The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 1, Episode 16 - The Young Riders - full transcript

Evan, Emma's estranged husband, returns, reminding Emma of her difficult past and driving a wedge between her and Sam. But despite any reluctant loyalty she feels for him, even Emma must admit that Evan's behavior is suspicious. Just what is his link to a terrible stagecoach massacre?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Mrs. Dandridge,
what's the first thing
you're gonna do

when you get to salt lake city?

That's easy.
Thank god,

slip into a hot bath
and stay there for a week.


I'm gonna buy me some candy!


you're gonna need
some money for that.

You have a way
with children, Mr. Krandall.

Are you a family man?

That's a privilege
I haven't been afforded yet.

Wagons! Whoa!

Pull on them braces.

Everybody take water,
it's hot out here.

Hand me the canteen, sweetheart.


Pass around those buckets
back there.

Everyone ok?


Mr. Krandall keepin' you
kids entertained?


See you at lunch.

Let's move 'em out!

Let's move 'em!
Move that lead wagon!

Well, I sure do
admire you folks.

Poolin' everything you got.

Comin' west to a place
where the world
will leave you alone.

Buildin' a town out of nothin'.

It wouldn't have been possible
without you, Mr. Krandall.

The agent in Saint Jo said
that we'd never find a guide
this late in the season.

Ya! Get along there, git!

Riders comin'!

Who are they,
Mr. Krandall?

Here they come.
Get ready.

Melissa, Joseph, get down!
Hyrum, behind you!

They shot my pop!
They shot my pop!

Dan, pick me up.

Check those wagons.
Make sure we got 'em all.

Ok, come on!
Get it loaded up!

Let's move!

Mrs. Dandridge.
Mrs. Dandridge!

Mrs. Dan... oh god!

Oh, Mrs. Dandridge.
No, no, no, don't move.

Don't move. I'll, uh,
I'll get you out of here.
Don't... don't worry.



Hidden under board.

No, no.
I... i don't understand.

Take to church.

Salt lake.


Is this it? Mrs. Dan...

Comin' in, ike.

How's he doin'?
I got back
as soon as I could.

All's I can say is
he best stick to marshaling,

I don't know, kid.
Just 'cause Emma's got
a bedroom window,

don't mean it has to open.

Well, it does
if he wants to sneak in.

I heard that.

Sure is a strange way
of courtin'.

I don't know.
I think it's kind of sweet.

And so do I.

And if any of you had
an ounce of decency, you'd be
up there helpin' him.

Emma, Sam said he could
do the job better
and faster by himself.

That's right, Emma.

Besides, I don't know
the first thing
about windows.

That's right.

If Jimmy wants
a breath of fresh air,

he just shoots
a couple of holes in the wall.

Emma, ain't they got
any chores to do?

Matter of fact
there's a pile of manure

right over there
needs to be spread.

Oh, Emma.

And, Sam, lunch will be
ready in a minute.

What about the rest of us?

When you finish your work.
Now git!

Oh, Emma. I just rode in.

Lunch better be good.


We can't, Sam.

It's broke.

I... i... i can't!


Lou, Bo-boys,
bring that wagon in over here.

C-Come on, come on,
hang on. Sam.

Come on, Sam,
it's time to take the plunge.

It's just manure.

Uh-uh, I think
I'll try climbin'.


Did you leave the rake?

I thought you...

Oh, jeez.

You can come out now, Sam.

I know you're alive back there.

Throw me my pants, Emma.

Oh, goodness.
It's not like I've never
seen your legs before.

It ain't you I'm worried about.

Well, there ain't
nobody else out here.

Now, come on.
I don't have all day.

Give me my pants.

Now this isn't funny, Emma.
Now gimme my pants!

What was that?

Where were we?


Somebody's out there, Emma.

So? I don't have nothin'
to be ashamed of. Do you?

Well, no, I, uh...

Well, you boys think
you're funny, don't you?

Well, you ain't!

You ain't funny at all!

What can I do for you?

My name's krandall.

I'm expecting a delivery.

Where from?

Colorado city.

Uh, not here yet.
They've been havin' some
trouble on that route.

The shipment might be
delayed a week or more.

I mean that's what I told ike.
He didn't wanna listen.

Afternoon, bartender.

2 sarsaparillas, please.

Kid, take a look at that.


The fella over there
with the beaded buckskins.


Kid, you ain't got
no sense of style.

They got sioux markings on them.

The only way to get
buckskins like that is to
take 'em off a brave.

Come on.
Let's go talk to him.

I don't know.
It don't look like
he wants company.

Mind if I join you, mister?
Name's bill Cody.

I was, uh,
noticin' your buckskins.

Sioux, ain't they?

Reason I asked is...

Well, I'm interested
in that sort of thing.

You enjoy killin' Indians?

Well, no.

Just learnin' about 'em.


There's a lot of killin'
out there.

There's too much killin'.

You look like you've seen
a lot out there, mister.

I've seen things
no one's ever seen.

Things no one ever should.


that's for you.

I'm tellin' you,
he was kind of strange.

Bet he got some
stories to tell, though.

Ike, look.

Here, Lou.


This man you met,

what did he look like?

About as tall as me.

Hair about
the color of the kid's,

scraggly beard, wearin' some
real nice sioux buckskins.

Looked like he'd been
to hell and back.

I ain't so sure
he ever made it back.

Excuse me.

What's wrong with her?

You all right, Emma?

Just need some fresh air is all.

That story of Cody seemed
to bother you some.

Don't seem like happy memories.

It's all right.
They'll pass.



You know you look
as pretty as the day we met.

What do you want, Evan?

Not even a hello?

You got no right
comin' back here.

Hey, kid, ain't that
the same guy we met yesterday?

The same clothes, anyway.

Aren't you gonna introduce me?

He's my husband.

You've got 30 seconds
to get off this land.

Don't worry.
There ain't gonna be any.

But, Emma...

You hear?

No! I ain't leavin' you
here with him.

I'm not gonna ask you again.

I'm all right.

Come on, Jimmy.

Kind of strange.
Emma never tellin' us
she was married.

Guess she didn't think
it was any of our business.

It sure ain't reason enough
to get into a fight.

Ike's right.
Maybe he's just
passin' through.

What if he's not?
What if he's here to stay?

Whatever he's doin' here,
it's Emma's business.
Not ours.

Yeah, give him
a chance, Jimmy.
Maybe he ain't so bad.


Emma's baby died
on account of him.

Emma had a baby?

Baby wasn't more than
a month old when he came
down with the pox.

And Emma got it, too.

Krandall took to drinkin',

finally just ran out
and left them to die.

Emma had to Bury her own baby.

How come you know all this?

She told me.

Time we went to fort reunion.

I figured if she wanted
the rest of you to know,
she'd have said so.

You made a fine home
for yourself here, Emma.

Iwe saw this place, t time

there wasn't much to it then.

Just a few old trees,

a shack and that
foul-smellin' waterin' hole,

But that didn't stop us.
No, sir.

No. We went right ahead
and built this house
and made ourselves a home.

We did have some good times,
didn't we?

God, how I loved you.

Why are you here, Evan?

That's my Emma,
always to the point.

I'm not your Emma anymore.

No, I guess I can't
blame you for hatin' me.

I did.

I grew weary of it.

Well, good. That's good.
Uh, it's good to see you
standin' up on your own.

I asked you before,
why are you here?

I need a roof
over my head, Emma,
just for a little while.


Well, uh, I ran into
some hard times.
I need to get back on my feet.

I didn't have
any other place to go.

You can't stay here.

Oh, Emma, please.
Don't make me beg.

I remember a time
when you needed the same
and I didn't say no.

You got no shame
bringin' that up.

I'm desperate, Emma.

Somebody's comin'!

Hold your fire.
It's sutro.

Hiya, sutro.

Hey, boss.

Step down. Have a cup.


I just came back from salt lake.

I heard about
some rich settlers
who were bush-wacked

just before
they crossed the wasatch.

There were no survivors.
No one's got a clue
as to who did it.

I found out something else, too.

Seems they had a chest hidden
in one of those wagons

worth more than
all the rest of this stuff
put together.

What about meeks,
krandall, and worrell?

There were 2 dead bodies
unclaimed by the settlers.

From the description
of the undertaker,

they sound like
meeks and worrell,

Mr. Taylor,
have you any idea as to

where our intrepid guide
might have run off to?

One time he was drunk,

I think he said somethin'
once about havin' roots

in a little place
called Sweetwater.

Thank you, Mr. Comstock.
Why don't you ride ahead,
look into it?

You others, get some rest.

We've got a lot of ground
to cover.

Well, I guess I owe
you all an explanation.

You don't owe us nothin', Emma.

Yes, I do.
You're family.

You all know
who Mr. Krandall is.

Well, he's asked me
for some help and I've agreed
to let him stay on.


He'll be here for 3 weeks.

And I expect you to treat him
with the same respect
due any guest.

Whatever you want, Emma,
that's the way it's gonna be.
Isn't it, boys?

I says "isn't it, boys?"

Oh, uh, well, I haven't
sat down to meal smell
this good in a long time.

Thank you.

I've lost my appetite.
May I be excused?

No, you may not.

Let him go, Emma.

I ain't askin' you.

Jimmy, didn't you hear
a word I said?

I'm sorry.

There's somethin' makin' me
sick to my stomach.

Sam, it was 10 years ago.

It doesn't have
anything to do
with you and me.

You should have told me, Emma.

You know how I feel about you.

I thought I did.

But now you're lettin' a man

you say you don't love anymore,

a man who walked out on you
in the first place,
move back in again.


Because he needs me.

Sam, it doesn't have anything
to do with you and me.

I swear.

Well, I don't know.

Maybe I'm just jealous,
but I'm havin' a hard time
acceptin' all of this.

Maybe I was wrong comin' to you.

Oh, Emma, please throw him out.

I can't, Sam. I owe him.

He walked out on you
when you needed him most.

He saved me!

From what?


I did a lot of things
when I was younger.

Things I'm not proud of.

Evan was the first man
who saw somethin' in me.

He pulled me out.

He loved me for who I was,

helped make me who I am.

I can't turn my back on him now.

Can't you understand that?

I don't know, Emma.

I don't know.

Does he ever move?

Seems to move just fine
when food's being served.

You know, I don't understand
what Emma ever saw
in a man like that.

People change, Jimmy.
Sometimes for the better,

sometimes for the worse.

You're gettin' that too flat.
Put it on its edge.

Well, at least we know
there's hope for somebody
like you, Jimmy.

Jimmy, Jimmy.

Somethin' I can do for you?

Yeah, you can start by
gettin' out of my sight.

You know I just
can't figure you.

Well, that suits me fine,
because I've had
a belly full of you.

What did you
come back for anyway?

Ain't you caused Emma
enough pain?


Yes, I have,
and I'm sorry for it.

I'm more sorry
than you could ever know,

but that doesn't give you
the right to pass judgment.

You don't know anything
about me.

I know more
than I need to, Mr. Krandall.

Well, then you are
a very unusual man,
Mr. Hickok.


I'm not the man I used to be.

But I, I've been through a lot.

All I'm askin' for is
a place to rest and heal up
and make a new start.

Now, if that's
too much to ask,
then I'll move on.

Otherwise I'm goin'
into town to pick up
the rest of my things.

I'll be checkin' out.

Mr. Krandall, a man came by
lookin' for you today.

He didn't mention his name,
but I believe he's waitin'
for you up in your room.


You ought to grow
your beard back.

It gives you character.

How did you find me?

You got a bad habit
of spillin' your guts
to bartenders.

Look, I'm out.
I can't do this anymore.

Tell that to sutro.

Maybe you'll have
as much fun charmin' him

as you did those people
you set up for us.

You don't have the guts.

I'm gonna ask you one more time.

What was Marcus comstock
doin' in your room?

I told you, I don't know.

You're lyin'.

Well, have it your way.

Look, the man's a stone killer

and you want me to believe
you got the jump on him?

You'd rather it was
the other way, marshal?

You got no right
accusin' him like this.

Look, I'm doin' my job, Emma.

I got a right
to do it as I see fit.

Yeah, just make sure
that's all you're doin'.

I don't know, marshal,
from where I'm sittin',
you ought to be thankin' me.

Yeah, for what?

I'm gettin' real tired of this.

Now, I wanna know
what's goin' on here!


Get out of here, krandall.

Get out of here before
I do something I regret.

You comin' with me, Emma?

I'll be right there.

I'm sorry to cause you
so much trouble, marshal.


But I don't think
his story holds water, Emma.

You just make sure
you press him
for the right reasons.

This is got
nothin' to do with you.


You sell that
someplace else, Sam Cain,
'cause I ain't buyin'.

Hey, hey, hey, come on.
I'm in a hurry here.

Sorry, sir.

Oh, it's you.

Yeah, and I'm still waitin'
for that delivery
from Colorado city.

So, any word?

What time?

Last I checked,
afternoon usually comes
between mornin' and night.

The minute that it gets here,
you send me word out to
Emma Shannon's place.

You know where that is?

That crate must be
mighty important.

Any word on our friend
Mr. Krandall?

Is everybody back yet?

Everyone except comstock.

He should have been
back yesterday.

I suppose we should be grateful.

His absence can
only mean one thing.

This way, gentlemen.

You asked for
comstock's personal effects.

Yeah, thanks.

Will you be needing
any further services, marshal?

Nope, as far as I'm concerned,
you can dig a hole
and drop him in.

I'm out.

Maybe next time

damn! Wait!

Don't you think I know
when I'm being cheated.


You just slide my winnings
on over here real easy like.

Now you...
You better hurry up now

because I might lose Patience
and blow your damn head off.

No, you think I won't?
You think I won't? I will.

Simmer down, mister.
Nobody's cheatin' nobody.


Well, uh, nothin'.
Nothin' goin' on
that I can't handle.

Well, put the gun down.


Thank you.

What happened here, Josh?

Man's crazy.

Beat his straight with a flush.

Next thing you know
he's pullin' that thing.

Game's over, krandall.
Come on, it's time to go home.

Get your hands off me!

This man is sweet on my wife.

It's time to go.


He was cheatin' at cards.

Oh, so you decided
to beat him up?

Well, if I didn't,
he'd have been
killed for sure.

Damn it, Emma,
how long you gonna
keep defendin' him?

I don't think
we'll be needin'
anymore of your help.

Are you sure
you're takin' your anger
out on the right man?

Just help me up
with him, Mr. Spoon.

Rider comin'!


I guess you two got
somethin' to talk about.

I don't...

I don't think there's anyway
I can ever make up
for all the pain I caused you.

This may be the only way
I got left for sayin'
how sorry I am.

What is it?

Well, you just go ahead,
open it up, take a look.

It's the deed to the property.

I know.

Yeah, and I know
how much was owed on it.

Where'd you get
that kind of money?

No, i... i had some put away.
See, it's got your name on it.

We used to be happy, didn't we?

You know we were.

Lord, i-I'll never forget
the first time I saw you.

I... i got a chill
from my head to my toes.


You were somethin'
to look at yourself.

Emma, please.
I st... I still love you.

Thing's change, Evan.

What we had died
a long time ago.

No, no. I... i...

I don't think so.
I see the way you look at me.

You see what you wanna see.

I want you out of
Sweetwater in 2 days.


Sam thinks krandall's
into somethin' real bad.

He might have had
somethin' to do with that
wagon train massacre in Utah.


He wouldn't do that.

Well, I hope you're right.

But I wouldn't
count on it, Emma.


Jimmy told me
what you're doin',
and I want you to stop.

Evan wouldn't do that.
He couldn't.

What are you afraid of anyway?
Come on, tell me.
What are you hidin' from me?

Why are you doin' this?

Emma, they butchered 4 families.

They stripped them
like vultures of
everything they had.

Gold, silver, jewelry,

You let go of me!
You got no right!

If it's the truth
you've got to face it.

You're scared
he's goin' to turn out to be

the kind of man
you know he is, aren't you?

Well, if he was a part of
somethin' like that, Emma,

I can't turn my back on it.

Evan couldn't kill anybody.
He doesn't have it in him.

I'm sorry.

You keep this up, Sam,
and you're gonna rip a split
between us you can't repair.

Well, if you don't believe
in me, then what we got
ain't worth havin'.

I don't owe anybody anything!

Ain't nobody ever gonna leave!

I'd never leave you, Emma.

I'd never leave you.


When I walked out of here today,

you didn't come after me.

You had to think.

Goodbye, Sam.

Emma! Emma, wait!

Somethin' I can
do for you, marshal?

Anybody come in here
the last few days
sellin' jewelry?

Could be. Why?

I ain't got time for this.

Now you got 10 seconds
to come straight with me.

That new fella sold it to me.

You know the one
that's been hangin' around
down at Emma's place.

But he sure wasn't
much of a business man.

Hell I would have paid him
twice what he was askin'.

Thanks, Mr. Tompkins.


I gotta pick up krandall.

Now you boys stick around now.

There's plenty more
where that came from.

Get out of the way, old man.

Afternoon, marshal.


Afternoon, marshal.

You know where I can find
a man by the name of krandall?

Well, if you're
lookin' to cause trouble,

you've come to the wrong town.

I wouldn't worry about that.

We're not here to cause it.
We're here to clear it up.

Excuse me, marshal.


Damn it, you used me!
Sam was right about you
all along.

No. I wanna, I wanna...

They told me that
you paid off the mortgage
in silver and jewelry.

Jewelry that you stole!
What you sell 'em, huh?

You sell 'em a stolen ring?
A necklace you got off
a dead woman's body?

No, no, i... i was gonna
deliver it to the church.

I only took a little...

I got to get out of here.
And if you were smart,
you'd do the same.


You couldn't shoot me.

I could.

I'd listen to the lady
if I was you.

Here comes Sam!

I'm sorry, Emma.

I'm sorry, too, Sam.

Get down! Now!

Buck, take a look
and see what's in that crate.

I got nothin' to say.

Sam, look at this.

Those were
innocent people, Evan.

They trusted you.

What do you want me to say?
That it was my fault?

Hell, it was just
supposed to be a robbery.

Nobody was supposed
to get killed.
I couldn't stop it.

So I got away with this.

Like hell you did.
There's 10 men
comin' after you.

And it don't look like
it's gonna take them too long.

Damn, you!
You brought 'em here!

Why don't we just
give 'em krandall?

That's what they want.

Why don't you just do
like the boy says.
It doesn't matter anymore.

We can't just do that, Sam.

Emma, those men are killers.

If I let them go now,
I can get some men later
to track 'em down.

Otherwise I can't
guarantee your safety.

It don't look like
you can do that anyway.

Hell, the way I see it,
there's 10 of us
and there's 10 of them.

Sounds like a fair fight to me.

Cody, kid.
We're gonna need some rifles.

Ike, get that wagon out of here.

Buck, you and hickok
get to the barn.
Lou, you come with me.

We'll set up a bear trap.
Maybe we can catch 'em in it.

Come on, get inside.
Let's block the door.

There that'll do it.

Here they come.

Taylor, take your men.

Go check the bunkhouse
and the barn, clean it out!

Don't leave anybody alive.

Remember what
the bartender said:

Krandall's here.
Let's go!

Al, take blackie,

go on foot over
to that wagon over there.

Keep 'em pinned down
in the house.

We're gonna go in
after krandall.

The way they're movin',
their leader must be
an army man.

You wait here
for sutro's signal.

Cover the back, kid.


You come out now.
Nobody gets hurt.

Nobody's goin' anywhere!

Is that you, marshal?

Well, you got one thing right.
Nobody's goin' anywhere.

At least alive.

Now surely krandall's not
worth dyin' for, is he?

He's up there!

Another over there!

Kid's on the other side.

Krandall! Krandall!

Ike's sayin' either they'll
kill you or we will, krandall.

Take your choice.

Cover me with fire.
I'm goin' in after krandall.

Let's get him.

They got Taylor!

Sutro, what should we do?

We've got 'em pinned down.

Let's take 'em!



Well, darlin',

I didn't think it was
gonna be like this.

This isn't how it was
in my dreams.

It's all right.

Everything's gonna be fine.


Dyin' ain't so bad.

This is the first time
since I left you,

I don't feel any pain.

Everybody all right?

Looks like we got
some fixin' to do.