The Deuce (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Nobody Has to Get Hurt - full transcript

Kiki finds new partners for a deal for Lori. Vincent visits his father for advice. C.C want to get payed for Red Hot.

- You saw it, right?
- Yeah.

I liked it, I really did.

I don't usually care for musicals,
but I thought it was really well done.

Get in the car. Quick.

Wait up! I'll walk with you!

- What the fuck is this?
- Shut your mouth.

- We're good?
- Drive.

Sit there.

Don't embarrass yourself, Marty.
Sit the fuck down. Act like a man.


Who shot at us?

I don't know.

Come on, tell me. I'll make
this easy on you. It won't hurt.

Just one behind the ear,
then darkness.

- I got kids.
- Yeah, so do I.

Should've thought about them
before you made your play.

I swear to you, I don't know.

Okay. Finish your cigarette.

Pop the cherry, Vince.

I got this.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

- Wait, wait, wait, wait!
- I got it.

Wait. Wait! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

You guys think
I make those kind of calls?

You think I order hits?

Huh? No, please, don't do this.

Don't do that, please!
I'm a manager.

I stuff money in envelopes,

and I give it to guys,
who kicked it upstairs.

That's all I do.

Now I swear. I give cash to bagmen.

Please. For Christ's sake,

I don't know nothing about no hit.
I don't.

I don't. I swear to you.
I swear on my mother's grave.

Please. Please.

Give it to me, Vince, I'll do it.

- No.
- No?

What's it gonna do?
He don't know nothing.

Already scared the shit out of him.
That's enough.

Good thing for you, Marty,
I brought Vincent along today.

He just saved your life.

Thank you.

Fuck you.

No place to run to. No place to hide.

If the backers knew we were
still fucking around with this...

- We're supposed to be picture-locked.
- Okay, so, unlock it.

Girl, she can't help you, now.

Okay, pause here.
When he says that line,

I want to be on Lori,
not on Larry Brown.

Yeah, but what he's saying
is important,

and Larry's so fucking good
in this thing,

it's like you just want to watch him.

I know, he's great,
but the scene's not about the Wolf.

What's important is how
that line lands on Little Red,

and I want to be on her,
I want to see how her reaction builds.

All right.

Okay. Also, this is tiny,
but you stay in the master too long.

I just need it
to establish the location,

and I want to jump right
into the medium close-ups

as soon as they say their first lines.

You want the close-ups dirty,
or you want them clean?

I want them dirty.

I want it dirty when we're on Lori

because I want to feel
the Wolf's presence, right?

- Because that's what she's feeling.
- Okay.

Okay, so, let me play around
with this for a little bit,

- and we'll see what we can do.
- Okay.

So, why don't you go
for a walk, or something?

- Why, how long is it gonna take?
- I don't know.

I know that if you're here,

you're just gonna
keep giving me notes.

Yeah, you're right.


- ...couldn't find my...
- She can't help you now, girl.

- Hey.
- Yeah?

They're good notes.

We damn near lost the girl.

But you didn't, so, it was a good day.

Well, I don't think of it like that.
It's what we do.

At least, you help people.

I guess I've been a little fucked up
since Danny died.

Just thinking about what this world

I walk through every day
does to people.

Danny was a good street cop.

How the hell did he end up
swallowing his own gun?

The city ruined him.

I don't want that to happen to me.

And now, please welcome
the sensational star

of Boys in the Sand, Todd Lang!

- God damn!
- Come on!

- Yeah, Daddy!
- All right!

I got to see that body, baby!

Now, take it off!

- Abracadabra!
- Whoo!


Hey. Here, read this.

We can help you. Hey!

Maybe you ought
to give it a rest for tonight.

Or try another part of the stroll,
this spot's played out.

- Where are your pamphlets?
- I put them away.

- I gotta work.
- What do you mean?

Work. I gotta earn.

Not interested.

- You can put it in your purse.
- I said no.

Baby, Larry's not on me like he was,

but I still need to help
with the rent.

Hey, honey. Here you go. Read it.

Girl, get this shit out my face.

We don't want to see your kind
around here.

I get it. Not everybody
wants to be helped.

- It's not gonna stop me.
- Hey, listen to me. Listen to me.

You need to be more careful
about how you act out here.

I'm saying
you should be more quiet about it.

Some of these pimps
might get the wrong idea,

and it's the girls
who are gonna get cut.

All right. All right, okay.

Okay. Look, I gotta go.


To work.

I loved watching you at the Gaiety.

- You had moves.
- That's just rhythm.

I was never good enough
to dance on Broadway.

- You made money tonight, right?
- Yeah, I did okay.

Between that and the in-calls,
I get by.

You still hustling?

Sure. There's plenty of wealthy
old queens and closeted businessmen

who want to spend a few hours with me.

Why wouldn't they? You're hot.

- You're a star.
- Stars are rich.

I was paid hundreds
for my best-known picture,

and I have not seen
a penny from it since.

I'm always looking for my next gig.

But you made it big, man.

Did you ever think?

I thought I would be an actor
in movies and plays.

Instead, all people talk about
is the length of my cock.

And its girth.

Once you kiss another man onscreen,
you're in a box. Forever.

Yeah, but think about what it's like

for Rock Hudson and all those guys.

Baby, they have to pretend.

They're the ones in a box.

You're free.

You should enjoy it. Have fun.


That's what this is all about? Fun?


they were after your earner.

I would never hit a made guy.

Those idiot fucks didn't even know
you were in the car.

I thought
we put all this nonsense behind us.

- You wanna tell me who they were?
- I'll take care of it, Rudy.

All right?
I promise, I'll take care of it.

Wait, wait, wait.
Listen. As a gesture of good faith,

I got this thing going on,
I might want to bring you in.

You heard of this Lori Madison, right?

She's a blonde.
She stars in these fuck films, okay?

So, we're doing this picture,
I think it's called Red Hot.

And she's like the girl next door.

Except this girl next door,

she could suck a golf ball
through a garden hose.

Matty, I have money
in that picture, too.

- You're shitting me.
- I own 25%.

So, what? You want to cut me in
on something I already got a piece of?

- Come on.
- No, no, not the picture. The actress.

We're trying to sign her
to a multi-kind-of movie deal.

You want me to be your partner?

Sure, why not?

Oh. On another note.

That PR whatever-the-fuck-he-was
that used to drive you around?

He's out on the street,
putting out feelers for a new job.

Carlos, yeah.

I had to let him go
on account of he's a lush.

Is somebody looking to take him in?

A Spanish?

I mean, you and Martino,
you two guys are democratic.

Me, I don't hire spics or jigs.

And I certainly ain't gonna hire
a drunk. They got loose lips.

- Good to know.
- I'll see you later.

Doing some publicity for the movie
here, in New York,

but I find that I'm spending
more and more time in LA.

You should think about
planting your flag there, too.

No, this is home. I like it here.

Depends on what you want, I guess.

Well, I want my picture to do well.

If it does,
I could direct more movies.

That's what I want,
I want to make more movies,

and I want to keep
pushing the boundaries, you know?

There's already a buzz about Red Hot.

People have been talking about it
in meetings I've had,

so you'd better be ready.

How did you handle it
when it happened for you?

It was not a question of handling it.

Honey, I wanted it.

I dreamed of being someone special
since I was a kid.

So, when porn started blowing up,
I saw an open door.

I knew I'd be good.
Not intimidated by the camera.

- My body's made for this.
- Mmm-hmm.

Candy, Red Hot,

it is going to elevate you
in our world.

Your life's going to change.
You should embrace that.


You realize that book
is upside-down, don't you?

I see.
On account of it might as well be

because none of this shit's
getting through my thick skull?

You've been staring at the same page
for about 15 minutes.

I don't know.

Why don't you give me
the CliffsNotes version, then.

All modern Western philosophy

is merely a footnote
to this man's work.

Well, I beg to differ,

but at least I don't gotta
read the rest of this shit.

Sorry, Ab, I tried, but...


Gave that one to you on a platter.

You don't have to
do that for me, Vince.

You want to know the truth?

I couldn't
get through that book, either.

Yeah, well,

difference is, you wanted to.

I could give two shits.

Gotta get to the club.

- She's worth this?
- Come on.

Lori Madison is the next
adult film superstar.

You can put your money on it.

We are. But this?

You're getting her acting services
for three feature films,

plus, a first option on others,
if you so choose.

I think it's more than fair.

And what's your cut?

None of your fucking business.

Correct me if I'm wrong,
but this Madison broad

is only gonna be in demand

if the Red Riding Hood picture
takes off.

So, what are we doing about that?

Putting Hodas
and Harvey Wasserman on it.

They'll run the distribution
and the marketing.

And now that the picture's done,

we'll take it out of the hands
of the director.

- She made a good movie, but...
- Candy's smart.

That doesn't mean she knows
the business end of it.

We control the distribution.

Us. Together.

- Agreed?
- Agreed.

There's one more thing.

Lori's man is a problem.

You're talking about her pimp?

As long as he's in the picture,
she can't succeed,

which means you lose, too.

We need to separate them. Permanently.

And what do you think
that means to a man like me?

I'm asking you to buy him out.

Now, I know you guys can handle that,
but it needs to be done right away.

I'm taking Lori to LA,
and it would be nice for her

if this was taken care of
before we leave.

- There is a cheaper way.
- No.

Do it clean. Please.

Anything else?

Yeah. What does a girl have to do

to get another drink around here?

You just sit there and be you.

This is fun. Nobody has to get hurt,
just people fucking on film,

and we take it
all the way to the bank.

We're rolling... Hold on.

- Okay, frame.
- Action.

Dogs is after me. You gotta hide me.

Papa says runaways should be shot.

Your papa ain't here, girl.

He's in the corral,
stump-breaking a mule.

I cain't hide you.
If he finds out, he'll beat me.

I'll be quiet. He won't know I'm here.

Unless you tell him.

You ain't gonna tell him, is you?

You come any closer, I'll scream.

If you don't come any closer,
I'll scream.

I'll scream.

I's gwanna make you scream, farm girl.

What's "gwanna"?
What's that bullshit, "gwanna"?

Cut. Say what's scripted, Larry.

I know what's scripted.

That's some coon-ass shit,
is what it is.

It's the Civil War-era South.
That's how they talked back, then.


Don't be so sensitive.
You know what I mean.

Damn sure do.
So, here's how it's gonna go.

My line is,
"I'm going to make you scream."

And then speaking of lines,

I notice that
when they write my lines,

they drop the Gs off the words.

They don't do that with
the Caucasian actors.

So, here on out,

they write my lines
like you write their lines.

Yeah? I'll be the one who decide if
I drop the Gs off my words or not.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Let's roll it.

- Rick?
- What?

Can I say "can't" instead of "cain't?"

Oh, God.

Obstruction of exits,
rodent infestation,

congested storage facility,
rodent feces.

We cite the hell out of them
for everything,

try to wear them down.

Here. Read this.

It's a different tack.

You're going directly to
the landlords with your summons.

There're, what,
nine, ten violations here?

What I don't get is,
three mortgage holders are listed.

Only one legitimate bank.

Shell companies.

Shell companies.

The property owners incorporate,

and they have their lawyers
sign the papers of incorporation.

Not to cast aspersion on your people,

but I didn't expect to see
so many Jewish names.

"Sol Gellman, Jerome Stein,
Benjamin Horowitz."

There are a few Presbyterians
on there, too.

Excuse me, Gene.

But yeah,
a lot of Jews control the real estate.


That's Dr. Jerome Stein,

a back surgeon with a practice
at 55th and Park.

If I can expose the property owners
and bring them into court,

then maybe I can get them out.

To what end?

Replace the sex-oriented businesses
with legitimate storefronts.

That will increase the
speculative value of the real estate.

It's how you clean things up.

But it won't happen overnight.
You wanna hear more?

I'm listening.

So, you gentlemen
are saying $20,000 for Lori.

We're saying $15.

And you'd be renting her
for a few movies.

We're buying her. Think of it
as us taking over her contract.

Yeah? Well, I'd say
your offer's a little light.

Hey, let's cut
the bullshit here, all right?

You ain't seen that kind
of pocket cash in your life.

Get a paint job for your Caddy.
Cover up that Bondo.

I need to think on it.

Let me be clear.
We're not here to negotiate.

- $20,000.
- $15.

Now, let's go in my car,
and make the deal.

Go on. I'll be there in a minute.

When I'm done with my shine.

You are looking for a job.

Yeah, but all these openings
are talking about a résumé.

I don't have one.

Saying, I never had a job before.
Not where you go to.

For real?

Never had to.
I live with my father and my sisters.

But now, I'm thinking about moving out
and getting my own place.

Gonna need steady money.

Well, that's not how
you get a job, anyway.

You turn in an application,
it goes onto a pile.

Now, in my experience,
you get work by knowing someone.


You have style, girl.
You know how to dress.

Thank you.

I'm just thinking, is all.

My sister, Nadine, has
a used-clothing store in Brooklyn.

Old sport jackets, dresses.

It's a thing now
with the punk rock kids.

- They are buying it all up.
- So?

You know,
it's possible she could use some help.

- I could ask her.
- Well, that's nice of you.

Ah. You see? I'm not a bad guy.

I knew that, but...

I know, Dona. You have a man.

Things could change.

Life is long, Renton.
Or at least, it seems that way to me.

You are telling me to have patience.

Believe me, I do.

Another Hennessy.
The XO tonight. I'm flush.

Lori, another rum and Coke?

Give her the high qual, too.

Captain Morgan's or whatever.
We're celebrating.

I asked Lori.

That's fine. Anything.

Got yourself straight
in the bathroom, huh?

- I'm cool.
- Oh, I know you are.

Headed for big things.

Well, I'm good, too.

Just so you know.

I'm feeling
a little nostalgic and all,

seeing as how you're about to embark
on your big adventure without me.

That's why I got something special
planned for us.

A little going-away present
just for you.

- I don't want any gifts, C.C.
- Oh, no.

No, I ain't get you nothing
from a store.

But you gonna remember it.

Everything all right?

Mind your own.

Got us a room, just like the old days.

Gonna take a trip down memory lane.

I'm gonna fuck you
like you never been fucked tonight.

I'm gonna fuck you
like you never will be fucked again.

Trying to leave C.C. behind?

Don't you know
you always gonna be mine?

You all right?
You never did answer the bartender.

- I'm fine.
- Good.

Drink up, girl.
We're gonna finish this evening right.

You got a light?


I'm a friend of Dorothy's.
You know her?

I haven't heard that one in a while.

Do I sound like a tourist?
In a way, I am.

I'm in town for a fiction symposium
at NYU.

- Staying at the Algonquin.
- Of course, you are.

- The Gonk.
- I'm a writer.

Not anyone you would've heard of.

I've published a couple
of short stories in small rags.




No kissing.

That's the rule, right?

I didn't say you could look at me.

Get on all fours.

- C.C...
- Girl, do it.

I'm gonna fuck you like an animal now.

C.C., wait. Come on, please...

Damn. You dry as a nun, girl.

Don't worry. I'm gonna loosen you up.

- Do you have to go?
- I need to get home.

Was everything okay?

It was nice.

When you say "home..."

To my family.

You know, when I first saw you,
I never figured you for a breeder.

I'm an unreliable narrator.

Isn't that what
you literary types call it?

Actually, you're in disguise.

Personally, I could never
lead two lives.

I mean, we don't
have to anymore, right?


We're gay. Homosexual.

I'm sexual.

I'm a husband and a father.

And I like to be with men.

Don't try to make me into one thing.

I didn't mean to offend you.

You didn't.

Not at all.

Yeah, there's this movie
called "Jee-Got."

Gleason plays this mute
in Paris, France, like,

you know, one of those clowns
that don't talk, he's like a bum.

Who wants to watch a movie
with Jackie Gleason

not saying nothing?

You know,
I like the characters on his show,

Reginald Van Gleason,
or Freddie the Freeloader.

- Know what I mean?
- I don't mean to eavesdrop,

but Freddie the Freeloader
was a Red Skelton character,

and the film
you're talking about is Gigot.

- Gigot.
- I mispronounced.

To tell the truth,
I turned it off after 15 minutes.

Too much pathos for you?

Yeah, if "pathos" means "boring."

Is my brother bothering you over here?

You two are related?
I never would have guessed.


I'll be back.

So, film fan?

I'm Victoria.

Frankie Martino.

So, have you ever
been to Paris, Frankie?

No, I was stationed in Germany
for my whole tour there.

Didn't see any action.

Oh, I bet you saw some action.

Yeah, well, the colored guys,
they cleaned up. I did all right.

In fact, I did marry a German girl
for a hot minute.

Really? What happened?

Went kaput.

So, I couldn't help but notice,

you can't keep your eyes off me.

Well, you're quite handsome.
And your hair, it's very current.

Been going to the same barber
since I was a kid.

Guess he caught up.

So, listen, Victoria,
it's kind of loud in here.

Maybe we could go somewhere
a little more quiet.

Thank you, but I have to go.

My husband waits up for me.

But if you'd like to come and visit,

I'm free after 9:00 a.m.

Just give the doorman your name,
tell him you're a friend,

and he will let you up.

Riverside Drive. Nice.

Yeah. It's very nice.

Call me. I hope to see you soon.

What happened to your friend?


You already got the number?
Get the fuck outta here.

I don't believe it.

Believe it, brother.

Big movie star.


Ten for the room.

Trick-ass bitch.

- Send him up.
- Very well.

- Thank you, Thomas.
- Of course.

You can go up.

Thank you, Tommy.

Don't stop.

Oh, God. You're so thick.

- Like that?
- Yes!

Oh, God. Oh! I'm gonna come.

- Okay.
- I'm coming.

- Yes!
- At your service.

Oh, God!

Here you go, miss.

Hello. Thank you.
There are four in the back.

Be careful of the Yves Saint Laurent.

- You got it.
- Thank you very much.

Come on, we're already late.

Can you put them on the cart for me?

- Of course.
- Thank you.

He's not here, Lori.
He's out of your life. Come on.

Come on, the gate's gonna close, babe.

- Thank you so much.
- Here you go, miss.

All those people,
where they going?

To work, probably,
or to a meeting somewhere.

- Don't you have a job?
- Yeah, I work. At my own pace.

Never catch me goose-stepping
down the sidewalk like that.

I don't have the kind of job
I can't leave if I don't like it.

I don't gotta wait around
to collect a pension. No pressure.

So, what's going to happen to you
when you get old?

Frankie Martino, old?
I can't picture it.

Well, I have to tidy up
before my husband gets back.

You'd better go.

See you.

You want something? Coffee?

I don't want anything.

Well, sit there and listen, then.

And stop being such a stubborn bitch.

Y'all are pissed off at me, too.

You're making the wrong people angry.

What's your point?

The truce we made over
at the apartments, that was something.

I mean, considering the type of people
we're dealing with here,

I'd say it was a lot.

But you can't push it any further
with those guys.

Why not? I'm not trying to put
the pimps out of business.

If a few of their girls want out,
why wouldn't they let them out?

There are plenty more
where they came from.

You know as well as I do,

it's not about losing one girl
and replacing her with another.

It's about control and power.

When it comes down to it,

these assholes don't like
to be disrespected.

Well, fuck what they don't like.

"Fuck what they don't like"?

We don't operate with that kind
of careless disregard...

Well, maybe you should.
Maybe you would change a few lives.

Listen to me.

My kind of activism is helping
the women on a broader level,

and it's not putting anyone in danger.

I got big love for you, Dave,
but you can't do what I do.

And I don't have the patience
to wait around

for politicians to make new laws.

That takes years,
if it happens at all.

I can help these girls today.

You're not helping.
You're negatively impacting my work.

I can't be aligned with you anymore.

What are you doing?

I'm out.


I know what I'm doing.

I love you, girl.

So, what you got left?
That trick with the gap in her teeth?

Melissa earns.


One girl.

Might as well marry the bitch
and retire.

I could retire.

Them Italians gave me 50
for the rights to Lori.

- Fifty motherfucking dollars, huh?
- Don't be funny.

I could take a trip right the fuck now
if I wanted to.

- Yeah.
- Go back to the motherland, maybe.

Shit. Now, you one of them
Back-to-Africa motherfuckers.

No, this here's my home,
and I like to work.


Gonna find me some new bitches
and run them.

That's what the fuck I do.

Don't make no sense to recruit
if all's they do is run away.

Chocolate didn't just run away.
She got pushed.

That's why I asked you gentlemen
to join me here tonight.

We have a situation
we need to address.

That West Virginia ho of yours
came back to New York,

acting like Gloria Steinem and shit.

She instigating all kinds of shit.

Her and Larry Brown's bitch,
the Puerto Rican.

We can't be having that.

Yeah, well, you can't touch Loretta.
She ain't yours.

Your ex-bitch, then.

Girl's got fire.

We need to send a message.
Can't nobody misdirect our women.

You know what?

You need to be smart, Julito.

Street bitches disappear every day,
ain't nobody give a fuck, for real.

But Ashley, she's a civilian.

She gets found dead, you gonna
bring down heat on all of us.

That means we lose money.

Don't make me no difference.
I'll kill the bitch.

You ain't killing no-goddamn-body.
You can't even tie your shoes.

Man, motherfuck you.

We got to do something.

I say no.

Marty, I don't want Little Red
handcuffed to the bedposts.

Some of your ideas are good.

I'll have my artist
take another crack at the poster.

Don't forget to make my Wolf black.

Look, I got nothing against
the shvoogies, Candy,

but our partners
are never gonna go for it.

I had an incident with them recently.

They were very emotional.

I don't want to go there again.

- Anything else on your mind?
- How are the bookings going?

We're about to strike prints.
Word of mouth is strong.

I'm gonna get you into some of
the best skin houses in the country.

You're in good hands.

Now, I have a question for you,
if you don't mind.

No, go ahead.

Lori Madison. I'm guessing
she's, what, like, a B-cup?

I'd like to enhance her a bit
for the poster.

Make her a D.
You know, big boobs sell tickets.

Any objection to that?

You gonna go out there and get it?

- Yes, Daddy.
- Yeah?


Me, too. Always hustling.

About to track down Lori's royalties
on that movie.

Yo, I put that dog in the bathroom,
Melissa. Get rid of it.

You mean...

I ain't cold like that. Come on.
Sell it, or some shit.

Yeah, okay.

It was Lori's, anyway.

You know, I don't even miss her.

You cannot go out with
a loose button like this.

You want me to sew it up,
tighten it up a little?

Later. When I come home tonight.

Then I'm gonna take care of you
the way only C.C. know how to do.

You my bottom, Melissa, you know this.

I know it, C.C.

Dile... Dilau...


Whatever it's called,
it's some good shit.

- Better than morphine.
- Yeah.

Can you get some more?

Next time they have
one of those free clinics, I guess.

That's where you scored?

The pharmacist that they had.

Told him I had back pain,
it wouldn't go away.

We should pay that doctor a visit.

He's got a store on the West Side.

Another drug store?




Yeah, I was gonna stop by
and see my folks.

- It's been a while.
- Cool.

Vincent. I'm looking to
get up with your brother.

- You making book now, too?
- No, not me.

It's about the movie he produced.
The one Candy directed.


I wanna speak to Frankie
about Lori's cut.

You don't know where I can find him,
do you?

I don't.

I heard he married that dancer.
She's got her own place, right?

Yeah, they broke up.

Okay. Where does Frankie
hang his hat these days?

You got me.
Wherever the wind takes him, I guess.

You know, he's tight with
your redneck brother-in-law.

Maybe I'll ask Dwyer.
Though I don't think he likes me much.

Imagine that.

You have a good day, young lady.

- How you doing?
- Hi.

I was wondering,

is this good for your back?

- My mother. Chronical pain.
- Oh. It should help.

Watch her dosage. Too much
can be rough on the stomach.

How about something stronger,
like Dilaudid?

You mean hydromorphone.

Dilaudid is a brand name
for hydromorphone.

And, yes, that can be
an effective pain reliever.

But you'd need a prescription.

Yeah, I know that.

But you got it here, right?
You carry it?

You'd need a prescription.

Okay, Doc...

Thanks for the information.

Eat your sandwich, too,
not just the onion dip.

- But it's good.
- I know.

So, I'm gonna be
out of town next month.

Like a business trip?


Yeah, I'm gonna be promoting
the film I made, the one I directed.

It's called Red Hot.

It's Little Red Riding Hood,

an updated version.

But this is a fairy tale for grownups.

Mom, you don't have to use
little kid words.

You mean it's for adults, right?

It's rated "R"?

That means I can see it,
if you go with me.

No. This one's not appropriate
for a guy your age.

Maybe you could see it someday.

Like the 12th of Never?

Anyway, just wanted to let you know
why I'll be out of town.

I'm gonna be selling my movie.

- So, if it's not an "R..."
- Well, I didn't say that.

Then it's an "X"?

Actually, it doesn't have
a rating yet, Adam.

When I get back
and I can relax a little,

how about you and me go on a vacation?

For real, like, go to
the Jersey Shore, or something.

- Would you like that?
- Could Nana come, too?

Yeah, if she wants to.

Thanks, Adam,

but I gotta stay home
and take care of your grandfather.

If I don't cook dinner, he don't eat.

Where would we go, exactly?

I don't know. I've been hearing
about this place called Margate.

- I never stayed at the beach before.
- Yeah, neither have I.

If they want me to be
in their movie, they have to listen.

I model my shit off of Woody Strode.

That man had dignity.

One tuna on wheat toast
with fries,

and a cheeseburger platter
with onion rings.

Tuna, wheat, fries,
CB and rings. Got it.

Long time, Barbie.

Yeah, I been upstate.

You look hungry.

Barely afford a cup of coffee, Leon.

Girl, don't worry. I got you.

And your brother? Where's he?

In the wind.

What you got?

Oh, provolone, nice.
That's from Manganaro's?

Where else?

What, they only sold you part
of the loaf of this bread?

I tore the heel off,
I ate it on the walk home.

Of course you did, buttagots.
You had to have a chew on the heel.

Just like when you were little, right?

Look, Pop,

I'm having, you know, a hard time.

You don't look it.

I see the clothes, the jewelry.
You're raking it in, Vinnie.

I was hoping to get some advice.
About women.

You think I know about women?
Give me one of those.

- What is it?
- Abby.



she's a smart girl.

She's very pretty.

I love her.
But she don't want what I want.

Which is what?

A regular home. Family, maybe.

Well, Vinnie, you have a family.

You seen your kids lately?


Hey, you wanted everything.

A woman at home, pussy on the side.
Like most men.

Except most men don't leave.

Me and Andrea, we're not compatible.

What the fuck does compatible
got to do with it? Compatible. What?

Vinnie, you can't control your urges.
You never have.

What do you think,
you think you're alone?

Hey. You know,

I'm no true blue.

- You know that, right?
- Yeah...

When I was a teenager,
I saw you in this bar

on Fourth Avenue one night
with Mrs. DiPieri.

Saw the way her eyes were shining
when she was looking at you.

I knew what that look meant.

Sherry DiPieri wasn't the only one,
that's not even what I'm trying...

Pop, I don't need to hear
about all this.

Hey, you asked my advice.
I'm trying to level with you.

Do you wanna talk?
I had others. Yeah, I had others.

Some nice women, you know,
we had some laughs.

Compared to the mother
of my children, Vinnie, puttanas.

I did what I did
to make myself feel like a man.

And I'd come home. I came home.

I had you boys,
I had your sister to take care of.

But, Vinnie,
I never considered leaving.

Not once.

So, you're saying I fucked up.

It's never too late to make amends,
that's all.

Hey. Let's take this in
to your mother.

You know, you called,
she started cooking.

It's all right. You explain to her

why you bought her only
half a loaf of that bread.

All right? Buttagots!


- I ain't know you was out.
- How would you know?

You never answered my letters, Larry.
Not one.

You never visited me.
Not once.

What good would that have done?


If I thought you was weak,
I would've come by.

But I knew you didn't need me.
You was always strong.

So, you threw me away
'cause I could carry it?

There wasn't a day that went by
I didn't think about you.


What you got on you, Larry?

I know you always carry a roll.

Give it here.

All of it.

Meatloaf platter with corn.
Burger, hold the cheese.

Extra crispy on the fries.

Special with corn.
Hamburger, extra crispy.

On it.

Melissa still out there?

Oh, she's with C.C., now.

You want to know where she stay at?


I don't want her to see me like this.
Just tell her I was asking after her.

Why she asking about Melissa?

They were lovers, Larry.

While she was with me?

Just the man I want to see.

No pimps in here. You know the rules.

Does that include you?

'Cause you retail pussy, same as me.

I mean, you the squarest pimp
I ever did see,

but a pimp is what you are.

Watch it.

A few moments of your time, Frankie.
You and I have business to discuss.

All right. In the back.

- Who's working?
- Besides me? Marilys and Elise.

The three of you, take a break.
Go get some lunch or something.

I don't want the girls seeing
that piece of shit in the parlor,

or me breaking my own rules.

Stay out here. Tell the customers
we're temporarily closed.

You got it, boss.

It's kind of shabby in here.

- This your idea of an office?
- Serves its purpose.

That's a nice uniform
you got on.

Shouldn't you have your name
embroidered across your chest?

Say what you came here for.

Lori Madison and me,
we ended our business arrangement.

But I still own a piece
of her previous work, in perpetuity.

What you producers call my points.

I'm talking specifically
about your movie, Red Hot.

Yeah, well, the movie
hasn't been released yet,

so there's no profits.

Or what do you call that? Back end.

Not till we get the receipts,
and that could be months away.

Yeah. I realize that.

I came here for an advance.

On, you know, my future earnings.

We don't have it.

You have it.

Your Irish brother-in-law here,
and all you Italians,

you printing money in these parlors.

You heard him.
He said he doesn't have it.

I'll take 10,000. Today.

You'll take it out
on the fucking arches.

And stop it with the lighter.
It's bothering me.

I'm not gonna tell you again.

I'm not listening to that,
or any more of your bullshit.

No. You'll listen.

And you'll like it.

You fucking
many bitches in here, Bobby?

Your wife know?

Maybe I should just let her in
on your little secret.

Or y'all could pay me.
Right now. Today.

Fuck you.

Yeah, I seen your wife at The Hi-Hat.

She's got some nice,
round titties on her, boy.

You know? Whoo!

I wouldn't mind
hitting that ass myself.





Y'all murdered the shit
out that motherfucker.

Get a tarp.

What happened?

He talked too much.