I figured you'd show.

Move out of the way, Brad.

You got somethin' ain't yours,

the judge wants it back.

Don't force my hand, boy.

Give me the ledger.
No one'll get hurt.

Looks like the judge
is gonna get his showdown.

It ain't about him.

You and me been
headin' this way
since the day we got these.

I guess we have.

All right.

We'll leave the others
out of it.

You're left standin',

my men'll let you pass.

I am, and I get the ledger.

Fair enough.

Don't do it. It's a trick.

It's the only way, kid.

We can get around 'em.

Don't take him on
'cause you wanna prove
you're faster, Jimmy.

Stay out of this.

That book's
important evidence
and I ain't lettin' it go

'cause you wanna
settle some score.

If he kills me, you take off.

You get that ledger
to the court.



good luck.

Like old times, Jimmy.
6 bullets, last one counts.

I trusted you once before,

so let's get it over with.

First blood.

Last round.

Last round.

When it lands.



I didn't think you'd take me.

That one's been shot.

I wonder if we need
to get a doctor?

My lord, he's goin'
in the courthouse.

Does the government wish to call

any additional witnesses?

Does the defense?

Then that concludes
the presentation of...

Not so fast!

The jury ought to hear
what's in this book.

It's evidence against him.

Order or I'll clear
the courtroom. Order!

You had better have
a good reason for
busting into my courtroom,

or you're goin' to jail
for contempt.

I'm sorry, your honor,
but it's important
you get this ledger.

It shows how judge enright
cheated and bribed people.

Everything is in his hand.

Objection, your honor.
This isn't the...

I'll check that ledger myself.

I'll decide if
it's admissible as evidence.

Bailiff, take the ledger.

Yes, judge baines.

What are you doin', kid?

Judge baines is in that book.

He's one of the people
enright's been bribin'.

I want that ledger!

I am Arthur j. Fenwick.

Assistant United States
attorney for this territory.

Now, you won't find my name
in that book

'cause I'm here to
prosecute these crooks.

I'd like to take a look
at that, if you don't mind.

All right.

This ledger records
numerous payments to you,
your honor.

That's a lie!

in light of this allegation,

I request that you
remove yourself
from this trial.

All right.

Stay in that chair, you coward!

Who are you, any of you,

to judge me?

There isn't a man among you
who can call himself my peer.

'Cause I create the future.

What does it matter if I run
some farmer off his land?

I put railroads, towns,
jobs in his place,

I bring prosperity
to this wilderness.

Of course it makes me rich.
I'm not ashamed of it.

But it puts money in all,
all, all of your pockets!

That book doesn't condemn me.

That book records
the price of progress.

How can you build
a country worth livin' in

when you destroy
everything around you?

Includin' your own daughter.

Clara loved me.

She ran away from you.

Bass forced her to.

She wanted to come home.
He shot her.

Bass didn't shoot Clara.

Clara killed herself.


No, Brad told me!

Clara chose dyin'
rather than comin'
back to you.

He lied.

Lies. It's all lies.


All lies.