The Purge (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - The Urge to Purge - full transcript

Penelope prepares for her sacrifice. Rick and Jenna weigh the cost of closing their business deal.

Previously, on The Purge.

Tonight, we celebrate because
we made this country great.

Let the fun begin!

Use The Purge
the way it was intended.

Make this night work for you.

You must have
a secret wish list.

All the people you wish you could take out?
We all have one.

You could just arrange for someone
to do your dirty work.

Bracka? I'm Jane from the email.

No contact from this point on.
You'll get a text when it's done.

- Where's my sister right now?
- She's being purged upon.

Good Leader Tavis saved me.

Sister Melissa,
it is your time to give.

No! I don't want to die!

You want to find that bus?
You should talk to Pete the Cop.

He runs the cantina
over on Lorillard.

My name's Miguel.
And I'm looking for a bus.

My name's Pete,
and I don't give a shit.

What happened between us...
Jenna and I never meant...

Stop. I get it.

You're the last person
I thought I'd see tonight.

Oh, God, stop. Lila, stop, stop.

I'm sorry.

But I had to. I just had to.

I know you felt that.

I missed you.

- As soon as I saw you tonight...
- I'm pregnant.


I'm pregnant.


I'm really happy for you.

I warned you that
the violence would be difficult.

That we must brace ourselves
or it will weaken our resolve.

I know I stand apart
as your Good Leader.

How empty my words must sound.

Sister Penelope?

Yes, Good Leader?

Might you rise and speak
to your brothers and sisters?

They look to you,
our treasured OMF, for inspiration.

I... I...



was one of us.

And she was afraid.

But she isn't anymore.

Now, she's free.

She gave her life
so that others could heal.

That's the power we have.

That is our gift.

I know you're scared. I am, too.

But I'm also ready.

Tonight, we give,

so that tomorrow,
the world will be a better place.

We walk arm in arm
toward peace and love,

for united we can conquer all.

We walk arm in arm
toward peace and love,

for united we can conquer all.

We walk arm in arm
toward peace and love,

for united we can conquer all.

We are a loving family,
and we will always be.

This. This is our calling.

Always believe in yourselves.

- Believe in our cause.
- Come on, let's get ready for dinner.

But we're almost finished.

And then we can play in it.

Come on, seriously, let's clean up.

They were just about to
put it all back.

Why? It's almost done.

I knew it.

Mijo, you need to
put a roof on this entrance tunnel.

- Let's grab some more towels, all right?
- Yes, I'll go get them.

Okay. Miguel, we'll need a bigger fort
if it's gonna hold all four of us.

- Uh-huh.
- I'm not climbing in there.

We've got to support
these hard-working civil engineers.

Here, help me up.

I don't know how you
do it with these kids.

I love you.

I love you all so much.

Purify my flesh.
Prepare my soul.

The giving is near.
The invisible awaits.

Purify my flesh.
Prepare my soul.

The giving is near.
The invisible awaits.

Purify my flesh.
Prepare my soul.

The giving is near.
The invisible awaits.

Sister Penelope.
Nobody has been more loyal.

It is your turn to walk
through that door and give.


Samuel, to our next stop!

Congratulations, Sister Penny.
We are so proud of you.

Look, man, I know everyone's here
to see you, but I'm in a hurry.

I'm trying to find someone
who might die tonight.

Yeah, living and dying
is the only option tonight.

You're good.
Carm'll meet you outside with the gear.

Look. I see you're jammed up.

But this isn't a charity.
What do you got for me?

I have a car.

A rush job for a car? It's like you
want me to hate you. No deal, kid.

How about my nine?
I just checked it outside.

I got more firepower in the next room
than the entire Albanian army.

If I had a heart, it'd be
bleeding for you right now.

All the deal points look great.

I'll forward everything
over to legal.

My regards to all in Nagoya.

The deal is officially closed.

- Congratulations, boss.
- You did it.

No. Everybody,
everybody worked hard...

I'm especially pleased with
the two of you for stepping up tonight.

Thank you, Jane.
We should celebrate.

Just don't go crazy.

- But it's Purge Night.
- Exactly.

All right.

Maybe later? All right.

Jenna, Jenna, Jenna.

So, did you talk to her?

I did. I think she's good.

Yeah. She didn't...
She didn't say anything else?

Not really.
It was all light and polite.

She seemed like Lila.

Yeah, I thought so too.

I'm a little surprised,
considering... You know.

She seems to have
gotten it together.

She mention her father at all?

No. Why would she?

I don't know. She...
She slipped him into the conversation.

It's kinda weird, right?

No, you know how she is.
She just wanted to get a rise out of you.

So you don't think she told him?

- No.
- Are you sure?

She wouldn't do that to me.


I'll feel a lot better
once we lock the deal up.

Me too. Eyes on the prize.

Tomorrow, we'll have
everything we dreamed of.

Excuse me, Mr. Stanton
requests your presence in the study.

You got this, babe.

Thank you.

Excuse me, have you
seen this girl?

Sorry, pretty boy.
Wish I could help.


Hey. Hey, do you know
anything about a school bus?

A cult or something, no?

Hey, have you guys
seen this girl?

Kid's persistent,
that's for sure.

No? Look! No?

You know that kid survived
the Gauntlet, right?

Beat 1,000-to-one odds.

He won Otis' '71 Chevelle?


Hey, kid.

Okay. Let's talk about your car.

How do you have access to these?

You work these streets long enough,
you make a few loyal friends along the way.

Why'd they shit-can you?

I'm just saying.
Shouldn't you be called Pete the Ex-Cop?

Ha. It's a good one.
Never heard that before.

There it is.
Blue school bus, that's gotta be it.

What's on that bus
worth losing your life over?

My sister. And who says
I'm losing my life?

Cult's no joke, kid.
Especially their leader.

These hopeless kids latch on to her
like she's some kind of god.

Yeah, well, my sister's not hopeless.
You don't know what she's been through.

Fair enough.

You got a family?

- Yeah.
- Then you know why I'm doing this.

I lost my kid brother on Purge Night,
a few years back.

It's a big reason why
I opened this place.

If you can't stop people
from killing each other,

at least you can give 'em
a safe spot to think it over.

There it is. Wait, wait, wait, where
did it go? Pull up another camera.

There are no cameras
where that thing is headed.

Well, how do you know?

It's like St. Patrick's Day.
It's the same route every year.

Jesus. It looks like
a peace sign.

Yeah. Tavis sells peace,
but she only delivers death.

Next stop is about a mile out.

Sister Penelope?

It is time.

I was in so much pain
before I found you all.

I'm so lucky I did.

All I want now is
to make you proud tonight.

And I hope...

I hope I make
my family proud, too.

Sweet Penelope, Sweet Penelope.

They are. And so am I.

I am so honored
to be guiding you back home.


The residents of Staten Island

voted yes on
The Purge Experiment.

If people have a healthy and legal way
to get rid of their anger and rage,

crime will go down,
and we will all benefit.

But we're not going to hurt anybody.
No matter how much you pay us.

- No, of course not.
- I'm not being clear.

You get the disbursement
whether you go out or not.

So we just stay home, do nothing,
and the government cuts us a check?

Correct. Stay inside,
and you'll be fine.

Five grand
just for sticking around.

- What are they saying?
- I have no idea.

When you said you had a car,

I didn't know you had "the" car.

Jesus, 1971 Chevelle SS.

Five hundred and two cubic inch engine,
puts out 461 horses.

This car has balls.

I've wanted it ever since
the first Gauntlet.

Well, now she's yours.

- You in the Corps?
- Force recon.

First of the eighth. Beirut.

Shit. I heard how fucked up that was
for you guys. And you never got the credit.

Yeah, well, you don't become
a devil dog for the glory.

I joined to get my hands dirty.

Yeah, well, I'm about to.

Quickest way is down Washington,
cut 'em off on 7th.

You need to get going.

Semper fi, kid.


Thank you.

Mr. Stanton.

It really is a, uh, beautiful
place you have here.

I'd give it all up
for a grandchild.


I read your business plan.

Ah. Hopefully it was
a good read?

Well, all the investments
I'm considering this year are promising.

I'm just looking for the one
that's gonna cut through the noise.

Who's your partner?

Uh, Jenna drives the creative,
but I'm the CFO.

You're not
a majority shareholder.

Balance sheet says 50-50.

I have the authority
to make this deal.

Tonight, I do things my way.
I think Jenna should be here.

Okay, sure.

Yes, sir?

Can we pull
Jenna Betancourt in here?

Right away, Mr. Stanton.

Mr. Stanton would like you
to join him in the study.


Are you feeling better?

I am. Thank you.

How far along?

Is it that obvious?

I've been through it
three times. I can tell.

I'm 16 weeks.

She's my first.

You're going to love it.

We want kids. We do.
I just wonder if

this is the kind of
world we should be bringing them into.

I think part of our job
is to make it

into the kind of world
we want to bring them into.

I like that.
I'll keep that in mind.

Good luck.

Your husband was trying
to close this deal without you.

He's a sneaky one.

Thank God I'm a feminist.

Jenna. Tell me what
differentiates you from other developers.

We focus on the parts of the city
that no one else even thinks to touch.

And just as importantly, we build places
that people want to come home to.

I don't design
anything I wouldn't live in myself.

I am just constantly in awe
of my wife's vision.

I mean, she fuses
form and function

to make structures that look like a Hadid
or a Gehry without breaking the budget.

And our last building pre-sold 50%
of its units sight-unseen.

How many fell out of escrow?



A $75 million investment will allow us
to multiply our volume ten times.

And, honestly, the timing
couldn't be better.

Over the last six months,

demand downtown has
consistently outpaced inventory.

And the company will only be
strengthened by our new mission.

Helping people from those communities
afford to stay there.

We've seen that millennials
want to spend their money

on companies
they can feel good about.

Right, right. You're, uh...

You're giving 20%
back to affordable housing?

Yes, well, if we can help people
and still make money, that's our goal.

Me, I like to hold on
to the profits, but...

You know, I... I...
I help the poor once a year.

April 15th.

I'm just kidding.
I don't pay taxes.

This is a big step up
in scale for you two.

But even with your little welfare giveaway,
the numbers are solid.

$75 million for 50%
of your company.


40. You and your wife remain majority
stakeholders, but I get a seat on the board.

30%, and a seat on the board.

Well, I'm in a generous mood.



Let's do this.

Thank you.

Thank you, Mr. Stanton.

Now, later we're going to talk
about the benefits of joining the NFFA.

But first, let's celebrate!

Get in there!

Oh, my God, are you
reading about the zoo?

No. What happened?

Purgers broke in and let all the
animals out. It's crazy, right?

Yeah. Crazy.

The deal's okay?

Of course.

You're not hearing
that something went wrong?

I'm checking on my friends.


You know, Alison and I joke around
and act competitive...


But I just wanted you to know
that I love it here.

I want to move up
when you think I'm ready.

If Alison gets the bump,
that's... That's cool.

I'll keep kicking ass
until I earn it on the next go 'round.

I guess I'm saying, I'm...
I'm glad to have you as a mentor.

That's great, Mark.
That's, uh, good to hear.

Right, well, um...
I hope your friends are safe.

Where's Jane?

Right here.

I had to get a call from Japan
to find out we closed this deal?

I wasn't expecting
to hear from you tonight, David.

I know it's asking a lot,
to work on Purge Night,

but I skipped the Stanton
party to remain available,

so please, Jane,
keep me in the loop.

Someone's at my door.
I'll be right back.

Pizza guy.

- Kidding, obviously.
- David, I just...

Great work, team.

You can get back to your little celebration
you're having there.

You've all earned it.
Do me a favor, be safe tonight.

Stay within the protected area.
And, Jane, excellent job.

Great work. I'll, uh,
see you tomorrow.

I'm in my office if you need me.

Is everything okay?


Hop in! Pete sent us.
We need to move, let's go!

Thanks for the ride.

It's dangerous.

So, who were those guys?
In the low-rider?

Fancy themselves

Anti-NFFA sentiment
grows stronger every year.

You guys in the service?


Who'd you piss off
to get this detail?

No one. We're freelance,
out here documenting The Purge.

- That's insane.
- Is it?

The more Americans see this,
the sooner it ends.

It doesn't matter what people
see. Nothing'll change.

I just can't agree with that.

I'm bringing the footage back to my country
to make sure it never happens there.

You guys are dreaming, all right?
Nobody gives a shit.

I'm an OMF.
And it's only gotten worse, every year.

You're an Original
Martyr Family? Really?


Do you mind?

I'm here with an "OMF,"
an Original Martyr Family,

who was in Staten Island,
New York, during the very first Purge.

For people watching in my country,
what was your life like before The Purge?

I played baseball. A lot.

I had a family.

A great family.

I was ten.

Me and my sister used to build
pillow forts with our dad.

And you wish
for those days to return?

Man, shut that shit off, man.


You Europeans think
you're better than us

because you don't
have The Purge?

Maybe today.

Have you ever heard of the Congo?
The Atlantic slave trade?

Europeans invented The Purge.

What the hell was that?

All you need
is a little jump, bitch!

Tiger, lining up on the
eighteenth green! Fore!

What are you doing out here?

My sister.

She's all I've got
left in the world.

Your bus is down there.
Right through that shit-storm.

Yeah, well, you guys are here
filming the violence, so drive in there.

That's why God made zoom lenses.

Sometimes we need to be
brave to do this job.

Nobody said we had
to be stupid. Sorry, mate.

Hey, your parents
would be proud.


Good luck.
I really hope you find her.

This man worked for me
for ten years.

Ten years?

I trusted him.

Turns out he's been raiding
my construction sites,

stealing copper wire
and reselling it.

One of the many perks of
tonight is not getting tied up for years

paying lawyers
to punish people for you.

No. On Purge Night,
we do it ourselves.

Hold on.

I'm just...

- I'm being so rude.
- Please, I apologize.

You are my guests. I insist.

Go on.

I don't want to die. I don't want to die.

Please, go on.


Um... I think...
I think we're good...

No, no, no, come on.

Please, there must be
something you need to purge.

No disrespect to you or the NFFA,
but we don't do this.

Rick, is that true?

Uh, yes. I'm sorry.

No, no, no.
I am the one who is sorry.

Please, this is why
Ellie plans the parties.

Because she keeps everybody's
politics straight,

so I don't put my foot in my mouth.
I'm very sorry.

First one of the night.

Jenna, Jenna, Jenna.
Stop, stop, stop, stop. It's okay.

- I have to get out.
- We can't. Okay? You know that.

I knew something like this could happen,
but it's so much worse than I thought...

The blood, it was...
He was begging...

It's okay. It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.

How is any of this okay? We just saw
a man get shot right in front of us.

We just stood there,
and we did nothing.

I know, I know, I know,
it was awful. Okay?

Look at my hands,
they're still shaking.

You took the gun.
How could you do that?

I don't know.
I just, I went numb. Okay?

It was like I was watching
someone else.

Would you, if I hadn't
said anything?

No, Jen. Never.
Come on, you know that.

We can't do business
with that murderer.

Come on, we talked about this.

We're going to take his money,
and we're going to do good with it.

No. Look around, Rick.

If we take his money, we're
no better than any of them.

Yeah, but this is the world
we're living in.

We can't change The Purge,
but we can change our lives.

Babe, this deal...

This is the deal of a lifetime.

I can't take his money.
I won't do it.

All right. All right.

Hey. Hey.

Let's just...

Let's get through tonight.

We can sort through
everything later

and come up with
a new plan, okay?

Besides, this distress
can't be good for the baby.

Just breathe.

I know, I know.
I'll go get us something to drink.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

No, I got kids! No!

Don't ask for tips next time!

Mark? Alison?
You see anyone come through here?

Yeah. A man and a woman. We told them
not to go, but they didn't listen.

- Would you like an escort?
- I'm fine, thank you.

- Ma'am!
- I said I'm fine.

We're here if you need anything.

Oh! No! No, no, no!

Why did you do this, Alison?

- Can you hear me?
- I just... Succumbed...

I'm sorry.

Oh, man, he's dead. He's dead.

So, do you notify HR about my promotion?
Or is that on me?


Where the hell did she go?

Our Founding Fathers,
give us this Purge,

our yearly bread, and forgive
our trespasses, for we will be cleansed.

Our Founding Fathers,
give us this Purge,

our yearly bread, and forgive
our trespasses, for we will be cleansed.

You are so loved, my child.

I am so happy you are
finally rejoining them.

They're ready for you,
waiting on the other side of that door.


Purify her flesh.
Cleanse her soul.

The giving is here.
The invisible awaits.

- Battering ram!
- Penelope! Come here.

Penelope! Come here.

Come on. Mira!

Come on.

Shit! Shit!

- Come. Go there, inside.
- I thought it was safe to stay.

The pendejo lied to us, mijo.

Stay in the closet. Quick,
get in the closet. Come on!

No. No, no. No, hijo. No. No.

- I can help.
- No, Miguel. Listen.

I love you so much,
and you're so brave,

but I need you to go back in there
and help your sister. Okay?

Protect her, always.

Get in, get in.

Get out of my house.
Get out of my house!

All right, that's one.
There's gotta be another here.

Come on, Mommy.
You can fit. Mommy, you can fit.

I'll be fine, baby girl.
Okay? Don't make a peep.

- Mommy, you're going to get hurt.
- Don't make a peep, okay?

Do not come out until
after you hear those sirens again.

Promise me you'll stay together.


I love you, okay.

We got a female!

- Running!
- Please, No! Let me go, let me go.

- I got her.
- I have to go get my kids, they're not here.

I'm not afraid.

- I'll take care of her.
- Don't be afraid.

I don't think there's any more
in here. Apartment clear.

I love you, Mommy.
I love you so much.

I am not afraid.

I am not afraid.

I am not afraid.

I am not afraid.

Goodbye, Penelope!

Quota for the night.

I'm not here for a fight.
I'm here for a bus.



Penelope? Penelope Guerrero?
Are you in there?

Pen? Where's Penelope?

Good Purge to you.

Where is she?

Where is she? Where did she go?

Where's my sister?

We are all your sisters,
all your brothers...

Shut the fuck up.
Where's Penelope?

Sister Penelope?
She has departed.

Did you kill her?

No, never. I loved her.

Then where is she?

She was taken.

Taken by who?

The nuns.

I'm sorry, you just missed her.

Worry not. Sister Penelope
is free now.

Close, let's go.

Everybody has the urge to Purge.

Fear is the great thief. If you let
her inside, she will rob you blind.

She will take
everything she can.

Not everyone has the courage
to listen to their inner voice.

The voice that begs them to rise up,
to fight to achieve their dreams.

What stops them? Fear.
But not you. Not today.

Today, your old life is behind you.
Tonight, your new one lies straight ahead.

No! Please, stop! Please!


Please, please.
Whoever you are, just let me live, okay?

Your house has been breached.
Don't be afraid.

Come with me.

Because you had the strength,
and the courage, and the fortitude

to face your fears,
all your dreams will come true.