The Wild Wild West (1965–1969): Season 2, Episode 5 - The Night of the Returning Dead - full transcript

Agents West and Gordon are called to investigate a mysterious Confederate night rider who comes to the ranch of Carl Jackson, its wealthy owner. When the agents are charged by the ghost rider, they discover that the rider's appearance coincides with the stable boy's eerie flute music. West and Gordon soon learn that Jeremiah, the stable boy, has been living with a secret since his childhood, but others are trying their best to keep the agents from discovering the truth.

Hold it right there!


Look, isn't there
someplace we can wait

other than this
cave, Mr. Jackson?

Best place to be if
you want to see it.

Are you sure it'll show up?

Has for the last three weeks.

Carl's stable boy has seen it.

Or so he says.

You mean, you don't
believe him, Mr. Jackson?

Jeremiah's an ignorant,
superstitious young man.

He hears the howl of
a coyote in the night,

he thinks it's the
spirit of some...

What's your stable boy

doing in here at
night, Mr. Jackson?

I don't know.

Comes night, he wanders.

Sits out here for hours...

playing music on a flute.

I hate to suggest this,

but do you think maybe
he's waiting for the horseman?

Why? Why wait out here
when... When he's told me

he's seen this rider
and been frightened?

Have you ever seen it yourself?


But I know something's out here.

To say it's supernatural
would be to...

You two wait here.

Arty, you come with me.

Don't fire unless I do.


How can that be, Jim?

I know I emptied
my gun into him.

I know I put five
bullets right in his head.

You know, I can't believe it.

There must be some explanation.

This is the 19th
century. Thank you.

Well, he couldn't been
wearing a bulletproof vest.

On his head? Yeah.

Another thing I can't figure

is why... two government
agents like you

come here to
investigate a ghost...

or whatever it is.

Oh, they were sent for, Ned.

We received this letter
last week in Denver.

"Dear Mr. West,

"it is urgent that you come
at once to Mills Creek.

"The truth is there
waiting for you

in the cave behind
Carl Jackson's ranch."

It's not signed.

That's one of the
reasons we believe it.

There's only one man

that knew we were in Denver
last week, President Grant.

That's why it's
vital we find out

who wrote this letter.

Who's the lady?

Elizabeth Carter.

She's a schoolteacher in town...

and my fiancée.

That your stable boy?

Yes, Jeremiah.

I'd like to speak to him.

Come in, Miss Elizabeth.

I hope you don't
mind. It's a little messy.

Oh. Course not.

Do you think you can do
something about this bird?

I think he's had too
much loving at school.

Hello, fella.

Yeah, I think I can fix him up.

Oh, good.

How's this one's leg?

Oh, fine. Oh.

Say hello.


Brought you lunch
now. Ah, come on.

Are they friendly
enough? Oh, very friendly.

Now what are you guys
doing here? Come on.

Aren't they sweet? Come on.

Oh, yes.


And how are my kittens today?

Hello, Mr. Puss in Boots.

Hello, Mr. Rabbit.

Here's a carrot for you.

He doesn't want it.

I don't think so.

You know, Jeremiah,
sometimes I think

they really understand
what you say to them.

You're quite wonderful.

Well, life speaks to
life, Miss Elizabeth.

And all life is one.

You know, when I go
into the hills at night

and I play my music...

my brother the
coyote answers me...

and tells me of his yellow day.

And in the cool of evening,

my sister the mockingbird sings,

tells me of her
joy of being alive.

And in the first heat
of the morning...

my brother the lizard...

tells me of his.

Oh, Jeremiah.

These gentlemen have
some questions to ask you.

Yes, sir?

Elizabeth, this is
Mr. West, Mr. Gordon.

Elizabeth Carter. Ma'am.

How do you do?

How do you do?

Is there something wrong, Carl?

Well, the night rider
came back last night.

These gentlemen are
from the government.

Jeremiah, you're to answer
their questions truthfully.

Yes, sir.

Jeremiah, why do you, uh,

go into those
back hills at night?

My sister the wind
calls me, and I...

play for them.


Whatever lives in the night.

Or for that man
on horseback too?

The wind carries
the music, Mr. West.

Who or where it
goes, I don't know.

I think you're a liar.

I think you guide
him with your music.


Who is it, Jeremiah?

Don't be insolent, Jeremiah.
Answer the question.

I don't know who
hears the music.

I play, he comes uninvited.

Uh, Jeremiah, I can
make it very hard on you.

Now tell the truth. Who is it?

Do you have a place where
you can lock this man up?

But why?

Last night someone
threw a knife at me

and missed me by inches.

I think he had
something to do with it.

And I'm gonna keep him locked up

until he gives me
some straight answers.

The old smokehouse by the side.

But I've done nothing.

All right, Jeremiah, come on.

Don't touch me.

I said come on.



Don't try anything, Mr. West.

Don't you try anything,
Jeremiah. I'm warning you.

I know where the smokehouse is.

I don't have to be shoved.

You can't treat him like that.

I know Jeremiah,

and he wouldn't hurt a thing.

Have a tough time

convincing Sheriff
Briggs of that.

Well, Ned humiliated
him, shoving him like that.

How long has, uh,
Jeremiah been around here?

He arrived about six weeks ago

looking for work.

Six weeks ago. And then the
horseman started to show up.

Well, I'm sure that
there's no connection.

I'm not.



Can you play one
of these things?

It's a musical instrument,
isn't it? Of course.


We're going back
up to that mountain.


Get inside, Jeremiah.

The dead only walk to
seek out evil, Mr. Jackson.

And I have done no evil.

Carl, you can't keep Jeremiah

locked up in the smokehouse.

It's inhuman.

West takes his orders
directly from President Grant.

His word's good enough for me.

Now, what are you doing?

A gunman once got away
from me on my own horse.

I decided it was never
gonna happen again.

Let me show you.

Watch. This is the safety.

And this unlocks it.

The man spots my
horse and runs to it.

All he has to do is put
his foot on the stirrup and...

Tip of the shell's
filled with dynamite.

Let's go.

♪ No more auction block ♪

♪ For me ♪

♪ No more Auction block ♪

♪ For me ♪

♪ No more Auction block ♪

♪ For me ♪

♪ No more ♪

♪ No more ♪

♪ No more slavery chains ♪

♪ For me ♪

♪ No more slavery chains ♪

♪ For me ♪

That charge, it
didn't even faze him.

Who was he? What
does he look like?

Couldn't tell.

He looked like nothing

I'd ever seen before in my life.

Come on.

You gentlemen check
the other end of the cave.

Ned. His hat.

His name... on the sweatband.

"Colonel Beaumont Carson."

Colonel Beaumont Carson?

Confederate officer.

His face burned.

Carson's been dead for years...

Thirteen years.

You remember, Ned.

He died in a fire
with all the others.

You were there.

I set fire to that shack myself.

Get Miss Elizabeth's carriage.

We're going to town, Jeremiah.

You know, James...

to put it blandly,

I have a sneaking
suspicion that Jeremiah,

if I may put it as, uh...

inoffensively as possible,

hates your guts.

Let him. He's tied
up in this somehow.

The flute proves it.

He knows who that man is.

Man, Jim?

Whatever it is.

Jeremiah, see that Miss
Elizabeth gets home.

He'll show you where
to bed your horses down.

Ned, judge. Ned told you?

Ned told us. We're
in bad trouble.

From a ghost? Be sensible.

Ghost. Something that bullets,
not even dynamite can kill.

Ned here thinks that Jeremiah's
got something to do with it.

West thinks so too. How?

If Jeremiah knows
anything about Carson,

they'll get it out of him.

We've got to do something.

There's only one
thing to do, Carl.

What's past is past.

I'm an important rancher.

You're a respected
and wealthy man.

Bill here is an honored judge.

And Ned here is a fine sheriff.

With the help of some of my men,

I'm gonna keep it that way.

Tom... those are government men.

Make it look like an accident.

I'll find your men
innocent afterwards.

Where are they now?

Probably at the stable.

How about Jeremiah, Bill?

Well, after Kellogg's
men have done their job,

we'll have a long, long
talk in private with Jeremiah.

He'll tell us. I promise you.

You hit me very hard, Mr. West.

You got in some pretty
good licks yourself.

But, Jim, you told me
you weren't gonna put

that much powder
in the saddle horn.

I told you what was gonna
happen when you got on the horse.

Oh. You didn't explain
it was gonna burn me.

Wait one minute.

I wanna know what happened
to the Barbados accent.

The voodoo, the
witchcraft, the whole act.

Well... don't you
think that would be

putting it on a
little thick, huh?

Oh, you can't do
a Barbados accent.

Now wait a minute, Arty.

I didn't say I can't do
a Barbados accent.

I can do any accent
and any voice.


I can do your voice.

I wanna know what happened
to the Barbados accent.

Voodoo, the
witchcraft, the whole act.

Or Jim's.

You got in a few
good licks of your own.

You know, that smokehouse
has improved him.

Smoked ham.

Incidentally, here
is your passkey.

And I think, too, we'd
better get a new mask.

This one got torn in the fight.

You won't need a new mask.

Carson isn't coming
into this town.

What? I mean, one
more appearance,

and we'll have Jackson
on his knees, Jim.

It's too dangerous.

He'll have men on both sides
of the street with shotguns,

and they won't be firing blanks.

Well, it's a little
sooner than I thought,

but I guess we gotta
play our ace card, huh?

Uh, Jerry, are you sure
that you can do this thing?

Oh, ye of little faith.

Here. Stand over there,
and I'll prove it to you.

Both of you, please.

Well, does that
answer your question?


Come on, let's go to
the hotel for some lunch.

No, Jim, I think
I'd better stay here

and get some rest.

I'm gonna need it tonight.

Well... be careful.

Oh, I'll be all right.

My friends are
gonna take care of me.

Hold it, gentlemen.

Throw 'em away!

All right, gentlemen,
he's all yours.

What happened to you?

Fighting on the Sabbath?

Never on Sunday.

The horses.

Hey, Kellogg, Jackson.

What is it?

It's the horses.
They've all bolted.

There's not a horse in town.

Sheriff, there's
been an accident.

Down there in the alley,

two men fell off their horses.

Don't hurry. They'll keep.


Carl, help.

It's Jeremiah.
He's in the stables,

and he seems
half-crazy with fear.

No, don't touch me.

Jeremiah, pull yourself
together. What happened?

I saw him. The ghost.

He talked to me. He touched me.

There's a note.

"Warning: If you want to live,
stay in your houses tonight.

"Bolt all your doors. Close
and lock all your shutters.

Signed, Colonel
Beaumont Carson."

Does that name
mean anything to you?

Carson? No.

It's just like the one
we got in Denver.

Smoked ham.

Just get me off my
knee. It's killing me.

Handwriting's the same.


the man who spoke to
you, what did he say?

Uh. He said...

He said..."Jeremiah..."

He said, "I will speak
through you, Jeremiah...

"and you will be
my voice to the living

in the courthouse tonight."

Oh, please, Mr. Jackson,

I don't want no dead
man's spirit in my body,

speaking through my mouth.

Jeremiah, I'm sure
that whatever it is,

it'll be all right...
so don't worry.

We've misjudged him, Jim.

He's scared out of his wits.

Whoever this Colonel Carson is,

Jeremiah wants no part of him.


Dead man's voice.

Speaking through
the mouth of the living.

I know it's hard to believe,
but whatever Carson has to say,

he wants us to hear it tonight.

That's why he
wrote us in Denver.

Don't worry, Jeremiah,

we'll be with you from now on.

Let's go.

Yeah. You can take
him to my house.

Come along.

Jeremiah isn't getting to
that courthouse alive, Carl.

Get rid of him.

There... There
must be something...

Carl, you've got a gun. Draw it.

I said draw it!

See how simple it is?

Now take care of Jeremiah.

No! I... Look, Carl!

No, down. No, no. No!

Let's not start quarreling
among ourselves.

Actually, it... It
might be better

if Jeremiah finds his
way to the courtroom,

along with all the others.

One ball of wax we have
to take care of. You see?


She'll be there too.


I want to ask you one question.

Who do you want
to come out of this

with a whole skin?

Elizabeth? Or you?

It's got to be one or the other.

Please, Mr. West, I don't
want that spirit inside my body.

I mean, why me?

Why did he pick me out?

Because you're more sensitive
to the spirit world, Jeremiah.

I'm sorry. I can't just sit
here and wait for it to...

What's happening to him?

It's Carson.

He's started to take possession.

Hear me!

Hear of my death...

by murder most unnatural.

And the death of my family...

and my servants.

Hear of a time long past...

when the air was filled with
the rumors of a great war

between the North and the South.

Hear me...

when I speak of a time...

when I took my great wealth,

and my family and my servants,

and I left to find
safety for them.

Hear how a few
nights into our journey,

we... found a shack.

An old abandoned shack.

And we went inside
and slept there.

And hear how four
men on horseback...

found that shack

and robbed us of our wealth...

and tied us with ropes!

All of us!

All of us, mercilessly!

And hear how they...

Hear how they set
fire to that shack...

and burned us all alive!

And then, hear how
they went outside

and sat on their horses

and watched the
fire do its work!


It's the horses.

They've come back,
hundreds of them.


Ahh! No!


Make him stop!

Make him stop it! Stop it!

They're gone.

Hey, sheriff.

H-how come the horses
only hit this place?

I don't know. I don't
know. Let's move on.

The horses came right to
this courthouse, Mr. Jackson.

No other building
seems to be touched.


And they will return
tomorrow night...

and nothing will be spared.

Everything will be destroyed!

There's only one thing
that can save this town.

What's that, Jeremiah?

The truth!

The truth from you,

Carl Jackson!




What happened?

Did he come?

Yeah, he came.

Oh, I'm... I'm so tired.

I feel so tired.

Don't you remember anything?

No, Mr. West, I just...

I just feel tired.

What truth, Carl?


What truth, Carl?

Elizabeth... we're all kind
of shaken out of our wits.

Let's get some rest.

We can talk sensibly
in the morning.

I'll take Jeremiah
to your ranch...

and I'll wait for you there.

We'll go with you.

See you there and back.

What are we gonna do, Tom?

Jeremiah's tired, and
Elizabeth can't walk fast.

We can get to your place

before they do, Carl.

We've come a long way, Carl.

I don't aim to
throw it away now.

Do you understand me, Carl?

I wished you'd all stay
with me till Carl gets back.

There's so much
I want to ask him.

I-I'll make some coffee.
You too, Jeremiah?

Uh, no thank you,
Miss Elizabeth.

I-I'm very tired, and I...

I think I'd better go to sleep.

Well... good night,
then. Good night.

Good night, Jeremiah.

Don't make a move, gentlemen,

unless you want a bullet
through Elizabeth's head.

Raise your hands.

Carl, what is this?

It seems that Mr. Jackson's
secret is more important

to him and his
friends than your life is.

Get them down to
the basement, Ned.

Get going. You too, Elizabeth.

Salt, sugar and flour.

Are you thinking of
baking a cake, James?

And powdered pepper.

Uh, Miss Elizabeth,
everything's gonna be all right.


Arty. Mm?

I think we should bake a cake.

We need a mixing
bowl. That's our problem.

Well, would you mind
letting me in on...?

A mixing bowl?

Mixing bowl.

Mixing bowl.


And now, season to taste.

Right here, Arty.

How about some sugar and flour?

All right, Bill, you get West.

Ned, Gordon is yours.

Jeremiah's yours, Carl.

I'll take care of the girl.

I'm not, uh, too sure

that I remember
this recipe too well,

but you go ahead,
I learn fast...

Arty, you will. The pepper.

The pepper. Pepper.

Pepper coming up.

Here, help me.

Lift this thing up.

Oh, oh.

Oh, I remember this recipe now.

Powdered potpourri surprise.

Spécialité de la maison of
the Hotel Desperation, right?


Are you sure?

Are you sure it was Carl

who killed and
robbed those people?

Oh, we're sure.

And Jeremiah saw it all?


You see...

he wasn't in the
shack that night.

He'd gone off to the woods
to sleep among the animals.

Ever since he was a little
boy, he's had some kind of...

affinity for animals.

When he came back, he
saw them burning the shack.

In the firelight...

he could only make
out one of the murderers.


Well, why didn't he go
to the authorities then?

He tried to.

He went back to
town a week later.

The town was in chaos.

Everyone was leaving...

including the authorities.

The war was starting.

Jeremiah left too.

He traveled with a carnival...

tending the animals.

Went all over the
country with the carnival...

constantly searching.

There was a carnival
here last year, remember?

Oh, yes, of course.
I remember now.

That's when... he
spotted Carl Jackson.

Well... why didn't he go
to the authorities then?

Jackson's become a
very influential man.

Who would have
taken Jeremiah's word?

He came to us.

Convinced us that if he could

trick Jackson into confessing...

it would all work out.

Once he had that confession...

it would be over.

He certainly had no proof.

Any time you're
ready, gentlemen.

Any time at all.

When it's over, we'll
have to get rid of Carl too.

He's too far gone.

He'll blabber it
out sooner or later.

But, Tom...

Don't worry. He'll
give us an out.

Carl Jackson went
mad out of fear.

He killed the others.

We had to shoot him, sheriff.

Ready, aim...

Mott, you take West.

Look out!


Superb cake. My
compliments to the chef.

Fire three shots into that bag.


Then it won't ricochet.

Welcome, Mr. Jackson.

I've been waiting
for you... a long time.

I confess!


I conf...


I confess, Carson.

I'm sorry.

I didn't know.

I'm sorry.


What cracked him, Jerry?

My friend over there.

Colonel Carson.

Where are you headed
for now, Jeremiah?


Where's that?

I don't know yet.

Well, why don't you come to
Washington and work with us?

Thanks, but no, Jim. I...

Well, a man's gotta look
until he finds his place...

And I'm still looking.

Well, thanks for your help.

Thank you both very much.

Goodbye, Jeremiah.

Goodbye, friend.