The Last Ship (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - Sea Change - full transcript

America copes with tragedy. Meanwhile, Chandler probes a potential virus mutation.

[Thunder rumbles]

[Indistinct conversations]

[Repentance music]

This is Jacob Barnes,
reporting live for AMT News

from the St. Louis White House,

where mourners are being allowed in

to pay their respects
to the late President.

As we await further details

in the apparent suicide
of Jeffrey Michener,

AMT News has confirmed

that the American hostages
in Asia have been rescued.

It is unclear
whether the President was aware

of this good news
at the time of his death.

In the absence of any final note
or message,

we can only speculate.

It seems that the pressures
of his embattled agenda,

coupled with this network's revelations

of his culpability
in the Doak Stadium disaster,

may have proved too much
for the President to bear.

Vice President Oliver just transferred
to the C-130 in Panama.

He should be on the ground
in St. Louis in 4 1/2 hours.

Is Judge Watkins on board?

She's administering
the Oath of Office as we speak.

Good. That's good.

Please gather
all of our background and Intel

on Peng and our Asian players.

President Oliver is gonna need
to get up to speed

before he speaks
to the regional leaders.

Yes, ma'am.

[Bell dings]

[Wind whistling]

[Bell dings]

[Bell dings]

[Bell dings]

[Bell dings]

[Bell dings]

I've served under six presidents.

Jeffrey Michener's the only one
I ever...

shook hands with.

The people of New China
send our deepest respect

and condolences
to our brothers and sisters

in America.

It is with great sadness
that we have learned

of the death
of President Jeffrey Michener.

President Michener
was an important ally.

Chandler: He's still
in the mansion.

There's no way
we're getting back in there,

if that's what you're thinking.

We're in tomahawk range.

Tom, we don't even know
if he's actually there.

He might have released this video
to bait us into attacking him.

Happy to call that bluff.

Okay, you take Peng out,
his number two continues

with whatever their agenda is,
and we've just started a hot war

without knowing what their plans are,

why those boats are so important
to him, what he's smuggling.

She's right.

Much as I'd like
to take Peng out right now,

we got to find Wu Ming first,
get to the bottom of this.

That son of a bitch has been
pummeling us for 10 rounds,

and I'm not much in the mood
to wait for his knockout punch.

What about all the innocent people

in and around the mansion
when your tomahawk hits?

We can't just assassinate
a foreign leader

without consulting
with the Commander in Chief.

Find me when you get close to Shanzhai.

[Door closes]

He blames himself.

For what?

Pushing Michener too hard...

before he was ready.

Did he?

Country needed a president.

Maybe we should find a plane,
get Tom to St. Louis.

He could help Oliver get his bearings,

give him some credibility.

You saw.

He's not going anywhere,

not till we finish this.

[Dramatic music]

[Generic theme]

Sea change

Obviously, Jeffrey Michener's
are big shoes to fill,

but Howard Oliver
is beloved here in St. Louis,

where, as Mayor, he oversaw

the most effective quarantine
in the country,

saving over 100,000 people
during the plague.

[TV turns off]

It wasn't the first time.

He tried to kill himself
on the Nathan James.

He slit his wrists.

When Captain Chandler found him,
he'd nearly bled to death.

I had no idea.

I was on the ship. I...

They kept it quiet.

Only the senior leadership knew.

Jeffrey told me when he felt...

that he could finally trust me.

I'm telling you this

because you need to stop
beating yourself up.

If anything, I'm the one.

I knew he was suffering.

I knew, and I left him alone.

Were the two of you...?

I'm so sorry, Allison.

[Rain pouring]

This one's a bust, too.

Damn it.

Man: Hey, Doc.

Is this something you need?

Uh, that's, um...

that's, uh...

I-I don't even know
what that is.

Dr. Scott never let me touch
that machine.

Man: But I'm getting warmer?

Yeah, sure.

Yeah, hello.

Hey, Doc.

Looks like we got
a stowaway here, mate.

[Indistinct conversation]


This is very, very good.

This is a really good start.


Could you guys start setting
this up over here for me?

- Yeah. You got it.
- Thanks.


You wanted to see me?

Kyoko has something to say to you.

She asked me to translate.

[Speaking Japanese]

She says that you saved her life,

but more importantly,
you saved her son.

That was all Logan and Rios.

I-I didn't really
do much.

[Speaking Japanese]

She says she hasn't prayed
since she was a child,

but now she will, every day,
for the doctors and for you.

[Baby cooing]

No, please. You don't
have to get up. It's okay.

Um, ma'am.
It's, uh...


[Baby cooing]

[Soft music]


[Speaking Japanese]

Sasha: She says you're a natural.

[Chatter, indistinct shouting]

[Drum and sad music]


Seems like the weather
matches our mood.

Welcome home, Mr. President.

Thank you.

The world's lost a great leader,
but we in this room...

we've lost a colleague and a friend.

You all served him well,

and I look forward to continuing
the work you began together,

as we navigate our way
through this difficult time.

I'll need all of your help
getting up to speed, but first,

I'll need to speak to Captain Chandler.


Woman: St. Louis connected, sir.

This is Captain Chandler.

Stand by for the President.

Oliver: Captain Chandler.

Mr. President.

I am so very sorry.

I know how close you and Jeffrey were.

I hope that over time,

I can earn the trust and confidence

that you and he shared.

Yes, sir.

I have a lot to catch you up on.

We're currently approaching
the pirate haven of Shanzhai,

where we intend to find a smuggler

who goes by the name of Wu Ming.

We think he might be able
to help fill in the blanks

about why our people were taken,

about ships painted with black circles,

and what President Peng
is planning in Asia.

Sir, I intend to complete the mission

that was given to me
by President Michener...

with your permission.

You have my permission
and my gratitude.

Thank you,
Mr. President.

We're 27 nautical miles
southeast of Shanzhai port, sir.

Vulture team is standing by
for Captain Chandler.

Ready for infil as soon
as Nomad has eyes on target.

All right. Listen up!

We got a high-value
target-capture mission.

After beach entry,
we silent patrol to the target,

penetrate the perimeter defense,

and we capture
that son of a bitch Wu Ming.

We'll have an immediate Helo EXFIL.

Last time we were in Shanzhai,
it got hot fast,

so watch your six.

Jesse: Nathan James, this is Nomad.

Going feet dry
six clicks from Shanzhai.

- Sonar.
- Nothing on sub surface.

Radar tracking surface contact

bearing 2-5-8
heading 0-1-4 at 18 knots.

AIS classifies it
as a shrimp cutter, sir.

We are not taking any chances.

All stations continue to track
and monitor that vessel.

CNO on the bridge.

You get the go from POTUS?

He understands the importance
of what we're doing here

but has requested
proof-of-life videos.

It's a morale boost for back home.

Land team's waiting for you.

Jesse: Nathan James, this is Nomad.

Flag on the play.

Shanzhai's a bust.

Place is a fire pit.

The whole town?

Wiped out.

Nothing but ashes.

Nomad returning to ship.

He carpet-bombed everybody
to get one guy?

Chandler: Peng leveled Shanzhai.

Charred the place to tie up loose ends.

We assume Wu Ming's dead,

but we still need to figure out

how he tracked all those ships,

especially the ones
he wanted you to stay away from.

Any idea if he might've had
a backup outside Shanzhai?

[Speaks Mandarin]

It's a Chinese proverb.

Wu Ming taught me this when I asked...

why he never pirated the ships himself.

It means...

"When children travel far from home,

mothers never
stop worrying."

So he was a mama's boy. Mm.

He supported her...

his sister, the grandmother.

And you think he may have
stashed Intel with them.

That way, they could
carry on the business.

He could provide for them,
even in death.

Sasha: It's the only good thing
I ever heard about him.

Took care of his family.

And where exactly
might we find Mama Ming?

Nathan James will loiter
over the horizon

while a VBSS team
commandeers a vehicle

near the Beng Mu Cun inlet

and then heads inland to Yunma
to find Wu Ming's family.

Just awaiting your approval, sir.


Commander Green...
how are we doing

on those proof-of-life videos
from the rescued hostages?

The Nathan James crew
is working on them, sir,

but we are having some difficulty

with the visual signal on our end.

I can get the audio recordings
for you right away.

Audio isn't good enough.
We need to see faces.

The American people need to see
that we had a win.

Sort out that technical glitch


Yes, sir.

Man: Okay, Miller.

This is for everybody back home,

so they know
you're still taking up space.

All right. Go ahead. Start talking.

Hey, Ma.
Now, don't be scared.

I know my face is a little messed up,

but the doc promised that I'll go back

to being just as pretty
as I was before.

So, uh, Freak from Spider Man,

Okay, man. A little respect.

This is for my mother.

Hey, Ma.
Now, don't be scared.

I know my face is a little messed up,

- but the doc promised...
- Can you see anything at all?

- Just as pretty as I was before.
- Still nothing.

Okay, man.
A little respect.

Dennis: There it is again.

I miss you, Mom.
I love you.

Alisha: Isn't this the same problem
you were working on with Val?

Yes, but there's hundreds
of hours of data to analyze,

so we haven't been able
to figure out what's causing it.

With her gone...

Damn. System just crashed.

I need to run downstairs
to the communication room.

Hurry, Dennis.

We need to fix this.


How you holding up over there?


I'm the one who found Michener.

Oh, my...



I'm sorry.

You're over there risking your lives.
I'm sitting at a desk.

- I shouldn't...
- No.

We need you there now more than ever.

Vulture team has reached Yunma.

ETA to target?

Less than five minutes, sir.

[Chicken squawks]

[Dog barks in distance]

[Tension building]

Chandler: Clear.



[Dog barks, chicken clucks]

That's MSS.

I guess Peng wants
to talk to Mama Ming, too.

[Woman sobbing]

[Indistinct conversation]

[Women gasp, sob]


he's still alive.

[Shouting in Mandarin]

Chandler: All teams SITREP, over.

Cooper, set.

Green, set.

Chandler: Taylor, go for entry.

[Shouting continues]

Burk's got eyes on upper target.

I got the shot on the lower.

Burk, go.

[Shouting continues]

♪ [Suspense music] ♪


Taylor, set.

[Shouting continues]

Chandler: Primary entry team set.

All teams, on my count.

Three, two, one... execute.


[Women sobbing, screaming]

[Indistinct shouting]


[Indistinct shouting]




[Silenced gunshots]

[Indistinct shouting]


[Both grunt]

[Speaking Mandarin]




[Bones cracking]


[Breathing heavily]

[Woman crying]

[Woman speaking Mandarin]


How you feeling, Wu Ming?

Grateful we saved your life?

[Sasha translating]

[Speaking Mandarin]

He says you brought them to his door.

It's you who got everybody
in Shanzhai killed.

I didn't start this.

You and Peng did.

[Speaking Mandarin]

Chandler: Why was Lau Hu torturing you?

[Speaking Mandarin]

[Wu Ming speaking Mandarin]

Wolf: Lottery tickets!

How the hell does lottery
even work now,

when there's barely any currency?

I've seen it in Hong Kong, mate.

People put in whatever they have...

A chicken, a bag of rice.

They get a ticket, a number's drawn.

Whoever wins takes the entire pot...

after the proprietor skims some
off the top, of course.

Chandler: Tell me about
black circles on ships.

[Speaking Mandarin]

He's hiding something.

What's so precious
about those marked ships?

Why would Peng go to all this trouble?

[Speaking Mandarin]


[Woman gasps]

[Breathing heavily]

Why are you still protecting Peng?

After everything he's done to you?

I know nothing.

Nothing. Nothing!

[Shouting in Mandarin]

[Still shouting]

That look like a hull number to you?

Yes, it does.

Sasha: These digits here.

These are coordinates...

for the Strait of Malacca,
the biggest shipping lane in the region.

Wolf: It's the Intel
Wu Ming sells to pirates.

If each one of these lottery tickets

represents a ship and its location...

[Dramatic music]

Wolf: Jackpot.


[Indistinct conversation]

You all right?

I could have done without
Rivera's eulogy.

Seems like he's already
jocking for favor.

Oliver: I noticed that our lone senator

was conspicuously absent
from the funeral.

I spoke to BEATTY.

There was an attack
on a ration-card facility

in Bellingham.

He's sitting on a powder keg up there.

He, uh, he couldn't get away.

Maybe, or maybe sending a signal

that he's not in support
of our administration.

Well, the senator
wasn't particularly fond

of how the last president
used him as a rubber stamp.

- Meaning?
- Croft: Sir, you've been away.

I don't think you realize
what a mess this country is in.

Maybe they don't remember what
a mess we had five months ago,

before Michener and the James
came home with the cure.

Wilson: No, they remember, sir.

And they're grateful for the cure,

but that doesn't give the government

a free pass for everything else,

especially since people think
that most of the decisions

that have come out of here
have been disastrous.

Hell, you can't even prove
you rescued your own people.

The pirates broadcast their faces

from a jungle across the globe,

and you can't manage a Skype
call from a $3 billion warship?

We're working nonstop
on the issue, Mr. President.

I'm confident
we'll have it solved shortly.

Price: Let's not lose the forest
for the trees.

We're all pleased
that the hostages are safe,

and we're sure you'll sort that out.

The more pressing issue
is our domestic policy.

I think we can all agree
that Michener jumped too quickly

to federalize everything.

If you were to curb
some of his measures,

I'm sure it would go a long way
to smoothing things over

with Senator BEATTY
and the American people.

The ration-card program has been
the chief cause of unrest,

and the limits to bank withdrawals...

The people do not want the government

interfering with
how they spend their money.

Wilson: Come on, Alex. It's all of it.

The land-claim issues
are just as contentious.

What do you all want?

To go back
to dog-eat-dog?

That's appealing when
you're at the top of the heap,

but there are people out there
going hungry

while we are producing more than
enough food to feed everyone.

That's why President Michener
started those ration cards,

so that all of our citizens
can have their fair share

of what they need to get b...

River: Commander Green.

If we need your advice
as it pertains to our military,

we'll ask for it.

Sir, I know that you were skittish

about instituting these policies
from the beginning.

Oliver: It doesn't matter
what I thought then

or if they're unpopular.

Are they working or not?

I think it's fair to say
that these policies

are doing more harm than good, sir.

What happened in there?

Everything we worked for,

President Michener stood for.

We're in a crisis.

It's our job
to hold the country together.

You sat with the President
and wrote those policies.

You didn't fight for them.

If President Michener
couldn't make them work,

then Howard Oliver certainly can't.

So you're gonna let Oliver

capitulate to the regional leaders.

He just gave them authority
over local militias

without speaking to Captain Chandler.

Chandler's the acting head
of our military,

and he never would have allowed it.

Captain Chandler is 12,000 miles away.

The regional leaders need to
be able to call their own shots.

If they can't control
their own regions, who will?

They're the ones stoking the unrest.
President Michener...

President Michener isn't here!

He took the easy way out!

So if they sit in that office

and they reverse every decision
that he made as President,

there's nobody to blame but him.


Uh, thank you for coming down.

I've made some progress, sir,

but I-I still have
more questions than answers.

Um, this is an image of our cure
from Dr. Scott's notes.

I've isolated the compound
in Takehaya and Kyoko's blood.

It's exactly the same as ours.

Structurally uncompromised,
as far as I can tell.

This is an image of the red flu
from Dr. Scott's files,

and this...

This is the virus in Kyoko's blood.

It's different.

- Chandler: Bulkier.
- Exactly.

That bulkiness is present
in Takehaya's virus, as well.

The virus in their blood is
similar enough to the original

that my preliminary tests
identified it,

- but it is somewhat altered.
- A mutation.

I can't say for sure,

but whatever's causing the bulkiness

is preventing the cure from working.

That means everyone on this ship

who's come in contact
with Takehaya could be infected.

That was my worry, too,

but none of us from the
prison camp have any symptoms.

I crossed the virus in Takehaya's blood

with a sample of my own

and from several sailors
who had no contact

with Takehaya, Kyoko,
or any of us who were prisoners.

The bulkier virus doesn't make us sick.

Somehow, the cure in us
defends against it.

If Takehaya and Kyoko
both have the same cure,

why is the virus harming them?

I wish I knew, sir.

I'll keep digging.

We're at 19.83 North
by 112.5 East.

Course 1-0-0,
speed 20 knots, sir.

There's a small land mass here
which should provide cover

from hostile radar detection

while giving us a vantage point
on the shipping lane

indicated on that card.

Helo is standing by
to execute fly overs.

We expect many vessels
to have AIS switched off

on account of pirates.

She's Alpha Charlie Foxtrot 79831396.

Any of the markings?

Uh, just a couple of dings
from a bad parking job.

No black dot.

No dice.

Is it possible the ship
already passed this location?

According to Wu Ming's Intel,

it was last pinged
outside Hainan Harbor

yesterday at 2200 hours.

Even a wave-piercing catamaran

couldn't traverse this
shipping lane that quickly.

Captain, radar's tracking
small surface vessel

approaching our contact point
on the shipping lane.

Nomad, vessel approaching
south at 0-2-5.

Initiate flyover.

Jesse: Roger that, Nathan James.

Making the turn.

I don't know about this one, Captain.

- Chandler: What's wrong with it?
- Oh, there's nothing wrong with it,

if you're on spring break in Ibiza.

What the hell's that mean?

Jesse: It's 120-foot pleasure cruiser.

- No cargo hold.
- Wait a second.

Alpha Zulu Bravo 79863 Lima 309.

That's it.

And we're staring at
a big old dark side of the moon.


[Groovy music]


Vessel on course 0-1-4 at 22 knots,

this is US Navy Warship 151,

requesting to board for inspection

in accordance with
international law of sea.

[Music louder]

[Instruments beeping]

Vessel on course 0-1-4 at 22 knots,

I say again,
this is US Navy Warship 151,

requesting to board for inspection

in accordance with
international law of sea.

Uh, TAO, surface track 72871
increasing speed to 25 knots.

Captain... TAO.

Surface contact may be trying
to make a run for it.

XO, let's stick our nose out,
let him know he has company.

OOD, increase speed to 25 knots.

Come to 1,000-yard CPA.

[Monitor beeps]

[Groovy music changing into drama]

TAO, surface track 72871,
coming to course 045,

- increasing speed to 35 knots.
- They're trying to evade.

Just turn starboard
and increased speed, sir.

Starboard ROC...
Fire mark 38.

One salvo of warning shots
across the bow.

Prepare countermeasures, but do not

under any circumstances
sink that ship,

- not till we know what's aboard.
- Aye, captain.

All stations, standby to reengage.

Sir, he's changed course
to 2-5-0.

He's headed for the Yanshi Atoll.

- OOD, all ahead full.
- Sir, we can't outrun him.

He's traveling at 36 knots.

And we can't go into the Atoll.

The coral beds are too shallow.

- XO, time to close the net.
- Nomad, you're a go for approach.

All right, boys and girls,
let's drop in for a cocktail.

TAO, surface tracks vessel 1,000 yards.

Captain, TAO... surface contact
10 degrees relative.

Okay, don't do it, buddy!

Not a good move!

Don't do anything stupid!

- Cut your engine.
- [Scoffs] Man.

We are US Navy.

Lay down your weapons!

We don't want to hurt you,
but we will be boarding your vessel.

Nathan James, vessel is surrendering.

Game over, asshole.

Kai: Is this even necessary, yo?

Tell us where Peng's cargo is
and we'll stop right now.

Does this even look like
a cargo ship to you?

Burk: We tossed the whole vessel.

All we found were a couple more M16s

and a case of Cristal.

- See? What'd I tell you?
- If you've got nothing to hide,

then why run from a US Navy ship?

It's the apocalypse, man.

All kinds of people
get in all kinds of boats

saying all kinds of shit.

You could have been pirates,
for all I know.

This is my boat!

You can't take it from me!

Oh, yeah?

You got bills of sales
for those weapons?

Well, then you're in violation
of international maritime law.

The U.S. Navy has a right
to place you under arrest

and commandeer this vessel.

Hell, no! This is my baby!

Y-You can't do this,

We sure can, yo.

You want to keep your precious ship,

you start talking.


You're so self-righteous.




Well, that's cocaine.


How much more of this have you got?

Five more crates.

Come on, yo.
This can't even be illegal anymore.

The people have suffered enough.

- I'm just meeting needs.
- Where'd you pick it up?

An island off of Hainan.

Chinese MSS dudes loaded me up.

I don't want to mess with them.

Peng doesn't bother with drugs.

Hey, what are you doing, yo?!

You know what my suppliers
will do to me

if even one of those is missing?

Shut up.

Holy shit!

Sasha: The missile's
clearly been retrofitted

since its manufacture.

Has to be a chemical weapon
of some kind.

He picked up those crates
100 miles southeast of Hainan.

Paraiso Island.

You sure that trafficker
didn't know what was in them?

He was perfectly happy being
a run-of-the-mill drug runner.

Nearly wet himself when we found this.

Those bomblets were designed
in the '60s to carry Sarin.

What do you think the range is
on that missile?

Depending on the weight
of those bomblets, my guess,

it could release high enough
to blanket a 20-mile radius.

You wanted to see me?

Back in Hong Kong, you mentioned
seeing some missiles.

Yellow, with red tips.

These are the same ones
Peng was moving in Guanzhou.

The day my brother was killed.

Green mist.

Kyoko, in her fever...

She was murmuring about a green
mist that came in the night.

[Door closes]

The active ingredient
in the green powder

is a specially designed Lectin.

It's binding to the glycoproteins
of the red flu.

That's why the virus looks bulkier.

It hasn't mutated.

The Lectin can create a coating
that shields the virus

from the effects of the antibody
that our cure produces.

I couldn't see it because
I didn't know what I was looking for.

- But if somebody already has the cure?
- Then they're safe.

You'd have to have the Lectin
in your bloodstream first

to render the cure...


Slattery: That's what Peng's hoarding.

He could fire those missiles
over uncured populations,

so when the cure finally does arrive...

It doesn't work.

That boat was headed to Taiwan
on a run.

Jesse saw the missiles near Vietnam.

And my wife saw the mist in Japan.

By the time we got to the ports
to receive the cure,

it was already too late.

That's right.

I would like to see my wife...

my son.

[Indistinct conversation]

Good evening, Mr. President.

Commander Green.

The President would like
to keep these briefings

to senior advisors for the time being.

We'll summon you if we need you.

Slattery: We were welcomed
as heroes in Vietnam.

Everyone came out of hiding
to get the cure.

If they were exposed to this...

They spread out across the country
to pass on the contagious cure,

and if they were exposed
to the red flu...

spread that instead.

That was 10 days ago.

And we don't know how many
of these missiles there are.

So... now we know
what Peng's plan is.

It's genocide.