The Good Doctor (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - Measure of Intelligence - full transcript

Shaun confronts Salen about the many changes she has implemented since coming on at St. Bonaventure, and Glassman is forced to accept his new role at the hospital.



You okay?

I stamped and addressed
all the Save the Date cards.

I hope two months' notice
is enough.

The wedding planning books
all said four to six is best.

You definitely
could have waited
until you had a day off.

I couldn't sleep.

I'm sorry.

I know change
is hard for you.

Salen's changes are not hard
because of my ASD.

The new soap, hand dryers,
and scrubs

are all inferior
to what we had before.

Now I have to bring
my own soap
and paper towels.

I've seen you adapt
to things before.

Like the toilet paper
and how I cut avocados.

She uses the same stuff
at her other hospitals,

and the staff
apparently likes them.

I need to show her
my evidence.

I'm sure Salen
has her own evidence.

She's all about
collecting data.

I'm not wrong.

I didn't say you were.

Maybe you should see
what the others think first.

If the studies
prove I'm right,

what others think
doesn't matter.

To you, yes,

but she installed smile-frown
buttons in every room.

To get Salen
to change her mind,

you need to think about what's
important to her, not you.

That is...

Good advice.

Uh, thank you.

You're welcome.

And thank you
for taking care of these.

I will mail them out today.

This is so exciting.

Yes, it is.

DR. LIM: Well,
you signed a year lease.

Might be worth buying a couch,
putting some art on the wall.

The art I like
I can't afford.

And you didn't like
watching TV in bed?

I definitely liked
not watching TV in bed.

At least get
a damn coffee maker.

Si, Jefa.

Andrews is tu jefe now.

Mmm, suerte la mia.

I know it's been a while
since you've been supervised.

I've got enough on my plate
dealing with Salen,

so please...
Make it work.

I've worked with
trust fund donors
and dictators.

I can manage Andrews.

** Oh, what
a beautiful morning

** Oh, what a beautiful day

in a good mood.

(CHUCKLES) Just had my first
personal training session

in our new fitness center.

I highly recommend Rafael.


And he knows
just how hard to push
when stretching you out.

I'll stick to
working out at home.

Where he can pretend
he's Rocky Balboa.

More like Soo Woong Lee.

Salen would probably install
a heavy bag if you asked.

She seems eager
to upgrade the amenities.

She's eager for a reduced rate
on our health insurance,
which a gym gives her.

And you prefer
she pay more?

After she's done
with the paint
and window treatments,

the cuts will come.

You're complaining about
upgrades you agree with

because you're
annoyed about cuts

that haven't
even been proposed?

If you're so optimistic,

why were you tossing
and turning all night?

I was hot,
and I hate your mattress.

Don't you have
an ACL to repair?

It was in the low 60s
last night.

(SIGHS) I got tacos
on the way home,

and then I couldn't...

You know,
while we were in bed.

I am still in so much pain
and totally bloated.

Would you fart
in front of a boyfriend?
Absolutely no.

I'm all for being real,
but not that...

Good morning.

We were just saying...

How much we love
the gym. It's...

Stop talking.

an inspiration
in the shower.

I never wait
to jot down a good idea.

All right.

First time I sleep over
at a guy's place,

in the morning,
while he's in the shower,

I go in, take a seat
on the toilet, drop a deuce.

Really separates the men
from the boys.

EMT: We need some help
over here!

27-year-old male.
Severe craniofacial trauma.

Breathing's shallow.

ASHER: Need an airway cart
and ICP bolt set-up.

He get hit by a car?

His front tire got caught
in a drain grate.

Flew over the handlebars
and crashed face-first
into the curb.

His mouth
is full of blood.

We need to secure his airway
before we lose it.

I need to get a brain
and face CT.

We're also going to need
3-D CT recon scans.

To create a stereolithographic
model of the two...

Actually three surgeries
he'll need

to repair his mandible,
nasal bones, frontal sinus,

and skull and the orbital
blowout fractures.

Damn. That's gonna be awesome.

That we get to help him.

It's also going to be
some very cool surgeries.

COMPUTER: Thank you.


Surgery number one
will be a creation of

a submental airway.

The new soap smells awful

and it takes
too long to rinse.

Do you agree?
I like it.

Surgery number two
will be an ORIF

to repair his
nasoorbitoethmoid frontal bone

and sinus fractures.

And the jet air hand dryers
are too loud,

and they aerosolize germs,
increasing their spread.

They're better
for the environment,

and if you've
washed properly,

there shouldn't be
any germs to spread.

Okay, you're wrong.

I'll show you the research
before I talk to Salen.

The third and final surgery
will be ORIF

of the bilateral
mandible fractures, ZMC,

and complex repair
of all orbital fractures

with free tissue transfer,
customized miniplates,

and PEEK implants.

This is gonna
be awesome.

You're gonna talk to Salen
about the hand dryers?

And the soap and scrubs.

Start prepping him
for the submental airway

while I brief Dr. Lim.

There's new soap?

The device was implanted
into my skull two years ago.

And you're still
experiencing the seizures.


For the first time in my life,
I'm able to go on walks alone,

drive a car, actually interact
with clients at work.

Well, if it's working so well,
why does Dr. Karlson
want to take it out?

The company that
made the implant

wants to turn it off.

MATEO: That doesn't
make any sense.

They can't force her
to have it removed.

Yeah, but they can stop

the software updates
it needs to work,

which could make her seizures
even worse.

(SIGHS) The implant's
an experimental prototype.

Worked only for a tiny
percentage of patients,

which makes it not profitable
enough to continue support.

That's absurd.
It's evil.

It's capitalism.

Karlson's right.
It has to come out.

But he's wrong that going back
to the old meds

is her best
treatment option.

What if we swapped
the RNS device

for a vagal nerve

She already had one.
Didn't work.

I was thinking laser
interstitial thermal therapy.

Would only be
partially effective.

She was having
50 seizures a day.

"Partially" can make
a big difference in her life.

Not big enough.

What about combining
multiple subpial transections

within the eloquent cortex
with intraoperative ECoG

to resect the adjacent
seizure focus?

That would be complex,
and being even
a few millimeters off target

could leave her
a hemiplegic.

Could happen...
If another surgeon
was doing it.

I'm confident with you at
the helm, we can pull it off.

Trying to "manage up"

is not the way to get an idea
approved by me.

But I'll never
turn down a good idea

because it was
presented poorly.

And it's actually
a great idea.






I see
you've scheduled a surgery

that has no billing code

because it's never
been done before.

the client consented,

and we've already gotten
insurance pre-approval.

Have you also
run it past legal?

Why would we do that?

Because we could get sued
and it sounds risky.

Is there a Plan B?

There isn't
a comparable option.
Not even remotely?

Well, as is usually the case,
there is a less risky option,

but would also
be less effective.

Seems better
to start with an approach

that leaves us
with less liability.

But as long as it's covered
by insurance...

It's your call.

That was weird.

More like
totally inappropriate.

Hold up.

She's not even a doctor.

She is our boss.

So we're gonna
tell the patient,

"Sorry, that surgery we just
told you about isn't happening

"because we're afraid
you'll sue us"?

No. We're gonna do
exactly as we planned

after we get Salen
on board.

Salen needs to stay
in her lane.
No, you do.

We've got time, right?

There's no harm in you and I
doing a bit more research

while he works on Salen.

Keep me posted.

Great, let me
just finish this up,

and then I can meet you
in 10.

You've got a client scheduled
for three surgeries,

one of which includes
custom prefabricated


All this for a guy
who fell of his bike?

Actually, better make that 20.

He didn't fall,
he crashed face-first

into a cement curb
at over 30 miles an hour.

And PEEK implants
are the gold standard

for facial

Hmm, no doubt.

Problem is, your client's
got Aluminum insurance,

so anything that's not fully
covered we can't offer him.

He can't be transferred.
There's too much brain edema.

And without the PEEK,
he'll have vision deficiencies

and difficulty
eating solid food.

That's unfortunate.


I seem to remember
this impassioned speech

about how your struggles
with healthcare

inspired you
to start Ethicure

and how dedicated you were
to improving the system.

For people who make
responsible choices.

He's an adult
with a good job

who thought a $10,000
European road bike

was a better investment

than a premium
health insurance plan.

He was wrong.

And decisions
have consequences.


Salen won't let us ...

Can I help you?

Oh, hello.
Where's Nicole?

She's been reassigned.

I'm Ellen,
Aaron's new executive aide.

And he's unavailable
at the moment.

Can I ...
Where is he?

As I said,
he's unavailable.

Can I take a message?

Yes. Salen told Dr. Lim

everything we do needs
to be covered by insurance,

so Dr. Lim told me to prep our
patient for his first surgery

while she ties to get
the polyetheretherketone
implants covered.

Was that two "ethers"?
Is there a space?

Okay, Dr. Glassman
needs to change things back

to the way
they were before.

Okay, I'll make sure
he gets that message.


And, uh,
what's your name?

Dr. Shaun Murphy.

Dr. Glassman will know
if you just say Shaun.


You try drinking every meal
for the rest of your life

through a straw.

No, no,
don't put me on hold.

Your day
going any better?

Park and I
just spent two hours
debating the merits

of surgeries neither of us
believes we should do

because I already
came up with

what Andrews thinks
is a "great idea."

But Salen thinks
it's too risky,

and Andrews
won't do anything

without her
unqualified support.

So you're mad
because your boss
likes your idea

and wants to do it
but won't do it right away.

Think maybe
your real problem

is that you're not
used to having a boss?

Could you try not being right
all the time?


Your pushback forced me
to think of this differently.


Brain scan
before the surgery.

It'll help give us
an accurate picture

of where Jenna's seizures
are starting.

And we may be able to do
the surgery

entirely using
laser ablation,

which would significantly
reduce the risk.


Let me know
what you find out.


Thanks for coming
to me.


I'm gonna have to go with
"Vitality Puffs."


How's wedding planning

Not bad.

Ugh, tastes like a toenail
dusted with stevia.

And "not bad"
sounds pretty bad.

When I went to mail the
Save the Dates this morning,

I found one
addressed to Shaun's mom,

who he hasn't talked to
since his dad died.

Could be messy.

I want the day to be about
our future, not the past.

I don't want
to reopen old wounds

and, and risk him
melting down

right before
I walk down the aisle.

I sound so selfish.

I should just send it.

You do sound selfish.

Which is fine.
It's your wedding.

But it's his wedding,

And do you think
he'd hesitate to tell you

if he didn't want
your mom there?

But he's already so stressed
with all the changes here.

You've never handled Shaun
with kid gloves.

No need to start
coddling him now.


Do you fart
in front of Shaun?

Uh, doesn't everyone
stop holding them in

after, like,
the third date?

I like to be seen as sexy.
It keeps the spark alive.


When I first moved in
with Shaun,

I convinced him
to order in atomic wings,

and I got
terrible diarrhea.

But Shaun prescribed
the perfect mixture

of Pepto
and ginger root.

It was disgusting, but I was
also totally vulnerable,

and that can be
a turn-on, too.

Not in the moment.

Long term.

But you think the man

who happily helped you
with your explosive diarrhea

can't handle your opinion
about his estranged mom?


So this is
where you're hiding.

It's my home.
It's not a safe house.

Your home that has a phone
you're refusing to answer.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm good.
I'm great.

Always wanted a bit more time
to perfect my dovetails.

I have an issue with
a patient's insurance company.

Could use some
presidential clout.

I have
presidential clout?

Do you even want to know
what the problem is?

You want to do everything
you can
for an underinsured patient,

and Salen wants to do
as little as possible

for a client
who can't pay.

(SIGHS) Okay, fine.

I'll call
the insurance company,
but it's not gonna help,

and Salen
will come down on you
like a bat out of a barn.

Since when are you
so defeatist?

Since I was defeated.



You have a minute?



When I went to mail
the Save the Date cards, I...

It won't work.

There's nothing
as good as the PEEK.

Shaun, could you take a break
for just a minute?


We agreed
we would each make

our own invite lists,
but I'm...

Everything is worse.

The dryers are loud
and distracting,

the soap smells terrible,

and I can't properly repair
my patient's face.


You're brilliant.

You'll figure it out.

It's time to go stabilize
his airway.


We're gonna
turn off the implant

so we can get a look
at your brain

while you're
having a seizure.

It's gonna help us figure out
the safest surgical approach.



DR. LIM: Got the submental
airway stable.

Let's close.

SHAUN: 2-0 vicryls.

WOMAN: Do you want
the air conditioning
turned up, Murphy?

Yes, please.

It's already freezing
in here.

I'm wearing
long underwear

so I won't feel the synthetic
scrubs against my skin.

Placing a stay suture.

And the elastic ankles
ride up my legs.

Careful, don't want
to put too much tension.

SHAUN: You all must agree
the new scrubs

are incredibly

ASHER: Maybe a bit,
but they do look better on me.

Oh, I kind of
like them, too.

I think the new scrubs

are the least offensive change
Ethicure's made.

Oh, yes,
the hand dryers are worse.

I hear they're
shrinking the chapel

to make room
for VIP birthing suites.

they can invest the profit
in patient care.

Having a place
for families to pray

is an investment
in patient care.

It's not a good one.

Encouraging people
to waste their time

begging some magic man
in the sky for help?

That's not a good use
of finite resources.

Silk ties.

What if we didn't need
three surgeries?

What if we could
do it in two?

We could contour mesh

and use an SCA flap instead
of a free tissue transfer.

That will let us fix the upper
and midface, orbit,

and mandible
all at the same time.

That would be
a much more risky surgery

and still doesn't get
the PEEK implants covered.

It would save us
almost $90,000.

Which could cover the cost
of the PEEK.

Salen wouldn't
have a problem

if the total cost
remains the same.

Good idea.

Like the
entrepreneurial spirit.

Can someone wipe the sweat
off my forehead?



MATEO: Her previous seizure
frequency was 50 a day,

so we should be seeing what
we need within the next...

DR. ANDREWS: She's seizing.

...two seconds.

Two epileptogenic zones.


Her seizures
have gotten worse

since the device
was implanted.

And your great surgical idea
just got even riskier.


Maybe Salen was right.
It is too risky.

No. With 50 of those a day,
she'll have to quit her job,

stop seeing
her friends.

She needs this,
and we can still do it.

We have a client who
needs surgery even
more than we thought

and a boss who was worried
about the risks

that are worse
than we thought.

So who's it gonna be,
the boss or the patient?

I reject your premise.

We can still
do your surgery,

and I'll get Salen
to support it.

Are you afraid of Salen?

No, I'm not afraid.
It's her hospital.

Then you need
to come back to work

and help me stop her
from making
all these terrible changes.

What I need to do
is stomp on grapes.

I'm gonna stomp grapes and,
and make Zinfandel,

a jammy and peppery

They're very hard
to come by.

Looks very unpleasant.

It's really not.
It's really a lot of fun.

You want to try?

Mmm... No.

It's just grapes.
You like grapes.

Not to walk on.

Why don't you jump in
and give it a try?

If you don't like it, then you
can step right on out again.


Take off your shoes
and socks.

Roll up your pants.



There you go.

Come on.

There you go.


There you go.

Just ... No, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Get into a rhythm.

Okay, ready?
One and two.

Hold on.
One, two.

One, two.

One, two.

Now one and a-two.

No, no, no.

No, it's okay.
No! No!

No, I got you. I...
Don't do that.
No, I...

No, thank you.
I told you
I don't like it,

and I don't believe
you like it, either.

You don't love tying flies
or woodworking

or walking on grapes.

But you used to love
doing your job.




I hear I'm not the only one
with a Salen problem.

And I hear
Jordan solved yours.
This time.

She's not unreasonable.
Just has other priorities.

She has one priority,
making money.

People play the roles
you cast them in.

Make her an adversary,
that's how she'll act.

That why you cast Mateo
in the role of resident?

Hoping he'll play along?

If your boyfriend
has a problem

with the way I'm managing
our client, or him,

he can speak
to me directly.

Rendon and Andrews,
two alphas.

How's that going?

Gas still keeping you up?

If you want to keep a secret,
don't talk about it at work.

I've seen the lacy bras
you've been wearing

since Mateo showed up.

You obviously agree
with the importance

of maintaining
sex appeal.

Undergarments are a choice.
Digestion isn't.

But you can choose when
and where to let 'em rip.

This isn't about farts.

You're afraid that Park
won't be as turned on
by the real you

as he is by the facade
he started sleeping with.


Hey. Clever idea in the OR.
Wish it had been mine.

Of course, surgery won't be
as fun as Shaun's
would have been, but still.


You must think
I'm pretty stupid

to waste my time
talking to "a magic man."

I-I don't think
you're stupid,

but I do think praying
is a waste of time.

It's just my opinion.

Doesn't make it
any less offensive.

Look, I'm sorry
that you're offended.

That's not an apology.

And I'm sorry
that you're upset
that I won't apologize

for saying prayer
is pointless,
but... It is.

So you're gonna
double down.

If you're going to
insist on...



We need O-neg,
a central line kit,

fluids, pressers, and
broad-spectrum antibiotics.

He's in hemorrhagic shock.
The wound's infected.

We can't risk
combining surgeries now.

Risk of septic shock
is too high.

Our plan won't work.

Maybe if we wait?

Once the antibiotics have
cleared the infection ...

He doesn't have time.

We need to reduce
the deformities
before they ossify,

and my original plan
was better.

But Salen
won't let us do that.
We need something new.

Like a miracle, maybe?

I thought we were friends.
We are.

Then why do you keep
going out of your way

to insult the things
that matter to me?

I'm not offended by
your devotion to religion.

Why should you be offended
by my devotion to atheism?

That's not even
the same thing.
Stop talking.

You're wasting time
on an irrelevant issue

and distracting me.

Mmm, but constantly fussing
about the scrubs

and the soap in the bathrooms
is relevant?

Nice, Asher.
Trivialize his autism.

Because you haven't
offended enough people.

ASD doesn't
make me irrational.

The changes are
objectively worse, okay?

I'm sorry, Shaun.


How hard was that?


A retired neurosurgeon
taking up woodworking's cute.

a sad cliche.

But abstract painting?

That's a cry for help.



But props.
You clearly outfoxed Salen.

What'd you give her?

Anything I might
be able to trade?

You thought coming to my house
and insulting me

was a good intro
to asking for help?

You'd be helping a woman
with a severe
seizure disorder.

Doing it for
the desperate patient

seems more believable
coming from Lim.

Is the surgery
covered by insurance?

Okay, then Salen
can't stop you.

Which you obviously
already knew,

so this isn't about
helping a patient.

It's about getting help
to keep the new boss
off your back.

You're an accomplished

You can handle it


What's this supposed to be,

A sailboat.

It's not supposed to
be anything.

It's supposed to
help me forget

how much
I miss working with you
so closely every day.

Well, you're welcome back

Come on, clearly,

you're bored
out of your mind.

But it must feel good
to have people

driving over
to your house

begging you
for pearls of wisdom.

I feel like a real hero.



ON P.A.)

Salen, I think I may have
approached things
the wrong way.

we're not adversaries,

and I agree we need to
be fiscally responsible.

I ran a credit check
on our client.

He makes six figures,
lives in Palo Alto...


The average amount
hospitals collect

from out-of-pocket
medical expenses.

More importantly,
when I make a decision,

I expect my team
to carry it out.

Not try to subvert it

by having Glassman
run to the insurance company.


When you took over,
you made a commitment

to the board and to the state
to be an asset
to the community.

The Ethicure system
prioritizes efficiency

because that's the best way
to deliver top-quality care

with our finite resources.

Pursuit of profit
drives innovation.

Innovation creates
the treatments

that you and I both want
and our clients need.

Sucks for Bob, but the more
money this place makes,

the more people
we can help.







The test didn't go
the way we'd hoped.

In fact, it...
You can skip
the minutia.

I still think you should agree
to do Mateo's surgery.

You understand
the business of medicine.

I understand the mind
of a surgeon.

We need to feel like heroes

especially surgical jocks
like Mateo.

Give him one inefficient
miracle surgery,

and he'll happily
give you 50 high-billing
knee replacements.

Not everyone's on board
with the changes
you're making here.

You'll need allies.

I'll back
Mateo's miracle.

And tomorrow, you're both
on knee replacements.


I cannot do this.

(SIGHS) It sucks,
but we have no choice.

We'll do
everything we can.

As long
as it's covered.

and send him home maimed.

I'm not talking about
the surgeries.

I can't wear
these scrubs.

It was too hot
with long underwear,

but the feeling of them
on my skin is much worse.

I'm going to change.


(Door closes)








Okay, please...


Uh, Shaun, I'm kind of
in the middle of something ...

The American Society
of Microbiology,

Mayo Clinic,
Clinical Microbiology.

All show the use
of paper towels

results in lower rates
of contamination

than jet air dryers,

and foaming soaps
are less concentrated,

which reduces

Added fragrances increase
allergic reactions,

and synthetic fabrics
can be abrasive

and contribute
to microplastic pollution.

we talked about this.

Okay, you made these changes
without asking us first

because you're not trying
to help us
or protect patients.

You're doing it to save money,
and it's wrong!


You're wrong.

I'm so sorry.
He's just really passionate.

You're wrong!

It's okay.

You're right.


I didn't ask
the staff here.

But I did ask
other experts,

whose research proves
I'm not wrong.

But that doesn't
mean you are.

Mmm, we can't both
be right.

Yes, we can.

Because some doctors
are different.

And sometimes...


Your ASD gives you...

No! No, thank you.
It's not my ASD.

Yes, it is.

But if you'll
just let me finish,

I was going to assure you
that I'm not dismissing you.

I value
your unique perspective

because my ADHD gives me
a unique perspective.

You could be a great asset
to this hospital,

but only if I'm able
to recognize

that one size
may not fit all.

It's not the size
of the scrubs.

I'll have maintenance put back
the old soap and paper towels

in the residents' locker room
and break room.


And you can go back
to wearing your old scrubs.

But just you.


Is there anything else
I can do for you?




I have to go.


DR. LIM: Ligate the right

We need
an ultrasonic scalpel.

Where have you been?
We've been paging you.

I get to keep
my old scrubs.

Also, we can create
an osteomyocutaneous flap,

so we won't need
the customized PEEK implants.

It should be strong enough
to allow him

to have full vision function
and eat normally.

That's pretty brilliant.

And fully covered
by his insurance.

I know.

I also convinced Salen

to put the old soap
and paper towels back.

Nice work.

Who needs
the ultrasonic scalpel?

Wolke, you're with me.

Allen, help Murphy
harvest the graft.


Planting grapes?

Mammoth sunflowers, actually.

They're supposed to be
12 feet tall.

Oh, that's cool.

I'm fine.

Yeah, I wasn't even
gonna go there.

Oh, yes, you were.

Yeah, I was.

But only after we talk
about Shaun first.

He's fine, too.

No, he's really
concerned ab...
He's fine.

He's got a new fiancee.

He's got a new boss.

He's planning a wedding.

He's anxious.
I would be, too.

Which is exactly why
I don't want to stress
him out even more.

(SIGHS) Okay.

Listen, Shaun gave me
the Save the Dates to mail,

and I found one
addressed to his mom.

Okay, that's interesting.
But not unreasonable.

I know, but I want the day
to be about us.

Our future.
Our happiness.

I don't want to feel like
I need to protect him.

Am I wrong?

Am I being unfair?

Selfish? Paranoid?
Feel free to step in anytime.

Trying to decide whether
I should plant randomly

or in rows.

That's it?
You're not gonna help?

No, I'm not.


DR. ANDREWS: More retraction.

We'll use the periosteal
to elevate
the craniotomy flap.



That can go
in the recycling bin.

Park and I
will use motor mapping

to ID the border
of the eloquent cortex.

I'll lead up the ECoG
to guide the resection.



I shouldn't have questioned
your motives.

The way you managed Salen

Thank you.

I've learned a few things

about how to deal
with administrators.

And when it comes down
to us versus them...

I'm a surgeon.



As we expose the buttresses
of the midface,

I want you to...

Enable reduction
with 3-D control

followed by
rigid fixation.


Buttress looks too fragmented
to stabilize.

You should remove more bone
and then graft between...

No, I shouldn't.
Yes, you should.

The malar projection
Stop it.

Not the work,
the sniping.

You're not just colleagues.
You're friends.

You know
religion hurt him.

It's what separated him
from his family.

That's the context
for his disdain for it.

And you know her prayers
aren't pointless

if they offer her comfort
from the pain in her life

that's just as significant
as yours.

And if that's
not reason enough,

then you will stop this
out of your
boundless commitment

to making my life easier.






Um, why haven't you
started yet?

We started
over five hours ago.

And finished.

Your post-resection ECoG
and neuro exam were perfect.


Thank you.


That was amazing.

I'm sorry.


Up for a drink?





Now, isn't this something?

It's a small world
in Argentina, isn't it?

JOHNNY: Isn't it?

Why did you marry him?

My husband's
a very attractive man.

You all right?

Yeah, fine.

What was that word again,

You married him
for his money.

Actually (SIGHS)
I'm not.


Much better.

Oh, thank God.


Now isn't that an amazing




** Now, if you need me,
call me

** No matter
where you are

** No matter how far

** Don't worry, baby

** Just call my name

** I'll be there
in a hurry

** You don't
have to worry

** 'Cause, baby, there ain't
no mountain high enough

** Ain't no valley low enough

** Ain't no river wide enough

** To keep me from
getting to you, babe

** Remember the day **

A toast.

To me.

I had faith in myself,
spoke my mind,

and got everything
I asked for.

I'm proud of you.

** Ain't no valley
low enough

** Ain't no river wide enough

** To keep me from
getting to you, babe **

** If you're ever
in trouble **


I didn't mail
the Save the Date
card to your mom.


Because I don't want
to invite her.


I feel like you two still
have a lot to work through,

which you should, but I want
our wedding to be fun.

I don't want to complicate it
with any pain from the past.

** Ain't no valley
low enough **

The wedding books said
I had to invite her.

Were they wrong?

Maybe in this case.

** If you're ever in trouble,
I'll be there on the double **

Would you be okay
not having her there?

** My love is alive **



** If you ever need
a helping hand

** I'll be there
on the double

** As fast as I can

** Ain't no mountain
high enough

** Ain't no valley low enough

** Ain't no river wide enough

** To keep me from you

** Ain't no mountain
high enough

** Ain't no valley low enough

** Ain't no river wide enough

** To keep me from you

** Ain't no mountain
high enough

** Ain't no valley low enough **


You were right.
I should have listened to you.

And Andrews.

Oh, your confidence is
just one of the things
I like about you,

especially when it allows you
to admit that I'm right.

And what are
the other things?

Oh, should I tell you
or show you?


I'm surprised
he'd agree to that.

I'm sure he didn't.