The Wild Wild West (1965–1969): Season 1, Episode 13 - The Night of the Torture Chamber - full transcript

Governor Bradford of California dispatches a letter to President Grant. He requests assistance, and Grant obliges by dispatching his two top agents, West and Gordon. It seems there is a conspiracy to take over the state government and the governor needs protection to stay alive long enough to discover and punish the perpetrators. But as time goes by and attempts are made against the agents' lives and not the governor's, Jim begins to smell a rat. There's something about the painting that hangs on the wall behind the governor's desk, and when Jim realizes what it is, he instantly knows his problems are much worse than he thought.

Eleven o'clock
sharp. Time to go in.

Hope it isn't a
wild goose chase.

Her note said that it
could lead us to Chang.

It's worth the risk.

May I help you?

Yes. Could we have table seven?

Table seven?

This way, please.


So the note said we
wait for a message.


"The goddess Kuei

shall point the way
to the bandit Chang."

Same thing.

Who's the goddess Kuei?

Kuei is the most
powerful and wicked

of all the Chinese witches.

What does she look like?

Well, it is said that she
wears a mask of evil

to hide her face,

and that the mask is so ugly,

that all who gaze
on it are terrified.

Like that one over there?

Exactly like that one.

That's her.

Pardon me, did you happen to see

three waiters go through here?

Yeah, they came through here,

went right up that
ladder over there.

She's been trying
to say something,

but so far, no go.


All right, gentlemen.

Get a hold of him.

Jim, how are you?

Fine, lieutenant. How are you?

I don't think you know
my friend, Jeremy Pike.

He's my partner.

They married Artie to
a desk in Washington

for a few months.

This is Lieutenant Tom Bengston.

Why is the secret service
interested in a local killing?

Name Din Chang
mean anything to you?

Yeah. We've been trying
to get our hands on him

for quite a while, but
he's been too slippery.

He finally knocked over a
government storage depot.

That's how we
got brought into it.

We got a note
from a little lady,

saying she could
lead us to Chang,

but we never quite
got to talk to her.

I take it no one saw anything.

If they did, they don't
want to talk about it.

Unfortunately, we don't
even know the girl's name.

Can't help you there.

But I do know his
name. He's Johnny Dirk.

Johnny Dirk?

This can't be Johnny
Dirk, lieutenant,

Johnny Dirk is
serving a long stretch

in Fort Alcatraz.
Aren't you, Johnny.

Hey, Johnny, how did
you manage to get away?

And what happened
to... To your friends?

Why did they leave so
hastily and where did they go?

And why was the girl killed?

I think you'd better
get him out of here

for the time being.

We'll discuss
this with him later.

I still can't figure Din Chang
breaking into an arsenal.

He never had too much trouble
laying hands on guns before.

How about fulminate of mercury?

That's all he took.
Ten barrels of it, Tom.

That's very special stuff.

He could blow up half the city.

Mm-hm. That's what we thought.

This is all she had
with her, lieutenant.

Could I hold on to these
things for a while, Tom?

I don't see why not.

Well, I'm going to head back,

try to get Johnny
Dirk to open up,

but don't depend on it.

Talk to you later.

Here we are, no closer to Chang,

and unfortunately
we have a dead girl

that no one seems to know.

Or do they?

Last time I saw one of these,

it was making a lion dance.

So the nameless
girl was a puppeteer.

Yeah, that's all we
have. That and this ring.

At least it's
something to work with.

But what does "pelican"
have to do with all of this?

Yeah, "pelican."
Doesn't connect up at all.

Where does Din Chang fit in?

Come in.

Mr. West, Mr. Pike? Yes?

I'm Amy Stafford.

I work for Colonel
Blake in San Francisco.

Won't you please sit
down, Miss Stafford?

Thank you.

We just received an
answer from Colonel Morse,

the commandant at Alcatraz.

"In reply to your inquiry,
be advised that John Dirk,

"number 14357, is serving
15 years sentence this fort.

"No possibility of escape.

Currently in isolation,
maximum-security wing."

Signed, Kelton Morse,

6th artillery commanding.

If Dirk is still on Alcatraz,
who's the man you caught?

Maybe it was his twin
brother, Miss Stafford.

Except for the fact that he
doesn't have a twin brother.

No, Jeremy, it wasn't
his twin brother.

It was Johnny Dirk.

Then why would Morse lie to
us about his being on Alcatraz?

Alcatraz. That's it.

Why didn't I think of it.

In Sonora, Mexico,
there is a prison...

And it's called the Alcatraz.

And what's carved
into the gates?

A large bird.

A pelican.

"Alcatraz" is the Spanish
word for "pelican."

That's it, that's what that
dead girl was trying to tell us.

Somehow Din Chang
is tied in to Alcatraz,

and we'd better find out how.

But if what you
suspect about it is true,

they're not going to
want the secret service

walking around there.

"Amy," wasn't it?

Amy, you've got a point.

Bottom left, march!

Company, halt!

Left, face!

Welcome to Fort Alcatraz.

I hope you all enjoyed
your little boat trip.

It seems your former outfit
no longer desire your company,

but we're delighted
to have you here.

We have a few simple rules.

Do what you're told
when you're told.

Now, some of you
men might find it difficult

to learn to live with that,

but one way or another,
everybody learns.

Another little rule:

when I talk, you listen.


Troublemaker, huh?

All right.

This prisoner swung
on Corporal Simon

and is still living?

As a matter of fact,

he knocked the
corporal out cold, sir.

Did you now?

Well, that's never
been done before.


A small matter of a
stick in my back, sir.

What? Cruel and
unusual punishment?

Very much against regulations.

Why did Corporal Simon
use a swagger stick

on the prisoner?

What swagger stick, sir?

Oh, I see.

I don't know why
you're here, prisoner,

but it's obvious that in
addition to everything else,

you're a chronic liar.

I have his file here.

So your name is Private Court,

and according to the records,

you've declared a one-man
war against the Army.

Desertion, breaking
out of the guardhouse,

assaulting your
commanding officer,

topped off by an
unprovoked assault

against a senior
guard of Alcatraz!

Do you have anything to say
before I pass summary judgment?


Ah, Corporal Simon.


Get back to signing
those papers, Morse,

or I'll have you
thrown back in solitary.

Get up, Court.

Get up!

Come on.

Neat, huh?

Thought you'd like it.

There are 105 iron cannonballs
in these three pyramids,

each ball weighs 42 pounds,

and there's only one
minor, little problem.

Someone stacked
them in the wrong place.

You've got brains too.

On the other side
of the parade ground.

Start stacking.

You realize, of course,

that this may
ruin our friendship.

I'll take that chance.

Start stacking.

Oh, 1000 celestial
pardons, ancient one,

but do you have a young
lady who assists you?

There are those
who interrupt me,

but no one assists me.

Then I am indeed desolated.

Not bad.

Not bad at all.

Just a knack.

Yeah, not bad at all.

The only thing is...

Yeah, I know.

You liked them better
where they were before.

Private Court,
you're a mind reader.

All right, pick them up,

and put them down on
the other side, soldier.


So now we know your name is...

Correction, was.

Jasmine Blood.

Reverent one,

this unworthy
performance is concluded.

Ah, concluded,
but not forgotten.

How shrewdly you
slew the dragon.

Reverent one, unhappily
I must remind you that...

Oh, how bravely you died.

With such wondrous,
trailing clouds of smoke.

Accept this miserable
dragon's thanks, but...

Oh, it is so sad

that all may not
die as gloriously.

Who are you?

One who would have
wished Jasmine Blood alive.

You knew my sister?

Better than I know her murderer.

How do we know you
are not the murderer?

If I were, should I fear
the sword you hold?

There are swords and swords.

That is indeed a proper sword,

but because of my
talisman, I am unafraid.

What do you want?

Din Chang. Where
might I find him?

My sister has died
before her time.

Now you are asking
me to follow her.

Surely, you can
tell me something.

Anything that might help
me find the one I seek.

Honored sir...

the others... They
are afraid to talk.

Ah, but not you.

I, also. But I'm not
afraid to whisper.

Whisper to me then
about Din Chang.

No. About a Frenchman.

Jean-Paul. Din Chang's friend.

The friend of my
enemy is my enemy too.

Tell me where I may
find this Jean-Paul.

There is a warehouse,
the New Kowloon.

Now, that I like, soldier.

I know.

But you'd like it better

if they were back
over there, right?

I should say not.

It's perfect just the way it is.

Don't you agree?

Yes, sir, soldier. This
time you did it good.

Real good.

But I know, you just
realized something.

A small thing.

If you could put this
cannonball on the top,

And that cannonball...


That's the idea.

Then it would really be perfect.

Court, you wouldn't be
having any of this trouble

if you were a
little less touchy.

Now, in the future,
when I do this to you...

I'm surprised
you're still alive.

You're surprised?
So am I, Miss, uh...

At ease, Private Court.

My name is Dr. Gibson.

I have the technical
rank of a captain,

and I'm in charge
of the infirmary.

Yes, sir, captain.

Furthermore, I
know all about you.

All about me?


I've examined you thoroughly.

There are no broken bones,

but you are a mass of
contusions and bruises.

Cannonballs usually do
have that effect on me.

In addition to which,

I've familiarized myself
with your military file.

It isn't the most inspiring
record I've ever read.

But that really
isn't a true insight

to my inner personality,

my hopes, my dreams,
my cares, my fears.

I know a little
something about that too.

You were feverish for a while.

Did I reveal
anything interesting?

Among other things,

you kept repeating something

that was obviously
very much on your mind.

A "Kuei," who seems to
be a puppeteer or a witch.

Then something
about a Din Chang.

That bunker out
there. What goes on?

Don't even ask about that place.

Why not?

I've seen many
prisoners go in there.

I've never seen one come out.

How dare you.

You knock before
you enter this infirmary!

Sorry about that, Doc.

I've got this order to take
the prisoner off your hands

for a little solitary

I won't allow it.

Private Court is suffering
from a fracture of the ulna,

and is unfit for duty.

Now, look here, Doc.

I got this authorization.

And I tell you that the
prisoner is unfit for duty.

Since I'm in charge
of this infirmary,

he shall not be released.

Sorry, Doc. Orders is orders.

Get up.

I'm unfit for duty, man.

Get him up.

Hold it!

Sold the doc on the idea
that you had a broken wing,

huh, soldier?

Well, I got just the place
for you to recuperate

till the roses bloom
in your cheeks again.

An ideal vacation spot
we call the bunkers.

Time is growing short.

Now, when can we
expect the shipment?

So Din Chang is
growing impatient?

The merchandise...

And be... Be
assured, it is exquisite.

Will be shipped very shortly.

A small reinforcement?


No? Non, alors, non.

And there shortly after,

I... I Jean-Paul...


Will shortly arrive.


Get those other crates ready.

Take a good look around, Court.

You won't be seeing
sunshine again.

One thing I can always
count on from you

is a few cheerful words.

See how smart you feel

after your little
tour down there.

After you.

Take him in.

You know what
would have happened

if this had hit the floor?

You appear to be
very knowledgeable.

What would have happened?

We'd all probably
be a memory by now,

scattered all over
San Francisco bay.

It seems you've
saved all our lives.

What do you know about
fulminate of mercury?

I know quite a bit, sir.
Maybe almost as much as you.

That might make you
an expert, young man.

I don't know about
being an expert, sir,

but I do know that it's an acid,

when it's combined with
mercury it becomes an explosive.

So unstable, though,
it's hardly worth using.

Not even in these?


Why should you be so surprised?

It's what we Chinese
are so good at: rockets.

Long before the
rest of the world

graduated from their
spears and bows and arrows,

we Chinese had developed rockets

to a remarkable degree,

but one element we lacked.

An effective priming charge,
like fulminate of mercury,

which your government has
now most thoughtfully provided.


I'd say you're one up on the old
Spanish garrison's 20-pounders.

Thank you.

Now, young man,

let's see what a
strategist you are.

What could be the purpose
of these rocket launchers

set up here in the cliffs
overlooking the bay?

Well, if you could
fire the rockets

without blowing up yourselves,

then you could control the bay.

You could bottle up shipping,

zero in on the mainland,

depending, of
course, on your range.

If you could do that,

then you could name your
own price for San Francisco.

Very good.

Very good, indeed.

I've been in a few
prisons in my time,

but never anything like this.

The guards tell me that
no one has ever left here.

Let us say the troublemakers
among the inmates

don't leave to discuss
what they've seen.

Well, sir, I'm very
impressed with all this.

I'd like to get
over on your side.

Unfortunately, for you,
my side is quite full.

Take him.

Bright young man.

But they're always
the troublesome ones.

Make sure the rockets
are properly stationed.


I'll take over now.

Nobody told me
nothing about that.

Now, look, buddy, I'm
just following orders.

Yeah? How come I
never seen you before?

Well, you see, it's like this.

It so happens...

Where the devil is
this? Is this Alcatraz?

This is it. Well?

Din Chang is up to
his neck in rockets.

Somehow he's managed
to take over this whole fort.

If these aren't the real
guards, where are they?

I don't know.

Why don't you try and find out?

I've got work to do topside.


I was told you
were waiting for me.

You may inform Colonel Morse

that I must see him immediately.

Oh, I'm sorry.

The colonel has been
called away to the presidio.

In his absence,

I am acting
commandant, of course.

May I help you?

It's about the bunker.

I see men being detailed there,

but no one ever returns.

Oh, come, come, doctor.

That's just barracks
rumors you're repeating.

The men are transferred
to the mainland.

That's why you
don't see them again.

Then there's the
matter of Private Court.

Well, what about him?

Well, it's... It's something
that he kept repeating.

Something about
a dangerous killer

that he was trailing.

He has quite a selection
to choose from here.

Was there any description?

Yes, I remember his exact words.

Din Chang.

A Chinese named Din Chang.

Uh, Chinese, you said?

A Chinese named Din Chang?

Did he also say that Din
Chang is an expert with a knife?

You see, Dr. Gibson,

as long as you were the lovely,
dedicated healer of wounds,

and stayed in your
antiseptic world of bandages,

your safety was assured,

but now...?

You weren't so
difficult to find.

In the absence of Major Frey,

you're going to do
a few things for me.


Destroy those rockets
and the launcher.

Go on.

And what about the real
personnel of Alcatraz?

The real guard...?

Our young Mr. Court

seems to be a bird
of a different feather.

Oh, yes. You're from the police.

Or perhaps even
from the government.

But it doesn't really
matter, of course,

because in exactly 28 minutes...

You won't be around
to see it, of course.

But your gallant
United States fleet

will be resting on
the bottom of the bay.

Come. You'll enjoy the sight.

You see, it's the fleet
returning from maneuvers,

sailing peacefully
into a quiet harbor.

And why not?

The Navy would
never fear anything

from its own Fort Alcatraz, eh?

Which is so
strategically situated...

Designed, you might say.

To bring any vessel in the
bay under its guns and rockets,

and so blast any
hull to perdition.

What do you hope to accomplish?

You may sink a few ships,

but soon you'll be
bombed out or starved out.


In addition to asking
far too many questions,

our friends here have
become quite troublesome.

I believe we have
a perfectly good wall

on the parade ground.

Get rid of them.

Yes, sir.

It's about time
we put it to work.

Fall in behind me.


About 26 minutes to go?

I suggest we get
along to the bunker.

Detail, halt!

You two, fall in.


I've been waiting for this

ever since you first
showed up here.

Position prisoners!


Hold it!

Hold it! Hold it!

Corporal, I got a
change of orders.

I just got the word from Chang

that you're to take them
back to the infirmary.

Tell you what,

you tell him you
got to me too late.

Well, I-I can't do that.

You can do anything I tell you.

I-I-I can't take on
that responsibility.

Get out of the way! I got
unfinished business here.

Ready? Hold it!

I-I-I got something here.

That's it.

Now, you stay right there.

I don't know who you are,

but you drop that box
and get your hands up.

But... I-I-It will break.

Drop it!

Well, if that's what you want.

I think the real guards
are in the old dungeon.

We don't have much time.

They'll use those
rockets on our fleet.

The fleet?

They're crazy.

They may blow up a ship or two,

but they can't go up
against the combined guns

of the Army and Navy.

I know how we can warn the Navy.

There's a boat in a cove on
the other side of the island.

It's all hidden. Covered over.

They had their own
one-way ticket out of here.

Try and release those guards,

we're going to need
all the help we can get.

I'm going to try and
destroy the rocket launch.

Stick close.

If anybody sees us,
you're my prisoner.

Fleet approaching, sir.

Very well.

Almost in range.

When they get to
zero point, start firing.

I'll be watching from the tower.

Yes, sir.

Lead ship coming into range.

Stand by.

Ready for countdown.





Fire rocket one!

Prepare for rocket two.

Countdown. Five.



Get out of here!

If I were you, I'd drop anchor.

Garrison is liberated,

and the situation
is well in hand.

Shouldn't you pick them up?

All in good time,
captain. All in good time.

So you see, the idea
was that with the fleet

tied up firing on Alcatraz,

they could land at the presidio,

rob a rather sizable payroll

that had arrived for the fleet,

and make off with it without
anyone being the wiser.

Why, that's downright thrilling,

but I think we'd better

be getting along to dinner now.

It is getting awfully late.

So right, ladies.
Ladies, you are so right.

Shall we, James?

What's the matter?

Aren't you enjoying yourself?

Oh, no. That's not it at all.

I'm actually really
enjoying myself.

You see, I've been thinking
about my other partner,

Artemus Gordon.

He was sent to Washington,
and I've been there...

Boring, a lot of desk
work, a lot of paperwork.

And I'm just wondering
if he's enjoying himself.

Speaking of Artie,

that reminds me,

a package arrived for him today.

One of those talking records.

Oh, could we hear it?

Good evening,
Mr. West, Mr. Pike.

Mr. Gordon has been so busy

that he hasn't time to
send you this himself,

so he asked me, as a favor,

to send it to you.

He wants you to know
that it's just work, work,

work all the time.

He also says he may be here
longer than he first thought,

and he did want me to tell you

that he thinks of
you all the time.

So until we hear from
you, oh, good night.

Work, work, work.

Yeah, well,

I think I'm really ready
for dinner right now.