The Purge (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - What Is America? - full transcript

Purge Commencement looms; Several people find themselves venturing into the chaos of the night.

My Darlings. It's almost
your commencement.

You all look so beautiful, my angels.

Miguel, I don't know
if you will ever get this letter.

I hope you know that I am okay

and that I am loved,

and that I am ready.

Please don't worry.
Don't be sad.

I'm joining Mom and Dad
on the anniversary of their Giving.

I am stepping into the Invisible,
where they are waiting for me.

They miss me, and they love me,

and I miss them so much.

I'm sure you do too.

I think about them every day.

I love you, Miguel.
I always will.

Love, Penelope.

- Mom, please!
- Enough.

I'm not gonna say it again.

Excuse me.

Sorry, very busy.

Commencement is close.

You guys don't count
as a hospital, huh?

The NFFA doesn't care about protecting
drug addicts and alcoholics.

We have to lock down
like everyone else.

What do you need?

My name's Miguel.
I called a few times this morning.

I'm here to see my sister.

No visitors are allowed today.

Look, I've been away a while,
and I... I need to know.

Sorry, I can't help you.

Look, can you just please promise me
that you have a safe place for her tonight?

Mom, I really want one.

I'm not gonna say it again.
Stop asking.

He wants a gun.

He's finally old enough to understand
what this holiday is all about.

He's terrified.

I'm not scared!

Hey, you wanna know something?

I'm scared, too.

I'm scared every Purge.

But I learned a trick
when I joined the Marines.

One day, the bad guys
had us surrounded.

And our Sergeant, he noticed
that we were all scared.

And you know what he had us do?

Hold hands.

- What?
- Yeah.

He said that it was
scientifically proven

that if you hold hands
with someone,

- it lessens your fear.
- Really?

Yeah. Can you imagine
how we looked?

A bunch of tough Marines
all holding hands together?

Yeah, we felt silly.

But then it worked.

The fear went away.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

What's your sister's name?

Penelope Guerro.


I'm sorry. She checked out
a few months ago.

Checked out? Where did she go?

I'm not permitted to give away
patient information.

- Ma'am, please, it's...
- Federal law.

It's the Purge. Just, please.

But that doesn't mean I can stop you from
finding what you need when I walk away.

I hope you find her.

Penelope's a really
sweet person.


Goddamn it.


- My baby. Hi.
- Hey.

I brought your favorite flowers.

Ugh. Good. It'll cover up the awful smell
of this damn hospital food.

Well, Rose says that
you'll be home in a few days,

that you're doing great,
better than expected.

- You going to or coming from work?
- Going to.

On Purge Night?

You need to be staying
here with me.

This is the safest place
in the city.

The office is safe, Mom.

I wouldn't be going
if it wasn't.

I'll be fine.

They take care of us there.
They do.

You know, I thought by now
you'd be in a position

where you wouldn't have
to work on a night like this.

You and me both.

If you'd had just played
the game a little...

Oh, Mom, don't start.
Don't do that.

I have to go, Mom.
It's getting close to commencement.

Take all of your meds

and don't give everyone
a hard time.

I wouldn't be Lorraine Barbour
if I didn't give everybody a hard time.

- Be safe, okay?
- Mmm-hmm.

- Call me.
- Love you.

- Call me.
- Love you.

You okay, babe?
What's on your mind?

Oh, I was just wondering
what it's gonna be like over there.

I mean we really have no idea
how these people celebrate the Purge.

Oh, don't think about it.

Find a corner, hide,
and wait to be summoned.

Jenna, does it look
like a rental?

No way.

You look amazing.

- Me?
- Beautiful. As always.

I can't lie.
I am nervous as shit.

Don't be.

It'll be safer than any other place
in the country over there.

Not that. I just,
I want it all to go well.

You know, an opportunity like this
comes around once in 12 lifetimes.

It's gonna go great.

This is just a formality.

Only reason we're being invited is
because he wants to do this with us.

We're making a deal
with the devil, babe.

We're taking the devil's money,

and we're gonna do
great things with it.

I hope there are
no surprises tonight.

She won't be there. No worries.

Tonight's our night.

This is a game changer.
This is everything we ever wanted. For us.

For our family.

Only 84 minutes to
go before the Purge sirens start blaring.

If Box Store sales
are any indication,

this year may be
bigger than ever,

as guns, ammunition, and survival goods
are flying off the shelves.

It's an arms race
in many neighborhoods

as locals struggle to find
better weaponry than their neighbors,

and semi-automatic rifles
are all but scarce at most outlets.

911 calls are spiking
in record numbers

as nervous citizens
make last minute calls

while police and fire
prepare to go off duty.

If you don't have
a high-tech security system,

do what you can
before it's too late.

Security experts warn that Purgers have
grown increasingly bold,

specifically targeting homes
that have been secured

with nothing more than
plywood and nails.

Purge mask?
Need a Purge mask, sir?

God! Are you nuts?

I don't know where Henry is.

I know you know where he is.

Why you breaking my balls like this, man?
I don't know where the fuck he is.

It ain't the Purge yet, fella.

Can't you wait another hour?


Stay down.

What did I do to deserve this?

Aren't you supposed to be
gone somewhere fighting some stupid war?

Lucky for you, I just got back.

Now, tell me where Henry is.

No more bullshit, asshole.

Please, please,
please, I don't know.

- Where?
- I don't know.

Maybe he's at the Row.

Well, then, let's go
visit the Row.

Let me out of here!


You're not working tonight,
are you, Jane?

Oh. Overseas markets
don't care about the Purge.

Ugh. Girl, good luck.


- Hey, Boss.
- Hey, Employee.

Chiho's landed in Tokyo.
Should be at the office before we dive in.

- Everything okay?
- Fine, fine.

Oh, how's your Mom?

Doing well.
Thanks for asking, Mark.

Good, good.


First time I've ever worked
on Purge night.

It's, uh... It's weird.

There's no better place
to be than here.

It's 5:51 p.m.,
just 69 minutes until the Purge begins.

If you're not locked down,
you're almost out of time.


Mark Cantoff. Jane Barbour.

You're good.

Great. Now let me take you
through the rules.

Once the Purge begins, this 38th floor
will be locked down as a safe zone.

Security and all workers,
including the both of you,

have signed waivers,
giving up their rights to Purge

on this floor
for the entire evening.

Everyone on 38 except security
will be unarmed.

We can only guarantee
your safety on this floor.

Do you understand these rules?

Thank you for your cooperation.
Enjoy the evening.

Hello, everyone.

- Hi, Jane.
- Hi.

- Hello. Hello.
- Hi, Jane.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Jane. I spoke with Chiho.
And she is...

She's on the ground
already. I heard.

Did you guys
come here together, or...

Of course.

Mark spent the afternoon
with me reviewing everything for tonight.

Relax, Alison. I'm joking.

The two of you need to put aside
your nonsense, and play nice tonight.

There's lot to do.

Now, get Chiho on the phone
while I settle.

Afterwards, I'll prep the troops on
what we should expect, okay?


We are the scarred,

the beaten,

the souls irreparably damaged.

And it is that shared pain that allows us
to understand each other so deeply.

Tonight, that suffering
ends, my darlings.

I will be your guide
into the Invisible,

where there is no pain,

only love.

- Yes.
- Yes.


The Giving Time is near.

Let us ready.


Sit. Sit.

Good girl.

Hey, guys!

- Going out tonight?
- Oh, god.


Stay safe, Ross.

Oh, yeah.

You too.

Come on, come on.


Sometimes I wish
we purged, babe.

Ross and his mutt
would be gone for good,

and we wouldn't have to navigate
huge piles of dog shit on our lawn anymore.

This could be a grand night.

Well, we are going out
during Purge for the first time ever.

You're saying
we should take advantage?

Uh-huh. Okay.

Sorry for making you work
so close to Purge.

Yeah, you're not...
You're not working all night, are you?

Ah, some guys do.

Driving around crazies
for that Purge surge money.

Not me, though.

You guys are my last trip.

I go home and lock in.

I know this place.

It's the Stanton residence.

What is it, some kind of fancy
NFFA Purge party?

We don't know. It's, uh,
our first time being invited.

Um... Purging's not our thing.

Why the hell you going then?

Uh, it's a kind
of business deal.

That's some New Founding
Fathers shit, huh?

No, it's not.
It's nothing like that.

We're trying to get
an investment

that will help us build
housing for the poor,

the less fortunate.

I always wondered
something about these big parties.

How can you trust anyone?

We had to sign a release that guarantees
we can't Purge or be Purged.

- Yeah, they even made us do background checks.
- I get it.

Rich people don't kill
each other on Purge night.

We're not rich. Far from it.

Tonight, you are.

First things first, team.

Ryker Moore Equity is safer
than our homes tonight.

So let's put the Purge
out of our minds

so we can all focus on work.
Nothing else.

Now, I want to stress
the following.

Each of you brings something to this
deal that is integral to its closure.

Closure that must happen before
our markets open in the morning.

It's a lot of detailed work.

Let's do it together,

and we can all be rewarded.

And if we close this deal early,

which is possible if the Japanese markets
turn in our favor,

we can do some celebrating.

I brought a case
of Don Julio 1942

that we can all share. Okay?

All right. So let's get to it...

Sorry to interrupt. Excuse me.

Sorry to interrupt.

Good evening, everyone.

- Good evening.
- Evening, Jane.

I just wanted to thank everyone.

An all-nighter is one thing,
but an all-nighter on Purge Night

is another whole level
of commitment,

and I can't thank you
enough for doing this.

It's unfortunate,
but we had no choice.

Talk about bad timing.

- No, David, please.
- It's totally fine.

As you all know,
Jane is much smarter than me.

That's why I hired her.
She makes me look good.

But sometimes, a little dumbing
down can't hurt to clarify things,

and I'm good at dumbing,

so here goes.

You'll all get larger bonuses
if you close the Chiho deal tonight.

All of you.

We do what we do for money,

and you'll make much more
if you deliver.

Great. I love it.

Let's get to work.
I'll touch base later.


The room is yours.
I'll get out of your way now.

I forgot that you were
the eavesdropping type, David.

You know I'm always watching
and listening, Jane.

Talk later. Keep me posted.

Okay, let's get to it.

Come on. Where are you?

I told you.
She's not home, babe.

She's still away in Africa.

Just relax and focus on
why we came here, okay?


- You're clear.
- Thank you.

Ma'am? Hands up.

Turn around, ma'am?

Thank you. You're clear.

Sir. Hands up.


It's our time, sweetie,

our time to escape all the pain,

to escape your father,

that monster, forever.

Remember Good Leader's words.

They'll guide you
into the Invisible.

I don't see
the Stantons anywhere.

You think they'd be
greeting all their guests.

Why don't you go look for
Mister Stanton, babe?

The quicker you start
the conversation,

the sooner we can find a room
and avoid any Purging that's gonna happen.

The sooner I start the conversation?
What about you?

This is our company.

Oh, no, no, no.
I'm creative. You're business.

You would never mess with my designs.
I don't mess with your negotiating.

This is you, partner.

Hey. I love you.

Now go make
that son of a bitch pay

for making us come here,
to the belly of the beast, on Purge night.

- Hmm.
- Oh, and don't forget,

after you close the deal,

he's probably gonna make a pitch for us
to become NFFA party members.

Oh, I know. I'm ready for it.

I'll deflect my way out of it.

Now, remember, Billy Sabian
closed a huge deal

for his startup here last year,

and he didn't join, all right?

So the deal's
not predicated upon it.

Cold hard money drives
Stanton way more than politics.

You wear that rented tux
very well, Mr. Betancourt.

That is a confidence builder,
Mrs. Betancourt.

Now go make our dreams
come true.

Yes, ma'am.

Hi, seltzer with lime, please.



Hors d'oeuvres, ma'am?


No! Come back here.

Do you know what you did?

Look at me when I talk to you.
Look at me!

Do you know how long
it takes? What...

Please go. What...

Is Henry here?


I feel like no matter what I say,
you're gonna beat my ass.

He's in there!

Are you sure?

Sometimes, he's there.
Sometimes, he's not.

- I don't know. Maybe?
- All right.

You're my escort. You hear me?

- Whoa, whoa.
- You're gonna get me inside.

What? No, no, no.
I don't think...

That is not a good idea!

No, this is...
This is not a good idea.

Who is it?

Hey, hey, hey, T. It's me.
Asshole. It's all good.

I got a... I got a buddy.

Who the hell is this?

Uh, he's cool, Lenz.
He's just a buddy.

What's with Kaylee?
Why is she cuffed?

She been dipping
into your stash?

No, man.

That's for her own good.

We're having a little
holiday soiree later,

and sweet Kaylee's
gonna be our Purge dessert.

You boys should come too.

It's Purge Night.

Anything goes!

I'll pass.

I'm looking for Henry.

I'm an old friend.

I know all of Henry's friends,

but I don't know your ass.

My ass has been away awhile.

Where's your ass been?

My ass's been in the Marines.

Hot shit.

Yeah. Soldier Boy.

G.I. Joe.

So, Rambo,

what you want with Henry?

You know, I'd like to reconnect.

- You know, it's been awhile.
- Look out!



These bastards
are not your friends.

Never come back here.

I will check and make sure
that you don't.

You understand?

Look at me. Look at me.

It's almost commencement.

Do you have a safe place
to go tonight?

My parents don't live far away,

but they're pretty pissed off
at me.

But they'll let me in.


The city's about
to turn into Hell.

You need to go there. Now.

Thank you

so much.

Go with your family, Kaylee.


There's an eerie
and unsettling scene in this neighborhood.

The streets are nearly empty as Purge
commencement is now only 35 minutes away.

In the last few minutes, we have seen
a few vehicles crossing behind us,

and some stragglers, now at this point,
jogging or even running

to get to what we assume
is some sort of safe haven.

Others have looked
out from behind mostly closed curtains,

but for the most part,
this area is a ghost town.

- Hey.
- Oh, hey.


I just want everything
to go smoothly with this deal.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

So Mark and I were
wondering if...

About who's getting
the VP position?

This is not the time
or the place to speak about it.

That's actually not
what I was going to talk about, Jane.

One of the interns
brought pastry.

We were wondering
if you wanted any.

Alison, look...

Where are you, Penelope?


What are you still doing here?

I didn't say it in there
because I didn't want them to hear.

What? Say what?

I know who you're looking for.
Your sister.

And I know where you need to go,

but you ain't gonna like it.

Miss Barbour.

It's minutes away
from commencement.

This is the only secure floor
in the building.

I'll be fine.
Back in a few minutes.

We can't guarantee your safety.

Don't worry. Not for you.

Oh, shit.


I told you, no transactions
until the Purge begins.


Oh! So sorry, Miss.
Are you okay?

Please, don't...
Don't apologize.

I wasn't looking
where I was going.

I don't want to bother you,
but maybe you could help me?

Do you have Tylenol?

I'm not feeling too well.

Yes, of course.
Please, follow me.

It's none of my business,
but I saw what happened

with Mrs. Stanton earlier.

Is your wrist okay?

I'm fine. Thanks for asking.

She's probably just
tense and uptight

and wants everything to be perfect
for this stupid Purge Party.

That's not an excuse,
but it's something.

You don't like this night?

No, I don't at all.
I'm not even NFFA.

May I ask,
why are you here then?

A business opportunity.

Ah. Right.

Mister Stanton likes doing
business on Purge Night.

I overhear a lot.

Is there anything else
you need, Miss, uh...

Jenna. Call me Jenna. No, I don't...
I don't need anything else.

And your name is?

- Catalina.
- Catalina.

It's nice to meet you.

You too, Miss...

- Sorry. Jenna.
- That's okay.

Thank you, you are a lifesaver.


Prognosticators are
predicting a record turnout tonight,

so unless you want
to release the beast,

get home ASAP,

as we are minutes away
from the annual blood holiday.

Purge Night, baby!

Purge Night!

Purify my flesh.

Grief at my soul.

The Giving is near.

The Invisible awaits.

Is anyone here?

Is anyone here, goddammit?

Are you here to join us?

Become our brother?
To serve her?

The Good Leader accepts one,
accepts all.

What? What the hell?

Please join us.
We always have room for more.

We were just about to lock-down for
the night. Good Leader will be back...

- Shut the hell up!
- We didn't mean to agitate you.

Agitation is never our intent.
How can we help you?

I'm looking for someone.

Someone who might be here.
My sister.

Of course. Goddess Penny.

Sister Penny.

We know what happened to you
and your sister on the very first Purge.

- You're both so special.
- Enough!

Look, she wrote me this letter.

"I'm joining them"

"on their anniversary."

"Stepping out of my flesh
and into the Giving,"

"into the Invisible."

She's talking about our parents
that were killed on Purge Night years ago.

So I know she's in
deep shit tonight.

What is "the Giving"?
What is "the Invisible"?

She's Giving. It's her time.

We're not ready yet. None of us.

We're just too young now.

- What does it mean to "Give"?
- To help them.

Those in need, those who have anger
and hatred in their flesh,

those who must release it.

- I don't understand. Is she Purging?
- No.


She's being Purged upon.


What is the goddamn "Invisible"?

It's what you call Heaven,
but it's different.

It's where lucky OMF Goddess
Penny is going tonight,

where she will rejoin
your parents.

Where's my sister right now?

- Come on, big boy.
- Hey.

Oh, god, I was just
looking for you.

You okay? You look pale.

I'm fine.
Just my stomach's upset.

- Did you find him?
- No, I saw him,

but he was busy talking
to someone else.

I didn't want to interrupt.


Everyone. Can I have
your attention?

We are just minutes away
from the start of this glorious holiday.

But first,

I wanted to thank all of you
for coming.

I am so proud to be,
not only the host of our annual Party,

but to be, along with
my husband, co-chairs

of the state's New Founding
Fathers benefactor committee.

- Hear, hear!
- Hear, hear!

Most of you are
major donors to the NFFA,

and those who are not

will be convinced
to open their wallets later tonight.

We should all feel proud

of what we've accomplished
over these last few years.

It's our private money,

our generous donations
to the New Founding Fathers,

that have not only put them
in the White House,

but is what keeps them there.

- Yes.
- Yes.

I like to call our donations

"long-term ideological

Our support of the NFFA

helps them implement policies
and programs that we believe in,

including the Purge.

The great liquidator
of our time.


Tonight, on our holiday,

we celebrate our

We pat ourselves on the back

because we made
this country great.

So thank you, and I hope
this party's as good as last year's.

Okay, okay.
Enough political talk. Let's begin!

Oh, wait.
Uh, in case anyone forgot,

once we lock down,
we won't be opening the barricades

until the Purge is over,

for obvious safety reasons.

So, uh, this is your
last chance, folks.

Anyone want out?

You sure you want to do this?



Lock down complete.

Ladies, bring out the gifts.

Everyone please take one.

We have a Purge theme tonight.

You'll understand
when you see it.

Don't be afraid. Go ahead.

Take one.

And our maids will tell you about the
person who you'll be wearing tonight.

David Berkowitz? Son of Sam?

Are you kidding me?
This is insane.

Who the hell is this?

Susan Denise Atkins was a member of
the Charles Manson family,

who committed nine murders
in the summer of 1969.

- Okay, let's just put them on. So we don't stick out.
- Mmm-hmm.

We wear these masks

to commemorate those
who paved the way

and Purged

before it was legal.

They risked their freedom

because they knew the incredible,
life changing, healing power

of violence, of killing.

Okay... Wow.

I think all of you
have your masks on now.


We are just seconds away now,
so if you'd please

direct your attention
toward these screens.

This is not a test.

This is your emergency
broadcast system

announcing the commencement
of the Annual Purge

sanctioned by the US Government.

Weapons of Class Four and lower have been
authorized for use during the Purge.

All other weapons
are restricted.

Government officials
of ranking 10

have been granted immunity
from the Purge

and shall not be harmed.

Commencing at the siren,
any and all crime,

including murder,
will be legal for 12 continuous hours.

Police, fire,
and emergency medical services

will be unavailable until
tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m.

when the Purge concludes.

Blessed be our
New Founding Fathers

and America, a nation reborn.

May God be with you all.


Let the fun begin!

My god.

Maybe we should've gotten
the hell out of here.

Let's Purge!

Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Whoo!

Purify my flesh.
Prepare my soul.

The Giving is near.
The Invisible awaits.

Purify my flesh.
Prepare my soul.

The Giving is near.
The Invisible awaits.

Purify my flesh.
Prepare my soul.

The Giving is near.
The Invisible awaits.

Purify my flesh.
Prepare my soul.

The Giving is near.
The Invisible awaits.

You need to go find Albert.

Close that goddamn deal

so we can...

Lila, good to see you.

How wonderful to see you!

There's no turning back.

You can follow my progress live
on the app you downloaded.

- Great.
- You're third tonight.

Depending on what I run into,
it may not get filled for several hours.

- Okay.
- You got it?

I got it.


Look at those crazy bastards.

Don't worry. I know you will.

Toward the lot.

The Giving is here.

Now... Now we must do our duty.

We help the sinners
release their hatred.

We step out of our flesh

and become vessels
by which to carry their sins.

The Earth's Children
will reap the rewards

of our selflessness,
and we will exit righteously,

escaping the darkness
of our life

and reaping the rewards
of the Invisible, my children.

This one last moment
of suffering will lead to eternal love.


it is your time to Give.

I've loved myself too much.

And I have loved you all
too little.

Goodbye, Arthur.
We love you, Arthur.

Enter into peace.

Purify his Flesh.
Cleanse his soul.

The Giving is here.

The Invisible awaits.

Purify his flesh.

Cleanse his soul.

The Giving is here.

The Invisible awaits.

Step into the Invisible.

Step into the Invisible.

Step into the Invisible.

Take me into the Invisible.

Take me into the invisible.
Take me.

It's my time to give.
It's my time to give.

It's my time to give.