The Purge (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Happy Holidays - full transcript

Marcus sinks into darkness; Esme is on the run; Ben returns home; Ryan gets an unexpected visitor.

Previously on "The Purge"...

Long time no see.

The hell, Ryan? You called her?

I'm your savior here.

You cut me into whatever
you're planning.

Your husband and I had a deal.

They got us the name of the
person who tried to Purge me.

- Sam Tucker.
- We had an affair.

So you think someone did this to her.

We have cameras. They
might've caught something.


These are test subjects.

What was she studying them for?

That data suggests that the Purge

is making people want to kill more.

Not just on Purge, but
every day of the year.

Plenty of God-loving
Americans fear the Purge.

Fear is the first step on
the long road to respect.

But this recent act...

a Cooke University student
killed in his dormitory...

that's cowardice.

So how is an honest hardworking,

Purge-loving American

supposed to think about
this Campus Killer, Lena?

Well, personally, Bobby,

I feel that these reports
are completely overblown.

That dead student had a long
history of depression...

I... I'm sorry, but depressed people

don't stab themselves repeatedly.

I mean, how about the
farmer who supposedly

died of heat stroke?

How exactly does a corpse bury itself?

There you go again.

You're taking unsubstantiated
conspiracy theory as gospel.

What about the girl who was
killed on the same campus?

What... what about the security footage

of the masked person stalking this girl?

Easily faked.

For those of you just joining us,

this is the "Bobby Sheridan Show."

And this is Bobby Sheridan with
one of our favorite guests,

Lena Dash of the NFFA,
and a newcomer to our show,

award-winning "America Unplugged"

news correspondent, Sydney Rivera.

So before we bury ourselves, in detail,

Sydney, do you really think
some killer has the balls

to attack off-Purge?

Not only do I think someone
is killing off-Purge,

but I think we have to
entertain the possibility

that these murders might be
a product of NFFA policy.

Oh, now, Sydney, you are
skating on thin ice there.

Everyone knows the Purge brings peace.

It calms the inner demons.

I say we don't need less
Purge, we need more.

How about a biannual Purge?

Why stop there, Bobby?

I mean, America needs a good
old-fashioned cleansing.

I... I'm sorry. Are you
serious suggesting

the solution for off-Purge
violence is more violence?

Damn straight.

You know, Sydney, I... I get the feeling

that you haven't experienced

a Purge up close and personal.

Maybe next year I can
help you out with that.

You're listening to
"Bobby Sheridan Live."

We'll be right back after
this word from Insta-Glue,

the only household adhesive FDA approved

to treat gunshot wounds and stabbings.

Insta-Glue, the glue that clots.

Ladies, fantastic.

I know, right?

Sydney, you are a goddamn natural.

I mean, the fans are just gonna

- eat you up with a spoon.
- Great show.

Did you just call for a
fucking Purge on me?

Oh, I did you a favor.

Yeah, yeah. Sydney, you're new.

You, uh, look at this.

That's the Urge2Purge app.

It scans the internet for
active death threats.

You've popped 200 since we went live.

You're on fire, girl.

And I don't mean to brag,
but check mine out.

I broke a million last week.

It's been great for my brand.

Truth is you're nobody in America

unless somebody wants to Purge you.

You were close with one
of the victims, Andy Tran.

People saw you hanging around
his dorm room regularly.

But on the afternoon of the murder,

you were in the frat house alone?

I told you I was working on
a paper and I dozed off.

The truth isn't gonna change

no matter how many times you ask.

But no one can corroborate your story.

You claim you fell asleep
while writing a paper.

You claim you didn't know
anything was going on,

but something isn't adding up.

You know we do this for a living, Ben?

We're trained to sniff out bullshit.

I can tell you're hiding something.

So help us help you by coming clean,

and just getting it off your chest.


You're right. There...
there is something.

I smoked some weed

to relax so I could write my paper.

I had a little too much
and I fell asleep.

I know I'm not technically
not old enough to buy weed.

That's a level Y offense.
I could be expelled.

But the past few weeks have
been extremely hard for me.

My friend was murdered.

I keep thinking about what
he must've gone through.

Why is he dead and I'm
here talking to you?

That's so messed up.

So if you're gonna arrest
me for drug possession,

arrest me. I don't even care anymore.

Look, no more dope.

Got it?

We'll let it slide this time.

I really hope you find the guy.


Ms. Lowe?

And now we have a new development.

In Crime News tonight,
police believe CCTV

from Cooke University may
show the campus killer.

Hey, Ben.

Can you believe they're
still doing these searches?

What do you think they're looking for?

Murder weapons, I guess.

Anything suspicious.
They're desperate, man.

No one's seen an off-Purge
murder in years, let alone two.

Yeah, the NFFA must be freaking out.

Yeah, well, it sucks
for us too 'cause I...

I had to cut a hole in
the tongue of my shoe

to hide my molly.

It was the only way I was
gonna get it off campus

for winter break.

Good thinking.

Sorry they keep bringing you back in

to rehash all this shit,
'cause it must be hard.

I know Andy was your friend.

Yeah, thanks. I'm good though.

Well, if you ever want to talk

or like get plastered you know, I'm...

I'm around.

I'll let you know.

But really, I'm okay.

I should go. Kelen and
I have to get upstate.

- Have a good break, man.
- Yeah, you too.

Olivia, what happened to you?

Maybe the dash cam caught ya.

- Esme.
- Darren.

- Hey.
- I think I have a lead.

Not over the phone. We should meet.


The planes need to stay
in the air all night,

so to conserve fuel,

they won't take off
before the Purge sirens.

Doug, you hit this weak spot
we found on the perimeter.

Right before the sirens blow,

I'll activate the jammer, and we roll.

I expected a little more
surprise from you, Ryan.

This is a pretty basic plan.

Well, basic equals safe.

You sure there's not something else

that you're not telling me?

If you don't like the plan, change it.

It's not completely terrible,
but there is one thing.

I knew you'd have notes.

You and Doug can't handle
the guards yourselves.

So I'm gonna pull some strings.

Me and my guys will be working
private security that night.

We'll be the ones guarding the plane.

- Uh, no fucking way.
- Why not?

Because you guys are dirty.

And you three are so squeaky clean.

So instead of splitting it four ways,

we're splitting it, what? Six?


How do we know your guys aren't
just gonna hijack the cash?

You don't.

And how do I know you're
not gonna blow me away

once I activate the chamber?

You don't.

Look, I'd be suspicious
if I were in your shoes,

but I didn't get pinched

committing an off-Purge
home invasion, and you did.

Either my guys join or I turn you in.

So what'll it be?

Hey, babe, it's me.

Why is your door locked?

- Hey.
- Hey.

The cops have any news?

No, not really.

I thought they would've
arrested someone by now.

Yeah, me too.

Meg and Bonnie were
supposed to stay in town

for the holidays, but now
everyone's too freaked out.

I'm so lucky to be staying with you.

I'll keep you safe.

Look, I believe that you're sorry.

And I believe you would
take it back if you could.

Thank you for saying that.

But you can't, because it's done,

and when I see you, I see you with him.

And I... I wish...

I wish I didn't.

Me too.

And on top of all that,
I'm scared for my life here.

- I'm working on that.
- Are you?

Michelle, it's been a few weeks.

Why can't you just call him and say,

"Hey, did you put a hit out
on my husband or not?"

Because Sam and I, we didn't
talk that much to begin with.

So what, it was just fucking then?

No, that is not what I meant.

Babe, okay, look, I'm
doing everything I can

to fix this without making things worse.

He tried to Purge you.

He is obviously not a rational man.

Are we expecting somebody?

I used your phone to text him
and ask him to come over.

Wait, what?

He is not gonna react well to this.

Babe, you should've told me.

Can you get the door?

Hello, Sam.

Hey. Uh, you remember April, my wife?

How can I forget?

Uh, so, we were just...


Why don't you guys come in?


- Hey.
- Hey.

Why'd you want to meet?

Are you okay?

So, uh, what's the plan?

Are you gonna follow up on that lead?

Nah, I don't think that's
gonna pan out after all.

When do you want to meet again?

I probably won't see you again.

I'm getting out of the city.

Okay, great.

Great. Thanks for the cash.

Hey, watch it!

Somebody tell me we have
a shot of her up ahead.

Everyone, look at me.

I know this is hard for you.

It's hard for me too.

We worked side by side with Esme.

She was part of our family,

but she has been making
moves against the NFFA

for quite some time.

She fooled all of us.

But she has committed an act of treason,

and now it is our job
to protect this country

by catching her.

Priority access granted.

You hear that?

The bosses have given
us temporary access

to private cell phone cameras.

This is a priority one manhunt.



Got her.

She'll come out on the
opposite block any second now.

Where is she?

Come on, people, she knows
all of our blind spots.

We have to anticipate her next move.


What you got?

Uh, cell phone hit.

Facial recog must've caught it
once it uploaded to the Cloud.

We've got a location on the suspect.

Send that to all units now.

Is this Brie?

Uh, no. Camembert.

So Sam and I, we've been
doing a lot of soul searching.

Done a lot of therapy.

And just so there's no surprises,

I know everything that's happened

between you and my husband.

It's taken some time,

but I think I've come to
terms with everything,

and I'm just ready to move forward.

When Michelle texted me,

we thought that we should get together

face-to-face and, uh, work this out.

We know a really great
therapist if you're interested.

I sent the text, not Michelle.

Okay, okay. That's not what I expected.

Sam, maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

No, wait, I mean, you guys
wanted to talk, right?

So we should talk. Get
everything on the table,

be brutally honest with one another.

So Sam, are you sure you
told your wife everything?

NFFA! Open up!

NFFA! Open up!

Can I help you?

This is the NFFA, Mr. Grant.

Don't make this harder
than it has to be.

What do you want?

I have some questions
for you, Mr. Grant.

Anything you want to tell us?

You know, my wife must've
been some volcanic fuck

for you to take a hit out on me.

What is he talking about?

Tell her what you did, Sam.

You know, I've made a lot
of mistakes in my marriage,

but at least I'm no murderer.

Okay, what is going on?

What is he talking about?

Your husband took out a
Purge contract on Marcus.

You said that it didn't mean anything.

What... why would you pay
someone to Purge him

if it didn't mean anything?

I didn't.

I... I don't know what
they're talking about.


That's not me. I mean, we don't throw

that kind of money around.

You know that.

I thought the lies were over, Sam.

Honey, I'm not lying.

I'm done.

- You figure this out.
- Honey, wait.

No. Uh-uh.

Nobody's going anywhere
until we sort this thing out.

Please... please don't.

Come on, man.

- Put the gun away.
- Marcus, be careful.

I have to.

I can't live with this over my head.


I'll get the duct tape.

- Am I under arrest?
- This is just a routine sweep.

Right, but you seem a little edgy.

NFFA. Open up.

- Friends of yours?
- I need your help.

Why would I help you?

You think they'll just arrest me

without wondering why I
showed up on your doorstep?

I haven't done anything illegal.

You'll be on their radar forever.

One false move and...

I'll take my chances.

Please, I'm a good person.

I haven't done anything wrong.
I don't deserve this.

Welcome to the club.

- Coming!
- No.

They'll be able to see
that I tracked you down

earlier this year.

I'll lie.

I'll tell them you helped
me, that this was planned.

This is the NFFA.

They'll burn every potential
leak to the ground.

No probable cause, no proper trial.

You know that's true.

We both know it.

What happened to being a good person?

I'm desperate.


Oh, I've missed you.

Mom, this is Kelen.

Hi, Mrs. Gardner.
Thank you for having me.


I was so happy when Ben
said you'd be coming too.

It'll be nice to have a little
feminine energy around here.

Holy shit, Lil' B is back!

Ow! What's up, baby?

And he brought a real,
live girl with him too.


Hi, Kelen.

I'm Logan, the handsomer, older,

more mature of the Gardner brothers.

That's not saying much.

We have a warrant to
search for a fugitive

who was last seen in your area.

Be my guest.

Have you seen this woman?

I've been inside working
on my bike all day.

What'd she do anyway?


Isn't it always?

Interesting place you got here.

I like it.

We're all clear.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Dixon.

If you see anything, give us a call.

You got it.

I don't know how to thank you.

Well, you can start...

What the hell?

By telling me the truth.

Maybe you should go

'cause if this goes south
and the cops get involved,

you could just tell them
that I pressured you.

Look, what happened on Purge,
it was all because of me.

We're committed now.

We can't back off no matter what

or you're dead next Purge.

I'm gonna take this off so we can talk,

but don't do anything stupid.

- Say when.
- Just leftover turkey?

Oh, it's Ben's favorite.

Whatever Little Benny
wants, Little Benny gets.

He tell you how everyone
used to call him that?

Little Benny?

So Logan, what do you do for work?

Oh, he graduated from Louisiana State

- two years ago.
- That's awesome.

Yeah, a lot of good it's doing me.

Five figures of debt, shit credit,

a part-time gig mowing lawns.

So... that's what you guys
get to look forward to.

Hey, you had a great
interview this past week.

For a loading dock job. When
you have an Econ degree,

it's not really a great interview.

But thank you, Mom, that's very sweet.

Thank you.

So the Campus Killer is going viral, yo!

What's it like going to
school with a maniac?


That's the last thing Ben and Kelen

want to think about right now.

Yeah, shut up.

Coward doesn't even have the decency

to wait for the Purge, does he?

Hunting on a college campus...

like shooting fish in a barrel.

Hey, my friend was murdered.
Can we not talk about this

at the dinner table, please?

I agree.

Kelen, what are you studying?

Art history.


I know it's not very practical,

but I love it.

I know what would happen

if Ben came face-to-face
with this killer.

He once fainted when he
watched Mom get a flu shot.


remember that?

Ben was one of those kids
who sucked his thumb

until he was, like, ten.

Mom tried bribing him.

Eventually they had to get
this, like, special glove

and they put this bitter...

Fuck off!

I'd love to see what the
Campus Killer would do to you.


I'm just saying... shut up about it.

You don't know what
it's like living in fear.

I know that you put a hit out on me.

This is all a big mistake.

Come on, Sam!

You went to my old
neighborhood asking about me.

That's crazy.

I... I don't even know
where you're from.

My ex-wife, she saw you there.

That's not true. He... he's insane.

Why don't you tell him
the truth, Michelle?

Tell me what?

She's the one who wanted to Purge you.

- She told me.
- Oh, fuck you, Sam.

That was nothing, and you know it.

- Hey, what was nothing?
- Huh?

- Oh, my God.
- What was nothing?

- What was nothing?
- It was nothing.

I forgot about it until
he just bought it up.

What the fuck is he talking about?

You have to believe me.
It was a dumb joke.

We were in bed together, Marcus.

- Fuck you! Shut up!
- She was complaining about you

and she suggested Purging you.

Oh, my God! That's bullshit!

No, he was complaining, okay?

And I said it as a joke.

Michelle, what did you say exactly?

I said, "If he bothers you so much,

"then maybe you should quit complaining

and do something about it."

And he said, "You mean Purge him?"

And I laughed, because
it was a stupid joke.

Baby, come on. He is
lying to get out of this.

You have to see that.

It was a shitty thing
to even talk about,

- but I mean it.
- She's lying, Marcus,

just like your ex-wife was
lying about seeing me.

She's playing you like a fiddle.

Shut up!

Don't talk!

Just come here... Don't talk!

- Huh?!
- Aah!

Hey, admit what you did!

I didn't do it! I told you it was her!

Just admit it, Sam!

Okay, fine! I did it!

I took out the hit! Please, just stop!


Do you love her?

Of course not.

But you're willing to Purge for her.

You can make it up by
taking that hit down.

What I did was perfectly legal.

That's right, but you
know, it's my right

to Purge you too.

And if you tell anybody about
what happened here tonight,

I'll put a hit out on you,

your wife, and your entire family.

And nothing you do will
be able to stop me.

And if they don't get you this year,

they're gonna keep
coming again and again

until everybody's Purged.

Now we can either live
together or die together.

It's your choice.

So you think you can take down the NFFA?

They're killing innocent
people off-Purge,

and I think I found proof.


Well, then you better get
the hell out of the country.


If you're on the run,

you'll never know when
your next meal is gonna be.

Sorry I threatened you.

I just didn't know what else to do.

You really think I'm gonna help you?

This was not my plan A,

but I think you're a good person.

You care about people and
want to do right by them.

At least you used to.

Why don't you tell me how you found me?


I watched your habits in
and out of dead zones.

Like what habits?

You carry a lot of takeout bags,

but never from the same
place twice in a row.

So I tracked all the places you go,

and I figured you lived in-between.

Your rent was likely off-book, in cash.

So an unleased building
with regular utilities,

room for vehicles.

Finally narrowed it
down and staked it out.

You got all that from takeout?

Well, if you're that good, you
can help me find someone else.

This is your way of asking me to stay?

No, it's my way of
allowing you to make up

for having put my life in danger.

What is it?

The NFFA just issued an alert.

"All citizens should be on the
lookout for Esme Carmona."

Looks like you're public
enemy number one.

Better take those muddy shoes
off before you come inside.

Kind of late for a stroll.

Kind of late for tea.

I haven't slept through the
night since your father died.

Do you want a cup?

No, I should get some sleep.

Logan's going through a
tough time right now.

I think he probably misses
that ten-year-old little brother

that used to copy his every move.

Yeah, I guess.

He just gets under my skin.

I'm sorry I lost my temper.

When we bottle up our feelings,

they can come out in other
ways that might be scary.

Be careful.

So, Ziv signs our
collective death warrant,

and you decide to go radio silent?

- I got waylaid.
- By what?

That's the chick...

her face is like plastered everywhere.

Are you completely insane?

Sara, Doug, meet Esme.

Newest member of our team.

Please hurry.




There. Done.

- _
- Hey,

you only took 10k down.

I told you to get rid of
the rest of the contract.

What can I say, man? I did my part.

Now what the hell does that mean?

You don't get it. I wasn't the only one.


Take a look around, man.

They all did it.