The Good Doctor (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 6 - Hot and Bothered - full transcript

In the midst of a heatwave, Dr. Danica Powell and Dr. Shaun Murphy are at odds when it comes to their patient's surgery.

A brutal heat wave...

Barely 7:00, and it's already...

breaking all records. The
extreme temperatures...

What are you wearing?

A rechargeable cooling vest.

Kevin says it's going
to be 109 degrees today,

and this will maintain my core
temperature for up to eight hours.

I also have a neck fan,

personal hydration pack, and...

cooling hoodie.

You, uh, really went for it.

It's an investment
in our future.

We will need these
many, many more times.


To keep all pets indoors,

and make sure they
have plenty of water.

If you need to...

you can borrow my hoodie.

Stay hydrated,

especially if you're elderly
or have special needs.

During this high heat advisory,
please, please stay inside.

Out of the frying
pan, into the fire.


Is the AC even on?

It's working fine at the VA gym.

My wheelchair basketball team's
taking refuge over there later today.

We could use a shooting guard.

Not sure I'm quite ready to
drain threes in this thing.

An iced cap, though.

You're with me
today, Dr. Powell.


Do I get matching gear?

Like a Team Murphy uniform?


Spinal cord injuries disrupt
autonomic homeostasis,

so patients are more
susceptible to the heat.

If she'd had the
surgery I proposed,

Dr. Lim would be better able
to regulate that temperature.

- It was too early for her to make that decision.
- No.

The longer she waits, the higher
her risk of irreversible edema.

There's many
factors to consider.

That's why I told her
not to rush into it.

Excuse me.

Y-You are a first-year resident.

I have much more surgical
experience than you.

And I have much more physical
disability experience than you.

It's the ER.

Blackout hit a senior residence.

Their entire population
has been evacuated to us.

That makes 32 new patients.

And one cake.

Blackout shmackout.

We gotta celebrate Art's 100th.

Evaluate them all
for heat stroke.

Also, any pre-existing
condition could be exacerbated.

The rest are yours. All
of them non-surgical.

Some will need IVs
and cooling blankets.

And wander bracelets.

You want Fred and Ginger
or Stanley Kowalski?

Your heart's running
fast, Mrs. Hamilton.

The heat's made
your V-tach worse.

My heart's kept
me going 90 years,

so don't be too hard on it.

And call me Edna.

Ninety? Come on.
I don't buy it.

You remind me of
Jerry at the home.

Although you're
easier on the eyes.

Let's give Edna
five of metoprolol.

Lost her pulse. Need
a defibrillator.

Got her pulse back.

Nice work, Doc.

Other than cracking her ribs.

We better get a chest CT,
see how bad the damage is.

You're not old.

This is Brooks Mosey, 41.

He collapsed during his
daily 60-mile bike ride.

Yeah, the heat
caught me off-guard.

I'm just dehydrated.

You should watch
The Weather Channel.

Start an IV.

Oh. We need to
start an IO line.

I can't find a good vein.

That's because you didn't tap
the vein to make it dilate.

He's dehydrated. He
needs an IO line.

No, he needs a doctor
with more experience.

Please change that
patient's catheter bag.

Her core temp's
106. She's critical.

Axilla's packed. Two cooling
blankets. None of it's helping.

BP's tanking.

This heat's frying her organs.

That's the smoke detector.

You leave the stove on, Marty?

She needs cold
nasogastric lavage.

I'm scared, Marty.

May, my name is Dr. Perez.

You're at a hospital.

We're gonna take
good care of you.

We've got you.


Gracias, senorita.

Oh, it's, uh, Tango Tuesday.

We do all things Argentinian.

That explains...

That guy takes
three dance lessons,

and she's all over him.


Fred and Ginger?

Every bit as adorable
as they look.

Like two dancing prunes.

A couple in their twilight years

displaying affection
makes you pissy?

It's Tinder, isn't it?

I saw your profile.

What are you doing on Tinder?

Spying on my coworkers.

I don't blame you
for being cranky.

There's nothing more depressing

than a few laps around
the dating pool.


Arthur Abbott?


Okay, well, he couldn't
have gotten far. He's...

Hundred years old, as of today.

Oh, Art's one spry
son of a bitch.

I hear you saved my life today.

And fractured some
ribs in the process.


Which led to us doing a
CT that showed a tumor

running from your right
lung to your belly.

Can you remove it?

Yes, but at your age,

I'm not sure your body could
handle such a big surgery.

I'd recommend you leave it.

You'd have several good months.


Six, maybe seven.

You saved my life once today.

I'm sure you can do it again.

Edna, I'm just not
comfortable doing the surgery.

Then I want another opinion.

And another
butterscotch pudding.

Hmm? If it's not
too much trouble.


Dr. Powell's not your
favorite employee?

We are not allowed
to have favorites,

but if we were,

she would not be mine.

She is very annoying.

I've got 68 employees,
seven of whom are annoying,

and of those seven, four
are my best employees.

They consistently challenge me
with opposing points of view.


I can't br-breathe.


Code Blue!

- Oh!
- Heart rate is 32!

I need a crash cart!

It's a structural issue
causing cardiac ischemia.

Then we would've heard a murmur.

- What about a coronary vasospasm?
- N-No.

Brooks' troponins are
only mildly elevated.

Hi, Lea.

His electrolytes were off.

Could've been a vasovagal
response to dehydration.

You're wrong.

And your opposing points
of view are not useful.

It is structural.

We came here because it's 10
degrees cooler than everywhere else.

Dr. Powell did not come to
work prepared for the heat.

Go set up a coronary angio.

It's 108 out here. Why would
Art leave the hospital?

It's called dementia.

Spry or not, he couldn't
have hobbled this far.

Put a wander bracelet on him
like Andrews told you to,

we wouldn't be on this
hunt for the Walking Dead.

Andrews was looking
at you, not me.

Should we talk about what's
really bothering you?

You look on over there for the old
guy you lost, and I'll look over here.

It's up to 77 degrees in here.

Anything over 82 will
compromise the servers.

What's with Mr. Grumpy?

I'm not Mr. Grumpy.

Mm. You were with Powell.

I don't like her.

'Cause she's a bad resident?

She... makes a lot of mistakes,

but no more than the others.

So it's her personality?

She's annoying.

- How is she annoying?
- She's...


Oh. Kind of sounds
like someone we know?

Yes. But I like Morgan.

The first step to getting past your
issues with her is identifying them.

And why do I need to
get past my issues?

And there's the blackout.


That didn't last long.

That's just the backup
generators kicking in.

And how long they will
last, I have no idea.

We got your labs
and imaging back.

Heat has caused damage
to your heart and lungs.

It's permanent.

And, um...

You're dying, May.

Very soon.

A matter of hours.

But we'll make sure you're not in
any pain and keep you comfortable.

Do you have any
family we can call?


My husband passed last year.

Didn't he?

Is there anyone you want
to be here with you?

Marty was always the social one.

We talked about
seeing the world.

Marty and I finally
booked a-a trip

to celebrate our 60th
wedding anniversary.

To Paris.

But he got cancer.

He still wanted to
go, but... I said no,

we needed to get
him better first.

Hi, Edna.

I'm Dr. Aaron Glassman.

I understand you wanted
a second set of eyes.

Thank you for coming so quickly.

Well, I was in the neighborhood.

How you handling the heat?

Well, I brought you this.

In case you want
to use it later.

Any shortness of breath?

I've had that for ages. It
doesn't really bother me.

At the home,
everything's right there.

Well, that's convenient.

It is.

I do like to go
to the courtyard.

They have a beautiful
eucalyptus tree there.

When my granddaughter visited
from Eugene last summer,

we sat out there and just
watched the leaves rustle.

Well, that sounds just lovely.

It was.

May I?

Does it hurt when I press here?

Okay, okay. I'll
take that as a yes.

Any problems with memory,
forgetfulness, confusion?

I am 90.

But I just won all three matches

at last week's cribbage game.

So I guess it could be worse.

Card sharp, huh?


Edna, this tumor's a monster.

To take it out
would be very risky.

You might not survive
the procedure, or worse.

Ventilator, chronic
pain, immobilization.

Dr. Park went through
all of this with you?

Yes, he did.

I want the surgery.

And another
butterscotch pudding.

When you have a moment.

I'll see what I can do.

We're doing the surgery.

You know Edna's
heart stopped, right?

And restarted without
a defibrillator.

This is a huge surgery
for a 20-year-old.

And? Age isn't the only issue.

Okay, she has no idea what
she's getting herself into.

I think she does.

Well, she's blindly optimistic.

Or is it blind faith?
What's the difference?

She wants to have the surgery.

That faith could destroy what
little quality of life she has left.

Her call.

W-We need to radically
slash power consumption.

Your servers are pulling more
energy than any other department.

For good reason.

If all of our servers go down,

that'll take out
the SmartEnergy Hub.

What's a SmartEnergy Hub?

It directs power to areas
that need it the most

and reduces it to
areas that don't.

Without it, I can't guarantee
the generators won't overload.

Our backup system
needs a backup?

If we didn't have the Hub, we'd
be working in the dark already.

We need to act now.

Shut down the top two floors,
relocate the patients.

And compromise the medical
care of over 80 people?

I'll look after the patients,
you look after that Hub.

We need to talk about
why I don't like you.

Sounds fun.

Your hand lotion smells
strongly of almonds.

Injecting contrast.

You are stubborn
and intractable,

as demonstrated by refusing
to transplant a pig's heart,

ignoring proper procedure
for inserting an IV...

And I didn't back you
up on Lim's surgery.

You were wrong about that too.

The feeling's mutual.

Very stubborn.

And... almonds.

I've seen you get distracted when
something irritates your sensibilities.

Never seen that
make you a jackass.

The coronary artery is coming
off the pulmonary, not the aorta.

This is very rare and will require
a very complicated surgery.

He could drop dead
at any minute.

Yes, he could.


How about a coronary
artery bypass?

Swamp cooler.

Okay, Brooks' anatomy is far
too complex for a bypass.

We won't have all the necessary
information until we open him up.

Why don't we do a
cardiac MRI first?

That would be useless. His arteries
are too tortuous and dilated.

It'd make interpretation
of images impossible.

Okay, so your plan
is to have no plan?

My plan is to open him up,
observe, and improvise.

- You can't improvise the most complicated...
- Stop contradicting me.

I have more surgical
experience than you.

Yes, and it's your
job to teach me.

Then why do you act like
you know as much as I do?

Knowing why I don't like her

isn't going to help
because she won't change.

You're off the case.

We just lost our first server.

How about ECMO and CRRT?

That could bridge May to multi-organ
transplant and we could even...

Danny, she won't even
tolerate anticoagulation.


How you holding up, Chief?

My office is a sauna,
the Wi-Fi died,

and I just lost my
last two hours of work.

Well, Andrews just
put the hospital

and the ER on full
divert status,

so we both have the
next couple hours free.

The AC at the VA
is still working.

Oh, I have physical
therapy in 20.

You go to therapy to get
better when you're injured.

I am injured.

You were. You're not anymore.

Living with a
physical disability

is not like living
with, like, cancer.

You're not dying.
You're not sick.

I see a healthy, fully capable
woman sitting across from me.

At some point,

you need to start seeing
yourself like that, too.

You were right.

About the wander bracelet.

Andrews was looking at me.

Are you just saying that
to make me feel better?

- Did it work?
- No.

When I was a junior in high
school, I made this vision board.

Two horses, Olympic
medal in archery,

tour with NSYNC.

All goals that I'm okay with
not accomplishing, but...

Being a surgeon,
getting married,

having kids?

One of those is
already off the table,

and the others feel like
they're sliding out of reach.

I just... I feel like there's
this huge hole in my life.

You had a vision board?

There he is.

Mr. Abbott! Art! Hi.

We're doctors from the hospital.

Let's get you out
of this heat, okay?

He's all yours, Starsky.

Mr. Abbott!


I was nervous my
first time, too.

Shouldn't they lower the hoops?

You've been pushing that
chair around for months.

I'm sure your arms are up to it.

Today is about fun, remember?

Ooh, you're tall.

Good reach too.

Audrey, this is Clay.

He's captain of the losing team.

Mm, love your optimism, Powell.

You're 0 for 6 against us.

Right, which is why I
call dibs on the newb.

She who brings the long-armed
newb plays the long-armed newb.

I think I'll just watch.

Oh, come on. You will love it.

You're gonna improvise?

Based on my visual assessment
of your anomalous anatomy.

So you're going to have to make

a lot of decisions
in the moment?

Oh, at least six.

Where's Dr. Powell?

Off the case. But
she will be replaced.

I want her back,

challenging every
decision you make.

Her challenges have
not been useful.

Israeli Intelligence refuses
to make any major decisions

until they are thoroughly
challenged by the Tenth Man,

a person assigned to raise
every possible pitfall

before proceeding.

I have a successful
business because of it.

If you can't work
with a Tenth Man,

I'll find a surgeon who can.

We're gonna get you cooled down.

Jerome! Jerome!

We found Art!

No. I found him.

In the hospital laundry room.

So who did you kidnap?

♪ Na-na na-na-na
na-na-na-na-na-na ♪

♪ Na-na na-na-na ♪

♪ Oh, hey I'm putting
bodies On the board ♪

♪ Oh, hey... ♪

Hey! Whoa! You
leave it out there,

I'm picking your pocket, newb.

Yeah, I'm open!

♪ And I don't think
you're ready for it ♪

♪ Na-na na-na-na
na-na-na-na-na-na... ♪

- Yeah!
- Nice shot.

All right, get back on D!

♪ Na-na na-na-na
na-na-na-na-na-na ♪

♪ Na-na na-na-na ♪

♪ I'mma take ya... ♪

Go to the low post.

Let's go! Come on!

Stay out of my lane.

Pass it!


No, don't leave her open.

♪ Dynamite, dynamite ♪

♪ Whoo ♪

♪ Dynamite ♪

♪ Whoo ♪

♪ Dynamite ♪

- Whoo!
- Yes!

Nice shot, newb.



She doesn't have much longer.

We're taking May to Paris.

I kicked Powell off my case,

but the patient said I can't do
his surgery without a Tenth Man,

but I don't want to work
with Powell as a Tenth Man

because I don't like her.

I work with people I
don't like all the time.


Focus on the good,
forget the bad.

There is nothing
good about Powell.


If there is, I don't
know how to find it.

Common ground.

Find the... the...
The common ground.

My father-in-law, for instance.

We were like frozen Popsicles
in a... in a freezer.

- Popsicles?
- Metaphor.

We were so uncomfortable
around each other.

He didn't like me,
I didn't like him.

And then, on Maddie's
fifth birthday party,

my father-in-law pulled
out a deck of cards

and performs, to perfection,
this magic card trick.

I'd been fumbling over that
same card trick for years.

I used to have a magic show.

Amazing Aaron's... Magic Show.

And from that point on,
we thawed out, you know?

And we were never close,

but we were okay
around each other.

Common ground.


It was two months before
I scored in a game.

Ugh, I won't be able to move my arms
tomorrow. Not good for a surgeon.

- 0 for 7, Doc.
- Mm-hmm.

- You're a doctor?
- Pediatrician.

I play much better
against the kids.

Just for the record,
I did not love that.

No? Then why are you smiling?

It's more of a grimace.

Oh? Maybe.

Or maybe it's nice.

You know, being treated
like a normal person again.

That patronizing politeness accorded
to the helpless, vulnerable invalid?

That crap gets old fast.

Same time next week?

Not a chance in hell.


And I'm back on the case.

I didn't know you were off it.

Figure you can use these
more now than I can.

Already lost one generator,

and the other is
on its last legs.

ICU and OR are the only
places with working AC.

The whole hospital could
go dark at any time.

You're gonna fire
me, aren't you?

Not if the board fires me first.

I got to make some calls.

Number six.

Lung is clear. Moving on.

Give her a bump of Dilt.

We don't want her
heart going haywire

while we're trying to
pull this thing off of it.

Renal parenchyma isn't clear.

I can't resect this
aspect of the tumor

without sacrificing the kidney.

Take the kidney.

Well, she'll need
full-on dialysis.

She'll be looking at
blood-pressure volatility,

fainting spells,
electrolyte imbalances...

She can live with
it. Take the kidney.

When my grandfather
got pancreatic cancer,

my grandmother pushed
his doctors to operate.

And complications from surgery cost him
everything that made his life worth living.

Now, he could have spent
his last few months

in palliative care
with his family.

Instead, he got three
years of pain and misery.

Now, we stop now, she'll
have a few more good months.

Butterscotch pudding.

Life is hard.

Sometimes the pain of loss
or whatever is so acute,

you don't know how you're
gonna go on or why.

And then you find a reason
or a reason finds you.

Someone needs you.

You find love, a purpose.

Dialysis isn't going to
stop Edna from the joy

of seeing her granddaughter
or the rustling of the leaves,

or butterscotch pudding.

I'll take the kidney.

Brooks' unstable
angina has worsened.

The surgery can't wait.

Do you watch The
Weather Channel?

This is San Jose.
There is no weather.

Other than today.

Helsinki has a lot of weather.

You watch Finnish
weather reports?

I find using science as a
predictive tool very reassuring.

I've seen some good
weather movies.

Twister, The Day
After Tomorrow...

Those movies are
very unrealistic.

- Sharknado.
- Pancakes. Do you like pancakes?

Not much of a carb person.

I do love banh xeo.

Vietnamese crepes, stuffed
with pickled daikon radish...

No, those are not pancakes.

We have no common ground.

Dr. Glassman's advice is not
useful, nor Lea's advice.

I still do not like you.

That's every senior care facility
within a five-mile radius.


Vista Park?


Any of those places ring a bell?

Where's my Emma?

I'm gonna end up in
Edenvale, aren't I?

With no one to
report me missing.

No, you're not.

Edenvale's far too exclusive.

Come on. You know you're gonna
get back together with Park.


Someone just called our ER

looking for a 91-year-old Samuel
McIntyre of 378 Meadow Drive.

We really did kidnap him.

His grandson Kyle is
coming to pick him up.

As in Kyle McIntyre,
Attorney at Law.

Solar energy company's
delivering a battery truck ASAP,

which would give us
all the power we need.

That's fantastic.

Except we can't access it.

It's DC power, and they
don't have an inverter.

MRIs run on DC. They
must have inverters.

I'm not sure they can
integrate it into our grid.

Well, we're gonna find out.

Have engineering
take an inverter

- to the electrical room.
- Okay.

What's happening?

We're taking you on
a little trip, May.

Just sit back and enjoy.

Welcome to Paris.


Oh, my...

♪ Non, rien de rien... ♪

It's... It's Notre Dame.

And the Louvre.


And... the Eiffel Tower.

We made it after all.

Isn't it beautiful, Marty?

♪ C'est paye ♪

♪ Balaye, oublie ♪

♪ Je me fous du passe... ♪

Yes, it is, May.

♪ Avec mes souvenirs ♪

♪ J'ai allume le feu ♪

♪ Mes chagrins, mes plaisirs ♪

Oh. Brooks' coronary anatomy
is very, very unusual.

Yes, it is.

I was hoping to implant the coronary
artery directly onto the aorta.

- It won't reach.
- I know.

I was about to say that.

Sorry. Sorry.

We could do a bypass with
a homograft, although...

The graft would clot.

I was getting to that.

I don't need your bad ideas.

I was hoping you'd hear it
and make it a better idea.

- Stop talking.
- No!

I'm fine with you not liking me,

but that doesn't mean you
get to disregard my ideas.

And I would've thought
that you'd understand

exactly what it's like to
be treated as the other.

You want to find common ground?
That's our common ground.

We can use a modified
Takeuchi procedure

to tunnel the RCA
using TEE guidance.

Great plan. I'll
cross clamp the aorta.

It was a great plan.

We need to do an off-pump modification
of the trap door technique.

Number 15 scalpel.

Without electrocautery, there's
a huge risk he'll bleed out.

We need to improvise.

What about adjustable
ligature technique

to cinch down bleeding vessels?

That is from the Civil War.

I'm a little bit of a
surgical history geek.

55 over 32. He's critical.

That ligature technique could
permanently damage the vasculature.

We will do the
off-pump modification.

In the Civil War, they
also used heat on metal.

To cauterize.

I'm sure somebody has a lighter.

I'll cut, you cauterize.

Is this gonna work?

It's not rated for
this energy load.

BP is 48 over palp.

We're losing him.


Anastomosis complete.

Unclamping the aorta.

Heart is perfusing.

61 over 40. He's stabilizing.

Wonder if Jerome
will wait for me.

Till we get out of jail.

Grandpa Sam!

There's my Emma.

He just recently
started to wander.

I don't know where you found
him, but with the heat today...

you probably saved his life.

♪ I can't tell ♪

♪ If I'm crushed or cradled ♪

♪ Between the bars ♪

♪ In this hotel ♪

Thank you.

♪ I wish there was something
You could hold... ♪

We're heroes.

Who knew?

♪ What's it gonna take? ♪

♪ Oh, what's it gonna take ♪

♪ For this place To
feel like home? ♪

Thank you.


You're, uh...

You're an amazing person.

♪ What's it gonna take? ♪

♪ Twenty-seven years
On a rock in space ♪

♪ When is the fever
Gonna break? ♪

How's our Edna doing?

Pretty good,
actually. Considering.

Butterscotch pudding?

♪ Yeah, what's it gonna take ♪

♪ For this place To
feel like home? ♪

Mm, this is good.

♪ Oh, what's it gonna take ♪

♪ For this place To
feel like home? ♪

♪ Oh, what's it gonna take ♪

♪ For this place To
feel like home? ♪

We're back to 80% capacity.

Nice job.

Back at you.

Maybe you can meet a
guy in a tango class.

That hole in my life?

It's not that I
want a boyfriend.

I want a child.

Brooks' EKG is perfect.


The first brain surgery was
performed in ancient Egypt.

The patient died.

I heard they found surgical
tools in a pharaoh's tomb.

They were made of bronze.

There's a great surgical
museum in Chicago.

You should check
it out sometime.

Well, what happened there?

She changed her hand lotion.

How do you feel about tennis?

I play every Saturday.

Unless you're too busy with PT.

I think I might be
ready to graduate.