The Last Ship (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - Dog Day - full transcript

Chandler's mission comes to a head as he prepares the final part of his plan. President Michener ponders the fate of his presidency.

Psst! Hey.


They're packing up.

And they're taking
everything... fire pits, trash, fuel.

What does... What does that mean?

Are they moving us?

Means they're scared.

Means the James is close.

We got to let them know just how close.


We'll only get one shot at this.

You're engineering.
You're the most qualified.

Heads up, Frenchie's coming this way!

On y va! Get up!


Time for blood.

The rest of you, you work.

I got you.

Spider's a no go.

UAV footage shows extensive fire damage

and not a trace of anything manmade.

It looks like Hornet's much too sparse.

Takehaya couldn't hide
himself on that island,

let alone six prisoners and his boats.

Any updates?

Well, we've just ruled out

two of the islands we got from Peng.

UAV is finishing up
a sweep of the third.

Seeing scattered vegetation,
fresh water,

but no signs of human life.

Hang on. There.

What's that?

Wild birds.

There goes option number three.

I'll check in with the helo.

Nomad, Nathan James.
What's the status of Dragonfly?

Bad news, Nathan James.

It's almost completely under water.

How long till we reach Mantis?

At least an hour.

Let's check the footage again,

make sure we didn't miss anything.


We'll find them.

Takehaya knows we're coming.

The longer we wait, the more
time he has to disappear.















They just eliminated the fourth island.

That leaves just the one.

Well, that's assuming
we can trust the intel

that they got from Peng.

Move it!

Lots more to load onto the boats!

Hey, Toshiro, let me ask you something.

Man to man. Pre-plague, who were you?

I mean, before you became an asshole.

Always asshole.

I mean, come on. You must
have done something.

- Huh?
- I was a cook.

I prepare fancy food for fancy Americans

in a fancy hotel in Macao.

Everybody love my cooking.





They say to me,
"Toshiro, how you cook so well?"

I laugh.

But I don't tell them the truth.



I never wash my hands
after I take a dump.

True story.


Sir! I'm picking up something on HF.

- Distress call?
- No, sir.

I think maybe someone's putting
out what sounds like

line voltage on a radio
broadcast antenna.

You like fried chicken?

Next time I make
special dinner just for you.

Can't wait.




Please... I got lost.

They'll punish me.

What are you doing?

Helping your wife.

You're letting her work?
Pregnant and sick?



Get back to work.

My wife does not need your help.




Signal's emanating
from 300 Relative 095 True.

That bearing intersects
with only one island, sir...


That's not one of the
islands from Peng's map.

In fact, it's at least 150 miles
outside the search area.

Then Peng was wrong.

Redirect a UAV to the new coordinates.

It's a message from our people.

Or it's a trap.

There's a reason Takehaya's a legend.

Either way that's the place.

Bridge, CIC.

Make course for Kumonosu Island.

Kumonosu Island.

This is where Captain Chandler
believes the pirates are based.

They're certain? They never
checked the fifth island.

They're not certain, but confident.

Sir, the VBSS teams are
geared up and ready to go.

What are they waiting for?

The official orders
from the Commander in Chief.

I want updates every 30 minutes.

Send them in.

Yes, sir.

Copy that, Nathan James.

We'll expect a status report
in a half an hour.

Mark it.

I can confirm... off
the record, of course...

that Captain
Chandler's no longer in Hong Kong,

that he joined the
crew of the Nathan James

in the South China Sea,

and that he's searching
for the hostages.

Are they making any progress?

They're engaged in diplomatic initiatives
in that regard, yes.

Diplomatic initiatives?

From a guided missile destroyer?

Jacob, who leaked that story to you?

About Captain Chandler
aboard the Nathan James.

Came from one of the regional leaders.

You know I can't say which one.

You realize you're being used, Jacob?

Used and manipulated.

So they're gunning for you.

I thought you said it came

from only one of them.

It did.

They all seem to have the same concerns.

They have small concerns,
regional concerns.

I'm thinking about the whole country.

You say I'm being used.

I have to wonder by whom.

Everything off the record, no cameras...

It's not exactly what
Kara Green promised.

If you can't stick
to your end of the deal,

I can't be counted on to stick to mine.

We expect the crisis to be resolved

in a matter of a few hours.

If you keep your mouth shut till then,

you'll be the first member of
the press that I speak to.

If not, you'll never have access
to this office again.

Any updates on Vulture team?

They've advanced two klicks inland.

So far, no contacts.


Negative on surface and subsurface.

There's nothing in the water.

Ma'am? The static, it's gone.




Hai! Wakarimashita!

Vulture Team, Nathan James.

Be advised, the signal has stopped.

Proceed with caution.

Copy, Nathan James.

We've reached the camp perimeter.

Commencing target assault.





Vulture Team, we found another hut.

100 meters off the edge of the camp.


All these supplies are fresh.

Hey, there's six boxes
of rations over here.

Why would they leave all this behind?

Yeah, they must have been in a hurry.

Maybe they're still close to camp.

- All clear.
- Let's check the perimeter.


Nathan James, Vulture Team.

Target is secure.

This is definitely the place,

but the prisoners are gone.

What the hell is this?

Our landing team has safely
reached the beach.

They found the camp, but there's
no sign of the hostages.

Two speeches.

One if we succeed, one if we don't.

First one was easy.

But what do I say if
we lose all those people?

- Jeffrey...
- There's riots in California.

Wilson and Price say they're

fending off protests
at their power plants,

but I'm not even sure
they're trying to stop it.

Or they might be
inciting the unrest themselves.

Stop. Stop.

They're gonna make it home.

We're gonna get through this.

Nathan James, this is Vulture Team

requesting updated intel from UAV.

You see anyone out there?

That's a negative, Vulture Team,

but we're still sweeping the island.


It's fresh. I'd say bank
blade or machete.

Let's go!

This is the way to the docks.
Our plan backfired.

We're leaving even sooner.

No, no. No way he'd leave his wife.

Master Chief, you need help?

I'm fine.

Takehaya, you just took
this man's blood.

He needs rest.

You did this to him.

You and your trick with the radio tower.

If he dies, it's your fault.

Keep moving!

They're gone.

Don't move!

I need to examine her. She's sick.

Then run a line.

I can't.

The wrong blood type might kill her.

Same blood as Kyoko.

That's the only reason
he's here... for her.

She doesn't need blood.
She needs medicine.

You fix her yesterday.

Does she look fixed?

With malaria, the fevers come in waves.

Without the proper treatment,
she might die.

The baby could die.

Give her blood.

Contact break!

Wallace down! Wallace down!

Damn it! He's dead.

Nathan James, Vulture Team.

Troops in contact
30 Mikes north of camp.

Request support from UAV.

Copy, Vulture Team.

Rerouting to get eyes on your location.

Make the heading 090

- and descend 1,000 feet.
- Aye, sir.

I've got eyes on Vulture Team.

There's no one else out there.

We got negative contact, Vulture Team.

UAV's detecting no heat signatures

within 500 yards of your location.

You're all alone.

How you doing, Diaz?

Almost there, sir.

Hang in there, Master Chief.

Captain, when the time comes,

get them to safety, no matter what.

If I can't make it...

You're gonna make it.

No more talk.

Let them talk.

Doesn't matter now.

Soon it'll be over.

It's not over till we're dead.

Your friends will die,
but you will live,

and you'll be tied to me for as
long as your heart pumps blood.


Vulture Team, we've increased
the UAV search radius.

Butler's down!

Set perimeter!

What the hell? We just
cleared that area!

How the hell did they get so close?

They're picking us off one by one.


Son of a bitch.

That's how they're getting
the drop on us.

Be advised, the pirates
are using tunnels.

They're camouflaged by foliage.

Split up and take them out.


Sounds like bad news.

And you're looking a little weak.


Get up!

Everyone, on your feet!


Free as a bird, sir.


We got two tunnels neutralized
on the right flank.


- Tom?
- Captain.


I got Diaz on the main trail.

Where you coming from, Ray? Who's alive?

This way.



Hai, Kancho.


Sir, we've reached the
northwest perimeter.

We are hearing hostiles and hostages.

Copy that. Approaching from the south.

Standby for smoke.

I'll go after them, but
first things first,

I want to kill the son of a bitch!

He killed one of ours.

What's right is right.

No. Don't. You son of a bitch! No!

Do it.



Nothing's visible through
that smoke, sir.

Come left to 2-4-0.

Elevate to get an overview
of the island.

Aye, sir.


I've got five down.

Four more over here.

Set perimeter.

That's all of them!


Except the leader.

Takehaya? Yeah.

He's the last one.

Must have escaped through the woods.

Told you I was planning a visit.

Head count! Who's up?

Cooper... up!

Garnett, Jeter... up!

Fiores, Swain... up!

- Green... up.
- Hume... up!

Diaz... up!

Who's got Cruz?!

He's down!

Cruz is down!


Hey. You're all right. You're fine.

It's nothing. It's not that bad.


You remember Gitmo? Huh?

We got you out of that, right?

We got you out of that.

Just like Gitmo.


Tell Manny and Christopher...

their uncle was a badass.

A bunch of them had the virus.

For some reason our blood helps them.

They didn't get the cure?

No. Takehaya thinks it's poison.

America used it to wipe out Japan.

Makes no sense.

Tell me about it.

He left Miller and Rios
back at the camp.

The wife's blood bank.

We already cleared the camp.
There was no one there.

Unless they're underground.


He's got tunnels.
That's how they ambushed us.

Maybe there's an entrance back
at the camp we didn't see.

We've just lost communication
with the UAV.

- What happened?
- I don't know, sir.

Attempting to reestablish uplink.

Get everyone else to the extract
point, then back to the ship.

You'll come back for us.

Green, Taylor!

You're with me.

I'm not leaving without our boys.

We need that vest.

Fiores, you get him to the
RHIB as soon as you can.

We leave no man behind.

I got it.


I rebooted it three times.
It doesn't make any sense.

Unless it's not the uplink.

Isolate and play back the last
20 frames of the UAV footage.

That gray area.

Lieutenant Burk is right...
this is no uplink issue.

Could Takehaya have shot it down?

An RPG could do it if fired
from the right location,

but it'd have to be
a hell of a dead shot.

Whatever it was came from
bearing 050 relative.


On the other side of the island.

There's nothing there but beach.

The bogy didn't come from the island.

It came from the water.

Takehaya has a ship

strong enough to take out a UAV?

There's a storage shed a
couple hundred meters down this trail.

Cover! Take cover!

Who are these guys?!

Chinese Secret Service!

What the hell are they doing here?

Watch out! Six o'clock!


In the hooch! On me!


Go! Go!

Go, go, go, go, go!

All teams, be
advised, MSS is on the ground.

The Chinese are on the island.

It's a damn Chinese ship!

Bridge, X.O. set Emcon Condition
Alpha. Radio silence.

Vulture Team, setting
Emcon Condition Alpha.

Keeping open channels bridge to bridge.

Nathan James, what's the
status of Cobra Team?

The exfil was successful,

and they're en route back to the ship.

Working on an extract plan for you.

We have to give
Vulture Team some backup,

get a QRF team out there.

The bird can be at
the camp in five minutes.

You just make sure
Jesse flies low enough

to stay out of that ship's radar.

Yes, ma'am.

They're only 10 minutes
late for their check-in.


No, sir.

They're still not responding
to our hails.

I got eight
approaching from the left flank!

You picked a hell of a vacation spot!

Rooms ain't much! Food's top notch!


Nice timing, Nomad.
How's it look out there?

Trying to clear you a path to the north.

Check your nine o'clock!

I'm coming around.

Bad news, Vulture Team.

You got more hostiles
approaching your whiskey...

a lot of them!

They're using the trees for cover!

I'm losing them in the brush!

This is as close as I can get you!

Then take us higher.

Vulture Team, focus your firepower

on the wave from the north.

We'll take care of the rest.

If we take a position that
creates the right angle

for the five-inch, Nathan
James can take out the east flank.

Once they lock onto our coordinates,

we'll have plenty of time to scram.

Got it!

Nathan James, request
you target our location

and prepare to fire the five-inch.

Copy that, Nomad.

Guns, T.A.O..

Slew EOSS and get a bearing
and range on the helo.

Guns, aye.

I'm out!

Nearly Winchester here, too.

And here I thought we were in trouble.

Vulture Team, Nathan James.

Preparing to fire on your whiskey.

You need to clear south-southwest.

Do you copy?

That way. That way.

We copy, Nathan James, but
we're gonna need a minute.

Roger. Standing by.

I got the helo. Calculating
firing solution now.

If they can hold
steady, I can find a target

and they can get out of the way.

I can't lock on.
The shift is too strong.

Nomad, we can not lock target.

If you bank hard from a hover,

how far can you get in 6.4 seconds?

50, 60 yards, maybe.

Nathan James.

Take your visual on
us. We will hold position.

Give us a count.

You fire, we dive!

That's too dangerous.

Nomad, request approved.

Expect incoming on my mark.

T.A.O., request batteries
release on helo's position.

Vulture Team, are you clear?

It's now or never, sir!

Start the countdown. Go, go, go, go, go!

Five... four...

You bank hard, girl.


Batteries release,
kill target with guns!

Shot over!

Shot out!

Hang on!

You all right?


Mike. Mike!

You okay?

- Never better.
- Come on.

We're all good here, sir.

It's quiet.

Kilo is clear!

Target confirmed.

Enemy appears to be neutralized.

Nice shooting, Nathan James!

Green, Taylor... secure the camp,

find Miller and Rios.

We're going after Takehaya.

Yes, sir.

At the last point of
contact, Nathan James was here.

There are at least a dozen reasons

why we might not have heard from them.

Most likely, they went to Emcon.

Without telling us?

It's protocol, in the case
of imminent threat.





I don't care how much
she needs your blood.

I will kill you if you make
one more stupid move.

You okay, doc?

I'm fine.

Miller! Miller!


Whoa! Hold!

Leave! Now!

Let him go

It's over, Takehaya.

What was it you said?

"It's not over till I'm dead."

That can be arranged.

Take him down! Don't worry
about me, just take the shot!



You don't want to die now.

You have too much to live for.



Lieutenant, where are we?

Based on the trajectory of the
missile before it hit the UAV,

we believe the Chinese
ship is loitering here...

on the northeast side of the island.

Probably one of their destroyers.

You pick up any signals on SLICK 32?

No, sir. So far, they've been quiet.

Should we call St. Louis?

We can't break Emcon.

Not until we're out of
their engagement zone.

Tell the bridge to head South
for open water at flank speed.

Aye, sir.

Good job today, Lieutenant.

Thank you, sir.

Master Chief...

Hi. I'm Sasha Cooper.

How you doing?

How many we lose looking for us?

Kudelski in the minefield.

On the island...

Wallace, Butler, Cruz.

All my fault.

Never should have gone
in that nightclub.

There were coming for us, Mike,
no matter what we did.


The Chinese, Vietnamese, Takehaya?

What the hell's going on, Tom?

That's what we're going to find out.

Get some rest.

When you're ready, ship's yours.