The Good Doctor (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - Frontline, Part 1 - full transcript

Lea and Shaun's new relationship will become tested. Park gets ready to move back to Phoenix. Morgan puts herself and several members of the staff in danger. Claire continues to work through her grief from the death of Melendez.



CASHIER: All right,
that'll be $3.40.

MILDRED: Oh, okay.
Let me just...



[SIGHS] So sorry. It's okay.

Here you go.


And there you go.

Thank you very much.

Have a good day.You too.


Have you seen
my ID badge?

No.I had it last night,

but maybe it fell
out of my bag when
I paid for the pizza.

This wouldn't happen
if you stayed over.

If you'll remember back
to when I lived here,

my ability to lose things
has always been top-notch.

If you stayed over,
you wouldn't
have had to come

all the way back here
when you realized...

It's too soon, Shaun.


If I stayed over,
we both would've gotten
a lot less sleep.

Why is it too soon?

Because we've
only been together
a few weeks.

How many weeks
of being together
are required

before you can stay over?




I will spend the night



I'm glad
we come here.

I don't want
to stop coming.

Why would we?

Well, that's
the way it works.

You mourn, you cry,

and then you forget.


You don't forget.


Start to move on.

I don't want
to stop coming.


Your temperature's
almost 101.

Your other symptoms?

it was a sore throat,

then my body
started aching.


And then
there's this cough.

I even had my flu shot.

influenza is
constantly mutating.

The shot always
lags behind.

Hopefully, you'll
recover faster
because of it.


My daughter's very worried
that I might have this...

Virus from China.
What's it called?

Have you been to China
or been around anyone

who's been to China

Taken any cruises?

The coronavirus
doesn't cause
sore throats.

[COUGHING]This is a bad case
of the flu.

Go home, rest,
drink plenty of fluids.

You'll be fine
in a week or two.



DR. LIM: The virus
has damaged
your mother's lungs.

Her body is working harder
and harder to breathe,

but her blood oxygen levels
continue to drop.

She definitely
has corona?


We're doing
everything we can
to help her.





SHAUN: You have COVID-19.

But you haven't
tested me.

Your chest X-rays suggest
ground glass opacities.

That's COVID.
I don't need a test,

which is good
because we don't have any.

But I can't smell.

I've been reading about it,
and that's not a symptom.

I guess it is now.

You have COVID.


Okay, now what?

Now you go home.

That's it?

That's it.
There's no treatment.

Stay away from people.

Come back if you have
trouble breathing. Goodbye.

Twenty-five tests?

Per day?

No, just give me
one of tomorrow's.


County Health Department.

I don't have time for them,
and apparently they don't
have time for me.


Needs a lumpectomy.

Yes. Needs.
And yet.

Surgery canceled?

They ruled it elective.

It is elective.

You just said "needs."

I didn't say when.

This can wait till
after the pandemic.


Yeah, I... I'm twice
the size of SJ General.

I should have twice
the amount of tests.

Well, who do I speak to?

DR. REZNICK: Do you feel
shortness of breath?

A little.


If I'm sick,
is my baby sick?

This disease doesn't

really seem to affect children

or babies like it does adults.

Should we admit her?

She's probably safer
at home.

What's at home?

Do you have
a support system?

Can anyone come help you
in case you get worse?

It's just me...
And the little one.


Get her a room.

Start her on oxygen
via nasal cannula,

and let's try some vancomycin
and cefepime.

Hey, Mia.

I'm not headed back there
today or this week.

I found a temporary
place here.

There are hospitals in Phoenix, too.

If I come home,
do you want me
living with you?

Of course.
That's the point.

Every night after 12 hours
with COVID patients,

to hang out with you
and Kellan.

And his asthma.

He's gonna be
really bummed.

His graduation...
Isn't till June.

This'll be over
long before then.

Someone must have connections.

At county? Van Kleek does, Woo does,

Nguyen's husband works at...

Well, great.
Get one of them to call.

The problem is the board of every hospital has connections.

They're all calling Public Health.

They're all getting nowhere.

So we do nothing?

DR. GLASSMAN: No, we do
everything we can.

We hammer at official channels
and every manufacturer's rep

that we deal with
and see what companies,

if any, have

DEBBIE: Nuts or no nuts?


I'm sorry. I'm...
I'm in the middle
of, uh,

a... A meeting
with the Board.

Hey, everyone.

I'm just making...
Banana bread.

You know what?
Let's just take a...

I'm gonna take
a quick break.

If someone can get me
a list of

PPE suppliers
in the area, thanks.
I'll be back.

I don't want
banana bread.

I want to be back
at the hospital.

I'm the president,
and I'm at home, watching.

You're doing your job.

Whatever you gotta do,

whatever decisions
you need to make,

you just do it all right here.

I can... [SIGHS]

I can take the necessary

That whole meeting was about
PPE's mitigation.

Aaron, you are 65 years old

with a history of cancer.

You get that virus, then what?


I don't know what I'm doing.

You're being smart.

You're... You're being safe.

What is wrong with that?

And what is wrong with being

home together for a while?


Nothing, I guess.

We have no choice.

Let's enjoy it.

Nuts or no nuts?

[SCOFFS] Nuts.


What's going on?

Your mother's
oxygen saturation
has gotten critically low.

We need to get her
on a ventilator.

And that'll help her
get better?

It'll keep her alive,
hopefully long enough

for her body to
fight off the virus.

Is it dangerous?

More for us.



CLAIRE: She's out.


Lots of swelling.


You want this over with
as soon as possible,

but you also don't
want her to cough.



Hello. Sorry. I woke you.

I thought you had to be up now.

I pushed snooze twice. I read the numbers.

You guys had seven deaths in
Santa Clara County yesterday.

Any at Saint Bonaventure?

We have deaths at
Saint Bonaventure

every day, Kellan.

LEA: I miss you.

I know. You already
said that.

I wanted to
reinforce the point.

You said
you missed me a lot.

And we're together
right now.

It's different not being
actually together.

You mean not being able
to have sex?

No, I haven't been tested
because there's no need.

I'm fine.
No symptoms.

You can be asymptomatic
and still have it.

I know.
You still working out?

Don't want
to lose arm strength
while you're off?

LEA: I'm making a salad. Figured I'd bring it by

and we'll have a masked, distanced dinner.

You can't eat
with a mask on.

Okay, we'll take them off
when we're eating

and turn our heads.

They say the regular masks
don't work.

Okay, you can bring
me one from work.


KELLAN: Do you
have enough PPE?


Personal protective equipment, Dad.

Someone's been doing
their research.

Yes, we have enough.
Yes, I'm being careful.

I heard your mother
joined a book club.

KELLAN: Is Shaun
being careful?

Oh, yes, I am... Very.

So am I,
so it should be safe
for me to come over.

You can't come over
because we are being safe.

What about apples?
Do you have enough apples?
I could go shop for...

He does.

See? Everything
is under control.

under control.



SHAUN: I told you not to
come back unless
your breathing got worse.

LILY: Between the
fever and the cough,
he's barely sleeping.

Who said that?


My wife wanted
to come with me,
but she has to work.

She's essential personnel.

He's lost 10 pounds.

SHAUN: Breathe.

[SIGHS] He should've
come in a week ago.

Please don't talk
when I'm listening.



He's also coughing.
A lot.

He hasn't told you,
but he is.

[SIGHS] I'm sorry.

Did you just
apologize for me?

Because I'm worried about you?

So sorry.

I'm a wife who is worried
about her husband.

Forgive me,
I'm... I'm evil.

SHAUN: It's lucky that
you're so irritating.


Your husband's blood oxygen
level is dangerously low.

That... That can't...
That can't be.

I mean, I don't...
I don't feel that bad.

Not great,
but my breathing...

That's interesting.
You don't feel bad,
but you are. Hmm.

Admit him
to the COVID Floor.

Start heated humidified
high-flow nasal cannula
at 8 LPM.




ferritin, D-dimer,

and IL-6 are all way up.

Try her on

I read in my online
physicians group

that the UK's had
some success with that.


Thank you.

what'd you say?

I couldn't hear
with the mask.

[COUGHS] Thank you.

I heard you stepped in
for a therapist
that didn't come in today.

My son has asthma.

I've been doing
this kind of
stuff for years.

I got a dresser.

And a crib.

Bolted them both
to the wall.

All that matters
is her.

I'm gonna do
everything right.


You're gonna be
a parent.

No way you're doing
everything right.


DR. LIM: Even trade...
200 surplus vials
for your COVID test kits.

Well, what do you need?

I've got hydroxychloroquine,

EKG leads?

No, no.
I-I'm not saying no.

We'll pick 'em up
in two hours.

We have a surplus
of EKG leads?

No, we've got
a shortage.

But that's a problem
that can wait.

Mildred's P-to-F
is below 50.

She's showing signs of
cardiogenic shock.

Start her on steroids.I already have.

If she continues
to go downhill,
I'd like to add ECMO,

take the strain off her
heart and lungs.Good idea.

I need EKG leads.
What do you need?

SHAUN: Should we intubate him?

Not yet. Not a minute
before we need to.

His oxygen saturation
has been dropping steadily.

It's 74 now.

SHAUN: At this rate...DR. ANDREWS:
We're gonna prone him.

A buddy in New York
says it helps.


How is Claire feeling?

I assume
she's exhausted?

That isn't a feeling.
How is she feeling?

It's a little tough to tell,
Shaun. She's wearing a mask.

Exactly. You can't tell
if she's happy.

You can't tell
if she's sad.

You can't tell if I'm sad
or if I'm happy.

Well, you seem
distressingly happy, Shaun.

It's exciting.
I can't read people.

Now no one
can read people.

We're all forced to rely on
more reliable markers...

Like what
people are saying.

Well, since you can't
tell from my face,
I'll use my words.

I feel terrible.

We all feel terrible

because we spent
the last 18 hours

watching people
get sicker.

We didn't help anyone.

We just fended off death
for a little while,

and we're all
pretty disgusted

at the joy you're taking
in this situation.

Give him a break.You're enjoying this, too.

All elective surgeries
have been canceled,

so no one is
a surgeon anymore,
not just you.


We're all exhausted,
and tomorrow won't
be any different.

But it'd help if we
didn't hate each other
when that time comes.









You work in a hospital?


Could you wait for
the next elevator?

I appreciate you.


What's wrong?No, no.

This is Lea's cabinet.

She's not using it now.It needs to stay free.

For when she comes back.
This is my apartment.

You had no right to
put anything anywhere
without my permission.


I miss Kellan and Mia, too.

What do they have to do
with Lea's cabinet?

You miss her, Shaun.

No, I don't.
If I saw Lea,

she might be exposed to COVID
and she might get sick.

I don't want that.

And yet, you miss her.


Why would I want something
that isn't what I want?

Why do people on diets
want ice cream?

I thought the ECMO
was supposed
to help her heart.

It's taken some of
the strain off of it,

but her own immune system
is still attacking her organs.

And the steroids were
supposed to stop that.

We switched to
a stronger medication,

so hopefully
that'll help.

This is from her
bedside table at home.

I gave it to her
for Mother's Day
when I was 13.

Would you like me to...

Can I bring it to her?


I'm... I'm sorry,
Lashelle, I can't.

It's just too risky.I don't care
what happens to me.

My mother is in there,
all alone,

hooked up
to a machine.

I just need
to see her and...
And tell her...

That I love her.


I can't. [SIGHS]




Your lungs are
filling with fluid
and secretions.

Suction catheter,

Is that from COVID?

I guess so. I don't know.
It keeps changing.

in combination with

the bacterial pneumonia
he's developed.

First I probably brought this home to him,

then I sent him to the hospital where he's gotten...

Honey, don't blame yourself.
I'll be fine.

I need to suction out
your lungs.

I'm going to
feed this tube
up your nose

and down into
your airway.

It will be
quite uncomfortable.


Please try
not to grab my arm.


Take deep breaths.




We need to prone her.

We can't,
she's pregnant.

That's why I bought this
off Michelle in PT.

She does
pregnancy massage.



I'm sorry!
I'm... I'm sorry!

I'm on another call!
Can you hold it down?

Yeah. You can
close your door.

Okay.I-I'm making cioppino for
"Merchant Marine Night."

Where did you
get the clams?

Oh, I ran out
to Bruno's.

You ran out
to buy clams?

Yeah, I wore...
I wore a mask,

and they were really good
about social distancing.

I'm sorry, I'm not...
I'm not supposed to
go to the hospital

where I possibly
could save lives

but you can
go to Bruno's

to buy clams for
"Merchant Marine Night"?

I'm younger
than you are,

I have no history
of health issues,

and unlike
a hospital,

Bruno's is not
a Petri dish of COVID.

I have this
whole menu planned.

I thought I could wear my, um,
uniform, and you could...

We're on quarantine.
We're not on a cruise.

I know, but I thought
since we're stuck at home,
we could have some fun.

It's not a party,
it's a pandemic.

I don't have time
for theme dinners

and elaborate menus
and sourdough starter.



We could...
We could at least
dress up for dinner?




LILY: Were you able to drain his lungs?


Why are

It helps Martin relax, knowing that I'm around.

Do you think
it helps Martin
miss you less?

Yeah. Yes.


Martin has
a heart murmur.

What?Martin! Martin!

Hello. I'm glad
you're awake.

You may have
a bacterial abscess
on your heart valve.

That sounds really bad.It is.

COVID's complications
are not at all consistent.

It's becoming annoying.

I'll tell you more
on the way to the procedure.



ECMO isn't
working for her.

She's pulseless V-tach.
Epi and the crash cart.


CLAIRE: Pushing epi.



120 joules. Clear.


CLAIRE: V fib now.


Pushing amiodarone 300 in.

[PADDLES WHINE]200 joules.






DR. PARK: Seventeen deaths
in the county yesterday,

up by two
from the day before.

KELLAN: Too small of a sample
to draw any conclusions.

What were the new
case numbers again?

Also up. By 112...

Hey, does Shaun
look okay to you?

I'm fine.He looks fine.

I wasn't asking you.
You'll lie.

Kellan, how does
Shaun look?

SHAUN: I'm fine.

LEA: He looks tired, right?

I am tired,
but I'm also fine.

Lea, Shaun's fine.
He just misses you.

No, no, I don't.
I miss having
sex with you.

Hey, not alone...
Teenager present.

Does Kellan not know
what sex is?

He's graduating
high school
in two weeks.


KELLAN: Thanks, Shaun!He knows.

He doesn't want to hear
about you having it.

Neither do I.

Does he think Lea
and I don't have sex?

Because we do, a lot.

Or, we did.

I'm sure you do.
We're all sure you do.

We don't need
to talk about it.

Sexual intimacy
is beautiful.

I'm gonna skip breakfast.

You miss me.

Uh... Uh-uh.

No, we talk
twice a day.

The only difference
is the lack of
physical contact,

which reduces
your risk of infection.

But... [QUIETLY]
I do miss sex.

Don't you?

I do.

We can't do that
over the phone.

That's not really true.

Hmm? Go on.

Call me after work
when you're alone.



[QUIETLY] Are...
Are you muted?


I'm sorry to bother you.

When, uh... When can
you take a break?

Can you come
back in an hour?

You really should
take a break.

Just get
out of the house
for a bit.

It'll help you
work better.

You need to stretch your legs
and stretch your mind.

Um, can you come back in...
In a... Aw, man!

Are you working?



Who's GoodPlaceFan 793?

I don't know,
but whoever he is,

he's richer than he was
five minutes ago.

I want to go on a walk.
Can I just finish this?

No. No need.

You just play as long as you
want with your friends.


Vegetations from the
abscess had implanted
on your mitral valve.

A narrow margin sharp
dissection left enough

leaflet to allow
a primary repair...

We expect a full recovery
of the heart.

Of the heart?
What about the rest of me?

Unfortunately, your lungs
are still compro...


What... What was that?

♪♪ Ya-hoo!

Someone's going home.


♪♪ Celebrate good times
Come on

♪♪ Let's celebrate

♪♪ There's a party... ♪♪

Your lungs have a lot of
inflammation and swelling,

and we need to put you on
a non-rebreather mask

and hope it gets
your O2 level up.

That doesn't sound overly promising.

I-Isn't there anything else you can do?



DR. PARK: You need
to go on a ventilator,
so I'm gonna sedate you.

For how long?

Hopefully just
a few days.

But it could be longer.

My baby's due
in two weeks.

This is better
for both of you.


If I don't make it...

You will.

Your baby's safe,
you're young,
you're strong.



LEA: Sex is not
just about touch.

It's about imagery,
emotion, connection...

Oh, but touch is
very, very important.

I mean,
there will be touch.

But I won't be touching you,
and you won't be touching me.

Are your ears okay?

They hurt.

Because of COVID,
I have to wear two masks,

and the elastics cut into
the skin behind my ears.

You're going to masturbate
while I masturbate?

Yeah. And we'll talk
to each other.

That sounds
very distracting.

Shaun, we're going to
talk about sex.

Tell me what
you're doing to me.

Looking at you
on my computer.

What do you wish
you were doing with me?

Kissing you.


But what if I have COVID?
Then you'd...

I'm unfastening
your belt.

No... No, you're not.

I-I don't have
my belt on.

Okay, no belt.

Shaun, just close your eyes
and imagine we are...

If I close my eyes,
then I can't see you, Lea,

and I can't see
most of you anyway.

I don't want to pretend
to have sex with you.

I want to be with you.


I miss you, too, Shaun.



Any cough?[BEEPING]

Any fever?[BEEPING]

No.Any shortness of breath?

Sore throat,
loss of smell?No, no, none of that.

J-Just searing
abdominal pain
and the runs.

I'm pretty sure it's my
diverticulitis acting up.

My roommate is deeply
into pandemic baking...

I've avoided coming in.

I don't want to
catch COVID.Have a seat.

Non-COVID floor, NPO,
I.V. acetaminophen for pain

while he waits on his
abdominal CT.


Usually my first stop
with an abdominal pain patient
is the cafeteria.

DR. PARK: It's Ambar.
Repetitive late decels.

I've got a baby coming.DR. REZNICK: Go.


Thank you.
I-I know you're busy.

What can I help you with?
Are you doing okay?

My mother
had a necklace...
A cross.

She wore it every day.
I'm hoping to get it back.

Uh, the patients' things
are all being held
in one place.

We're not supposed
to release them
until after the crisis.

I'm so sorry.

Thank you.


Okay. Um...

Let me see
if I can find it.

I'll... I'll clean it
and get it back to you.


Wanted to let you know
that it'll be quiet around
here for a little while.

I'm...taking a walk on
the beach with Susie.

We will stay
six feet apart.

Six feet is
the absolute minimum.

It's still considered
quite a risk.

So not... Not only
do you not want
to do things with me,

now you don't want me to
do things with other people?

I want you to be careful,

like you want me
to be careful.

You don't want me
to do anything.

I can't go shopping,
I can't take a walk,

you won't spend
any time with me.

I'm a little bit busy.

You're playing poker!

I played poker for one hour
while I was working.

I spend every minute
of every day with you.

Oh, well,
you should be so happy
that I'm taking a hike.

It'll be a long one.


Could you please...Wear your damn mask.


Rodriguez or Jeter?

Easy... Jeter.

I hate A-Rod with
a white-hot hate,

but it's Jeter
who beat us.

Who's your most-hated

I never cared
for Paul Revere.

Your CBC doesn't show
a high white count,

which is atypical for
acute diverticulitis.

We'll see what
the imaging shows.

Can we bring
Walter down to CT?

Sure thing.

You remember when
they lost game seven
to the Diamondbacks?

Oh, I cried tears of joy.


I feel the rump.

the pressure there.

Don't be shy.
We need this baby out now.



Baby's out.



How's she looking,
Dr. Park?


She's pink, active,
and breathing great.




[WEAKLY] The third fuse
on the left that looks like

it hasn't been flipped,
but it has.

You just... You turn it...
Turn it off and then back on.

This is
for the dryer?

[PANTING] I don't want you
calling a repairman

just because
of a tripped fuse.

The dryer is fine.

You're gonna be fine.

I love you.

You don't need
to say that.

But I want to. You don't need to, okay?

This isn't a big moment.

You'll be fine.


Most... Most people
who go on a ventilator...

Don't come off.

Put the doctor on.


Tell him he's going to be fine.

I can't.

He's right.

The majority of
COVID patients

who go on a ventilator
never come off.

Put the other doctor on.

Martin's relative youth
is a positive.

I'm sorry. I wish
I could give you more.





Your daughter's beautiful.

6.5 pounds, 19 inches,

completely COVID-free.

She's, uh,
got your nose,

eats like a champ.

Everyone on the floor
knows when she's hungry.

She just needs you
to get better
so you can hold her.


So far, good news.
No signs of diverticulitis.

Just need to scan y...WALTER: What?

Scan my what?



Hello.DR. REZNICK: Put on a mask.

But I'm in the...Put on a mask. Now.

Walter's abdominal CT
caught the lower portion
of his lungs.

It's not diverticulitis.

We've both been exposed
and so has everyone

who passed through
that hallway

Walter was sitting in
for an hour.


Ambar's acidosis
is getting worse.

She's not getting
enough oxygen.

What's her ventilator
setting?She's maxed out.

We can't increase
pressure without risking
blowing out her lungs.

Does she have any family?
It might be time to
notify next of kin.

I read about
a small clinical

rescue therapy trial...
The CHILL study.

She's a good candidate...
No cytokine storm,

her troponin's low,
so are her LFTs
and creatinine.

Her organs
are in good shape.

So why not freeze them
and paralyze

virtually every muscle
in her body?

Lowering the temperature
reduces her

inflammatory response
and her need for oxygen.

And it's better than
calling her next of kin.

She's gonna require
constant monitoring.

We're all already

I'll do it.

I'll take full
responsibility for her.


Who's there?

LEA: It's Lea.

You can't come in.I got you something.

That's too bad.
You can't come in
to give it to me.



I saw online doctors
are using these

to help
with their masks.

You attach an elastic
to each arm

so they don't
rub your ears.



SHAUN: It is better.

Thank you.


I know I can't come in,
but I don't want to leave.


You can stay there.

♪♪ Where can I go
when you don't hide?

♪♪ Who am I if not seen
through your eyes?


What's for
breakfast tomorrow?

Park's making pancakes.

Mmm. That's great.

He's done it before.

They weren't very good.


They... They were
not very good.

I... I don't know,
but I told him, I said,

"Dr. Park, these
pancakes are..."

♪♪ Oh, when I love


♪♪ You're falling from the sky

♪♪ You're rolling in my mind

♪♪ Whispering my breath

♪♪ How can I be without you?


♪♪ Try to grab hold
Got nothing left

♪♪ Oh, but love, my dear
Is stern as death ♪♪

♪♪ Wherever I go

Is that my nightstand?


Oh, since you feel that
our time together

is something to be endured
instead of enjoyed,

I decided to make
that easier for you.

This is as far away
as I can get right now,

so can you just
please shut the door

and go back to your room?




Things will be okay.


♪♪ Where can I go
when you don't hide?

♪♪ Who am I if not seen
through your eyes? ♪♪