The Heavy Water War: Stopping Hitler's Atomic Bomb (2015): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

The American bombers have killed many civilians, but the Heavy Water production is not harmed. The Nazis decide to take the production equipment to Germany, together with what they've of heavy water.

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Skinnarland on radio.

Haukelid and two locals guys to execute
the mission and place 19pound high explosive below deck

Something which ought to create an 11 square fot hole.

Ferry with all its cargo should go down
in less than five minutes

To fast to get to shore before it sinks.

yet another attempt, another blast, and people die

In war theres a price to pay for success

How successful were we really?

We lost 41 men in freshman, sabotaget the factory
and had the german rebuild it in two months

We listened to the yanks (Murica, fuck yeah! :P )
and bombed the entire walley

And now...

... about to blow up an passanger ferry

Very successful
It's war julie, you told me...

What the hell are you thinking

Alternative is another bombing

-We're talking 40-50 civilans,
Plus reprisals against even more

-Can't we take it on the way down?
-Or after the ferry, out on the ocean?

-I calculate most of them will get to shore.
-With minus degrees in the water?

-They have two life boats
-What if the ferry sinks before that?

Then they swim

And those who cant do it? the children? elderly?
What the hell are you thinking?

It's war, jomar.

We can get rid of the heavy other
once and for all.

-We dont have a choise!
-That i dont believe.

What do we really know about the germans
Do we know how far they have come?

I will investigate

Do that!

-Do you look forward to the concert, Lise?

To hear Beethoven?

-Consert on saturday.
-Thank you!

Its consert on saturday, there you go.

Ellen Henriksen.
Im arranging an consert.

-Arvid Fladmoe.
-Kristoffer Kleive.

Hope the trip was nice.

8kg in the hul, close to the engines.

Approximatly 45minuts after departure.

Friday is the worst day
Its the day the ferry is completely full.

Did you hear me?

Im not the one making the decisions.

Excuse me...

Yes, what is it?

We are moving.

What do you mean?

The factory is cutting back,
There is no work for Rolf.

He got an offer as an mechanic in Notodden

And i have got a job on the bag production factory.

What does Lise say to this?
Do she want to go?

-We need money
-Off course, Im sorry.

We leave on friday

-Friday? What about the consert?
-No, it....

We were supposed to go together.

Im going to check if we can pospone it,
so that Lise get to go on the consert.

That would be nice.

Sorry, im just beeing stupid.


It was a bit early!

Did you check about the friday?

Do you know anyone that make it be postponed?

Have it done till tomorrow,
Then we pospone until sunday


-Have you got a minut?
-Yes, what is it about?

How sure are we?
How far are they with the bomb?

Any new information i have not got?

We're never sure.
We know that Werner Heisenberg gave Niels Bohr an schetch-

-That we thought showed a bomb,
This was likely an reactor

But if you have an reactor you can make plutonium,
if you have plutonium you can make a bomb.

We do not know if heisenberg did it as a warning,
help -

- or just to impress

Therefor we have to sink the shipment,
Cause we just dont know

Heisenberg sees heavy water as essential for his research,
that we know...

The case is, we are afraid.

Somethings wrong with the critical mass

We calculated an ton of uran.

From the start.

The size of the Core is approx 1/1000 of the atom itself..

The biggest part of the atom is empty space

Before the collision, the positive electrones moves
freely several centimeter

-Several Millimeters...

Even in an dense metall as uranium.

We calculated to much uranium for a bomb beeing possible

One uranium lump
The size of a pee

Heres the positive electrons surface

- And just wanishes without colliding with new cores.

With a bigger uranium lump, every possitive atom reaches a new core.

-And the chain reaction starts!
Thats correct.


For a bomb, an 10kg uranium piece should suffice.

10 kilogram?

Then we have calculated wrong?
How could that happen?

And chin straight.


What did he say?

We will attend

The finest consert ever to be played here.
I'll pay the ferry on sunday

Rolf and Knut will pick you up
with a car tonight, just the three of you.

Four gards on the piere
There wont likely be any guards on the boat,-

-But the ferry crew sleeps there sometimes.

The raft is ready
4000m from the dock

It is no problem,
getting there unseen.

- But from the boat, its critical

My neighboor is on the ferry.

You told me to change the departure.
because so many traveled on friday.

-You can not warn him now.
-A whole family!

No difference.
Do you understand the concequenses?

-You know someone on the boat as well?
-Might be.

-Dont you think about it?
-I've been ordered not to.

-Its innocent people!

If we have gotten an order..
Someone has done the caluclation

We save more people by sinking the boat

-Is it that simple for you?
-Yes, its that simple.

What if i warn him?

I didnt hear that.

Get up in the mountains (raveen?)
and make contact with England.

There you await new orders.
I'll see you there in two days.

Did you hear me?


-Second row.

Your welcome.
And please, come in.

Thanks for last night.


Remember you can visit as often as you like.

Its not that far,
and i can come get you.

No choice, We could sink the whole shit out on the coast!

-Not according to the brits.
-I dont believe them.

-Well tell them
-Thats what you should do!

I did, but it turned out this way

With taking the lives of 50 innocent people.
You have to stop it.

The bomb is onboard.
The ferry left several minutes ago.

-You wanted the ferry plan all along.
-Thats not true.

Off course, done with it all...

So you finally can get back to Norway

-Two coffes, what do you want?

-Good morning.
-39 barrels sunk.

-18 dead.
-Minus 4 germans

Most of them under deck, likely captured in the dark,
if the explotion didnt get them.

One man got crushed on deck,
by some rail carriages-

- when he tried to get the lifeboat out.

Most of them ended up in the sea, and drowned.

Only the starboard lifeboat got used,
And that one could only hold 8.

Well, the main office is very pleased.

They see "heavy water" operation as an success.

"an example on warfare with few casualities"

"Such gives us great advanteges in battle"

Churchill sends his congratulations.

Congratulation ... Sir.

Werner Heisenberg!

Dont leave, wait for me please!

Damn! 370 wifes or mistresses,
or anything else...

They allways lead with that they dont
lnow anything about physics.-

- but that it was interesting.

"Culture and science, is Germanys great strenght"

Then moving on to the weather and other
unrelated stuff.

For exmaple "strategic withdraw"

We withdraw with success, and show
"victoriouse resistance".

But i like you

I've allways liked you
Wanted you to know that

You are not one of those that give up to easily

Stay with me, I want to show you something.

Its not only you that have been busy!

Look at this.
Conventional grenades.

Completely normal, without any "hocus pocus"

Or what, It looks like this.
but we arent stopping there!

Extracted uranium.
What happens then? look.

I had to do something easier than drop a bomb
on them

Like for example put it in lube form.
A kind of cream

But it is very different.
Effect and result, look.

For example number 47.
Stopzsky, Shlomo Stopzsky.

Exposion of radiation, for several minutes.

With an remarkable result.
Imagin this.

On larger dose, nicely wrapped
and shipped to Winston Churchill!

Do you understand, we are whats left!

We are the nations backbone

Or to put it like this.
With our beloved leader.

"We have alot riding on us, to win the war"


Protection of power plant,
and the damms in Southern Norway.

Stop the germans from destroying to much.

Your in charge.
Poulsson second in command, -

- Skinnarland as radio operator.
The rest you choose yourself, congratulation.

I though you wanted to get back in the field.

If you want to stay here til the war is over and then
go back to see your wife and child, thats ok..

Off course not.
The war is not over.

-Thanks, sir.

You wont miss the fish.
No fish with this colour in norway.

No!, i dont want it

Its likely very beautiful there this time of year.

Its allways beautiful.

Do you know what i miss the most with Norway?
The View

-Whereever you look.

Starting to be a very long time ago.

You have to visit.
Your house is large.

That would be ackward.

Maybe ill get a new exam in the university.

Thats a good idea, good birdwatchers are needed in this country.

Thats for sure.

Its gonna be strange without the war


-When do you leave?

-How long is it since you have seen them?

Soon four years.

A beer?

-No, i have to....
-You, all the others went into town.

One beer in the cantine, just the two of us.

Is it a date?

If it helps we can call it that.

-It helps.



You didnt think you'd get away that easy?

Skinnarland sends his regards.
The sheriff is threatening with exposing them all.

-So you will have your hands full.

Straight back. One-Two-Three...


-Einar reports about good weather in the area.

-Have a good trip.

The war is most likely over in a couple of months.

And i will maybe come visit.

-Good luck, Tronstad.

Oh well...

We'll see eachother soon.

Good luck.


Welcome to London, Heisenberg.
Im major Julie Smith, SOE.

Im leading the german nuclear program interogations.

Come with me.

Its a great thrill, on behalf of Hydro.

- To be able to give the homefront
four million krones (500k $)

Norwegian Hydro kept producing and selling "heavy water" until 1988

The company has today 13000 employees.
and a turnover of roughly 65 billion krones (8.5billion usd)

Tronstad never returned to his wife and child.But got killed during operation "Sunshine"

This Tv-series is based on a true story, but has been slightly alterated for simplifaction/drama
The Hydro chief and his wife was fictional.