The Last Ship (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - Scuttle - full transcript

Chandler faces a tough decision when the White House delivers a bizarre order.

Mom! Let's go!

What are you doing?

Kara, this is crazy. Why can't
you tell me what's going on?

- Where's the diaper bag?
- I don't know. I thought you had it.

That's Jed. Let's go.

Okay, I'm going.

- Hi, sweetheart.
- Hi.

Hi, Sam. Here, take this. Thanks.

You got gas? Supplies?

I filled up on the way over.

I need to know
what's going on here, Kara.

Does this have
something to do with my dad?

You dad's still in Asia, sweetheart.

In Hong Kong?

I'll explain everything at another time.

Okay, ready.

I've got my sat phone
if you need me. Call me.

Shh, sweetheart.

It's okay. We got him.

I'll call you as soon as I can.

Be careful.

Start over there.
Whatever patients need one.

Here. Give this to the medic.

He'll give you further instructions.

We're gonna do everything we
can to make you comfortable.

Sasha, I need an I.V. bag over here.

- How you doing?
- We're all out, Doc.

How you doing?

Take a deep breath.

You'll be okay. Just rest.

Welcome back, buddy.

We're out of compression bandages.

- Anything you got for me?
- Not right here. I'll check with...

We'll get through this. You understand?


It's time.

I'll cut up some extra for everybody.

Then let's, uh, change that dressing.

I was a plankholder.

Did you know that?


I don't believe I did.

I watched her being built.

Those my windows?

Yeah. We took everything we could use.

Like donating your
kid's eyes after a car crash.

Team's clear of the vessel.

Charges have been set and rigged
to ensure maximum damage

to any sensitive technical equipment.

Ready to proceed.

Captain Meylan, switch is hot.

Thank you, Captain Slattery.

So the plan is just to hold position

until Peng rears his head?

Obviously, that's impossible.

Now that search and rescue is complete,

- we need to keep moving.
- Then what's on the table?

We're exploring several
potential options,

- but we have to...
- Options?

There's only one option I can see.

We need to go home.

Not that simple, Captain.

Excuse me, Captain.

SSES intercepted these communications...

...from the
Chinese destroyer Sea Dragon.

The one we sunk? It's all coded.

Yes, but it's likely the cipher
is still aboard the vessel.

At the bottom of the South China Sea?

Yes, sir. If we could send
a team down to retrieve it...

Come on. This is ridiculous.


Peng could be anywhere right now.

We don't have the fuel to wait him out.

Our medical stocks are depleted,

and in 72 hours, we won't
be able to feed our people.

We'll find replenishments. We always do.

As I understand it,

you've already shut down Peng's factory.

You've cut off his smuggling operation

and destroyed the ship

carrying the last of
his chemical weapons.

What more is there?

As long as Peng is breathing,

he's a threat to the region
and to the world.

If we don't stop him,
he'll just set up a new factory

and start the genocide all over again.

Say we could get a lock on his position.

The man still has two destroyers
that we know of,

and most likely a sizeable army.

We've already lost Hayward
and Shackleton,

along with the lives
of 300 American sailors.

Even if we could take down Peng,

what's to say someone else
won't rise up and take his place

the minute we leave the region?

I'm sure I don't have to remind you

that there are a lot of other
people in this world

who could use our help,

and we are wasting our resources

fighting what might be
an unwinnable battle

10,000 miles away from home.

We need to finish the job
we were sent here to do.

That means cutting the
head off the snake.

This mission was approved
by the Commander in Chief.

But the circumstances have changed.

We need to talk this over
with the President.

We're at EMCON, Captain.

Until I can be assured that
we have a secure line home,

nothing changes.

Have Lieutenant Green form a dive team.

Search that destroyer. Find the cipher.

Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

Thank you all for waiting.

This morning, I
signed Executive Order 10842.

This order eases restrictions

on the federal ration card mandate,

provides more local control
over banking issues,

and temporarily suspends

the private property
claw back regulations,

as set forth my predecessor.

Mr. President. Mr. President.

Details can be found
in your briefing packets,

regarding the affected territories.

- Where's Mrs. Green?
- I don't know.

In addition, I have promoted
the Army National Guard

to active status

and placed them under the
control of local leadership

in a bid to quell continued
riots in the Five Territories.

Mr. President. Mr.
President, Mr. President,

you've been in office for 48 hours now.

How do you account
for the immediate rollback

of President Michener's policies?

How do I account for it?

I'm sorry,

but the President will not
be taking any questions today.

Thank you, sir.

Mr. President! Mr. President, please!

Mr. President, can't you
at least answer anything?

- Mr. President!
- Ms. Shaw, there's been conjecture

that President Oliver's
political sensibilities

lie to the right of...

I don't comment on conjecture.

Well, can you tell us if we can expect

a further shift in agenda
from this White House?

President Oliver is his own man,

but the agenda remains the same...

Building a stronger and better America.

On that note and due to

the President's increasingly
demanding schedule,

we'll be
discontinuing these daily addresses...

...and replacing them

with weekly briefings
administered by my office.

Thank you very much.
That's a lid on today.

Ms. Shaw!

- One question! Allison!
- Ms. Shaw!

Uh, call for you on 2.

When did we get a second line?

Allison Shaw.

Allison, it's Kara.

She's not available.

Kara, where are you? We've been
calling you all morning.

I'm... in trouble.

I need your help.

- What's wrong?
- Rivera's dead.


And Senator Beatty.

They were shot in the Capitol
parking garage last night.

Oh, my God. There was no...

there's no... no
reports. Are you sure about this?

I was there. I saw it.

I've been wandering around all night.

I don't know what to do.

Where are you right now?

It's all right. You're gonna be okay.

I will send someone to come get you.


I think we have a mole
inside the White House.

And until we find them,

there's no one I can trust except you.

You need to come alone.

Okay, just me. Tell me
where you are right now.

He's gonna be coming by...

S&W Diner.

On Fifth.

Hold tight. I'll be right there.

- Could we get the check, please?
- Sure.

- You doin' all right?
- Uh-huh.

What can I get ya?

Uh, can I get a glass of
milk for my daughter, please?

Sure. Just one second.

I need a favor.

My team went diving for an item

we think was on the Chinese destroyer.

Seems some pirates got to it first.

You told me you still have
some people out there.


You know of any way
to get a message to 'em?

Might help us find Peng.


I will try.

Sir, my crew has had a couple
run-ins with these pirates.

In fact, two of my sailors
were gravely wounded

during a swarm attack.

You don't need to remind me
what they're capable of.

We don't always get
to choose our allies.

So we're willing to do anything?
Get in bed with anyone?

Like I said, we're gonna finish the job.

With all due respect, sir...

Usually when someone says
"with all due respect,"

he's about to show a lack
of respect, Captain.

I understand the damage
that Peng has done,

that's he responsible for
a lot of loss to your crew,

and that he even tried to kill you...

And you think this is personal for me.

I've lost a third of my
crew, and I'm willing to walk away

if that's what's for the greater good.

- Hmm.
- And I get the feeling

there are other people
in your senior leadership

who feel the same way.

Sometimes a captain has to
make the unpopular call

because that's his responsibility.

Someday, I hope you understand that.


all due respect, I have things to do.

Thank you, sir.

Are you sure you had the right diner?

Okay. Yes.

All right. No, just head
back. I have something else for you.

Guess our Mrs. Green isn't
just a pretty face after all.

It appears that way.

How much has she figured out?

It doesn't matter.
She can't prove any of it.

And when are you gonna release the news

about Beatty and Rivera?

I will leak it sometime tonight.

I didn't want it convoluting
this morning's press conference.

Well, we need to start
corralling the herd.

And if Chandler makes it
home to rally the troops,

all of our lives become
much more difficult.

I told you that I am dealing with it.

You've been saying that
for two weeks now.

Everybody's gettin' impatient.

I have done more than my part, Roberta.

And let us not forget
that none of you would

even have a seat at this
table if it wasn't for me.

Don't fool yourself, dear.

You may have set the table,

but we're paying for the groceries

and we're cookin' the meal.

Let's not forget that.

Did you find the decoder?

He's saying that
was only a finder's fee.

If you wanna purchase the cipher,

it's gonna cost double the rations.

We barely have enough food
to feed our own crew.

That's not gonna work for us.

Please, let me talk to him.

What'd he say?

Lau Hu killed Shirahama's brother.

- He said...
- I got it.

You have a deal at the original price.

Sir, I have an order here
for your signature.

No one in their
right mind would sign this.

This isn't a negotiation, Howard.

It's "Mr. President."

And I'm not gonna stand by
while you destroy this country.

I don't care if you kill me,
but I'm done taking orders.

We can't kill you, sir.

But I will remind you
that we can kill your family.

It was only five months ago.

We had a plan, a
good plan, and it worked.

We cured a whole country.

What the hell happened to that?
How did we get to this?

There are forces at work
here, and they are bigger than me,

and they are bigger than you.

And they're stretched all
the way across the Pacific,

where you're
exterminating whole races of people.

We had no idea what
Peng was planning to do.

All we needed was his help
to get rid of Chandler.

The landscape of
this country is changing,

and there is nothing
that anyone can do to stop it.

I am still the
President of the United States,

and I can stop it.

We can stop it.

It can't be too late, Allison.

Sign it...

Mr. President.

Passive radar is clear,
sir. No sign of the Chinese.

How's the temperature below deck?

Considering the circumstances...

I'd call it a low simmer.

New kid thinks my motivations

might not be completely impartial.

New kid's had a rough day.

He'll buck up.

What do you think?

Do you believe this is personal for me?

At this point, sir...

it's personal for all of us.


The cipher the
pirates found checked out.

So far, we've isolated
two direct communications

between the Sea
Dragon destroyer and Peng.

Can we pinpoint his location in China?

That's just it, sir. He's not in China.

He's mobilized his remaining destroyers

off the coast of Tokyo.

And the latest intel suggests

he's aboard one of those destroyers.


Are you alone?

I, uh... yeah.

Shut the door.

Is our relationship about to change?

Alex Rivera and Senator Beatty are dead.


I thought Rivera was
leaking information to Peng,

so I followed him.

He was meeting with Beatty

when they were both gunned
down by the Secret Service.

Gunned down?

I found pictures of troop
readiness reports

on Rivera's phone.

I need to know why he was
bringing these to Beatty.

I need to know what they were into,

- what they were planning.
- Okay, okay, slow down.

It was an inside job.

And Shaw was part of it. I
don't know who I can trust.

But your press credentials

still get you access to the White House.

So you want me to break into
Senator Beatty's office,

after he was just murdered
by the Secret Service

along with the Secretary
of Foreign Affairs?

And I think they killed
the President, too.


And I know for a fact the
Chief of Staff was in on it

and that she's been double-dealing
with Peng.

Please, Jacob, just
get into Beatty's office.

I know there's something there.

XO, we have a top secret
SCI communication

coming from central command.

It's double encrypted.

Put it through first stage
decrypt and print it out.

Aye, ma'am.

First stage decrypt commencing.

There's gotta be
something more you can give him.

I'm sorry, sir. I'm doing
the best I can with the ice.

There's a lot of guys
in worse shape than him.

It's okay, sir.

I'm all right.

Captain Meylan, a message
for you from central command.

First stage decrypted,
it's now in command code.

Thank you, Commander.

- You hanging in there?
- I am. It still hurts.

All right, let me get
you some pain medication.

Captain Chandler.

Captain Meylan.

Something on your mind?

I have a flash order
from the Commander in Chief

to place you under arrest,

relieve Captain Slattery of his command,

and take Nathan James back to San Diego.

What the hell did you say?

"Illegal incursion
into the sovereign territory

of a foreign country.

Attempted murder of a foreign leader.

Destroying a
noncombative foreign vessel.

Dereliction of duty."

Ah, this is bullshit.

You can verify it if you like.

Mike, you realize what this means?

The White House has been compromised.

That's how Peng kept getting
our coordinates.

It's more than that.

My plane exploding,
you guys getting ambushed...


You saying he didn't
kill himself? We got a coup?

I talked to Oliver 24 hours ago.

He said we had his full
support. Now this?

Code is accurate, sir.

Order like this comes
through fleet command,

addressed to our XO, not you.

Everything about this stinks.
We can't follow it.

It's not our place to question
a confirmed order

from the Commander in Chief.

But my guess is that

POTUS has lost faith
in your senior command,

which is a hell of a lot more plausible

than your paranoid conspiracy theories.

Well, let's get the President
on the phone.

- We'll talk to him...
- Can't do that, Captain.

Like you said, we're at EMCON.

It won't matter,

not if Oliver's in on it.

If you're so worried
about what's going on back home,

all the more reason
we should head that way.

We'll sort it out there.

You don't understand.

We're not gonna make it home alive.

The person who sent you those orders

is the same person who just
destroyed your ship.

We'll get sunk
before we hit Pearl Harbor.

Yeah, you heard those charges.
They're absurd.

From what I've seen in
my short time on this ship,

these charges don't surprise me one bit.

But it's not about what I think.

Master at Arms Plummer. Yes, sir.

Please remand Captain
Chandler into custody.

Stand down.

I'll comply with the order.

You need to keep the peace right now.

I'll be counting on you, Captain.


Lieutenant Granderson, Lieutenant Mejia,

you are relieved of duty.

Please exit the pilot house.

XO Cobb.

Yes, sir.

Arrest those men stealing our food.

Yes, sir.

Set a course for Pearl Harbor,
where we will refuel

and continue
directly on toward San Diego.

Aye, sir.

I've already
sequestered Green, Burk, and Taylor,

so don't think about
doing anything stupid.

Not a good idea.

You are relieved, Captain Slattery.

Yes, I am, but if you get on that mike

and you tell the crew that
you've arrested Tom Chandler

and you're taking control
of the Nathan James,

you're gonna have
to sequester a lot more

than just those three guys.

That's a course we don't come back from.

Attention, all hands.

This is Captain Mike Slattery.

Effective immediately, by order
of the Commander in Chief,

Captain Tom Chandler
has been relieved of duty

and placed under arrest.

Per that same order, I have
been relieved of duty,

and Captain Joe Meylan has
taken command of the ship.

Come on, let's go.

Keep moving.


I expect every member of this crew

to perform their duties
with the professionalism

and determination
customary to this ship.

This is Captain Slattery. That is all.

The Chief of Naval Operations
asked to see me.

I understand your captain
was kind enough

to grant me 10 minutes.

10 minutes.

We're just gonna move the
additional pallets into...

Tom, what the hell is going on?

I want you to ask for a court martial.

You'll be my legal counsel.


Meylan will have to empanel a court.

He's not permitted to sit in judgment

over a superior officer... I'll have to
hand in my commission.

You'll never win. He'll stack
the court with his top people.

Good. Let him.

Tom, he could put you
in front of a firing squad.

There hasn't been a
military execution in the U.S.

since '61.

Stop being cute.

We're pawns in a bigger game.

I don't know what it
is yet, but I know this...

If we go home, whoever's behind this,

they'll kill us all.

I need to retake command of the ship.

There's a way out of this,

but technically, it
involves me committing treason.

So if you want nothing to do
with it, I'll understand.

Tell me the goddamn plan.

Credentials, sir.


Tightening up security around here, huh?

Yes, sir.

Make sure they're posted, teams of two.

Yes, I, uh, will
change them every 30 minutes.

Can I help you?

No. Uh, I was just looking
for the senator.

He's out of town this week.

Oh. Must've got my dates
crossed. Thanks.

I still can't find any record

of a conversation
between Chandler and Michener

regarding the break-in
to Peng's mansion.

I asked Granderson.
She says it doesn't exist.

What a mess.

Secret Service were cleaning
out Beatty's office.

They beat us to the punch.

Damn it.

I was pretty sure you weren't crazy,

but with Oliver reversing
Michener's policies,

Shaw hijacking his press conference,

and now this, something's going on.

I didn't wanna have to do this.

Do what?

There's one person at
the White House I can trust.

I didn't wanna put him at risk.

Didn't mind putting me at risk.

Thank you.

Yes, ma'am.

This is Dennis.

Don't react. Don't look up.

Shaw is the leak.

I don't know who else is in on it,

but I need you to do something for me.

That's a lot of moving parts, sir.

We'll get it done.

Unfriendly on your nine.

What's this?

Adding everything we can
to the ration pile, sir.

Thank you, gentlemen.

- Can I speak with you?
- Yeah. Sure.

- Captain.
- Hmm?

Me and my team have been over
every file, every log,

and deposed every
key member of your crew.

And I can tell you with certainty

that Tom Chandler
cannot mount a proper defense

with the evidence available
to him on this ship.

You need to get him to reconsider.

Back when the plague broke,

he refused a
presidential order to return home.

Didn't have any
information, didn't have any facts,

didn't know what the hell was going on.

But we survived at sea
and we found the cure

because of his instincts.

Isn't it possible his instincts
are right again?

I'm not saying he shouldn't
refute the charges.

But to do it here,
under these circumstances...

Circumstances don't add up. Come on.

Order from the Commander in Chief

comes out of the blue for you
to break the chain of command

and arrest the head of the navy,

just after we've been attacked
by the Chinese?

You're smarter than that, Captain.

It's not about...

I don't have a choice here.

Oh, we always have a choice.

To be clear...

I'm not saying exoneration is unlikely.

I'm saying it's impossible.

Well, then I can't help you.

He's gonna want his day in court.

And you're gonna have to give it to him.

Hey. Hey.

Did you get a message to the James?

It's gonna be almost impossible.

Shaw's upped security
in the whole building.

What about Oliver? Do you
think he's in all of this?

It's hard to tell.

The guy barely ever leaves his office.

May I?

So I got Beatty's calendar,

some projects he was working
on for Michener.

I had to do some decryption work,

but I found this one file tucked away... a hidden folder.

What are we looking at here?

Red dots. Sharp borders between regions.

These guys are staking their claim.

- I gotta get back to the office.
- Dennis.

Yeah, I'll get a message
off to the James.

That's not what I was gonna say.

Just be careful.


Just doesn't make any sense.

I heard that.

This new President's been
in office for what, a day?

I mean, what the hell's
really going on here?

It's like some animal kingdom shit.

Marking his territory, you know?

Yeah, good luck with that.

Chandler's basically
American royalty at this point.

He should just get a free pass for life.

What's that mean?


A pass? What's he need a pass for?

Nothing. No, I was just saying.
You know, come on.

He didn't do anything
wrong. He doesn't need a damn pass,

especially from a grunt like you.

- Whoa. Chill, Eric.
- It's PO2, blivit.

You know what I meant,
okay? Hey, I was eating that!

You've been
complaining since you got here,

and I'm sick of it!

How about showing a little

- goddamn gratitude?
- Gratitude?

Yeah, for pulling you and all
your helpless little buddies

out of the drink!

Who you calling helpless?

We wouldn't have even been there

if you pussies
hadn't called us for help.

You just call me a pussy?!

Hey! Back off him, huh?!

You back off! Come here!

Come on, knock it off!

Stand down!

Master at Arms, Master at Arms,

Report to mess deck immediately.

Stand down!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Break it up! Break it up!

We're on the same side,
you assholes! Break it up!


Break it up!

Stand down! Stand down!

- Just like old times, huh?
- Yes, sir.

What the hell is the matter with you?!

What the hell are they...

They're stockpiling supplies
in all these warehouses.


Food, medicine.
They're in such remote areas.

I mean, Clallam Bay,
population's under 500.

But according to this,

they've got enough food
in the warehouse there

to feed thousands of
people for six months.

Isn't there a red dot near Clallam Bay?

Yeah, there is.

Looks like some of these
other warehouses line up, too.

Maybe that's what the dots are.

No. The dots are prisons.

Check them out.

- Benton, Arkansas.
- Yep.

Bismarck, North Dakota.
Big Spring, Texas. Yep and yep.

46 prisons for a population our size?

All maximum security.

And they're spread out evenly
in the territories.

There's controlling the troops,

hoarding the food, and expecting
people to resist.

Beatty must've been getting cold feet.

That's why he didn't go to the funeral.

That's why he was trying
to get to Rivera.




Gentlemen, I need to depose
these witnesses.

Sorry, Ma'am. No one in or out.

- Orders from Captain Meylan.
- I don't have time for this.

You're interfering with
official Navy proceeding.

What's going on here?

I'm sorry, Ma'am, but we got
orders from Captain Meylan...


On your knees. Okay, boys.

Not a lot of time to discuss
the ramifications here,

but I will say upfront...

If we do this, it's dry fire only.

You want us to take back the
ship without loaded weapons?

Well, Hayward's crew won't fire on us.

They don't want blue on blue either.

I appreciate what I'm asking.

I think history will side with us

when the President's order
is proven unlawful.

Sorry about this, boys.

Well, if we don't have bullets,

we're gonna need more guns, Captain.

Way ahead of ya.

Take a seat, please.

Captain Chandler...

Before we begin,

you're entitled to make
an opening statement.

I've spent half my life in the Navy.

Like you, I did everything right.

Worked my way through the pipeline

just to get my chance to lead.

Nathan James was my first command.


I was thrust into a situation
that no one can prepare you for.

The world was turned upside-down,

and all the rules were thrown out.


The Navy taught me many things.

Most importantly,

it taught me to adapt.

I had to make some difficult decisions.

God knows I made some mistakes.

But never once did I waver
from what I knew to be right...

The core values that run
through all of our veins.




And I served my sailors
as they served me.

Get down and drop your weapons!

...and as we all serve
this great country of ours.

I didn't ask for this.

I could've taken this uniform
off at any time.

But I always believed

in the work that we
were doing as a team,

and the decisions that
I was making as a captain.

And though my tactics changed
to address an insane world... resolve and my dedication
to the Navy never faltered.

I stand by my record.

Keep your hands up!

What the hell is this?

I see.

This was never about your
guilt or innocence.

You forced our hand here, Captain.

There was a moment today...

...where I actually had my doubts.

Thank you for removing those for me.

When the chips fall,
if I'm proven wrong,

I'll face justice from
a higher power than you.

Cooper, Green,
please remove the officers

and sequester them in Helo Bay 2.


Captain, I need you to set
a new course for Japan.

Yes, sir.

Let's go. On your feet.

...the body of Senator Beatty

and Secretary Rivera were
discovered late last night.

An arrest warrant has been issued

for Kara Green, a senior
military advisor,

and Jacob Barnes, White House reporter,

in connection with the double homicide.

Meanwhile, we will have
more of this story...

You really think this
friend of yours can help us?

If we can find him.

In other news...

What the...

Get the last two off the truck!

Drop that one in, and we're ready!

All right, secure it! Easy!

What the hell is that?

They're building a wall...

Drop a pin in it when she's done!

...making those
regional borders permanent.