The Purge (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Take What's Yours - full transcript

Jane considers the morality of Purge. Miguel searches for Pete the Cop.

Previously on The Purge.

Now, tell me where she is.
No more bullshit.

I will be your guide
into the Invisible.

Tonight, our departures will
have real meaning.

Ryker Moore Equity
is safer than our homes tonight,

so let's put the Purge
out of our minds

so we can all focus on work.
Nothing else.

There's no turning back.

You can follow my progress
live through the app you downloaded.

You're third tonight.

We're making
a deal with the devil.

We are taking the devil's money

and we're gonna do
great things with it.

I know who you're looking for,
and I know where you need to go.

But you ain't going to like it.

Where's my sister right now?

She's being purged upon.

What is America?

America is, we've been told,
the land of the free.

So tell me, then.

What is more American
than the Purge?


The Purge is
the ultimate night of freedom.

On Purge Night
you are free to do whatever you want.

With no law, no person,

no governing body
dictating your behavior.

On Purge Night,
America lives up to its promise.

So how will you
use this freedom?

Will you right some wrongs?

Will you heal? Will you hurt?

Will you give life?

Will you take life?

Just don't let yourself
or your country down.

The Purge is America.

So, be an American, and purge.

No contact from this point on.
You'll get a text when it's done.


Take her down!

Oh, my God.

She sure knows
how to make an entrance, huh?

Hey. You good?

I'm fine.

You think she's okay?

She looks better.

So you don't think we
have to worry?

Hey, you sure you're good?

Yeah. We're here to get
our financing, that's it.

Then we find a corner
and wait for the sirens to blare. Deal?

- Deal.
- Rick.

Speaking of which... Stanton.

Game time.

- I love you.
- I love you.

- Go get 'em.
- Yup. Hang tight.


I'm great.

You look amazing. Tell me,
Tanzania, how was it?

It was so great.
I loved the food, I got to travel,

even went on a little safari
before I came back.

And you're helping build
a school I think your mom said?

- We start in the fall.
- Fantastic.

- Yeah.
- And what about your love life?

Dating anyone?

Here and there.

Mmm, well, there are

a few eligible bachelors walking around.
I'd love to introduce you.

That would be great,
I'd love to meet them.

- It was so nice seeing you.
- You too.

- Have fun.
- Thank you.

Excuse me.

Oh, hi.

- Nice to see you too.
- Thank you.

What the hell?


Crazy sons of bitches.


I'm just here to help.

How many times has he been hit?

- Two, it looks like.
- Uh, yeah, two. Right?

Are you a paramedic?

No. I'm a Marine.

- You been overseas?
- Just got back.

So, uh, you've seen
a few people shot, I bet.

We usually work
at staging areas.

They're saying this will be the worst
Purge Night ever since it's so warm.

Only two entry wounds, here.

Two exits.
Both clean through meat.

There's a third one right here.

That bullet
is doing the real dirty work.

Pack this wound, give him some blood,
he'll probably make it.

- Thanks.
- Happens all the time in fire-fights.

It's always the wound you
don't see that'll kill you.

Hey, you want to run
with us tonight?

- Where you hurt?
- We could use another set of hands.

Especially someone
who knows what they're doing.

I mean, we took a course,
but on real days?

I'm a claims adjuster.
She's a history teacher.

Can't. I need to find my sister.

She's on this crazy blue bus.
Have you guys seen anything like that?

No man, no bus.
Uh, we saw a garbage truck

and no shit?
A God damn horse and buggy.

Death to the NFFA.

You're safe with us, we're off limits.
Unwritten Purge law.

Amazes me that
any rule holds on this night.

The Purge notwithstanding,
the natural human bent is towards order.

In the absence of that,
people find ways to pay homage.

You want to find that bus,
you should talk to Pete the Cop.

Cops don't work on Purge.

Pete's a flopped cop.
He runs the cantina over on Lorillard.

Yeah, so?

If anyone can help you it's Pete.
He's got the whole city wired.

The password is "Excelsior."
You'll need it. Good luck.

All right. Thanks. Stay safe.

- You too.
- Thanks man.

Purify my flesh.
Prepare my soul.

The giving is near.
The Invisible awaits.

Purify my flesh.
Prepare my soul.

The giving is near.
The Invisible awaits.

Purify my flesh.
Prepare my soul.

The giving is near.
The Invisible awaits.

Purify my flesh,
Prepare my soul.

Oh, hey Jane.

I leave those there to remind myself
that I was once a dreamer.

You drew these?

I spent my twenties in Paris imagining
myself the next great master.

Well, these are amazing, really, and I'm
not saying that because I want the job.

You're very kind, but they're
not quite good enough to pay the bills.

Please, sit.

It's lovely to see you again,

You too.

Let's get right into it,
shall we?

All right.

You were number
one in your class at Wharton,

and you've been through three rounds of
interviews here with high marks

across the board.
That does not happen by accident

and that does not happen
very often.

I've been following your firm since
I read a profile in Forbes

- back when I was an undergrad.
- Puff piece.

Total Puff piece.

Dad and Malcolm were
old pals back in the day.

What did you say
your dad did for a living?

I didn't.

We like to say here,
if you make partner

that your children will grow up very
differently than you did.

It's the beauty of America.
Opportunity for all, right?

You know, all we
have left to say here

is welcome aboard, Jane Barbour.

Thank you, thank you, Mr. Ryker.
You won't regret my hiring.

Please. David.


I'll have Alice
take you down to H.R.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.


I don't want to get hurt like that.
The screaming.

Remember what
the Good Leader teaches.

Pain is temporary.

But it's a necessary step
on the way to the Invisible.

I guess. You were there
when your parents crossed over.

Did they suffer?

Yes. But only because
they didn't want to die.

They fought against it
instead of giving in.

There was no Good Leader
to guide them.

I spent so long trying
to forget what happened,

losing the only people
who ever loved me.

I wanted to escape,
I was in so much pain.

I kept trying to
hurt myself just to feel alive.

Then Good Leader Tavis saved me.

Showed me the true path.

What's the first thing
you'll say to your parents?

That I love them.
That I've missed them.

And that I'm so
happy to be home.

So, you don't need to worry.

It will all be love in the end.

It is time.

One among us will be chosen.

Purify my flesh.
Prepare my soul.

The giving is near.
The Invisible awaits.

Purify my flesh.
Prepare my soul.

The giving is near.
The Invisible awaits.

Purify my flesh.
I have received a sign from the Invisible.

Melissa, Melissa, it is you.

You are to leave us, now,
and go to the place we all desire.


I am so happy for you.

Remember what awaits you.
And be strong, my love.

We will soon arrive
at the place of your giving.

No. No, no. No.

No. No. No.

It's nice to be seen.
You remember, right? Thank you.

You're the last person
I thought I would see tonight.

That makes two of us.

I figured Rick might be here.

My dad likes when people show up
and dance to his tune.

So, is that why you're back?
Talk Albert into funding a new project?

If we can both make the world
a safer place with my dad's money, why not?

Amen to that.

You look happy.


Is that soda water?

- I'm pacing myself.
- Yeah, well, I'm not. Thank you.

So, your trip sounded nice.

Yeah, you would
have loved Tanzania.


I'm glad you made it
back in one piece.



Listen, um... I'm really okay.

All that stuff. Forget about it.

I wanna be all about the future.

My dad will take care of you.

I put in a good word.

Thank you.

You're welcome. Now relax.

You're at a party.

The whole thing.
It was ridiculous.

Hey, where have you been?
Is everything okay?

I'm fine. I'm glad to see
the two of you collaborating,

but can we get back to work?
This needs to get done, pronto.

Right, what does David always say?
"Surrender the me for the we."

So, who's your pick?
Mark or Alison?

They're both strong.
Alison is due.

I agree.
You've trained them both so well.

Thank you.

I'm glad we finally
had a chance to sit down.

I've been wanting to talk to you
about what's next for Jane Barbour.

Okay. I'd like that.

We're talking partner, Jane.
It's okay to smile just a little bit.

There it is.


The Snyder Robbins deal
closed 30 on the dollar.

Great. Now I can stop
dodging their calls.


Anya's killing it,
don't you think?

She's dedicated.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.


She has made
some shrewd choices.

I think we can all
learn from her.

She's obviously
on the fast track.

I like to keep different options
open to partnership.

Okay, David.

Jane? What is it?

I need to catch up
on my reports.

Let me see your hands!


Now, asshole.

Come out, pecker head.

Come on, chico.

You got three seconds.

We got a contestant, Boss.

'Bout God damn time.

What the hell are you talking about?
Contestant for what?

It's the gauntlet.

You make it all the way around the block,
you get a prize.

Apple of my ex-wife's eye.

Helluva ride too, 'course the
gauntlet's a doozy this year.

What gauntlet?
I'm not doing none of this.

Let me go, I need
to find my sister.

Fine by me.
Then you will die right here and right now.

I'll be a sitting duck
out there.

Now he gets it.

Suit him up. It's show time.

Wear it. Or it wears you.

Hey, kid. What's your name?

Your name, amigo.

Miguel Guerrero.

Going live in three...



Welcome, folks, to Otis'
annual Purge Night Gauntlet.

Brought to you exclusively
by Otis' Classic Car Autorama.

Come in this week,
mention the Purge, get 10% off

but hurry, our inventory's liable
to last about as long as our runners here.

For your viewing pleasure this evening, we
guarantee you spills, chills and thrills.

And remember,
we only got two rules.

Tell us what they are, Otis.

Number one,
we don't accept volunteers.

Only live catches. And two, you
live you win, you die you lose.

Are we ready then?

Let's do it. Once again,
the Gauntlet, live.

Run, fool.


Run, asshole.

Oh, shit.

Trying to avoid me all night?

Lila. It's great to see you.

- Is it?
- Yeah, definitely. You look good.

Thanks. You clean up
nicely yourself.

This is weird.

A little.

I mean, I know I've seen you naked.
And, you know...

- Jesus, Lila.
- Come on. Lighten up.

Listen, what happened between us,
Jenna and I never meant...

Stop. I get it. If we can't just
be adults and laugh about it...


So, we're good?

Yeah. Yeah. We're good.


Rick. Nice meeting you. Let's get
something on the books for next week.

Yeah, definitely.
I'll... I'll be in touch.

Look at you,
man of the hour here.


You know, I was talking to my dad
about you. He's a big fan.

I'm glad to hear that.

But, you know what's weird?


He might make
a big investment in your company.

But he doesn't really
know a thing about you.

Lila, I want
to introduce you to somebody.

Nice seeing you, Rick.
Good luck tonight.

- Lila, this is Dawn.
- Hi, Dawn. So nice to...

Light him up!

Ladies and gentlemen,
we got ourselves a winner.

Penelope Guerrero if you can hear me,
I promise I'm gonna find you.

Cut that shit.

Give me my damn car.

Night's not over yet, man.

So these parties...
Are they as amazing as everyone says?

One thing I can say
about our boss,

he knows how to cut loose.

These are done, check the numbers,
I'll run the last column.

You know, a few people have said
that Dave can be a bit forward?

He's been nothing
but a total gentleman.

Anya, I didn't want
to say anything but...

Ladies. I know that this is taboo
these days but Merry Christmas.

Thanks, David.

The carriage is leaving
for the ball.

Hey, have you spoken
with the guys in Houston?

No. Why?

About the, uh,
Chan Houghton deal?

Oh, we filed it last night.

The Germans just pulled out and I need this
reworked by tomorrow morning. I'm sorry.

I'll handle that.
Jane has seniority.

Actually, I need
a more seasoned hand.

Sorry, Jane.
I know you'll crush it.


You know you were the only one
I could trust to deal with this, right?


I know it stinks, I'm sorry...

David stop. Stop. It's fine.

I knew you would come through.

You okay, boss?

Yeah. I'm just nervous.

This deal, the pressure's
been intense.

Sorry I snapped at you earlier.

No, no, consider it forgotten.

So that guy who works
on 28. Did you ever go out?

- Mmm-hmm.
- Oh, no...

Ugh, wait for it.

So we go to dinner,
I thought things were going great.

So we go to see a movie.
And he just left me there.

Like, he got up to go to the bathroom
and he never came back.

- What an asshole.
- I know.

Alison, you don't deserve that.
But you'll find someone better.

Yeah. I should Purge him.

You'd Purge over a bad date?

No. Not really. It's just...
Every time I see him

in the elevator
I just want to punch him.

Well, it's his loss. Seriously.

Now, let's get this done
so that we can have a drink.

What about you?
You must have a secret wish list.

Wish list for what?

Oh come on, a Purge list.

All the people you wish you could take out?
We all have one.

I don't. I... I've never even been out
on Purge night before.

There's a first time for everything.
I mean, what about David?

What about him?

We all see the way
you get passed over for partner.

It's complete bullshit.

Oh, no. Everything happens in good time.
Remember that.

Still, you could have lured him
in here tonight and taken care of business.

I'm kidding.

- Oh.
- Obviously.


We need to get this filed.

Of course, I mean now you don't
even have to leave your home to Purge,

do you?

You can just arrange
for someone to do your dirty work.

What are you saying, Alison?

You know it's just...
Sometimes it feels like.

Purging is the only answer.

Maybe for some people, but...

Can you run these?


Sister Melissa,
it is your time to give.

Come forward and
offer your goodbye.

No. No. I can't die.
Please, God, no.

Stop. I'll go.

Please, Good Leader. It's okay.

I'll show you.
Really, it's okay.

Sister Penelope.
That is very considerate of you, kind even.

- Then let me go.
- No.

It is not your turn.

It has been ordained.
Melissa is next.

Purify her flesh,
Cleanse her soul.

- The giving is here. The Invisible awaits.
- I want to live.

I want to live.

You will, darling.
Just beyond that door.

Sam? You have been
chosen, my darling.

- No!
- So much peace awaits you.

No! I made a mistake.

I don't want to die! No!

The giving is here.

The Invisible awaits.
Purify her flesh.

Cleanse her soul.

The giving is here.
The Invisible awaits.

Purify her flesh,
Cleanse her soul.

The giving is here.
The Invisible awaits.

Step into the Invisible.

Step into the Invisible.

Penelope, help me!

What's the password?


Masks and weapons stay outside.


Check him.

Excuse me.

I'm looking for a guy
named Pete the Cop.

Who the hell are you?

Hello, young man.

I'm Carmanuce.

Miguel. Looking for Pete.

Okay. Um, Miguel.
Welcome to Pete's Cantina.

Only got one rule here.
No politics, no violence.

People go along with that?
It's the Purge. There are no rules.

People respect Pete.

So when they come here,
they follow Pete's rules. He's earned it.

How's that?

Why don't you go
ask him yourself?

- You Pete The Cop?
- Who's asking?

My name's Miguel,
and I'm looking for a bus.

My name's Pete
and I don't give a shit.


Could be.

I'm Jane from the email.

Okay. You're Jane
from the email.

Nice to meet you.

Thank you for taking my case.

It's what I do. Take cases.

And, uh, the case.
It's completely confidential, right?

- Of course.
- No one will find out.

Not from me.

And you're... You know,
you've done this before?

What do you need, references?

No, no.

- You know the only rule.
- Right. Once we transact...

- There is...
- There is no turning back.

So you'd better be sure.

Okay. Yes.

I'm sure. I'm positive.

It's been years,
a lifetime in the making.

I mean some slights,
they seem small at first and then, well...

They accumulate and accrue

and I put up with it
until pin pricks turn into stabs

and it becomes
one long succession of bullshit

and people refusing to see
you for who you are

because I no longer
recognize who I am anymore.

A person can take only so much.

And it's not all little things.

Some, very major.

Like people making sure
you don't succeed at the level you deserve

that you earned
outright, it's just...

Look. Save it for your shrink.

Okay. Okay, but you need
to know that I would never just...

I need to know the who and the where.
Nothing more.

The why?
You keep that to yourself.


Okay, but it's just that...

- No but.
- No. It's my right. To Purge.


You crazy? You pay me here,
and we both go to jail.

All business transacted
the night of.

Sorry. I'm just,
I don't know what I... I'm...

Hey. It's okay.
I get it's your first time.

But you don't have to be worried.
I'm good at what I do.

Thank you for that.

Besides, they never
expect a woman.


You scared me.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Just when you think this night can't get
dark enough, my parents up the ante.

Maybe that's why
they're still together.

Why, they have
a weird sense of humor?

That and a sex therapist.

Are you okay?

Catalina said
you weren't feeling so well.

Yeah. I'm fine...
Just a little stomach ache.

Let me see.

No fever.

I just hate this night.

You seem different.

You're so perfect.

Lila, don't.

Take what's yours.
Be one with yourself.

Own your time on this green earth.
Use the Purge the way it was intended.

To cleanse the soul of doubt,
of pain, of misgivings.

Make this night work for you.

Now, you're going
to see some curve balls.

Life has this way of
undermining your expectations.

I got it.

When this happens,
most people roll over.

But you're not listening to me
because you're interested in the easy way.

You're listening because
you've dedicated yourself to the right way.

You're not going to meet
those curve balls with a cowardly flinch.

You're going to meet them
with a mighty swing of your bat.

A mighty swing of your bat.

A mighty swing of your bat.