The Last Ship (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Rising Sun - full transcript

Chandler tries to return to his old crew while sharpening attention on a menacing new enemy.


They come to help us
or to finish the job?

In the jeep. Now.

We do not know who
blew that plane.

Here is the answer.

Go Go go!

- Weapons?
- In the bag.


Received. 25 miles
nautical from the coast,

near 20.60 North...

106.94 East.

I just got off the phone
with the Vietnamese government.

Eight of their security team have
been killed outside a nightclub.

We sent in the James
Vietnam to send a message.

Peng has responded in kind.

The aircraft captain will
be in one of Chandler

safe airspace in less
than four hours.

We will know something more than
Peng when we talk with him.

The James is safely away
from the Vietnamese coast.

They are in radio silence,
awaiting further instructions.

Still nothing from the sailors disappeared?

No, sir.

Who the hell's in charge here?


My soldier need a doctor.

The bandage is not stopping
the bleeding. Let me take a look.

Hey, hey, hey. If we're hostages,
You do not want to lose one.

Hey, remove them your hands off me!

I want to talk to the man in charge!

I want to talk to the man in charge!

Hold on, Mason. Hold on, man.

- We'll help you.
- Does anyone speak English? He needs help.

It needs help!

Do not remain standing there!

I can help you if you give me the material!

Hold on, man.

Give me the material!

Hold on.

The Last Ship 3x02 Rising Sun

Hong Kong, China

{\ an8} I repeat, this is Zephyr.
Alpha Team, come in.

Someone of Alfa Team,
here is Zephyr.

Sure this is the right channel?

The canal is right, and it's all
the week is free.

- Team Alfa, Zephyr. Answer.
- We used high-frequency radio waves.

They are safe.

If you do not respond, it's because he
killed them Peng, the son of a...


Do you want me to drive?

I'll be fine, sir.

Let's get out of this hell.

Hey, communications go in this area.

- The phones do not work.
- Not even the radio.

- I can not help it.
- Let's get out of here.

Thank you. Very nice.

We must return to the
our ship. Thank you.

Clothes so we are
the easy targets.

We have to change our clothes
before reaching the pier.

no radar or visual contact?

No, sir.

- Nothing?
- No, and local frequencies are clear.

They had all the radios, and
not find a contact.

- It must have been a quick attack.
- He's right.

We should warn them before.

It was a difficult decision.


St. Louis told us to stay off, but
did not say staying here to do nothing.

He wants to find the boat?

They disappeared near the bay
an hour before the attack.

If we follow them, we risk
not to be recovered.

If ours are on those ships, we
still have a chance to recover them.

1-8-5 route to Do Son.

Rudder hard left,
maintaining 1-8-5 route.

Damn. I can not see
a fucking without glasses.

I need some pliers.

I need the pliers! Pliers!

Not enough rags and gauze.

Green ran off.

Maybe... even Burk.

No doubt.

Probably will be
returned already on James.

They had the EMP. That's how
disrupted communications.

I know, son.

I know.

What are they doing? They take him away?

No, no, no, no!

Stop! Stop! No, no!
This man can not be moved.

This man can not be moved!
Put it back on the ground!

No! No!

Son of a bitch!

Son of a bitch!

Maybe they have the
find a doctor.

They are trying.

It eight account.

It wants to live, do not you?

Which gives us an advantage.

We have to catch a couple live.

If we want to find out where are our.


The Shackleton and Hayward will dock
Okinawa in less than three hours.

I suggest you make them
supply them immediately

and having them leave
for Hai Phong.

Yes, we will refuel,
but maybe we'll need

to investigate the mutation
the virus in Japan.

Do not forget the main reason
why we sent Chandler in Asia.

Not prudent to consider sending
other people in that region

without having a clear vision
of the situation, sir.

Mister President...

someone has kidnapped our thirteen.

I do not care if it was Peng,
the Vietnamese or the pirates,

James is still there without
his captain, nor his Deputy.

They are alone!

When James comes out
by radio silence,

communications will be handled
as best we can.

The background noise can be dealt with,
but we have no videos.

Val was working there
before I left, but...

- Trying to figure it out too.
- Okay.

And if you're right, Alex, if it was Peng,
could be a trap

to bring in one place our only
three in the West Pacific destroyers.

I agree. We wait for news
by Captain Chandler.


undisclosed news. I got it?


What makes you think that your
friend is willing to help us?

It was a pilot
Doctors Without Borders.

One of the best ever known.

When the plague struck not
managed to escape from China,

but still likely to remain plagued
to deliver aid in remote areas.

Before the advent Peng,

I used my contacts to help her
get into the hardest hit areas.

We smuggled food,
gasoline, supplies of all kinds.

When Peng took power
and you have brought the cure,

it happened to me a role...


A Jesse did not.

It's a bit 'paranoid when it
comes to meeting new people,

why do not you wait here?
I talk to you first.



You think about it?

Yes, sir.



Hello, Sasha.

Christ, Jesse!

Who are they, your henchmen?

You have come to end
the job for Peng?

But what you're saying?

- Do not you know?
- I do not know anything.

Guangzhou... that little hell of
that no one had to know anything?

When we arrived
crawling with Chinese soldiers!

If I had said that Peng
was shifting its missiles,

We would not have fallen
straight into a trap!

But I did not know

- Peng who were moving the missiles!
- Then we had bad luck,

or someone told him
we were coming.

Because there was Lau Hu waiting.

My brother...

all my friends...

- They were killed.
- Jesse, I did not know anything.

- You gotta believe me!
- I believe you?

You've already got a suite
luxury in residence Peng...

or you moved into
the master bedroom?


You know who I am?

I came here to prevent
Peng to accumulate nursing doses.

He just tried to kill me...

indeed, to kill us all. I think
anyone with me right now

playing fair.

And Homeland Security's
ten minutes from us.

I'm really sorry for your friends,

I too have lost too much.

And for all I know, Peng's pissing
on their graves at this time,

but now your cover is blown.

So we had to leave all.

We need the helicopter.


Let's go.


- Still nothing, sir.
- And we are far from the coast.

- We have something on radar.
- I have it also on the sonar.

It is a ship?

It is sending a trade signal
identifying the system as

a fishing boat, but...

It is not one of the three ships
we had seen before.

Sonar, give me a pair of headphones.

I hear the sound of an engine.

It's the same ship that is identified
as a Chinese fishing boat Class B?

Yes, sir, I think so, sir.

You can change your signal,
but not your engine clatter.

Gator, order the helmsman
to bring us together.

Roger that.

- News of the other two ships?
- No, sir.

It's been five hours.

They could be gone by now.

Who I am?

They do not seem to Vietnamese.

They look like a hodgepodge.

I heard them talking in
Thai and Chinese.

There were written in Chinese
on the side of the frigate.

Are you okay, boy?

Yes, I just seasickness.

This ship moves
much more than James.

Bend your knees, move them
to your chest and close your eyes.

Every 60 seconds riaprile
and count to 5

Then do it again.

Le 4:32.

We are at sea by how much? About 3 hours?

We're going from 12 to


How it moves the ship,
if the wind is still from the East,

towards South-East, shall we?

We move away from China.

We move away from Vietnam.

Where are they taking him?

They come all eight.

Two live Lasciamone.

We, Danny Boy!

I have just killed one!

Now they are two!

And with these they make four.

I do not speak your language, you asshole.

Damn it, we're seven.

Tell me the last still breathing.

That ship is 1.3 nautical miles
north-north-west of our position.

Deck officer, full speed ahead.
Viriamo and intercept that ship.

Climb on board and find out
where are our men.

Fishing boat at 6 kilometers
Southeast of Do Son peninsula,

Here is the US warship

who calls you on channel 1-6. Passage.

Fishing boat at 6 km
in Southeast...

They are moving and
increase speed.

In North-West, in the direction 3-4-0.

change the route. 3-4-0.

The're wearing.

Hey, could you put out your cigarette?

Are you afraid that you may
lung cancer?

We have bigger problems, right?

Homeland Security
is 10 minutes from us.


Or maybe not.

I mean, even Peng tried
to kill us, if it's any consolation.

As you are silent.

I'm thinking.

I know that face.

You're not thinking.

You're thoughtful.

You must understand, Mr. President,

that people behaved in
some way to survive.

And now she wants to change everything.

These ration cards are
becoming a thorny issue.

I understand this is difficult, but if
all this has taught us one thing

It is that the American people can adapt.

Clearly, its moon
honey is about to end.

- It has the support of the people.
- People have a very short memory.

And you realize that
out there, on the streets,

people give credit to Chandler
a to Dr. Scott.

My wife has been to the market, today.

In the store you're a guy who
wanted to buy six boxes of cereal.

She has enough money, but his rations for
the week say that it is up to him only.

Then look on the shelves and sees
that there are three hundred boxes.

Half of those grains will go bad.

This people...

They held up their
regions only with tenacity

and courage for almost a year.

The way they see it...

if the treatment had come
there instead of here,

It would be one of them to command, now.

What nonsense.

Beatty was a senator and Castillo
owned a limousine company.

And Michener was a
secretary of the Cabinet.

Approved by Congress.

- And so is the President.
- He was not elected.

And not just forget... He is immune.

I know you voters do not like,

but it comes to earn or share.

If this man has more than he needs, must
send him where there is lack of resources.

We're doing everything we can,
Mr. President.

But is asking people to
change their basic principles

of how it should work
our society.

The rationing is not
in the DNA of Americans.

I understand what you mean, gentlemen.

Captain Chandler should
be in a safe airspace,

but we have no news of the plane.

We tested it with Sasha Cooper and
our security team in Hong Kong.

No response from them either.

Between what the plane is
expected to Pearl Harbor?

In five and a half hours.

As we speak, our ships
are sourcing in Okinawa.

We do not consider this option.
Keep trying with the plane.

Yes, ma'am.

Do not warm up, Alex.

You do not want to admit it,

but he has so much trouble
to be solved here.

The way it will handle
this foreign crisis...

He must do so with great resolve.

I understand your
concern, gentlemen,

but you'll have to be patient.

The course of action is decided.

Where's the boat?

60 miles to the South-West.

The boat goes to 30 knots.

Stables on him.

30 knots?

It is a fishing boat.

Go to Cat Ba. There is a
channel too narrow for us.

If circumnavigassimo the island,

we could intercept them at dawn.

Mate, the helm hard left.

We intercept them on the other side.

Helm hard left.

Peng reconnaissance teams
everywhere, in these waters.

Just so she can keep it hidden.

Once in Kowloon,
I have a van to use hidden.

I hope for your
good that it is still there.

Also for your.

I do not care.

- I have no reason to live.
- Hey...

We have all lost
virtually everything.

If you really want to hit Peng,

this should be
the only thing that matters.

First, the apartment,

you asked me to wait outside.

You wanted to meet her for the first
to keep her from talking.

You have not only smuggled food and
gasoline before the rise of Peng.

Care also.

And it happened well after
the arrival of Peng...

While you are working as diplomatic.

I stopped a few weeks ago,
when the situation precipitated.

You mad at me since then.

Rivera knows? And the President?

Of course not. I not would lay them
so much, and in this way.

You always have to do things your way.

Sasha always knows what to do.

They were to be unaware,

and in any case I had no way to tell him.

There are secure communications
between Hong Kong and the United States.

Do you understand that maybe that's why
my men have been affected?

Do you think that Vietnam
is retaliation

for what I have done with Jesse?

Do not forget my plane.

If Peng had known something,

He would have done
killed on the spot.

Like you said, he
planning long-term...

He would not kill her
just I was gone.

I'm sorry for your men, Tom...

but you have to believe me when I tell you
behind there is something bigger

that smuggling of care to
me and that girl.

Who do you work?

For the Government?

Who do you work?

For the Chinese? For who?

Are we really sure
it's Vietnamese?

On this blade
engraved different characters.

We're almost in the open sea.

Tell me that we can see
that boat.

I'm hooking them right now.

I have them along the trajectory

Sailing between islands.

The seabed there is at 4 meters.


- Maneuvering speed, mate.
- Full ahead, to 1/3 to 3 knots.

I lost them again.

They're gone.

I hear you're a good driver.

What it takes to
get to your helicopter?

You're becoming impatient.

I was thinking more
programs for today.

- What's that?
- Welcome to Hong Kong.

I never saw a checkpoint here.

Try us.


Eat! Eat!

Filet mignon ...

and apricots?

Before, when I have
accompanied to the bathroom,

I could see the
rest of the crew.

They were eating
beans from a jar.

I'm sorry, guys.

We have to give him something to drink.

It needs water.


Also give a clean would not go amiss.


What do you do?

- Hey, hey! Hey, no!
- Where are you going?

- What are you doing? Leave him.
- He just wants to drink!

Leave him! It's just a boy!

Bring your friend to
get some fresh air.


you eat.

Stay down!

Jesus, Sasha.

- I said stay down.
- And I hear you.

Just a bunch of stuff at random.
I can not understand where they come from.

How are you?

I'm fine.

It's him I'm worried about.

Make him an ass like you
doing in the Middle Ages.

I wait.

He's going into shock. Hey! Hey!

Stay with me!

Stay with me!


He is losing...


He said that you lose blood.

As? Do you speak my language?

He will not be pleased.

But who the hell is this?

Who? Who will not be pleased?

Who do you work for? Who sent you, eh?


Now we go to the south, I think.

It seems that we turn in circles.

They do not want to find out where we are.

Unless there are not
going nowhere.

Unless there are not
just holding here.

Be good, boys. Be right back.

We left behind a lot of corpses.

How long will it take the Security
Inner before chasing us?

The checkpoints do
report every half hour.

When Peng will not
call, send reinforcements.


This area is radioactive.

There is a nuclear power plant
ten kilometers inland.

And there has been a loss?

I would say more of a meltdown.

A few months ago. No one has been able to
activate the security protocols.

So it is here that keeps
his helicopter?

It takes 9 minutes to get there.
That leaves us 11 minutes to take off

- Before the radiation kill us.
- 11 minutes?

More or less.

Sir, I'm on the phone
with Pearl Harbor.

They can not find the plane with the radar.
It does not respond to their calls.

Mr. President, there's a phone call
from Hong Kong. He is the chairman Peng.

- President Peng.
- Mr President,

I realize that there is very late,

and I'm sorry to give her other
worries over Vietnam.


No. He has news for us?

I'm afraid so.

It seems that the plane Captain Chandler
in a serious failure to engines

while he is attempting takeoff
from our airport.


the plane crashed.

The plane crashed?

There are survivors?

We're looking into the water right now...

but with little hope.

We been precisely sought.

It's certainly very suspicious,
Mr. President,

after what happened in Vietnam.

Like I said,

in the region operate many
elements outside the law.

At first we suspected pirates,

but your pilot reported
to engine problems.

We are sending the transmission between
your pilot and the control tower.

Yes. Of course we are very interested
to hear the recording.

I assure you

that will conduct a thorough investigation

and we keep you informed.

Thank you, President Peng,

and I will call you soon.

- You will not believe it, do you?
- I do not want to jump to conclusions,

and you should not do it either you.

We listen to the broadcast.

Your delays have put me in a
bad position with the Americans.

If Chandler is found alive,

it will be at war with the United States.

Find him, goddamn it.

You stole a helicopter
Chinese military?

We are in China. What did you expect?

- That charge does?
- Approximately 1000 km.

- Simply just to get to Hai Phong.
- It depends on the winds.

Are you OK?

- Just a little 'sick.
- Maybe we should get out of here.

Well, fasten your seat belts.

- Launch grenades?
- Better safe than sorry.


- It's a joke, right?
- We start with the cables?

Take the battery and
the terminals of the car.

You can not connect a battery
28 volt to a 12.

There is an old van on the other side
of the generator. We also use that.

Homeland Security's coming.

- Want to make a chain?
- Yes.

I will take time.

Here we are!

The turbines do not go fast enough.

I can not keep them in
bay for much longer!

Try now!

I started the generator.

Hurry and bring your ass on board.

Come on, Captain!

Everything is alright?

Have you by any chance
with you a Geiger counter?

It seems to me been a week.

We were under the arch...

To distribute the cure.

It is possible that Peng is lying.

Did you hear the transmission
from the cockpit.

The Air Force Captain
confirmed the rumors.

We are currently out of
16-mile position, sir.


Deck officer, sees something?

Negative, sir.


No sign of them or our.

We have to get back in position
for saving.

I would never have to go
to the damn party.

The entire high command down the
ship at the same time...

We were on a diplomatic mission.

Cameron is more than suitable.

Burk and Green find them...

And they will find us.

Rockets forward,
green-red-green signal.

3-5-0 route, but away
at least 10 miles.

It's our sequence, are parties.

TAO, I want a scan
Full radar and sonar area.

Deck officer,
we head in that direction.

Twenty degrees right, 3-5-0 route.

I hope you're right about that
ship because we're running out of gas

and in 10 minutes we will be dry.

The commander said he would
have been within 20 miles of Hai-Pong.

We should be radio remote now.

Forget it. She's gone.

The points suitable for extraction
have this, this and this.

But it will take at least 20
minutes to get there.

Hey, Burky, where the hell are they?

They should be closer to shore.

New contact surface in
0-4-0 direction one nautical mile.

With 2-4-5 route to 35 knots.

Bridge, here TAO.
Confirmed AIS signals.

The enemy ship has returned.

Everyone to battle stations,
ready to attack his signal.

- Missiles and cannons, sir.
- Negative, TAO.

We do not shoot. Could
be hostages on board.

We should change course
to intercept them.

Blocchiamoli before our reach.

Agree. Officer
blanket, direction 0-2-0.

- Engines at most.
- Yes, sir.

Helmsman, 20 degrees to the right.

They go to the islands.
They resemble ours.

CCS, disable all secure.

Come into operation
continuously. We will cut the road.

It's time to think of
to another destination.

Tell me that at least the radar works.

- Do not touch it.
- Sasha.

Your ship will see that we are Chinese.

They will think that we
want to attack them.

Do not you think I know that?

- There must be another way.
- A problem at a time.

You two go to bed together?

Turn it on.

Aircraft in unknown
approaching from 0-8-0.

110 knots.

Lord, come!
Looks like a Chinese helicopter.

Here is James.

It is 10 miles east-southeast.

What are you doing?

I greet them.

The aircraft changed the
its transponder code.


- 1-2-0-9...
- anything to you?

- No, no. It's impossible.
- What?

It is the Chief of Naval Operations!
On December 9 is his birthday.

Sometimes he used that code as ID.

The Chief of Naval Operations?
Here? On a Chinese helicopter?

30 seconds we lose touch.

Warn the guys on the boat.
Let them know that they are in danger.

Hold on, man!

We're almost home.

Warning to one hour.

I would say that red is not a good sign.


There seem to be two of our
boys on a speedboat.

They are chasing them!
We have to help them. Go ahead!

We dry. We have to land.

I said go!

Hey, look out!

Look out!

Draw near more.

Covering fire!

They are arriving!

Yup! Yup!