The Snow Girl (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript


What a day to celebrate!

For those of you who are just joining us,

the party is underway
right here in Málaga...

The square is already filled
with many excited families

waiting to see the Three Wise Men...

Oh, not again.

- What?
- You're gonna get me in trouble.

...young and old are cheering and dancing...

- In you go, bunny.
- All right. You got it?

Amaya, you love your Mom, right?

- Yes.
- You do?

Okay, well, stop wearing
that scary mask, will you?

You scared me to death!

There you go, bunny.

Is it buckled right?

No way. She'll go flying.

...we can already see one of Balthasar's
helpers carrying the chest...


Man, look at this.

Maybe you should turn right at the light.
We'll find a spot.

- I knew it was gonna be like this.
- Well, they found a spot.

I'm sorry, do you wanna drive?

Let's go around again.

Well, hi!

- They friends?
- She's a patient.

I wanna see the Wise Men.

They aren't here yet, love.

Amaya, Maya, Maya!
A massive lollipop! You see it there?

- You want a lollipop like that?
- Yeah!

Amaya, look, candy!

Look! There's more, Mom!

You want more? Okay.


You love candy!

Say hi, Amaya!


Hi! You want more, Amaya?

Hey, love, it's raining.
Sweetie, put on your hood.

Here! Here, here!


I got it!


Dad, balloons! Look!

Can I get one?

- We'll get balloons later, okay?
- Please, please, Dad!

Sweetie, the Wise Men are coming.

Oh, go ahead and get her one.
I'll wait for you guys right here.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

- Ana, you're full of surprises.
- Bye!

- Hey, how are you?
- Hello.

- You want a balloon, hun?
- Down you go, bunny.

- How much is it?
- Five fifty.

- I only have a 50.
- All good. I have change.

Wait, nope.

Looks like I have a few ones. Lucky me.

Pricey, no?

Even Santa's gotta eat, dude.


Dude, I gave you a 20.

- What?
- I gave you a 20.

- What did I give you?
- Four fifty. You gave me 4.50.

Sorry, dude, thought you gave me a ten.
All this commotion, you know...

Yeah, of course.

I'm not trying to con you.
I seriously thought you gave me a ten.



- Did you see her?
- No.

- She was right here. Where'd she go?
- Sorry, man.






- Amaya!
- Álvaro?


- Amaya!
- What's going on?

Where is she?

I don't know. I don't know.

What? Amaya!





Yo! Dude!
What the hell are you doing?

Get off the car!

Seriously, get down!
Dude, get off the car!


- Amaya!
- Amaya!


Hey, what are you doing?


- Amaya!
- Amaya!







Neither the government
representatives nor the National Police

have made any statement as of today.

The girl, five-year-old Amaya Martín,
disappeared yesterday

during the Christmas parade in Málaga
and has not yet been found.

So far neither the parents nor the police

have been contacted by the kidnappers.

The parade was attended by thousands,

though thus far no witnesses
have come forward.

However, we received images
of a CCTV camera

which did capture footage
of what looks to be an unidentified person

taking the girl by the hand
and walking out of the parade area.

The police are combing through the area
on the lookout for any traces...

Parade security services,

as well as the local
and national police forces,

have begun the search for the missing
five-year-old, Amaya Martín.

The little girl disappeared yesterday
at approximately a quarter to seven,

during the parade.

According to the police,
she got lost in the crowd

and has not been found since then.

Sources believe the girl was abducted,

but the police have no lead
as to the identity of the perpetrator.

Please stand clear of the door

and do not exit until the bus
has come to a complete stop.

As you are leaving,

please make sure that you have
all your personal belongings...

The holidays always feel too fast.
I swear it's like we were just here.




- Still no employee pass, huh?
- No. Not yet.

- I'm sorry.
- It's not a problem. Here, for today.

Awesome. Thanks for this.

Today's main focus
is the disappearance of that girl.

Reporters from every paper
will be out there covering this story.

Don't let them get ahead. Got it?

We do have home field advantage.

I want news updates online...


...and three articles per day.

- This is our cover story...
- Coffee for you, Miren. I remembered.

- Thanks.
- Okay?

Eduardo, I want you in charge.
Please use those contacts.

Sure, I've got contacts but no motivation.

Don't be so dramatic.

Get to it. Come on.
Everyone, you've got work to do.

I'd like to assist
on Amaya's case as well.

I can do whatever you need.

You've only been here, what, a month?

No, I don't know. I don't think so.

Come on, Paco. Let her.
What's the harm in it?

Give her some experience.

Eduardo, she's just an intern.

No, no. She can write
about the cold weather.

So, what was it like
getting to act with Joaquín?

Acting is one word for it...

What, he change his mind?

I'm just an intern.

He won't notice I'm gone.

You said it, not me.

Check under your seat.
An early Christmas gift.


- And what is this?
- It's Amaya's case file.

My friend in the department sent me
some of the files he had on this case.

None of this information is public yet.

They found her coat
a block away from the parade.

They're just sitting on that information.

If you'd rather cover a different story,
then I'd understand completely, Miren.

A case like this can eat at you.

Become an obsession.

Keep a professional distance.

- This report is from her father.
- Mm-hmm.

Taken by Group Two detective
of the Judiciary Police.

It's badge 070351.

Málaga National
Police Department.

It's Belén Millán.



What are you doing here?


Let's go.

Good morning. As you know by now,

this press conference has been called

to share what information we can
on the disappearance of Amaya Martín.

She was last seen yesterday evening
in Constitution Square,

where she attended
the Twelfth Night Parade with her parents,

Álvaro and Ana Martín.

She's five years old,
stands one foot three inches tall,

and weighs approximately 33 pounds.

You'll find recent photos in your packets.

He could try telling us something useful.

To bring this girl home,
we will need the public's help.

- What are you doing?
- Bathroom break.

To that end,

we ask that you publish the hotline
numbers provided in your packets.

We are asking anyone with information
concerning the whereabouts of Amaya Martín

to please contact us immediately.

Any questions?

Great. Can you send the list over?



We're lost without more people.

Yeah, fax it
to the provincial station, please.

Thank you very much.

Pass me one of those markers.

I just talked
to the entertainment company

in charge of organizing the parade.

We have a phone number
for our balloon guy?

They're sending the list.

- And we're sure he saw her last?
- Yeah.

Man, it's freezing in here.
This shit's broken again.

This whole station's falling apart.

Piece of crap.
You wanna bet that one don't work?

Chaparro, focus, okay?

Call Madrid headquarters.
We need help to broaden the search.

And get Amaya's pictures
over to the airports. Okay?

Coffee time?

What's up?

- You sure? Another one?
- Yeah. As many as it takes.

- What's up, Jacinto?
- Inspector.

Let's see. "Lightly used washing machine."
That's perfect.


Hey there.

- I don't have any news about your case.
- I'm not here about that.


No. I'm not telling you anything
about the investigation.

What paper do you work for?

I'm an intern at Sur.

Go back downstairs to the press room.
You're not allowed here.

Belén, I already know
you found the girl's raincoat.

- What are you doing?
- I'm simply doing my job.

- No, this isn't the university.
- Just tell me if you have a theory.

I promise you that I won't publish it.

All we know is that she was taken.

If you publish anything too early,
it could spook the kidnapper.

And the girl pays for it.

Ana, sweetheart.

The police are here.
To take a look around.

Excuse me. Here.

You get some rest.

I can do this. Go on.


Hi, uh, we're friends of the family.



How you holding up?

He thought he might be able
to cheer you up.

I'm so sorry.

You're getting tall. Growing up so fast.

Sam, why don't you bring in
the flyers from the van?

- Sure.
- Thanks.

I printed some flyers
with her face on them.

We're gonna put them up everywhere.
I promise. Okay?


We'll paper the whole city if we have to.

Hey. We're gonna find her. Okay?

It's time to start.

We're here today to ask for help
from everyone in our city.

Anyone watching this broadcast,

please can you help us find our daughter?

Her name is Amaya,
and she's five years old.

She disappeared yesterday,
and she was wearing a...

yellow raincoat.

Do you know what they do for a living?

He draws cartoons or something.

- An illustrator.
- Please, if you have any information...

She's a doctor
at a local fertility clinic.

See him?

The one with the maroon sweater vest.
That's her father, Paco Nuñez.

The hotels guy?

Yeah, he owns a bunch of hotels
down the coast.

And next to him wearing those glasses,

that's urban planning councilman,
Felipe Ramírez.

He was almost arrested
during Operation Malaya.

I have two messages.

One is for our girl.


Mommy and Daddy love you.

We're waiting for you.

We'll be together again soon, bunny.

Be brave.

The second message is for the person
who kidnapped my daughter.

Please bring her back to me.

'Cause this is her home.

You won't be reported. Honestly,
we don't hate you for what you did.

Just treat my daughter well.

And bring her back to me.

You're nothing but a monster!

A monster!
That's for whoever took my granddaughter.

That's it for today.

Thank you all.

Please, everyone, if you could all help
by handing these out.


I have everything I need for my article.

- Better get back to the office.
- I'm gonna stay.

Okay. Stay and help with the flyers.

Everyone here is family and friends.

Spend some time with them
so you can write an article on the web.

And be sure it's compassionate.
This is your chance to be a writer.

This was the statement
on the part of Amaya's parents

asking citizen cooperation.

They also thanked the police
for their work...

Neighbors and friends
are supporting the family...


We can start hanging posters over here.

- Got it. Let's go.
- Here, take this.

- Thanks.
- Thanks.


I'm sorry about your daughter.

Don't apologize to me. She's not dead.

Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude.

No worries. I get it.

I'm Miren Rojo.

I'm an intern at Diario Sur.

- Is it okay if I ask you some questions?
- Not now, please.


All I want is
to help you find your daughter.

I understand what you're going through.

What did you say your name was?

Miren Rojo.

If you want to talk, call me.

I'd never publish without permission.



Don't tell anyone I started smoking.

This is where she disappeared.

See that camera there?


That bank across the street
probably has a good view.

There's a traffic cam.
Did that one catch anything?


We got a bunch of videos
from people who taped the parade.

Maybe we'll find something in one of them.

With all this, I haven't even opened
any of my present yet.

- You behave yourself this year?
- I did what I could.

Oh, yeah?

Did you get any updates
on the footage from the airport?

We'll have the images today.

- And from the harbor?
- We're putting pressure on 'em. We'll see.

Do you really think
they would take her to the harbor?

I don't know.
Maybe with all the cruise ships, yachts

and private ships leaving there daily,
I wouldn't be surprised.


- Is it this one?
- Number two.

Who's there?

Good morning, ma'am.
We're from the police department.

Would you mind letting us in?

Where did they find the raincoat?

It was behind the elevator.

- Back where?
- By the potted plant.

Okay, so he takes the girl from the plaza,
manages to go unseen,

and dumps her coat here
to stay under the radar.

How'd he get in?
He'd have to be buzzed in.

Maybe he snuck in as someone left?

It doesn't make sense, Chaparro.

Why not just dump it in the alley,
or the trash?

Somebody took the time
to break in here and dump it,

despite the risks of being seen
by the neighbors.

What are you thinking?

That he was lucky.

Or he was improvising.

Isn't it possible he spotted her there
and decided, "Why not?"

Anyone talk to the neighbors that night?

Officers García and Camacho, city patrol.

Oh, my God.

- They were the first officers to show up.
- Well, we're screwed.

Did they run background checks
on all the neighbors?

Everyone's clean.

The girl's not here, Belén.
Will you please get a real notebook?


Do you know Joaquina Torres?

- Good morning.
- Morning. Joaquina?

- Yes.
- We're with the national police.

Can we ask you a few questions?

Uh, yeah. Okay.

Hey, move it! Go!

Thank you.


SINCE 1931


- Hi.
- Hello.

May I ask?

- You're a reporter, right?
- Not quite. I'm still taking classes.

- Oh.
- I'm interning at the Diario Sur.

Oh, that's nice.

Can you help me?

Of course.

I'm praying this will work.

My daughter wanted to come help, but...

she was up all night crying.

She and Amaya were good friends.

Poor thing.


They what?

Who did?

You're pretty close
with the family, right?

Yes. Ana, she's always been good to me.

It's just...

It's hard. She doesn't deserve this.

But then, I don't think anyone does.



Are you okay?


- Uh, so, are you here with your family?
- Yes.

With my husband, David,
and Samuel, our son.

I'll introduce you.

What is that?

It's nothing. Just some... some notes. I'm...


- I'm writing a...
- Why are you here?

You stay away from my family.

- Leave them alone. Got it?
- David, let her be.

Let her be? No.
I just got off the phone with Álvaro.

Your new friend,
she was harassing Ana for information.

No, I was just doing my job.

Your job?

- Let me see your job.
- Stop it.

- Give it back!
- David Luque?

- My notebook!
- Samuel Luque?

- Give me my notebook!
- Samuel Luque?

Stalking my son is part of your job?

- David!
- You're done.

Get away from my family!

- You hear me?
- Get off me!

- Get the fuck out.
- Don't touch me!

The hell is your problem?

And this isn't over.
I'm calling your editor.

- Let's get out of here, David.
- The hell's the matter with her?

All these, every day.

And there's one more.
So that's seven. Plus an anticoagulant.

- Sorry to hear that.
- Pass the water.


So, Joaquina, you told officers

you remembered seeing the girl
in the doorway that night?


Would you mind telling me
exactly what you saw?

I stayed in
to watch the parade through the window.

It's too cold to go out there
in the winter, you know.

Of course.

And you saw the girl from that window?

That one right there.

- And you saw her in that doorway?
- What?

- You saw her in that doorway, right?
- Ah, yes. She was right out there.

And you told the officers
that the little girl was with someone.

Did I say that?

You didn't say
you saw the girl with someone?


I didn't say that.

It wasn't just one person. It was two.

Two people?


And could you see
what these people were doing?

Well, one of them took off her jacket,
and he went inside.


But if that door
is normally always locked,

then how do you suppose
he would have gotten inside the building?

Uh, well...

I don't know.

I remember something.

It was three.

No, now I'm sure.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

It was three.

- Thank you so much, Joaquina.
- No problem.

And we're sorry for bothering you today.

- Have a good day.
- Thanks.

- See you.
- Thank you.


We've got an address for our balloon guy.

You were the last one
to see the girl.

Whatever you say.
I don't really know.

Aren't you going to let us in,

- Come on, let us in.
- No. No, sorry.

My house is a wreck right now.

- What were you doing that night?
- Selling balloons.

It's honest work.

According to our records,
you were arrested for aggravated assault.

And you spent two years in jail.

- Are these marks from your time inside?
- Enough, okay?

You sold hash when you were in jail,
am I right?

We've combed through
all the footage from the CCTVs, Juancho.

Everything is recorded.

At first, things looked pretty normal,
but then you decide to run away.

Right when the little girl was kidnapped.

You made it easy to spot you,
dressed like Santa.

I'm telling you I didn't touch her!

Just ask her father.

Why did you run away then?

Well, because I don't want any trouble.

I've got my own family.
I got a little girl the same age.

I'm not some kind of pervert.

Don't leave town.

And behave yourself.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Hey!


See you around.

What do you think?
Should we get a search warrant?

We'll tail him for a few days,
see what he does.

Thank you.

- Well, look who it is?
- Hi.

- I'll be right back.
- Okay. Don't be long.

What are you doing here?
Shouldn't you be at the office instead?

I just wanted some time to think.

Rafa, I'll have an espresso, please.
Make it double.

Do you know what I like
about being invisible?


No one ever notices you.

I spent the whole day with the family.

And their friends.

It's only a theory so far, but I think
she had to know her kidnapper.

Or not.

Thanks, Rafa.

If they had taken her by force,
wouldn't there be witnesses?

How do 3,000 people not see anything?

Say you see a well-dressed
good-looking man

who's having an argument
with a crying child.

What's your initial reaction?

I think he's the child's father.

Or they're related.

Anyone could have potentially
taken that girl, Miren.

Even if she was screaming and crying.

No one saw that she was scared and alone.

Everyone just kept watching the parade.

They ignored her.

Are you okay?

Yeah? What's up, Paco?

Yeah, she is. We're grabbing coffee.

Yeah. I had her help hand out flyers.

No, I'm the one who asked her, Paco.

All right then. We'll be right there.

Yeah, on the way.

What exactly did you do?

If I'm causing problems, I'll go.

That's not necessary. It's settled.


Did you actually confront that guy?

He threatened to sue the paper.

It won't happen again.

Are you still going to therapy?

I don't wanna talk about it.

Your mom said
you stopped answering her calls.

You know she's just worried about you.

I don't need a guardian angel.

- She's not the only one who's worried.
- Stop worrying.

I'm fine now.

Pretending you're tough
isn't the same as being tough, Miren.



Come on, get in.

Thank you again for the ride.




Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Okay, thanks so much.


What'd they say?

We checked priors for family and friends.

- We got a hit. One of them has a record.
- Who?

The father's friend.
David Luque's got a rap sheet.

He sexually assaulted a little girl.

We'll bring her home.

I know we will. I know it.

I know we'll find her.

I know it.

We'll bring her home safe.



- Hi, César.
- Hi.

Hi, Miren. You got a package.

- What's this?
- I don't know.

Hello, Ana.

- Hello.
- Hi.

- You already saw the package?
- Yes.

Could you both come with me?

David, could we have the room
for a second?

Thank you.

It was delivered to Diario Sur.



What is it?

That's our baby!

She's alive!

Our bunny.