The Good Doctor (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Stories - full transcript

Murphy, single-vehicle
car crash incoming.

Two victims, husband and wife.
You want in?

Yes, I would like that very much.

EMT #1: Motor-vehicle accident.
The other victim's behind us.

41-year-old female,
lacerations to her face,

contusions on her chest and abdomen.

She was behind the wheel
when she lost consciousness.


She has 3 centimeters
full-thickness scalp lac

extending to her hairline.

Heart rate's normal.

Possible internal bleeding.
What are we doing, Dr. Browne?

- Fast ultrasound?
- Get on it.

45-year-old male. Superficial
abrasions to the neck.

Appears that he's dislocated his hip.


Shaun: The affected limb
is in position of flexion

and internally rotated.

We need to relocate the hip.

Do a Captain Morgan. [GRUNTS]

How are we doing?


There is a lot of free fluid
in the recto-uterine space

and Morison's pouch
from internal bleeding.

Let's get her into O.R. One.


When you're done, join us, Dr. Murphy.

- Okay.

Where are they taking my wife?

She has internal bleeding,

so they are taking her to surgery.

[GROANING] Today is
our 10-year anniversary.

Tell them not to let her die.

That woman is my everything.
She's all I have.



Morgan: We use a small tool
called a laparoscope,

kind of like a metal straw.

We go in through here, here, and here,

everything gets tucked
back inside, and we're done.

It only leaves a few small scars.

How long have you had a stiff neck?

Uh, a couple days.

Been feeling tired or have back pain?

A little bit of both, I guess.

Going to test your reflexes.

Left patellar reflex
is minimally responsive.

- What's that mean?
- We might have to postpone the surgery.

We're gonna run some tests.

If everything checks out
and we figure out

why you have pain and fatigue,
we'll operate.

Come here, bud.

Spleen and liver are fully packed.

Where's all this blood
coming from? Suction.

- How's the hubby?
- His hip has been relocated.

He asked me to tell you
not to let her die.

She's his everything.

Duly noted.

Retract the stomach.

Can't find the bleed.

Hold on. The left
Fallopian tube is swollen,

and there's a large defect
in it. It's ruptured.


Morgan: Our labs came back negative,

but Finn's fatigue and left-leg weakness

suggests a viral or bacterial infection.

Well, he hasn't had a fever.

Other than the stiff neck,
he's been fine.

Are his vaccines up to date?

Your pediatrician
didn't send us anything.

He's never been vaccinated.

But my niece came down with
long-term intestinal problems

after getting a shot.

We did a lot of research.

Things have only gotten scarier since.

Not really.

Weakness and fever might mean polio.

If you guys traveled outside the U.S.

We don't travel.

And we reduce his exposure
to infectious disease

by putting him in a public school,

where he's surrounded by vaccinated kids.

That's herd immunity.

By surrounding him with vaccinated kids,

you're tacitly admitting
that vaccines work.

Oh, we're not saying they don't work.

It's just not worth the risk.

They save millions of lives.
You're endangering your...

I get it. I've worked with other families

who feel the same way as you.

It comes down to personal choice.

Dr. Park, may I consult with you outside?

Excuse us.

They're gonna be here for a while.

If I gain their trust,
I can work to change

their views from the inside.

They're part of a movement
with social-media support

and bogus research to feed their beliefs.

You want to help? Send them away.

"Do no harm."

I'm not sending them home
with a sick kid.

One of my best friends refused
to vaccinate her 1-year-old boy.

I told her she was crazy.

Three pediatricians
refused to take her on.

She was rejected so often

that she was finally
considering vaccinations.

And then some idiot
decided to "do no harm,"

that it was better that Carol's
kid had a doctor than a vaccine.

[INHALES DEEPLY] A year later,

the kid contracted whooping cough.

A month after that,
she was planning his funeral.

I'm sorry for your friend.

But we don't have a choice.
He's already a patient.

Let's test him for polio.





- Your wife is gonna be fine.

She had a ruptured Fallopian tube.

Mr. Williams, unfortunately,

we couldn't save the pregnancy.

Shaun: The fertilized egg

implanted outside the uterus.


It was fairly early.
She may not have told you,

may not have even known herself.

That can't be.

I had a vasectomy 10 years ago,

right before we got married.

...Captions by VITAC...

I need to see my wife.

Mr. Williams, that's not possible.

She's, uh... She's sleeping.
She needs to rest.

There's no way she was pregnant.

- You guys made a mistake.
- No.

We didn't make a mistake.

She's not like that.

If she gets the wrong change for coffee,

she's driving back 20 minutes
to make it right.

And the sex?

We haven't been this active
since our honeymoon.

Maybe the vasectomy failed.

I'm sorry, but...

a vasectomy doesn't
just fail after 10 years.

It is more likely she got pregnant

from someone who is not you.

Dr. Claire Browne is being courted

by other residency programs.

Heard it from the President
of Kaiser San Jose.

He was surprised to hear
that she was leaving. So was I.

Just 'cause she's taking meetings

doesn't mean she's leaving.

When I was a resident, if someone
was willing to buy me food,

I would meet with them almost anywhere.

She's approaching them.

I don't like being blindsided, Marcus.

Well, this is news to me.

But I also didn't know I had to
report human-resources issues

to the vice president of the foundation.

Why isn't she happy?

She went over Melendez's head,

and now he's freezing her out.

And I have no interest in
getting in the middle of that.

You're the president. It's your call.

But I wonder how it would look

if St. Bonaventure lost two
of its surgical residents

with diverse backgrounds
in less than a year.

Noah: Is it polio?

Uh, we're still waiting on the results.

Yeah, I was talking to my colleague,

and I realized I owe you an apology.

I lied to you.

I had this good friend I grew up with.

She had a 1-year-old boy
she didn't want to vaccinate.

She couldn't find a pediatrician.

Do you guys use alternative medicine...

homeopathic, herbs?


Oh, that's what Carol,
my friend, did, too.

Unfortunately, I...

...guess they didn't work.

The boy came down with whooping cough.

The coughing got worse.

One night...

the boy just stopped breathing.

I know you know this stuff.

You know how dangerous
these diseases are.

But it's different for me.

It's... different when you see
a friend go through this.

Please reconsider.

Dr. Reznick?

Do you have the test results?

Finn is negative for polio.

But given the leg weakness and
how the spine controls movement,

we'd like to do an MRI.

Thank you... for your advice,

and we are sorry for your friend,

but our opinion hasn't changed.




Dr. Blaize: Any fatigue, skin problems?

No and no.

Difficulty swallowing?

No, and no dry mouth,
no soreness of the jaw,

no lymphedema, no seizures.

Do you want to sit here and do my job?

I could.

Radiation's going fine.

Just a little nausea.

Is that why you forgot
where you left your wallet?

Oh, stop! People forget
where they put their wallets.

People do that. It was just a little...

memory lapse, a slip, nothing more.

Have you had any other
memory slips recently?

Not that I remember.


You're lying.

And you know that I know you are lying.

What do you think is gained by that?

I think I avoid you blowing
out of proportion the fact

that I forgot where I parked
my car the other day once,

and again, not unique to radiation.

I want to do mini-mental-status exam.

Not gonna happen.

Would you let your patients
treat you this way?

- Yeah.
- No.

- Yeah.
- No!

Well, then again, you're not me.

Thank God!

If this is memory loss, it would
impact your coordination,

also your ability
to juggle multiple tasks.

You would need more in-home care,

- and your driving would...
- I'm not gonna give up my car

because I might have misplaced my remote.

And I didn't misplace my remote.

I know where it is.
It's on the coffee table

next to the National Geographic
from June of last year.

Page 74, two-thirds of the way
through an article on medicine

in Hawaii... Haiti.

Medicine in Haiti.

If anything changes,
don't forget to tell me.

Ha ha.

Ha ha.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.



You stole my story.

It's a good story.

Stories don't change minds.

Stories are the only things
that change minds.

We're compelled by fear more than reason.

What these people fear

is doing something
that will hurt their child.

So they do nothing,
thinking that inoculates them.

They won't change.

Care to wager on that?

[CHUCKLES] I'll take your money.

Not money. Liquor.
I like me some whiskey.

St. Elison 23 Year Bourbon.

Fine. You will owe me
a 2002 Chateau Montpouillan...

the blue bottle, not the black.



Never seen that before.

Our boy has two spinal cords.

It's called diastematomyelia.

It's a congenital disorder in which

part of the spinal cord is split in two.

Congenital? So he's had it since birth?

Why didn't anyone see it?

It's rare, and with no obvious symptoms,

doctors generally have no reason to look.

The problem is, when Finn hit puberty,

the split spinal cords rapidly stretched.

The two strands got tethered
to his spinal canal,

which led to the weakness in his leg.

As he grows, he's put
at risk for paraplegia.

And we can go in and untangle it.

But anytime you're dealing
with the spinal cord,

things can get complicated.

What are the dangers?

He could become quadriplegic,
but the fact

that he's presenting
with weakness right now

makes me think that
this is progressing rapidly.

I don't think we have a choice here.


It's not possible.

Did you step out on me?

That's absurd. You're my everything.

What could I get from anyone else?

You could get pregnant.

I didn't have an affair.

Maybe one of Todd's swimmers got through.

I've heard it happens.
It must have happened.

It's unlikely,
but I suppose not impossible.

We... can test Todd's sperm count.

Uh, Dr. Park?

I had a long talk with my husband.


We want to vaccinate Finn.

That's great, Bethany.
Your son will thank you.

We want you to do it as soon as possible.

U-Unless you can't
because of the surgery.

Oh, it shouldn't be a problem.

We can start with
the first round right away.






How much is a bottle of
St. Elison 23 Year Bourbon?

Andrews: $500 a bottle.




Mind if I join you?

Of course.

I know you haven't been pleased

with the way things have
progressed with Dr. Melendez.


You pushed me to be more assertive,

and I'm not gonna apologize

for doing what I thought
and still believe was right.

Enjoy your meal.

St. Bonaventure will soon be
a surgical center of excellence.

We'll be able to select
every unique and amazing surgery

to come through San Jose.
It could open you up

to a whole new range of experiences.

I'd hate for you to miss out.

I would hate to miss out, too,

but when Melendez cut me
from his service,

he cut my education in half.

He will take you back.

If I grovel.

I have no doubt that...

You haven't spoken to him, have you?

Why come to me first?

What, you figure I'm the path
of least resistance?

I came to you first
because you're a resident.

Even though you are valued,

you're still earning
your place at this hospital.

If you care about your job,

you will speak to Melendez.

I have nothing to say.


Yeah, but chicken pox feels even worse.

That's it.

- I need to pee.
- Wait, you should let me help you.

Don't get up. Stay where you are.

I need a lift team! And
have them bring a backboard!

I-I can't feel my leg, the left one.

- How about that?
- No.

Can you wiggle your toes?

I-I'm trying.

Page Dr. Melendez! We need an O.R. now!


Where's Todd?

He's in the cafeteria.

He's waiting for his sperm-count results.

I do love him.

You look very young for a doctor.

Oh, God, I'm sorry.

I didn't... I didn't mean to... W-Wait.

I was just thanking you
for saving my life.

Todd's sperm count is zero.

Do I have to tell him

that his wife kissed me on the lips?

She was thanking me for saving her life.

Well, I helped save her life, too.

- Where's my kiss?
- This isn't funny.

That kiss could be considered assault.

Oh, come on.
If the genders were reversed,

we'd be having a serious
conversation right now.

What about it, Murphy?
You want to file a report?


I'll have to think about that.

Until then, tell Todd
about the test results.

You can keep the kiss to yourself.


Dr. Park, nice drilling off the laminae.

Dr. Reznick, carefully open the dura

in the midline overlying the cords.

We need to separate the cords
from the midline dural sacs.


A $500 bottle of whiskey?

You should have checked
before we agreed to...

- He's losing his motor

- and sensory evoked potentials.
- Stop.

We need to figure out a way
to dissect the cleft

free from the split and remove it

without putting pressure
on the spinal cords.


We should use the laser
to cut any tethering adhesions

- before removing the septum.
- Very good.



Excuse me. I have your test results.


Were you gonna leave me, too?

Not that I really care at this point...

W-What are you talking about?
The doctors screwed up.

- W-We didn't.
- Then the lab must have screwed up.

The bank? The bank, too?

It's all just a big conspiracy?

Our medical insurance was canceled,

so I started making some calls.

We have $400 left in savings.

Checking's empty.

The retirement account's drained.

I don't know. It must be identity theft.

- Dawn, stop lying to me.
- I lost my debit card a few months ago.

Look me in the eyes
and tell me you didn't cheat,

t-that you didn't take the money.

Oh, my God.

I'm so, so sorry.

H-How? W-Why?

I tried to stop,

but I just couldn't help myself.




Why did you marry Todd?


I love him.

He's the best thing to come into my life.


I couldn't imagine living without him.



Why did you kiss me?

I don't know.

It was a mistake.


I know why you kissed me.

I'm not excusing her actions,

but the Deep Brain Stimulation
surgery was a bold move.

Would you have gotten to where you
are without a few bold moves?

I never broke protocol.

I looked for opportunities,
and I took advantage of them.

And now you have another opportunity...

an opportunity to show
leadership through forgiveness.

And more importantly, an
opportunity to show leadership

through not looking like an ass.

Come on, Neil.
This is like David and Goliath,

except David forgot his slingshot

and Goliath is beating
the crap out of her.

Unless this is resolved,

you'll make it harder for me
to make you Chief of Surgery.

Hell, it'll make it harder
for me to go to bat for you

when even bigger issues come up.


I decided not to press legal charges

against our patient for kissing me.

She has a legal defense.

Her actions were caused
by a medical condition.

Just now, she had an involuntary
muscle movement in her hand.

- A spasm? That's all?
- Yes.

That means the kissing and cheating

were caused by a neurological problem,

possibly a tumor.

It's also medically possible

that she's just a jerk that has a tic.

Yes, but Todd is the best thing
to come into her life.


Go test your theory.



Can you feel this?

- Yeah.
- Good.

Now we have to do a very
complicated, scientific test.

Can you wiggle your toes?


Good job. [SMOOCHES]

Finn, your temperature's rising.
How are you feeling?

I've got the chills.

Is this from the surgery?
Or is it something else?

Hey, your heart rate's jumping, too.


His pressure's dropping fast.

What's... What's wrong?

Sorry, Shaun. I'm with Lim on this one.

We are not gonna find anything.

She was happy with Todd.

Todd says they had a good sex life.

But cheating is about more than sex.

Maybe her emotional needs
weren't being met.

Maybe she was going through
a personal crisis.

I left home with Steve
when I wasn't happy.

Why doesn't she leave?

Money, fear, shame.

There are plenty of reasons
why she'd rather stay.

She said kissing me was a mistake.

She had no reason to lie to me, Claire.

Shaun, I know you want to believe

there's another explanation,

but sometimes people, even
the people you love and trust,

betray you.


Look. No tumors. The brain is clean.

It's sad.

The world is sad and very complicated.

I wish it wasn't.



The MRI scan shows

there is nothing wrong with your brain.

You are just a liar.

Dawn: Everything was good.

These last few months with Todd,

it was like our honeymoon.

Then some client flirts with me.

Now here I am.


I'd like you to draw the face of a clock.


You do have a tumor.

There is definitely something.

I think we were just
looking in the wrong place.


- Hey, Shaun.
- Hello.

Can I buy you lunch?

No, I'm not hungry,
and it's not my lunchtime,

and I have to get ready

- for an important MRI.
- Wait, wait, wait.

- Goodbye.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Can I...

Can I talk to you for a second?

All right.


I had a little incident yesterday.

I may be experiencing some memory loss

- due to the radiation.
- Yes,

memory loss
is very common with radiation.

I can book you an MRI after

- I'm finished with my patient.
- No, no, no, no.

No cognitive tests, not here.

There are plenty of other
hospitals in San Jose

- that can test you.
- No hospitals, Shaun.

No hospitals.



I can administer these tests
by myself, okay?

I just... I just need your help.

Come to my apartment tonight.

We will find out
if you're losing your memory.



Park: Finn has a staph infection
at the surgical site,

but we gave him oxygen and fluids.

He's stable and resting.

He will have to go back into
surgery to wash out the wound.

I want to assure you
this has nothing to do

with any side effects
due to Finn's vaccination.

- His what?
- His first round of vaccinations.

You vaccinated my son?

I asked Dr. Park to do it.

W-Without telling me?

I was scared.

I-If Finn got sick,

I-if he brought something
home to the baby...

We talked about this. You promised.


The second MRI confirmed
the tumor's in your chest,

not in your brain,

but it produces a protein
that travels to the brain,

causing mental disorders,
including loss of inhibitions.

The betrayal was medical, not personal.

Reason and intent matter.

You should hug her, kiss her.

She's going to have surgery,

which will be dangerous.

All that missing money,

it didn't go to hotels or...
or weekend getaways.

I've been donating it...

animal shelters, Feed the Children.

Every time I saw an ad,
I pulled out my wallet.

I couldn't help it.

You couldn't say no to... anything?

How many?

When we take the tumor out,
there is a very good chance

her inhibitions will return to normal.

How many affairs?



Did, um...

Did you enjoy it?

In the moment.

But the minute it was over...


Mom and Dad haven't visited me
together since yesterday.

Have they told you anything?

This has nothing to do with you,

if that's what you're thinking.

It's about the vaccination.

Dad didn't know?

So I'm not gonna get measles,

but my parents are gonna get divorced.

I'm sure once
they start talking things...

Are you gonna talk to them?

[SIGHS] I'm sorry. This is between them.

The vax thing you wouldn't let drop,

but this doesn't matter?

My mom's pregnant, and
my dad's not talking to her,

and it's your fault.

Dr. Browne, I've been asked
to speak to you.

You're an excellent doctor,
and I respect your skills...

I'm sorry.

I should never have undermined
your authority the way I did.

I was wrong.

I appreciate that.

But I don't mean it.

You've been sent here
on an impossible mission.

Senior staff have basically
ordered you to take me back.

So... if you don't take me back,
you're screwed.

If you do take me back, you look weak.

I don't know what decision you made

or what you're about to say,

but if I tell you I am sorry,
it gives you cover.

So, this is me giving you cover.

I'll see you tomorrow.

We got the tumor out. She's fine.

I'm glad you didn't leave.

I was afraid she would die.

B-But I don't think I can forgive her.

I'm not sure if "forgive"
is even the right word.

You've never been attracted
to other women?

Of course not.

You don't check anyone out at the beach,

see a girl in the street in tight jeans?

I check them out.

I don't jump them.

I don't even want to jump them.

Your wife acted on

every single temptation she had,

every single ugly, stupid temptation...

but she never left you.

The one thing you know
for sure through all of that,

she was never even tempted
to walk away from you.

She never stopped loving you.




You know, I knew this... couple.

They had a child.

They were happy and...

building a life.

One day, the... husband found out

that the wife hadn't been... honest.

It broke their trust.

And instead of... working it out,

they let the deception fester.

Eventually the husband
moved out, moved away...

...barely sees his kid.

I don't need any more of your parables.

You and your stories
are the reason I'm here.

You're here because
you choose to be here.


Is that even true? That story?


[WEAKLY] It's done?

Yes. The tumor has been resected.

Would you like to kiss me?

Maybe a little.

But I'm not going to.

That's a very good sign.


That's a very good sign.


Measles kill. Broken homes don't.

Go to a bar, let off some steam.

I'm going to the range. [EXHALES DEEPLY]

You have your own gun?

I have three.

Can I come?

Are you gonna talk?


You pay for your own ammo.


- Hi, Shaun.
- Hello.

No Lea?

She's out drinking with friends,

other friends.

I'm her friend, but I didn't want to go,

- so I'm watching Albert the fish.
- Okay.

I brought some tests.

Where did I get my couch?

- What?
- It's a memory test.

Hopkins Verbal Learning, COWA...

- these are memory tests.
- Some of the questions are harder.

We are going to do this right.

Where did I get my couch?

[LAUGHING] Okay, fine.

You got your couch
from the bus you lived in

with your brother.

Who gave me my bookshelf?

The town librarian, Jennifer.

And my lamp?

Do you know?

A teacher, Shannon.

No, that's wrong. Her name was Sheryl.

What kind of teacher was she?

Sheryl, Shannon...
you never told me that.

- Yes, I did.
- I'm pretty sure you did not.


What's my brother's name?

Oh, come on, Shaun.


This is stupid. I know your brother's...

Your brother's name is Sam.

It's Steve.

You're losing your memory.