The Wild Wild West (1965–1969): Season 2, Episode 27 - The Night of the Wolf - full transcript

Jim and Arte are assigned to protect a soon to be crowned King. But first, they must stop a kidnapping plot to force him to renounce his throne.

Whoa, whoa. Settle down there.

Hey. Just a wolf.

You've heard a wolf before.




Cat, you almost had eight lives.

Billy... I want
you to wait here.

I'm gonna ride on ahead.

Could be an ambush, sheriff.

Then we don't want
all of us riding into it.

Now, if there's any
trouble, use that thing.

Yes, sir.

What happened here,
fella? I heard some shots.

Well, that was me. I, uh,
ran into an unfriendly wolf.

A wolf?

I can't remember ever seeing
a wolf around these parts.

Farther north, maybe.

Mind if I ask what
you're doing here?

Not at all. I'm
waiting for the stage.

Your name wouldn't
happen to be West, would it?

That's right. James West.

I'm Sheriff Twilley.

How do you do, sheriff?

Had to make sure, Mr. West.

This ain't something a man
wants to take a chance on.

I guess you know what
this is all about, Mr. West.

Yeah. Security
V.D.I. to New Orleans.


Very Distinguished Individual.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, I guess you
might call him that, all right.

Mr. Gordon says he's
gonna be King Stefan IX

if he makes it back to his
own country in one piece.

Well, that ought to
be no problem, sheriff.

We'll stay here
tonight as planned,

then we'll leave in the
morning for the rail junction.

Yeah, well, I think there's been
a change in plans, Mr. West.

It seems Stefan wants to
visit a place called Luca.

Oh, why?

I haven't been told.

Mr. Gordon has been
running the show.

Is that him?

No. That's Dr. Hanska.

Captain Dushan... cavalry.

Look, if someone's
out to assassinate him,

I wish he wouldn't make
himself so conspicuous.

Sir, I, uh...

Kneel, peasant.

As a decoy, you're
a sitting duck.

I know.

Perfectly willing to abdicate,

but nobody else wants a job.

Long live the king.

Thank you. Hey, what did you...?


He's been a date farmer
in Northern Arizona territory

for the past 15 years.

Big brother the
king, Kashmir III,

kicked him out of the country.

Last month, he died
without any heirs.

So he ended up
on the throne, huh?

That's right. Come
on, I'll present you.

What is this place?

Uh, it's called Murdock's
Corners, Your Highness.

Uh, we'll stay
here for the night.

How much longer to Luca?

Well, if we get an early
start in the morning,

we should be there before noon.

May I present my associate,
Your Highness? Mr. James West.

Sir. Mr. West, you
have been hurt.

Uh, yes, sir. Uh, but
fortunately, it's not serious.

Uh, what happened?

I was attacked by a wolf.

Is it all right

if I get out too?

Mr. West...

my daughter, Leandra.

How do you do, miss, um...?


But if you find
that too difficult,

then just Leandra.

Captain Dushan...

you will arrange accommodations
for Princess Leandra.

I won't be a princess
until you're a king, Father.

Since we will be
in Luca tomorrow,

it's not too soon to
start preparing yourself.


Artie, there's no
one here. I checked.


Well, Sam will be
around here somewhere.

Until then, I want you
to get all these people

settled upstairs,
sheriff. Yes, sir.

Thank you. Your Highness?


Hey, listen...

Artie, why the change in plans?

Oh, he wants to go to Luca.

What's in Luca? A
bunch of his countrymen.

He's not a guy
you can argue with.

He's having a local priest there
perform the coronation rights.

Listen... Why doesn't he wait

till he gets back
to the old country?

Arizona's my home, Mr. West.

I would be content...

to remain a date farmer

for the rest of my life.

I'm sorry.

But I no longer have
such freedom of choice.

I have an allegiance
to the past...

an obligation to the future.

And my apologies, sir.

I am sure the demands of
duty are not unknown to you.

Now, that incident
with the wolf...

Uh, it, uh, came out of nowhere.

Went right for my throat,

before I managed to
get off a couple of shots.

But did you kill it?

I hit it.

Didn't even slow it down.

It left when its mate howled.

Well, then it
crawled off to die.

No, it didn't
crawl, Artie. It ran.

Well, how far can a wolf go
with two .45 slugs in him, Jim?

We could settle the question

by following the trail of blood.

Oh, well, to tell the
truth, sir, I don't even care.

But I care!

It may seem trivial to you,
but I assure you, it is not.

It is imperative that we
know that the wolf is dead.

Sir, anything that's
lost this much blood,

I'm willing to concede
the animal's dead.

There must be no doubt.

I don't think there is, sir.

Look over there.

He hasn't been dead long.

Jim. Over here.

Another one?


It's a man.

That's got to be Sam
Murdock, the storekeeper.

He must have met the wolf.

Look at his throat. Wolves
don't make marks like that.

Come to think of it, what does?

You are wrong, Mr. Gordon.

There is a breed of
wolf that could do it.

So much for Murdock.

It's not exactly all sweetness
and light around here, is it?

I'd feel a lot better
if I knew how a...

A wolf could take two .45 slugs

and then run a hundred
yards in the brush.


That's just it.
Wolves don't do that.

All right, Artie,
what's on your mind?

Uh, you know I'm not a
superstitious man, Jim.

This whole thing smacks of
Central European witchery.

Here. Look at this, will you?

Legends of Lycanthropy.

Where did you get it?

Found it inside the stagecoach.

Somebody on that trip
has an awful lot of interest

in lycanthropy.

What's that?

The study of werewolves.

"Whereupon on the fifth
night with the full moon,

"the body of the
beast will be inhabited

"by the mind and soul of man,

"and he shall track
as the beast tracks,

devouring his prey in
most unholy places."

What is it? There.

There. It's some kind of animal.

It's my horse.

What did you run away for?

Now, listen. Why don't I
have a look around anyway.

Will you excuse me, please?

I'm sorry I screamed.

I don't usually, but
this place is so eerie.

Don't you feel it?

You shouldn't be
out alone, princess.

I wish you wouldn't
call me that.

Better get used
to it after tomorrow.

After tomorrow,
I'll be a prisoner.

It won't be so bad.

There'll be parties and
balls and palace dances.

I like a square dance.

And there'll be, uh,
handsome officers.

They wouldn't last a
day in a western saddle.

And there's another thing.

When your Prince
Charming comes along,

he'll be a real prince.

Oh, he'll be real, all right.

Handpicked by the
royal matchmaker.

He'll have blue blood,

but not much of it.

No chin, but lots of stomach.

And besides,
he'll be a foreigner.

We'll have to carry
on our courtship

through an interpreter.

Now, now.

Crying's not the way.

For a princess?

For a beautiful woman.

Jim, what do you make of that?

It's Morse code. - Right.

It keeps repeating one
word over and over again.

The spelling is
awful. Look at that.

Those words are
not in my vocabulary.

What does it say, James?


I've heard my father

use that word,

but I don't know what it means.

Leandra, it is late.

We have a long trip ahead of us.

Go to your room, please.

Good night, James.

Good night.


Good night.

I wish to go up there, Mr. West.

Would you know what
vrkalak means, Your Highness?

It's an old
Magyar-Croatian word.

Mr. West, please,
saddle my horse.

Well, but what does it
mean, Your Highness?

It means someone
is in great distress.

All right.

I'll ride up and
have a look around.

I'm going with you, Mr. West.

Look... it could very
well be a trap. Stay here.

It'd be a lot safer
that way, sir.

On a night like
this, Mr. Gordon,

none of us are safe anywhere.

Captain Dushan!

Your Highness?

You will guard the
Princess Leandra.

With my life.

I don't want her
left unprotected

for one single moment.

We've been assigned by the
President of the United States

to protect you.

I'm afraid you're not
going anywhere tonight.

How are you going to
prevent me, Mr. West?


that does create a problem.

You're going to use force?

Oh, hardly. I
wouldn't dream of it.

I've never used force
on a king in my life.

You may come along or stay
here, whichever you choose.

Tough man to
argue with, isn't he?

Uh, Captain Dushan...

would you happen to know
what the word vrkalak means?



No, Mr. Gordon.

I've never heard
the word before.

Can't be more
than a half-mile now.


If I may make a suggestion
for your royal approval...

we arrive unannounced.

Very well. Dismount.

I wish we knew

what we were gonna
run into up there.

Another dead wolf, I hope.

A silver bullet.

I've carried it for 15 years.

For a werewolf?

For a man named Talamantes.

Whatever else he is...

I'll leave that for
you to decide.


He's from your country?


He wants to keep
you from the throne.

No, Mr. West.

He wants me to
have the throne...

provided he has my soul.

Whatever else Talamantes is...

He isn't here.


Wait for what?

For the trap to close.

Well, if you knew
it was a trap...

There was never
any doubt of that.

Talamantes hardly
bothered to conceal it.

You mean, you just obliged
him by coming up here?

Because it has to be settled.

If not now, some other time.

Why here? Why on his terms?

He's welcome to any
advantage he can find.

My only advantage, Your Majesty,

is knowing how
much you despise me.

I make use of that to
petition for truce between us.


So that we may consider a
matter of far greater importance

than either of us:
our beloved country.

You may have five minutes.

- I - thank you, Your Majesty.

It is strange, is it not,

to confront each other
again after so many years

and so far from home?

The last time...

I remember the last time.

I put a bullet in you.

Then nothing has
changed between us.

Did you think it had?

I needed to be sure.

Now, I must urge you to
renounce your claim to the throne.

In whose favor?

Oh, there are several

little princelings
to choose from.

I mean, which one have
you managed to control,

as you controlled
my brother Kashmir

with your evil magic?

Kashmir was an
incompetent and a weakling.

Without my guidance,

he would have reduced
the country to chaos.

I shall try to be strong enough

to manage without your guidance.

Your strength has never
been doubted, Stefan.

Only your experience.

You are a foreigner
in your own country.

You must renounce.


Very well.

Then I must tell you that
as of five minutes ago,

your daughter
fell into my hands.

Do you change your mind now?

Now, before you answer that,
take this into consideration.

He has your daughter,

but we have him.

I should have thought

you would have
learned your lesson,

Mr. West.

Push him away!

Can you make it back?


Let us go back
quickly, gentlemen.

I think he was bluffing,

but... I am concerned
for my daughter.


Captain Dushan!

Captain Dushan!

Your Majesty... I
was overpowered.

Whoever it was
took me by surprise.

When I came to, the
princess was gone.

In the old emperor's army,

in which I had the
honor to serve...

if a soldier failed to
protect his sovereign,

he put the revolver to his head.

Sir, I request
permission to withdraw.


Sir, we'll need Captain Dushan

to help recover your daughter.

Captain Dushan...

would you accompany me?

You may yet find a better
use for your revolver.

Your Majesty.

I'm sorry, sir, but this
time, you're not going.

You are being insubordinate.

Yes, sir, and it was
a little late in coming.

If you hadn't gone
up on that hill,

your daughter wouldn't
have been kidnapped.

I don't need you to
tell me that, Mr. West.

Now, step aside.

Not a chance.

I thought you had
more discretion

than to try to use
force on a king.

You're not a king

until you get to Luca.

You're gonna stay here
if I have to hog-tie you.

Very well, Mr. West.

I will not argue with you.

Good night.

What is it, doctor?

A stroke, and not his first.

He suffered one two weeks ago

when he was informed
of his brother's death.

Can he make it to Luca?

Jim, the man may be dying.

He's been dying
for two weeks, Artie.

That's why he had to
be crowned right away.

He didn't think he could make it

to the old country.

I see.

If he could die a king...

His daughter could live queen.

He has to be crowned
or it may not go to her.

There are other
claimants to the throne.

Doctor, can he make it to Luca?

He would never
survive a journey.

I doubt he has more
than a few hours at best.

Listen, I've got an idea, Jim.

If he can't make it to Luca,
why can't I bring Luca to him?

The priest. Anyone
else that's needed.

Take the stage.

I'll go after Leandra.

Please... do not
scream again, princess.

It offends me.

What is that?

This is simply one of
my wondrous serums.

It will relieve you
of the problems

of ruling your country.

With this...

a man may rule rulers.

But my father's the ruler.

He's going to become the king.

To dominate a man like Stefan
would require a lethal dose.

This... simply weakens the will

of those who are
softer to begin with.

You're wasting your time.

I'm my father's daughter.

In a little while...

the serum will
have done its work.

It will draw a curtain...

across your inner mind...

which can be penetrated
in only one way.

Now, sleep.


When you awaken,

no memory of this will remain.

You will function as
you always have...

until I give the invocation.

Whenever you hear

or read the word vrkalak.


You will obey my
every command...

my every wish, my every whim.

Come on.

Mm. Oh, hello, James.

Are you all right?


Wait a minute.

Where are we?

We're in a mine shaft.
Keep your voice down.

You were kidnapped
last night by Talamantes.


Oh, James, don't be ridiculous.

I couldn't sleep through that.


Ah, the sleeping princess

has awakened.

Who are you?

One of your loyal
subjects, Highness.

What is your command?

Raise your hands.


I command you to
raise your hands.

Because if you
don't, Mr. West...

Will shoot you.

Mr. West,

I have tried to
discourage your intrusion

in a matter that is
no concern of yours.

I see now that more drastic
measures will be needed.

What did you have in mind?

You will soon discover
that for yourself.

Not soon.

You're under arrest.

Under arrest? For what crime?

Try kidnapping.

The princess? A
ridiculous charge.

Ask her yourself.

Were you kidnapped, Highness?

I don't know.

I don't know how I got here.

Well, don't worry about
it, I'll figure out something.

I warn you, Mr. West.

I'm warning you.

Get moving and stay close.

Professor, keep it in mind

that this gun is firmly
against your spine.

Your friends make one move,

you're gonna have a backache.

Should I warn them?

I'd advise it.

Last night you had a small
demonstration of my powers.

The serum makes my wolves

almost impervious
to pain or injury.

So you succeed in
killing one of them...

I have many wolves.

How many bullets do you have?

One bullet will
shut off your power.

Tell me, Mr. West...

have you ever heard
of the word vrkalak?

Well, what does
it mean? Standoff?

Not quite.

It is almost untranslatable.

But in this case...

it means you are
alone, unguarded...

and you may expect a
smashing blow on the head...


How is he?

He has never regained

I brought the priest.
Try to rouse him, please.

Your Majesty.

Your Majesty.

Your Majesty, can you hear me?


My daughter...

Where...? Where...?
Where is she?


No. Please, sir.

Don't excite yourself.

My daughter's safe?

Yes, sir. She's fine.

Mr. West is bringing
her back. Uh.

Your Majesty. Your Majesty.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.


You all right?

Where's Jim?

I don't know.

I haven't seen him
since yesterday.

How did you get away?

Don't ask me to explain now.

I'm so confused.

Your Majesty. She's here.

Leandra has come.

Why does my
father look that way?

Your father's a very sick man.

Pardon me. Oh. Of course.



Yes, Papa?

You have escaped
from Talamantes in time.

What do you mean, Papa?

Who's Talamantes?

It's too late.

It has happened...

just like your uncle Kashmir.

Your Majesty. It is too late.

There must be no...

Don't let them crown me.

I must not become king.

He is dying, Hanska.

We must have a king.

He must be crowned now.


We can't let him
be crowned, Artie.

- Wait a minute.
- I crown you king

and emperor of the holy empire,

Stefan IX.

I think they crowned a dead man.

The king is dead.

The king is dead.

Long live the queen.

My father tried to
stop the coronation

at the last moment.


I don't understand.

Jim tried to stop it too.


Well, you've been captured,
mesmerized, hypnotized...

I don't know the word.

Talamantes did it to
your Uncle Kashmir,

and he's done it to you.

Only you're not
even aware of it.

Your Majesty...

the newspaper
people are still waiting.

What shall I tell them?

Tell them I shall receive
them for five minutes.

Thank you, Your Majesty.


James... if I am dominated,

there is nothing I
can do for myself.

I appeal to you for help.

You must break the
spell here and now.

I can't, Leandra.
I don't know how.

Once I'm back home,
I'm beyond hope.

Help me.

There is something we
can try to do, Your Highness.

How does that look to you, Jim?

But you're gonna have
to do exactly as we say.


Her Majesty, Queen Leandra I

has graciously
consented to an audience.

She's very tired. You will
have exactly five minutes.

Members of the press...

"a few short hours ago,

"I succeeded to the
throne of my father,

"the late King and
Emperor Stefan IX.

"It was a position I
neither sought nor wanted.

"I now find it impossible
to carry this heavy burden

"and to discharge my duties

"without the help

and support of the man I love."

And now...

as I affix my signature...

to this letter of abdication...

I renounce my claims...

as herein specified.

Um, will you excuse
me, Your Highness?

Excuse me.

That will be all.
Thank you very much.

Good night.

Good night.

Good night. Good night.

Excuse me, Your Highness.

Your Majesty...

words cannot express my feelings

to have gained a queen,

then lost her.

All in one day.

Thank you, Adam.

James... what if
Talamantes doesn't come?

Well, your abdication means
he's lost control of the throne.

He'll come to regain
control over you.

To compel me to
renounce my renunciation?

He's not going to
give up a kingdom.

Believe me, he'll
come. Just wait.

What is it?

Leandra, what is it?


A note from Adam.

If you must know...

it says I have to kill you.

Put it down.

I'm sorry, James...

but I must do it.

You don't have to do it.

I must.


My darling.

Leandra... where is she?

Not far away, I assure you.

What matters is that
she obeyed my command.

Leandra will be of no use to you

so long as I am alive.



You said he was dead.

He was. I swear.
I helped bury him.


Now he will be.

Kill him!


I'm all right. I'm all right.

So much for silver bullets.

And werewolves.

Talamantes had those
animals so filled with serum,

it took a bullet this
size to kill them.

I'm sorry about the
disguise, Your Highness.

It was cruel, I know,

but necessary to shock
you out of your spell.

You're forgiven, Mr. Gordon.

Suddenly... everything
became very clear to me.

Who he was, what he was.

Well, he's out of your life now.

And so are his powers.

And now, it's time for you to...

get back on the throne.