The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - full transcript

Trevor Noah (The Daily Show (1996)); United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon. Also: Chris Stapleton performs.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
This morning, cnns Jim
acosta is banned from the white


His press credentials pulled
after a testy exchange with the


The White House press also
put out a docketed version of

the video by info wars, made
acosta look more aggressive than

he actually was.

The "late show" obtained new
ly released footage from the

White House of the acosta accost

White House of the acosta accost

White House of the acosta accost

( Laughter )
Announcer: "Late show" with

Stephen Colbert!

Tonight acosta lavista, baby!

Plus Stephen welcomes Billy
crystal and senator Kirsten

gillibrand, featuring Jon
batiste and "stay human."

And now live on tape from the ed
Sullivan theater in New York

city, its Stephen Colbert!

( Cheers and applause )

Stephen: Whoo!

Please have a seat, everybody!

Thank you so much!

( Cheers and applause )

Thank you so much.

Welcome to "the late show,"
ladies and gentlemen.

Im your host Stephen Colbert.

( Cheers and applause )
The election was just two days

ago, but it feels like five

( Laughter )
Whats a beto?

Is that a candy bar or

And in the last 48 hours Donald
Trump has points on the board.

For instance
hes banned a journalist.

Thats very strongman.

Im not saying hes Kim jong
un, but hes Kim jong-ish.

( Laughter )
Heres what happened: Yesterday

at a White House press tantrum,
the president and cnns Jim

acosta got into it, until an
intern was dispatched:

Do you think that you
demonized immigrants?

No, not at all.

I want them to come into the
country but they have to come in


Theyre hundreds and hundreds
of miles away.

Thats not an invasion.

Honestly, I think you
should let me run the country

and you run CNN, and if you did
it well, your ratings would be


If I may ask one other

Thats enough!

Thats enough!

Thats enough!

Thats enough!

Pardon me, maam.

Stephen: Thats got to be the
worst intern assignment.

( Laughter )
"Okay, Alan, youre in charge of

coffee runs, Brad, youre in
charge of making copies, and

cathie, youll be destroying the
first amendment.

( Laughter )
But remember, its for college


( Cheers and applause )
Then last night, the White House

revoked Jim acostas press pass.

Oh no!

Now how will he "not" get
answers to his questions!

( Laughter )
A lot of people are outraged,

but press secretary Sarah
hucka-sands defended the

decision saying, "president
Trump believes in a free press

and expects and welcomes tough

questions of him and his

We will, however, never tolerate
a reporter placing his hands

on a young woman just trying to
do her job as a White House


And she included this video:
The intern reaches for the mic

and, hi-ya!

( Laughter )
That is terrible, or would be,

if it werent "fake news."

Because "Sarah Sanders tweeted a
doctored video."

We should have known because in
the same video, Trump looked

like this.

( Laughter )
Looking good.

And where did the White House
get that video?

It appears to have originated
with far-right conspiracy site


( Booing )
Now, if youre not familiar with

infowars, congratulations, can
we switch brains?

( Laughter )
Info wars is a far right website

founded by talk show host and
hot dog you forgot to Pierce

before microwaving, Alex Jones.

( Laughter )
( Cheers and applause )

Thats Sanders reliable source.

"CNN is fake news, and to prove
it, heres a video from a

reputable news source that
believes the government is

putting plastic liners in juice
boxes to turn our sons into

gay frogs."

( Laughter )
And the fact that the white

house press secretary is
promoting this doctored video

is reprehensible, and grounds
for dismissal.

Or as they call it in the Trump
administration, "Thursday."

( Laughter )
Its going to be hard to trust

all the other footage theyve
released like: April Ryan

shooting flames out of her
mouth, and Jake tapper killing

Han Solo!

How could you, Jake!

He was your father!

( Laughter )
( Piano riff )

And yesterday, Trump got rid of
Attorney General Jeff sessions.

It took two long years, but
Trump finally guessed his real


( Laughter )
With sessions gone, Trump has a

new man overseeing Robert
Mueller: Acting Attorney General

and baby who grew up and is not
happy about it, Matthew


( Laughter )
( Cheers and applause )

Whitakers is a long-time
outspoken critic of the

investigation he will now head.

Hes previously served as the
U.S. attorney for the Southern

district of Iowa.

Then, after that, he worked for
world patent marketing, which

was shut down by the federal
trade commission for fraud.


So hes an expert on federal
crime because hes committed it!

Now were hiring the attorney
general according to "silence

of the lamb" rules.

But how bad could it be, its
not like he was some shady hot

tub salesman.

Its a unique design thats
going to help lots of people.

Stephen: Again, shut down
for fraud.

So I guess you could say this
guy is a hot tub lie machine.

( Laughter )
( Cheers and applause )

But if whitakers going to shut
down the Russia probe, hed

better start moving because
Robert muellers team has

started writing its final

( Cheers and applause )

Going fast.

Going fast as they can.

Hey, Bob, I know how you feel.

Youre just about done writing
something and then Trump does

something crazy.

( Laughter )
And just in case you thought

today couldnt get any worse,
weve learned that Ruth bader

ginsburg has been hospitalized
with fractured ribs.


Does she need ribs?

Ive got ribs!

She can take mine... somebody get
me a pair of pliers and a bite


( Laughter )
And if mine are no good, ive

started a crowdfunding
page on ribstarter.

( Laughter )
We still dont know exactly what

happened, other than that the
85-year-old justice fell in her

office at the court and broke
three ribs.

What was she doing walking
around an office?!

( Laughter )
She is far too precious!

Forget a black robe, she should
be dressed in bubble wrap and

carried down the hallway like a
faberge egg!

( Cheers and applause )
At least shes resilient.

In 1999, she was diagnosed with
colon cancer and underwent

surgery, chemotherapy, and
radiation, and then a decade

later, she underwent surgery for
pancreatic cancer.

Yet, she never missed a day
on the supreme court bench.

( Cheers and applause )
Thats bad-ass.

That is tough, period.

Jon: That is tough.

Stephen: That is a tough

I once called out of work
because I was going to sneeze,

( laughter )
But then I didnt sneeze, but I

was like, its going to happen.

I better sit this one out.

And this isnt the first time
that shes broken

her ribs.

She also broke two ribs in a
fall in 2012.

Come on, Ruth!

Youre 85 years old!

Its time to let go of your
extreme sports lifestyle.

( Laughter )
For gods sake, no more

alligator wrestling, and I have
to insist you back out of your

role in "creed 2."

( Laughter )
( Cheers and applause )

Im looking forward to it.

Theyll find somebody else to do
that part.

Fun fact: The election isnt
totally over.

And I lied about the fun part.

( Laughter )
As you remember, one of the

biggest disappointments for
democrats on Tuesday was Florida

governors race between Andrew
gillum and Ron desantis.

It may not be over yet because
Florida law... and I did not

know Florida had laws...
( Laughter )

Says that an automatic
recount is triggered if the

candidates are within .5% of one
another, and, as the final

encounted ballots roll in today,
the race is now at the recount


( Cheers and applause )


This is very exciting. Theres
no two words more reassuring to

a Democratic
politician than "Florida


( Laughter )
Jon: Come on, now...

Stephen: And after learning
they had a

snowballs chance in Florida,
the gillum campaign put out a

statement: "Our campaign is
monitoring the situation closely

and is ready for any outcome."

The desantis also put out a
statement: "No take-backs!!


I licked the governors chair!"
( Laughter )

No one knows where this will end
up, but if history is any guide,

the supreme court will rule that
the next governor of Florida is

George w. Bush.

( Laughter )
Congratulations, sir.

And in the Georgia gubernatorial
race, democrat Stacey Abrams is

refusing to concede because
there are still votes out there.


( Cheers and applause )
Now, youll remember, this race

has been controversial because
her opponent, Brian kemp, is

also the secretary of state, and
he purged more than a million

voters from the rolls, including
over 50,000 applications,

predominately from African
Americans, because their I.D.

Was not an "exact match" to
other state records because of

something as small as a dropped
hyphen in a persons name.


Over punctuation.

Although, it is refreshing to
see a republican politician

whos just a grammar Nazi.

( Laughter )
( Cheers and applause )

Jon: That was right in

Stephen: Okay.

Jon: Boom.

Stephen: If you need any
proof that Brian kemp made it

hard for people to vote, look no
further than Brian kemp, because

when he tried to vote, his voter
card said "invalid."

( Laughter )
( Cheers and applause )

When asked to comment kemp said
"oh my god... am I... black?"

( Laughter )
Was shocking to him, too.

And counting all those votes is
important because right now

kemp is just barely above 50%.

And if he drops below, theres
an automatic runoff election.

On one hand, I welcome the
chance for every American to get

their voice heard.

On the other, I dont think my
liver can handle another

election night!

( Laughter )
Weve got a great show for you


Billy crystals here.

Stick around!

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

Stephen: Jon batiste and
"stay human," everybody!

Give it up for the band right

( Cheers and applause )
Well, ladies and gentlemen,

right now...
Jon: We getting to it.

Stephen: We are getting to
it tonight, and im giddy

my first guest tonight has been

you on screen and on stage for

over 40 years.

His latest play, "have a nice
day," is a bestseller on


Please welcome to "the late
show," Billy crystal!

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

( Cheers and applause )
Thank you!

Oh, my god!


Stephen: The people love
Billy crystal.

( Cheers and applause )
You could have put me up


Stephen: We could have.

Thank you all so much.

My god, amazing.

I have to tell you something.

Stephen: Yes, sir.

First of all, im really glad
to see you.

Stephen: Im glad to see
you, too.

I made my network debut in
television theater 1975, it was

called sniel... "Saturday night
live" with Howard cosell.

You never know.

Stephen: Its CBS.

They know.

They may be too young.

They tried to turn him into ed
Sullivan, which didnt work, and

it was my first network comedy,
doing standup on network


It was sitting right where you
are, maam, and it was, like, is

the morning.

The guests were Ted Kennedy who
I shared the dressing room with.

Stephen: Also hilarious.

( Laughter )
Gwen verden, Roy Clark, me

and shamu the killer whale live
from San Diego.

So Howard is talking to the the
producers, one of which is Alan

king, and the producer is
yelling, let me get this

straight, am I talking to the
kid who feeds him the herring?

Who the hell am I you canta...
Who the hell am I talking to?

I cant talk to a whale!

Stephen: Were in the after
math of the midterms right


How are you feeling?

Well, we got the house...
Which is great.

( Cheers and applause )
( Piano riff )

Stephen: It is.

It is.

And we need everyone to work
together because the approval

rating is 11, is zika virus is

So weve got some work to do.

Stephen: Yeah, mm-hmm.

Im so glad that part is over
now, of course, seconds later

something new happens with this

Im glad im not watching the
rallies to watch agent orange go


( Cheers and applause )
And what would happen was I get

into my car and I turn on the
radio and I come in mid sentence

and I hear this all the time,
Trump rips Billy crystal again!

I said, what did I do?

Its the bill Krystal with a k
can, the conservative.

Ovary day, its bill Krystal...
And people say, what did you say

to him?

Its not me!

Stephen: Do you do anything
to calm down?

I vape.

Stephen: Oh.

( Laughter )
( Applause )

Stephen: Thats very young
of you.

Thats very hip.

Thats very...
Its legal.

Stephen: Oh, its legal,

Which means its not as much

Stephen: That kind of

Yeah, well, there is a senior
section in the cannabis store

that I frequent...
Stephen: Really?


Stephen: Theres senior

There is, and they have
different strains for people

over 65 and 70.

Stephen: Butterscotch

Not quite.

One is called spider veins,
thats a good one.

( Laughter )
Mr. Regular.

( Laughter )
Cranky men on the pore off.

Theres that.

Stephen: Sure.

Dont hit the ball in my yard
thats a good one, too.

Stephen: Mm-hmm.

And I find that I needed it
after a day of going through

what we go through, when we
watch this happen to us.

Stephen: Yeah.

But my cravings are different
than when I was, you know, back

in 19-ba-ba-ba-bum.

Stephen: The munchies are

Yeah, I go, I could really
like some... soup.

( Laughter )
Stephen: Thats a challenge

, I gotta say.


Stephen: Delicious.

Obviously, but youve set your
self a challenge to munch on



Chewing tomato basil soup.

Stephen: Heres the thing,
youre a humanitarian, involved

with communities, obviously
comic relief, helped millions of

people over the years, but I
dont associate you with

politics and I understand you
are now holding political office

yes, I am.

My wife now of 48 years...
Stephen: In a row?

Yeah, in a row.

We married young, I was seven,
she was five, it was a hasidic

kind of... we never met each
other before.

We were just put together.

Stephen: Sometimes it works
we are the co-honorary mayors

of our hometown in L.A. called
the pacific palisades between

Santa Monica and Malibu.

Other honorary mayors, Vivian
vans was the first one... Ethel

merits from I love Lucy...
Stephen: Sure,.

♪ All we are saying is Vivian
vans ♪

Gavin McCloud.

♪ Love exciting and new
Anthony Hopkins was a two-term

mayor until he ate the police

( Laughter )
We took it very seriously.

We really wanted to make a a

We basically have lived in this
town for, like, 40 years and we

inherited a really terrible
administration from Kevin kneel

Kevin neilen who is a
really funny guy but he left us

an absolute mess.

Stephen: Yes.

He had to leave office.

He was caught free basing is a

( Laughter )
There you go.

No, kevins a good guy, disaster
( Laughter )

In our speech, we said its got
to be palisades first.

So we imposed tariffs on Malibu,
heavy tariffs on tuna pokay,

macrame plant holders and surf
board wax and were stopping

this caravan thats ubering
toward us from Beverly Hills.

Stephen: Very dangerous.

Very dangerous.

Stephen: I hear there are
people from the middle east

mixed in there.

Very dangerous.

Stay safe.

( Applause )
( Piano riff )

Yeah, but we have a lot of
fun because were doing it


Thats why weve moved to this
little town.

Stephen: Co-mayors.

Weve given out trophies at
the middle school.

The best one, we crowned the
king and queen of the senior


The senior prom.

You had to be 90 and prove it.

( Laughter )
I swear.

It was great.

It was at the ladies auxiliary.

The big thing is the July 4th
parade, Janice and I

came as the two George
Washingtons, because everything

we do is equal.

So here we are at the July 4th p
Stephen: Nice.



Stephen: George and George.

Those are who of my
grandchildren rowing as we did

Washington crosses the Delaware
and musical from "Hamilton."

♪ Here come the generals
but it was us

Stephen: Well be right back
with more Billy crystal.

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

Stephen: Were back with
Billy crystal.

Can I ask you about somebody you
knew about anybody in comedy

would be jealous of, you knew
Johnny Carson.

You were on the show how many

I dont know, really.

20 maybe.

Stephen: What was that like
to be on the show with John


First of all, all of you
amazing night hosts, youre so

great, really.

Every one of you.

Stephen: Ive never loved
you more.

But youre all great.

Stephen: I have great

Its a small little club.

But now its a club.

Back then, it was only really
one show.

Stephen: He was a god.

He was awesome.

When you grow up watching
somebody and suddenly youre on

the show for the first time, it
was really strange.

Im behind the curtain, two
stage hands are ready to page

the curtain so you walk out and
I I had such dry mouth.

I knew my first line would be
like Bob and ray, hey, good

evening, ladies... it would be
like a cat with a hair ball.

It would be terrible.

The band is playing through the
commercial break then you hear

Johnnys voice on the squawk box
back stage introducing you.

It was amazing.

A young guy from New York, we
always like it when young guys

come outs here... my heart is
going boom boom boom.

Before the show, the stage
manager says when you finish

your bit, I will be at camera
ray one.

Watch me.

If im like, this take your bow,
look over at Johnny, you can

wave to him if you want, thats

But if you get to the panel,
which I doubt, im going to go

like this, boom, go over there
and look like you do it all the


But nobody goes there.

So I finish my thing and im
looking at him and he goes, boom

and I go over next to him for
the first time and, sitting on

my right is Orson Wells.

That was my first appearance on
the tonight show.

I revered him.

He was a great comedian.

He had this sort of iconic thing
about him.

He hosted the oscars great.

Then I started doing the show.

In 1998, we had what turned out
to be the highest-rated Oscar

show of all time.

It was a really good show, and I
had a really good night.

It was one of those not everyone
was great.

That one you walk away from and
you go, that was a good one.

( Applause )
It was the year of at a... of

Titanic so the ratings were huge
the opening was funny.

When Leo split I made my
entrance, hit me in the forehead

, and started the show.

But youve hosted big events,
you cant get it out of your


Its like the night after the

Its like you get home at 2:00,
3:00 in the morning and youre

thinking why did I say that?

I shouldnt have.

That worked good.


Why did I do that joke.

Dont do that joke.

Did you see Sophia loren?

Stephen: I dont know what
youre talking about.

You go nuts.

6:00 A.M., im wired like crazy,
fail sleep.

Phone rings, 9:00 A.M., my long-
time assistant Carol and

goes, hey, boss, Johnny carsons
on the phone.

I went, really?

Im thinking, its Marty short
or Chris guess, someone busting


I said are you sure?

She said, gnaw, no assistant,
its him.

I said, all right, tell him to
( Bleep ) Off.

She goes, what?

I said, im kidding.

Im going to hold on for 30
seconds and let me get myself


Now im sweating like Albert
Brooks in broadcast news because

its like getting a call from
god going im going to give you

20 more years.

So I go, as cool as I could be
...Hi, Johnny.

I just got to tell you... and he
went on and on and said all

these amazing things that you
just wished he would say, you

know, and he said them all, and
he said, you think so... you

know, I was home watching and I
was there with Alex and she said

why dont you call him and its
not what I usually do but I want

to call you and I want to get to
know ya.

Rodney used to say, just give me
one of these, I got one these

are from Johnny and it was an
amazing things.

( Applause )
Stephen: Were going to

take a break.

When we get back, more with
Billy crystal.

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

Stephen: Were back with
Billy crystal.

You and I have one thing in
common is we both lost our

fathers when we were quite young
oh, this is going to be a fun


Stephen: Im not
necessarily talking about the


I was ten.

I was 15.

Stephen: At any age its
terrible, youre still

developing as a person, how you
communicate with the world.

Comedy definitely became a way
to keep my mom happy.


But it started out before that.

You start out trying to make
your parents laugh.

I think we all try to do that.

So if I could do that with her
in the darkest of those days,

sorto of chip away at it, it was
great for both of us.

For me it was a little bit of
relief for myself.

Stephen: Has a purpose, too
you feel kind of lost, what does

anything mean.

Yeah, and she was an amazing

She was a wonderful dancer, the
voice of minnie mouse in the

macys day parade for years.

♪ Im forever blowing bubbles
so she had that kind of spirit.

Stephen: Did she give you


Earlier, because my dad worked
two jobs so he wasnt at home a

lot at night, so when the oscars
would be on, and for some reason

, even when we were kids,
that show was so damn long, and

I would have to go to sleep
because I had school the next

day, so ID go to sleep around
10:00, around documentaries...

( Laughter )
...But when I got up to go to

school, in my cereal bowl was a
note saying, Gregory peck best

actor, to kill a mockingbird,
whoever won, and that would be

from her.

I did four straight and I took
three years off and I came back

and it was the first time I did
the opening films at the we did.

It took everybody by surprise.

And the last little piece of
that film was from the english

patient, and let mineral was in
the plane coming to kill me in

the desert.

It was amazing.

He was a great sport.

He crashes his plane into me and
then I ran towards the camera.

For the audience theyre seeing
it on the screen, I ran right

through the screen.

It was a screen that were really
slats and they were shocked.

They stood up, and all I was
looking for was my mom.

We looked at each other and I
just went like that, she went

like that, and I kept thinking
of the cereal bowl and where

stuff starts, you know.

And that was, I think, the high
light of my Oscar experience

was just that one little look we
had with each other in the same

room, you know, it was awesome.

( Cheers and applause )
Stephen: Well, you are

receiving the friars club
entertainment icon award on

Monday night.


Thank you.

Its going to be fun.

I hope you can make it over.

Stephen: Ill try.

Its from 6:00 to 11:00...
( Laughter )

Stephen: Well, I just want
to let you know that, while

thats a big deal, and obviously
youve got a lot of other awards

, the biggest award anyone
can get here at the show is my

former assistant now producer,
she actually puts together a

hunk of the day, and you were
the very first hunk of the day

ever here at "the late show."

Harry met Sally.

Todays hunk is young Billy

But she couldnt let it go.

She was so hunkfied on you,
three days in a row, she said I

will have what shes having if
its a heaping helping of Billy


She put up yum-yum, I want Billy
crystal a la mode but not ice

cream on top, strawberry, not
vanilla, ice cream... if no ice

cream, then whipped cream.

If nothing then Billy.

( Cheers and applause )
Oh, I love it!

Stephen: Billy will receive
the entertainment icon award

from the friars club this Monday

Billy crystal, everybody!

Well be right back with senator
Kirsten gillibrand.

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

( Cheers and applause )
Stephen: Welcome back.

( Cheers and applause )

Folks, last night, there was

horrific shooting, this time in
thousand oaks, California.

I want to say that the pain and
the horror that community is

experiencing right now is
unimaginable, but its become

all too common.

And Americans, whatever their
political party, know that now

is the time for action to keep
our communities safe.

My next guest has an f rating
from the n.R.A., and she was

just re-elected as the us
senator from New York.

Please welcome, senator
Kirsten gillibrand!

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

Stephen: Senator, thanks
for being here.

The last time you were here was
just six days after parkland.


Stephen: And here we are
again, talking about another

horrific shooting.

Back then, you talked about the
lack of action observe on... on

gun control and that the n.R.A.

Is outspending everybody.


Stephen: What do you think
the chances are and what do you

think should be done now?

Whats the opportunity you...

Its extraordinarily
heartbreaking and infuriating

because congress literally has
done nothing in the face of gun

death after gun death in
communities all across this


But... and it is because of the
greed, the greed of the gun

manufacturers and the greed of
the n.R.A.

But I do believe things are
changing, and the reason why I

believe that is we had
candidates running this last

election who ran on this issue.

We had Lucy mcbath run in the
outskirts of Atlanta...

( Cheers and applause )
...Run a race, a woman very much

part of the moms movement, who
won a race because she lost her

son to gun violence.

It was very much a part of her
campaign and she won.

Jennifer wexton won in Virginia
on common sense gun reform where

the n.R.A. Is located in her

So you saw candidates speaking
truth to power on this very


And we need to get the money out
of politics.

You have to get the money out of
politics because it overwhelming

ly corrupts the system.

Im hopefully because new
candidates ran and won on these

issues in places... in this
district where Lucy ran, we

didnt win it last time because
she ran on this issue.

So you have people speaking this
truth and you also have people

like Emma Gonzalez speaking out
and calling b.S. Every time a

politician gives her an excuse.

So we have to flip the senate,
the common sense reform.

But I think this country is in a
place where we will fight this

and totally get it done because
you need these basic reforms.

( Cheers and applause )
Stephen: Jeff sessions was

fired yesterday, and his
replacement, Whitaker, has been

appointed by the president.

Do you believe that whitakers
appointment is constitutional?

No, I dont.

Because he is such a senior
position, you need advice and

consent of the senate.

Stephen: Even while the
senate is out of session?


There was a succession plan, it
should have been Rosenstein,

they disregarded that and put
someone in place who has nod had

hearings and approval by the

Stephen: Several senators
including republican Jeff flake

said he should recuse himself.

He should.

Stephen: What are your odds
thats going to happen?


I mean, the president put in
place someone who has already

said publicly he doesnt believe
in the Mueller investigation,

called it a witch hunt.

You know, hes a lackey of the

Hes been chosen because he is a
political pawn.

So he shouldnt be in this role,
he should have advice and

consent of the senate.

But I hope we can get back into

One to have the first things we
do is pass the bipartisan bill

that will protect the Mueller

Good luck because youre
going to need it.

( Applause )

Stephen: You have a new
childrens book.

Mira calman beautiful

Its called "bold and brave."

Whats it about?

The suffrage movement.

In 2020, it will be 100 years
since women earned the right to


Stephen: November 2.

I wanted to write a book
about these women because... ten

vignettes about women who did
the impossible work with of

getting women the right to vote.

Some never even got to see the
right to vote themselves and as

generation after generation
building on what each other have

done, and its stories about
bravery, courage, never giving

up, stick-to-itiveness thats as
relative as its ever been.

And in these stages, little
girls and boys will see whats

possible if you use your voice
and speak out and speak up and

if you never give up.

So amazing suffragists like
Harriet tubman, Susan b. Anthony

thats me at 5:00.

Stephen: Well, this is year
of the women.


Stephen: Not only running
but the female voters actually

made a huge difference this year
lets talk about that because

the right to vote is so
important and we saw it in full

force in this election.

You have Stacy... Stacey Abrams
fighting so hard today to make

sure every vote in Georgia
counts and shes going to make

sure theres a recount and
everyones voice is heard.

This book is for our kids to
read so chirp know how important

their voices are.

This right was so hard to earn
and thats why Stacey Abrams is

the suffragist today.

Shes making sure every persons
vote in Georgia counts.

We are having recounts in
Florida, Georgia and Arizona and

my dear friend is ahead by 2,000

( Cheers and applause )
Stephen: You have been

saying for a long time now you
dont want to talk about 2020

because youre concentrated on
2018, midterms are over, what

are you concentrating on now?

Is there another election that
you might be concentrating on,


For now?

Well, so I do think its an
important question...

Stephen: It is an important

Thats why I asked it.


( Laughter )
I believe it is a moral question

for me, and I believe in right
versus wrong, and until this

election I actually thought
wrong was winning.

And as ive traveled across my
state, across the country for

all these candidates, ive seen
the hatred and the division that

President Trump has put out into
our country, and it has called

me to fight as hard as I
possibly can to restore the

moral compass of this country.

Our country was founded on the
principles that we should care

about one another, that we
believe in h the golden rule,

that I should care about your
kids or your kids as much as I

care about my own, and, so, I
believe right now that every one

of us should figure out how we
can do whatever we can we can

with our time, with our talents
to restore that moral decency,

that moral compass and the truth
of who we are as Americans, so I

will promise you I will give it
a long, hard thought of


( Cheers and applause )
I will do that.

Stephen: That close.

Senator, thank you for being

Bold and brave is available tews
senator Kirsten gillibrand,


( Cheers and applause )
Stephen: Thats it for "the

late show."

Tune in tomorrow when my guests
will be Alexander skarsgard,

chef Flynn mcgarry, and triumph
the insult comic dog.

Now stick around for James


( Cheers and applause )