The Deuce (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - The Feminism Part - full transcript

Vincent envisions an idyllic life with Abby. Alston and Flannagan face a dilemma.

Hey, Tommy.

Rudy wants to talk.

Rudy. How are you?

Good, Vincent, how you doin'?


We got a busted-out joint
over on the East Side.

Could be a big moneymaker.

46th and Second.

Any closer to the UN,
you have to be a diplomat.

- Another bar?
- For the international set.

Can you find someone else?

Please, Rudy.

Come on, no one else got
your golden touch.

I'm drowning here.

This place, The Hi-Hat,
the parlors, the peeps.

All right, look.

Why don't you let me out
of this parlor thing?

All right? You get
somebody else for that,

I'll run all your bars for you, okay?

- How's that sound?
- Vince, let's take a walk.

Will you excuse us for a minute, Rudy?

Come on.

Can you clear this out?

All right, people, in or out.

All right, come on,
let's just go.

- What's your problem?
- No problem.

Gimme the new bar, gimme five of 'em,

I'll run 'em all for you.

Just let me walk away
from the parlors and the peeps.

What, is your girlfriend
busting your balls?

No. This is me talkin'. All right...

Bobby, he's been handling
the parlors fine for years.

Irene has the peeps well in hand.

I'm like the third wheel
who's takin' money for nothin'!

No. Don't underestimate yourself.

What happens when you go away, huh?
What happens?

All I ever wanted was a nightclub,
Tommy, that's it.

That's the best of me.

If you don't wanna take on
the new place, that's fine.

But for all the rest,
Rudy wants you there.

That's the end of it.

What if I refuse? Then what happens?

They find you somewhere.

Fuck you.

Look, I like you, Vince, all right?

But okay.

What would really
happen if you walked away?

Bobby loses his spot in the parlor.
He's out of work.

You can explain that
to his wife and kids.

We give The Hi-Hat
to another one of our friends,

- and Abby's out of a job...
- Come on.

Basically puts you out on the street.

Don't even think about opening
another bar in the city at that point,

or in any of the boroughs.

You're an earner for us,
Vincent. All right?

You break the chain, poof!
You're gone.

I have never seen someone so miserable

while makin' so much money.

Fuck. Come on.
Come on, let's get a drink.

Hey, Vince. Everything okay?

When you comin' back?

You're up.

Yeah, and getting a little antsy.

How about we go out for breakfast?

Sorry, baby.

Not while Rodney's lookin' for you.

He knows I'm here?

No. But he's lookin'.


I won't let anything happen to you.

How 'bout some eggs?

How many days will you be
needing the car, Mr. Martino?

I don't know. Uh...

Can you open-end it?

I'm guessin' you'll want
something premium.

Cadillac or a Lincoln, maybe?

No. No, no.

Just do mid-size. Mid-size.

This can help. Take one.

No fuckin' way.

It's just a legal primer,

it's got tips on how
to beat police entrapment

and knock down the loitering charges.

- Tanya, baby, take this.
- Fuck you doing, girl?

Are they paying you for this bullshit?

I'm with Ashley. You remember Ashley.

- You don't remember Ashley?
- No.

- Hey.
- See you later.

Take this, put it in your purse.

Just helpin' you with some tips

on how to not get
arrested all the time.

- Tough town.
- Compared to where?


You mean the girls in Oakland
didn't care

if their pimps saw them
talking to you?

Tell me another.

- What happened?
- My neck still hurts.

- So how's he holding up?
- Good.

Got an eight-hour nightstick,

but don't get in the way
of his chores.

Maybe he should tape
a feather duster to it.

He could do double duty.

Am I making too much noise or...

- I'd rather hear that than him.
- Me, too.

We're going out for lunch soon.

Think about what you want.

- So, is it finished?
- The movie?

Almost, I think.

Well, Candy wants
to reshoot some things

she thinks could be better,

but you should have
heard Harvey scream.

He's payin' for it.

Harvey says Red Hot is worth it.

He says it's the first time
in the history of fuck films

that anybody's paid
for the same real estate twice.

Excuse me.

I like acting.

I think I like it more than
anything I've ever done before.


Thank fuckin' God, air conditioning.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Move, Opie.

- What's up with this?
- Social work.

Social work.

Is there money in that?

Where's my cut?

You okay, D?

- Hey.
- Hey.

What are you having?


I said, what...

A High Life, please.

Three of them, actually.

All right, fine.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

All right, I'll be out front
when you're ready to go.


You got a fuckin' problem?


Don't be mad.

Room four.

- Everything okay in there?
- Yeah, Bobby.

- Chrissake. Fuck off.
- Dad, you can't just walk in here.

- There's doors, and there's...
- Wait for me at the bar.

He paid for it, Bobby.

I don't care if he had
C-notes flyin' out of his ass.

He's here to work. That's it!

He's a really nice person, your son.

There he is.

Superman! Ha-ha! Look at your face!

It's all cleared up.

I guess it is true. Huh?

Come on, shut up, Uncle Frank. God.

A wise wine merchant
never samples his own product.

You know what that means?

Don't get drunk on pussy?

Darlene, how long
you gonna be in there?

- Holy shit.
- Come on.

You see that brown ring,
what are you gonna do?

I ain't havin' a baby.

Not even Larry's?

Especially not Larry.

Comes to that,
you should go with someone.

Just let me know when.

So, when are they gonna be here?

- Any minute.
- Great.

I'm gonna get the reels
up and running.

Now remember, these are the guys
who put in the original 30.

Yeah. Yeah. Guys whose names
all end in vowels.

Right, so...
Hey, I need you to play nice.

Why wouldn't I play nice

when they helped me make my movie?

And it's the movie
you wanted to make, but...

But, yeah, we need another injection,

these guys control
distribution and print houses.

Harvey, they're gonna love it.

Whether they do
or whether they do not,

just please play nice.

Eileen, listen to me.

They didn't even want you
at this screening.

They're not used to women
sitting in on business. Okay?

I figured you might need to be here

to explain the cinematic subtext
to them.

- Fuck you.
- Hey, listen,

that doesn't work,
you take your top off.

That much
these gorillas'll understand.

- Thank you.
- You welcome, baby girl.

Ah, don't say nothin'. Let me tell it.

Two scrambled,

rye toast, honey,

and hash browns.

That's you, right?

Very good, but just coffee now.

Okay, cool.

What you think about this?

"In the Heat of the Meat."

It's a porn version
of that Sidney Poitier flick.


- Why you ain't eatin'?
- I don't feel too good.

I still can't believe
that you're back.

Is C.C. makin' my ears burn?

He don't say a word about you.

So, why don't you just... You gonna
buy me some strait-laced clothes

and a ticket back to Copper Island?


The U.P.

Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

That's not what we do.
We're more about

helpin' out the girls
in the day-to-day.


So, no bus ticket?

Is that what you want?

The fuck is that girl doin'?

Maybe she's just talkin' to her.

What was it like?

Girl, what are you askin' me?


I don't know.

I don't know.

I'm around.

What big eyes you have.

That was...

It's not your standard fuck film,
I'm well aware of that.

- Yeah, no shit.
- It's...

It's art porn.

- Art porn. Mmm.
- Yeah.

It's gonna bring in women
as well as men.

It's gonna broaden the audience
for adult films.

You're gonna be rolling in cash.

Yeah, there is a bigger market
for higher-class skin flicks now.

I think if we could
get a little more money,

we could get some press attention.

More money? For what?

Once you cut out all the
fuckin' talkin', you're good to go.

Hey. It's not a loop.

It's a full-length feature.
It's made for theaters.

It's got a story,
and for once, holy Christ,

we told it pretty damn well.

Come on, Marty.

Help me out here.

She is not wrong.

We book it in theaters,
it'll run for a while.

Plus, Lori's hot as balls right now.

Hmm. There's no argument there.

- Don't forget about Candy.
- She's still got a few moves.

Hey. "She"? I'm right here.

You can talk to me.

I directed the film.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm saying
that Candy has made

a name for herself behind the camera.

- Hmm.
- And I think

we put a lady director
out in front of this.

Cleans us up to people.

He's right, Matty.

This one we can put
the director out front,

make her part of the package.

It's good for the feminism part.

"The feminism part"?

What I mean to say is you're a broad.

It's a fuck film made by a broad.

It's good for us.
That's all I'm saying, come on.

I'm sorry, Candy.

Do me a favor.

Give me a few minutes
alone with the guys. Okay?


- It's okay.
- What the fuck's her problem?

It's fine, really.

How much more you need
to put this thing out in front

the way you want to?

Now, come on,

imagine if it were your mother
you had to explain this to.

- Mmm-hmm.
- I just didn't think

I was going to ever have to do this.

- Do you know the asshole? Yeah.
- Who told her?

Some bastard who said he found, found,

a magazine with my photo in it.

- A still from Boys in the Sand.
- Mmm-hmm.

Found it under his fuckin' mattress.

And now I'm sitting here
trying to explain how

after eight years
I've been in 22 fuck films

and a Ford dealer's commercial.

That many, huh?

I'm kidding.

Look, she loves you, right?

- Yes.
- It'll be fine.

- I've missed you.
- You see me all the time.

- Oh.
- Mmm-hmm.


Well, I've been thinking
about going for a while.

I was hoping you'd want to tonight.

Okay, sounds great.

- Maybe some good wine?
- Yes.

We don't get out of bed till 10.

We were on our honeymoon
in Miami Beach.

I'd never been south of Philly,
so that was different.

Me in the room,
suffering from sunburn,

and Linda walking on the strand with
all them Cuban guys leerin' at her.

Can't say that I blame them.

Stop it.

We could use another vacation.

- When's your pick?
- No time soon,

but, hey, maybe I could switch
with one of the guys.

Yeah, I'll just march into
McDonagh's office and demand it.

Guy thinks he's James fuckin' Coburn.

"Schlitz Light."

Hey, that just made me thirsty.

We're gonna need another one of these.
Maybe two.

Someone's got a sweet tooth.

It's college kids.

They like a drink
that comes with cavities.

I used to work behind
the stick at a Korean bar.

Every drink had more colors
than a crayon box.

Yeah? Where was this?

Let me guess. Boston.

Yeah. Manhattan.

- Midtown.
- Yeah?

I grew up in Washington Heights.

Bay Ridge.

Vincent Martino.

Gerry Mullen. You still tending bar?

Yeah. Just you tonight?

Yeah. The other guy's wife
just had a baby.

You're not messin' around this time.

Why don't you try hittin' a few pins?

It's them little hands. Like claws.

I tried.

We're bowling an 85.

How you gonna fix this?

Try usin' a lighter ball
the next time.

Doesn't matter with her.
It's just gonna keep rollin' off.

I'm home!


Never mix soda pop with your liquor.

Try this instead.

You're gonna thank me in the morning.

All right?

And there.

What do you think?

Mmm. That's... It's really good.

That's right. Wanna try one?

- Sure.
- All right.

You two know each other?

- No. I'm Barry.
- Paula.

I'm Vincent. Good to know both of you.

Nice to know you.

So, Vincent, what do you...
What do you call this?

Have no idea.

Tell you what.

Why don't you two
put your heads together,

come up with a good name.

It's a Negroni.


- Anita's not here.
- Just tell me what room,

or I'm gonna start
breakin' down doors.

- You even breathe in my direction...
- Hey, now, now. Bobby!

I heard you the first time.

Whoa, Danny, hold on.

I just wanna talk to her.

She's not here.

You hidin' her from me?

On my mother's eyes,
she's off tonight.

Her next shift's tomorrow night.
You can see her then.

She better be here.

Fuckin' cops.

So he's fuckin' yelling,

his fuckin' shirt's off,
and the basketball...

What did I say to you two?

Relax. It's just food.


That was the best night
I've had in a long time.

The best.

- You're livin' your life, Paul.
- Hmm.

Not many do.

Am I?

Come here, then.

She comes up to my buddy,
Tommy Longo, okay?

He's ginzo, tough guy, full leather,

calzone juice drippin' from his chin.

She says, "Excuse me, sir,

"how do I get to Columbus Circle?"

"The fuck I look like, Magellan?"

Welcome to fuckin' New York, huh?

I liked the city when I visited.

Took my mom to see Oh! Calcutta!

I didn't know!

And at any rate, she fell asleep
halfway through,

so no harm, no foul.

What happens in Oh! Calcutta!?

- "Calcutta"!
- Everyone gets naked.

So what? By 3:00 in the mornin',

I gotta throw cold water on people,

make sure they don't bone
on my dance floor.

Jeez! A full dance floor
at three in the morning?

I gotta get back to the city.

This is fun.

But now the sun's caught us.

- There'll be talk.
- Small-town talk.

Worst kind.

Are you stayin' somewheres?

Nah, I was just gonna drive back.

Bullshit. You're comin' with me.

Jesus. You look awful.


Where were you?


I stayed the night at the office.

Not coming to the march, I take it.

When are you headin' over?

In a half hour.

Uh... Well,

I'm gonna open the townhouse early
for the party after the rally.

Hey. It's okay.

I figured when I woke up
and you weren't here,

I'd be going stag.

I wasn't sure we were
doing this anymore.

We would be, if we were in
the same room and awake more often.


Half an hour?

Yeah, these things
never start on time.

Uh-huh? Okay.

Wait, wait, wait. Let me...

Let me just shower first. All right?

- You knew who I was when I moved in.
- And you know I don't care,

as long as what we have together
is still here.

Well, opening that club took a lot.

- It did.
- Right.

Well, what's left?

Fuck me.

What are you, one of the Waltons?

Remember that hike we took last summer

when we crossed the creek
and saw that falcon?

Hey, Diane? This is Vince.

- Hey, kids. Hey.
- Hey there, Vince.

Why you already dressed
and up on a Sunday?

- Nature camp, Dad.
- Oh.

- Hi.
- Hey.

Vince was up all night
heroically working with me.

He needs to crash
for a few hours, okay?

Yeah, of course.
Guest room's all made up.

- You want some orange juice?
- Yeah.


It's good.

I don't wanna feel like I'm
workin' around you guys anymore,

everybody gettin'
all paranoid and suspicious.

So let me just say, straight up,

at the end of the day, you and I,

we're on the same side.

We want the same things.

And lookin' forward,
we've been pushin'

to overturn the new loitering laws,

and other laws that target the girls.

I mean, the ultimate goal here
is decriminalization.

- Am I right?
- Decriminal-what?

What could be better than that?


If this shit is legal,

what the fuck do anyone
need a pimp for?

- All right, I...
- Tell you what.

Why don't you autograph
my copy for me?

- Come on.
- I'm serious.

I want your John Hancock,


Anything else, maricón?

I told Joey to run
the vacuum out here.

He left.

He left? To where?

I don't know. He said you the one
who told him to go pick up something.

I did?

- Hello?
- Is he there?

- Who?
- Joey.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing. Just askin'.

- Did you lose our son?
- Nothin', I said!

Where's that girl? Where's Rachel?

Rach! Rachel!

I don't know, she must
have stepped out, too.

We got a phone number for her?

She live on Orchard, other side
of the river above the barber shop.

She's friendly, what can I say?

- I'll bet.
- You want me to go?

No, you stay here.

Make sure nobody
tries to burn us down.

Got you.

I don't want those fucking assholes
to touch my film.

Not the cut, not the posters,
not the marketing.

I'll see what I can do.


Hey, look, shitheads that they are,

they're gonna spend
their money to sell your film.

And you.

You're gonna be known, Eileen.

Or should I say "Candy"?

You need to be ready for that.


Harvey, what about my kid?

So get out in front of it.

Tell him who you are.

He hears it from you,
it's the best thing, right?

Next bus going anywhere south,

and we'll get off
when we get to Maryland.

Oh, look, it's Dagwood and Blondie.

What are you doing here?

You got luggage and everything.

We want to get away for a while.

Oh, yeah?

Look, Dad.

We love each other.

Well, that's just great.

Hey, how about I give you two
a lift down to Port Authority,

help get you on your way?

I'm serious, okay? We're in love.

In love, huh? What about you, Rach?

You're in love, too?

Okay, we just wanna start over.
That's it.

Start over? She's a whore,
you're a high school dropout.

Tell me how you two are gonna
start over. This I gotta hear.


Rachel, what are you doing?
What are you...

- Your autograph?
- Yep.

There I am quackin' like a duck
about medical, legal counseling,

while C.C.'s starin' at me

like he's wondering
if the top of my skull

would make a good ashtray.

Shit. Yeah.

That's what you get
for trying to hustle hustlers.

You tell Dorothy?

No way. You kiddin' me?

You told me.

You're different.

You want another drink?

You workin' till close?

Annette can close.

Say somethin'.

I've been sayin' somethin'.

And I told you, I just need time.

Yeah. Tick, tick, tick.

If you were married,
you would understand.

You know how many men
have said that to me?

I'm not like them.

Yeah, they said that, too.


- I love you.
- Then prove it.

Go to a pay phone, call your wife.

Tell her it's over.

Tell her you're with Anita Solano now
and you ain't comin' back.

You're not gonna
do jack shit for me, are you?

You're just a waste of my time.

Hey, come on.

Get your fucking hand off me.

Come on, we can work this out.

The hell with that,
and the hell with you.

Let me go,
or I'll call your wife myself.

And don't think I won't.

Okay, hey. Stop. All right?

Just stop!

- God damn it!
- Fucking hate you!

Ow! Shut up!

Fuck you, you ugly cocksucker!

Yeah, me, too. Been a while.


You wanna let me do this?

Central to Midtown South, Portable 9.

- What do we got?
- Female floater.

Would have gone out with the current,
but she got hung up on the pilings.

Respond to 240 West 4-3.

10-4, 'kay.

Zone squad to Central.

Squad go.

Central, notify Crime Scene
and the M.E.

Have 'em respond to 35th and 12th.

Advise on ETA.


- I didn't hear you come in.
- I didn't want to wake you.

Hey, I wanted to talk to you.

About what?

Well, I needed to wrap my head
around some things, so I took off.

I was wondering where you went.


I found it, Abby.


This place.

It's this town up in Vermont.

It's not too big, it's not too small.

Good people, it's a college town.

Good houses, there's some
good opportunities there.

- Vermont?
- Yeah.

Vince, I'm from Connecticut, remember?

And I've seen Vermont.

Christ. I've seen them all.

Where'd you stay last night?

With a friend.

Which friend?

Dave Hiller.

Ashley's partner.


Dorothy. Whatever.

You should be careful around that guy.

Why is that?

'Cause the pimps hate him.

That means he's doing his job.

The word is that Ash...

Dorothy got another girl out of town.

Chocolate, right?

No, another one.

Are you a little jealous here, Vince?

We don't do jealous.

You two wanna bang
each other's brains out, go for it.

Have at it. But when you're with him,

grow some eyes
in the back of your head.

If it's any comfort,

I get jealous, too.

Hey, M.E. might take a minute.
Find us some good coffee.

Midtown South Portable 5, go.

- You catchin', Chris? Any ID?
- Nothin'.

So what kind of an offer?

You know who Marty Hodas is?
King of the Peeps?


Well, he has some backers
who are interested

in some more feature-length stuff.

Three films, one main character.

They want you.

- Three films.
- Six-month exclusive contract.

No other film work.
No other work of any kind.

This is it, kid.

Sounds like we should do it, then.

You sure?

Yeah, I mean,
I'd have to clear it with C.C.,

- but sounds good.
- Yeah.

We need to talk about that.

But first I need to know
that you're ready for this.

'Cause they want to make you an offer,

and I want to go to the table
and negotiate.

I'm ready. Yeah.

So these are some of the sets.

- Fake walls.
- Excellent.


Looks so big.

When we're shooting,
it feels a lot smaller.

There's, you know,
eight, 10 people on the crew.

There's... There's the guy
who's in charge of the lighting,

and there's a guy who records sound.

- And they all work for you?
- Uh...

Yeah, I guess you could say that.

When do you make a new movie?

A new one?

Still workin' on this one.

- Can I watch you?
- No. Not this one.


Well, we're just cutting it now.

I don't think you'd find it
very interesting.

But you do know the story, though.

What is it?

It's "Little Red Riding Hood."

You think it's dumb.

I just wanna see you work.

Tell my friends what you do.

Maybe the next one.

You're no fun.

Let me show you the camera.

You don't look so hot.

Rizzi said you banged out sick.

She had your watch.


The one Linda gave you
for your anniversary.

Watch was still tangled in her hand
when we pulled her out of the water.

- Where is it now?
- McDonagh has it.


Hand to God, it was an accident.

We were arguing in the car,
she was clawing at me, I...

I shoved her.

I was just trying to get her to stop.

Thing is, Danny,

the most important thing is,
what are you gonna do now?

I would never hurt her intentionally.

You know me.
You know how I felt about her.

Best option, call your union delegate
and turn yourself in.

No. I can't do that.

Better than they have
to come looking for you.

Better than I have to take you in.

You? You're my partner.

You're my best friend.

That's why you should listen to me.

Do the right thing.


Just let me go home.

Talk to my wife first.
I have to do that.

- I'll drive you there.
- No.

Chris, I'm not gonna rabbit.

I got nowhere to go.

Hey there, sugar bloom.

Where you goin'?


Hot Rod

Been lookin' for you everywhere.

Gave up lookin' for you.

I heard that Chocolate left.

Then you heard wrong.

I sold her to some player
out in Brooklyn.

Shit. I'd have off-loaded her
for free.

Bitch bumped her gums so much,
damn near drove me crazy.

And you moved out of your crib?

Got a better one.

You holdin'?

Yeah, baby.

You know I got you.

Fuck it.

Hello? Sanger Center,
how can I...


Yes, by appointment only.

What day were you interested in?

Can I just put you on hold
for a minute?

Thank you.

Sanger Center, how can I help you?

Sure. Clinic hours are
Monday through Friday,

9:00 to 4:00.

You're welcome.

Okay, sorry about that.

Let's see, you said Wednesday?

Maybe he was cleaning his gun.

Middle of the night, in his car,

after writing out a note to his wife?

I'm just thinkin' about his wife
and the goddamn pension.

I know. But it can't play.

And then there's Anita Solano.

Drunk. Fell on the rocks,
cracked her head open,

went into the river.

No pension there, either.

- Do you want another one?
- Sure. What's it called?

Village Queen. It's pineapple juice
and grenadine.

Which is my favorite way to drink it.

Hey, Kenneth.

Can we talk? Alone?

Of course. Yeah.

This isn't gonna work out, is it?

We got so busy with this place.

That we forgot to break up.

I love you. Shit.

I love you, too.

But now this is real,

and so is the bar, and you're
gonna be livin' those hours.

And me? That's not my life.

What about the club?

You gambled every dime you had on it.

Do you want to stay partners?
Do you want out?

- It's a beautiful thing, isn't it?
- It is.

It's yours as much as mine.

I think I want out.

I swear, C.C., this is the nicest
place I've ever been to.

You know what? That shit
kills your appetite.

It was just a little bump.

And I'm just lookin' out for you.

You are. Thank you, baby.

You know, I was told this place
has the best beef in the city.

Hand-carved and aged to perfection.

Here we go.

Make it an honest pour.
And don't forget my girl.

Of course, sir.

We have a few specials tonight...

We're gonna start
with two shrimp cocktails,

then we're gonna have
two porterhouses.

Just so you know,

one porterhouse order
is for two people.

Well, we want two.

And how would you like that cooked?

Well done, near to black.

I see any kind of pink,
it's going right back.

There be any sides this evening?

Baby, I'm gonna let you choose.


- Baked potato?
- What the lady said.

Excellent choice. Thank you.

Tonight is all about you.

Nobody but me knows how hard you work.

However, I wanna say something.

You're gonna be getting
a lot of opportunities now.

Travel, celebrity status,
the whole nine.

But wherever you go,
you should value the worth

of what you have right here
in this city, with me.

I do, Daddy.

Ain't nobody gonna love you
the way I love you, Lori.

You can believe that.


- You can tell me.
- I can't.

- Why not?
- Yeah, how'd that go?

You don't have to be shy with me.

Come on. I've got a room
just around the corner.

So what do you want to do?
You wanna pay for a room,

want me to show you where to park?

I only got time for a car date.

Shay. Shay!

Hey, Mr. Pipilo.

- How you doin', Michael?
- All right.

You guys licensed for this shit?

- What's up?
- Come on.

I got a surprise for you.

- Now?
- Yeah, now.

Get some lumpy Irish guy to do this.

You're gonna hurt yourself.

Let's go.

- You like it?
- The car?

No. Fire hydrant.

Rudy, you didn't have to do this.

Come on. Let's go get some dinner.

I gotta open the club.

I'll have you back before that.

Come on. See how she drives.

- Come on.
- All right.

Get in there.

- What's this?
- I know, right?

It's like someone
took the movie projector

and threw it in reverse.

Go on. Take it.

- For what?
- For your loss.

I thought that was an accident.

It was.

Just forget she was seein' Danny.

All right?

For his family's sake.

You ever have the segreto sauce
in this place?

Get down! Get down!

God damn it!

Son of a bitch!


Who the fuck do they think we are?

Jesus Christ!

They were throwing
those shots at you, Vince!

Who'd you piss off?