The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Emily Blunt/Justice Stephen Breyer/The Dead Weather - full transcript

Actress Emily Blunt (Sicario (2015)); Supreme Court justice Stephen Breyer; The Dead Weather performs.

("Deck the halls" by bing cr

osby plays


Stephen: Gah!

Last night I dreamt I was
visited by three ghosts!

There they are!

- (Laughter
- ) What day is it?

What day is it!?

♪ ♪
oh, what a beautiful morning!

Say there... boy!


Are you talking to me?

- (Laughter
- ) >> Stephen: Yes, you, boy!

Im 37 years old.

- (Laughter
- ) >> Stephen: Wonderful boy.

Charming boy.

Tell me, boy: What day is it

Its Monday, the day before
the midterms.

Stephen: That means the
ghosts all came in one night!

Of course they did.

I havent missed the election.

Theres still time to vote.

Here, boy.

Take this shiny silver crown and
go buy the biggest midterms

goose you can find!


) Do you know I can see up your

nightgown, right?

- (Laughter
- ) >> Stephen: And up it for some

midterms figgy pudding.

- (Applause
- ) >> Look, seriously dude, you

have to put on some briefs.

I... I can see


the election
returns, and theyre swinging


- (Laughter and applause
- ) >> Stephen: Oh, the midterms!

Oh, the midterms!

Wondrous boy, wondrous boy.

The midterms!

Dude, let me be clear!

I can see your entire penis!


♪ ♪

Jon: Yeah!

Stephen: Is that the jolly
tune of midterms Carols I hear?

No, it sounds like Jon batiste.

Stephen: Right it is.

That means I have a show to do!

Again, you really need to put
on pants.

Stephen: No time!

- (Laughter - ) (Cheers and applause
- )

Announcer: Its "the late
show with Stephen Colbert."

Tonight, vote!

Plus, Stephen welcomes...

Jude law.

And senator Amy klobuchar.

Plus a special appearance by
comic the insult comic dog.

Featuring Jon batiste and stay

And now, live on tape from the
ed Sullivan theater in New York

city, its Stephen Colbert!

(Cheers and applause

) (Band playing


Stephen: Whoo!


All right!

Please have a seat, welcome one
and all, in here, out there, all

around the world, Mr. and
Mrs. America, all ships at sea,

welcome to "the late show"!

Im your host Stephen Colbert.

( Cheers and applause )
Stephen: You can feel it in

the room, its midterms Eve.

Tomorrow is like Christmas, if
Santa was going to leave you

either shiny new checks and
balances or your stocking just

has a lump of clean, beautiful

( Laughter )
Its coming back!

Its coming back!

( Cheers and applause )
We are just hours away from the

holes opening, when Americans
will exercise their sacred right

to enrage each other.

We will vote... and you will vote
or I will find you... then, we

bush ( Cheers and applause )

( Piano riff )
We cool, baby.

Then we have to
wait for election officials to

count the contents of that
ballot box.

And I think one analyst captured
the national mood when he said

Whats in the box?!

Whats in the ( Bleep ) Box?

( Laughter )
Thank you for that report,


Stephen: Of course, tomorrow
night "the late show" will be


( Cheers and applause )
So tune in and join me for a

brief, celebratory drink, or one
very long, sad boof.

Brief, celebratory drink, or one
very long, sad boof.

( Laughter )
And this is the only show you

need to watch.

Because we will have comedy, we
will have guests, and we will

have all the election results
down here on a ticker.

Were everything cable news
gives you, plus were 100%


( Cheers and applause )
Thats our promise.

We have the theater

Of course, in americas on-going
bitter divorce, the big question

is: Whos getting the house?

( Laughter )
Democrats need to flip 23 seats

to win control.

And theyre feeling alarmingly

Last week, on this very stage,
Nancy pelosi said out loud they

will win.

( Cheers and applause )
She then announced they were

changing their logo from the
donkey to the cursed monkeys


( Laughter )
Nate silvers website,

fivethirtyeight gives the
democrats a seven-in-eight

chance of winning control of the

( Cheers and applause )
That sounds good but lets not

get ahead of ourselves.

Okay, knock on wood.

Give me a piece of wood.

Yes, this is bourbon.

But its barrel-aged.

( Laughter )
Dont go far with that.

Plus, CNN just released new
numbers on their generic ballot,

where women favor democrats 62%
to 35%.

But Republicans arent worried,
because they have a history of

not believing women.

( Laughter )
( Applause )


Now, this year, especially after
being burned in 2016, the

prognosticators on cable news
are playing it safe.

Nobody really knows how its
going to turn out.

If someone tells you they
know whats going to happen

tomorrow, theyre lying.

Stephen: No, youre lying!

I need to know.

We can figure this out.

Modern statistical analysis can
tell me exactly whos going to

win tomorrow, so I can sleep

Lets just crunch the numbers.

Okay, in the midwest, Heidi
heitkamp is down by nine.

But Claire mccaskill is up by

Beto orourke is in a dead heat
with Ted Cruz.

Then again, Andrew gillum is a
sagittarius and should expect

good career news this month even
though Venus is in retrograde.

Meanwhile, his opponent Ron
desantis was born in the Chinese

year of the horse, so his
unlucky numbers are one, five,

and day.

And election day is on the

But nevadas Dean Heller saw his
shadow, which means six more

weeks of election.

Make it stop!

( Cheers and applause )

( Cheers and applause )

But even Trump suspects the
democrats could win the house.

It could happen.

It could happen.

Were doing very well and were
doing really well in the senate.

But it could happen.

And you know what you do?

My whole life.

You know what I say, "dont
worry about it.

Ill just figure it out."

Does that make sense?

Stephen: No, it doesnt make
any sense.

Nothing youve said for the last
two years makes sense!

You dont figure anything out!

Youre the leader of the free
world and you cant figure out

how to close an umbrella!

( Cheers and applause )
Figure it out!

Well improvise.

( Laughter )
But if the Republicans do lose

the house, Trump says it wont
be his fault.

I think were gonna do very
well in the house.

My primary focus, of course, has
been on the senate.

Because there are so many people
in the house and thats a lot of


But I have done some house work

Stephen: Youve never done
housework in your life.

( Cheers and applause )
Or work-work.

But the president has been
working hard to keep the senate.

Today, he was rallying in
Cleveland, where he spoke out

against the Democratic candidate
for governor.

He was hand picked and is a
disciple of Elizabeth Warren,

who I can no longer call
pocahontas because she has no

Indian blood.

She has no Indian blood!

Stephen: Is this the election
of 2018 or 1818?

"She has no Indian blood!

A caravan of freedmen are
trekking north to take your

whale oil rendering jobs!

To say nothing of the scourge of
the Irish."

( Cheers and applause )
Got to do something about the


Got to do something about the

And then the president
introduced his daughter ivanka,

but he chose his words

Youre not allowed to use the
word beautiful when you talk

about women anymore... no, no,
no, no... its politically


I will never ever call a woman
beautiful again.

Stephen: (As Trump)
"But im happy to call them


( Laughter )
And he made this strange comment

about the neighboring state of

I wont tell you... but I, on
occasion, would be known to

sneak into Kentucky, because I
liked Kentucky.

I like Kentucky for all the
wrong reasons, but I like


I like it.

Stephen: Thats weird.

( Laughter )
Do we have any idea what that


I dont know what hes
talking about.

Stephen: Sounds like he
either sneaks in there for sex

or fried chicken.

Or, more likely, sex with fried

(As Trump)
"I do chicken right."

( Laughter )
( Cheers and applause )

( Piano riff )
I call it unlawful colonel


( Laughter )
No letters.

But Trump admitted, hes not

Hes better than perfect.

You know, ive actually kept
more promises than ive made.

When did you ever hear that from
a politician?

Maybe never.


Its true.

Stephen: (As Trump)
"Thats right.

I keep more than I make: My
promises exist in an unknowable

quantum state.

Its like schrodingers cat... is
the cat alive or dead?

Answer: Dead, the caravan got

( Laughter )
( Piano riff )

Of course, trumps held rallies
all over the country.

On Friday, he was in west
Virginia and he name checked


I heard President Obama speak

I had to listen.

I was in the plane.

I had nothing else to do.

Stephen: You had nothing else
to do?

Youre the president!

( Cheers and applause )
You could enact meaningful

climate change legislation.

You could finally make sure
flint has clean drinking water.

For gods sakes, theyre making
four "avatar" sequels... you

could stop that!

( Laughter )
( Applause )

Four more!

( Cheers and applause )
Weve got a great show for you


Jude law is here.

But when we return, triumph the
insult comic dog goes to Ted

Cruz and beto orourke rallies.

Stick around.

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

Stephen: Jon batiste and
"stay human"!

Give it up for the band!

( Cheers and applause )
As I may have mentioned once or

twice, tomorrow se election day.

The big race is for the Texas
senate seat where republican

incumbent and man who thinks
this is smiling Ted Cruz is

facing off against Democratic
challenger and boy who wished to

be big beto orourke.

( Cheers and applause )
Its been very contentious, the

polls are incredibly close and
both candidates are spending

tens of millions of dollars to
win this thing.

I wanted to send a correspondent
down there who could deliver a

report for "the late show."

Conan obrien is on hiatus but
he was kind to lend us triumph

the insult comic dog!

Hello Stephen!

Hello white liberals!

Stephen: Triumph, thank you
for being here.

Were so happy to have you cover
this story for "the late show."

Yes, you are.

Stephen: You are the
perfect person because in the

2016 primaries you interviewed
Ted Cruz.

Here you are trying to talk to

You even strapped yourself to a


Stephen: Which you then
used to chase after Ted cruzs

buzz down the highway.

Yes, I followed Ted Cruz from
Iowa all the way to new

Hampshire, but I never got to
meet him... despite being the

only person in the world who
wants to.

( Laughter )
Stephen: And how about this


Well lets just say I talked
to the beto-heads, the cruzers...

And I even got close to the
candidates themselves.

Stephen: Jim?

Reporting from deep in the
heart of Texas I am here at the

rally for beto orourke
surrounded by a mob, degenerate

young leftists with all one
common, they all share the same

Netflix account.

( Laughter )
Heres the one thing I dont

know, his music.

Everybody is like, oh, he was a
punk rocker.

Have you actually ever heard his

No, I cant say I can.

Trust me, if beto wants to
stop border crossings as much as

Ted Cruz, they could just play
his album down there.

( Laughter )
In the back, white fairks

playing a guy thats seen Ted
Cruz naked.

( Laughter )
People being disenfranchised,

reports of voting machines
switching votes from beto to Ted


Thats right.

Heres what you guys have to do.

When you walk to the voting
machines... because these people

are after you, man... youve got
to behave more white, okay?

Im going to coach you.

Im going to coach you.

Repeat after me... have you seen
the new season of the marvelous

Mrs. Maisel?

Its even better than gilmore

How many Ed Sheeran songs do you


( Bleep )!

Dont say that around the
polling place!

Who is Ed Sheeran?

Here at the polling place with
beto supporters, lets see how

they did.

Maybe its good news.

Hi, how did it go?

I double checked and checked
again to make sure.

Take this sticker,

It says im pretty sure I voted.

Wear this with ambivalent pride.

I will.

T says I think I just voted.

So the state of Texas let you


And they didnt cheat.


Congratulations, wear it

Just light enough to vote.

( Laughter )
Were going to do pictures,

have a chance to talk to members
of the media and this dog.

Ill be right here.

All right, folks, believe it
or not, this is not the 12t

12th an on every n.B.A. Team.

This is the one and only beto

Thank you, beto orourke.

I love the way you are anybody
but Ted Cruz.

Thank you.

Ell me this, beto, does it
concern you half your base

thinks they can vote for you
through Instagram?

Yeah, its going to have to
turn into real votes, but were

seek a huge voter turnout so

Im worried about the voting
ma cheens changing belt os name

to cruise.

With the uncertainty around the
machines, is it now more

important than ever for
democrats to go out and vote


Vote once, thats the law.

Fair enough!

This is the man!

What does Ted Cruz have that you
dont have besides the ability

to regenerate his tail?





Im here at the Ted Cruz rally,
or a Duke dynasty kos play

convention, not 100% sure.

How confident are you Ted Cruz
will be elected?

One is not confident and ten is
the highest you can count to.


In the last few years, Ted
Cruz has described

President Trump as amoral, a
philanderer and a buffoon, but

now, in a major shift, he just
thinks it.

Are you impressed the way Ted
has forgiven Donald Trump?

I guess so.

For the things he said?

Yeah, hes impressive.

What do you think was harder
for Ted to forgive, Trump for

insulting Teds wife or the
mongoose for eating Teds


Because Ted is a reptile

( Laughter )
If Ted loses, do you think hell

end up with his first love the
mute lady from the shape of


Because hes a hideous fish
monster, okay?

We can all agree, this is

In fairness, people are hard on
Ted and his looks and they call

him the zodiac killer.

Thats unfair, since his eplan
to repeal obamacare would kill

way more way, way, way, way,
way, way, way more than the

zodiac killer!

I mean, way more people than the
zodiac killer, right?

Way, way, way, way, way, way,
way, way, way, way, way more

people than the zodiac killer.

Way more!

( Applause )
Im not saying Ted Cruz supports

racist policies but he was just
given the 9:00 A.M. hour of the

"today show."

So where is beto in Texas?

This is fun!

Theyre with Ted!

More individual tax cuts

( Booing )
What did he say?


Raising your taxes.

Not only that he voted in favor
of something called a rain

Thats not how you put on a



Quick question!

I have a pre-existing condition
that makes me vomit out of my

eyes whenever I look at you.

Is that in the g.O.P. Healthcare

You cant ignore me, Ted!

Im not overwhelming scientific
evidence of global warming!


Welcome to Texas.

How are you, Ted?

I cant believe this.

This is a privilege.

Can you tell these people not to
kill me if I make a joke or two?

It depends how bad a joke.

Oh, no!

Okay, well try one.

Ted, is it true you will defend
the constitution at all costs

except for when Donald Trump
calls it ugly on Twitter?

I love the constitution.

And Twitter is Twitter.

Men can talk to me, lets be
civil here.

We can all have a conversation.

Im not hurting him, Ted, I
can talk, right?

I have a Cuban in my mouth, for
gods sake, a Cuban!

This man has the right... lets
be civil here because this

man... nobody should be yelling
at this man in a public place.

I mean, doesnt the man have the
right to sit down in a

restaurant and enjoy a meal that
five waiters have spit in?

( Laughter )
As a Cuban American, anyone

smoking a cigar cant be all

Two, I just want to say to
triumph, my advice is walk away

and just remember, it w it wasn
Republicans, it was the

democrats that took you in to
the vet to get fixed, and there

is freedom on the other side!

I support spaying and
neutering just like Trump did to


( Cheers and applause )
Thanks, Ted!

Thanks for visiting!

This is the lion of the senate,

Chant along with me, lion of the
senate lion of the senate!

Lion of the senate!






Ted Cruz!

Ted Cruz!

The lion of the senate!

Lion comes out by itself,
sounds like lion.

No, I hope not!

Stephen: Triumph the insult
comic dog, everyone!


Well be right back with Jude

( Cheers and applause )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

Stephen: Welcome back,

Ladies and gentlemen,
my first guest is an

Oscar-nominated actor you know
from "the talented Mr. Ripley,"

"Sherlock Holmes," and "the
young pope."

He now stars as Albus Dumbledore
in "fantastic beasts: The crimes

of grindelwald."

Youve built up quite a
little network of international


However long you keep me and
my friends under surveillance

youre not going to discover
plots against you, Travis

because we want the same thing,
the defeat of grindelwald.

But I warn you, your policies
are pushing supporters into his


Im not interested.

It pains me to say it but you
are the only wizard who is his


I need you to fight him.

I cant.

Stephen: Please welcome back
to "the late show," Jude law!

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

How are you?

Stephen: Hello.

Fine, how are you?

Very well.

Good to be here.

Stephen: The last time you
were here we talked about your

show "young pope," now youre
playing young dumbeldore.


I got to middle age and I
insisted on every part having

the word "young" and its
working out great for me.


Just to boost my ego.

Stephen: Im going to boost
your ego more in a moment in

case you dont know what im
going to talk about in that you

have quite a few fans who have
approved of the casting of you

as young dumbeldore and youve
gotten some nicknames.

Tell me which ones you like the


Dumble daddy.

ID my kids come up with that

Stephen: Dumble dam, or my
personal favorite yumbledore.

Stephen: Dumble dam, or my
personal favorite yumbledore.

( Laughter )
It has a culinary feel to it.

Stephen: It does.

Im going to stick to

( Laughter )
Stephen: You had a chance

to talk to J.K. Rowling, havent

When I got the part I thought
I have a responsibility to the

fans of the wizarding world.

Also I wanted to meet
J.K. Rowling.

It seemed to be an inroad.

She told me everything and it
was a wonderful opportunity for

an actor.

I had the direct route to the
detailed workings of my


Shes a formidable smart woman.

Great company.

Stephen: Did you learn
anything you can share with us?

Of course not.

( Laughter )
Theyre very polite.

Its always like we assume
youre not going to share this

with anybody.

What can I tell you... I realize
its been fun.

Nymim in a rare position that
played a character that I get to

layer up the complexities and
inner drama and turmoils and

personal tragedies, even, about

Its all in the books.

We get to unpick all of that in
detail now that were back in

the 1920s.

So its a good position to be

Stephen: And we know from
the books that he was a

childhood or as a young man he
was a friend of grindelwald.

He had an intimate and
extraordinary relationship that

propelled the two of them in
opposite directions and these

sagas are about what happened
and why it propelled them in

opposite directions.

Stephen: Having to play a
younger version of mentor

character, have you played to
young Gregor.

Hes the only actor that I
know that has phone through.

This hes an old friend, but we
dont see each other much


Stephen: Okay.

Ill call him.

I dont I did anything wrong.

( Laughter )
Stephen: The name

grindelwald, they say
grindel-vald in the movie.

I call him that assuming I
had a good friendship with him.

I call him that assuming I
had a good friendship with him.

Eddie said I call him

He said would you please call me

Im sticking with that.

Stephen: Are you assuming
they wont make a leak?

I also just completed a film
for captain marvel.

Stephen: I do know this is
you right there.

I am looking forward to it.

I thought you were marvel.

Youre not marvel.

I cant tell you who ai I am.

Stephen: But youre not or
are marvel.

I cant tell you who I am.

Nice try.

Stephen: Okay.

When youre doing "fantastic
beasts," I think it might be

this British American
difference, with "fantastic

beasts," theyre, like, you know
we assume youre not going to

give any of these secrets away
and if you do were going to

tell you not to again and we may
quietly kill you.

In marvel, its like dont you
( Bleep ) Ever till anybody

about this!

( Laughter )
And there was a guy hired, I

promise you, on set, they would
say, were ready for you, and

you would step out in your suit
and they would say put the cloak


Put the hood on!


My children were have iting the
set and they were saying, sign

the n.D.A.S!

Who are these guys?

It was tight and scary.

Stephen: So are you marvel?

( Laughter )
I cant wait for both movies.

So nice to see you again.

"Fantastic beasts: The crimes of
grindelwald" opens in theaters

next Friday.

Jude law, everybody!

Well be right back with senator
Amy klobuchar.

( Cheers and applause )
Stephen: Hey, everybody!

Welcome back to "the late show"!

My next guest tonight is the
senior senator from the state of

Minnesota and up for reelection

Please welcome, senator Amy

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

Stephen: Here we go!

Nice to see you again.

Thank you.

Great to be on.

Stephen: Now, the obvious
question is youre up for

reelection tomorrow.

Why are you here?

( Laughter )
Are you not superstitious?

Whats going on?

First, I have a rumor you
have a pretty big audience if

you want to remind everyone in
the country to vote.

I thought that might be a good

( Cheers and applause )
Stephen: Eshes a senator,

if you dont vote, I think
youve broken the law.

The last time you were here, you
were here with Claire mccaskill.

Shes up for reelection as well.

I think shes doing a great
job and will pull it in


Stephen: So you think you
will be working with her in the


I dont predict things
because I dont take one thing

for granted.

I once ran for d.A. With no
opponent and I put up 3,000 lawn

signs, did 29 parade and 85
pancake breakfasts.

I was the only one.

So I think we have to be very
careful about taking anything

for granted, but the energy out
there is palpable.

Every corner of the state I go
to, all 87 counties in

Minnesota, people are psyched up
and ready to vote.

Stephen: How does it feel
compared to...

( Cheers and applause )
Get psyched up.

How does it feel compared to

Ah, well, okay... first of
all, major difference, in 2016,

especially in rural Minnesota,
suburbs, Trump lawn signs


This time there are so many
Democratic signs, it looks like

a yard sale.

They are everywhere.

The other thing, people are much
more focused on the reality of.

This theyre worried about their
healthcare, theyre worried

about getting kicked off their
health insurance if they have a

pre-exist condition, theyre
worried about the price of

prescription drugs.

These are the things theyre
talking to me about.

I think reality has hit.

The last thing they keep talking
about is they want to bring

decency back to your politics.

( Cheers and applause )
Stephen: That will be



Stephen: How long have you
represented Minnesota?

Well, ive represented
Minnesota, first I was a d.A.,

and then I have been in the
senate since 2006.

Stephen: Okay.

Im not good at math, so, like,
40 years?

( Laughter )
Lets check your Minnesota cred.


This could ruin my whole
election right here.

Go ahead.

Stephen: Have you ever been
immoralityized in butter at the

Minnesota state fair?

That is like our mt. Rushmore
for your audience because what

we have at the state fair is a
butter carver who sits in her

down coat in a resolving
refrigerator and carves prince

Kaya of the milkyway and her ten
princesses and carves their

heads out of # 0-pound blocks of

Every day she does a new one
complete with tiara and that is

the biggest thing in our state
fair and state.

Stephen: Have you ever been
carved out of butter at the

Minnesota state fair?

Very clear.

I dont want to evade your

No, because only Princess Kay
can, and ive only been miss

skyway of march 1988.

Stephen: You were miss

I I was.

Stephen: You buried the

What is miss skyway?

Well, that is if you work in
downtown Minneapolis, which I

did in the past, I in the
private sector, and every month

theyd pick someone who worked
on the skyway to be miss skyway,

and you got your picture in the
skyway news.

The skyways, of course, are the
glass-enclosed above ground

tunnels that connect our

Stephen: Because if you go
outside in the winter you will


Thats right, and theyre a
human rabbitt trail.

I got named miss skyway and a
dinner for two and 12 helium


But no butter carving.

( Applause )
Thank you.

Stephen: Well be right back

with more senator Amy klobuchar.

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

Stephen: Hey, everybody!

Welcome back to "the late show"!

Were back with senator Amy

President Trump argues with
emotions versus facts.

Its very effective to argue
with emotions.

How do you counterthat?

Well, I am a former
prosecutor so I do believe in

evidence and correct facts, but
I think you counter emotion with


I mean, he has been playing
everyone like the audience with

tears and jeers and one liners
and trying something ca new ever

single day, and I think this is
a moment tomorrow to be a member

of the audience.

This is a moment where everybody
will be a citizen.

The way you counter what hes
been doing is with emotion.

So when somebody comes up to me
on a parade route with their

child in a stroller and says
this is my kid, he has down

syndrome, I would do anything
for him in the world but this is

a preexisting condition andly do
anything for him.

Or when Doug Jones won in
Alabama and this victory for

decency in that state and many
decided to cross and vote

democrat when many had never
before, that was emotion for


Or last week when the imams
stood next to the rabbis and

priests and ministers in
Minnesota and we all stood

together after the heinous
murder in the synagogue, that

was a moment of positive emotion
bringing people together.

So when he has the angry
emotion, you take it head on

with positive emotion and thats
how you win.

( Cheers and applause )
Stephen: Now, there is a

chance for a record number of
women to be in the senate this

time around.


( Cheers and applause )
Stephen: There is a good

chance that 26 women will end up
in the senate after election


Whats your first-day advice to
these people coming in.

I think it would be to be
careful where you eat.

Stephen: Why?

In my first day in the senate
I was in the fancy dining room

with the big picture of l.B.J.,
and I was with my soup and

salad, and Patty Murray of
Washington state says Amy, you

just took the entire bowl of
thousand island dressing and

youre about to eat it.

I said to her, thats what we do
in Minnesota, we eat the

thousand island dressing.

( Laughter )
( Applause )

Stephen: There it is.

And I would say my other
piece of advice to anyone in

politics who on the city council
or school board, student

council, is to respect other
people, to be willing to to find

the common ground, to understand
courage isnt just standing in

the corner of the boxing ring,
throwing insult, courage to

stand next to somebody you dont
always agree with for the

betterment of the country and
you go with where its not just

comfortable but uncomfortable
and thats where were going to

win the midwest.

( Cheers and applause )
Stephen: Senator Amy

klobuchar, everybody!

Well be right back.

( Cheers and applause )
( Band playing )

Stephen: Thats it for "the
late show."

Tune in tomorrow for our live
election show with John

heilemann and Alex Wagner from
"the circus," and hasan minaj.

Stick around for James.

Good night!

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