The Last Ship (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Trials - full transcript

With a potential cure in their grasp, Dr. Scott asks for human volunteer's to test her formula that was successful on a monkey. However, will this be the answer she is looking for, or will it put the volunteers' lives in jeopardy?

Hey, Potter.

I scored us a buck.

Half of it's for you.

POTTER: Don't come any closer, Jed.
Jenny's got it, the Red Flu.

She stumbled over a body by Canyon Creek.

She didn't see the X.

I'm not gonna let you starve.

I'm leaving you the buck.

Grandpa. What'd you get?

Game was a little scarce today, kiddo.

Plainview is a full day's hike but a total score.
Fully stocked and completely deserted.

Oh, I love these.

DARIEN: Let's put
everything away in the pantry.

Perishables in front, canned goods in back.

And those are for breakfast.

You shouldn't be going so far out
by yourself.

I think I saw an electronics store there.

I could go back tomorrow and get you that
part you need. What is it, a vacuum tube?

- You're not going.
- It's our only chance of getting a hold of Tom.

He's your son.

If anyone can survive, it's him.

It's a capacitor, not a vacuum tube.

And bring a weapon.

Yes, sir.

The ceremony will be at 0900.

We'll have seven gunners
and the ensigns at half-mast.

It'll be a hero's farewell.

He wanted to redeem himself.

He never had to.

He gave his life for mine.

He gave his life for the mission.

And now we're free...

to finish it.

Congratulations, little guy.
Your job here is done.

SCOTT: I can actually do with some help
with these boxes.

You can stack them up over there.

- Thank you.
- At your service.

A little more room between those cots,

So, uh, the peeps are asking...

what's this whole human guinea-pig thing
gonna look like?

I mean, basically, you infect the crew
with the virus, you see what happens?

Well, not the entire crew.

Six individuals of varying blood
and genetic markers.

First, we administer the vaccine prototype...

then we inject each of them with the virus.

I gotta tell you...

I don't know
if people are gonna be lining up for that.

Well, that's not my department.

This is the last one we recorded.

Hello? Is anyone listening?

My name is Dominic.

We're stranded on a boat,
west of the island of Jamaica.

There are 50 of us.
Many are sick. We need help.

- Anyone?
- Turn it off.


I thought I wanted to hear his voice again...

but not like that.

It must have been so hard
listening to all of that suffering.

Are you sure that you wanna be there?
To watch the trials?

It'll be part of my blood
flowing through those people.

I have to see if it's going to work.

Ready. Aim.







How are we gonna ask them to do this?

We don't have time or resources
to recruit from anywhere else.

I know, but six people?

She doesn't have the equipment to sustain
a quarantine for more than a few days...

which is just enough time for one trial with
as many people as she can fit into that lab.

Well, then I have to volunteer.

We just risked everything
to save your sorry ass so that you could lead.

What kind of message does that send?

You got rank, you can sit it out?

- Everyone else can be the guinea pigs?
- Captain's right.

Someone from a leadership position
needs to volunteer to set an example.

Which is why I already had Dr. Scott
do a work-up on me.

Apparently I check off
a few of the boxes she needs:

African-American, male over 40,
Southern Baptist.

- Master chief...
- With all due respect, it's already been done.

And you don't even know if you'd qualify.

The crew needs you,
in some ways, more than either one of us.

I appreciate the sentiment, sir,
but you both know we're all needed.

And we're all dispensable.

All right, spread the word
we need volunteers.

Let the crew know
it'll be completely confidential.

I don't want anyone feeling pressured.

Aye, sir.

Told you God put me here for a reason.

Maybe this is it.

Let's just line them up over here. Thanks.

KELLY: Hello, captain.
- You seem to be settling in well.

Well, I thought I'd make myself useful.

How's Ava?

She's doing okay. Thank you.

RIOS: I need two chairs around each of
these tables, and the medical questionnaires.


I haven't had the opportunity to thank you
for what you did for my family...

after what I did to you.

Commander Slattery said you were very
helpful while I was on vacation.


I don't deserve what you did.

Let's finish what we started.

- Any history of serious injuries?
- No, sir. Never even broken a bone.

Any flu-like symptoms? Aches or pains?

Just aching to do my part.


I never expected this many.

Do you really think
you'd qualify to volunteer...

when you barely survived dengue fever
last week?

You're not even gonna test my blood?



I'm looking for the Copacabana.

Anyone point me in the right direction?

"Harvest Queen 2008"?

You never told me you were royalty.

Dr. Scott says we might be in there
a few days...

so we should grab anything

I think she wants us
to have something sentimental...

in case it goes south.

You're gonna introduce me to her one day.

Thank you.

For not trying to talk me out of this.

SCOTT: So you've just received
what we're calling the prototype decoy.

It will, uh, bind to the virus
and keep it occupied...

while your system creates the antibodies
that it needs to defeat it.

I'll remind you that you'll likely experience side
effects similar to the early stages of the virus.

So some headaches and fever
and exhaustion.

Just like a good hangover.

Ladies and gentlemen,
your entertainment for the next three days.


Um, I would just like to say that...

you are all...

You're remarkable people.


it is an honor to...

It's an honor.

Well, I'll see you in there.

Stop right there.

- Stay where you are.
WOMAN: I need Olympia.

Please. Please.

- Help me.
- Don't come any closer.

I need Olympia. Please, help me.

Stop right there.

Please, take me to Olympia.

THORWALD: Olympia can't help you.
- Please.

Anyone in here?

Anyone in here? Show yourself immediately.

What the hell?

I thought you said this area was clear.

It was. I don't know
how the hell she got through.

Damn it, we need to tighten the perimeter.

- Give me that.
MCGREGOR: We'll check again.

All right, you heard him. Spread out.
We need to go outside of the street.


This one's for you, Bertrise.

I still remember
the first time you examined me.

Well, that might just be
because it was only three weeks ago...

and thankfully,
you do not have Alzheimer's.

Oh. Heh, that's some good news.

- Family heirloom?
- Just something to keep my hands busy.

Man of mystery.

That's a conversation for another day.


what, martinis, maybe?

Let me guess.

Shaken, not stirred?

Precisely, Moneypenny.


Oh, she hated that. Whoa.

- You might actually be getting under her skin.
- In a good way?

- Hard to tell.
- Yeah.


Old e-mails.

From my boyfriend.

Mickey, right?

That night at the vigil, you talked about him.

Were you together a long time?

Uh, about a year...

if you count all the time we were at sea.

- Systolic 120. All good.
- Thanks.

I hope he treated you right.

I, uh... I'm an only child.

And my parents died on 9/11.

He's kind of the only person
who might even be missing me.

Reminds me of when Sam was born.

- He was a preemie, right?
- Five weeks in the NICU.

All I could do was stand there, helpless.

Is that your daughter?


It was her birthday last month. She'd be 11.

- Do you have children?
- No.

I never quite found the time
for that somehow.

Better not to have a child
than to not be there when they need you.

Well, if this all goes as it should,
you'll be back with her in a week or so.

Oh, we'll be back.

No doubt about that.

Uh-huh. Right. Thanks.

So far, so good. That's the word.

I can't believe this could really be it.
Going home with a vaccine.

Any idea what the plan would be
for mass production?

- I heard talk about the CDC.
- No, it's too far inland.

The captain's thinking Fort Detrick,

The question is whether or not
they have any power.

- We could rig something to siphon off from...

Let's not jinx this, okay?

It's only been six hours.

- How am I doing?
RIOS: You're fine.

The fever's your body's way of working
to adjust to the treatment.

Hey. When Lily was a baby...

her temperature would run 102
every time she got her shots.

My throat's sore. Is yours?


But I feel like I can't lift my arm. I'm so tired.

Everything all right, master chief?

Yeah, I'm fine...

but Commander Garnett looks like
she's burning up over here.

You should spend a little more time
in the engine room.

Everyone's body reacts differently.
It's as we predicted.


Come on, doc.

Way below your pay grade. I got that.

- Oh, no, Tex, that's really not necessary.
- Trust me, I can handle it.

Hi, my name is Tex.
I'll be your server this evening.

To start with, this fine cocktail of H20...

served straight-up
for your dining pleasure.

- Master chief.
- Thanks.

GARNETT: What a gentleman.
- Hello.

I never got a chance to tell you.

It was a nice eulogy for Cossetti.

I don't want any more funerals, Mike.

I think she's got everything in hand.

You were right about her.

How you doing there, sugar?


TEX: Good.
- I'm okay.

I'm seeing a future with the doc.

Even if it is just carrying her water.

Hey, come on, girl. Kara?

Kara. Kara.


We got a problem.

Kara. Kara. Kara.

She's not responding.

Resps 32, heart rate 120. Kara, it's Rachel.

Can you tell me how you're doing? Kara?

All right, she's seizing. Give me some room.


SCOTT: Intramuscular
Valium in. Give me fresh vitals.

Seizure is at the three-minute mark.

She's febrile to 104.
How's that line coming, doc?

- I'm working on it.
SCOTT: Work faster or give it IM.

- Valium's not working.
RIOS: I'm in.

Sixty milligrams ketorolac, IV push.

Three minutes, 30.

RIOS: Pulse ox is down to 82 percent.
- Gotta lower her temperature. I need ice.

Get me an NG tube.

Approaching four minutes.

- I got the ice.
- Pour water over the ice and bring it here.

All right.



One-oh-two and dropping.

Everything's all right.

It was just the fever.

Thank you, Bertrise.

I'll show you how to decontaminate
your clothes on the way out.

A hundred-and-four-degree fever
can't be from the prototype.

So, what does that mean? Is it the virus?

It's possible we didn't build
a strong enough copy of Bertrise's receptors.

- The decoys could be breaking down.
- We checked it a dozen times.

We must've missed something
in her medical history.

Repeat CBC and lytes on everyone.
Add on LFTs and endocrine panels.

That should tell us more
than their blood work.

He doesn't seem convinced.

In fairness to Quincy, he hasn't been here.

Is there anything you can give the others
to help reduce the symptoms?

Quincy, give them 80 micrograms
of interferon.


That should pump up their
immune systems, just in case.

Dude, you're exhausted.
Let's just call it right here.

I can't.

I can't.

I don't know what I'll do
if anything happens to her.


- He went in after her.
- What?

My father.

He was a firefighter.

He went into the North Tower.

Jesus. You trying to cheer me up?

Anyway, that's why I signed up for the Navy.

Lieutenant Chung said you'd want to see
the latest engineering report.

What can I say, doc?
I'm a workaholic.

My fingers.

I can't feel.

Rub your fingers together.
It will help the circulation.

Tex, let's lift up your shirt.

- Garnett's lost blood flow to her fingers.
- She's hypotensive. I'll get the saline.

This rash...

do you have any idea when it started?


It doesn't itch.

Well, you let me know if that changes.

- See if you can get some rest.
- Okay.

I think you need to consider the possibility
that the decoys aren't working.

We've never seen the virus behave this way.

But we haven't been in the field
with the virus for a very long time.

We can't know how the symptoms
might have evolved.

Hush, little baby, don't say a word

Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird


Hi, Lily. Hi, honey.

Oh, your hair is all in your face.

You're so pretty.

And if that mockingbird won't sing

Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring

They're delirious.

You make me wanna love again.

If that cart and bull turn over

Mama's gonna buy you

Baby, it's me and I'm ready.

- Master chief?
JETER: Baby, I've been strong.

- I tried to be strong.
- Sit down.

JETER: I wanna see my girls. Where are they?
SCOTT: Get me a sedative.

JETER: Sarah, Annie, my girls.
- Master chief, let's sit down.

- Sedative. Master chief. Sedative.
JETER: I wanna come with you now.

- No, where are my girls?
SCOTT: Master chief...

Look at me, Russ. Look at me.
You're hallucinating.

- Where are my girls?
CHANDLER: Focus on me.

- Focus on me. It's not real.
JETER: Where are they?

I wanna see them. Annie, Sarah.
Where are my girls?

RIOS: It's all right, master chief.
It's all right.

You're just dreaming.

You're just hallucinating.

It's all right. It's all right.

Holy shit, did you see that?



Doc. Hey, doc.


WOMAN [ON RADIO]: Significant progress
has been made in treating the Red Flu.

If you feel any symptoms, come to Olympia.
We can help.

You are not alone.

Significant progress has been made...

Damn it.

Do you think they really have a treatment
at Olympia?

You remember
when this whole thing started?

People were hoarding apple cider vinegar.

Then they told us to rush to the hot springs
because that's a sure-fire cure.

And now it's Olympia.

Whatever that is.

Somebody's gotta be making progress

It's not true what you said...

that no one would miss you.

I Will.

I'll make arrangements for the service.

I want her given the Navy Cross.

So these aren't side effects from the vaccine,
it is a virus. You're certain?

- Yes.
- No, he can't be.

Maya died from a heart attack,
which is not a symptom of the virus.

But liver failure is, and that's what caused
her blood pressure to drop.

The fevers, delirium, hemorrhaging.
There is no other explanation.

There is one, we just haven't found it yet.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- What's your solution?
- MG passive immunization.

- It could kill her.
CHANDLER: Kill who?


He wants to use the plasma from her blood
and inject it directly into the patients.

- To give them her antibodies.
SCOTT: No, Quincy.

The amount of blood that we'd need to take...
I'm not willing to risk her life.

Well, I'm not gonna sit here
and watch them die.

You are too important, Bertrise.

If it's not the virus that's causing this,
it won't make a difference.

But if it is the virus, we can save them.
We can manage it.

If there's a chance, we have to take it.

I'm willing, Dr. Scott. I am.

How are you feeling?

Just a little tired.

All right, take a sip of this.

I've got Kara's test results.


I wasn't sure it was my place to tell you,
but if it were me...

I'd wanna know.

Kara's pregnant.

Hi, sweetheart.


Captain said we could have a visit.

That can't be good news.

Don't you dare leave me.

Brief the crew.

Anyone who wants to visit...

now's the time.


I just needed somewhere to clear my head.

You were right.

The MG hasn't worked.

Their symptoms...

they're getting even worse.

And Bertrise?

Dr. Rios is pumping her full of saline
and FFP. She'll be all right.

Who did I think I was...

that I could solve this?

You're the best there is.

Yet I've failed.

Come on, we'll find another way.



Why did it work on you?

We never should've let this happen.

There wasn't anything
anybody could have done any differently.

I'm here to see Kara.

Six people, Mike.


Can you hear me, buddy?

Can you hear us at all?

Come on, Miller.

We still need you, man.

You, uh...

You gotta stick around, ma'am.

You know I can't be chief engineer.

CHENG Chung? Come on.

When they tell the story
about the great plague of the 21st century...

they'll talk about you.

The six.



Micro-cellular inflammation, oxidative stress,
immune vascular dysfunction.

And Bertrise, always sick when she was a kid
and yet immune to this.

- How could I have missed it?
- Can't say that I'm following you.

What we're seeing
is an autoimmune response.

The rashes, liver failure, the poor circulation.

What happened to Maya
was her own body attacking itself.

The virus is adapting.

Once it attached to the decoy,
it changed shape.

- It exposed its human gene. Neils' gene.
- That signaled to their immune systems...

to launch an attack on every cell
in their body.

The monkey doesn't have human genes.
It didn't have the same reaction.

So how do you stop it?

I need to modify the decoy
and hide Neils' gene.

If our immune systems can't see it,
it won't react.

No. There is no way to get their bodies
to manufacture...

the modified decoy on their own.

Yes, there is.

We use the Arctic strain as a Trojan horse.

You're gonna be okay, buddy.

We got this.

It didn't Work, did it?

Take a look.

I was thinking it might be high time
for the samba.

- Tex.
- The merengue?

- In bed. Now.
- Oh, I thought she'd never ask.


Hey, Eng? Put that down, relax.

No, sir.


- Told you.
- Yes, you did.

Dr. Scott?

The baby?

Will be born immune.


I guess it was touch and go there for a while.

How's it going?



Can we talk...

about what I hope...

is going on in there?

We have it.

We have a vaccine.

We don't just have...

a vaccine.

We have the cure.

You mean...?

I mean, that we can save people
who are already sick.


SAM: Grandpa, what do you think?
JED: Looking good, kiddo.

Don't forget the 151 on the hull.

Thank you.


Mm! Mm!


- Uh...
- Hey, eat.

This is W6-ABH.

This is Jed Chandler, Clearwater, Virginia.

I'm listening on 14.441 kilohertz...

looking for USS Nathan James.

Captain Tom Chandler...

if you're still out there, please, respond.

Looking for USS Nathan James.

Captain Tom Chandler,
if you're still out there, please, respond. Over.