The Last Ship (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Solace - full transcript

The crew makes a discovery; Chandler sees an opportunity to add another ship to the fleet.


Bearing 0-4-5.

- Steady 10 knots.

I can't see. (COUGHS)


Sir? Sir?

Holding course, steady.

- Depth, sonar?
- MAN: Captain?

Bearing 0-4-5... (CHOKES)

Hey. Hey, hey. Hey.


Oh, God.

Oh, God. Oh, God.

What the hell is going on, Sean?

Everyone's dead but us.

We lost the captain. We're all alone.

There's no answer
from the base at Faslane.

How we gonna get home?


We'll get home, bruv.

How do you know?

Because I do.


That's all in place...


Such a rarified concept these days.

High in demand. And short in supply.

I'm enjoying recording these logs again.

Until recently, I had given up on them.

With no connection to the outside world,

they were serving as little
more than just a diary.

But now with the satellite
network up and running,

they have become
my trusty carrier pigeon.

I am happy to report
that the cure has landed safely

in labs across the country and in Europe,

and I am on my way to you, Dr. Hunter,

my friend, my mentor.

We'll be stopping first in Savannah
to set up a lab there,

before heading down to you
in Florida with the cure.

As promised,

lam uploading my data
to the secured satellite,

and I would love for you to take
a look at the work we've done,

and get your thoughts on
faster methods for replication.

Because time, as you well know,
is of the essence,

and millions still continue
to live at risk.

So take care of yourself, old friend,

and I'll be seeing you shortly.

The door to the autoclave
still won't shut,

and we're nearly out of ethanol.

I know. We've been running
the equipment at full capacity.

And with what those troopers
did to us in Baltimore,

it's a wonder that anything
is working at all.

Excuse me, ma'am. You need to see this.

Hospital ship USNS Solace
departed Naval Station Norfolk

two weeks ago bearing south-southeast.

- Destination?
- That's just it, sir.

The harbor master log doesn't show one.

So it headed out to sea
to avoid the pandemic,

maybe create a safe hospital offshore.

That's what I thought, sir,
but then I checked the ship's manifest,

and aside from a skeleton crew

from the military sealift command
to run the ship,

there were only 15 doctors on board.

I mean, that's well below
reduced operating status.

With the plague,
maybe that's all that's left.

MAN". Even so, Master Chief,

the Solace was specially retrofitted

before going underway.

Negative pressure equipment,
incubators, thermocyclers.

Precisely the tools one needs
to make a bio lab.

CHANDLER". Fifteen doctors,
all that equipment,

think that's the missing lab from Norfolk?

It has to be.
Put on a ship and moved offshore.


- Let's call 'em.
- Aye, sir.

They brought enough equipment
on that hospital ship

to build a lab
three times the size of ours.

With the cure, they can produce
tens of thousands of doses a day

and get them directly
to the people who need it.

South America, Europe.

We're gettin' another ship.





Now, I know how much all of you
like carrying the load,

but the truth is,
we could use a little help.

So I want to introduce you
to two of our new team members.

Both of these sailors were part of
the Navy's special warfare

joint operation training program
in Norfolk

when shit hit the rotors
about three months ago.

They volunteered to join us
on our mission south.

Senior Chief Taylor,
Royal Australian Navy.

You can call me Wolf.

DANNY: He is the real deal.

A diver, EOD expert,
and all-around operator.

- Proud to join the team.
- Welcome aboard.

- Hey, Wolf. Tex.
- Hey.

And this is Lieutenant Ravit Bivas.

Israeli Defense Forces.

- Expert diver and intelligence operator.
- Hey, man.

Wow, we are a regular coalition
of the living.

That's right. Now let's make
our new friends feel welcome,

show 'em the ropes.

That is all.

- Hey, man.
- Lieutenant Burk, Carlton.

MAN". Yeah, sounds great.

You know, when I was deployed
in the Gulf,

I spent some time outside Tel Aviv,

a town called Gi-va-tayim.

- Giv'atayim.
- Right.


MILLER: Hey, Wolf,
let me ask you a question.

Do you think them Navy regs
on fraternization

apply to foreigners?

You better check the rule book.

-I'm just being hospitable.
- Uh-huh.

- Mmm-hmm.

I say again, this is USS Nathan James

hailing USNS Solace T-AH-21 in the green

on sat-hi-com. How do you copy? Over.


Still nothing, sir.

Sir, I'm assuming that if
they took the lab from Norfolk,

they brought their call sign with them.

You try hailing them
on Navy Red or Fleet Tao?

Yes, sir. No joy.

Nothing on their MARS station
frequencies either.

CHANDLER: Gator, hospital ships still use
their beacons, don't they?

To announce their presence
as noncombatants?

Yes, sir. Prerecorded voice
broadcasts once per hour,

that's the rule, but the range
is over the horizon,

and we're not picking anything up.

Well, they couldn't have gone too far.

- Bridge, this is the captain.

Come to course 1-7-5,
all engines ahead full.

Harbor master log said
they went south by southeast.

- Let's find 'em.
- MAN: Aye, sir.


Hospital ship's nearly
twice the size of ours.

It's a 70-foot climb from
the water up to the O2 deck.

- There you go.

Steam powered, one screw.

Yeah, but no guns.

I'll take a small boy any day.

Hell, yeah. Built to fight, just like us.


That's nice. Keep that left hand up.

- I know.
- Yeah, yeah, you know.

Come on! You punch like a girl.


Nice. Nice.



Caught you slipping, buddy.

Come on, Tex.


They're just friends, by the way.

Had a little convo with Wolf.

All right, not that you're interested.

Whoa, hey, hey. What'd he say?

He says she's like a sister to him.


Just don't break her heart.

You don't wanna tangle
with the big brother.



WOMAN: This is the United States
hospital ship Solace

transmitting in
the clear without encryption

or secret codes as required by Article 34

of the second Geneva Convention

for the amelioration of the condition of

the wounded, sick, and shipwrecked members

of the armed forces at sea.
United States...


It's a diagram of the Grace,
sister ship of Solace.

From what I understand,
they're practically identical.

They most likely constructed
their labs here,

two levels below the O2 machine.

Best place for negative pressure
and ventilation.

- You'll want to check--
- Excuse me.

Sir, we've picked up Solace's beacon.

OOD reports they are
in range of bridge-to-bridge,

but they're not answering
our hails on any channel.

They still moving?

It appears not, sir.

Why does this story sound familiar?

This bloody virus...

Well, at the very least,

we'll be able to salvage
their lab, right?

That'll be our mission.

Once we get the ship secured,

you can jump on board and take stock.

Then off to Florida and Georgia.
The labs are waiting for us.

I'll alert the team,
bring you right up alongside.

Master Chief.


They put themselves out to sea,

waiting for us.

And we were late.

So, Wolf. Badass name. Who gave you that?

My mother.

All right, cool.


Yeah, you're probably used to
your tavor rifle.

MP7's better for close infighting,

but could be a little tricky.


Yeah, guess you got it.

WOLF: Just didn't see it coming.

I was working joint operations
down in Little Creek.

Yeah, things got bad real fast.

I mean, one day, they're talking
about a few isolated cases

of this crazy flu.

The next thing,

there's general havoc
and the airports are closed.

We went from setting up hospitals

to enforcing quarantines

to running for our bloody lives.

Nobody knew which way was up.

I always wondered
how it all went down here.

Yeah, most of the big cities in Australia

were hit pretty hard, too.

Never managed to call home.

My brothers, my sister.

This place isn't exactly home, but...

You've got a family here.

Appreciate that, Miller, really.

Hey, can I talk to you for a second?

CIWS is down,

but we'll have SCAT teams ready
for you if you need support.

All right, well, we'll be ready.

- Yeah.
- Mmm.

I, uh, saw your new team members.


(SCOFFS) Come on.
Jealousy is a useless emotion.

I agree. I'm just saying
all the girls are talking about

the man from down under.


JETER: This is United States Warship 1-5-1

on your starboard bow,

hailing you over channel 1-6, over.

Port and starboard
lookout watches set, sir.

Very well.

OOD Starboard RHIB is away.

WOMAN: Very well.

JETER: United States hospital ship Solace,

this is United States Warship 1-5-1

on your starboard bow...

MAN: I hold Solace at all stop

with slight bearing drift to port.

OOD recommends steady course 1-8-0

maintaining 600 yards CPA.

Very well, Helmsman. Steady course 1-8-0.

1-8-0, all engines ahead
1/3 for 3 knots, aye.

All right, Tiger team, Tex, Ravit, Burk.

Stan aft and starboard,
clear your way to the lab.

The rest of you on me.
We go port and forward.

You come across anyone still alive,

save who you can
with the doses you are carrying.

- Am I clear?
- On it, sir.

MAN: Aye, sir.
BURK: This way.

TEX: Let's find that lab, Tiger team.

Nathan James, this is Vulture team.

Radio check.

Reading you loud and clear.

CHANDLER: Expect radio drop-off once
we get in the skin of the ship.

Next check in five mics.

Roger that. Good luck.

So the vaccine your doctor
gave me, you sure it works?

Oh, yeah.

I wouldn't be here if it didn't.


Burk, what do you see?

BURK: A whole lot of nothin', sir.

CHANDLER: Same here.

No sign of life.

Or death.

Where the hell did everyone go?


It's been five minutes, sir.

Vulture team, this is the bridge.

Radio check. Radio check.

Bridge... Team.

No... Life.

Vulture team, say again.
Your last was garbled.

Bridge, Vulture team, I say again,

no sign of... (CRACKLING)

Vulture team, say again.



MAN". What's going on in here?

For me?


Sir, you hear that?

Over there.


- Perhaps the best birthday--
- WOMAN: Hey, Stella, you know what?

Inside the cake is ice cream, too.

Chocolate mint.


WOMAN: You do or you don't?



WOMAN: Okay, say good-bye.


Found a body.

- Virus?
- I don't think so.

Two shots to the back, one to the head,

high-powered weapon.

Blood's still wet.

More blood over here.

Nathan James, Vulture team,
this is Tiger, do you copy?

(CRACKLING) Do you copy?


Commo, bridge. I need a better signal.


Nathan James, Nathan James.

Holy mother.

They were lined up and executed.

Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

U.S. Navy. What's going on here?

- Be careful.

They're still on the ship.

Tiger team, be advised,

hostiles operating on board this ship.

Location unknown.

Do you copy?

BURK: (CRACKLING) /... We got...

...12 Solace crew, KIA.

DANNY: (CRACKLING) Burk... Read me.

Vulture team, we got
a dozen Solace crew down.

Believe hostiles may still be on board.

- I say again, hostiles may be on board.

Vulture team, do you copy?

DANNY: (CRACKLING), be advised...

...ship. Again, hostiles
operating on board this ship.

Set general quarters.


General quarters. General quarters.

All hands, man your battle stations.

General quarters is up and
forward to the starboard side.

Down and aft to the port side.

The reason for general quarters

is hostile activity on board south.

Tex, Burk, do you read me?

Sir, they boarded about 20 minutes ago.

- How many?
- At least a dozen.

Now we figured, pirates,

locals from the islands
desperate for food, medicine.

Now we've had those before,
but these guys,

these guys came out shooting.

They think we have the cure.


They were going after the wrong ship.

That was you?

The folks SECNAV was talking about?

That was us.


I'm Chief Mate Gonzalez.

They killed our ship's master.

We held down as long as we could.

I'm so sorry.

No, sir. I'm sorry.

CIC, bridge,

hostiles operating aboard Solace.

I need a 360 surface search.
They didn't come from nowhere.

Find me a ship.

Get us in there closer.
Prepare the weapons.

Aye, sir. Helmsmen,
left 15 degrees rudder,

all engines ahead two-thirds.

Everybody, listen. Let's stay together.

- We're getting out of here, all right?
- Doctor, we gotta move you.

(STAMMERS) I'm not going anywhere,

this man's chest is filling with blood.

We can't move until I get a tube in him.

Just give us a minute.

Scalpel 36-French.

Nurse, stat!

Where's this lab you built for the cure?

It's down a level back aft
in a converted ICU,

but the pirates went there first.

Burk, secure the lab,
level three back aft ICU.

I say again, secure the lab.

Roger that. Let's move.

- And where are these pirates now?
- I have no idea.

But we heard some shooting,
like, 10 minutes ago,

up by comms.

Wolf, Miller, let's probe our way aft.

When we exit, break right.
Take starboard, we'll go port.

- Flush out contacts.
- Aye, sir.

Cruz, get everyone in here
secured, then join the fight.

- Aye, sir.
- Officer Gonzalez.

- Sir.
- Look like you did prior service

before becoming a merchant mariner.

Twenty years. Surface warfare.

Firing on an unarmed
hospital ship's a war crime.

You know this ship better than anyone.

- Let's make 'em pay.
- Aye, sir.


Anything on surface search?

No, ma'am. Nothin'.

Let's check underwater.

- Mason.
- Ma'am?

I need you to run sonar.

You passed the murder board.

I need a 360-degree sonar search.

- You can do this.
- Aye, ma'am.

I'm going to man the starboard Mark 38.

Fastest way to comms is through here.

- Hey!
- Freeze!

Hold it right there. U.S. Navy!
Toss out your weapon!


(PANTING) Jesus. Did you see that gun?

These are not pirates.



You ever been shot before, Miller?

Can't say I have.

My advice? Avoid it.

On my six.











- Vitals holding. He's stable.
- Not a minute too soon.

HM2 Dulac. Secure the occlusive
dressing on the chest.

Everyone, back behind the equipment
and turn out the lights.

Don't open this door for anyone but Navy.


I'll be back.


This is it. This is the lab.

We got company. I can't tell how many.



I got eyes on three.

Fine. Make sure they're clean head shots.

We wanna preserve the lab.

- Upon my count.
- Copy that. Ravit?


- Hey, hey. What are you doing here?

Looking for the cure?
I'll give it to you.

Good shoot.


Nice move.

Yeah, but we're too late.


Vulture leader, Burk.

They destroyed the lab
looking for the cure.

I say again, the lab is destroyed.

Not sure what we can salvage. Sorry, sir.

CHANDLER". Well, get out of there.

But be advised hostiles are

heavily armed and well-trained.

BURK". Roger that.

Come on, Ned.

The bloody U.S. Navy's all about the ship.

We got what we came for.
Let's get out of here.


And miss all the fun?

Ding-dong! Hey, U.S. Navy,
it's bad luck for you

happening on this ship,

but this is the end of the line for you.

Because we know how to fight
better than you do.

And if it's a fight you want,

it's a fight you're gonna get.

CHANDLER: Whoa! Hold your fire.

Sir, doctors are secure.

About a dozen more MSCs
holed up in the engine room.

Your boys took out

three hostiles
with ropes and wrenches. Nice.

All right, well, we can't fit
everybody on that RHIB.

And there's no clear way down.

We can get everyone out
on the tender boats.

O2 level, starboard side.

Okay. On my order, get 'em there.

Captain, thank you.

Don't thank me yet.

First, we clear a path,

and then I'm going after
the man behind that voice.

NED: Come on, keep up.

No word from Giovanni
or the others. We're losin' men.

We should give the order and jump ship.

Not until we kill every last one of them.

That wasn't the plan, Ned.
Your brother said we--

Don't you ever bring up
my brother to me!

I know what he wants!

I am the only one that knows
what my brother wants.

So let's just do what needs doing, yeah?

And then we can go.

If you're lucky, I won't tell Sean
how you cocked up the job today.


We got gunfire. Topside.

- Foster?
- No target.

Sir, if we get any closer,
we could collide.

Chance we have to take.
Bring us in closer.

- Find me something to shoot!
- Aye, sir.


- Nice shooting, Miller.
- Thanks, Wolfman.

Hey, Wolfman. I like it.


(WHISPERS) Ambush.

They don't ambush us.

We ambush them.

Nathan James, what's your whiskey?

Comin' up your starboard side,
400 yards, lookin' for a target.

Well, I'll give you one. Flight deck.

We flush three hostiles topside,
you light 'em up.

Roger that. Batteries released.

Aye, sir.


Starboard Mark 38 hot.


On your count.


CHANDLER: Three...



Lost 'em in smoke.


CHANDLER: You got one.

Roger that.

These guys are good.

Too good.

Look for a military ship, a helo.

There could be more where they came from.


Sonar, bridge, anything
on that subsurface search?

Nothing in the water, sir.

There could be a ship
hiding out in the deep blue.

Vulture team, Vulture team,
no RHIBs, no helo.

These guys didn't just swim here.

- How's the patient, Doc?
- He's still stable.

Glad to hear.

Okay, we found the others.
A dozen more survivors.

Oh, thank God.

Okay, everyone, we are getting
you all off the ship.

Let's go. This way.
Let's get the hell out of here.

- Let's go, let's go, let's go.
-l'm gonna jump on the stretcher.




They're gonna blow the ship.

Vulture team,

hostiles have rigged the ship to blow up.

I say again, hostiles have explosives.

All hands, all hands,

abandon ship towards the lee,
starboard side.

- Get to those tender boats.
- We need to get out of here.

- No.
- No?

We lost the lab.
We're not gonna lose the ship.

Okay. Does anybody know how
to diffuse a bomb like this?


Nathan James, we got about
18 doctors and crew,

one of them hurt.

We're about to load them
into the tenders.

- Did he say doctors?
- Mmm-hmm.

We're gonna need cover, though,
starboard amidships.

SLATTERY: Roger that.


I've got something on sonar.

Possible submarine in the bounce.

- Are you sure?
- I...


It's gone.

MAN: Bridge, TAO,
possible subsurface contact,

bearing 0-5-0 relative.

Request bearing, clear or foul.


How you looking, Lieutenant?

Don't talk.

CRUZ: Let's go, let's go, move it.
Let's go. Right in here.


Move it.

- Everyone accounted for?
- Yes, sir.

MAN: All right, guys, come on, steady.

MAN 1: Let's go, let's go, move it!
MAN 2: Load 'em in.

Come on. Get on that boat!



I hope that's Hebrew for "a-okay."

Now that is an oxygen tank we can't move.

Let's go, let's go!

- Get 'em into the rear!

- CHANDLERI Down! Get down!



Get 'em back to the James!
Do not wait for me!

Let's go. Move. Move it! Let's go!

Come on, get up. Go, go, go, go!

Taylor, you all right?

Yeah, through and through.


This bullet hit the carotid.
I'm with you. All right.

There's a remote detonator.
Contact trigger.

If I pull it, it will go Off.

Well, then how do you stop it?

- Ravit?
-l'm thinking.

I need to keep contact on the metal.

Captain, we got a little hitch
in our plan here.

We've taken care of the first bomb.

There's another one
with a remote detonator.

And, boy, it's a big one.
I don't think we can diffuse it.

Get your asses off the ship.

Doc, let's go!

It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

-I'm with you. I'm with you. It's okay.



Doc, I'm sorry.
We gotta get you on the boat.

MAN: Get out of here!


MAN: Come on. We gotta go.

CRUZ: That's everybody. We gotta go.

Well, lower the boat.


You got two on top.



Good shot, MA1.

IAN: I'm blocked off.
Where are you, mate?

- Juan Carlos?

IAN: Get off the ship, man!

Whatever you do, don't let 'em catch you.



- You got it?
- You guys need to get out of here.

- No, we're not leaving--
- No, you don't understand.

The detonator is inside.
It needs to be metal to metal.

It... The pressure release, I can't do it!

Ah, hell. Step away.

- BURK: What the hell are you doin'?
- I got an idea.

It has to stay in contact
with the metal, right?

Go on, skedaddle.


- BURK: What does that mean?



BURK: Tex, are...
You know what you're doing?

Make a hole.

End of the road.

You'd like to shoot me.
That'd be nice, wouldn't it?

Just a word of warning.
I let go of this button,

and this whole ship
gets blown to kingdom come,

including you

and all the little people
that you're trying to help.

CHANDLER: You may blow up this ship,

but I promise I will take you with me.



Shit. Shit.




Captain's in combat.

no air or surface contacts on radar.

MAN: Negative ES in the area.

We spotted at least eight hostiles
diving into the water.

Aside from the one we clipped
who's sitting in our medical bay,

the others never came up for air.

There were no other boats around Solace,

no RHIBs, no rafts.

Ah, Cruz said he found some
wet suits with the hostages.

My guess is they came in
on 2-man subs, SDV.

Agreed. They're military.

Any indication whose flag they're flying?

They weren't nice enough
to wear uniforms.

Mercenaries, then.

Hunting the cure for the highest bidder.

Hospital ship was a natural target.

Mason, are you sure you saw
a sub out there?

Sir, I'm sure of it.

Hidden out there in the seabed...

lt was a sub.

Well, keep searching the water.

The minute you find anything,
I wanna know.

- Aye-aye, sir.
- Yes, sir.


- Welcome aboard.
- Thank you.

- Good as gold.
- Thanks.

Hey, Wolfman.

I'll never play the fiddle again.

Never say never.

You'll regret that.

Dr. Milowsky,

I'm so sorry that you all got
caught in the middle of this.


We left behind family, friends,

all of us working in isolation.

Solace was our last hope.

You have the cure,
and they destroyed my lab.

It's a great loss for us all.

Chief Mate Gonzalez saved our lives.

I just wish I could've saved his.

So what happens to us now?

Well, your ship is seaworthy,

you have enough crew to get you
and your associates

back to Norfolk. We have people there.

You'll be needed and greatly appreciated.

We'll send you back with doses
of the cure, obviously.

I wanna stay here with you all.

I'm an expert in vaccine manufacturing

and genetic engineering.

If you're spreading the cure,
I'd like to be a part of it.

I'm sure we could use the help.

It would be an honor to have you.


You okay?

Yeah, it'd take more than
a bullet to knock me out.

I'm just glad we all got back
in one piece, more or less.

You, uh, did real good out there today.

I'm glad to have you on the team.



I like you guys.

You're crazy.


It's a miracle he survived.

The lord works
in mysterious ways, Deacon.

No doubt about that.

While he was conscious,

he was muttering
what sounded like Spanish,

but you said your guy
had a British accent.

An international band of thieves.

JETTER: How'd they get
their hands on a sub?

Well, if this man ever wakes up,
we'll find out.



So, you guys,
is someone gonna explain to me

where we're going in
the middle of the night here?

I told ya. There's someone
who wants to meet ya.

Was there a problem?
You didn't find the ship?

Oh. Yeah, we found it.

So great news. You see?
I told you. Right? I was right?

Standard protocol for
emergency preparedness,

all hospital ships go offshore.

Niels, he said they found it.

He didn't say nothin' about good news.

What was the problem?
You didn't find what I told you?

No, we found
the United States Navy, a ship.

You found the Navy?

Yeah, it's like they knew we were comin'.


You guys, that's them. That's them.

That's Captain Chandler and Rachel.

Dr. Scott. I mean, they have the cure.

Did you catch them?


You think I had something
to do with that?

You guys, I assure you,
the last time I saw that ship,

we were, like, a few miles
from Jamaica. I swear.

If you suspect that I somehow
set you up...

I categorically deny any
involvement in any kind of--

Do us a favor, Niels. Stop talkin'.

You can save your bellyaching
for the boss.


The boss?

Let's go.



The boss.


English - SDH