The Good Doctor (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 13 - Xin - full transcript



Good morning.


I'm Jake, we met last week.

Yes, we did.


I was just gonna get some juice.

- Hope you don't mind.
- Are you a drummer?

Am I a drummer? No. No, I'm a chef.

Well, actually, just a cook, but...

Lea dates drummers.

I played clarinet in junior high.




LEA: What are you doing out here?

I told you to stay in my room.

I just snuck out to grab some O.J.


I was really thirsty. Okay.



I'm sorry.

I should've told you
he was spending the night.

I like Jake.

That's nice of you to say.

I know it's difficult
to have a stranger in your home.

I have to drive Dr. Glassman
to his chemo appointment.

He's five days in and doing very well.

I'm helping him.

Jake is very sweet.

You know, when you get to know him,

I'm sure you really will like him.

I said I like him.

Will he be spending
the night here a lot now?

No, not a lot.


would that be a problem?

- No.
- So is it cool

if I have him over tonight
to watch a movie?

It's cool.

I have to go.







Good morning, Dr. Glassman.

I let myself in. I'm downstairs.





How are you feeling today?

Good, actually. Better than yesterday.

Yes, your skin was a bit pale yesterday.

Today your color looks much better.

I brought you your electrolytes.

Thank you.




Why did you do that?


I don't like the flavor, the grape.

Are you experiencing nausea?

No, I didn't like the flavor, I told you.

I'm fine.


I'm glad you're feeling well.

Let's go, or we're going to be late.

Yep. Cancer's not gonna kill itself.




I was just thinking about you, too.

Actually, can I call you at lunch?

I'm with some people right now, and...

[CHUCKLES] Yes, exactly.

We'll talk later.

Love you.


New girlfriend?

Still in the call-each-other-
the-next-morning phase?

Yeah, you got me.

Actually, no. It was Mia.

We're giving our relationship
another shot.

Wow. Park, that's great.

Yeah, I told you because part
of the thing with Mia is...

I'm trying to be more open.

Thanks. You didn't need to explain,

but sounds good.

She sounds like she's good for you.


Of course, if it doesn't work out,

I'll have to talk to you about that, too,

- admit I failed.

Or I can be a supportive colleague

regardless of what happens.



70-year-old female. Neighbor
saw her collapse in her yard.

Unresponsive. No heartbeat.
EKG is flatlined.

Then she'd be cyanotic.

Good capillary refill... she's perfusing?

Stop CPR.

And she's breathing.
Your EKG must be broken.

Worked fine on our call right before her.

Everything works fine
up until it doesn't.


- Nothing.
- Told you.

Hook her up, let's check her vitals.


Blood is definitely flowing
to her extremities.


Should we push epi, get the crash...

Wait. Everyone quiet.





Is that...?


She doesn't have a rhythm

because she has a mechanical heart.


Lana Moore. 34-year-old female,

was slurring her words, symptom passed,

but we found a grade two
arteriovenous malformation

- in her brain.
- Are we going to do

endovascular embolization

or stereotactic radiosurgery
or resection?

Endovascular embolization.

Patient requests she's only
served green Jello

and that we dim all of
our incandescent light bulbs?

Lana has autism.

What're you looking at him for?

It's not like they all know each other.

I was just curious
what his thoughts might be.

I think we should go with
endovascular embolization.

Hmm. Now you know.

The AVM is dangerous,
but the embolization

is a relatively minor procedure.

We'll make a small incision in your leg

so we can insert a catheter into your...

Are you okay, Javi?

The lights aren't bothering you too much?

A little.

Please continue.

We'll insert the catheter
into your femoral artery.

Then we'll feed it up
into the arteriovenous malform...

You brought a dictionary?

Uh, is there something I'm saying

- that you don't understand?
- Lana loves learning new words.

She's memorized the scientific Latin name

of every bug in South America.

Go ahead, name any six-legged critter.

I love being quizzed.

- Rhinoceros Beetle.

Megasoma Actaeon. Found in Guyana.

It's the heaviest insect in the world

and weighs as much as 300 grasshoppers.

Is she right?

I have no idea.

I have to go.



Where are you going?

It's 11:15. I have to be home by noon

to watch "Judge Judy" before work.

I-It's important to us

that your girlfriend
doesn't get stressed out,

so we'd prefer it if you stayed with her

as long as you can.

Lana's not my girlfriend.
We're just roommates.



Still stable?

The diuretics have her O2 SATs up,

- but she's hypotensive.
- And we checked every center

approved to implant mechanical hearts,

but none have any record
of her as a patient.

Check overseas. I'd start with...


Is it her heart?

The implanted device
appears to be malfunctioning.

Do you have any contact information

for the surgeon who implanted it?

Yes, of course.

Dr. Li Wei. He's in Beijing.

When did she have it implanted?

A little over nine months.

She just went back

for a follow-up exam last month.

She was fine.

Can you fix it?

I'm gonna find out.




Don't be stupid.

What? There's no cameras in here.


Dr. Lim, Dr. Melendez.

How was your respective weekends?

Good. Checked out some bikes.

- Brushed up on some reading.
- Excellent.

I hear the search for
Chief of Surgery is back on.

As is our legal department's response

to the DPH complaint against both of you,

so I wouldn't get your hopes up.

Probably just as well.

I'd rather not see the two
of you competing again.


You seem to be getting along better.




MORGAN: It's weird.

Is it weird?

They act like a couple, right?

I live with Lea, but we're not a couple.

Yeah, but you wish you were.

Do you?

Lea has a new boyfriend.

You must be a little jealous.


Lea's my friend and Lea's happy.


Jake, Lea, and I can
all be friends together.


Shaun, Lea's new boyfriend
doesn't want to hang out

with the three of you.

If Lea really likes this guy,

she's gonna want to
spend time just with him.

I know.

For the sex.


Her AVM has microbleeds.

Her risk of rupture is doubled.



They paged Sunny's surgeon.

He's gonna call you in an hour.

Tell them I can't wait that long.

- Her cardiac output is low and...
- Got it.



He's in surgery.

Excuse me. Uh, Dr. Melendez?

I'm Grace Lee. Sunny Lee's daughter.

They told me downstairs
that you're my mother's doctor.

Get them to send her records

and everything they can about the device.

Manufacturer, model number, manuals.

Your mother's stable,
but we're struggling

to get the information we need
from her doctor in China.

I don't understand.
Her doctor's in China?

Like on vacation?

No, her cardiac surgeon.

Your sister can fill you in
on everything we've done so far.

I really need to get
back on this phone call.

- Wait.

I don't have a sister.


We met 10 years ago

while I was volunteering
at a senior center.

We hit it off.

Neither of us had anyone
in our lives at the time.

People assumed we were
mother and daughter

because we did everything together.

After a while, we just went with it.

She'll be glad to see you.

You look like you've put
your problems behind you.


She told me about your issues with drugs.

Oh, my God.

She caught me smoking pot.

Once. I was a teenager.

- So you're fine?
- Of course I'm fine.

Then you don't really have an excuse

for not calling for 15 years, do you?

MELENDEZ: They want her back.

They've arranged for transport...

they'll do the repairs in Beijing.

Is that safe?

Can she travel for that long
in her condition?

It's a specially equipped plane
for patients

requiring urgent medical assistance.

And 20 hours in the air is much safer

than at least that long
on an operating table here

while we basically fly blind.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Prep her for transport.



MORGAN: The microbleeds indicate

that it may already
be starting to rupture.

If it goes, you could suffer
permanent brain damage

or death. Because of that,

embolization is no longer
our preferred approach.

We want to open you up and cut it out.

Can you try talking to her?

Just because I have autism doesn't...

I'm not asking you
because you have autism.

I'm asking you because you're her doctor

and I'm getting nowhere.

The sting of the Japanese Giant Hornet

can dissolve human flesh
and attack the nervous system.

Recommended treatment
includes oral antihistamine

and acetaminophen.

Comforting choice of words.


It's 6:30. Dinner time.

I brought burgers and Jello.
This one's yours.

Lana can't eat now.

We're trying to schedule a surgery to...

I could die.

The surgery sounds scary
but necessary, so I'll do it.


"...big feet got there first.
Johnny stumbled caught himself

and swung silently about at Dove.

'Gosh, Johnny, I'm sorry, '
snickered Dove.

'Sorry, eh, you're going
to be a lot sorrier.'

'I just didn't notice.'
'You do that a... '"

Shaun. What are you doing?

Reading to you from "Johnny Tremain."

You're reading words.
You're not reading sentences.

This edition of "Johnny Tremain"
is 320 pages long.

To get through the entire thing,

I need to read 270 words per minute.

You don't have to finish
the book in one sitting.

Oh, yes, that's how I read novels.

I want to know
where the characters end up.

You know what? Let's just stop.

I can go slower.

- I-I'm not listening, anyway.
- Are you in pain?

- No, no, I'm not...
- You seem fatigued.

You know what? I have a good idea.

Why don't you take out the garbage?

Thank you.


Where is your recycling?

It's under the sink.


Dr. Glassman, this cannot be recycled.

If it's broken, it cannot be recycled

- because shards of glass...
- I don't care, Shaun!

I didn't ask you to re-sort the garbage.

I just asked you to take it out.
Can you do that?


Your call light is on.
How can I help you?

Any new symptoms or discomfort?


Rhinoceros Beetle...?

I'm gonna get Javi on the phone.

You can talk to both of us.

Do these doors lock?


Do you want them to?

Is there someone you're worried about?

Is it Javi? Or someone else?

I'm nervous about the surgery.

Dr. Lim is an excellent surgeon.

I've seen her do...

I'd like Javi to come
and have sex with me.

I think an orgasm would help calm me.

Do the blinds close?

PARK: She's gonna
need a norepinephrine drip

to maintain her pressure
during transport.



You look pretty.

Mom, I've been so worried.

You shouldn't have.
Teresa takes good care of me.

I'm so glad.

Why did you never call me?

You made it clear you wanted
nothing to do with me.

I just wanted to live my own life.

So that's what you got.
Your own life... without me.


This isn't a good time to...

You were so good,

straight A's, always so smart.

- You threw it all away...
- You never understood.

Dad did. Dad wanted me to be happy...

He wanted you to have fun...
as a child...

not waste your life.

Singing is not a career.


Sunny, you need to calm down.

Grace, your mother cannot
handle this stress right now.

Teresa... Teresa is a teacher.

Mom, stop. Listen to the doctor.

[GASPING] You forgot about me.


I wish you'd... stayed away.

- Would... have...

Her arterial blood pressure is dropping.

Start bagging and give her 40 Lasix.

I'm calling a code.


♪ Say, can you hear? ♪

- ♪ Is there a meaning to your grief? ♪

♪ Where there is pain ♪

♪ You see grace ♪
- Mm.


♪ Staying at the end of a hallway ♪

- Shaun?
- Yes, it's Shaun.


I've picked out a very good movie

that we can all watch together.

Not the... Not the time, Shaun.

♪ Never been ♪

I made popcorn.


[WHISPERING] That's okay.
You just stay here.

- Stay here. Sorry.

♪ Raving about your cryptic ways ♪

♪ Aren't willing to change ♪

[NORMAL VOICE] Shaun, we kind
of need some privacy right now.

I also bought orange juice for Jake.

He was looking for some in the fridge.

♪ All the basement stories you heard ♪


♪ Waiting for... ♪

I thought you said
you were okay with this.

Jake will like the movie, Lea.

It's about a chef who...

Shaun, but you're not
respecting boundaries.

If Jake and I are friends,

then we can all spend time together.


Of course, we can all be friends.

That would be great.

It's just sometimes
it's gonna be just me and Jake.

Without you.

For the sex?

And some other times, too.



Just give us a minute

and we can watch the movie
in the living room together.


Having sex right now
is extremely dangerous

for someone in Lana's condition.

I studied the pre-op list
of things I couldn't do.

Sex was not on the list.

We'll update the list.

Anything that elevates her blood pressure

could rupture the AVM before
we get a chance to remove it.

You'll definitely need to abstain

until you're fully recovered.

Seems like you two are more
than just roommates.


You care for each other, you have sex...

It's convenient. He's available.

And it's frequently better
than masturbation.

- High praise.
- And he leaves afterward.

She doesn't like being touched
when she sleeps.

- Hmm.
- Are you two exclusive?

Lana and Javi don't have to
define their relationship

in order to make it
more digestible for you.

Clearly whatever it is,
is working for them.

Now, you need to get some rest.

We're gonna do your surgery at 10:00 a.m.

PARK: Sunny's on full life support.

she can't be flown to China.

Her condition is beyond the scope

of the plane's medical facilities.

Dr. Melendez is discussing next steps

with Sunny's surgeon in China.


No daughter would treat a wonderful woman

like Sunny the way you did.

Does a wonderful woman refuse

to go to her daughter's recitals?

Then, when she gets
accepted to Juilliard,

cut her off?
Tell her she'll never make it,

that she'll wind up broke
and on the streets?





Gently incise the dura.

Nicely done.

And there's our AVM.

Aneurysm clips.

It'd be nice to have
what Lana and Javi have.

All the benefits of a relationship

without the emotional baggage.

The emotional baggage
is the relationship.

Everybody has their issues...

the point is to sort them out together.

Yeah, that's all it takes...

agreed all the single people in the room.

I can't get under the AVM.

It's much closer to Broca's area
than the MRI indicated.

Any damage could destroy
her ability to speak.

What if we use stereotactic
image guidance?

That would only show us where we are.

It wouldn't tell us
if we're affecting function.


But if we track Lana's vocal
function during the operation,

it will help us avoid
the speech center nerve tracts.

You want to operate on her
while she's awake?

We can barely get answers out of her

at the best of times.

How do you think it'll go
while her skull is open

in the middle of an O.R.?

Well, it's a good thing she
has a "roommate" who can help.


It's hard to walk away.

We get angry, we want to run away,

but when it's family...

I'm not angry.

When I got the call
telling me she was here,

all I could think about
was how my lousy, bitter mother

was about to die alone.

That it wasn't her fault,
it was just her nature.


So I needed to be here to let her know

that she was loved
in spite of everything.


And then I found out about Teresa.

Saw them together.

Saw that my mother
was capable of caring...


...capable of warmth... and love.


[VOICE BREAKING] Just... not for me.


WOMAN: Dr. Park, please report to ICU 2.



She's bleeding from her cannula site.

She's intolerant to the ECMO.

We can't wait for the new heart.

We have to try and repair
this one ourselves.



China thinks Sunny's heart
failure is most likely due

to a broken blade in the impeller.

They're suggesting
we weld it back together

using an intraoperative device...

which we don't have.

We could repair it with fibrin bioglue.

The blade spins at 1,200 RPMs...

the glue won't hold.

What if we used the schematics
to 3D print a new impeller?

The plastic replacement probably
wouldn't hold up long-term.

We don't need long-term.

We just need it to work until

the replacement arrives from China.

Let's get these to the lab.

You need me in the O.R.?


While you operate on her brain
with her head open?

You wouldn't be able to see
what we're doing.

You won't see any blood...

What's the central
illuminance of the O.R.?

- I don't know.
- 140,000 Lux.

140,000 Lux is way worse
than a grocery store.

I can't go to grocery stores.

We can provide you with protective gear

and eye shades that can
filter out some of the lights.

Bright lights are like
needles in my eyes.


Megasoma Actaeon.

Found in Guyana.

It's the heaviest insect in the world

and weighs as much as 300 grasshoppers.

Do you like playing
insect trivia with Lana?

This is crazy.

You shouldn't do it
because of trivia night.

You should do it because...

you love her.


Your life is better with her.

You're a better person with her.

Y-You need her. That's what love is.

Do it because you love her.

I don't love her.

She's my roommate.






Impeller blades are fine.

The bearings are functioning properly.


Electrical consumption is good.

Maybe the machine isn't the problem.

Heart failure is either caused

by insufficient pumping
or a constricted outflow.

Since her "pump" is fine...


She doesn't have valvular stenosis.

The surgeons removed her aortic valve

when they implanted this device.

It could be the aorta itself.

If it narrowed,
that would reduce her outflow,

cause her pressure to drop.

If we do an intraop-angio,
we'd see evidence of that.

Call X-ray... have them
bring a C-arm, STAT.


SHAUN: Dr. Glassman?

I got you cherry Gastrolyte.

Shaun, I'm fine. You can go back to work.

At the Nathan County Fair, I was 14

and you got a cherry slushee
and said it was your...

Why do you have an I.V.?

It's just fluid, Shaun, with potassium.

I had a nurse come by from the hospital.

I could have done this.

You're busy.

I'm helping you.

You wouldn't need the fluids

- if you listened to me.
- I know.

You didn't drink
the Gastrolyte I brought you.

- But now...
- Shaun.

My head really hurts right now.

How long have you been experiencing pain?

It pretty much never stops.

That's not true.

I asked you if you
were in pain last night,

and you said you weren't.

I was in pain last night, Shaun.

I just didn't want you to worry.

Why would you lie about a symptom?


- Why would you lie, Dr. Glassman?

- This c...
- This is why, Shaun.

This is why.

I can handle the pain.
I can handle the nausea.

- You have nausea?
- Yes. Yes, I have nausea.

Okay, you should stop the PCV Chemo.

- Shaun.
- Okay, you should stop.

I'm going to call Dr. Blaize.

No. Shaun! No!

I am trying to help you!

I am trying to help you,

but you are not a compliant patient.

- You don't rest...
- Shaun...

...when I tell you to rest.

You don't follow
the diet that I am giving you.

Will you please go?

Shaun, will you just go, please?

- Will you just go?
- I-I promised that I would help you!

You're not my doctor, Shaun!



I don't...


I don't want you here.


I'm sorry. I don't want you here.


I don't know how to help you.

Then stop trying.

You're not helping.

You can't help, Shaun.



He's in pain and frustrated

and nauseous, and taking it out on you.

He's in pain and frustrated and nauseous,

and I can't help him.

- That may be true.
- So what do I do?

When there's nothing you can do,

you have to accept that.

You have to stop trying to help.

That's what he said.

Thank you, Lea.


My life is better with you.


Mine, too.





- We're in the aorta now.
- If there is a narrowing,

we should see a sudden rise in pressure.



We should be able to
replace the narrow part

with a graft. Metz.


- This is a...



This is a...

Lana, what do you see here?


We need you to keep talking to us.


Have we already done damage?

It's too soon, I think.

We need to stop.

If we leave the AVM
intact and it ruptures,

it will kill her.


Lana, do you understand?

I have to keep going,
but if you stop talking,

you may never talk again.


Hand me the bipolar forceps.

Dr. Lim.

There's a Javi Maldonado
insisting he should be in here.




I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

The surgery was a success.

You can see her when she wakes up.

Thank you.

She wasn't great with you,

but she's great with Teresa.

That doesn't mean
she loves her more than you.

It may just mean...

she's not the same person anymore.

As soon as she saw me,
she started giving me crap.

The same crap.

Actually, the first thing she said was... look pretty.




Lana, what's on the screen?

A lion.


And what is that?


Lana, what's on the screen?




Madagascan Hissing Cockroach.


Gromphadorhina portentosa.

One of the few insects

who give birth to live young,

rather than laying eggs.

Keep going. You both are doing great.


Long-tailed South African Scorpion.

Hadogenes troglodytes.

Reaches a length of over 8 inches,

the longest scorpion in the world.

You'll still need to fly
to China to get checked out...

but everything looks great.

SUNNY: Thank you.

Mom, Grace is outside.

I think you should talk to her.



she's your daughter.

I'll step out. It's okay.


Since we stopped talking,

there hasn't been a day
I haven't thought about you.

That I haven't missed you.



For everything.



I sat in the back.


At the Troubadour.

You were singing "I Wish It Would Rain"

with that band.


I cried.

It was beautiful.









MORGAN: Can you tell me your name?


You remember your name?


Of course I remember my name...


And you're Javi.


I think I love you.

I think you do, too.


Do you want to stay in bed with me

after we have sex?











Dr. Glassman?


- Dr. Glassman?


I'm not here to help.



♪ Take me to the station ♪

♪ And put me on the train ♪

♪ I got no expectations ♪

♪ To pass through here again ♪

♪ Once I was a rich man ♪

♪ Now I am so poor ♪

♪ But never in my sweet, short life ♪

♪ Have I felt like this before ♪

[WEAKLY] Thank you.