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Previously, on
"The Good Doctor"...

You put me here, and
I'm really angry about that.

I am sitting in this chair
because of that surgery.

- I enjoyed our field trip.
- I had a good time, too.

I'm sorry. I just...

I can't.

I know
how to fix everything.

There's a surgery
that will cure Lim's paralysis.

It's not the cord.

It's a deformity
of the spinal column.

Even if there's kyphosis,
that doesn't mean...

She used to have
a 10-degree curve.

Now it's 15.

So, what do you propose?

We go through the abdomen
and chest, fix the deformity,

and stabilize the column
with cage, plate, and screws.

With the tension in the cord
relaxed, her body can heal.

It will fix the paralysis.

- That might work.
- Might.

Might work.
Might doesn't cut it,

especially with the amount of
instrumentation around the spinal cord.

You could poke a hole
in the gut or in the lung.

Sepsis is
a very real possibility.

I won't poke a hole
in anything.

Do I need to remind you how
confident you were the last time?

I'm sorry, but the odds
aren't good enough, not for me.

Then better the odds.

You two see if you can find
a surgery in our comfort zone.

Any objections?


Then I need to get started.

I will be very busy this week.

And you never fainted
before today?

No, never.

Actually, I guess
I fainted last week.

I was at recess.

I just sort of woke up
on the ground.

I thought you wouldn't let me
do the Halloween pageant.

- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.

We just want you to get better.

So, you're Cinderella.

I have the main solo.
I'm singing "No One Is Alone."

Sondheim. I love it.

What's your favorite?

♪ For what's the sound
Of the world out there? ♪

♪ What, Mr. Todd?
What, Mr. Todd? ♪

♪ What is that sound? ♪

♪ The crunching noises
Pervading the air ♪

♪ Yes, Mr. Todd!
Yes, Mr. Todd! ♪

♪ Yes, all around! ♪

♪ It's man devouring man
My dear! ♪

♪ And who are we
To deny it in here! ♪

Why is there singing?

And why are you... green?

It's Halloween.

Heart rate's still 38 BPM.

Hopefully, we can get you back
in time for your solo.

We can't.

The electrical system in your heart is
malfunctioning and you risk cardiac arrest.

We can easily implant
a pacemaker today

to keep it
functioning normally.

Once it's in,
a pacemaker is very safe.

W-Why is this happening to her?

We will do blood work
and electrophysiologic studies

to find out.

Plus, genetic workups
on all three of you.

If it's inherited,
you might be at risk, too.

Happy Halloween.

Quirky music playing...

Spooky version
of opening theme music playing...

Season 06 Episode 05

Episode Title: "Growth Opportunities"
Aired on: October 31, 2022.

Synchronized by srjanapala

I get dizzy a lot

'cause I banged my head
when I was a kid.

They know, buddy.

Oh, yeah.

Sometimes I forget stuff, too.

Chris is always
looking out for me.

He picks me up
from day care every day.

He cooks me dinner,

and he lets me
play video games.

Sounds like a good brother.

Tell them what we say
to each other.

I say, "I got your back,
little bro."

And then I go,
"I got your back, big bro."

Nice approximation
of the wound edges.

You're good to go, Ollie.

Back's been bugging me.

Joys of aging.

Your pants are pretty loose.

Lost a little weight recently.

When did you see a doctor last?

I don't know.

Between Ollie
and looking for work...

Mind lifting up your shirt?

We're gonna order lab tests
and a CT for you,

just to be safe.

That potential assistant
I liked, with the septum ring?


Well, I watched her TikTok,

and now I'm looking
for another one.

You reading your tablet?

Yes, but I'm also
listening to you.

With the Dr. Lim surgery,

I have to do two jobs.

Well, how about you start
after our lunch?

This is a growth opportunity.

As a boss,
you need to delegate.

You think I write
every line of code myself?

I am a surgeon.
I cannot delegate surgery.

So, figure out
the elements of your job

that only you can do
and delegate the rest.

That is a good idea.

The Force is with me.

Nice. Love it.

Ooh. Gorgeous.

So, the navy blue dress
or the black skirt?

They're all great.

Your date's
gonna be blown away.

Not necessarily my date.

My neighbors aren't taking me

to romantic restaurants.

Your neighbors
are a 90-year-old couple

and that hermit who likes
to talk to his geodes.

It's a date, right?

This is my floor.

Wise answer, matey.


Date. Definitely a date.

Which is a problem
'cause those outfits suck.

What else you got?

Trashy, frumpy, slutty,

not slutty enough.

God, no. Anything else?

In my closet.

We'll meet there. 8:00 p.m.

Try to hold still, Chris.

This will just take
a few minutes.


I would have thought that you
had more Halloween spirit.

Oh, I have a lot.

But as a professional woman,

I express it after work.

- Interesting.
- Mm-hmm.

What are you up to?

There's a big pub crawl
around San Pedro Square.

A bunch of us are going.

That sounds fun.

Want to join?

I think I'll skip.
But thanks.

No problem.

I think I made things weird
between us last night.

It's fine.

A three-centimeter mass

partially compressing
the bile duct.

Tense music playing...

Pancreatic cancer.


You wearing that in the OR?

I got the genetic testing back.

Skyler has hemochromatosis.

Explains the heart problems.

Yes, but look at
her parents' results.

Mom carries the recessive gene.

But not her dad.

Which means he's not her dad.

And given how
he let us test him,

he doesn't know it.

What are we gonna
tell her parents?

The genetic
testing results.

Placing the generator
in the infraclavicular pocket.

Any thoughts on how?

Without destroying
their marriage, I mean?

I will delegate that task
to you two.

It will be
a growth opportunity.

You also need to inform Skyler's
biological father that he's the carrier.

we don't know who he is.

Then it will be an even bigger
growth opportunity.

Adsons and 3-0 vicryl.

Whimsical music playing...

You have stage three
pancreatic cancer.

That means
it hasn't metastasized yet,

but it's spread
to your lymph nodes.

So, I'll... I'll do chemo?

Chemo, radiation,
molecular therapy

would give you
about eight months.

There is a very extensive surgery
called the Whipple procedure.

It involves
removing your gallbladder

as well as parts of your bile duct,
pancreas, and intestines.

Okay. When can we do it?

It only has
a small chance of success,

and if it fails, you'll have
less time and more pain.

When Ollie was a kid,
my mom worked from home a lot.

She always had me looking
after him, which I hated.

One day,
I was reading comics...

and he fell down the stairs.

You were just a kid yourself.

Ollie's injury
isn't your fault.

I will do anything
to be there for him.

We'll order the pre-op testing
for the Whipple procedure.

I'm busy.

No, you are waiting on your
patient's ear wax to soften.

We can use a thoracoscopic
and laparoscopic approach

with endoscopic decompression.

I want to present it
to Dr. Lim.


This approach has been used
for tumor surgery.

Did you say "surgery"?

We're not talking about you!

It's less invasive
than my initial idea,

with a lower risk
of vascular injury.

I said no, Shaun.

This is wild. It's like Rice
Krispies popping in my ear.

I did what Dr. Andrews said.

I lowered the risk of injury.

You didn't do
what Dr. Andrews said.

You didn't raise the chance

- that we're gonna fix her paralysis.
- Paralysis?

- I am not talking about you.
- We're not talking about you! Tilt your head.

Not good enough.

Jacob will be back soon.

Let's start with us.

The pacemaker is working great.

Thank God.

But she has a genetic disease
called hemochromatosis.

Um, excess iron
is building up in her body.

That's why she was
having heart issues?


And there's a small amount
of damage to her liver,

but it looks like
we caught that in time.

Iron is carried
in red blood cells,

so the main treatment
is just regular blood draws.

That's it? Great.

Because of the forms
you signed,

we're supposed to tell you and
your husband these results together

and explain
that hemochromatosis

is a recessive
genetic disorder,

which means that for Skyler
to have the condition,

the gene needs to be carried
by both parents.

And then we'd explain
that you carry it,

but... your husband doesn't.

But that doesn't...

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Jacob's old college roommate.

We were really close
with him and his wife.

Jacob suspected,
but I denied it.

He was just so amazing,
and I was in a rut.

Jacob and I are good now.

Skyler is his daughter.
I don't want that to change.

We can't avoid your husband
finding out his test results.

Can you give us
the biological dad's info?

He needs to know
he's a carrier.

I don't want him involved.

We can't tell him anything
about you or Skyler.

Privacy laws.

But if he has other children,
they could be in danger.

Mick Kang.

I better go
talk to my husband now.

Are you trying to look
like a stalk of celery?

- Oh.
- Ohh!

My go-to in the before times.

Pair it with...

The Louis Vuitton blouse?

- Mm-hmm.
- Yes.

And... these.

Hot, classic.

Well done.

Only issue...

They could be hard to get off.

A feature or a bug, depending.

Let's take a break.

What's going on?

I'm a different person now,
with a different body.

That he apparently
finds attractive.

You'll figure it out.

It's not only sex.

I worry I'm just racing
to start my life again.

How much do I even like him?

Is he a nice guy?



Pretty cute.

Having just lost a nice
and pretty cute guy,

it goes a long way.

This'll work.

Doesn't look like
we can preserve the pylorus.

We can reassess
early in the surgery.

I was an idiot the other night.

When I almost kissed you.

Obviously, I like you.

But it's a line I can't cross.

If this is because
we work together...

It's not.

I can't date anyone right now.

But I really hope
we can keep being friends.


- If we don't do a distal, we run the risk of...
- Hold up.

We clearly
both like each other,

but nothing can happen

for some reason
you won't share.

But you still want to hang out?


Let's look at
the common hepatic artery.

Our other growth opportunity's
waiting in the cafeteria.

You think
I carry a gene for this...


So, if you have kids...

Yeah, two boys.
Six-year-old twins.

The warning signs
would be bronzed skin,

liver problems,
lack of energy, joint pain.


As far as I know,
they're totally healthy.

How did you find out
I'm a carrier?

I've never even been
to this hospital.

I'm sorry.
We're limited by privacy laws.

But as long as
you and your kids

get checked out,
you'll be fine.

Privacy laws?
Who... Whose privacy?

I'm sorry.
We can't say anything more.


Daisy had a kid?

Hey, look, man, um, they just...
They called me in here.

- I didn't...
- No!

No, no, no, no, no. Don't!


Tense music playing...

Okay, residents,
that did not work at all.

You chose
a very bad place to meet Mick,

and then Mick
got his nose broken,

and then Mick complained
that you got his nose broken,

and then Dr. Andrews berated
me for not being a good attending

when all I did was delegate
to the two of you.

She suggested meeting him
in the cafeteria.

And you didn't object.

As a feminist,
it's not my place to...

You both did terrible jobs.

I have to work
on Dr. Lim's surgery.

Go check on Skyler's pacemaker.

I can see
the common hepatic artery.

Resecting the
large lymph node anterior to it.

Dr. Park,
the abdominal wall.

That's not local spread.

We can't finish.

We have to close him up,
reverse what we can.

We will go in posteriorly
at T9-L1.

With no anterior instrumentation,

she'll be at a lower risk
of post surgical complications,

and her prognosis
will be improved

by completing
posterior osteotomies

to release tension on the cord.

Still too risky.

Have you even apologized
to Lim yet?

I have nothing
to apologize for.

Oh, my God. Shaun.

Oh, you are still mad at me
for not following orders.

That's why you keep
shooting down my ideas.

You didn't listen to me,

and you're refusing to accept
responsibility, so yeah, I'm a little mad,

but I'm shooting down
your ideas

because they're too risky.

I don't believe that.

Okay, fine,
don't believe it, then.

I want you
to stop being mad at me

so you will
like my ideas again.

Doesn't work that way.

Then how does it work?

How long are you going
to be mad at me?

I don't know.

I'm gonna go finish
my clinic hours.

Is there something wrong
with her pacemaker?

Her heart is fine.

She has jaundice.
Her liver is failing.

from the heart block

caused unexpected shock liver.

She has been listed
for a transplant on UNOS.

I've asked for an exception
to speed it up,

but at this rate, she will die

before a donor liver
becomes available.

We tested her mom.

She's not a good match,

and her dad isn't either,
since he's not her dad.

What about
her biological father?

The mom's been calling him,
but apparently he blocked her.

We could try.

You got him
punched in the face.

I will talk with him instead.

No. Y-You said before
that I might have eight months.

We didn't know
it had metastasized.

I always said
I wouldn't do this to him.

You're not doing
anything to him. You're sick.

He's gonna wind up
in a group home.

There are good ones.

Patient Services
can advise you.

Should we get your brother
so you two can talk?


- Got a minute?
- Not really.

Patient of mine...

he's devoted his life
to taking care of his brother,

who's got
a traumatic brain injury,

but he's dying of pancreatic
cancer and he's terrified.

The Whipple procedure
is the only...

This isn't a surgical question.

I was hoping
you'd talk to them.

About your experiences
with Steve,

and after he died.


It would be great for them
to see how well you've turned out.

I don't know his brother
will turn out well.

I have ASD,
but he has a brain injury.

- I know, but...
- I lived in a bus.

I don't know where they live,

but it is almost certainly
not a bus

or you would have
already mentioned it.

I still think it could help.

It's much more likely I can help
with fixing Dr. Lim's paralysis.

Your patient is dying anyway.

Why are you in this office?

I have a meeting.

You're making this worse
with Shaun.

You do realize that, don't you?

You're making him more upset.

He's got to take responsibility
for what he did.

He's trying.

And you staying pissed at him

isn't going to
help that process.

Which is exactly why
I'm gonna stay away.

Well, you can't
avoid him forever.

- Yes, I can.
- Stop it!

You're mad at him.

He's not going to apologize.

Someone's got to make
the first move.

And that has got to be me?

Yeah, of course it does.

He's a grown man,
and he's your husband.

He has ASD, and he's your son.

Your daughter
is in liver failure.

None of her relatives are
suitable donors, but you might be.

You want me to give my liver?

Just one lobe.
The full liver would kill you.

I've never met her.

I mean, I...

I only heard about her
a couple days ago.

Okay, you're...
You're biologically linked.

That gives you responsibility.

I have two little boys
who need me,

a wife I'm already
in couples therapy with.

I feel sorry for this girl.

I really do.

But I cannot destroy
my family for her.

My brother's going to be okay.
We're going on a trip.


how about Nurse Hawks here takes you to
the cafeteria to get some ice cream, hmm?


Go for it.

I found a website
for a clinic in Mexico

that offers a cure
for pancreatic cancer.

stem cells, supplements.

I know these clinics.

They're scams
preying on desperate people.

What do I have to lose?

Your money, for one thing.

Your brother will need it
after you're gone.

If he loses me...

he'll never make it.

He will.

You don't understand.

Growing up, um,
my family was really close.

We worked the farm together.

My brother...

My brother was my best friend.

One day, the tractor rolled,

and my brother herniated a disk
getting it back up.

Doctor gave him Oxy,

and... 18 months later
he moved on to heroin.

Counselors, they, um...

They told me, my mom,
my dad to cut him off,

that he needed
to hit rock bottom.

So we did.

And he did.

For a while there,

it felt like he was gone.

My brother tells me now

that our family's love,

everything my parents
taught him,

that's what got him through.

We saved him,

even when we weren't there.

Last month, he actually, um...

He marked five years sober.

Ollie can handle this.

Tell him the truth.

- Don't argue with me.
- I'm not!

Stop acting like a brat.

Let's go now.

That was school.

You hit Susan Dawkins again?

She was being mean to me,
like she always is.

Well, we talked
about this, Maddie.

All you got to do is...
Is stay away.

Why do I
have to change what I do

when she's the one who's mean?

Because hitting people
isn't acceptable, Maddie.

Sometimes in life,
people are gonna be mean.

You always
make everything my fault.

No, I don't.

You're supposed
to be on my side.

I'm trying to be on your side,

but you make it
damn near impossible

because you never listen to me!

You don't listen.
You just boss me around.

Oh, my God. Okay.
You know what?

- Just go to your room.
- No.

What did you say to me?
Go to your room.

I hate you.

I said go to your room!

Hepatic encephalopathy.

Without a new liver,
she'll be dead by tomorrow.

Did you get the exception
from UNOS?


Then it's over.

It's not.

Her biological father
could still be a match.

First, you two
failed with Mick,

then I failed with Mick.

We need to figure it out
together, this time.


we're not gonna go to Mexico.

Are you better?


Are you dying?


But we are gonna spend
every minute together.

And I'm gonna find you
a great group home.

And I know that's hard.

Ollie, I am so sorry.

Rajan's in a group home.

Raj an.

From my day group.

He says
he's got his own bedroom

and the people are nice.

He's okay.

I got your back, big bro.

I got your back, little bro.

Can I come in?

I am mad at you.

And for good reason.

But no matter how mad I get,

I never stop loving you.

I didn't tell that
to Maddie enough.

I don't know what you want me
to take away from that.

That I love you.

I do too.

And that I had good reasons,

non-emotional reasons,

for shooting down
your earlier ideas.

But I think there might be something
to that endoscopic plan, maybe.

Do you have
any of her CT scans?

I have many of them.

Well, let's start with one.

♪ Today might be the day ♪

♪ Everything turns around ♪

Thanks for coming out, guys.

That was beautiful.


- I'm Lea.
- Mick.

- First time at the show?
- Yeah.


Uh, can I...
Can I show you something?


♪ Mother cannot guide you ♪

♪ Now you're on your own... ♪

Wow. She's... incredible.

Your daughter?


♪ No one is alone ♪


♪ Truly, no one is alone ♪

♪ Mother isn't here now ♪

♪ Who knows what she'd say? ♪

We'll go in posteriorly with minimally
invasive percutaneous screws

and do a complete
vertebral column resection

at the maximally
kyphosed segments,

then reconstruct the vertebral
bodies with an expandable cage.

You're building
a whole new spinal column.

It's the safest way to remove
the tension in your cord

and let your body do its work.

You came around?

I wouldn't say
I came around exactly,

but I don't think
it's crazy to say yes.

At this point,
it's not a medical question.

It's an emotional one.

You got to ask yourself, how
bad do you want out of that chair?

I'll think on it.

You look...

I'm gonna use
a highly precise term here...


Well, I spent hours applying
very expensive snazz.

You look great, too.


Reservation for two
under Joseph.

One moment.

Is this the only entrance
into the dining room?

It's an old building.
I'm so sorry.

A couple of waiters
are coming down right now.

They'll carry you
and the chair upstairs.

It's no problem.


You know, I have always loved

this little courtyard area
out here.

Could you possibly bring down
one of those corner tables

and a couple of chairs?

Uh, just one, actually.
I come equipped.

I'll make it happen.

Thank you.

A New Hope is,
of course, a perfect movie.


But, talking about
the recent ones,

ah, there's one that,
for me, really stands out.

Rogue One.

Yes! Oh!

Oh, that ending!

Genuinely a stunner.

Oh, not just for the franchise,

but for any
Hollywood blockbuster.

So, what are we watching?

I'm sorry.

I didn't think that, uh...

Should I go?


I'm guessing it wasn't a date?

If it would help,
I could tell you about

what I thought was a
romantic trip to Acapulco

right after my accident.

It wouldn't.

It never even occurred to him
that I would think it was a date.

Don't do the surgery.

Whatever Dr. Murphy
is proposing

I'm sure sounds
pretty good right now.

Do you even know
what he's proposing?

This is about you wanting
your old life back at any cost.

I've been where you are.

The first year
after I lost my leg,

I would have risked anything
to get it back.

But I like my life now.

I like who I am now.

Give yourself time.

Can you hear us?


Oh, careful.
You've got a lot of stitches.

What happened?

You got really sick,
but these doctors fixed you up.

This man gave you
part of his liver.

He saved your life.

Who are you?

I'm Mick.

See you on Monday.

Five years sober, huh?

Do you even have a brother?

I do.

But, um, he's not the addict.


your addiction,

is that the reason

why you and I can't...


About six months ago,
I had a setback.

Bought some heroin.

Flushed it before I took it,
but still.

My first priority is making it
to midnight without using.

My second
is becoming a surgeon.

And I don't know how to add a
third without risking the others.

Thank you for trusting me.

I really hope
we can be friends.


We're friends.

I have reserved an OR for
tomorrow afternoon in case...

I've decided
against the surgery.

Thank you for your work.


She doesn't owe us
an explanation, Shaun.

Yes, she does.

I revised my plan,
like you told me.


I can look
for less invasive methods.

- Shaun, stop. Shaun, stop.
- I-It's not fair.

- If your concern is recovery time...
- You know what?

- You don't have to stay for this. I can show...
- Stop!

It's not fair.

Tell me the reasons
why you think it's not fair,

and I'll try to explain it.

I'm sorry.

I heard Lim said no
to the surgery.

You did the right thing trying.

It accomplished nothing.

When I went back to Hershey
to help my family's company,

I thought
it would fix the business,

fix things with my brother,
fix things with my parents.

Failed on all three.

But I'm glad I did it.

That makes no sense.

I'd rather do my best and fail
than always regret not trying.

When people are in pain,
try to help them.

Even if you think
it won't change anything?

That only makes it braver.

Thanks for coming.

I am Dr. Shaun Murphy.

Dr. Park wants me to talk
to you about my life.

I don't know if I can help.

But I am going to try.


Closing theme music playing...