The Good Doctor (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Islands: Part One - full transcript

Dr. Marcus Andrews enlists Dr. Neil Melendez on a very sensitive kidney transplant between a pair of twins; Dr. Shaun Murphy decides to take an impromptu trip with his friend Lea and leave his problems behind.

Previously on
"The Good Doctor"...

Dr. Coyle --
He's a little too friendly.

I'm sure he's just trying
to establish a rapport.

I give great massages.

And I'll make a killer omelet
in the morning.

That's really

I said no.

You're approaching

Jared: You have to file
a complaint with HR.

They will shift the blame
onto me. Like you did.

I've just been fired

for physically assaulting
an employee.

So, why do I need to quit my job
to have a family?

Agreed. She can be
a great lawyer and a great mom.

I don't want to have kids.

I don't need a therapist.

I want to make
my own decisions.

I am done talking.

Now let's go.
No. N-No.

I don't want help!

Where would he go?

Is there a place
he likes to hang out?

I mean, he's not
at the hospital.

And there used to be
a picture here.

It means
he's not coming back.

Hi. Good morning.

I'm Aaron Glassman.
Dr. Glassman.

I work with Shaun.

Hi. Nice to meet you.

It's nice to meet you, too.
May I speak with him, please?

Uh, Shaun isn't here.

I know you've been helping
Shaun, and I appreciate that,

but I really need
to speak with him immediately.

I'll definitely let him know
when I see him next.

I'm -- I'm sorry.

What the hell
are you doing?

I know you're in here.

I just --
I just want to talk, please.

You are way out of line.

Shaun, you have

We've got to
sort this out.

You have five seconds
to get the hell out of here...

-...or I'm calling the police.

-Shaun, I just --
-What are --

I just want to...


she's calling the police.

-Is that what you want?

Lea: ...three...

-Okay, okay.
-Okay, okay, I'm leaving.

It's just that
Shaun has a-a tendency

to run away
from conflict.

And in Casper
and medical school,

people will give you
a little bit of slack, but it --

now he's in a very
hard-to-get job

in a very competitive

where people do not give you
a second chance.

Still, not cool.

If you speak with him

will you call me,



So, what's your plan now?

I don't know.

I gotta say, he seems like
a nebby, old jerk.

And a bully.

What's "nebby"?

It's a Pittsburgh thing.

I mean,
you're a grown man.

If you don't want to talk to
him, it's none of his business.

San Jose is too big.

I get not liking San Jose.

I'm not the biggest fan myself,
but --

I don't want to see
a therapist.

So don't.

I should go back to Casper.

I have a rule.

Never make an important
decision while you are angry,

upset, high, or right before
or after having sex.

Okay, you are overworked,
stressed out,

and pissed off
at your boss.

Now is not the time
to be making a big decision.

You need to take a break,
clear your head.

You need a vacation.

I have to work five more months
before I earn a vacation.

So call in sick.

I'm not sick.

You're so adorable.

You don't have to be sick
to call in sick.

Ah, I have so much
to teach you, Grasshopper.

And I'm gonna start with
a good, old-fashioned road trip.

It's the perfect way
to get your mojo back.

And when we return, you're
gonna know exactly what to do

about San Jose, therapy,
and Glassy the Grouch.

And all you have to do

to attain this superior wisdom
and knowledge

is to

Okay. Okay. I will.

Dr. Melendez.
Got a case for you.

My schedule's
pretty packed today.

It's a patient of mine.
She needs a kidney transplant.

You have a donor?

Her identical twin --
a perfect DNA match.

Why is she
a patient of yours?

I put balloon tissue expanders
under both girls' scalps

to prepare them
for the separation surgery.

Separation surgery?

It's in six months, after they
recover from the transplant.

Of course,
if you're too busy...

No. I'm in.

Where's Murphy?
-He's not here yet.

Wrong day to be late.
We're already shorthanded.

Actually, I wanted
to talk to you about that.
I did not fire Kalu.

And if you have a problem
with it, talk to Andrews.

Although, if you want my advice,
don't have a problem with it.

Andrews is waiting
to brief us on a new case.

It's a kidney transplant
on craniopagus twins.


They're connected
at the skull.

Their entire renal-vascular
systems are interdependent.


Hey. Have either of you
talked to Shaun?

-No, which isn't unusual.

Is anything wrong?

No, no, not with Shaun.
It's a family emergency.

He's gonna be out
for a few days.
He's supposed to
get approval

for any personal days
from his attending.

Right, which is why
I'm checking in.

I think he thought it was enough
just to notify me.

You call in sick?

I'm ready to go.

No, you're not.

You're gonna need more than
a family photo and a toothbrush.

Go pack.

Uh, where are we going?

Wherever the car takes us.

I don't like the beach.

I will let the car know.

Even with
your cardiovascular issues,

a kidney transplant
is a relatively safe procedure,

especially since,
with identical twins,

there's no chance
for organ rejection.

Just make sure you keep straight
which one's which.

The charming, pretty one
has the good kidneys.

Don't worry.
We always triple confirm.

And we put everything
in writing.

And you're both charming
and pretty.

-It was a joke, Mom.

Glenda: And smart.

They're gonna be Ivy Leaguers
in the fall.

Yale and Harvard.

Mom, you don't have to tell
everyone you meet

where we're going to college.
-Yes, I do.

That's awesome.

So, who's going where?

What do you think?
She's totally obnoxious

and thinks she's way funnier
than she is.

-Definitely Harvard.

Hey, don't make me start
mocking your tattoo.

I thought you would have
your entire apartment

strapped to your back.

It takes me a long time
to pack.
That's good.

An anal-retentive packer
is the exact type of person

I'd want operating
on me.

Lea, this --
this is your car.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We're gonna take my other one.

What do you do at work?

Do you really care what I do,
or do you just want to know

how someone with such a crappy
apartment can afford two cars?

I just want to know
how you can afford two cars.


Yeah, I can't.

Uh, my Grandpa Rod died
last year,

and he left me
his most prized possession.

the S-Striped Tomato.

Oh, my God.
You like "Starsky & Hutch"?

It's okay.

A meticulous packer
and a "Starsky & Hutch" fan.

Grandpa Rod
would have loved you.

Okay. This is it.
The road.

You sure
you want to do this?

Speak now
or forever hold your peace.

I'm sure.

Let's go, Lea.

Here we go!

I hear Murphy's AWOL.

He's taking
a few personal days.

Unapproved personal days.

I approved them.

It's not your job
to approve them.

Or to say you approved them
to cover up the fact

that Murphy's frequent tardiness
has escalated to absences.

What do you want me to do,
take a polygraph?

How about we jump into
enhanced interrogation?

Here, how about this?
Do you want me to turn this on?

When the board was reconsidering
your hiring of Murphy,

you assured us that if he was
anything less than excellent,

he'd be dismissed
and you would resign.

I trust
you remember that.

I wouldn't have your movers
pack up your office just yet.

You can't protect Murphy

At some point, he needs
to succeed or fail on his own.

Okay, that's three hours
on the warm ischemia clock

of the transplanted kidney.

Melendez: The ureter is attached
to the bladder.

How's the kidney's placement
in the iliac fossa?

No kinking or twisting
of the renal vessel.


You ready to close?


Your best bet is a continuous
suture along the fascial layer.


Donor's pressure's

Okay, up the oxygen.

Jenny must be bleeding

We're gonna have to
open her back up.

Staple remover.

I like trees.

What else do you like?

Besides reading
medical journals

and watching reruns
of old cop shows?

-I like you.

Well, who wouldn't?
I'm very likeable.

Why don't you like
San Jose?

so competitive here.

You know, if you didn't make
a million by 30,

you're a total loser.

I don't need $1 million.

I don't even think
I need $90,000, but...

You know what we both need
are some tunes.

What's your preferred
driving music?

M-Music -- No. N--
I don't like music. No. No.

What? No, no.
Not okay.

Okay, I will give you a pass
on not liking the beach

because you're cute

and I might need you to do
brain surgery on me someday,

but not liking music --

I won't have it.

Are you being sarcastic?

No. I'm being...

I actually don't know the word
for it, but my point stands.

Music is amazing.

You know, I remember
every important thing

that has ever happened
to me

based on what song
I was listening to at the time.

I remember smells.

Like our parking garage
smells like fabric softener,

and when my brother died,
it smelled like burnt food.

Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.
I had no idea.

How did he, um...
if you don't mind me asking?

My father was mean.

He killed my pet, so my brother
and I, we ran away.

Then he fell off a train
we were playing on,

hit his head, and died.

I never went back home.

Dr. Glassman has watched out
for me ever since.

Okay, so, maybe he's not
that much of a nebby jerk.

What are you smelling
right now?

Pine trees.

I'm never gonna forget

that when you told me
about your brother and your dad,

it smelled
like pine trees.

But I don't want you
to ever forget

that right after you told me,
we were listening to...

Ouch. No.
Do not remember that.

Or that.

No, thank you.

...that again, I say it -
Nope. Not feeling it.

...the satellites
in the fuse box, too
Ooh, so good.

Our sharp teeth
are the only light
This is the one
you will not forget.

Do not forget this.

I drank the whole moon dry
Moon dry

'Cause all my friends
are metalheads

Swear they'd never
catch us dead

Split up
when the police come

Yeah, running
used to get me high, high

Now I only feel tired

Jenny had a post-op
renal-vein rupture.

We were able to repair it
before she lost too much blood.

Both your vitals
are stable now,

and Katie's new kidney
is functioning well.

Thank God.

Will her ruptured vein
have any effect on our
separation surgery?

It better not.

Katie, I love you,
but if I have to spend

one minute more
than I have to

watching you practicing
some Mozart song --

They're not songs.
They're concertos.

Don't worry.
Six months is still the plan.

Look, what I did
was incredibly unprofessional

and just...inexcusable.

But I'm guessing
you're gonna give one anyway.


No, just an explanation
and a, uh...request.

It could help me
to convince Andrews

I deserve
a second chance.

Let's hear the explanation.

Dr. Browne and I are...
seeing each other.

Look, if you could just
put yourself in my shoes.

A woman I care about tells me
a guy harassed her,

and, even worse,
she tells me it's my fault

because I was too --
too stupidly insensitive

to understand
what she was going through.

I felt like crap.

And like an idiot,
I...tried to make it up to her.

All I'm asking for
is just a little understanding.

Wouldn't you have done
the same thing?

Not my problem.


Jenny's bradycardic
and hypotensive.

-What's happening?
-She was fine a minute ago.

We were talking, then
she started to have
trouble breathing.

Jenny's heart
is failing.

No pulse.

She's in V-tach.
Grab the cart, page Melendez.

Jenny's stable.

I have her on beta blockers
and vasodilators,

but it's not
gonna be enough.

Renal-vein rupture
must have caused

her already weak heart
to deteriorate.

She's in end-stage failure.
I'll get her
on the transplant registry.

What are we talking?
Months? Weeks?

We're not gonna find
a donor heart in a few days.

We could disconnect her
from the other body

her heart is partially
oxygenating the blood for.

I was already pushing
the envelope

to do
the separation surgery

six months
after a kidney transplant.

Do you really think they could
handle it one day after?

It may be our only choice.


His calls are an even bigger
buzzkill than this rain

and defeating the whole purpose
of this trip.


Residents are not supposed to
turn off their phones.

How about we make a deal?

If you turn off your phone,
I'll let you drive.

I don't have
a driver's license.
I know.

I've always wanted
to learn to drive.
I know.

Dr. Glassman --
he never wanted me to.
I know.

I didn't know that,

but that definitely sounds
like Glassy.



You're doing awesome.

You're a natural.

Thank you.

I think so, too.


All right,
now make this left turn.

don't circle this time.

Just keep going straight.

What are you stopping for?

You want me
to go out on the street?

It's where the car
wants to go.

Come on.

What's the worst thing
that could happen?

I could run over someone
and kill them.

You have autism.
You're not blind.

And I'll be right here
with you.


Half Dome, here we come.

Can I turn on the radio?

-No! No, thank you.
-Okay, okay.


We believe moving up
the separation surgery

will lighten the load
on Jenny's heart,

maybe allow it
to recover a bit

so a transplant won't even
be necessary in the future.

It is higher risk
for Katie now,

given that her new kidney
is still not fully functional.

What do you think
we should do?

It's your bodies.
Your decision.

-Mom, stop it.
-No, I'm serious.

I raised you both to be strong
and independent, and you are.

So whatever you decide,
I'll support.

Let's do it.

Go ahead.
Chop us in half.


We obviously need
both your consent.

-You sure?

You want to talk more?
Have any questions?

No. I'm good.
Let's do it.

Shaun: I want a car.

So get one.

You've been driving
a half-hour,

and you're already better than
half the people in San Jose.

I get distracted
when I'm alone.

That's why I miss my bus

Dr. Glassman thinks
I'd do the same thing driving.

He's probably right.

Want to have some fun?

-I'm already having fun.
-Stop the car.

-Just do it.

Thank you.

Don't worry. We're the only car
on the road right now.

Put your left foot
on the brake.

Mm, okay.

There we go.

Now hold it all the way down.
There you go.

Okay, now floor the gas
with your right foot.

I-I don't know about this.

No, it's okay.
It's okay.

Now slowly ease your left foot
off the brake...

...until you hear...


I smell smoke.

that's the point, Shaun.

It's burning rubber.
Do it again.


Now, this is fun.

Okay, that's enough.

We need some rubber left
to get us home.

I am burning rubber.

Okay, Shaun,
it's time to stop.

Shaun, take your other foot
off the gas!

Shaun, look out!

It's the other foot!
Other foot!

It's the other foot!
It's the other foot!

It's the other foot!

Dr. Ko and I
have been working for months

to map the structure
of Jenny and Katie's brain.

-Don't you mean "brains"?

while different regions operate
independently for each sister,

there is
a single brain mass.

That's why all their
previous neurosurgeons

insisted separation
was impossible.

The real problem won't be
dividing their brains

but dividing their veins.

They share a single
sagittal sinus vein.

Which we'll give to Jenny.

Then we'll create
a new one for Katie

using a grafted vein
from her leg.

Nice. You've gotten them
up to speed fast.

Well, with 6 months of prep
to do in 12 hours,

it was their only choice.

So, let's get started.

-I crashed.
-We didn't.

We just --
-Yes, I-I crashed.

I hit something.
-Shaun. Shaun.

I hit something.
I did. I hit something.

-Shaun, you --
-I know I did.

-I felt it. I crashed.
-Shaun, you didn't crash.

-You just drove off the road...

-...and it was totally my fault.

No, you're wrong.
Nuh-unh. I hit something.

-No, you didn't.
-I felt it.

I crashed.
-No, Shaun, look at me.

-I crashed.
-Calm down. Calm.

-Okay. Okay.
-Look at me. Look at me.


Whatever happened, whatever
you felt, you did nothing wrong.

It was all my fault,

Okay. Dr. Glassman --
He was right.

I-I should not be allowed
to drive.

No, no.


No, I'm not going to drive,
thank you.

Yeah, I -- I know.
No one is.

'Cause you were right.
We did hit something.

is still looking good.

If you need anything
during the night,

just press
your call button.

Is Jenny asleep?


Where's Dr. Andrews?

He is with Dr. Ko
and Dr. Melendez.

They're working to
finalize the surgical
protocol for tomorrow.

I need to talk to him.

Is there anything
I can do?

I changed my mind.

I don't want to do
the separation surgery.

I'll go find him
right away.

I understand she's scared,
but without this surgery,

there is a good chance
both of them die.

Have you talked
to the mother?

She refuses to weigh in,
insists it's their decision.

Let me try
and talk to her.

I don't think
that's a good idea.

You invented
the technique

you're gonna use
to separate them.


So she's not even close
to objective.

Okay, now is not the time
to be worrying about lawsuits.

That's my job.

And our job is saving
these girls' lives.

Okay, take it easy.
We're all on the same team here.

I'll talk to her.
-You've already talked to her.

I will try again.

Browne should do it.


We need someone
that an 18-year-old girl trusts.

She's also the best communicator
out of all of us.


We'll give Katie the night
to think it over.

Browne, you'll talk to her
in the morning.

Get her to consent
to this surgery.

And if I'm not able
to do that?

It's not a big deal.
Cars break.

That's why God
makes mechanics -- and booze.

Two shots of tequila,

I'm not thirsty.

You don't drink tequila
because you're thirsty.

Have you ever been drunk?


Eight years of college
a-and not one frat party?

Your roommate's 21st birthday?

What is your job?

Now you're interested
in my job?


I'm an
automotive engineer.

I work for a start-up
that's developing new designs

for self-driving cars.

Do you like it?



I like to build things,

not to sit in endless meetings
talking about building things.

Thank you.

Perfect timing.

We are supposed to be
forgetting about work.

For living happy
because you're a long time dead.


Oh, my God. You have to be
the first person in history

to actually like
their first tequila shot.
It's good.

-Do you want another?

-Tequila. Stat.



I'm just zoned out.

We should break this off.

There's only so much studying
you can do.

Do you want kids?

That's none of my business.

No, it's

it's just not a question
I was expecting.

Jessica just told me
she doesn't. Ever.


It doesn't make any sense.

She would be
such an amazing mother.

I guess she's lucky she realized
before it's too late.

Some women don't.

My mom was definitely
one of those.

-Sorry. I didn't mean to --
-No, it's okay.

Water under the bridge...
that nearly drowned me.

It was a long time ago.

I don't know what to do.

I can't imagine
my life without her,

but I also can't imagine
a life without...

I'm sorry.

this is not your problem.

-It's okay.
-Go. Goodbye.

Finding someone you can't
imagine a life without,

it's hard.

I know it's a cliché,
but it is true.

Good night.

Good night.

Islands in the stream

That is what we are

No one in between

How can we be wrong?

Sail away with me

To another world

And we rely on each other,

From one lover
to another, ha-ha
Oh, oh

I can't live without you

I love you.

I love you, too.

So, I will volunteer with
foster kids, coach youth sports.

There are other ways
that I can be a father figure

without actually being
a father.

In one day,
I taught you how to
play hooky from work,

how to drive,
how to drink,

and how to totally
rock the house in karaoke.

No, y-you did not teach me
to drive very well at all.

-At all.

-Oh, how dare you.
-I-I-I crashed.

No, you didn't crash.

You hit a rock
that should not have been there.

The whole point
of a road shoulder

is to provide
a buffer zone.

Who the hell desi--
designs a buffer zone

with a huge rock in it,
you know?

They should be fired.

O-Okay, hold it right there,

I got one more thing
to teach you.

What is it?

The proper way
to end a date.

Tell me you hope I had
a good time tonight.

Go ahead.

I hope you had
a good time tonight.

I did. I had
a very nice time tonight.

You're really fun
to sing karaoke with.

Now tell me
I'm really fun, too,

and that you hope
we can do it again soon.

Y-Y-You're really fun,

Thank you.

I hope that
we can do it again soon.

Now open the door for me.

if I just walk in,

don't bother trying
for a second date.

It's a swing and a miss,
not a big deal.

It happens to everyone.

But if I don't walk in,

if I just stand there
in front of you

like I don't really
want to go inside,

like I'm doing right now,
then you have to kiss me.

Kiss me, Shaun.

Have you ever
done that before?

Uh, no, no, no, no.

Well, you're pretty good at it.

You want to do it again?

Yes, but...

But what?


I know it's frightening.

You've already been through
so much.

I'm not scared.

I just think, "What if this is
how we're meant to be?"

Maybe we're better as one.

I grew up
in a trailer, um,

with, uh, my mom telling me
every day

that I was
no better than her

and that
I would never do anything,

I'd never be anyone,

and I...

I hated being there.

But when I finally left,

walking out of the dirty,
disgusting double-wide...

...was the hardest thing
I've ever done.

Wait, so,
am I the awful mom

or the disgusting trailer
in this story?


It's amazing what you've
accomplished so far.

It really is.

But you can be
so much more,

and with the freedom
to just finally be yourself.

Just yourself.

Katie's back on board.

Told you.

She's very persuasive.


I feel disgusting.

You're just hungover.

You are never gonna want me
to kiss you ever again.

If I had brushed my teeth
before I rushed out here,

I'd ask you to do it again
right now.

Why are you so hard
on yourself?

I'm sure you got made fun of
a lot when you were a kid,

and that leaves a mark.

I know.

But you gotta shake it off,
rub some dirt on it.

You're never gonna be happy
if you constantly live in fear.

We need to talk.
Look, I have nothing
to say to you.

Well, then,
you can just listen.

You are not a victim.
Not even close.

But you will be
unless you convince Andrews

to reinstate Jared.

Are you threatening me?

No, I'm just informing you
that there is no way

that I'm the only resident
that you tried to intimidate

into having sex
with you.

And I will make it my mission
in life to find every single one

and get them to file
a complaint against you

unless Jared
gets his job back.

And what makes you
so sure

Andrews cares
what I have to say?
I'm not.

But either Jared's career
gets saved,

or yours gets destroyed.

Either way
is a win for me.

15 blade.

Removing the first balloon
tissue expander.

One down. Five to go.

Hi, Shaun.
It's me again.

Um you know,

Do-- Dr. Andrews has never
really been in your corner,

and your absence is causing
a real problem.

Please call me
before it's too late.

Or at least call me
and let me know where you are

'cause I'm worried.

The cavitron
allows us to use

a low-frequency sound wave
to separate them

so that we don't damage the
healthy tissue in the process.

I still can't tell where
Katie starts and Jenny ends.

The imaging is a huge help.

But once the patient
is opened,

it's kind of like
backcountry skiing.

It's never the same
on top.

What you want
to focus on

is the terrain
you know is underneath.

Here, here we are

And all we got,
we had from the start

So get up, get up,
get up, and go on


Keep your head up, love

Keep your heart strong
Grafted sagittal's
in place.

Let's remove the clamps.

Oooooh, ooh, ooh


Cover up the war inside
Looks good. No leaks.

Now the moment of truth.

The most beautiful part of
ourselves is the part we hide
Dr. Ko, would you like
to do the honors?

Mm. Definitely.

So get up, get up,
get up, and get on

Can we get
a little more room?

Coming right up.

Just a little belief
to shake off the doubt

Oooooh, ooh, ooh

And then there were two.

It's building up

It's been building up
for so long

Thanks for taking me
on a road trip.

I feel a lot better.

I think I'm ready
to talk to Dr. Glassman.

Yeah, I feel much better, too,
and ready to talk to my boss.

What do you have to talk
to your boss about?

He offered me
a promotion.

Will you be making
$1 million?

Ha-ha. Very funny.

I make $70,000 now, and
the new position pays $90,000,

but I'm not gonna take it.

Why not?

It pays $20,000 more.

Yeah, I get the math, Shaun,
but just taking this trip and --

and you have inspired me
to do something

that I've been thinking about
for a really long time,

but I've just been
too scared to do it.

I'm gonna quit my job.

You're so silly.

What would you do
during the day?

Rebuild old cars.

No more conference calls.
No more never-ending meetings.

The only thing I'm not looking
forward to is, uh -- is moving.

Why would you move?

Because that's where the shop
that I'm gonna work at is.

I got the Striped Tomato.

My brother, Donny,
got Grandpa Rod's shop

in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

It's been over a year,
but every time I drive his car,

I...keep thinking,

"You know, I don't need
a more impressive title

or $1 million."

He would take me fishing
in Alaska every summer,

skiing every winter break.

I haven't taken more than
one day off in four years

because I always work.

It never stops.

And just taking this trip with
you made me realize I, uh --

I want to enjoy my life,
you know?

Okay, what?
Say something.




Jared, this is Dr. Andrews.
Do you have a moment?

Yeah, of course.

Dr. Coyle approached me

He told me
that he feels awful

about the way
he treated Dr. Browne

and how it came
to affect you,

and he asked me to reconsider
your termination.

You should also know

that Dr. Melendez spoke
in support of you, as well.

Thank you
for letting me know.

I was impressed by
the integrity you demonstrated

by taking full responsibility
for your actions.

And I'm certainly willing
to make that clear

to any administrators
at another hospital

if you need me
as a reference,

but I won't
reinstate you.

Physical assault
is a line

I'm just not willing
to let anyone cross.

I understand.

I'm sorry.

Take care.

When will they wake up?

They should've already.



Our sharp teeth
are the only light

I drink the whole moon dry

'Cause all my friends
are metalheads

Swear they'll never
catch us dead

Split up
when the police come

Yeah, running used to
get me high, high

Now I only feel tired