The Last Ship (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Unreal City - full transcript

Chandler and his fractured team join forces with an underground resistance in an attempt to defeat Amy Granderson; Rachael tries to help the sick while remaining a prisoner; Sidney and the crew try to regain control of their ship.


Everyone into the helicopter bay!

Come on, soldiers! Get in there!

Now, people! Move it!

Move it!

Do as you're told!

MAN: Everybody stay where you are!

C.l.C.: Freeze! Freeze!

Security breach!

Where's the master-at-arms?

- We need the armory. Come on.


MAN: Now, people! Move it!

Everybody, get in the helo bay now!

This is our chance,
before they get reinforcements on board.

No, we do anything to provoke them now,
they'll mow everybody down.

There'll be a time, but it's not now.

You were vacationing in Jamaica
when the virus broke.

You were stranded on the fishing boat.

We picked you up there with Bertrise.

I don't understand.

They're here to steal the cure.

You cannot be related to Quincy.

KARA: Come on, Quincy. Stay with us, okay?

Quincy, look at me.

He's losing a lot of blood.

He's bleeding out!

Hand me that rag!

- What? What? What rag?
- Right there, hand it to me!

Okay. Okay.

Listen, asshole,
anything happens to Dr. Scott,

this man is your insurance policy.

You need to get
our ship's doctor up here, now!


Search the lab. Find the primordial.

We'll move the heavy equipment out
and load them onto the boats later.

Right now, I want computers,
samples, cultures, research.

We leave nothing behind.

Do as you're told, and nobody gets hurt!


This is not good. Not good.

We get locked in there,
we're gonna be toast.

What the hell are we supposed to do?

Come on, people! Move it!

We got to make a play here.

Rally at the DC Locker.
Get there when you can.



MAN 1: All right, let's get
these pallets unloaded

and get this van back to Avocet.

MAN 2: All right, boss.

MAN 1: Make sure those cases are sealed.

MAN 2: Will do.

MAN 1: We've got a few more on that end.


Keys to the van.



Come on, kids. Come on.

CARLTON: Cobra team, this is Vulture team.
Do you copy?

- Daddy?
- CARLTON: Cobra team, do you copy?

It's okay, sweetheart. We're okay.

- We're gonna make it through this.

CARLTON: Do you copy?

There's no contact.

But the rally point's still
got to be the container yard.

- That hasn't changed.

They're still killing people
inside that stadium.

I know.

How hard can they be to find?

They're wearing Navy uniforms.

They shot two troopers.
Probably long gone by now.

Nothing slows down at Olympia.
You hear me?

- The machine keeps moving.
- Yes, ma'am.


All right, move it into the hangar.

Let's go!

Get them seated.

MAN: Sit down!
Put your hands where I can see them!

- Do a sweep, see if we missed anyone.
- Yes, sir.

- Come on, buddy. Hang in there, Quincy.
- KARA: All right, come on.

NORRIS: Bring him over.
RIOS: Hang in there.


Okay, the doctor's here, okay?

Let's see his wound.

This man has to go
to the medical bay right now!

Not wasting manpower.

Whatever you're gonna do,
you got to do it here.


He's burning up. Somebody open a hatch.

- Somebody open a hatch!
- Do it!


Come on, come on, come on.
Stay with me, okay?

Go, now. Now!

DANNY: ls that too tight?

JETER: I'm good. I'm good.



Hold your fire!

Captain. She took over our ship.

Can't get through to comms,
the bridge, or the C.I.C.

I don't get it. What's her game plan?

You wouldn't believe it.

What the hell country are we even in?

Have you guys heard from Alisha?
ls she involved with this?

Never mind that now.

- How you feeling?
- It was through and through.

He's lost a lot of blood, sir.

I'm fine. What's our play, sir?

Got to get back to the James.

Plenty of small boats in the harbor.
Maybe a RHIB.

Nah, she's taken the pier by now,

and those helos circling our ship,
no way we could even make an approach.

Right now, Dr. Scott's
our primary mission,

and she's Granderson's prisoner.

Avocet's got armed guards, electric
fences, security cams on every floor.

We saw armored cars and
plenty of weapons at Olympia.

So then, what? We take on
all of her troopers without our ship?

Four of us against 80 of them?

I don't like those odds.


You guys remember Russ, right?

Okay, guys, here's the plan.

Russ is gonna hang with you guys
and Grandpa for a while, all right?

You're gonna die. Like Mom.

- You can't leave us.
- No, no, Sammy, I'm not.

It's okay, Sam, do what Dad says.

Come on. Give your pops a hug.
We all have things to do now.

I love you, Dad.

I love you, too, son.

Come here, sweet girl.

Be safe, Dad.

CHANDLER: Let's move.

Where are we going, sir?

- Taking down the queen bee.

To do that,

we hit her where it hurts the most.

GRANDERSON: We have successfully taken
control of the Nathan James.

My people are collecting
all your work as we speak.

Now, with your research and your samples,

Dr. Hamada and his team

will eventually learn
to make the cure themselves.

Wouldn't it be better for everyone

if you just agreed to work together?

Work together?

What, on your Darwinian experiment?

Save those that you deem worthy

and, what, just forget the rest?

Perhaps I was overzealous in--

"Barbarians at the gate,"
I believe, is what you called them.

Doctor, I watched a grown man
beat a 12-year-old boy to death

over a gas mask.

I saw a woman stab her sister in the back
for a can of beans.

The apocalypse is here.

It's been here for a long time.

But I am willing to adjust my philosophy

to suit your sensibilities

if you just help me
get the lab up and running.

What about the captain?

And my friends?

The best thing you can do for your friends

is to let them know you've
decided to cooperate with me.

That will end this foolish bloodshed.

You say you'll help everyone?

I will.

Well, then, prove it.

And how do you suggest I do that?

You're wasting doses here
on healthy people.

Let me out into the street
with what I have left,

save people who are already sick.

What, you think I'm gonna try to escape?

I think it's silly.

And given the state of
the world, I think it's small.

But if that's what's important to you...

All right, get ready.



Quick, quick, quick.

Come on.

Hurry, hurry, hurry.

Looks like there's power.

Yeah, courtesy of my daughter-in-law

and several thousand
other people at Olympia.

You'll be safe here.





Feel that heat?

It's got to be O'Connor.


This isn't it. It's got to be here!

Search everything! I know it's here!

Look in everything of hers!
Tear up the entire ship!

We have to find the primordial!



Next one goes between your eyes.


Easy, kid.

What are you doing here?

You sick?

Do I look like I'm sick? No.

Just needed a place to crash
for the night.


You look hungry.

I don't want your food.

I get what I need underground.

And I'm not sick.

I put that red "x" up there
to keep dirtbags like you away.

(LAUGHS) All right, well...

Put the gun down.
We'll talk like grown-ups.

If you're here, you work
for the old lady at Avocet.

You're not taking me to Olympia to die.


I'm with the US Navy ship.
I have the cure.

Stay back.


I'm telling you, I'm one of the good guys.

And what are you talking about? Avocet?

You mean Mrs. Granderson?

Her workers come through at night,
pretending to be doctors,

but they're just clearing out the sick
so she can move her people in.

"Her people?"

You really have no clue.

No, man. I...

Hey, do me a favor. Grab a seat.

Start from the beginning.

ALISHA: Where are you taking me?

LANDAU: The executive wing.

Your mother wants you and Dr. Scott
in more comfortable quarters.

She cares about you.
Eventually, you'll see that.

Including Perseus,
Hercules, and Achilles.

Make your lists.

There'll be a quiz on this
at the end of the week.

All these people...

Do they know what my mother's
really got going on here?

Ask any of them.
You'll hear the same thing.

They're grateful.

Everyone here has a job.

We all pitch in.

It's a community.

How could you not
have secured the lab first?

It was the most important part
of your job.

- NORRIS: We'll find it.
- You'd better,

'cause we cannot make the cure
without the primordial.

You understand?


He's stabilized for now,
but he needs more stitches,

and if this clamp comes loose,
he'll bleed out in seconds.

You hear that, Quincy?
You got to be real careful how you move.

Where's the primordial?



Hey! He didn't steal it.

It was on the bridge
when you took over the ship.

Well, maybe he stashed it before.

I'm sure you got some adrenaline

or something in there to perk him up.

I'm not pumping up his heart rate.
It'll kill him.

Don't make me ask twice.

Go ahead.

Coming through.

Here we go.


Back it up. Come on.


You're late.

What'd you guys do, take the scenic route?

A couple of a-holes
tried to hijack our suits.

Believe that?

Yeah, this town, man. Crazy, crazy.

Yeah. You're telling me.

You guys new around here?
I've never seen you before.


Let's go! Hands up!

JETER: Now! Down!

DANNY: You guys over there,
everyone, take a knee.

JETER: Let us see your hands!
DANNY: You too, hands up!

JETER: Everybody get together!
DANNY: Let's go!

JETER: You guys over there!



Step right up, brother. Get your cure.

Have your payments ready.
Canned food only.

Here you go.

Remember, you got to take it
twice a day, morning and night,

or else the cure's just not gonna work.

All right, who's next? Don't be shy.

Don't worry. I have enough for everyone.

Oh, come on!


People are actually doing this?

People are always
taking advantage of the sick.

Been going on for months.

This is what we thought
we were fighting against.




I have something
that will make you better.

I have the real cure.

Granderson thinks this is insignificant.

It's not insignificant.

You have to believe me, I...

I didn't know what she was doing
at Olympia.

Aside from Hamada,
most of the doctors, staff...

We thought we were helping.

You'll have time to redeem yourself
when the others come for me.

And they will.






Don't shoot! I'm on your side!

I'm with Thorwald, the rebels.

What rebels?

They call us warlords.

I can show you. I can take you to the man.

It's been hours. Where is he?

He's all right, Ashley.
He'll be just fine.

Come on, Ash. Eat some soup.

JED: Yeah, hey, sit down over there.

Have something to eat.


I always knew Tommy would
get through this.

If anybody could, it was my son.

He knew what was at stake for everyone.

He wasn't gonna let us fail,
and he won't now.

I failed him.

If he didn't get to Olympia when he did...

If this city is any indication

of what's become of our country,
Mr. Chandler,

as far as I'm concerned,
you're a hero for surviving this long.


Sam, what's wrong?

I... I don't feel so good.

Understand. I'll take care of it.


CRUZ: Hey, man, we've been
sitting here for hours.

- Hey!
- Everybody's sweating their balls off.

And people got to use the head.

Cruz, come on.

- Come here!
- Take it easy.

- Yo, come on, baby!

Get off me!

All right!

Do you see what's happening here?
Can you feel this?

Yeah. It's hot. We'll open the door.

The thermostat isn't the problem.

The engine's overheating
because no one's down there to correct it.

If the reduction gear blows,

the ship will be totally useless
to anyone.

I'm assuming this is an asset
your people can't afford to lose.

Can you fix it?

My engineer can.

But in exchange,
you move us to the mess decks.

There's food, water.
People can use the bathroom.

You're not in any position
to be horse-trading with us.

You're right about that.

You're absolutely right.

But do you see what's happening here?

- MAN: Sit down, now.

I won't be able to control my people.

Come on!

Can't rush it.

The whole engineering plant
could go up in flames.




Okay, there. Just made it.

How long till it cools down?

The air pumping through
those vents is 40 degrees.

It won't take long.

Is this really necessary?

How are we supposed to use the head?

This is not what we agreed to.

I said I'd move you.

Didn't say you'd be comfortable.

Let's go.

MAN: Move!

Keep moving.

JED: it's okay, buddy. Stay strong.


He's burning up.

You sure there's nothing
in those medicine cabinets?

Not even an aspirin.

We can't let Sam die. We can't.

The cure works.
I'm sure he's just having a bad reaction.

We got to get this fever down.

You got water. Run him a cold bath.

I'll be back in a few minutes.

Where are you going?

To find a pharmacy.

Here. Let's get him upstairs.

Come on, buddy.

-ls it gonna hurt?

No. It won't hurt at all.

- We'll all feel better soon.
- Uh-huh?


(VOICE BREAKING) I'm so sorry, I...

I only have one more.

My baby will live?


You're a big, brave boy.


WOMAN: Welcome to Avocet.

Inside and to the left.

What's your qualification?

MAN: Electronics.

I need to see wristbands.


I need to see wristbands
to prove you've already been tested.

I need to see wristbands.

- What's your qualification?
- MAN: I don 't understand.

But we're healthy, all of us.

Sorry, sir. There's nothing I can do.

Well, if you won't let us in,
where are we supposed to go?

- WOMAN: Thank you. Welcome to Avocet.

Thank you.

- What's your qualification?
- Security.

Thank you. Welcome to Avocet.

THORWALD: No, no, no.

We'll need bigger explosives
if we go to that side.

The hell are you doing here?
Why aren't you at the plant?

MAN 1: No, no, no!
MAN 2: Freeze!

They're cool. They're cool.

They're with me.

They took out the power plant,

got a bunch of Granders0n's guys.

So we lost our jump?
She's gonna know we're coming.

We took out the plant.
Doesn't mean we cut off the electricity.

As far as Granderson knows,
her empire's still intact.

This is Lieutenant Burk.

I'm Commander Tom Chandler,
United States Navy.

Our ship made port this morning.

I know who you are.

I saw you making nice
with Granderson at the pier.

I don't know you.

At this point, I don't trust
anyone I meet in this town.

But I know Granderson fears and hates you,

so I'm operating on the premise

that my enemy's enemy can be my friend.

If that's the case,
we can help each other.

Granderson's choppers
hovering over your ship...

Not there for your protection?

Not quite, no.

Relax your weapons.

She fooled you.

She had good references.

Is it true you have the cure?

The doctor who invented it
is being held at Avocet,

along with the facilities
she needs to make more of it.

Both she and the lab must
survive the fight, no matter what.

You're late.

- We're taking Avocet tonight.
- You guys?

You're outmanned and outgunned.


You two are gonna call Granderson,
ask for her surrender?

As soon as we cut off
the flow of electricity,

she'll send everything she's got
to get it back,

from Avocet and my ship.

Both will be vulnerable.

Both will be taken by us.

Then we can stop the killing at Olympia

and get back to the business
of curing the world.

Help me execute my plan,
and we'll take her out together.

Even if she does send
two dozen troopers to the plant,

you can't take Avocet
with a frontal assault.

You got a better idea?

What do you think
we're all doing down here?

KARA: It's okay, Quincy. Feeling okay?

I don't like this. I don't like it at all.

If we just give it up, we can
get him to the medical bay.

No, if they find what they're looking for,

it'll be open season on all of us.


I can't rush the adrenaline drip.
It'll blow out his heart.

I need a couple more minutes.


Watch them.


You got five minutes.

You crazy mofo.
How the hell did you get back on the ship?

Climbed up the anchor chain.
Came right over the nose.

- Unbelievable.
- Yeah.

So, what the hell do we do now?

Get to the armory. Blow it up.

- And kick some ass.
- And kick some ass.


Found it in Dr. Tophet's cabin.

MALONE: Mom, you and the girl
are coming with me.

BACON: Hey, yo.

They ain't going nowhere.

No way, no how.

Now, just hang on, everybody.
Let's just be cool.

There's 170 of us on this ship
and, what, 25 of you?

You might take down some of us,
but we will overrun you.

I'll go! I'll go.

Just leave my daughter here.

- Mom!
-l'll be all right, darling.

GARNETT: It's all right, sweetie.

She's gonna see your dad,
and they'll be right back.

MALONE: Sit him down.

Where'd you stash it, big man?
I know it had to be you.

Even if I did,

why would I tell you?

God damn it.

You tell me, or I'm gonna blow your--

Nothing they can do to you, Quincy.
They need both you and Dr. Scott.

Got a present for you.


Whatever it is they want,
just give it to them!


Yeah. You might be right.

We may need him, but we don't need her.

So somebody better start talking.

Goddamn coward!


What the hell is wrong with you people?

Now, I'm gonna count to five,
and I don't think

I need to explain what happens
if you don't come clean!



I hid it.

I know where it is.

I'll kill her. You know I will.


Okay. Okay.

I love you, Kelly.

I'm so sorry.

Where is it?

You'll never find it.




Welcome to reject city.

People live here?

THORWALD: 487 at last count.

Most of them tried to
get into Avocet at some point

but were deemed not valuable.

Granderson offers
her handpicked people security,

a sense of normalcy.

Everyone else eventually
finds their way underground.

She'll secure as much
of the city as she can,

then she'll come for us here.

It's only a matter of time.

And the troopers that work for Granderson,

they know what she's doing at Olympia?

Leading the sick to the slaughter
and burning them for fuel?

People do whatever they can to survive.

They make their choices.

She must have tried to recruit you.

She did.

I know everything that's gone on
in the past few days

has been very confusing for you.

It's a confusing world now for all of us.

But I assure you,

l am trying to do
as little harm as possible.

But you should know

Dr. Tophet has died.

He took his own life

rather than to tell us
where he hid the primordial.


I need your help
to put a stop to all of this.

The only way any of this is going to end
is for you to give up.

As a lieutenant in the United States Navy,

I am qualified to accept your surrender.

My surrender?


You stay with me, little girl.

You watch who surrenders to whom.

PRISONER: You really think you're gonna
get away with this?

-shut up!

I have all of her research.

I could make the cure,
even without her help,

if I had the primordial.

That is the big "if" now.

Wait a minute.

Get Granderson on the radio.

They just tossed his body overboard.

Lock this asshole in the chart room.

What the hell are you doing?

Want to go for round two?

He tries to come out of there,
you shoot him.

Lieutenant Foster,
you're going on a little trip.

- No, wait. No!
- RIOS: Hey!

KARA: Get off of me!

Get your hands off of me!
Let go of me! No!

Watch it.

KARA: Wait, no! Wait! No!

I thought we were going to the lab.

Granderson wants to see the genius.

Apparently, her assistant
hid something important,

-bit the bullet rather than give it up.

Dr. Tophet?

I don't know his name.

Going down?

(ELEVATOR tunes)

Go ahead.

I'll take care of him.

I thought you left.

Huh? Oh. I made a new friend.

He told me what was going on down here.

I figured I'd come see it for myself.

How you doing, Sammy?

It didn't work.

Ice-cold bath, and he's still on fire.

We got to call Dad.

No, no, no. We're not
dragging your father back here.

Russ will come back.

And Sammy will be all right.

I'm giving him 20 more minutes.

You're not giving him anything.

I can go out there! No one will see me!

No! You're not going anywhere.

You're staying here with us.

(CRYING) I'm not gonna let Sam die.



The master chief, he went on foot.

It takes time.

And if there's medicine
to be found, he'll find it.

And if someone's gonna go, it'll be me.

20 minutes.



TEX: There's an old fire escape,
runs off the back,

drops off behind a bunch of dumpsters.

I scouted the joint.
It's the only safe way out.

Let me go! I won’t...

Let's go.

Let me go! Get your hands off me!

Is that Kara?

Oh, God. No.

They must have discovered the pregnancy.

They're gonna use
the unborn child's stem cells

to re-create a vaccine.

You go on. Take the ladder from the roof.

I'll take care of her, find Alisha, too.

No way.
I think I know where they'll take her,

and I can show you.

Difficult woman.

- Let's go. Come on.
- WOMAN: Yes, doctor.

Get her on the table.
Warm up the equipment.


Stop! No! Stop!

Hurry up! Quickly! Take her coveralls off!

I can't!

Just open it up!

- No, please!
- Come on, quickly!

Help me!

The Avocet sub-basement's right above us.

She'll never hear us coming.

We're gonna do this your way,

so let's hope your guy keeps
the lights out long enough.

Sundown is in five minutes.

We need to find our people
and secure the lab.

Do what you got to do.
I only want Granderson.

- WOMAN: Calm down!
- Lieutenant!

- No!
- Listen to me!


Do you want to save your baby? Huh?

Lieutenant, listen to me.
Do you hear what I'm saying?

Do you want to save your baby?

'Cause I haven't done surgery
since medical school.

So if you want at least
one of you to survive,

I'm gonna need you
to calm down and sit still.

You understand?

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