The Purge (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Everything Is Fine - full transcript

The city cleans up last night's Purge, but Ryan, Marcus, Esme and Ben can't shake its effects.

Previously, on "The Purge"...

We're not gonna kill you.

But we are gonna rob this bank.

- That's Drew Adams.
- You know her?

Professor Adams, where's the file?

No, please!


Someone is in the house.

I gotta get him out.

Don't puss out on me.

- I'm sorry.
- Don't leave me!



His foot's on private
property after the siren,

- so that makes it an off-Purge crime.
- _

- I'll see you after.
- Really hope so.

Where'd he go? He was right here.

What? What is it?

He was targeting me.

Should you be watching this?

- Something's off. I can feel it.
- _




- Shut up.
- It's over.

Purge is over.

You can't hurt me anymore.
You can't do shit!

You want to see if that's true?

- No.
- Start running.


Ah, shit.

Medical professionals
are advising citizens

not to touch any dead bodies,

as they are a health hazard.

Risk of disease and infection
are a real threat,

so please allow the proper authorities

to dispose of all human remains.




- Sorry.
- There you go.

Thank you.

So who is this guy?

Did you find anything about him yet?

No, I don't know who he is.

There's nothing on the phone.

I'll ask the neighbors.

Maybe they saw someone
prowling around last week.

No, do not talk to the neighbors.

Well, we need to do something.

We can't let him get away with this.

Honey, there are people
that we can hire.

You know, the Cartwrights...

they got someone after Nick got Purged.

They found the attacker
and returned the favor.

But you would never Purge anyone.

Okay, you are not that kind of person.

Well, honey, maybe I'm changing.

We almost died last night...

and everything is different now.

We need to know who did this.

But whatever happens,

I will keep you safe.

I promise.

All right?


Morning. Just put out some fresh coffee.

How much sleep did you get?

Almost none.

Estimates came in already.

30% uptick from last
year in every district.

Oh, thank you.

- What now?
- Are you okay?

Uh, I'm just tired.

What numbers are you talking about?

Biggest Purge in city history.

Way more finish line fuck-ups too,

so it's gonna be a big day.

I need you to close up all
of last night's files ASAP,

make room for new cases.


You're the best.



I need to see a doctor!

My son needs to see a doctor!

- Step back.
- Okay.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

- Excuse me.
- Somebody help her!

Please, someone!

- Nurse Alex.
- Dr. Moore.

We got way more Purge
patients this year.

My son would never do that!

She isn't even bleeding anymore.

I need you to get her in the room, stat.

- Thank you.
- Are you serious?

Are you serious?

Doctor, please! Doctor!

Whoa, are you all right?

- Why are you late?
- I'm fine.

Excuse me.

No! No!



Miss, clean-up crew is on the way.

You don't want to see that.

Can you tell me your name?
You go to school here?

Did you Purge anyone?

Hey, what happens on Purge Night

stays on Purge Night,

but I did get pictures of the
suicide bridge as proof.


What happened? Are you all right?


Where is Ben?

We got separated.


I don't think he made it.

Oh, my God.

- What happened?
- Hey, babe.

You need to go to the hospital.

That's not my blood.

Hey, man.

I'm glad you're okay.

Thanks for breakfast.

Guys, what the hell happened last night?

We got jumped.

It was scary, but it turned out okay.

God, I hate this holiday.

You look exhausted.

- You should get some sleep.
- I'm fine.

Let me get cleaned up and
I'll... I'll meet you back here.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Hello, Mr. Grant.

I'm sorry this is late.

Should take care of
the rest of the year.

- Something wrong?
- I know how you got this.

If you don't approve,
take it up with the NFFA.

♪ Many songs are sung ♪

♪ Of love without an end ♪

Hey, Mama.

♪ Should you find ♪

Where did you come from?

From work.

♪ Yet should you find ♪

♪ The honest kind ♪

- ♪ Rejoice ♪
- What's wrong?

Uh, Tommy.

It's always Tommy.

He screwed up, and I had to let him go,

and I'm wondering if
that was the right move.

What do you do when every
choice you can make

seems like the wrong one?

No, no, not those.

These are the good ones.


I'm sure that you did the
best that you could.

♪ Songs are sung ♪

♪ Of love without ♪

Tell me your name again.

♪ But should you find ♪


♪ Rejoice, give thanks ♪

My boy's named Ryan.

I know, Mama.

♪ The honest kind ♪

♪ Rejoice ♪

♪ Give thanks by ♪

Why did this happen?
It doesn't make sense.

I thought we weren't pursuing this?

Well, I may have found a reason to.

This is where it started.

They chased her out of her house.


- _
- So... what?

That's the professor
looking out the window.

She saw them coming.

And she ran out just in time.

Just in time. What was she doing?

It took over a minute
to get out the back.

Two armed men in masks

breaking into your door on Purge Night?

You don't take your time.

Something else happened.
This wasn't random.

Okay, so is there a security camera

inside of her house we could tap?


but her cell phone was on...

And she had a registered smart TV,

so I'm gonna select the devices
registered to that location,

start downloading, and we wait.

I need to know what
happened in that house.

- What we got?
- Gunshot.

Clean entry and exit. No major artery.

That is some good luck.

But we still have to clean it,
but you're gonna be fine.

Just breathe.


Nurse, I need some pressure bandages.

On it, Dr. Moore.

- Don't worry, I got this one.
- No.

This is mine.

Come on.


What happened?

Professor Adams was Purged last night

out in the streets like an animal.

I am so sorry.

So, will there be a class this week?

Really, man?

Sorry, Darren.

Bunch of us are meeting up
at the memorial tonight

for a candlelight vigil

if you'd like to come.

We'll be there. Right?

Ben, are you all right?


Whatever happened last night,

it's okay if you're not
ready to talk about it.

But when you are,

I'll be here.


You don't have to worry about me.

I don't think we can save him.

We have to try.

- Got it.
- I'll get a surgeon.

No, no, no, there's no time.
Hold... hold the clamp.

Hey, hey!

Wake up, huh? Can you see me?

- Shit!
- No... hey, no!

Clamp it!

Hold still! Hey, hey, hey!

- Got it.
- Hey, who are you?

Why did you want me dead?

Don't kill me.

- Don't kill me.
- I'm not trying to kill you.

I'm trying to save you!

He's barely here. We need some blood.

We ran out of type O already.
He's not gonna make it.

Hey, what's your blood type?

Hey... give me the Narcan.

What? It's too late.

Give me the Narcan now!

Hey. Hey, hey, hey.

Dr. Moore.


Why did you try to Purge me?

Ivory Road.

- What?
- Ivory Road.

Ivory Road.

Tommy make it back yet?

- Haven't heard from him.
- Shit.

I had to pay my mother's bills.

- It'll come out of my cut.
- How's she doing?


Doesn't look like much, does it?

Not as much as last year
or the year before.

Why the hell do they have
so little cash on hand?

I was thinking about
that on the walk over.

They must be hiding it.

How you feeling?

She gave me some Codeine
for the pain, so...

- Shit.
- What?

Without Tommy's bag, that's 200.

Well, that's workable.

We'll plan a bigger haul next year.

No, Ryan.

200 total. That's everything.

We'll be fine.

I have a mortgage. Doug has kids.

Next year, we buckle
down. It's not nothing.

We almost died for this money.

Trick or treat.

No one followed me.

What about the eyes in the sky?

I crossed three dead zones to get here.

That's why I'm late.


- Hey.
- Hey.

Can you shut the door, please?

So who's Drew Adams?
How do you know her?

It was a long time ago.
It doesn't really matter now.

You know I can't have you
tag and track someone

from your private life.

I just saw her on the
monitor and I reacted.

That's all... just a one-time thing.

Then why is she on your
personal computer?

- Who told you that?
- Esme, you are my best tagger.

You are critical to how
this department functions.

You cannot have NFFA
property on your laptop.

I just need to figure out why
she was out on Purge Night.

There's something weird about her case.

But she's not a case.

She's just a woman who got Purged

like thousands of others.

Did you spot a crime?

- No.
- So what do you have to go on?

I don't know. Feeling?

You have to trust me on this one.

I'm sorry. Breaking protocol
could get us both fired.

I'm sure my sister was part
of my background check

when I got this job, right?

She was.

After Sofia,

Drew Adams was the only person
who would even listen to me,

so yeah, it is personal.

But if you let me dig around
and my hunch is wrong,

I promise you I'll let it go.

Esme, I know how hard it is

to watch a loved one get Purged.

Believe me. This job
takes a toll on you.

All we do every single day is
look for the worst in people

and that can...

That can make you jump at shadows,

so take some time off,

grieve for your friend,

then let it go.



This should help.

Fuck the money. I thought
they picked you up.

Longest walk of my life.
How you feeling, Doug?

Better that you're here.
Who was gonna drink with me?

Hey, brother. First round's on me.

Bag it, bag it! Let's go!

Let's go.

New Orleans Police Department!

Tommy Ortiz, come out
with your hands up!


Here, take this. They tagged you.

- Disappear.
- Come on, Ryan...

- Go out the back!
- And then what?

Purge is over. You'd be
aiding and abetting.

- Hey, I'm not turning you in...
- No, this is my fault!

I went back for the money.

They want me and this money.
It's gotta be where it ends.

Tommy Ortiz, we know you're in there!

That's my song, guys.


I'm coming out!

And I'm unarmed!

- Hands up.
- I'm unarmed.

Hands up.

You hereby forfeit your rights
as a United States citizen.

Anything you say or do

by action or inaction

will be held against
you in a court of law.

You have the right to an attorney

who will be provided for you
at our earliest convenience.

Do you understand these rights?

Do you understand these rights?

Shit, shit, shit!

It could have been us.

It was us.

He's family.

What's gonna happen to him?

They'll hold him over
till the next Purge.

Then they kill him.


This'll tide you over. Lay low.

I'll be in touch.



Every year, the Purge gets worse...

more chaos in the streets,
more Jackals, and now Tommy?

What are you saying?

It's not worth the risk.

Give me a moment to figure this out.

Do not make a decision
until you hear from me.

- Okay.
- All right.


Oh. I was just taking him to the morgue.

Hold for a second.

I'll go talk to him.

Marcus. Is it true?


He tried to Purge me last night,

and I had to know why.

Did he tell you anything?

I mean, he...

he was just rambling.

Lauren, look, you know I would never

endanger the life of a patient.

I made a call, and he...
he was gonna die anyway.

I believe you.

Go home to Michelle.

I will take care of the paperwork.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Thank you all for coming

to honor Professor Adams tonight.

I know all of us are still
reeling from the news.

I'm trying to get a clear idea
in my head as to how or...

why something like this
would even happen.

Until then, here's what I do know.

Drew was a woman who loved fiercely.

She loved her family.

She was strong.

She always took the time
to help any stranger.

She loved her country,

even though she often hated

what most of her country was doing,

and she was never afraid

to tell that to anyone
who would ask, either...

even if they didn't.

You know, I don't know how she died,

but I do know one thing for sure.

Drew would never stop fighting...

Even until the end.



Open up!

My God, it's them.

Professor Adams, we're coming in.

- No, no, no.
- The files!

This is your last warning!

What were you doing?




- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

Why are you here?

I'm just coming to check
up on my son after Purge.

What's really going on, huh?

Listen, somebody tried to Purge me.

Son, I need your help.

There's our money.

Oh, shit. They're swapping trucks.

Where is it going?

What the?


- Jeez.
- I'm so sorry.

Uh, we're just doing a first inspection.

- Did you wanna look around?
- Are you thinking of buying?

The owner was just Purged and, uh,

we think it's gonna go very fast.

It's a historically-protected building.



Thank God you saved me.

I don't know what I
would've done if you...

Oh, wait.

No, please! No!


Hey, man, come on.
You've been in there forever.

- My little brother's waiting.
- Game over.


This way, guys. Come on. Follow me.

- Daphne, come on!
- All right.

Tommy's share. I want you to have it.

Doug and Sara are okay with this?

Wouldn't have it any other way.

- How you holding up?
- I'm not.

Ryan, what the hell happened?

There was less money in the
vault than we expected.

Tommy went back for more.

He got tagged on the property
when the sirens went off.

He was trying to take care of us.

You know, a lot of people
thought he was a fuck-up,

and maybe he was, but
he was always trying.


I am this close to finding out

where the banks hide their
money, and next Purge...

Ryan, you don't have to take care of me.

I wanna make sure that you
and the little guy are okay.

I have some cousins in Arizona
who are gonna take us in.

I can't bear to stay here, Ryan.

Thank you, you know, for this.

And thank you for always
looking out for him.

Oh, God. This is creepy.

I mean, the fact that somebody
can even do this just

shows you how messed up our system is.

So how are things going here?

You never ask me how school is.

Well, I'm asking now.

Look, I was working on my thesis,

and the professor I was working with

was murdered on Purge Night.

Are you all right?

I mean, were you involved?

No, I wasn't there.

Son, I'm... I'm sorry.

How's Michelle handling all this?

Well, she slept with
the lights on last night.

I don't want to scare her
with all this stuff.

You know, if I said "Ivory Road,"

what does that mean to you?

It's a website.

No, it's not. I checked.

Dad, look, it's on the dark web, okay?

It's a trading post for all
sort of illegal activity.

Wait, so how do you know about this?

Dad, did this guy say
something about Ivory Road?

Here, let me see that phone again.

It's no use. He wiped it clean.

There's no contacts.
Nothing in the calendar.

The Ivory Road itself isn't
necessarily illegal,

okay, but it's untraceable,

so you can pretty much do anything on it

that the NFFA would come
down on your head for.

- And you use it?
- No.

But anybody can.

Look, all you need is a Tor browser

or some other kind of software or...

here, like this. Bingo. Look.

Have you checked the calculator yet?

The calculator? No, why?

The icon's different.

Look. It's disguised as a calculator.

Yeah, it's a hidden app to
have direct access, okay?

I'm in his Ivory Road account right now.

Oh, shit.

What? What did you find?

Somebody put a bounty on your head.

75 grand to have you killed.

But that's impossible.

No, that guy never had a
grudge against you, okay?

He was just trying to get the money,

but never got around to collecting it.

So is... is the site still active?

Yes, and that money's gonna
stay in that account

until somebody else tries
to collect it next year.

Whoever's trying to kill you
is still out there, Dad.

July 5th, 9:03 a.m.

I am interviewing test subject 83.

How are you sleeping?

The same.

The same dreams?


They're different.

How are they different?

More violent.

Do you still think about violence?

All I think about is violence.

Are you thinking about it now?


Do you still think about violence?

All I think about is violence.