The Purge (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Blindspots - full transcript

The residual effects of Purge Night infect the lives of Ryan, Marcus, and Esme.

Previously on "The Purge"...

There should be more Benjamins in here.

Not here. We count later.

I need your expertise on something.

- Armed robbery.
- _


Son, I need your help.
Somebody tried to Purge me.

Somebody put a bounty on your head.

Oh, my God.

- Hey, man.
- What happened?

We got jumped.

But it turned out okay.

Do you still think about violence?

All I think about is violence.

New Orleans Police Department.

Come out with your hands up!

It's my song, guys.

I'm coming out,

- and I'm unarmed!
- Hands up!

You hereby forfeit your rights
as a United States citizen.

Anything you say or do,
by action or inaction,

will be held against
you in a court of law.

Sorry. Sorry I'm late.

I was appointed by the
court to your defense

and due process,

under Amendment 29 of
the U. S. Constitution.

I looked over your file.

It's pretty cut and dry.

I'm gonna recommend you plead guilty.

I'm sorry. I forgot my manners.

How are you doing today?

Never been better.

All right. Case 20854.

Citizen Thomas Adrian Ortiz. Age 38.

Accused of armed robbery and trespassing

occurring on March the 22nd.

That's correct, Your Honor.

As such, we request the
defendant be categorized

and sentenced as a level R major felon.

And what evidence will you
offer to support the charges?

Exhibits 1 through 34.

Our CCTV footage pulled from
the morning of March 22nd.

All angles, audio,

and coordinates have been NFFA verified.

As you can see, the defendant
is clearly on private property

after the last Purge siren ended,

making his actions criminal.

How do you plead?

Son, are you fixing to
flat-out lie to this court?

Plead guilty. Beg for mercy.

Guilty, Your Honor, but, uh...


I know this technically
qualifies as a level R,

but all I did was move

a bag of cash from point A to point B,

and I missed the property
line by a few inches.

That's bad timing. I'm not a threat.

You have my records there.

I served the community
well for many years.

I don't have any criminal history.

Well, years of acting right
doesn't give you free reign.

We're not here to review
your whole damn life.

Let the record state
that you, the defendant,

- have entered a plea of guilty.
- Your Honor...

Case 20854 is now closed.

Like all parties guilty
of a level R crime,

defendant is hereby sentenced to...

Wait, Your Honor. Hold on, please.

- ... to death.
- Please.

Execution will be carried
out in 356 days,

on next Purge Night.

I don't... I don't deserve this.

I didn't hurt anyone.

If he so chooses,

he may enter the auction,

and 5% of all payments will be
awarded to the next of kin.

Wait a minute, Your Honor.

We're talking about a level R.

This is... this is ridiculous.

No, wait! Your Honor.

- Your Honor!
- Get him out of here!

This is bullshit, Your Honor!

You can't do this to me!
This is not justice!

You better fucking do something!


I need a little liquid
courage before tonight.

Yeah, and I need you on your toes.

You know what we're
gonna find out there.

You really think it'll be that bad?

Yeah. I do.

Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Purge Night.

Our city attracts a lot
of people on Purge Night,

and this year,

some of those people are
calling for open season

on anyone with a badge.

Officers have been given a
list of the recent arrests

and parolees.

Watch out for anyone you gave
so much as a parking ticket to.

Everybody changes here.

No uniforms on the street tonight.

I want to see each and
every one of you back here

first thing tomorrow.

We strongly advise that
you stay home tonight.

Let's roll.

We really doing this?

You want to try to arrest Caruso again?

Have the case kicked again?

Caruso's responsible for half
of the drug crime in the city.

So let's use the Purge to
end this piece of shit

and do something good.

Hear, hear.

I understand what you're trying to do,

but officially, this is not
department sanctioned.

I recommend walking away.


Anybody who wants to leave can.

No hard feelings.


Thank you.

Be careful out there tonight.

Tommy, what's the timeline?

- _
- District four reports

a possible criminal activity.

I need my best eyes on them.

This guy was spotted multiple times

driving within 1,000 feet
of the tarmac in Overton.

Cameras never caught a
clear view of his face.

- Is that a crime?
- No, but it's suspicious.

Protocol says we need
an ID on the driver.

Get his face, and then get his record.

Let me know if there's anything
I need to kick upstairs.

You will have it by the end of the day.

So who is this mystery man?


Yeah, just give me a sec.

What up? You've reached Darren.

You know what to do at the tone.

Uh, Mr. Moore, this is Esme
Carmona calling again.

Call me back.

I have something you need to see.

Thanks for agreeing to
meet so last minute.

How you doing?

I could use a good night's sleep.

I'm working on that.

Your neighbor's bank
records checked out.

Nothing connecting the
Cartwrights to Purge Night.

Uh. So Steve, he's an
asshole, but not a murderer.

All right. Well, that was a long shot.

We barely know them.

That doesn't mean he doesn't know you,

and I check out everyone.

Well, what about the malpractice suit?

I dug into it.

The payout wouldn't have come close

to covering your contract.

All right, so what?

You came over here to
tell me you got nothing?

This is why I asked to meet you alone.

- My wife?
- Your second, right?

- Does it matter?
- I don't know.

But when I compared her
cell phone records

against her calendar, some of
the geo tags didn't line up.

Bottom line is, she's hiding something.

I'm sure she can clear all that up.

Great. I hope so.

But in my line of work,

cases like these, it's someone you know.

Someone you're close to.

The vast majority of domestic Purges

are committed by the spouse.

Open case B246 and scan
for facial features.

- Anything?
- Um, nada.

He's hidden in every one.

Plates... they're from out of state,

so it will take some time to run them.

He probably swaps them,
if he's this careful,

but the system can search
for that numerical sequence

from all cameras. Type it in.


There it is.

- What?
- Armored truck.

Probably on a bank run.

Remember the crew that
robbed First Parish?

Clearly not as well as you do.

They took great care
to hide their faces,

and this picture was taken a
few blocks from that bank.

I'll pull up the logs
from that Purge Night.

Let's see if it's an ID match.

Can't call it a positive match.

Can you?



Who the hell is this guy?

You okay?


I said, "Are you all right?"

Yeah, I'm good.

- Um, we can stop.
- Do you want to?

I don't know. You're not
even looking at me.

I'm sorry.

God damn it. Fuck.


What's going on with you?

I don't know what's going on.


Try to relax.

I should see if Turner has
some blue pills or something.

You know those things seriously mess up

- your sperm count, right?
- I was kidding.

What you should do is
punch Turner in the face.

He left you alone, and seriously,

if you want to try something,

strawberries are like
nature's blue pill.

How do you even know that?


Swapped plates. Just like you thought.

Pull up the sector grid.

People tend to follow patterns.

Play it.

Go back a day.

Go back a week. Same time.

- He's punctual.
- No one's that punctual.

You are.

As far as we can tell,

this guy hasn't broken the law.

But you're not this good at
hiding unless you need to be.

Follow him down that street.

There's no cameras down that street.

It's a dead zone.


- He's good. I'll give him that.
- Mm-hmm.

He knows exactly where we're
looking and where we're not.

I'll go check on that dead zone.

What are the timestamps on the hits?

Uh, between 9:00 and 9:11.

Then we have our window.

- Michelle?
- Be out in a sec.


We got a notice about an
HOA meeting on Wednesday.

Are you coming with me?

Uh, no thanks. I hate those things.

You mean you don't want to hear

Oscar and April discuss the
merits of exposed brick?

Uh, you can take notes, right?

And what did the investigator say?

Did she have any leads?

Nothing really. Just her telling me

who she thinks didn't do it.

Well, couldn't she
have just called then?

I don't know, Michelle.
This is all new to me.

I mean what do you want me to say?

I don't want you to say anything.

Not if you're gonna say it like that.

I'm sorry.

I'm just... I'm just tired.

So where are you going?

You just got back.

I got a client meeting downtown,

and then I'm meeting up
with the girls for drinks.

Drinks? Again?

You are no place to lecture me.

All right.

Will you be back for dinner?

Not sure, so don't wait on me.



So how will you use this freedom?

Will you right some wrongs?

Will you heal?

Will you hurt?

Will you...

You lost or something?

No. I was...

Online, it... it said this place is good

for getting out aggression.

Yeah, that's right. You
ever done this before?

Sign here.

- What is this?
- It's a release.

Waives all your rights,
in case of an accident.

What kind of accident?

They're animals.

They don't want to die. Cash only.

Let's get you dressed.

Large should suit you just fine.

Now, make sure you secure
the neck and the sleeves,

or blood'll find a way in. Always does.

Now you get to choose.

Oh, and one more thing.

Preserve the meat.

There's no way.

Where the hell are you going?

You go left. I'll go right.

Hey, take it easy.

Ryan, you good?


They've only seen me.

You guys should get out of here.

- We're not leaving you.
- This isn't up for debate.

When I lay down fire you move. Go.

Ryan, stop.

Reynolds, what the fuck
are you doing out here?

Easy does it, officer.

Get him up.

Come on. Get him up.

You've been working with
Caruso the whole time?

How many cops you got out here?

All the smart ones.

Drop it.

Well, one person pulls the
trigger, we're all dead.

Stand down.

Get the fuck out of here, Ryan.

I tried to tell you
to stay home tonight.

You should have listened.

- Got your message.
- What happened to Doug?

I haven't talked to him.

Why'd you call the meeting?

It's okay, kid.

Not everybody has the stomach for it.

It's okay.

We all know what you're feeling.

This is a safe space.

I try to pretend everything is okay.

You don't have to pretend.

I still can't sleep with the lights off.

And what about your husband?

Is there any chance he
could come here with you?

Share his story?

He's so paranoid.

I know he wouldn't want me

talking about what happened

to a bunch of anonymous strangers.

And he's so focused on

figuring out who came after
him that sometimes...

- Whenever you're ready.
- It's okay.

Sometimes he forgets
who's right by his side.

I know that feeling.

Thank you for your sharing, Michelle.

I think we all know how you feel.

Let's just go around the room
and share our Purge traumas.

I found out why there
wasn't a bigger haul.

The money was never
supposed to be in that bag.


Federal law only requires

that they keep a certain amount on hand.

Trucks move the rest to a
private airstrip in Overton.

The banks put the money in the air,

and they keep the planes
up there all night,

so it can't be touched.

I told you I'd find
something out, and I did.

They're moving that money,

and we can take it before
it ever leaves the ground.

Anybody listening to what I just said?

We're always listening.

It's just not working
out so well these days.

This is the score to fund
the rest of our lives.

This is like breaking
into the bank's bank.

It just sounds dangerous, man.

- I got kids to think about.
- I'm thinking about your kids.

We are busting our asses
every year to stay afloat.

My mother, your family, your mortgage.

Working for hourly is not
gonna cut it for us.

Okay, sure.

What happened on the force
limited our options.

Limited options?

What, no pension? No college education?

Just a bunch of scars,
a busted-up liver,

- and the joys of living with PTSD.
- _

I don't know, Ryan.

Hey, we do this. We do it our way.

We play by the rules,

and we always have each other's backs.

I'm not gonna do this without you.

We pull this off we're
gonna be very happy.

Hey, it's Darren.

- I got the message.
- Okay.

- You wanted to talk to me about Dr. Adams?
- Yes. Great.

- Meet me at the cafe on Jackson.
- Okay.


- I need a word.
- Rough night?

You let my team walk
right into a death trap.

Everything I did was legal.

How much is Caruso paying
you for protection?

Enough to put my kid through college.

Would you fucking listen to yourself?

How many other kids are gonna die,

because of the drugs you're
letting into the city?

This doesn't have the
same weight it used to.

It's a new world out there.
I chose to adapt.

Yeah? Well, so am I.

Well, good luck out there.
You're gonna need it.

What does that mean?

It means you walk away
from us, you pay a price.

You try and get a city
job, I'll stop it.

Private security? I'll hear about it.

You'll be working as a bouncer

in a shitty strip club in a week.

All you know is violence and vice.

You're fucked, Ryan.

You just don't see it yet.


You guys don't have to do this.

Yeah, we do.

Everybody has the urge to Purge.

Not everyone has the courage

to listen to their inner voice,

the voice that begs them to rise up.

And can you stand another year of life

with this poison inside of you?

You'll do a lot of good
work on Purge Night.

- _
- But you won't be able to get it all done.

People will always surprise you

when they don't want to die.

But when you embrace the Purge,

when you commit to the healing
power of its violence,

anything can happen.

What will you...


What can I do for you?

- How are the strawberries?
- Oh, they're delicious.

Well here. Just try one, on the house.

What's the verdict?


That's what I like to hear.

- I'll take one.
- All righty. That's $5.

Here you go.

You, uh, get many customers out here?

Oh, it picks up on the
weekends, you know.

I'm sorry. I gave you a 20.

Uh, you gave me a 10.

No, I only have 20s in my wallet.

So I think you owe me money.

Oh, no, son. That's not right.

Well, I'm not lying to you.

I know what I gave you.
Can you... can you just look?

All right.

Yeah, right... right there. See? 10.

That's not mine.

Well, you gave me a 10, son.

I'm sorry.

Dude, just give me my change.

I did give you your change.
You're holding it.

Hey, hey, hey! Give me my money.

Oh, God. What are you doing?

You cut me.

Help me! Help!


Mr. Moore.

Hi, I'm Esme.

Thank you for meeting me.

I just need five minutes. That's all.

- Please.
- Okay.

All right, uh, what do
you want to show me?


They belonged to Professor Adams.

You're kidding me.

What is it?

I didn't even know she had
any active trials. Wow.

Do you know anyone else

who might have been
involved with the research?

I'm sorry. Um,

how'd you come across these again?

- I found them.
- Yeah, where'd you find them?

At her home.

Okay, and how'd that come about?

Uh, yeah. I'm sorry. Uh, of course.

I... I work for NFFA surveillance.

Okay, you need to leave me alone

- right now.
- No, I'm not investigating Dr. Adams.

I'm trying to find out
why she was killed.

Please, just... just hear me out.


I owe her my life.

She helped me and my sister
through a dark time.

I watched her die, on Purge Night.

Now, you spoke about wanting
to know why she was Purged.

Whatever she was researching,

it was important to her,

and she was protecting
these when she died.

So I'm just asking you to help me.


I'll take a look at 'em.

Thank you.



You cooked?

Shocking. I know.

But I thought I told
you to eat without me.

I know, but I wanted to wait.

How was the client meeting?

Hmm? Oh, it was, uh, good.

He, uh, wants to hire me.


I'll get you a drink to celebrate.

Hold on.

I hope you're hungry.


Thanks for cooking.

Come here. Sit.

Oh, thank you.

How was your day?

Well, better, now that you're home.

Mmm. Okay.

Um, I'm sorry about earlier.

Me too.

Hey, Esme.


- Huh?
- Mystery man?

Yeah. Working on it.








I haven't been acting like myself.


Ben, what happened?

I Purged.

I stabbed him over and over.


I just have one question.

Was it something you had to do?


You're a good person,

and I love you.

What happens on Purge Night

stays on Purge Night, okay?


Yeah, Purge Night.

- Did you have strawberries?
- Hmm. One.

Is this seat taken?

No? Good.

I'm not catching you
at a bad time, am I?

Um, do I know you?

Well, I don't know.

You certainly seem to.

Why were you following me yesterday?

I don't know what you're talking about.

You were following me.

I am a law-abiding citizen,

and I haven't committed a crime.

So you tell me why I don't
need a restraining order.

Well, you're so good
at evading detection,

you're either a ghost or a glitch,

and I want to know why.

- You're government.
- Yes, I am.

- Which department?
- Visual analytics.

Eyes in the sky.

You know, there's a very
good man facing death

because of people like you.

Must feel powerful to
seal someone's fate

with a few simple keystrokes.

No, it doesn't.

Doesn't feel good at all.

But when someone breaks the law,

I have no choice. It's my job.

I don't break the law.

Then you won't have a problem.

I'll see you around.

♪ I got the torch ♪
♪ We about to burn down the thrones ♪

♪ We need a change ♪
♪ Look at the world that we live ♪

♪ Look how the evil has grown ♪
♪ All the innocents lost ♪

♪ We need a new beginning,
man, the vision is off ♪

♪ We need to rage, wage war ♪

♪ Yeah, we need to rage on ♪

♪ I'm here, war boots ♪
♪ I'm gonna buy a pair ♪

♪ No suits, just fight us here ♪

♪ Grass roots and some riot gear ♪

♪ I'm still fly like a pilot chief ♪

♪ Brave hearts live and die in fear ♪

♪ I ain't a stranger to the danger ♪

What the fuck?