The Good Doctor (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 15 - Heartfelt - full transcript

A teenage patient hopes the surgical team can free her from a life of confinement at home; a young patient's perfectly matched organ donor is causing a moral dilemma for the parents and the patient.

♪ Sometimes we rock and roll

♪ Sometimes we stay at home,
and it's just fine

♪ This heart's on fire

♪ This heart's on fire

♪ This heart's on fire

♪ This heart's on fire

♪ I am my mother's hen

Please walk around
the other way.

♪♪ And left the body in the bed all day ♪

What happened?

They're just getting the lobby
ready for the big party.

It's an annual fundraiser.

Like a carnival?

No, it's a swanky,
black-tie ball.

You think a hospital
lobby is swanky?

Not yet, but add some lights,
a few decorations,

and, most importantly,

It becomes a streamer and
balloon-infested hospital lobby

with a cash bar.

It's for charity.

Better to spend the money
for the cause.

Actually, it's worse.

You need to spend money
to make money.

I don't like parties.

Doesn't matter. All residents
will be expected to attend

and make a donation.

This is Dr. Alex Park.

He's the last
of Coyle's residents

to be reassigned
to our team.

Meet doctors Jared Kalu,
Claire Browne, and Shaun Murphy.

Nice to meet you.

Welcome back.
How was Costa Rica?

Beaches were awesome.
Monkeys were horrible.

Little bastards stole my
new camera and a pair of...

How old are you?


That's even older
than Dr. Melendez.

Dr. Murphy
is a talented doctor who has autism,

which sometimes causes him to ask
inappropriate questions.

No worries. Inappropriate
questions can be very revealing.

I'm a late bloomer.

Park's being modest,
which is very unlike him.

He was a cop for 15 years
before he went to med school.

Now that we all
know each other,

Reznick and Browne have
dibs on cases this week.

You make your picks?


Is there karaoke?

And now,
our all-star lineup!

Playing center, out of
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.


Spirit, stop it. They don't have
time to fool around.

I'm not fooling around.

I need to document
the momentous event.

Then at least
get it right.

I'm from Taipei, Taiwan.


From Taipei, Taiwan,

which I believe
is a suburb of Moose Jaw...

Dr. Audrey Lim!

♪ Bam, bam-bam, bawr ♪

And assisting Dr. Lim

two docs
I've never met.


I'm Dr. Shaun Murphy
from Casper, Wyoming.


Dr. Morgan Reznick,
Mill Valley, California.


Okay, Spirit,
that's enough.

All right, put your phone away,
or it becomes my phone.

Well, folks, looks like the suits
are shuttin' me down.

Thanks for all your support.

Love you! Bye!

Sorry, but my friends insist
I keep them up to date.

It's all right.
It's a big day.

Spirit was born with ectopia cordis.
She's been...

Why didn't they repair it
when she was an infant?

They couldn't. Her rib cage
was too small.

But after 14 years
of slow and steady growth...

It's time to put this baby
where it belongs.

This is an
interesting view.

I can see
the aortic arch.

Oh, it's all right.

I'm used to
people being curious.

I'm sure
you're looking forward

to when there's nothing
to be curious about.

Mm, what I'm really looking
forward to is... crowds.

You like crowds?

I don't know.

I've never been in one.

I can't go
to a normal school,

and my parents barely ever
let me leave our house.

Well, when a small bump could stop
your heart, it makes sense.

But you still have
a lot of friends?

Yeah, of course.

I mean, I just can't do
anything fun with them.

If you can't
do anything fun,

then how did you get them
to be your friend?

Well, in case
you haven't noticed,

I like to talk.

Mm, yes.
And, uh...

We all do everything
online now anyway.

The first thing I'm gonna do
when I get out of here

is take all my friends
to a concert.

Like, general admission,
on the floor.

I don't even care
who the band is,

just as long
as the place is packed.

Oh, and I'm
gonna hug everyone.

You've never hugged anyone?

Not even your parents?

Kissed by my parents,
high-fived by my friends,

but, nope, no hugs.

It's just too risky.

Hugs make me
feel trapped.


Almost done.

Pain in the
upper-right quadrant.

It's jaundice.

Bilirubin's off the chart.

That doesn't make sense. He's been doing
so well since the transplant.

Yeah, every check-up
this year's been perfect.

Well, it could just be
a temporary flare-up.

We'll increase
his anti-rejection meds

and do a full liver exam.

We'll know more then.

You two,
do the work-up.

And you find
a new liver.

Shouldn't we wait
for the biopsy result?

Not when I already know
what it's gonna say.

He needs
a new liver ASAP.

I mean,
that's gonna be hard.

He's Blood Type O.

It's gonna be impossible.

He's lucky they were able
to find the first one.

he better get lucky again,

because it's our only way
to keep him alive.

We're screwed.

Barbara Boxer got ear barotrauma
scuba-diving in Cozumel

and cannot fly
for two weeks,

which means we don't have a keynote
speaker for our gala.

You think
this is funny?

I've just never
seen you anxious,

and I seriously doubt
Barbara Boxer scuba-dives.

It's just an excuse.

She sent me a picture
from the hospital.

Oh, really?

Anyone can fake
a photograph.

What are you doing?

I am doing a search

to see if our
esteemed senator

from the great state
of California

ever once, once

talked about scuba-diving
in an interview.

It doesn't matter
if it's true.

What matters is that
we find a replacement.

I need you to get me
a meeting with Aiden Coulter.

Oh, Aiden Coulter?

Oh. What?
I sat next to him once

at an A's game.

And the story I remember
is that you two

were talking smack
that entire game,

and after he spilled
his beer on you

and insisted on buying you
a new jacket,

you refused him.

So he owes you.

Just get me a meeting. I'll handle
everything from there.


I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.

You're welcome.


You'll be fine.

You've had
liver biopsies before.

And they've always
hurt a lot.

isn't there another way?

Well, the other way, Eric,
would going through your neck,

and I don't think
you'd like that anymore.

Eric, do you know
why NBA players

all wear headphones
before games?

Don't look at him.
Look at me.

I need you to answer me.

Why do NBA players wear
headphones before games?

I don't know.

I guess they like music.

No, they need music.

Music helps them forget
about everything else

and focus
on what's important...

The game.

Who's your favorite player?



This is the song he listens to
before every game.

How do you know?

Because he's my favorite
player, too.

I want you to close your eyes
and focus on this.

Just this.

It's cold.

Yeah, now it is,
but if you stay focused,

pretty soon,
it'll stop feeling cold

and start to feel warm.

When that happens,
I want you to nod your head,

and you'll feel some pressure
and a small pinch.

What if it does...

Then close your eyes
and focus.

You ready?

Two minutes
and he'll be good to go.

How'd you know
he was a basketball fan?

His shoes.

He's not wearing
any shoes.

Yeah, they're in
a backpack in his room.

You searched
his backpack?

Well, it's, um, less invasive
than a rectal,

and most of the time
more useful.

Okay, Spirit,
just keep still and...

And during a few parts
of the exam,

we may ask you
to hold your breath,

but it'll only be
a few seconds.

You got it.

You gonna buy a tux
or rent one?

The fundraiser
is black tie.

I have a suit.

It's new.

I bought it
for my resident interviews.

It doesn't matter
how new it is.

It's not a tux.

Wearing a uniform at work
reassures patients.

Wearing a uniform
at a party

does nothing but make you
hot and uncomfortable.

This party is work.

Get a tux.

And not a crappy one
from some outlet store.

Get fitted by a pro and
spend a minimum of two grand.

You're gonna meet rich people
who can help your career,

and they're not gonna want
to help some slob in a...

I'm not a slob.

No, I am very clean

and make sure my clothes
are never wrinkled.

And it's too big.

Her heart.

It's enlarged 53%
since her last exam.

Her last exam was only
six months ago.

It won't fit.

Too big.

The biopsy confirmed
acute cellular rejection.

We maximized his
immuno-suppressives, but, uh...

I found one.
A Type-O liver.

Are you sure?

Park and I checked the registry,
and there weren't any.

I found it online.

He, uh... He already tried
to make a direct donation

a few months ago,

but the patient died
before the surgery.

I contacted him,
which wasn't easy,

but he still wants
to be a donor.

That's amazing.

Great job.

What's the catch?

He wants to be a donor,
but he's not on the registry?

I mean, there's got
to be a catch.

He, uh... He can't
be on the registry

because he is in prison.

For murder.

Actually, um,
seven murders.

Boris Tirayan was a Russian Mafia
enforcer convicted of seven murders.

Who now wants
to make amends.

He tried to be a donor
a few months ago,

but the patient died before
the red tape could be worked out.

But now that it has...

Are there any laws against
an inmate becoming a donor?

No, but there is
a ton of liability.

What if he attacks
someone here?

He'll be guarded
by state prison guards

on a separate level,

away from patients
and all non-essential staff.

Everyone deserves the chance
to turn their life around.

The guy wants
to do something decent,

we should let him.

I don't think we owe
a murderer anything.

But maybe he owes us something.
He has a debt to society.

Which he would repay by
donating his inner organs.

Isn't it
a slippery slope

between a guy
who wants to make amends

and turning
our prison system

into a superstore
for body parts?

A slippery slope that
saves a child's life.

It'll never happen. He's just trying
to get a hospital,

where it'll be
easier to escape.

You have no idea
what his motivation is.

I know he's a
lying sociopath

who doesn't care
about anyone but himself.

He's been a model inmate
for nine years.

Tutors other prisoners
in the library...

Yeah, because he's trying
to get someone to trust him,

to give him an inch,
and as soon as they do...

We got approval.

He's gonna stall,
make excuses,

and when he sees his chance,
someone's gonna get hurt.

I think it's worth
taking that chance.

Anybody who doesn't agree,
feel free to sit this one out.

When you started

the increased oestrogen
caused pulmonary hypertension,

which isn't a surgical issue
in itself,

but along with your
atypical vascular system...

Your heart's
grown too big.

We will control
your blood pressure

so that you will keep growing
but your heart won't,

and then, by the time you're 18,
we'll able to...


I'm not waiting
any longer.

Spirit, honey,
it will be okay.

No, it won't!

I'm sick of being stuck inside
all the time.

I'm sick of this!

I don't ever want to text,
call, or video chat again.

I want to be touched.

I want to be shoved.

I want to be punched.
I don't even care, just...



I want this surgery now.

I need it.

I'm sorry.
We can't.

We need to get rid of
all the furniture and artwork.

I get removing the paintings,
but the furniture?

Don't want the prison guards
sitting down on the job.

He's gonna be
in full restraints,

cuffed to the bed.

Well, that's our plan,

but we also need to be
prepared for his plan.

Okay, we need to get rid of
the window blinds, curtain rods,

jacket hooks, and make sure
there's no metal rivets

or eyelets
on the mattress.

Um, what's he gonna do
with a metal eyelet?

Tear it off the mattress
and file it down

to cut your jugular, or
bend it into a handcuff key,

or shove it into
an electric socket

to create a spark
and start a fire.

I've seen knives made out of
toilet paper, soap, and salt

that could amputate
a fat guy's femur.

Not quite sure he needed
the part about the guy being fat.

So, I've been thinking.

You want to go to
the fundraiser together?

It's not a prom.
We don't have to bring a date.

Yeah, we don't have to.

But we can,
if we want.

Everyone basically knows
we're seeing each other,

but still...

I think it might be
a nice opportunity

to take our relationship
out into the open.

you don't want to.

No, it's a good idea.

Are you sure?

Because, you know,
we don't have to.

Let's do it.

Let's go.

What's wrong?

It's fine.
He'll be all right.

No, I won't. I don't
want a murderer's liver!

It's evil!

there's no such thing

as a good
or bad liver.

It's just a...
Just an organ.

this is your only choice.

If we don't do the transplant,
you will die.

I don't want him
to be a part of me,

inside me forever,
all right?

I don't care what you
or anybody else says, okay?

It's my body,
and I don't want it!

That's ridiculous.

Personality traits aren't transferred in
an organ transplant.

It's also irrelevant.

Children don't consent
to surgeries,

their parents do.

But if he doesn't cooperate
with the anti-rejection regimen,

we could be wasting a liver
that could save someone else's life.

No one's
getting saved by Tirayan.

I found a Type-A donor.
It's not a perfect match, but...

His body's already
rejected a perfect match.

There's no way it can tolerate
an incompatible blood type.

No, the only way
to save Eric

is to do the transplant
with Tirayan's liver.

That is it.

We have
no other option.

Let the O.R. know we're gonna
need more restraints.

Dr. Clinton Ford
out of Alberta

developed an experimental
resorbable material.

It would allow us
to expand her rib cage

and create room
to fit her heart inside.

An artificial sternum.

That would actually
grow along with the patient.

The surgery
isn't reversible.

If it doesn't work,

we can't just move her heart
back to where it was.

It would allow her
to have a life.

She has a life,
and she'll be healthy

as long as she stays
out of crowds,

doesn't hug anyone,

or do anything
where she might fall.

I get you're autistic,
but I know even you realize

when a patient cries and throws
her phone against the wall,

they're not happy
with their current health.

There's no reason
to make this personal.

There is if his medical
judgement is biased.

I saw she was upset.

You saw it,
but you didn't understand it.

You're very competitive.

Are you trying to make
Dr. Lim think I'm biased,

or are you trying
to undermine my confidence?

I'm actually trying
to help you and the patient.

She wants to be able
to rub elbows,

and you need to learn
how to trade elbows.

The resorbable plate
is experimental and risky.

But my medical judgement
is that it's worth it.

Make sure she agrees
and then get her prepped.

Why me?

I'm not famous, I don't know
anything about medicine,

and giving the keynote speech
at your fundraiser

is a steep price to pay
for a beer-stained jacket.

You grew up
in San Jose.

You went to San Jose State despite
being accepted by both Princeton and MIT,

and you headquartered
your company here,

despite huge tax breaks offered
by Chicago and Minneapolis.

And it was
his favorite jacket.

Well, when I offered
to have it cleaned,

he said not to bother because
he didn't even like the jacket.

He was being polite.

I take it you've never been
to a game with him.

You did some homework,
but not enough.

I love this city,
but I have giving speeches.

So don't give a speech.

Tell us a story.

Like the one you told
at the wrap party

at the Youth Dance company's
fall musical.

The one where you got lost
at the Paris catacombs.

I stand corrected.

Your success
is inspiring, Aiden,

as well as your loyalty
to this city.

And the fact that you're young,
apparently very funny...

I'm in.

Actually, I was in
as soon as Aaron told me

what you wanted
to meet about.

But I was curious what
your attack strategy would be.

So, how was it?

It was very effective.

Now, don't worry.

He's been a model inmate
for nine years

and tutors the other
prisoners in the library.

Coke nail come in handy
up at Pelican Bay?

I make jewelry.

Helps me
pick up the beads.

Is there a history of cancer
or liver disease in your family?

I went through this
a couple of months ago.

You have my file.

We need to do
our own exam.

And there's nothing
about your family in previous records.

Are they still alive?

They're dead to me.

Quit stalling, or we'll
send you back right now.

I haven't spoken to anyone
in my family since I was 15 years old.

Last I know, uh, both my parents
were healthy enough

to kick the crap out of me
on a daily basis.

Any other questions?

Why do you want
to do this?

Maybe I just like, uh,
cute nurses and bad Jell-o.

Why do you care?
We don't.

As long as you do
what you're told.

Don't worry.

I'm very good
at following orders.

Councilman Burns must be
very happy with his facelift.

He just bought another table
for the fundraiser.

I aim to please,
but you already knew that.

And I need to get into surgery,
so stop being so coy.

What's up?

You and Isabel always
seem very happy,

able to manage both your
professional and personal lives.

I'm flattered you think so,
but still a bit coy.

When I met with Aiden Coulter
about being our keynote,

I thought there was a spark.

Okay, so now we're
getting somewhere.

Surgery can wait
a few minutes.

Is it unprofessional of me
to explore it?

He's not
a hospital employee,

but potentially
a significant donor

and younger.

Quite a bit.


I don't know, maybe I'm
just imagining something

that doesn't even exist.

Oh, I doubt that.

You're an attractive, smart,
interesting woman.

I'm sure
there was a spark.

But you can't date a donor
like Coulter.


There's no actual policy
against it.

I'm not talking policy,
I'm talking optics.

The last thing you want
is someone thinking

you'd use sex
to get a big donation.

It's a double standard,
I know,

but it's the world
we live in.

I said no!
I don't want it!

I thought you gave him
something to calm him.

We did,
but he's too agitated.

I'm gonna start him
on IV midazolam now.

Eric. Eric, remember what Dr. Park said
earlier about focusing?

I know you can do that.

How about we get those earbuds
you had earlier?

No! Leave me alone!
Eric! Stop it.

Look at me!

Do not move.

You wear
very stylish clothes.

Um, thank you.

I assume you mean
when I'm not in surgery.

Yes. Do you think people
believe you're a better doctor

because of that?

Some people.

Others probably just think
I'm a show-off or arrogant, gay.

I don't care.
I do it for myself.

You look good,
you feel good.

Does it help you
make friends?

Feeling good about yourself
helps with everything.

Do you know where I can buy
a stylish tuxedo?

I can pay $2,000.


Dr. Reznick says

if I want people who matter
to help my career,

I need to wear a tuxedo
that costs $2,000 to the fundraiser.

Have you talked
to Glassman about this?

No. I make
my own decisions now.

Murphy, people who matter
will help your career

because they're impressed
with your talent

and potential
as a surgeon.

And I could send you
to my tailor,

where you'll definitely
spend two grand.

But my advice would be
just rent one.

Make sure you get fitted
by the manager,

and for a couple-hundred
bucks, you'll be fine.

I'm gonna need you to count
backwards from 10.

10, 9, 8...

Looks like you were wrong.

I said he'll do anything
to convince us to trust him,

to let our guard down.

His eyes,
they're swelling up.

So is his tongue. He's having an
allergic reaction.

Stop the anesthesia.

Give me 0.5 MGs
epinephrine I.M. now.

I'm on it.

Epi's in.
He's hypoxic.

We need to intubate.
Getting a 5.0 tube.


You had a severe allergic
reaction to the anesthesia.

We had to intubate you
and give you steroids.

You didn't do it?

We can't operate on you if you
can't breathe under anesthesia.

You did everything you could.

The patient's parents
wanted you to know

they're extremely grateful
for everything you did.

Or tried to do.

You can try again.

I'm sorry, we can't.

No, you try again.

Try again?

You try again.

Try again!

Try again!

Calm down!
Try again! Try again!

He said calm down! Now!

Same old, same old, yeah?

That's the way
it's always been for me.

Nothing I ever...

He's still on the top
of the UNOS list,

and we're gonna be
calling and rechecking

every registry and database
all night.

How long do we have?

Without a new liver,
maybe a day.

So, what'd you get?
Hugo Boss? Armani?

Dr. Andrews said
I should just rent one.

And you're gonna
listen to him?

He's the Chief of Surgery.
And he knows about clothes.

If Andrews had a son,
you think he'd let him

go to an important event
in a cheap rental tux?

He said
people who matter

judge people based
on their talent.

Yeah, that's what he tells
someone else's kid.

To his own, or someone he
actually respects, he tells the truth.

Cut here.

Do you respect me?

You're smart, able to memorize
a ton of information, but...

No, not really.

Suction the mediastinum.

You've certainly put
a lot of thought

into what someone you claim
not to respect wears to a party.

Just because I don't
respect him doesn't mean I don't like him.

Everyone's uncomfortable
in fancy clothes

and hates kissing up
to bigwigs at a fundraiser.

But they do it. They don't
cower at home alone.

You use your autism
as a crutch.

Okay, I think if you liked him anymore,
he'd have a black eye.

Make sure we're clear
on that side

and the aorta
isn't kinked.

The aorta isn't kinked.

Good. Now for
the moment of truth.

Position the plate.

Perfect fit.

What the hell?
What'd you do?

I don't feel nothing.

No, don't touch him.

If he can't control
his bladder...

He can control himself
just fine.

Nice try,
but the vacation's over.

Stand up.

Re-check his cuffs

You're getting changed,
and we're going.

Just take him like he is.

I'm not gonna get stuck
in the van

for the next three hours
with him like that.

Watch his hands!
Watch his hands!

Put the gun
down now!

You shoot me,
he dies.

Now, no one
is shooting anyone.

Everyone stay calm.

Give him space.

You did something good,

Don't ruin it now.

I did nothing, yeah?

I accomplished nothing!

Whatever happens next
is completely in your control.

You have power,
but it's not unlimited.

You're not gonna escape,

you're not just
walking out of here.

But there are things,

that could make
your life better.

So let's just
take our time and talk.

There's no rush.

What do you want, Boris?

What do you really want?

I don't want
anyone to help me.

Whatever you call it,
these life-saving measures.

I... No.


Do not do it.

Don't listen to her.
It's your choice.

You do what you want.


Boris, no!

Let's go! Let's go!
Move! Move!

Melendez is en route.

All right, ready?
Let's go. 3, 2, 1.

Page urology and

He's dead
and he has a donor card.

We're gonna take everything
he can donate.

♪ Our love was hard to maintain,
so we broke it

♪ Mmm

♪ But your smile reminds me
that I cannot lose all of you

♪ So can we can we
laugh about being crazy?

Thank you so much.

Your speech was perfect.

And hilarious.

Oh, you're very welcome.

And I appreciate the opportunity
to help change my rep.

You have a rep?

All work and no play.

Something I'm
working on changing.

Your rep
or your lifestyle?

I need less stress
and more fun.

Would you like to
play golf sometime?

On a real course
with actual grass.


Would you like
to dance?

I'd love to.

All right, let's go.

♪ Like it's true

♪ So can we laugh
about being crazy? ♪

We need to get Eric prepped
right away.

What's happening?
Did you find a new liver donor?

Actually, it's,
it's the same one.

The circumstances
have changed.

This is incredible.

No, I don't want it.

when the donor found out

that he couldn't do
the surgery to help you,

he became incredibly sad

because he wanted you to live
more than he wanted to live.

He ended his life so that
you could have his liver.

He... He knew he'd done
some bad things,

and I think that
this was the only way

he knew
how to make amends.

I think we should try
and help him.

Do you think
you can do that?

Help someone
do something good?


Everything looks good.

Remember to take
deep breaths

so you don't develop
any lung complications,

and, obviously, avoid
lifting anything too heavy

for the next
few weeks.


What, honey?

I want a hug.

♪ Over the horizon,
she's smooth sailin'

♪ These concrete seas


You look like
a million bucks.

No, it cost $2,368.

Well, it was worth
every penny.

Good investment.

Glad to see you're
treating yourself.

You deserve it.

How much did
you dress cost?

I don't remember.

And just so you know,
that's not the best question

for an event like this.

Why not?

I don't know.
It just isn't.


Can I buy you a drink?

I don't like tequila

It makes me vomit.

Well, okay.
They have other choices.

A glass of wine
or a soda?

No, thank you.

Uh, that's a partner
at a firm

that did some pro Bono work
for us last month,

so I have
to go thank him.

Okay. Bye.

♪ I won't wear you down

♪ No, honey, I won't

♪ Wear you down

♪ She's smooth



♪ Smooth sailin'

♪ Smooth sailin'

♪ She's smooth

♪ Smooooth, darling ♪

There you are.

And nicely done.

You got the look.

Now you got
to put it to use.

There's work to do.



I see you, Dr. Chen.

She runs the Rivington
Fellowship at the Mayo Clinic.

I wonder
who brought her here.

I don't know.


You still think
people can't change?

He didn't.

He's an assassin who
murdered people for money.

Today was just one more
cold-blooded killing.

You helped him
sacrifice his life

so that he could
save someone else.

I am not a fan
of what you did,

even if it did prove...

He didn't
sacrifice anything.

He died
a long time ago.

His crew
is probably gone.

In prison,
he was a nobody.

And now?
He lives on as a hero

to Eric's family,
to the press, to you.

Jaundice is improving.

Edema's resolving, too.

His vitals look good.

It's been great night.

Three other lives
were saved, as well.

Does his parents know
what he did?

I want to send them
a card.

I know they're
gonna be sad, but...

I want to tell them I'll take good care
of their son's liver.

I think
that's a great idea.

This is impressive.

It's kind of like prom,
but without the acne.

And with a DJ that played
the MGM Grand last week.

Would you do me
the honor?

♪ On the floor

♪ I bet you think
you look cool


I brought my A-game.

♪ They don't play
no more slow cuts

♪ Everything is turned up

♪ I bet you think
you look cool

♪ Look cool
♪ Unh

♪ I'm not the one
to rain on parades

♪ But you in the club
in some shades

♪ What is goin' on now,
a day

♪ Now a day

♪ This is why
I stay in the house

Ooh, you look great!

♪ When I go out, go out

♪ Put on my Sunday best
and show out

♪ Show out

♪ I just wanna
have a good time

♪ Good time, good time

♪ I just wanna have
a good time

♪ Good time, good time

♪ I just wanna have
a good time

♪ Oh, yeah

♪ I just wanna have
a good time

♪ I just wanna have
a good time

The first little while
is the hardest,

and then you move on.

You never did.

Well, that's true.

Doesn't mean
you don't have to.


Thank you.

Well, what are you gonna do?

Are you gonna
sit around and mope?

At least try.

How do I do that?

I don't know.

If I knew,
I would have done it.

Let's dance.

That would be lovely.

♪ This is why I stay
in the house ♪

Don't be shy.
You can't hurt me.

I have a bionic sternum!

Ooh, you smell good,

What is that,

Strawberry mango.
It comes with a lip gloss.

I got it at the mall.

We can go together!

It's a plan!

Let's all go!

You know what,
let's take a selfie.


That's a great idea.
Bring it in.

Bring it in, guys!

Peace sign!


That was so funny.

♪ This ghost of mine,
I hope that it follows you ♪


♪ There's a love between us still
Remember this?

Should I?

You really
don't remember?


What's wrong?

It's the song that played during our
first overnight at the hospital.

♪ I wanna touch you,
but I'm too late

We had our first kiss
to this song.

♪ I wanna touch you,
but there's history

I'm sorry.

It's been a long day.


it doesn't mean anything.

Yeah, it does.

♪ There's a love
between us still

I love you, Claire.

You never loved me.

Now, I thought that maybe
someday that would change,

but it won't.

♪ But I know
I'm out of my mind

Bye, Claire.

♪ There's a love
between us still

♪ But something's changed,
and I don't know why

♪ Never felt so close,
but now I know it's over

♪ And all I wanna do
is go home with you ♪

♪ The lights go down

♪ I want you around me

♪ Oh, oh, oh

♪ Ohh-oh

♪ Don't over-think it

♪ Just finish up your drink

♪ And surround me

♪ Surround me

I have 140
applications for fellows,

not one of them has a clue
how to write an...


I'm Dr. Shaun Murphy.

I'm a resident here.

♪ Surround me

I'm Dr. Jake Levy,
surgical oncology.

Toby Yang,

May Curtis, ortho.

♪ Surround me

♪ Surround me


Apparently I was wrong.

I told Dr. Murphy
he'd be fine renting a tuxedo.

Clearly, he chose
not to listen.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.
You look fantastic.

What is it, Armani?

Yes, it cost...

Well, whatever you paid
for it, it was worth.

How's the golf game,

Oh, same as always.

I know how that is.

You play golf,

I have,
but I don't like it.

None of us do.

You know what they say...
"Golf is a good walk spoiled."


♪ Surround me

♪ So don't let me go

♪ No, don't let me go

♪ Surround me

♪ Surround me ♪

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