The Good Doctor (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 16 - Autopsy - full transcript

Dr. Murphy becomes obsessed with performing an autopsy on a Jane Doe, which challenges his relationships at the hospital; a male college student has a mysterious split personality disorder.

Early 60s,
found prone on the sidewalk,

appears to have chest pain,
maybe broken ribs,

possible heart attack.
- Did you fall?

She's very disoriented,
hasn't said a thing.


I'm Dr. Shaun Murphy.

Will you help me, Coley?

I have to, it's my job.

She has stridor.
Checking her pulse.

Radial pulse is normal.

But much weaker in her leg.

She has a descending
thoracic aneurysm.

Page Dr. Melendez
to the O.R.!

I just woke up
on the front campus lawn

covered in blood,

with a skateboard next to me.

I can't skateboard.


Were you drinking, Aiden?

Or smoking something?

No to both.

There are actually
college students who abstain.

You are incredibly lucky...

Half an inch in any direction,

and you would've bled out.

Aortic wall's tearing.

Can't expect pristine

in a 60-year-old
possibly homeless woman.

Drop to a 5-0 suture.

Not great, but better.

Let's see if it holds.

Remove proximal clamp.

No leakage.

Let's finish the repair.

Carly broke up with me.

I'm sorry, Shaun.

What happened?

I thought you two
were doing great.

We were.
Then I guess we weren't.


You must really be hurting?

N-No. I'm fine.

We've all been through it.

And, trust me, it helps when
you own that you're in pain.

There's nothing for me to own.

She's having epistaxis.

Carotid aneurysm rupture,
two French Foley catheters.

Give protamine stat.


Holding pressure
on both carotids at the neck.



She's still bleeding internally.

Okay, four units of PRBCs
and start TXA.

Loading 700 milligrams TXA.

No distal perfusion.

We have to clamp her carotids.
Ten blades.

Suction, clamps, let's go!

I can't see a thing.

Her blood volume's on the floor.

Time of death, 10:22a.m.

Jane shouldn't have died.

Not then, not like that.

Her carotid blew out.

What am I missing?

Patients die,
Dr. Murphy.

That's something else
we have to own.

Your next patient's waiting
in the E.R.

How are you feeling, Aiden?


whatever you did to me.

Surgery went well.

Hey, I'm alive, doped up,

talking to two
very attractive doctors.

I guess this is what happens

when you mix weed
with my skateboarding skills.

You said you didn't do drugs.

Or skateboard.

When did I say that?

When we met you
in the E.R.

I've never seen you
guys before in my life.

Trust me, I'd remember.

I'd like to order an autopsy
on Jane.

We went over this.

There was nothing suspicious
about her death.

Oh, I was asking
the Chief of Surgery.

I know the case,
and I agree with Dr. Melendez.

I'm not authorizing an autopsy.

Jane's vascular walls...

It's hard to lose a patient.

Almost as hard
as losing a girlfriend.

I'm okay, and I don't know why
no one believes me...

Isn't it okay to be okay?

Not when something bad happens.

We should feel hurt.

If you won't approve
the autopsy,

I'll get it from Jane's family.

Good luck with that.

According to the files,
Jane's last name was Doe.

Y-You're saying I'm having
some kind of blackouts?

Which could be caused
by head trauma or drug use.

I'm definitely aware
of telling you

that I don't take drugs.

I live like a monk.

Sleep, class, study, repeat.

That's it.

You've also told us
the exact opposite.

I need to find Jane's family

to get their permission
to perform an autopsy.

Dr. Lim wished me luck,

but Jane has no I.D.,
no purse, no phone.

We know absolutely nothing
about her.

Mmm. This should be
interesting to you.

You used to be a detective.

And now I'm a doctor,

and so are you,
and we both have a new case.

A boring case.

He has gallstones.

So, you and Melendez
sneaking around again?

I hear he's back to being
a good mentor.

my complaint changed nothing.


Park said he did it.

Park was lying.

Because he wanted to get you
to focus on work.

Good motive,
bad judge of character.

And you don't like
that Melendez has gone back

to being a good mentor?

I don't like that he likes you.

I don't like that,
because he likes you,

Shaun, Park, and I
are second-class residents.

For someone
as cynical as you are,

you are shockingly naive.

I'll tell you what you did.

You threw a bomb
because you felt slighted.

You made Melendez doubt himself,

doubt his judgment.

You made him resent
you, Park, Shaun, and me.

I like to think it's that easy

to change the status quo.

But I am pretty naive.

I am with Dr. B on this.


Office politics.

Thought you were asleep.

Watching brain waves
can't be too thrilling.

Not when they're
as normal as yours.


Except these delta waves.

They mean you're still asleep.

Not planning on doing
any cutting, I hope.

Jane had a knee replacement
using an LCS system,

which means
it's at least 30 years old.

She also had an abnormal number

of cavities, crowns,
and implants.

These are clues, right?

I don't think this is about
you losing a patient.

I think you're
distracting yourself.

You don't want to let Jane go

because you don't want
to let Carly go.



You're a doctor now.

You won't find it interesting.


A hummingbird.

Am I right?

The police keep a database
of all distinguishing marks.

Jane Doe, homeless...

There's no way
she was never in the system...

How's Mr. Ginley?

Your gallbladder case
you should be working on?

Uh, we confirmed
the presence of gallstones

and have scheduled
a cholecystectomy.

It's a very simple case
and requires no work.

With that attitude,

you could end up sending
another patient to the morgue.

Focus on the living.

He's right.
We need to bail on this.

Hey, Shaun.

You and Carly shared
a lot of firsts.

That must make it harder
to move on.

I had a lot of firsts
with Lea, too.

Yeah, you did.
And you moved on.

Didn't you?

How do you move on?


Hey, Kenny, I need a name.

We need to keep this on the DL.

We're going undercover.

Causes of sleepwalking
run the gamut

from the serious,

like MS, encephalitis,
and brain tumors,

to the mundane,
like alcohol and drug use,

poor sleep hygiene, and stress.

Problem is,
to rule some of those out,

we need a full patient history,

but AsleepAiden and AwakeAiden
each have their own story.

So interview them both.

Take a medical history from
a patient when they're asleep?

I've never heard of
a lying sleepwalker.

I got to go.



I have to maintain
a 4.2 GPA.

W-What do you think?

You have to care about
something to be stressed, don't you?

And since I'm getting a 4.2
without trying...

Maybe a glass of wine
at a party.

I just microdose...

You know, whenever
I'm not macrodosing.

Do you nap,
exercise before bedtime?

I never nap,
I work out five days a week...

Never too close to bedtime,
which is midnight,

12:30 at the latest.

I am surrounded by 5,000 women.

Yes, right before bedtime.

That explains the headaches
I've been waking up with.

I never thought
that they were hangovers.

He's a Cro-Magnon.

He's not me.

He can't be.

Maribel Ventane.

"Sharing the Spirit.

"Marco, Maribel, and
their 5-year-old son, Jules,

"open their doors to host

"the fourth annual fundraiser
'Friends in Need.'"

"Maribel Ventane, 33,

"was one jump away
from a first-place ribbon."

Blah, blah, blah.

"She suffered
severe orthopedic injuries."

"After two years
in family court,

"Maribel Ventane, 36,

"and ex-husband
Marco Ventane, 43"...

Blah, blah, blah.

"Mr. Ventane was given
full custody

"of their 11-year-old son,

"Marco Ventane, 63,
passed away in his home.

"He is survived by his son,
Jules Ventane, 32."

I found him.

Are you Jules Ventane?


I'm Dr. Shaun Murphy,

and I recently treated
your mother, Maribel.

She died on the operating table.

I would like your permission
to do an autopsy.

We're very sorry for your loss.

She came in with
a ruptured aortic aneurysm,

and there wasn't much
we could do.

But we would like
to be absolutely certain

about her cause of death.

I don't care how she died.

Remember we talked about
moving on?

This is the time to do that.

Where do we stand
with the Aidens?

Between the two alters,

they engage in just about
every single behavior.

So, we go back
to Dr. Lim's list.

Maybe we should be looking at
paraneoplastic syndromes.

May want to consider
psychiatric issues...

Could be having psychotic
or dissociative episodes.

I have a fair amount
of personal experience

with people
with psychiatric issues.

If he had psychosis,
I'd have picked up on it.

How about thyrotoxicosis?

No irritability, agitation.

Paraneoplastic syndromes
trigger a loss of coordination,

which could have caused...

our personal experiences

make us less effective
in spotting symptoms.

You know I always make an effort

to be as objective as possible.

Well, you're not this time.

The vast majority of cases
of paraneoplastic syndromes

present with antibodies.

His labs show
a normal serum panel.

The "vast majority"
of all diseases

don't present with competing
entities day and night.

I'm just giving an idea. No,
you're undermining mine.

Fine. Your idea's brilliant.
Go waste your time on it.

Thank you both.

Get an MRI to rule out
brain tumors and MS,

an LP for encephalitis,

and a CSF panel to check for
paraneoplastic syndromes.

And a psych consult.



I'm Dr. Lim.

And you are?

Where are your parents?

My mother's
in the maternity ward.

She's having a baby?

Already did.
A girl.


So, why the wandering?

My mom sent me to the
cafeteria to get a snack,

but I got lost.

Three times?

Hey, Lucy.
We're looking for, um...


Please call security.

Stop the car.



Shaun! Shaun!

I need your permission!

Don't do this, Shaun!

I need your permission!
Let it go, Shaun!

It can't be over!

It can't be over! It's over!
You have to let Carly go!

No! No!
You have to let Carly go!

You have to let Carly go!

It's not about Carly!

Well, it's not about this,

It is not about Carly!
He's calling the police!

Open the door! You'll get arrested!

Open the door!

Shaun, he's calling the police!

Come here! Shaun!
No! Open the...

Oh, my God.

Shaun, are you okay?

It was bad.
I missed my surgery.

Well, don't worry about that.

Park's there.
Everything there is fine.

Will I have to go back to jail?

No. No.

It's a good thing
you were with an ex-cop.

The guy's not gonna
press any charges,

but you're not allowed to be
anywhere near him ever again.


Let's get out of here, huh?

Park says that you are upset
about Carly.

Everyone keeps telling me that,

but I am not upset about Carly,

and they need to stop.

so, this isn't about Carly.

I wish Carly
didn't break up with me.

But she did.

And now I have to do
what she said.

What do you mean
you have to do what she said?

She doesn't get
to dictate to you.

She told me to tell Lea
I love her.



And you're afraid
of what might happen

if you told Lea the truth?

If I tell her I love her

and she tells me she doesn't,

then I can't be her boyfriend.

And even worse, I...

I don't think I can be
her friend, either.

And what if Lea were to say...

..."You know what, Shaun?
I love you, too"?


Pretty disturbing,

having this weird personality
creeping out of me.

Does he represent something
I'm suppressing

and need to express

or something I need
to bury forever?

If it's any consolation,
I kind of like him.

I think he's just trying
to enjoy himself.

Except he's sabotaging

all the hard work
of his waking self.

It's not sabotage.
It's just a part of who he is.

Some parts of who we are suck.

I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have ratted
on you and Melendez.

I screwed things up.

But this guy needs a drink
every now and again.

You see that?


You have an arachnoid cyst

compressing your hypothalamus,

We basically
just need to drain it.

W-Will it kill me if you don't?

He knows the risks?

He knows it won't kill him,

which is enough for Jekyll

to decide to keep Hyde alive.

What if we ask Hyde?

I'm pretty sure
consent needs to be

informed, voluntary,
and conscious.

It also doesn't matter.
AsleepAiden's a hedonist.

He's not gonna make a decision
against his interest

just to help his alter.

Maybe he cares
more than you think.


Dr. Lim?

Thank you.

Trinity, have a seat.

There's no one
in our maternity ward

with a daughter named Trinity.

So, I'm gonna need
some information,

and it will be
much more efficient

if it's the truth.

First and last name.


Last name?


Will you at least tell me

what you're doing
in this hospital?

I just wanted to meet you again.

Someone left a baby girl at
the E.R. about eight years ago,

on Trinity Sunday.

You were so tiny,

so sick, and so helpless.

Killed me not to take you home.

But look at you now,
so strong and healthy.

And fast.

You know
we need to call your mother

and let her know where you are.

That you're okay.

You know her number?

Yes, but...


Can you adopt me?


You poor thing.

I'm so sorry
about you and Carly.

I want to tell you how I feel.

I know you're hurting.

Carly made a huge mistake.

You're a wonderful man, Shaun.

Maybe the most wonderful man
I've ever met.


Yeah, Shaun?

I found that
in my mother's drawer.

Does she know you're here?

She's been in Campbell Memorial

for the last two days.

She thinks I've been in school

and at a friend's.

As long
as I'm home by 6:00,

no one knows the difference.

Mmm, well, it's past that.

I'm sure she's worried.

She has a new daughter.

It's hard to share your mom,
isn't it?

If she loves your sister
with all her heart,

it doesn't feel like
it'd leave much room for you.

Do you love your mom
with all your heart?

How about your dad?

You love him
with all your heart, too?

But that doesn't
seem possible, does it?

Hearts are amazing things.

I've held one in my hands
many times.

You'd never know it
by looking at them,

but somehow, they have
all the room we need.

Dr. B.

Please tell me you're single.

You have a cyst in your brain.

If we leave it as is,
it could expose you

to considerable
neurological complications,

potential visual loss,

endocrine abnormalities,

But if we drain
and treat the cyst,

there should be
no complications.

Including sleepwalking.

The Professor already
rejected treatment?

So you're asking the Frat Boy

to fall on his sword for him?

I think the Frat Boy

is more than just a Frat Boy.

We're all complicated.

We're all sometimes
superficial, selfish jerks.

But we're also
capable of sacrifice.

I think you live in him

the same way he lives in you.

And that won't change,

no matter what decision
you make.


Maribel died.

I think she had
polycystic kidney disease,

which is associated with
dilation of the arteries,

which results in
weakened vascular walls,

which in turn contributes
to the formation of aneurysms.

I need to do an autopsy.

Dr. Melendez...

Didn't approve.
Dr. Lim didn't approve.

The family said no.
So, what can I...

You're the head of pathology.

Shaun, I'm not going to...

I can't do
what you told me I should do.

Until I solve this distraction.

No sign
of polycystic kidney disease.

I know that this break-up
has been hard on you.

It's been hard on me, too.

But I know what I saw
between you and Lea.

I did see something, didn't I?

I love you, Carly.

But you were right.
I love Lea more.



You know you have to
tell her, right?

I'm scared.

I know.

But look at how far
you've come with me...

How scared you were.

How brave you were.

I have to go.

Thank you, Carly.

If you're watching this,
it means I'm dead.

And you're waking up from a surgery

you think you didn't consent to,

but I hereby proffer
my full and informed consent

to said surgical procedure.

Signed Aiden...
Michael... Porter.

The second.

Uh, just one... One more thing.

My advice... to try
to chillax a little.

Neither of us is perfect.

But... We're okay.

We are gonna be...


And that girl

who sits in front of you
in Advanced Calculus,

her name is Staci with an "I,"
and she likes you.

Way more than she likes me.

Peace out, Professor.

You're kidding me, right?

I know why your mother died.

And I said I didn't care.

When I examined her liver,

I found three aneurysms
in her hepatic artery,

which is very unusual
and made me realize

she has Vascular
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

It's a very rare disease

that often goes undiagnosed
and can be fatal.

Are you really gonna make me
call the police again?

It's hereditary.

No, I don't want
to get arrested again,

but do you have
an excess of cavities?

You might have inherited
Vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

from your mother,

and your life
could be in danger.

But its symptoms can be treated.

Okay, goodbye.

So, that's all I got
from my mother?

A potentially deadly disease?

Did your mother
ever call you "Coley"?


Short for "colibri,"

the French word for hummingbird.

She said I would
flit around the house,

always going from one thing
to another.

She had a hummingbird
tattooed on her body.

And "Coley"
was the last word she said.

She loved you.

M-Maybe she was just afraid
to tell you.

Morgan buy the fight?

Is it weird
how hard we have to work

to hide a platonic friendship?

But it's worth it.

Hi, Mom.


What's up, Shaunie?



Talk to me.

I love you, Lea.

I want to be your boyfriend.

I love you, too.


you know me.

I am selfish,
and I am so, so needy.


I mean, listen to me right now.

I can't even put
a complete sentence together.

I am a...
I'm a total mess.


How am I supposed to, you know,

just lay all of that on you?

Why do you think I can't handle

your selfishness,
neediness, and messiness?

I think I can.

It's just...

I'm a challenge for anyone...

And you're...


And I just know
it would be too hard for you.

You need things a certain way.

You work in a certain way and...


I have autism?


don't want to be my girlfriend

because I have autism?