The Deuce (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Inside the Pretend - full transcript

We should pay that doctor
a visit.

You're making
the wrong people angry.

- We're doing this picture,
and it's called Red Hot.

I had money in that picture too.

I'm gonna be promoting
the film I made.

This one's not appropriate
for a guy your age.

You're going directly
to the landlords with your summons.

If I can expose the property
owners and bring them into court,

maybe I can...

the sex-orientated businesses

with legitimate store fronts.

I live with my father
and sisters,

but now I'm thinking about
moving out,

getting my own place.

I came here for an advance.

- We don't have it.
- You have it.


You OK?

Never been better.

I lost ninety-four fuckin' pounds.

- Here she is. Mwah.
- Candy's late.

Fashionably. Hey. Hey. It's
her night, it's her film.

- Let her have her big entrance.
- Frankie: Hey...

Mr. and Mrs. Wasserman!

- Harvey: Mr. and Mrs. Martino!
- Ahh.

Mazel on the premiere

of your very first
producorial endeavor.

All right!

So, how much money
is this makin' us?

Regrettably, this is an
invitation-only event, ya understand?

So the tickets are gratis.

But we open in ten theaters
on Thursday.

That's all?

That's a lot.
For porn, that's huge.

- Huge.
- All right?


All right, all right.

Oh, yeah, Harv, uh...

we're gonna do right by
Christina on the next one?

I mean, leading role?

- On the next one?
- Yeah.

- I mean, we owe it.
- You mean you owe it.

You know, we're gonna figure that out
later. Enjoy yourselves tonight.

- OK. OK!
- All right? Both of you.

- A mazel top to you, my friend.
- Oh, my God. All right.

- Love the tie.
- Beautiful.

Man: Turn this way. Let me see
that beautiful face, baby.

Thank you.
Thank you, baby.

'Scuse me, baby, let me get a photo.
Baby? Hey!

Man 2:
This way, please, come on.

Man 3: Come on, come on!
Gimme somethin'.

- Lookin' beautiful, mama!
- Give me a smile, come on.

Man 1: Hey, baby, hey!
You're looking so pretty.

Put a nice smile on.

One more, one more, one more.
Sparkly diamonds!

- Man 2: Come on.
- Man 3: Lookin' good!

Man 4:
This way, this way!


Congratulations, Candy!

- Man 1: Russ! Hey, Russ!
- Man 2: Russell!

- Ho, boy! Russ!
- Oh. I see some old friends

- from when I was young.
- No problem.

OK. I'll catch you
in there.

Ten theaters...

and counting.

And... this.

We made the trades.

Tomorrow's "Variety."

Hey, Lori Madison!

Hey, Lori, what's wrong?

- Um, nothing.
- No, no, no.

- Lori, talk to me.
- Just...

I know he's gonna... He's
gonna show up here. I know.

This is...
This is your night, all right?

If his narrow ass shows up, he's
not gettin' anywhere near you.

- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
- Understand?

Hey. My word is my bond.

- OK.
- OK.

Oh, my God! Look at you!

Marty Hodas:
Hot as balls.

"...and the script is at points
blunt and knowing.

There's much
to be admired here.

So much, in fact,
that were it not

for the gratuitous

of hardcore
pornographic imagery,

"Red Hot"
could be called... instant arthouse

- Gratuitous?
- Never mind that.

You are holding the best
review of a skin flick

since "Behind the Green Door."

The guy bought
what you were selling.

This is a hit, Eileen.

Forget about
the raincoat crowd,

guys are gonna
bring dates to this.

Regular guys.
Normal guys.


Harvey, I keep telling you:
fuck normal.

- Nobody's normal.
- Come here.

Man: Yeah, Lori! Yeah!

- Woman: Congratulations, Lori.
- Man: Yeah, Lori, yeah!

Man 2:
You're beautiful, baby!

Hey, all right!

Frat Guy: Russ would be the
idiot with flowers on his arm.

Let's just say it's not
exactly like the old days

when you were fumbling around with those
Tri-Delt girls at the fall mixer.

Only difference between Candy and the
Tri-Delt girls is Candy knows how to fuck.

So what's it like
bonin' a porn star?

Russell: It's like
bonin' a porn star.

- Friend 1: Shit.
- Harvey: So, uh,

the screening's
about to start,

and I'd like you
to intro the film.

You ready with a few words?

Candy: Yeah.

- Vincent: Well, I'm awake.
- Andrea: What made you think

this movie was gonna
keep them interested?

I love this movie.

Bill Holden is like the hero

without any of
the hero bullshit.

- He didn't want to go back.
- Yeah, but he did.

I dunno, I read in the
TV Guide it was playin',

and I thought
they would be ready for it.

I mean, I was at their age.

I remember I took two buses

all the way to the Marine
on Flatbush to see it.

- Marine's gone now.
- Yeah.

Oh, fuck,
we're on Memory Lane.

- The years, ya know?
- Christ, Vin, no.

- No, don't even start.
- Yeah, you're not wrong.

So, how's it goin' with
that guy from Cedarhurst?

- The lawyer.
- Done. Done.

Oh. I was rootin'
for that guy.

You were rootin' for an end
to the monthly checks,

that's what you were rootin' for.
Be honest.

No. Fuck the money.
The money's easy.

Why can't I want you happy?

Yeah, well, not with that
mook, that was for sure.

And Abby?
How's that?


I mean...

I don't know.

but you don't know?

She has her own things...
her own worlds.

She's smarter than me,
which is great, but...

You're smart, Vin. Don't play
that dumb bartender shit with me.

She's book smart,
and I'm not that.

And it ain't even
really about the books.

You know, when I met her,
she was young,

and there was this whole world
she didn't know about.

But now it's like she sees
the world better than me.

And me,

I think
she sees right through.

Just because she knows
more shit than you

doesn't mean she won't
make you a good wife, Vin.

She wants to get married
like I want a kidney stone.

What about, uh...

you know, kids?

What do you want?

I want a house and a wife

and a bunch of rug rats
runnin' around,

and a dog and a cat
and a goldfish,

and a lawn and a driveway
with a Lincoln rustin' in it.

And I want to be
at the center of the world

and never fuckin' sleep.

Same as ever.

Yeah, but... I'm more
mature than I was.

I'm more thoughtful about it.

Oh, thoughtful.

Yeah, thoughtful.

I'll help you...

put 'em to bed.

Come on, Vincenzo.

Oh, my God.

I can't even lift him.
What are you feedin' this guy?

He's 11 now, Vin.

- Come on.
- They grow.


All right, come on, buddy.

Come on. Here we go.

I can't carry you anymore.

Angie, honey, come on,
it's bedtime.

Angie, wake up. Bedtime.

Is Dad still here?

Yeah, he's just taking
your brother upstairs.

Go on, bedtime.

Go on, brush your teeth.

Tommy: Yeah, you know, so...
you can figure that part out.

I don't really care.

You sure of this?


How you know?

We know. We always know.

Well, just that you're sure.

Yeah, of course.

- Carlos: Yeah?
- Yo, my man. You eat?

- Not yet. You?
- Nah, let's run out.

Bernice: You fittin' to go on
a food run? Count me in, OK?

Carlos: ...Spanish joint
with the good menudo?

No, I got a new place
I wanna check out.

- Yeah?
- Chinese.

All right. I could do
with some lo mein.

Come past and get me.

- So you can't carry out for me?
- What you want?

Egg foo young.
Shrimp toast.

Black Frankie:
You just passed it.

That place back there?


I don't know, man. Looks like
a mistake waitin' to happen.


Don't slam it like that.

Fuck. Shit's so stomped on,

no one needs to worry.

Yeah, well, you ain't wrong.

That's why we gon' go
to the source.

Stop talkin' that
crazy shit, Rodney.

Bitch, ain't nothin' crazy
'bout it.

Hot Rod got it
all figured out.

This from
the new place?

Nah, new place ain't shit.


My God. Looks like

you're crammin' for a midterm
10 years too late.

- Hunting for a play.
- Which one?

- The right one.
- OK.

Well, that narrows it down,
I guess.

- "Glass Menagerie"?
- That's a finalist,

but I am also looking at
O'Neill and "Ah, Wilderness!"

and Inge.

Maybe even
"Richard II."

That's a lot of auditions.

Fuck auditions. I am
going to stage something.

On my own,
if I have to.

On your own?
Uh, where? How?

Not a clue.
But I'm gonna do it.

And somewhere in here
is my play.

Something from the canon
with the kind of subtext

that can be set
to homosexual themes,

something everyone thinks
is a straight play,

and then we
turn it on its head

and surprise the hell
out of people.

"Glass Menagerie"?

Aw, come on, Tom Wingfield
has more of a crush

on his sister's gentleman
caller than she does.



I am going to do this, Paul.


I want this to be
a theater group

in the Village, of the
Village, and for the Village.

And fuck every casting agent in town
who ever whispered me out of a room.


Well, you're gonna need
a stage somewhere.

And money beyond that.

- I'm not pressing you.
- I don't feel pressed,

but I'm gonna
do this with you.

It's not a nightclub,

- It's community theater.
- I know.

This is how
people stay poor.

Yeah, well,
I make enough money.

Just promise me you'll stay
away from Richard.

Nobody wants to see
a gay hunchback.

That's "Richard III,"
you lowbrow fuck.

Yeah, you know me, always
grabbin' at the wrong Dick.

Alston: Yeah, this
one's gonna be bad.

M.E. Attendant:
Yeah, smoke 'em if you got 'em.

One, two, three.

Cop 2: Christ! You can
smell him from here!

He's gone ripe.

Watch out he don't burst on you
when you pull back the rug.

Braden: From the clothes,
"he" was a "she."

Tech: Not that you
could tell otherwise.

Her face is fuckin' movin'.

- Sergeant: Whoo!
- Cop 2: You want some VapoRub?

Cop 1:
Nah, I'm good.

Police Photographer: All right,
I got shots of the Dumpster,

of the rug,
both ends of the alley.

Let me know if you want
anything else, Chris.


Got a Spina, Dorothy.

Thirty-four years.

Burlingame, California,

All right, I don't want to
lose any trace evidence

fuckin' around here
in the alley,

so let's roll it back up,

take the whole mess down
to the M.E.

- Customer: Miss.
- Thank you, sir.


Aw, shit, here come
one of his.

- Julito: Mal de ojo.
- I like the way that sounds, Daddy.

Who the fuck
you callin' Daddy?

I was just thinkin',
with C.C. in the wind,

that I could maybe
earn for one of you.


you rough on pimps.

Says who?

Al Polite:
First you buried Reggie Love.

Now word is
C.C.'s been iced.

What word?

C.C. probably took all his
money and went somewhere.

- That ain't what
the streets say.
- Well, fuck the streets.

And I didn't do nothing
to Reggie neither.

This ain't fair.

Bad luck come in threes.

So go on, bitch.
No one here gon' pimp you.

Cook: Order up. Pancakes
with a side of sausage.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Over easy, hash browns,

See if we have a pair like
this in the front window.

If not, get these out there.
They always sell.

- Hey.
- You need help?

I know you.

I don't think so.

Yeah. I do.

I think you got me mistook
for someone.

Oh, not in a million years.
I wouldn't forget that face.

Or, uh... everything else
that goes along with it.

Get the fuck out.

You hear me?

Get the fuck outta here,

- I didn't mean anything by it. Wait!
- Get out, asshole!

Get the fuck out, and take
your shit-eating grin with you!

Abby: The more
cartoon, the better.

The Ramones, Cramps,

Back in England, where it
all began, it's political.

Woman: Yeah, that's legit. It's
only legit over in London.

Excuse me a minute.

Woman: I gotta get
over there, you know?

That's where
they're doin' it.

Vincent: Hey.

Couldn't figure out
how to spend it?

I was giving it all
to Dorothy.

Yeah, so?

I haven't seen her
in a week.

Not since Dave Hiller
and his crew

packed up their shop
and left.

Maybe she went with him.

Doubt it.

She'll post up.


- Take a walk with me.
- Now?

All right, give me a minute.

Rodney: I just need
you out front.

- Jeez, Rodney, you're serious.
- Yeah.

Lookin' out is all.

So no one can come in
and bother me none.

Now, if you can do that,
we set.

Three, four minutes
of good lookin' out,

then just walk away.

I'll meet you back
at the crib...

with all the candy
I can carry.

- Carlos?
- Gone.

- But they...
- Gone, Vincent. He's gone.

- But why?
- Fuck do I know?

Black Frankie
comes in today,

tells me like it's
barely my business.

Tommy Longo told him to make it happen,
and he did it. He just fuckin' did.

But what reason?

Black Frankie says
that it got back to Rudy

that Carlos was...
talkin' out of school.

Him bein' a drunk, they
weren't gonna let it stand.

Carlos. Jesus Christ.

It's fuckin' me up,

Bobby, this is
what's fuckin' you up?

This right here?

Last we talked,

you and my brother were runnin'
out in the middle of the night

to get bleach
to wipe down the fuckin' parlor

because you two
lost your fuckin' mind

and killed a pimp
on the premises.

You killed him over bullshit,
Bobby, all right?

And now you're gonna
get emotional?

I mean,
you fuckin' kiddin' me?

This is different.

- Different how?
- It's one of our own.

You think I'm gonna squeeze out
some tears over fuckin' C.C.?

He had it comin' for 12 different
reasons, and you know it.

But this was one of
our own people, Vincent.

And even so, Rudy and Tommy,
they just reach right around me,

tap Black Frankie to put
a bullet in a guy's head.

Black Frankie,
who supposedly works for us,

but when he gets an order
from Tommy,

he drops one of our own.
You see what I'm sayin'?

What happens when Tommy tells
Black Frankie or whoever

that it's my turn? Or yours?

Cop: Homicide.

Yeah, hang on.

- History?
- Lots of it.

All pross-related.

Soliciting, loitering...
going back to '69.

Nothin' in the last
six years or so.

Call those
"the California years."

You heard Constantine caught
one last night too, right?

- In a car. West 27th?
- Yep.

What's that lookin' like?

Mob related.

Gambino ties.

The summer heat's startin'
to get to everybody.

It's always like that
in August.

And not a taxpayer
in the bunch.

Just us,
pickin' up the trash,

misdemeanor homicides.

Son of a bitch.

I knew her.

Went by the name Ashley.

Musta tossed her in the
ho wagon two dozen times.

Yeah? Well, it didn't take.

Front end out.

You pull into
a parking space front end in,

every boss will be beating you
like a red-headed stepchild.

- Detective.
- I'll shadow Goldman for you.

You been on me to do it,
and I will.

But I have conditions.

No doubt, Detective.

If you're looking for work,
you gon' have to wait on Bobby.

Ain't no guarantee,
given your history here.

That was fuckin' years ago.

He's like a elephant.
He don't forget.

I'm management too.

Name's Joseph,
but you can call me Joey.


I can start now

if you guys are down a girl
or somethin'.

Joey, this girl and your father
have history in this place.

I stole from a john. Got
barred from all the parlors.

But that was forever
and a day ago.

So, you're, um...
you're Bobby's boy.


How old are you?


Melissa, why don't I
buy you dinner

and we figure out how to put
the past behind us?

I mean, everyone deserves
a second chance.

You don't look 24, Joey.

Everyone says that.
It's so weird.

So, what do you like
to eat, huh?

Um... steak, Joey.

Or lobster, maybe?

How 'bout both?


But they like that.

Oh, no, no.
Right place, wrong time.

No, ladies, no hassle tonight.


- We need some help.
- Come on.

Ha! Help?

Was she on the stroll?

I don't know her.

Did she have a man out here?

Anyone see her get into a car
the last couple weeks?

- You guys ain't Vice?
- Homicide.

Hooker 2:
She's dead?

What's the word
on the street?

Any bad johns the girls
are avoiding?

She wasn't a whore.

Braden: You sayin' you knew her?
Where you think you're goin'?!

Man on TV: I tell you, nothing
was there when we came in.


What's this one about?

- Nothin'.
- Damn right.

Like I been sayin'...

Girl, just back up!

Let me see it.

- What the fuck.
- It ain't yours.

Who wrote you a check?

- It's from me workin'...
- It's from what?

It's from me
workin' on my thing.

Your thing?
What's your thing?

I'm a salesgirl.
I sell clothes.

You sell what?

What I make with you,
I share with you.

What I make on my own
is mine.

When did you get...
a straight job?

What the...?

Piece of shit!



Fuck you!

Piece of shit!


What the fuck is goin' on
around here?!

You killed her!

- What?
- You killed Ashley!

I ain't kill anyone.

You're the fuckin' pimps,
you did it.

Bitch, I don't know what
the fuck you talkin' about.

Ashley got killed?

Let... me... up!

I ain't had shit to do
with anybody gettin' killed.

And if Ashley dead,
you might want to think on

who had it out for that girl.

Or who ain't been around
in a good while.

Yeah. Could be C.C. in
the wind for a reason.

What's the fuckin'

- What are you sayin'?
- Darlene: Ashley is dead?

Who's Ashley?


I'm fuckin' done with this.

I'm fuckin' done with it.

Shh, shh, shh,
shh, shh, shh.

Harvey: Only three years
old, and $1,600 new.

And already
this thing's a fuckin'...

it's a fuckin'

Now, behold...

the future.

This is a new
Panasonic prototype

that they're gonna market
next year,

I think for less than a thousand
retail, and that's top of the line.

Artie Morowitz brought this back
from the CES show in Chicago.

It's just you, in the privacy of your
own home, doing whatever you wanna do

when you're watching people fuckin'
on your own television set!


Look. Look at this shit, OK?

You can watch it...
again and again.

You can go backwards!

There! Or forwards!


And the old in-and-out

becomes the old out-and-in.

Like I said,
this is the future for us,

which means that today,

you're gonna go back into editing
and put together trailers

for "Pleasure Prison"
and "Touch in the Night."

- What for?
- Well, we're gonna

stick 'em on every videotape
of "Red Hot" that we sell.

"Other titles also available

- from HW International Films."
- Yeah.

We are gonna tease our backlist
on every video!

Yeah, if they're
mail-ordering for one,

they're probably in the market
for more movies.

- That makes a lot of sense.
- And it's not just mail order.

Morowitz is opening up a store
for videos on 47th.

Hmm? Yeah. You walk
right up to the counter.

They sell you any title
that goes to videotape.

I think it's like
$100 a unit for VHS,

$90 for Beta?

For one?
People are gonna pay that?

For porn in the privacy
of their own homes,

people are gonna sell
their children.

And hey, I also need a
45-second clip from "Red Hot."

OK? No sex. Just people
walking and talking, whatever,

while fully clothed.

What for?

For Jack Valance.
On "Late Night."

- What?
- They booked you as a guest.

No! Fuck you!

"The feminist auteur
who made a porn classic."

And they're willing to let you
show a clip,

so long as it meets
network standards.

I am going
on network television

to fuckin' sell porn?

O brave new world.

Valance's bookers would like
you to do a pre-interview,

OK, Candy Renée?

You're what's known in
this business as a "good get."

Mack here tells me that
you can be trusted,

that we can rely on you.


The department is going all-in
with the Midtown partnership.

We want it to work. But...

We don't want
to be surprised.

We need to know where the thing
is going before it gets there.

If we need to clean
something up, fine.

You give us the word,
you'll give us a chance.

Don't hang the department
out in public.

And if someone with some pull
down at City Hall

is gonna be targeted,

some landlord
or holding company or whatever,

we want to know who
we're biting in the ass.

We'll make the enemies
if we have to, sure,

but let us know in advance

so we can protect ourselves.

Now, what do you need?

I need you to shuffle most of the
Vice plainclothes out of Midtown,

especially the guys in Public
Morals and the taskforce.

I can't do this if I gotta
wade through the usual shit.

Anything else?

Respectfully, sir,
I'll let you know.

You do that, Sergeant Alston.

My door is open
to you.

on making rank.

Sir, I'm nowhere near the top
of the sergeant's list.

You are now.

The Wolf:
She can't help you now, girl.

You mine.

No, I...
I don't like that.

Try to find something on 8th
Avenue with Larry and Lori.

Maybe the second
chase sequence?

So, omitting the skin,
maybe in the doorway or...

Yes. Yeah.


Eileen? Um, about...

about the other night,
with those guys, um...

Yeah. Fuck you,

Um, it just... it's...

That's not how I think of us.

No, really, fuck you.

And fuck me too.

You know, I settled for us,

'cause I thought
you were safe for me.

You're in the business.
You know what we do.

You know what's real...

and what's not real.

So, you know, I thought I could
let my guard down a little,

not have to worry someone
was pretending to fuck Eileen

when Candy was the only one
in his bed.

I know. I don't...

Like, I know these guys
from back in the day,

and I was...

I got caught up in trying
to impress them, but...


It's stupid, and I'm sorry.

Yeah, anything you got
in my apartment,

I'll throw in a bag for you.

Start on that mid-shot of Lori,
coming out of the subway.

We'll go from there.


You kiddin' me?

That kind of money
for the East Village?

Theater in the West Village or even
Chelsea'd be three times the rent.

For what you have to spend, be
thankful this is still Manhattan.


He's gone, OK?

He is not coming back
for you, Lori.

He is gone for good.

He was paid to go.

You don't know him.

You don't.

He's gonna come back for me,
you'll see.

This is fucking crazy.

The people I work with,
they bought him out.

He took the money.

Doesn't matter.

Look... whatever
you left at his crib,

we can replace it,

and for now, you can
keep on staying with me.

I am fine with that.

But come Friday,

you are going to get on
that plane and go to I.A.

and do the I.A. premiere

and the publicity
they have scheduled.

We're committed.

I'm not gonna go
until he says I can.

I'm not.

Jesus, Lori!

This is so fucking paranoid.

How much coke are you doing?

You don't understand.

Renton: So, how is it
going with my sister?

Darlene: Fine.


Thanks for makin' it happen.

Nadine is worried
you are unhappy.

Me? No, I just...
had a thing yesterday.

Yeah, she told me.

You know what, Renton?

I ain't gonna lie to you.

You don't deserve that,
you really don't.

You are lying?

I'm not telling the truth,
that's for damn sure.

You could do better
for yourself.

Excuse me?

Way better.

I slept with men... for money.

I did it for years.

And I've been in movies,
dirty-ass movies.

The guy yesterday, he
recognized me from the movies,

and I just lost my shit
when he did.

So now you know.

But it's a job.

And I did it.

Do you still?

Less and less.

Why you think I took the job
with your sister?

It's hard to get past
it all, ain't it?

Come to class.

- Vincent: Feels like something's turned.
- Big Mike: How so?

I don't know, I just...

I always thought of us...
you know, me and mine...

this is gonna sound stupid,

but I always thought of us
as being good people.

What, we ain't?

Maybe all the assholes
in the world,

they go through life thinkin'
that they're not assholes.

They think they're right people,
and they're not.

That's a part
of being an asshole.

That's what I'm sayin'.


These motherfuckers...

they come to me tomorrow,
and they tell me to do you.

What do I say?

What do you say if they come
to you, tell you to do me?

What do you think?

I think we're not assholes.


But you can never
be sure, right?

Man over P.A.:
Check, one, two.

Boy, am I glad to see you.

Where has our girl been?

Check, one, two.

Ahh. Yup, classics.





All right. Stay there.

Stay there.

Matty the Horse: Hey.

Get up. Pour us something.

Ianniello, wha...

You fellas can wait outside.

- Pour.
- Yeah.

All right. Huh?

Is there something, uh...
What... What can I do?

Do you know this gentleman?

Uh, I'm sorry, I-I...
How do you do?

- I'm good.
- His name is Rudy Pipilo,

and you should
fuckin' know him.

He happens to own
25% of your movie.

But what's really
confusing to me is,

I own 90% of it.

How much is that?

Hundred and fifteen percent.

Add on the 10%
for you and yours,

if this thing ever
sees a fuckin' profit,

how much does
that make, Harvey?

A hundred and a quarter.

How... How do you...
How do you have...

Frankie Martino sold me
a quarter for 20 grand.

He didn't tell you where
the cash came from?

He, uh...

You dumb fuckin' sheeny.

Do you realize what you've done?

You sold the same movie
to two capos...

one Gambino,
and one Genovese.

It's true.

We don't even
like each other.

We really don't.


- Abby: You were right.
- Vincent: No.

Abby: The pimps.

C.C., I know it was him.


- This isn't your fault.
- Loretta: Hell no.

This isn't about you.

I should have stopped it.

Shit, how?

This is about Ashley

and what she couldn't shake.

That damage don't lie.

Come on.

Larry: Darlene.

You ain't gon' say goodbye
or nothin'?

It's easier this way.

Thing is,

you should've never let me
see you act, Larry.

Once you showed me that,
you showed me everything.

How you mean?

Pimp is a role.

So is whore.

You pretended to be one,
I pretended to be the other,

and we went on like that
for years.

You know, pretendin'.

But shit,

once you start lettin' a girl
inside the pretend,

it's over, ain't it?


your heart ain't been in
pimpin' for a long while now.

So this is it, then?


A lot of years, Darlene.

We might not ever see
each other again.

I do this right...

we sure as hell will not.

This... same caliber,
but more than six.

You know how
to use semi-auto?

It's all good.

Just remember there's one in the
chamber after you rack the slide.

I can probably do
60 a day for that one,

another ten for bullets.

Gonna come get you in five minutes.

You need anything?
Hair and makeup touchup?

- You tell me.
- You look good.

Host: Hearst built a castle there.
You should go see it.

Guest: Next time I'm
in the neighborhood,

I'll be sure to stop by.

Tommy: Christ, this
place is all class.

- Paul: Mm-hmm.
- What's the overhead?

Higher than usual.

I'm still clearing
two or three a week.

So you're set. Whoo!

- Why call us now?
- I need cash now.

For one thing, I wanna
buy out my partner in this.

He risked everything, now he
needs to move on, I owe him.

And for another,
I got a new opportunity.

- What's that?
- A theater.

- Like for movies?
- Nah, for plays.


Money in that?

Not a dime, that I can tell.

How much?

But here's the thing:

If I can pay Rudy that back,
with a fair vig within the year,

I want to get clear.

Yeah, it doesn't
work that way.

- Yeah.
- Look, Rudy's not greedy.

He won't bust you out.
You know this.


But if we're in,
we're in for the run.


I understand that you not only
directed the movie,

but you also acted in it.

What was it like
directing yourself?

Hmm. Um...

I mean, did you make the
cast do take after take

until you were satisfied?


my cast was really talented,

and it was an honor
to work with them.

Oh, come on, lighten up.

It's an adult movie,
not an Oscar contender.

I... I know, but I...

Just because we're depicting
human sexuality,

that doesn't mean you can assume
that we're not professionals

or that we don't have
a story to tell.

Right, and we all read
Playboy for the interviews.

Give it. Give it all.

Time safe.
It's a time safe.

You stupid...

Get up, motherfucker! Get up!

Look what you
made me do, huh?


Fuck this!

Talk show host:
Well, that was no fun at all.

- Candy: Oh, no?
- Everybody had their clothes on.

I remember when we
used to collar her

twice a week on the stroll.

Now she's swapping spit
on talk shows.

Good for her.


Radio: Units be advised,
there's a 10-30 in progress.

- Cop: That's us.
- Cop 2: All right, let's roll.

...Tenth and 44th Street.

- What was the address on that?
- Pharmacy on Tenth.

All right. You comin'?

For what?

Save my stool, will ya?


Hey. Where's your partner?

- Covering the back.
- No no. Go find him.

I got this till backup comes,
then we'll go in.


Rodney: Shay!

Shay, we clear out there?



Are you kidding me?

Fuck you, Haddix.

Detective on scene!

- You OK?
- Yeah.

Somebody call the bus.

I just spilled my fuckin' beer.

Detective, you OK?

Ah, sh...

- Hey, move it, move it!
- Back, people, back.

Lori Madison is losing
her coke-addled mind

at the idea that her pimp

is hiding behind every lamppost
waiting to jump her.

Kiki Rains says she won't get
on a plane for the I.A. premiere

unless C.C. says she can.

C.C. ain't gonna
say shit.

Well, someone needs
to convince Lori of that.

Yeah, it's on me.
I... I'll do it.

And much more of a problem...

I've been informed that
we sold pieces of "Red Hot"

to two different
Mafia families?

All right, what... So who's cryin'?
I mean,

the movie's gonna make money,
then we all make money.

You don't fuckin' get it.

The only thing these guys like
to do more than cheat each other

is cheat other people.

I thought you won that cash
in a bet, Frankie. Yeah.

Now these dagos are gonna
compete with each other

to see which one of 'em
can screw us over more.

No, no, no.

I got my own money
in this movie, all right?

And Candy, she's got her guy
out in I.A., he threw in.

He's fucked. And so are you.

Hey, that's not fair, Harvey.

I'm not telling you
what's fair, dearest,

I'm telling you what is. I...

Look, yeah, sure,
if we keep our heads down

and the movie does the business
that it should,

sure, maybe they'll peel off a
little back end for you, Frankie.

Yeah, maybe they'll even
give me a little taste

of what oughta be my cut!

Maybe not!

Boy, you're awfully quiet
over there, Miss Merrell.

What say you?

Looks like we're gonna
make them some money.

And they're gonna
make me a name.

I'm gonna take that name
and I'm gonna use it

to raise money for
the next picture without them,

and then the next one.

So fuck it.

Hey, Harvey.


This is just money.

It's just money.

What we do is not goin' away.

Not ever.

Hey, you were good
on TV last night.

No, I was the butt
of that asshole's jokes.

But I'm not goin' away either.


You awake?

I made some calls.

Take care of things...
for Ashley.


What do you mean?

I claimed her
from the city.

I'll do
what needs doin'.

You want to go out there?

- Hey.
- Loretta: Hey.

How's she doin'?

This a bad idea?


No, just, um...

why don't you spend
some time with her,

I'm gonna go take care
of some things. All right?

- Yeah.
- Thank you.


Ding dong.

Why are you here?

The fuck do you think?
I need a job.

You think I can go back
to trickin'

now that Dorothy Fuckin' Spina
decided to die for my sins,

you've lost whatever's
left of your mind.

She screwed me good.

Now I gotta clean glasses
and spill liquor

in that dive you call a bar.

There's no fixing
this world, is there?

I don't know.

Whatever it is,
it's bigger than some pimps,

and it's bigger than all
the whores and all the johns.

It's something to do
with how our brains work,

or don't.

What do you mean?

I don't know what the fuck I mean.
I'm not that smart.


But, shit,
maybe you'll figure it out.

I'll help if I can.



Hey, who wants to go
on vacation?!

Hi, Dad.

Is Adam here?

He's not going with you.


- I promised him the beach.
- I don't care what you promised him.

He's not goin', and you're
not welcome in this house.

- Dad...
- How did you think it would be for him?

What do you think happens in a
schoolyard when everything gets said?

Why, did
something happen?

When you tell the whole
world who you are?

Fuck you.

Because you
don't have any idea...

Hey, Dad.


So, what'd you want
to talk to me about?

He's dead.

C.C. He's dead.

How do you know?

I know.

I saw him. Dead.

You saw him?

You were there?


Was it 'cause of me?


So, why?

It just happened.

But he's not comin' back.

That's what you
need to know.


Is everything good?

I got some fresh coffee
comin' up.

Oh, shit.

Waitress: I'll get your check for you.
Hold on, honey.

You want some coffee?
I got some decaf brewing.

Man on TV: ...was shot
in the line of duty.

The 14-year veteran
was admitted

to St. Vincent's Hospital

with a single gunshot wound
to the shoulder.

While the...

Take it you know the guy.

That is the senior man
in Public Morals,

and I had him a heartbeat away
from being transferred

to some shithole precinct
in an outer borough.

- And now?
- Now?

He took one for the company.
He's a fuckin' hero.

And if anyone
says different,

he just unbuttons his shirt
and shows 'em the scar.

He fuckin' rules
where he stands.

You're kidding me.

God's a second-rate

Truth is, Sergeant,

I don't need you
to clean up the Deuce,

or even clean up
your own department.

What I need is for you
to hold the line

and make sure
it doesn't get worse.

You give me that...

...and the money
will do the rest.

The future's now, and I'm gonna
run these sons of bitches

right off this island.

Barker over P.A.:
See the show,

three dancers on the stage now.

All it costs is one quarter.

Watch 'em, touch 'em,

taste 'em if you're lucky.

Juicy pussy waitin' for ya.

Show these girls
what you got.

You love somethin',
set it free.

If it comes back to you,
it's fucked up.

Speakin' of which,
they told me you were back.

What, you pay what you owe,
plus some vig?

Manner of speakin'.

They're fuckin' me out of every
last dollar I'm due on my movie.

And Rudy, feelin'
a little bit guilty,

hands me back
this fuckin' shithole.

I mean, motherfucker
actually says to me,

"Hey, try not to steal
so many quarters this time.

Just keep it within reason."


Nothin' shittier
than a consolation prize.


- Vince.
- Hey.

Ah, Bobby.

Uh, I was over
at St. Gabriel,

with Ashley.

You know.

Yeah, OK.

You, uh, you didn't
put a stone down

for that other girl,



Yeah, I fuckin' forgot.

I'll get it done, Vince. Sorry.

We're better than this,

We can be better,
you know?

- Joey: Well, uh...
- Melissa: Yeah, come on,

everyone knows how to dance.

All right.
How 'bout a slow one?


This isn't slow, silly.

OK, uh...

Can I see you guys
in your position?

I wanna see
if there's a way we...

Goldman: speak further
about the specific strategies

we will be deploying,
I'd like to introduce

the director of the Midtown
Enforcement Project,

and my boss,
Carl Weisbrod.


Weisbrod: Thank you.


- You're here.
- Of course.

Welcome to I.A.

Thank you.

Where to?


If you gonna take my badge,
Captain Hall,

you might as well do it now,

'cause I ain't gonna stop
until I solve this case.