The Purge (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - The Purge - full transcript

Penelope takes charge; Miguel and Pete grapple with an unexpected enemy.

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Previously on "The Purge"...

I'm going to take you somewhere safe.

Pen's out there and who knows

what that guy's doing to her right now.

I haven't been out on Purge
Night since before the bar.

You know, you'll never
get into this school.

Talking about Thomas Paine,

the high school that closed down?

This dude has no idea
what's coming for him.

We're two badass marines

with an arsenal in our trunk.

RPG! Get out!

I warned that kid.

You don't mess with a man's livelihood.

You are all here because
you've wronged me.

Purging any of you is my right.

Eileen, wait!


The building is rigged.

You cannot run from my justice.

I'll take out the trash

and the Betancourts will be next.

We know that man, right?

Does he have a reason
for wanting to kill us?

I pledge allegiance to the flag

of the United States of America,

and to the Republic for which it stands,

one nation, under God, indivisible.

With liberty and justice for all.

Remember that pledge,

because tonight you will be tested.

You'll be tried in every imaginable way.

But you will triumph

if you show your allegiance and Purge.

It's going to be hell.

But it's also a gift.

Twelve hours of freedom.

That's just over 43,000 seconds

to change your life forever.

But look, I wouldn't lie to you.

What I'm talking about... it's hard.

Not everyone's up for it.

Participation is dangerous. It's risky.

But that risk gives way
to unyielding reward.

So prepare, plan, pray if you have to.

Do whatever you need to do.

Just make sure you're ready
for a world of possibility.

Life is fleeting. Blink and it's gone.

But when you embrace the Purge...

when you commit to the healing
power of its violence...

when you rise up, ready
to submit to its will...

anything can happen.


Okay, enough bullshit.

I'm tying up the girls, then we move on.


Come here. Turn around.

Put your hands behind your back.

It's working, just like
they said it would.

I can feel it, the power of the Purge.

Penelope. Come on.

Please. Come on!

It's almost dawn. We
don't have much time.

No more interruptions. You too.


On stage.

Now. Get up.

When I walk out of here,

I'm going to be free of everything.

And what about us?

And what about you?

Charlie, Eileen, Jane.

How is it fair that
you're free and we die?

That's the Purge, Jenna. Sit down.

It offers an equal
opportunity for everyone,

a perfectly level playing field.

Any of you could have come after me.

But you didn't, did you?

I took the initiative.

I could have died ten times
over rounding each of you up.

But I was willing to take the
risk 'cause I wanted it more.

Listen, my wife is...


I know. Stop reminding me.

Please, just let her go.

Miguel, listen up.

Lotta people depend on that
carnival to make their nut.

This is the price of being a hero, son.

Fan out. Find him.

Pete, too.

You mean Pete the cop?

Yeah, he ain't untouchable.

And find them fast.

We can't do jack shit
once that siren sounds.

All right, let's sweep the area.

Pete, we don't have time for this.

If we don't take care of this right now,

it follows us to the school.

Look, we don't know what's
waiting for us there.

Say we take a few out right
here and then we move.

The guards will be easy,

but Rex and the collectors,

they round up people for a living.

They're strapped and they're pissed.

But they're spreading out.

Yeah, trying to cover more ground,

but isolating themselves
while they do it.

They think we're running.

We go on offense.

We surprise them.

Let's go.


- You all right?
- Yeah.

We should move on.

School's this way.

Let's go.

Thank you for going home tonight.

Made my job a lot easier.

I don't know if I could have gotten into

the Stanton compound by myself.

How did you know we were there?

I have been following you for weeks.

Look, Mr. Owens, would you please...

Joe. You remember when we met?

That's what I told you to call me.

Come on, Rick, you remember.

- Mr. Betancourt.
- Oh, please.

Call me Rick.


There you go.

Can't believe you picked this place.

Yeah. I drove by it the other day

and I realized I haven't
been here since high school.

- How'd you even know about it?
- Mm.

I had a cousin that worked at Saticoy.

This was his spot,

probably because they never carded.

- What's his name?
- Tony Schroeder?

- Schroeder. Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Great guy. Hell of a line engineer.
- Yeah.

What's he up to?

Oh, when they closed the factory,

he moved in with the in-laws and...

We haven't kept in touch
since then unfortunately.

Yeah, it's tough to
bounce back after that.

Some of us, you know, we manage.

Which I guess is why we're
sitting here, right?

You saw my rate sheet.
What do you think?

Oh, this is a... this is a big job.

Plan is to start leasing in the fall.

So you're going to need Purge
security on the building

- and the individual units?
- That's correct.

Who's providing the shell system?

- Sandin.
- Oh, the best.

You've installed for them before?


A bunch of homes and a
couple offices downtown.

I can get you references
if you want them.

You've never done a building
of this size though, right?

It won't be a problem.

I have been ready and waiting
for something like this.

I mean, a contract like
yours, it's a level up,

and I'd be excited to tackle it.

Honestly, it's a big step up for us too.

I gotta tell you, Joe,

I feel like I'm constantly
righting the ship.

You know, putting out one
fire after the other.

But... one big break and it
will all pay off, right?

I'm counting on it.

I can start tomorrow?

I bet.

No, why don't you send me your
quotes when you have them?

We'll go over the numbers
and agree on a contract.

Just remember, we're a small outfit,

so there's not much wiggle room.

Got it. Great.

Do you wanna get a beer

and celebrate our potential
partnership properly?

Sure, I could go for a beer.

I'll get the first round.

And I'll tell you a great
story about your cousin.



I don't have to explain
what a contract is, do I?

I don't know, do you
know what a contract is?

Because you agreed to it.

You took advantage.

You used my inexperience
and my enthusiasm

to make sure there was
plenty of room in here

to screw me.

I don't see your signature here, Jenna.

Rick handles the contracts.

Is that so you don't dirty
your delicate little hands?

- Because I trust him.
- So did I.

And then your husband ruined me.

He said my work was subpar...

negligent... so he
wouldn't have to pay me.

I lost all my other contracts

just so your company
could save a few bucks.

Joe, we paid you everything we owed

and then you tried to extort me.

I came to your office. You saw.

Do you remember, Jenna?

We agreed on a number.

I bought equipment, custom software,

I hired subcontractors based on that.

Right, and I realize that but,

look, none of the security
nodes passed the inspection.

- What do you want me to do?
- I checked the system myself.

Let me come in and fix it.

I'm sure I can figure
out what went wrong.

Joe, I'm underwater here.

I can't take any more delays.

Give me two days.

We already hired somebody else.

So I have to just take your
word that the system's faulty?

Let me see the admin log.

We're done here.

You're screwing me and you know it.

I did good work and now
you're pulling this?

We agreed on terms.

Yeah, but you put stuff
in the fine print

that I couldn't even pronounce.

You bought me a beer, you
pretended to be my partner,

all so you could bend me over?

Joe, your work was...

My work was top notch.

But that doesn't matter,

because I'm just cannon fodder

on your way to the top, right?

Another fire to put out.

No, I wanted this to work. I did.

This is going to put me under.

Do you even care?

I do and...

Then pay me, you prick!

Okay, you know what?

We don't want to have
to call the police.

Please leave.

I know why you don't hang out

with your cousin Tony anymore.

Because you're better
than us now, right?

White collar. Big shot.

Get out.

Go to hell, you smug son of a bitch.

So what, Jenna?

Are you really that blind
to who you married

or is it just willful ignorance?

Jenna, I'm going to say
this one more time.

We paid him exactly what we owed.

She doesn't believe you.

She sees you for who you really are.

No, it's not my fault.
He did shoddy work.

Jenna, he wants to Purge Penelope

because she didn't say "thank you."

Do you really trust what he's saying?

You put us here.

It's just like the house.

Damn it.

It's rigged all the way around.

- Can you take it apart?
- Probably.

But I need time.

Let's go, Pete. Move, move.


What does a signature mean to you, Rick?

To me, it represents a
promise made in good faith.

A guarantee protected
by the rule of law.

Now, tonight, the rule
of law is suspended.

But during the rest of the
year we are bound by it.

It is the only way our society
can function as intended.

Don't you understand that?

You're not above the law.

You sign a contract, you honor it.

Joe, I fulfilled every
element of that contract.

You knew what you were signing.

This isn't my fault. The
end didn't check out.

- You see anything?
- I think we lost them for now.

- Fuck.
- This way.

What do you got?

Shit. It's rigged on both sides.

What's the play?

Can you take that one down
without it going off?

Move it to blow somewhere else?

I think so. Why?

Grab that one.

I'll go back for the one on the wall.

I'll cover you.

I got a stupid idea.

All right.

I was clearly within my right
to exercise discretion.

- The standard...
- There you go again,

throwing $10 words at me

- because you think I can't follow along.
- What are you doing?

- I think I can get us out of here.
- Stop wasting our time.

- Will you help?
- Oh, yeah.

What I want is a confession.

Come on, Rick, tell the truth.

I am. I paid you.

Doesn't even matter now.

He's going to kill us.

Maybe this was the inevitable end.

What? How can you say that?

We told ourselves we could
take the devil's money

- and do great things with it.
- Jenna...

I think the moment we decided
to take money from the devil,

whatever the reason,

we opened the door to this.

No. No, no. We don't deserve this.

- Confess.
- I'm talking to my wife.

Look, I promise, I would never...

Please, Rick.

I don't want the last thing we
say to each other to be a lie.

I love you.


Confess! Say it!

Okay! Okay...

I did it.

We took a bath on the project downtown.

And I had to cut costs.

I found a loophole in his contract,

so I took advantage, but,

I mean, it's just part of business.

The loophole.

Jesus Christ. You're not mad at me, Joe.

You're mad at the way things are.

Just look around. This is
the way the world works.

Everyone screws everyone
all the way down the line.

You think I wasn't getting
squeezed by city managers?

And the zoning board
and the Goddamn bank?

I saw it do this to my
parents and it broke them.

I wasn't going to let it happen to us.

Are you ready for your judgment?

Listen to me.

I love you.

I love you so much.

And I'm sorry.

I love you, too.

She had nothing to do with this, okay?

She didn't... she didn't even know.

I know you're gonna kill me, but...

please can you just let her go?

Let our daughter live.

- Guilty by association.
- No! No, Jesus, no.

I'll do anything.


I know you will.

I believe in fairness.

And in compromise.

I'm gonna give you a choice, Jenna.

Purge your husband.

Teach him the consequences
of his actions

and live to tell your
daughter what her father did.

There's one bullet in this gun.

If you use it on Rick,

I'm gonna let you and the baby live.


See anything?

The hell did they go?

Remind me again what the
hell we're doing out here.



I can't. Please.

Look, I'm not gonna waste
a lot of time with this.

Either you pull the trigger
or I pull it twice.


- Rick?
- Do it.

It's okay, Jenna. It's okay.

Come on, come on, come
on, come on, come on.

Everything we've been through tonight...

Everything with Lila...

You don't have to give your life for me.

This is my fault, Jen.

This is the only way out.

I'm so sorry, Rick.

I got so wrapped up in my
own dreams, my feelings.

I took what we had for granted.

No. I love you.

- Do it.
- No.

For our baby, Jenna. Do it.



Nice confession, Jenna.

Did you really think I was gonna
give you a loaded weapon?

Sit down.

You and the baby are safe,

because a deal is a deal, right, Rick?

- No, let me go!
- What the hell?

It's my right to Purge.

Please, please don't kill me.
Please don't kill me.

I don't want to d...

- Too late to surrender?
- This son of a bitch.

Looks like you lost your hat.

Where's Miguel?

There's a bounty on his head
for wrecking the carnival.

We collect, I'm back in the black.

Maybe we can make a deal.

I don't want to make a
deal with you, Pete.

You started all this shit.

You want your money, right?

What's the bounty?

I'll double it.


Just give me the number.

Call Miguel out here first.

Get away from her.

I have the right, same as you.

I need to cleanse.

Don't you dare.

She is mine to purge.

Put it down, now.

Look, you want your money? I'll pay it.

Hell, I'll bankrupt my bar if
I have to to save his life.

Or would you rather
just shoot him, dead?

'Cause you're just a petty,
bloodthirsty little shit.

If I'm being honest,

it's a little of both.

Oh, sh...

Come on! Go, go, go, go, go, go.

- Come on!
- Go, go, go, go, run!

These sons of bitches got bamboozled.

Let's go, they're down.

Come on, do it. You gotta do it.

You gotta do it. You gotta do it.

I am not gonna let that bitch ruin me.

I'm coming, bitch!





Ready. Go.

- Jenna, get back!
- Put it down!

- Drop it! Now, drop it!
- Put the gun down, now!

We're not here for you, okay? Look.

We're here for my sister.

Rick, it's okay.

It's okay.


We're good.

Her name's Penelope. Has she...

She's alive... she's here. She saved us.

Where is she?

I don't know, she ran ahead.
We got separated.

- The man who took you?
- He's here, too.

You're gonna come with us.
We'll keep you safe.

Are either of you hurt?

Thank you, my family is...

Get back, Jenna!

- Pete!
- I'm hit.

- It's okay.
- He got me in the leg.

How bad?

No, it's nothing, man. I'm fine.

- I'm fine.
- Let me check on it.

No, no. I've got those two.

You gotta get out here.

Now, find Penelope.

- Pete.
- Go.

Miguel, now. Go.

You gotta push. Put pressure on it.

Press hard.

You're okay, man. You're okay.

- Okay, okay.
- All right?

- Come on, this way.
- No, no, this way!

We have to stay together.


Paige! Oh, my God.


- Hey, next year?
- Yeah?

Let's just get on a
cruise and go to Tahiti.




Hey, you should take her away.

Let her grow up anywhere but here.

No, no, we're getting you to a hospital.


Just give her... give her a kiss for me.


No... Rick.

Rick. Rick.

We need to put some distance
between us and Joe.

- We gotta go.
- No.

Rick, I'm sorry.

We'll come back for him when it's safe.

Let go of me!

You little bitch.

You almost ruined everything.

But right now we can have the trial.

Just the two of us.

Thank you for holding the door.

It's a little late for that now.

We give people one strike
in this country now?

Don't talk to me about what
we do in this country.

Where the hell were you born?

- Staten Island.
- What about your parents?

What difference does that make?

This is our home.

This country used to be a place

- where everybody could thrive.
- Not everybody.

All that hope and change bullshit

didn't get us anywhere.

America was circling the
drain until the Purge.

Suddenly each of us had the power

to make things better and we did.

- At gunpoint?
- At every point.

No. I woke up today convinced

that my life only had
value if I was a victim.

- I was wrong.
- Oh, come on.

You know you don't have it
in you to be anything else.

When the rains come and
flood this rock, will you...

Sink or swim? Will you drown?

Or fight your way to shore.

Yeah, Bobby Sheridan.

Tavis played us his lectures.

Said we needed to understand
why Purgers are broken,

so we can learn how to help them.

Then you know exactly
why I'm doing this.

I do. I just don't know why
you believe it will help.

Because for me,

it can't get any worse.

God bless America, where
I have the freedom

to decide for myself what's right

and the freedom to
change my circumstances.

This might be your America,
but it's not mine.

Right now it's the
only one that matters.

No. The country you're destroying...

I want to help rebuild.

- And I'm not the only one.
- Huh.

I see people that fight every day

to protect this country,

even after it took everything from them.

And I see people...
complete strangers...

picking each other up, not
tearing each other down.

And I see other people...

desperate, angry people...

hurting each other every year

because they've been
manipulated into doing it.

So Purge all you want.

But when you're done, what will be left?

A nation of murderers.

If Purging really worked...

if everyone actually got better...

wouldn't we stop needing it?

Like our great nation, I will be reborn.


It's okay.

It's over now.

It's all over.

God damn it.


God damn it.

It wasn't supposed to end this way.

I was so looking forward

to this morning, my clean slate.

What the fuck are you talking about?

I failed. All that work I did

and almost none of it went right.

Just like life.

God damn it.

Now we get back to normal.

Come on. Without rules...

We're animals.

I'm a law-abiding citizen.

The Purge is over.

Take it.

Take your sister and go home.

Let's go.

I'll catch up with you guys next year.

- Next year?
- Yeah.

Next Purge.

I'll finish it with both of you.

Miguel, it's murder.

You'll do a lot of good
work on Purge night,

but you won't be able
to get it all done.

You'll taste failure.

People will always surprise you

when they don't want to die.

- Joe?
- He's dead.

I figured.

I heard the shots.


Just before the sirens.

You know what I'm saying?

I do.

But don't worry.

That's the beauty of this holiday.

Purge night ends,

but the Purge goes on and on.

What you didn't accomplish tonight...

there's always next year.

- Go and call this guy.
- All right.


- All right.
- It's bullshit.


Hey, Pete, look.

Look what the cat dragged in.

Hey, Pete.

What's up, Pete?

Have a drink with me
before you head out?

I'll take a whiskey.

No, you will not take a
whiskey. You're not 21.

So I can kill people
tonight but I can't drink?

It's a good point. Whiskeys all around?

- Cheers.
- Cheers.


Okay. Okay.






After how last year ended,

are you sure I can't
convince you to stay?

This is what our parents
would have wanted us to do.

They'd be proud... of both of you.

It's almost commencement.

- Yup.
- Okay.

But if you get jammed up...

No, I'll take care of him.

I'm the brains of this outfit.

- Semper fi, brother.
- Oorah.

What does "oorah" mean?

It's a military thing.

Yeah, but what does it mean?
Oorah's not a real word.

It means stop asking questions

and keep it moving, soldier.

Come on.




In the wake of last
year's brutal attacks,

NFAA loyalty squads have
worked double time,

trying to curb the threat of so-called

"revolutionary Purge night terrorism."

There is a hush now over the city

as Purge commencement looms.

Hopefully you and your loved
ones are safe in your homes,

as we should start to hear

the emergency services
announcement at any...

- This is your emergency...
- And that's it, another Purge

is now underway.

My camera crew and I
are going to go inside

where it's a little bit safer.

Come on.


Hopefully I won't need it,
but you know how it goes.

- Ready, Pen?
- Yeah.

Let's go save some lives.