The Good Doctor (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Apple - full transcript

During a robbery at the grocery mart Dr. Shaun Murphy is shopping at, his communication limitations puts lives at risk. Meanwhile, after Shaun's traumatic day, Dr. Aaron Glassman worries that he isn't doing enough to help Shaun.

[ Alarm ringing ]
[ Alarm stops ]
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Derby's "If Ever There's a Reason" plays ]
[ Clock beeping ]
[ Beeping stops ]
* If ever there's a reason to be swept up in the season *
* Of the fallen leaves
[ Sighs ]
* And if the days grow shorter
* And the darkness drew its order *
* From the autumn grey [ Alarm ringing ]
* I'd rather sit this out and sleep the day away instead *
* My weary eyes a bit too slow indeed *
[ Alarm ringing ] * I'd rather sit this out and sleep the day away instead *
* To worry about the emptiness that comes *
* If ever there's a reason to be swept up in the season *
* Of the fallen leaves
* And if the days grow shorter
* And the darkness drew its order *
* From the autumn grey
* I'd rather sit this out
* And sleep the day away instead *
* My weary eyes a bit too slow indeed *
[ Knock on door ]
[ Door creaks ]
You won't believe the crap Armen pulled last night.
He cut the power to my apartment!
That's right!
No lights, no Wi-Fi, nothing.
For 15 minutes!
And if I had been on a ventilator,
I could've suffocated in that time, right?
You're a doctor.
You're not on a ventilator.
Thank God for that. But I could be.
I mean, it was dark. I could've tripped.
I should sue him.
Were you gonna eat this? I stress eat.
Okay, listen.
I go to talk to him,
and he claims I was playing my music too loud again.
[ Scoffs ]
I wear earplugs when your music irritates me.
I miss the dripping.
You're missing the point here, Shaun, okay?
You knock. You ask.
You don't cut someone's power.
You knock, right?
Of course, you would knock. Any normal person would.
I mean, am I crazy or is he a total sociopath?
[ Chuckles ] You should get headphones.
They would eliminate the sound.
Yeah. I got it.
Thank you.
Thank you for being so objective about this.
In fact, why don't you go help Armen
write my eviction notice!
[ Door slams ]
[ Country music playing ]
* It's all over now *
Man: Yeah, and I'll never drive down that street again.
Woman: Whoa. It's a pretty bad memory.
Yeah, that sounds pretty...
[ Both laugh ]
* It's all over now *
Wait, it's kind of hot for a hike, isn't it?
We're hiking. We're gonna sweat. It happens.
Man: All right, don't do nothing stupid!
Open the register and put everything in the bag!
Come on! Right now! Hey!
Don't move. Give me your wallets, phones, everything.
Keep your hands where I can see 'em.
I said get out your wallet!
[ Heart beating ]
Do it now!
Wallet, now!
Is he okay? We don't know.
This is routed through Basecamp.
It says Shaun was there,
but it didn't say if he was hurt or not.
Well, EMS has two critical inbounding.
Their hands are a little full to chat right now.
[ Siren wailing ]
Woman: 20-year-old female.
Single gunshot wound to the abdomen.
Hypotensive and tachy.
Two liters of saline en route.
Her name's Avery.
We'll take good care of her.
Jared, you're with me.
[ Siren continues, helicopter blades whirring ]
Blunt-force neck injury.
Oxygen sats just dropped below 80.
Trachea's crushed.
I inserted a laryngeal mask,
but the airway is not secured.
Are you okay? You weren't hurt?
His oropharyngeal anatomy is distorted from the confusion.
Subcutaneous emphysema. He's barely moving air.
Let's take him to a bay, and get me an O.R. now.
I need four units O-Negative type and cross her.
She has decreased breath sounds on her left.
Let's get a chest X-ray on her.
What the hell is h doing here?
It's his fault.
This is all his fault!
-- Captions by VITAC --
Officer: Yeah, clerk says the guy entered,
shouted orders,
and apparently, your doctor didn't comply.
Girl gets shot,
and the store clerk clocks the gunman with a bat.
That's all we know. All right, what do you need?
I need forensics on the gunman and the girl.
All right, we'll let you know what we find out.
Hey, police are gonna want to talk to you.
After that, you can go home.
I should be helping.
My shift is just starting. You were at the shooting.
I don't have time to hold your hand.
I don't like my hand being held.
Small-caliber bullets.
They ricochet inside.
They can cause multiple and unpredictable injuries.
And what do we need to do about it?
Chest and abdominal X-rays
and a Focused Assessment Sonogram.
Nurse: Three units of O-neg and...
We could use your help over here, Mr. Melendez!
Are you okay?
Yes, I'm fine.
You're with me.
Get a gown on him. Okay.
Entrance wound is down here.
The bullet fractured the pelvis on the way in.
All right, let's look for an exit wound.
We're gonna roll her on three. One, two, three.
All right, got it.
Between the second and third rib.
She's hemorrhaging here, too.
Hey, Murphy, get us the ultrasound so we can find out what's inside.
Focused Assessment with sonography and trauma.
No chest contusions or secondary injuries evident.
Oxygen sat's 70.
I can't squeeze a camera past this collapse.
O.R. 3 is prepped and ready, but that's it.
We got a full house right now up in surgery.
Next show time is 15 minutes out. I could use it.
I gotta get this bleeding under control. What's the status on your guy?
Take her up. Take the gunshot.
Hold on.
His airway's so damaged, I can't even do a tracheotomy.
He's got five minutes until anoxic brain dead.
Mine's got pressure. I'll see what I can do here.
You're scrubbing in with me.
Go ahead and feed the tube under the collapsed trachea.
[ Monitor beeping rapidly ]
Starting high flow O2.
[ Beeping continues ]
[ Beeping slows ]
And we're good.
[ Sighs ]
Now that our patient is actually breathing,
we can realign and repair.
Four-O on a driver.
Scissors. Sponge stick.
It's a slippery thing letting your feelings about a patient
influence your medical judgment.
I didn't.
I get the instinct -- She's a victim.
He's a shooter, a racist.
Often we don't even know we're doing it.
I would never let my personal feelings
impact a patient's care.
She was bleeding out.
And this guy just drew his first good breath 30 seconds ago.
They were both critical!
He was dying. You were wrong. Own it.
[ Scoffs ]
You know as well as I do that
that was not an easy call to make.
Do I? Yes!
Clear the field, Dr. Browne.
Not my operative field.
The surgical field. Scrub out.
Excuse me?
You're done.
Step out of my O.R.
Gail, can you please relieve Dr. Browne of her instruments
and page Dr. Cleland to assist me?
Now, isn't this more pleasant?
Aside from the spleen, what else are we dealing with?
The bullet ruptured her transverse colon
at the splenic flexure.
Put it on our to-do list.
[ Monitor beeping ]
Why does her boyfriend think it's your fault?
It punctured her diaphragm here
and entered the posterior chest.
[ Monitor beeping rapidly ]
She's bleeding again. Clamp the hilum.
I already did. It's too damaged to hold.
Hold this right there. Don't let go.
Oh, this isn't gonna work.
It's gonna be like sewing ground beef back into a steak.
All right, new plan -- she's gonna have to live without her spleen.
To pick up.
[ Beeping continues ]
Need a ligating suture on the splenic artery
while I make the cut.
Can you do that for me
before this young lady bleeds out on us, Murphy?
[ Monitor beeping ]
Okay, let's move on to the bowel perf.
[ Door opens ]
Ah, thank God you're all right.
I just heard what happened.
[ Sighs ]
Shaun. Are you all right?
Yes. I wasn't injured.
What happened this morning?
Lea ate my apple.
No, Shaun, at the store this morning.
What happened at the store?
Wallet now!
I can't.
Why the hell not?!
[ Whimpers ]
You said keep my hands where you could see them.
My wallet is in my pocket.
You can't see my hands if -- Are you trying to be a hero?!
I'm a surgical resident -- Huh?! Hey!
Hey! Shut the hell up!
This isn't a game, man.
I'm serious. Okay.
Put your damn phone and wallet on the ground right now.
Hey, do you see this, man? I am not playing around!
Just put your phone and wallet on the damn ground!
Come on, man, just -- just do what he says!
Please listen to him.
Shut up! Just shut up and get on your knees!
Put your hands and knees on the ground.
Get your wallet out right now. Hey!
I will shoot your crazy ass, I swear to God. Okay.
Are you listening to me?! I'll do it! Yes.
Hey! You hear me?
Hey! [ Gunshot ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Whimpering ]
Oh, my God!
[ Avery crying ]
You need to take the rest of the day off.
Dr. Melendez said that, too.
Why? "Why?"
Because you just experienced a traumatic event.
It's not my fault. I-I know that.
Avery has multiple injuries.
Dr. Melendez wants me to monitor her.
[ Door beeps ]
[ Chatter ]
Dr. Lim.
I was out of line.
I shouldn't have argued with you.
Primary enclosure went well.
We'll extubate him in a few hours
to prevent any further internal damage.
Well, that's good.
It is, and you're gonna make sure he stays that way.
You'll be babysitting tonight in the ICU.
I'm -- I'm not on call.
Great, then you're available.
Should be a quiet night.
Just want to keep an eye on those vitals.
You never know with tracheal tears.
[ Chuckles ]
Can't one of the ICU nurses do that?
But they didn't lip off in my operating room.
And he'd better be breathing in the morning.
Excuse me, but why is Shaun on the victim's case?
I assessed him, and he seemed perfectly capable.
You assessed him?
What does that mean? You asked him how he was feeling?
You psychic?
D-Do you have an advanced degree in psychology?
You don't know what's going on in his head.
When I'm in surgery, my focus is on the person
whose guts are open in front of me
rather than the soul of the person standing across from me.
No. And it seems that Shaun doesn't let anything impact his work.
So, along with his photographic memory,
I'm putting cold-hearted in the plus column.
Dr. Murphy, do you understand why you're here?
Dr. Glassman said I had to talk to you.
After any doctor goes through a potentially traumatic --
You have to determine if I'm a medicolegal liability
to the hospital. Yes.
And, more importantly, it's an opportunity
to provide you with emotional support.
How are you feeling?
You don't have apples.
I'll try to have some fruit next time we meet.
Do you regret anything about this morning?
After bad things happen,
it's perfectly normal to replay the events,
wishing you had done things differently.
It already happened.
I can't do things differently.
Is talking about this upsetting you?
What are you thinking about right now?
Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.
Melendez: The surgery went well.
After a serious trauma like this,
the body can develop
a self-destructive inflammatory reaction.
Kidneys, liver, lungs, heart --
any or all of them can start to shut down.
We'll be giving her anti-inflammatories
and monitoring her closely,
but the next 24 hours are critical. Okay.
Just get her through this. Whatever you got to do.
Yeah, well, I need consent forms
from your girlfriend's next of kin.
If you could please get her family in here
as quickly as possible.
I can't. I...
I don't even know her last name.
It was our first date.
W-We met on a dating app.
We were going hiking,
so she wasn't carrying a purse or ID.
Well, then, you really don't need to be here.
Someone out there cares about her.
If she dies,
I want them to know someone was with her.
I'll have social work try to locate her family.
Stay as long as you want.
It looks clean, dry, and healthy.
My neck is killing me.
How long have you been using?
What's that got to do with anything?
Well, you likely built up a tolerance to pain meds.
Now that you really need them, they aren't there for you.
That's why I need fentanyl.
100 micrograms. Are you gonna help me or not?
That wouldn't be helping.
The worst thing I can do for you is feed your habit.
[ Scoffs ]
[ Chuckles ]
You saw my tattoo.
And now you're punishing me.
You wa this to hurt.
I'm treating you professionally. If you were treating me professionally,
I wouldn't be in so much pain. I'm sorry, but I --
Just give me the damn drugs!
Come on!
Melendez thinks that he's okay being on Avery's case.
I don't.
Dr. Melendez may be right.
That case seems to be Shaun's primary focus right now.
Maybe his condition is a blessing in this situation.
Or obsessing over Avery's health
could be his only outlet for a guilty conscience.
Watching her suffer could just be worsening those feelings.
So, either it's a huge problem
or it's not a problem at all.
This is your professional opinion?
Shaun has a very unique mind
and an incredibly introverted nature.
Well, thank you for that.
I'm sorry, but without a lot more time with him,
that's the best I can offer.
What did Lim expect me to do --
stand there and smile
while she called my medical judgment into question?
Your patient nearly died waiting on that O.R., right?
It was bad. What do you want me to do?
Tell her to back off!
No. He's a complete and utter --
Not one of those nice racists, huh?
I shouldn't have to be -- Claire!
Here's what you have to do --
shut up and do exactly what Dr. Lim tells you to do.
But --
Yes, sir.
Maybe we could take turns.
You can keep an eye on my patient,
I keep an eye on yours.
[ Sighs ]
Her creatinine is 1.6.
Mild bump in renal numbers
isn't surprising after all her trauma.
This morning must've been crazy.
Are you okay?
This morning,
my neighbor Lea came over and ate my apple.
That's too bad.
Yes, it was my last one.
She was upset with Armen, our landlord.
She plays her music very loud.
I gave her some advice.
It seemed to anger her
because she left without saying goodbye.
And you think you did something wrong.
No, it was good advice.
Shaun, sometimes a woman wants advice,
and sometimes she just wants support.
How can I tell which one Lea wants?
Err on the side of support.
That's not helpful. Yes, it is.
Dr. Browne. You're being summoned.
[ Inhales deeply, sighs ]
All right.
About time.
All your struggling, you've pulled out your IV.
Aren't nurses usually supposed to do this kind of crap?
They let you go to med school,
but they don't trust you with any real responsibility.
There must be a competent doctor tucked around here somewhere
who tell someone I need more than aspirin.
"Competent"? Yeah.
You know what I mean.
Imhotep was the father of modern medicine.
An Egyptian. Yeah.
Good for your people.
[ Scoffs ]
I'm willing to bet there's even been a couple others
over the last 3,000 years, but guess what?
On average,
you look at most great technological advancements,
you'll find a proud Northern European
holding the patent.
[ Scoffs ]
That's what you were trying to do this morning?
Get the patent on stealing 30 bucks
from the corner store for a drug fix?
You don't like drug addicts, do you?
Mm, a lot of people I don't like.
Thieves, racists, violent punks,
but I'll treat 'em.
Was your mama a drug addict?
That's the beauty of cliches,
is they're true so often, huh?
You don't know anything about me.
I didn't go to college.
I didn't have no affirmative action to get me in,
but you did.
All because some bleeding-heart liberal in the Dean's office
teared up reading your essay about your crack-whore mama.
Aah! What the hell?
[ Groans, chuckles ]
I guess we're all violent punks.
[ Monitors beeping ]
All you had to do was give him your wallet.
Her urine output is low.
Whoa, whoa, what are you doing?!
Get away from her! Hey!
You can't be in here shoving my doctors around.
Me? He -- He's the --
Oh, my God. She needs dialysis.
Her kidneys are failing fast.
This is the first stage of total organ failure.
[ Monitors beeping ]
Shaun: We removed two liters of excess fluid with dialysis,
but she's getting worse.
Fluid's building up in her chest.
She's in pulmonary failure, too.
Draining the fluid in her pleural space
would reduce airway resistance.
Yeah, let's prep her for a thoracentesis.
We're gonna have to work fast.
I'll prep the evac drain.
I'm gonna need you to put that needle right between --
6th and 7th rib.
[ Monitors beeping rapidly ]
Wait, you're gonna let h do --
Shut up. All right, careful.
Don't put the needle in too deep.
We don't want to give her -- Pneumothorax.
[ Monitors beeping rapidly ]
All right, you're in.
Now, let me see what I can pull out.
[ Beeping continues ]
Hopefully she settles down.
[ Beeping continues ]
CO2's down, and O2's climbing.
[ Monitors beeping ]
We can manage her kidneys and her lungs,
but the last stop in multiple organ failure
would be her heart.
Watch her ventilation pressures like a hawk,
push cardioprotective meds, and page me if anything changes.
Think you're being her hero?
The fact is you hardly know her.
And you don't know him at all.
Go home.
[ Monitors beeping ]
[ Knock on door ] Yep.
Okay, I am done.
He's a foul-mouthed, spiteful bully.
No problem.
I'll have the concierge find a patient
more suited to your liking.
He doesn't need a doctor doting over him.
He doesn't want me.
I don't care.
I'm sorry I disagreed with you, okay?
But I don't deserve to be scolded like a school girl
because your ego can't handle being challenged a little.
[ Chuckling ] Oh.
That is some apology.
Look, I had a legitimate --
You really don't see the problem here?
What? [ Chuckles ] With challenging you?
Right now, you are confronting me
in front of two nurses.
Would you do that to Melendez?
Or would you wait five minutes?
I have dealt with men
undermining my authority my entire career.
We shouldn't do it to one another, too.
Now go take care of him like you would any other patient.
[ Equipment whirring ]
Hey. Hey! Hey!
Food services -- they double-check every order.
What are you looking for?
An apple. An apple?
Who's getting an apple? I am!
No. Glassman: Shaun.
Forget the apple, please.
I'm sorry. Can I have a minute?
[ Clears throat ]
Shaun, there's no need to get defensive, okay?
Do you want to sit down?
No, thank you.
I want you to tell me again
exactly what happened this morning.
I told you exactly what happened this morning.
Yes, but people have told you that it's your fault.
Haven't they?
My actions and the shooting were associative incidents.
It is not a causal relationship.
I paced, and she got shot,
but pacing doesn't cause shootings,
otherwise every time someone paced,
a shooting would soon follow.
Okay, that's a very good point.
When someone has a gun
and it's a dangerous situation, right?
You don't want to upset the situation.
You don't want to make it worse.
You think this is my fault, too.
No, no, it was the shoot--
[ Chuckles, sighs ]
It was the shooter's fault,
but your actions may have contributed to it.
Okay, Shaun, wait a second.
Wait a second.
I know your behavior is not completely in your control,
but I also know it's not completely out of your control.
Is it?
So, yes, maybe it is a little bit your fault.
And definitely mine.
[ Chuckles ] You weren't even there.
That's right.
I wasn't there.
Can we sit down, please, just for a second?
I convinced myself that everything was fine
because in here, it is.
It's great.
But you need help.
you need guidance --
much more than I can give you.
I'm supposed to be with my patient.
I'm supposed to be watching her like a hawk.
[ Monitors beeping ]
It's my fault.
I didn't like her.
When I first saw her this morning, she just...
didn't look...
I don't know.
I mean, I wanted to blow her off,
so, uh... I said I forgot water.
I mean, I figured we'd go to the store
and -- and I'd pretend that I forgot my wallet.
I knew she didn't have her purse, so...
We can't go hiking without water, right?
I mean, no harm, no foul?
She was there because of me.
She's here...
because of me.
It's not a causal relationship.
Wait, excuse me?
It's not a causal relationship --
lying and shootings.
Lying doesn't cause shootings,
otherwise, every time someone lied --
[ Monitor beeping rapidly ]
Her pulse pressure is narrow.
Wait, what does that mean?
She's dying.
Page Melendez. Stat!
[ Monitor beeping rapidly ]
Your respiratory rate is up.
Are you having trouble breathing?
Yeah. It's tight.
Find Dr. Lim.
Narrow pulse pressure indicates a reduced cardiac output.
The inflammation is affecting her heart.
She's in end-stage organ failure.
Yes, we can insert an intra-aortic balloon pump.
It may reduce some of the workload on her heart,
but it's failing fast -- really fast.
It only needs to work overnight.
The inflammatory reaction will improve after that.
What if it's failing so fast because it's not her heart?
Her hemoglobin's dropped from 14 to 12
between her last two draws.
What if the real problem is she's bleeding somewhere?
Given what she's been through, a two-point drop could mean nothing.
Or it could mean a bleed,
which would account for the narrow pulse pressure.
Her heart could be fine.
If you're right, that means we'd have to open her back up.
I don't know if her body can handle another operation.
No, it can't.
Treating heart failure with an aortic pump
is also a simple procedure.
So we're going to diagnose
based on which procedure is simpler?
If I'm right, there could be no more blood to pump.
She'll be dead.
[ Alarm blares ] She's crashing!
We should prepare the cath lab for a pump.
We should prepare the O.R.
Let's get her into an O.R. now.
[ Monitor beeping rapidly ]
[ Monitor beeping rapidly ]
Hemoglobin's dropped to 8.
She is bleeding out.
Yes, she is, but where?
Got to find where the bleeder's coming from
and clip it before she dies.
I got nothing.
Must be hidden under the retroperitoneum or mediastinum.
That's a whole lot of real estate
to cut open and just go blindly looking.
We should start at the abdomen. She was shot there.
The bullet passed through the posterior thorax.
BP's 40 over palp. She's dying, Neil.
Whatever you're gonna do, you need to do it now.
We need to look everywhere. Give me a knife and sternal saw.
I'm gonna open her up from chest to pelvis.
Prep the sternum and abdomen with Betadine.
Gonna need a sponge stick
to control the bleeding when we find it.
Open her between the second and third rib on the left side.
The bullet nicked the left supreme intercostal artery.
The wall has blown.
How do you know?
I followed the injuries --
pelvis to bowel to spleen to diaphragm.
Next target has to be left supreme intercostal artery.
All right, prep left intercostal space.
[ Monitor beeping rapidly ] [ Gasping ]
I can't breathe.
Why aren't you helping me?
Dr. Lim will be along in just two minutes.
You're the damn doctor. Do your job.
[ Gasping ]
[ Beeping continues ]
I need to open up the left neck compartment
to relieve the pressure.
Procedure tray?
You done this before?
It's too swollen.
I can't see the Adam's apple.
Cut along the soft divot
between the carotid sheath and the trachea.
Soft divot.
Got it.
[ Wheezing ] Update me.
[ Wheezes ] What did you do?
He had a cervical hematoma. I had to relieve the pressure.
[ Beeping slows ]
Oxygen sats are going up.
It's rare,
but post-op swelling can happen with tracheal tears.
That's why we watch them so closely the first 24 hours.
You mind if we finish this off in the operating room?
I don't see anything, Shaun --
no blood and no arterial tear.
You're too high.
It's near the bifurcation.
Get some light in.
I got something. Blood's pooling right under the bifurcation.
Clamp now.
[ Monitor beeping rapidly ]
[ Beeping slows ] [ Sighs ]
[ Sighs ]
She wasn't in heart failure.
That means her heart is still strong enough to get her through the night.
I was wrong.
And you just made up for it.
You were right, Jared.
Good work.
You know what?
You were right.
My mother had problems.
So I couldn't afford to just around
expecting everything to be handed to me
or whatever else it is that's holding you back.
And yeah, I got some breaks,
but I worked my ass off.
Two jobs, two roommates every step of the way.
And that is what got me to the place
where I could save your life.
[ Sighs ]
Melendez: Your daughter's not out of the woods yet,
but I do expect her condition to improve day by day.
Thank you, Doctor.
Thank you. You're welcome.
[ Moans ]
Hey. Hi.
Sorry we weren't here for you.
How are you feeling?
probably won't be hiking anytime soon.
[ Chuckles ]
You sneaking out before I can thank you?
Please, you don't need to thank me.
Yeah, I do.
And apologize.
I was wrong about you.
[ Chuckles ]
I thought you were trying to ditch me.
I was...
hoping you were trying to ditch me.
[ Chuckles ]
I'm sorry.
When you're feeling better,
I'd like a second chance at a first date.
[ Chuckles ]
Claire: I'm sorry.
You were right.
I publicly disrespected you,
and so I thought it only right
to publicly respect you.
I am grateful
for the chance to learn from you.
I know you needed this victory.
Glad you saved a life today.
Just wish it wasn't a Nazi.
[ Footsteps approach ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Dog barks in distance ]
Lane number two.
Maddie always took that lane.
She would tuck in behind me
and draft until the last 200 meters.
It was a dirty little trick.
[ Chuckles ]
It worked. Every time.
13 years ago today.
I miss her, too.
Give her space, right?
Give her space.
She just drifted farther and farther away.
Everything I did...
I did wrong.
You did your best.
I was...
practically living at your house back then, and --
If I hadn't...
You were both [Sighs] teenagers.
You were idiots.
You got lucky, she didn't.
If I...
was there more...
if I...
stayed on her...
[ Chuckles ]
You're there for him.
[ Chuckles ]
Reporter: Here's your extended forecast for the week.
Starting off with a little bit of cloud cover
in San Francisco, temperatures in the low 70s...
[ Knock on door ]
...just a few degrees as we get closer to the weekend.
Expect dry conditions for the next seven days here --
I, uh, saw your light.
[ Dog barking, siren wails in distance ]
I'm sorry.
Claire told me to apologize
because you didn't want me to tell the truth.
You only wanted me to support your position,
even though it's wrong.
Well, I don't accept.
I may have overreacted this morning a little.
And you were honest -- brutally honest --
but you shouldn't have to wear ear plugs in your own home.
And don't start lying to me to make me feel good.
You're the only honest guy I know.
[ Scoffs ]
...have a good night, Shaun Murphy.
And I will try not to keep you up.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Clem Snide's "I'll Be Your Mirror" plays ]
[ Door closes in distance ]
* I'll be your mirror
* Reflect what you are
* In case you don't know
* I'll be the wind
* The rain and the sunset
* The light on your door to show that you're home *
* 'Cause when you think the night has seen your mind *
I made a mistake today.
* That inside you're twisted and unkind * And someone got hurt.
* Let me stand to show that you are blind *
* Please put down your hands
* 'Cause I see you