The Purge (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Release the Beast - full transcript

Jane must leave the office; Lila consoles Jenna; Penelope is thrust into the Carnival of Flesh.

Previously on The Purge.

You must have
a secret wish list.

All the people
you wish you could take out.

We all have one.

We all see the way you get
passed over for partner.

Anya's killing it,
don't you think?

She's dedicated.

She has made
some shrewd choices.

Sometimes it feels
like Purging is the only answer.

You know, I was talking
to my dad about you.


He might make a big investment
in your company.

But he doesn't really know
a thing about you.

No disrespect to you or the NFFA,
but we don't do this.

I'm sorry.

No, no, no. I am the one
who is sorry.

- First one of the night.
- Oh, no.

You want to find that bus?
You should talk to Pete the Cop.

What's on that bus worth
losing your life over?

My sister.

I'm sorry, she checked out
a few months ago.


No! I don't want to die!

No! No!

Penelope, help me!

Sister Penelope,

it is your turn to walk through
that door and give.

I'm not afraid.

Why did you do this, Alison? No.

So, do you notify HR about
my promotion or is that on me?


Mark. Come on.

- Mark?
- It's my right.

- No. No.
- It's my right.

What's wrong with you?

It's okay, right?


Okay? He's dead.
And you killed him.

So like, what do we do now?

Is there someone
you should call?

Did Mark have a family?

I don't remember him
talking about...

Alison. Everyone has a family.

Will they...

Will they know it was me?

Oh, God, I don't feel good.

I don't feel good.

They said it would make me feel better.
They said that it...

It would get rid of my anger,
but I don't feel better.

I feel worse.

Oh, God, I don't have to
tell my parents, do I?

Are you going
to tell people what I did?

Jesus Christ,
how could you do this?

How could you do this?

How could you do this?

You're not so clean
yourself, Jane.

I saw your computer.

Oh, God.

Oh, my God.

- Oh, God, no.
- They did their... We did...

We did the... we did
the right thing, right?

Like we didn't have a choice.

This is my career. It's...

It's important.
It's really important.

Oh, God.

I'm still going to get
that promotion, right?

Right, Jane?

Oh, God. Oh, God.

Okay, look, I think
I'm gonna be sick.

Okay, okay.

No. Okay.

Oh, God. Okay.

We're sorry, but the person
you're trying to reach is unavailable

until The Purge is complete.

Please leave your name
and number and if possible,

your call will be returned.

I've changed my mind.

I have... I have to cancel

my... my order.

I can't live with my...
with myself.

He doesn't...
he doesn't deserve it.

No one does.


Please call me back.
Call me back.

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Oh, David, David. Okay.

Okay. David? What... what?

Come on.

The voicemail
belonging to David Ryker is full.

Hey, David?

Hi, uh, excuse me,
have you seen my wife?

Um, not for a while.
Is everything okay?

Thank you.

I just can't stop
thinking about it.

I'll remember his face
for the rest of my life.

Come here.

I'm so sorry he did that.

He just assumes
everyone's like him.

But you're not everyone.

Coffee or prosecco?

What do you think she'll want?


Sounds about right.

Hey, was this a one-time thing?

Oh, okay.


But we'll stay away from
anything too kinky, right?

Pretty sure we're
way past that, babe.

No, I mean like whips and gags.

You know,
weird Fifty Shades stuff.

Oh, ew, no. Definitely not.

And I don't think it would make sense
for either of us to be

alone with her.

No, yeah, of course not.
I mean...

As long as we're there
together, it's not cheating.


I don't know.

Most married people
don't do this kind of thing.

Maybe we're just more evolved.

So this is okay?

Is this the wrong way
to solve our...

you know, our slump?

No, I think it's...

I think it's fine.



Good morning.


Shit. Where is she?

I found the bus.
But she wasn't there.

I think someone got her.

Yeah? Who?

Guys wearing creepy nun masks.

You know who they are.

It's not who, it's where.

Okay, whatever it is,
I'll get there.

No, you can't.

I'll find a way.

It's above your pay grade, kid.

Come on, man, look.
It's my sister.


I already gave you
everything I have.

The car.

I don't have anything else left.

Help me out here.

Welcome to Bygone,
the Carnival of Flesh!

A celebration of killing
though the ages.

Step inside a real live
history book

where you can burn, stab,
bludgeon just like your ancestors did.

Urge to Purge!
Get your t-shirts right here!

The way of the world.

We have the best replicas
you'll find anywhere.

Gatling guns,
Native American arrowheads,

and the largest selection
of broadswords in the state.

This way! Come on up! This way!

Live martyrs are available
for purchase in the auction area.

Bygone accepts cash,
checks and bitcoin.

Purge and purify!

And there you go! Go!

Looks to be about
five-eight, got glasses,

so she's sure to see it coming.

Let's start the bidding at 100,

I see 100. Give me 150.

There's 150.

Two hundred now. Four hundred.
Can we get five?

There's five. Six hundred,
anyone for six hundred,

going once, going twice,
sold for $500.

And ladies and gentlemen, we've got
our next martyr coming up the ramp.


A Caucasian male, five-nine, 145.
Starting bid, $200.

Dead meat walking!

Can I get 300? Three.

And can I get four?
Anybody got four. Four, making sure.

This is a mistake.

- Going once, going twice.
- I gotta get back to my wife.

- Sold, for $400.
- Let me outta here.

If they ask for it, would you?

The other half
headed up the ramp.

I can't believe you
grew up around this.

These are your parents.


This is your home.

How did you deal with that?

I've been

closing my eyes and covering
my ears at these things

since before I can remember.

I mean, that is literally what I've
been rebelling against my whole life.

Taking his money,
leaving the country,

helping people instead of
hurting them.

That's how I fight back.

Once upon a time...

I kinda thought I'd end up
in the nonprofit world.

I can see that.

Yeah. After college,
I actually had a job offer

in affordable housing.

I almost took it.
Really wanted to.

Why didn't you?

Well, Rick and I had planned
to start a business together.

So we did.

And here I am.

Mmm. Maybe you can still
have it all?

Donate some of your company's
profits to low income housing?

Profits are kinda just
barely covering the bills at the moment.

There's gotta be a way.
You're so talented.

Thank you.

I love your optimism,

I just think this is something
for the "someday list."

Someday. You deserve this today.

Come on, what would it take?

A huge pile of cash.

Is that all?

And I'm just a little short
in the rich daddy department.

Take mine.

His company's got
an investment arm.

I'm sorry.

I just can't get on board
with his politics.

And you think I can?

That's the best part.

Every dollar we take from him

is a dollar out of
the NFFA's pocket.

So you think we should still
go forward with the deal?

Only if it's really for
the right reasons.

You and me?

We're the exceptions.
I worry that...


For Rick, it's more about
the money, you know?

More than he even realizes.

I feel like he needs to be
a part of this world.

All I need to do is leave.

Any other night, you could.

Thanks. For listening.

Of course.


that's why I came home.

I needed to see you.

You completely ghosted me.

- I know.
- I didn't...

I'm sorry.

Jen, You're the only reason
I'm here.

I'm so sorry...

about everything.

I hate how it ended.

It got so messy.


But I know what you want.

And I just can't.

You could.

I know we could.

No, we're not
having this conversation.

This is Rick's child, too,
we're starting a family.

Families come in all
shapes and sizes.


I am not asking you to
leave him. I'm not, okay?

I just want you to know

that I would raise that baby
with you in a heartbeat.

I would hold her

and take care of her

and love her.

And you, too.

It's not that simple for me.

It could be.

Think about what we
could do together.

I should get back downstairs.


We have our next candidate
coming up the ramp.

He's a Caucasian male,
bald head, looks like...

Somebody, can I get five.
Five hundred dollars.

There's seven!
Seven hundred dollars.

- Three, two, one!
- Do we have eight? And there's nine. Anyone for 1000?

Going twice...

And this man is sold for $900.

Caucasian male, five-five,
145 pounds,

- appears to be in good health.
- What is this place?

- Starting bid...
- This place?

Two hundred dollars.
Do I see two?

It's like McDonald's of Purge.

Super-sizing the killing.

And people pay to come here?

This is fucked up, isn't it?

Does it at least help?

Girl, I don't want to hear
that horseshit.

If you think this helps
anybody, you're asleep.

Me, I'm wide awake.

And I'd rather go out
swinging on my own.

Hand trucks and dollies are
provided free of charge.

She's got a blade!

Stop! Stop. You're crushing him.

He's an old man,
leave him alone.

Get off him.

Are you okay?

Let me help you.


Katie. Katie!

This is Jane Barbour. I need
to speak with my mother.

Oh, hi, Jane. I'm sorry, no,
she just took her meds and she's asleep.

Okay. Well, when she
wakes up, then?

Sure, of course. Uh, what is it?

Please tell her I love her.

Of course, Jane, I can do that.

Anything else?

Yes. Tell her that I...

forgive her.

Jane, I'm not following you.

Are you all right, Miss Barbour?

No matter what happens,
I need my mom to know

that I forgive her.

Jane? Listen to me, Jane,
just tell me where you are.

You tell me you're a tough one.

You tell me...

That's him.

You mean to tell me
that cowboy knows where the nuns are?

Purge makes strange bedfellows.

Bring him over this.

He'll get you where
you need to go.

What do I owe you for this?

Getting you into business with Rex,
isn't exactly a favor.

This one's on the house.

There's no such thing
as free on Purge.

Every year I wonder if this will finally be
the Purge where I just go numb.

But every year there's
something keeping me in it.

Tonight I met you.


Thank me when you
come back safe.

I'll bring Penelope by
tomorrow. Introduce you.

Sorry, kid.


We're not open tomorrow.

Until you play me.

Okay, I'll come back
the day after that.

Until you play me.

I'm on the ocean.

Until you play me.

I'm on the ocean.

Heard you're in a bad box
with a flock o' nuns.

You'll help me find them?

They work the Southside,
pretty much exclusive to Bygone.

The Carnival of Flesh.

Then that's where I need to go.

Hmm. Pete here
says you're broke.

I wish I could
tell you different.

Look, kiddo...

I'll break in myself.
I don't care.

Just tell me where to go.

Life lesson number one,

when someone is helping you,
don't interrupt them.


You'll help me get in?

For Pete? Yeah.

But that's all I'll do.

Getting out? That's on you.

What are you doing here?
You're supposed to still be in school.

Summer's not for another
few months yet.

All martyrs
must be purged tonight, no exceptions.


I wanted to come
home early. To see you.

Be respectful, Purge in
a timely manner, so...

We have to get you out of here.

- It's okay. It's okay, just wait.
- This is my granddaughter.

- I don't want her to die here.
- Okay, stop. It's okay.

- Move!
- Let go of me.


I'm not your granddaughter,

I'm sorry. I don't...
I don't know who Katie is.

My name is Penelope.

You're not her.

You're so young.

But where are your parents?

They're gone.

But I'll see them soon.

But... No, no.

They wouldn't want this for you.

We have to go.

Come on. You're hurting me.

- Get out of the way!
- Let me go. You're hurting me.

You two causing
all the problems?

You're going to the front.

Purge and purify!


I used to live there.

That's about the fourth time
I've heard that outta you tonight.

Lotta foster homes.

Some good. Most not.

I was constantly messing up,
getting into fights, stealing shit.

And Penelope...

she was always bailing me out.

She was the only one
who was always there.

Life lesson number two,
stop living in the past.

What's your future, soldier boy?

I've never really had
the luxury to think about it.

Well, start thinking.

When your tour's up,
what's next?

I don't know.

Do you know where
I used to work?

A ranch?

"Thank you for calling Verizon."

"How can I help you today?"

- A call center?
- Yeah.

- Wow.
- Shift after shift,

talking with pissed off yuppies bitching
about some bucks on their bill.

Pricks, man.

See, when I was a kid,
I always wanted to be a cowboy.

Well, come one Purge Night,

I finally became one.

I made enough dough
in those 12 hours...

I was able to quit that
crappy job.

Just wish I'd done it sooner.

Hold music.

I keep it around so that
I'll never go back

to wasting my life.

Think maybe you need
to be reminded of that.

You know, I've always wanted
to be my own boss.

Open up a motorcycle shop
back in my old neighborhood.

A job where I get to
use my hands.

Take things apart,
put them back together.

Something useful.

There you go.
See, now you're talking.

Now, when you finally
open up that place,

you'll already have
your first customer.


Come here!

Get over here.
Come here, you bitch!

No. No!

No, no, no. Come here.

Stop! Stop! Stop!

You're gonna get a warning.

Brought you something special,
just for you.

I said open up!

Get off her. Back away.

Who the hell are you bitches?

Come on, let me
blow his head off.

Goddamn cockblockers.

We take her
or we take your balls.


Ruined my night!

All right. Go, go, go.

Marge, watch my six.

Check the perimeter.

Keep your eyes up.

We've got you now.
Look, you're safe.

He made me drink something.
He made me drink something.

Shit. Homemade roofie.

Let's get her inside.

Okay, it's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.

Come on, get me a bag
of untreated chalk.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Turn around, man.

Don't need to.

Trust me. We're not their type.

I heard about these guys.


They're only out to kill rich
NFFA tonight.

Stop right there, cowboy.

Howdy, boys.

Got us a soldier.

It's clear.

All clear, let him through.

That's the best thing
I've heard all night.

I'll talk to you guys soon.




Jen, I brought you something.

Rick. Oh, my God.

What the fuck?

Want to see you.

If that's all right

Rick, please.
Just wait, don't go.

I can't believe you.

We had a deal.

We talked about this.

Together, right?

That was the plan,
we had a deal.

I know.

So, what the fuck?

- I screwed up.
- Yeah.

How many times?

Was it two?

Ten? Fifty? How many?

She made me feel important.

She made me feel
all kinds of things.

But you don't see me prancing
around like a lovesick teenager.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...

Jen, um...

I'll break it off, okay?

I don't believe you.

I mean, how can I
trust you anymore?

Because I love you.

I know I have to earn that back.

And I will. And I...
I'll start by never seeing her again.

I promise. I promise I won't.

Wait, just hold on, okay?

We're going to get
through this together.


- Hey.
- Hi.

What you doing up there?

We were just talking.

Oh. You can talk down here.


Do you really think this
is appropriate behavior?

I mean, we're starting
a family now.

I heard. Congratulations.

Can't wait to meet
the newest member of the NFFA.

Lila, enough.

Calm down. Both of you.

What did you tell her?

You know what,
it doesn't matter.

We moved on.
And you should, too.

I'm so glad everything's back
to the way it was before I came along.

When you two could
barely touch each other?

All right.

- You need me.
- Lila, stop.

We don't need you anymore.

You actually, uh,
served your purpose,

you spoiled, trust fund brat.

Don't talk to her like that.

What? No, I'm doing her a favor.

Right? She's never heard
the word "no" before,

so I'm showing her
what it means. All right?

Why don't you leave us alone?

Right, because your marriage
only works when I'm 10,000 miles away.

Hey, stay away from my wife.

- Everything okay?
- Yeah.

Yeah, just a...
just a little spirited debate.

All right, well, don't get too spirited.
You want to pace yourself.

Festivities are about to begin.

Oh, good. Rick can't wait.

It's going to be fun, you two.

Rick, you're overreacting.

Jenna, she's unstable,
all right?

I don't trust her.
And neither should you.

Good, get it out.

Good to clear your system.


I don't think I have
anything left.


We need more ammo
for all of these.

Best guess? It was
some kind of sedative.

Had to get it out of the system
before it entered the bloodstream.

We're good to go, Madelyn.

- Drink.
- Whenever you're ready.

Thank you.

For saving me.

- That's what we do.
- Yeah.

I don't know what would
have happened if you hadn't.

Yes, you do.


Triage Vans are different
than I pictured.

Yeah, we're no EMTs,
we're the Matron Saints.

We protect the females of this fair
nation against the gendercide of Purge.


For a lotta guys, tonight's a free
pass to hurt the women in their lives.

Every Purge, three women
are killed for every man.

Take into account
non-critical injuries,

picture's even more dire.

It's crazy.

Okay, let's get rolling.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Sexual assaults on Purge alone total
in the tens of thousands every year.

Yeah, and that's just the ones
who report the crimes.

Imagine how many don't.

That's awful.

Look, we just want to
level the playing field.

- Mmm-hmm.
- I've got four girls.

I had to do something.

So we formed this group.

We teach self-defense,
Purge Night safety,

we train four times a month
all year.

And tonight, we go out
and we rescue women.

That's right.

Thank you, again.

So, how'd you end up
out on the street?

I was on my way to my friend's
house on the west side.

My car broke down on the way,
and I got caught outside.

You know, with crime being
so rare these days,

women develop a false
sense of security.

Then when Purge Night comes,
we're not ready.

Easy to forget just how bad
it can get out there.

Trust me, I won't forget again.

Well, you better not.

We won't always be
there to help.


Okay, grandpa, you're next.

I'll go.

Don't worry about me.
I've lived.


Hey. Stop. Don't hurt him.

Now it's your turn.
Live, for as long as you can!

Hey, stop, look at him,
it's wrong, he doesn't deserve this.


Get your hands off of me!

Nice smile for the camera!

You were right, bro.


Get your bids in quick. Not a lot of life
left in this one, ladies and gentlemen.

Starting at $25.
I see 25. Can I get $30?

Thirty dollars.
Thirty in the back. Thank you.

And do I hear $40?
Forty dollars.

No! Let him go.

Settle down.

- Forty!
- Forty, thank you.

And $45.

Hey, $45!

Forty-five, thank you so much.

Fifty-five dollars? Anyone?
Fifty-five. Fifty-five.

Going once, going twice,
sold, for $45.

Yeah, come on!

Careful with that one, boys.
He's fragile.


Purify my flesh,
protect my soul.

Purify my flesh,
protect my soul.

Purify my flesh,
protect my soul.

Purify my flesh...

Worried about your friend?


Hey, call coming in.

Ooh, ooh, incoming call.

Matron Saints?

Yeah, I... Yep, I understand.

I'm going to need you
to calm down, ma'am.

Calm down. I...

Get where she's at.

Okay, where are you?

I've got it.

I need you to do whatever you have to,
to stay safe. Do you hear me?

Do whatever...
Get to a safe place. Ma'am...

Where we headed, Marge?

Okay, Capri Gardens,
and step on it.

- All right, girls.
- Hold on.

Get your stuff ready.

Emergency call.
Looks like you're comin' with.

No, wait a minute,
you said that you...

Don't worry. It's on the way.

Got about nine minutes
until we're there.


Look, some of the situations
we get into can get pretty hairy.

Stay behind one of us
and you'll be fine.

Female. Five-five, 110.
A real looker here, ladies and gentlemen.

Let's start the bidding at $600.

Can I get six? Anyone, six?
I've got six, and how about seven?

- Purify my flesh. Protect my soul.
- Six-fifty. Thank you,

then, seven. Seven. And how about eight?
Eight for the lovely lady.

Can we get eight?
Going once, going twice...

Right here, right here!

I've got eight from the man
in the gray suit.

- And how about nine?
- Nine hundred!

Thank you ma'am, very much.

And let's make it
an even grand. Anyone.

I'll double that!
That one's mine.

Going once. Going twice.
Sold, for $2,000.


It's good to see you
again, Penny.

- Henry.
- It's been a while.


You're listening to 103. 5.
Purge FM.

Coming to you live on this
annual blood holiday.

We're a little over four hours
now into the Purge.

Here's a little throwback
of smoother times.

Lemme guess.
Another shitty foster home?

Mother said to me...

No, actually.

Just before she kissed me...

That's where I
lost my virginity.

Where she'd leave me.

Okay, whatever
floats your boat, kid.

At least we're getting to
the happy memories, right?

Just kidding.

What the hell was that?

Just a routine
Carnival delivery.

There are many different things.

You're a collector.

Oh, yes, he suffered for her sin.

Life lesson number three, kid.

Living your dream
don't come cheap.

Let's let us suffer for her sins.

Oh, yes, I suffer for her sin.

Well, I think you know
what that means.

I know you know what that means.

If you'd be so kind to join us,

we are about to begin.

You're ready.
All right, come on.

Come on, don't be shy.

You're going to have fun,
you know you will.

You're gonna really enjoy this.

- Yeah.
- Huh?

Jenna. I need to talk to you.

You need to leave this house.

People say Purge Night
turns us into animals.

News Flash,

humans have been the most
vicious animals all along.

You know what the leading
cause of death was among cavemen?

Other cavemen.

Man invented fire.

Man invented weapons.

Man invented Purge.

Three hundred and sixty-four
days a year you hold the door,

you smile politely, and you diligently
write those goddamn "Thank You" notes.

But man wasn't designed
to be polite.

Man was designed to survive.

Even the meekest among us
is capable of that.

This was not supposed to happen.